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The Fossil Record

Sean Pitman

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  • December 18, 2008
    2:30 PM
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this hour night is the fossil record and the most people in Lisa's children are interested in fossils especially dinosaurs and I was no exception how there's a lot of really interesting fossils that can be found in the geologic record and mainstream interpretation courses of their millions and millions of years old and from anonymous perspective I wish my perspective on having dozens of diets not lastly one way or the other figure these fossils are young and analysis of this truer further old and then happens is a visitor so let's look at the few arguments from both sides can see where you end up fossil record is interesting because the fossils in July column from lowest to Cambridge although tertiary coronaries are very ordered that they are very predictable of which is surprising given the perspective of a fly to worry you'd expect some sort of chaos to the sort of mixing up and stirring up things and things randomly buried there not the fossil record at the lowest level in reading a single celled organism organisms and worms and mollusks and things like that removal will live in finally get the first vascular plants and then some kind of fishers and then finally the first reptiles and finally mammals and it looks like it goes from simple to complex just like in standard evolutionary theory is pretty nice shower really likes there is no real argument there so what possibly could explain this high can a massive flood or series of closely spaced catastrophes explain such an ordering of the fossil record and to be honest it somewhat difficult I don't know if anybody that I've ever met has a complete answer this satisfies all these problems oh so there's there's a few hard questions in the fossil record represents a series of rapid catastrophes and within recent history why is it so orderly predictable by the simple organisms appear the lowest layers and progressively more and more complex organisms players possible answers I know I'm not suggesting that this is a complete solution to the problem but these are some possibilities are always worth considering and thinking about number one in real life or in modern life where do things usually learn where would you expect if you don't look for something in the water column or in a geologic order where we expect to find warm small snails etc. relative to listen fish more docs like for example nationally where would you expect in that vertical orientation within the links to find mollusks and worms and and and simple creatures were we expect to find in the mud right in the bottom of a way forward is to find the fish in the middle somewhere I normally want generally speaking where we expect to find mammals and docs and things like that not in the Middle Ages right on top somewhere so imagine a scenario that said I got a giant bulldozer and I'm going along the losing a whole bunch of mud and its relatively small pond let's say you slosh the whole plot in one shot with this bulldozer and much luggage Association test fish and I just instantly freeze everything in that pond Mary is unlike that where what I expected to get up two years later in what order generally speaking generally there is always a similar order has some organisms and the more multicellular organisms and all non- government however that doesn't explain everything there's also an interesting paper that was published in two thousand one I collagen research and it seems like the relative abundance of creatures as they lived his life the total population stands population size is related to their distribution within false record authorizations either musings on the relative abundances are nonrandom properties of communities that persists over long periods of ecologic time and across geographic space this is consistent with species abundance contribute heavily to evolutionary patterns how Doris infestations has a much greater size and population more likely or not you will expect to find it lower and in the column more and more widely distributed in a bunch of ecological niches or environments sensitive if you have a sexual life that are millions and millions and millions of them and expect them to be on very low levels as well as all way up to the higher levels and that is in fact what we see and also record as well the relative abundance not necessarily order of evolution can explain evolutionary patterns as for this paper which I think is pretty interesting general mobility as well if you have a catastrophe and you happen to survive because you were able to escape a little better yes and was music line on Hounslow faster you move around the letter don't generally attend on overall to be very higher bill survived longer than not it is assumed that he may be unable to firm survived the first two sets of the a massive catastrophe is no longer is very little later there's also a sorting factors like sorting water water itself as a medium is a natural sort of materials for example different types of Holland thoughts represent an evolutionary sequence means that water swirled pattern to some degree because as the different types of Holland 's passing in the water column at different rates here's a perfect scanning of different types of pollen and deciduous pawns for example sinking water in a few minutes compared upon Collins which was much longer times and sometimes years before they sank in nineteen thirty three Paul noted that pine pollen could retain his buoyancy for up to four years so what was a second-year second time Collins to be higher or lower relative to deciduous pollens and false front tire and that's exactly what generally speaking when the Sea Pines are thought to involve all after deciduous different morphologic expressions of the same organisms in different environments is also interesting is exact the same creature in different environments full of different pushes startling I noticed today with one morning he is a gracious size and evolutionist and one of his big arguments as foreman of throwing these plankton creatures and you can see that lower the early Paleocene six and forty five million years versus the late Paleocene fifty eight nine years ago if you see an evolutionary sequences gradual turnaround and look here and unless less rather than the more angular by the time you get to hear right and so for a long time this was believed to be the evolutionary progression and morphology but in subsequent experiments came along and it was found that all of these features are identical vicious if you put them under different pressures in different temperatures and on different morphologic shapes same creature different not an evolutionary sequence so a few more problems for room for flood geology cutting cutting the also let me explain something things for example termite has been found in the Morrison formation of these tremendous underground that are built in different regions of the world especially Africa massive massive tremendous this is generally what they look like in these formations have been found in the fossil record which case questioned how on earth during a massive series of closely spaced lottery floods of catastrophes to turn miserly gigantic mess like the solution today taking fifty hundred years ago it just doesn't make sense of a semi- masculine package must have been so active in Noah's flood so was the prediction was a creationist production firm craigslist a longtime person perhaps these are not really termite nests maybe there in organic and inorganic and are related to any animal activity whatsoever that was a integration selection and so very old Ross tougher moment that he will not approve this for Julie to find evidence one where the other hand here's his pictures deserve pictures you sent to me and said that analysts are telling us that individual closer because I honestly know that seems there were prisoners using the vendors point for comparison so it looks like you these two life things so those are the passageway is supposedly anonymous schedule will allow like it then you look at her at a higher examination under scanning electron examination their obligations right here outside the administration or the nice pictures from this region I hear I have even overlapping of the first things are actually quartz crystals that are in news tubelike structures that form the infrastructure and they're very very sure him will contaminant no organic matter contaminants there's no remnants of termites there is no front is a also Verizon this is a real tremendous the memory lineup tool palettes and linear lines to the line and line them up and there's nothing linear lining in these the formation of also they include all fragments of there a reason is that different creatures I thought I'm also this word rather than cut material is very rational and paternal analysis found in these formations here's a closer example of photograph of the wood fragments easy meals for my half and in the surrounding rockets country rock he also see that the triple pattern in others there's no visual seems there is a whole area has the same sort of love nature is all made of this quartz crystal material is just different colors so he proved to be published this is a question on mainstream journal abstracts now that these are not tremendous and all they are they represent crystalline inorganic structures the forms of music recessionary conditions in underwater so I just think that's an amazing confirmation of one of just one production from gracious respect chauvinists another argument is shown as thousands and thousands layers up to hundreds of hundred thousand players were consumed over and over again he got sand in the organic material sand and organic materials one atop the other but sometimes a hundred thousand layers thick and is supposed to represent mainstream literature what is the media is asking to see sex Christmas to represent an annual or more multitier pattern because it's thought that the worms that I go in each of the organic material and make influences him into what was then filled in as a negative image and then as the sand came up on top of them is argued that the flow of sand is created this country music underground or underwater my father covered up the organic layer and the SLA are somehow shields of the worms the magnitudes and had to repopulate the population for the next organic layer that slowly settled out of the nice water and so the nicer time in extensive periods of time like a year or two or layer so this obviously represents a couple of between one hundred thousand years and two hundred thousand years that is playing again this is from one celeb site and I got just to debate with him less like how you are down to the beach and try to bury one of those old gutters in a little rolling a little and I think the Coliseum and just plop it on there and you know less than nothing the company 's little pile on the talking now and in the next wave comes in and washes away the plot this argument was just time for these things are all horizontal and that if it had enlisted if there were a single efficiency diesel piles on top there is so bisexual what's on top are there any is there any evidence of water flow on top of sure enough if these are the tops and on the bottom of the low preserve relevant on the top of each singularities either marks and so there was current flowing on the top just like the waves coming in and washes away all legal neurons is accused usually little critters just like some of the players are thinner than the norm or the northern growing organism as ancient shown something like that this is a claim through in the sediment from the from the salty of how water settles out they start munching away laughing as before the same creatures and every lawyer in these layers can be developed as you go service in one region is attributed to flow on on the ground and get another one somewhere else if there's a lot of people going on you can get these things flaring all over the place and electricity flowing over while washing away the estate for residents in size and this is perfectly consistent with catastrophe for at least rapid deposition problems for measuring geology the powerless they have their own problems to Renato and wounds of problems with our bazaar model the problem first appearance every time you hear of the first times on some fossil is identified in the geologic column before too long all of a sudden someone try something older and things are getting older and older and older as you go along and taught the fossils are being pushed farther back in time and often dramatically so for example there shook out for thought two of your driver fifty million years ago until two thousand eight two thousand eight now therefore hundred fifty years old and they still look like a horseshoe crab today they haven't changed to any distinguishable degree from the ones found the fossil record versus ones are alive today also have more meetings spiders that are recently dated a hundred million years older than previously thought answer forty nine years older than previously thought also that within the last five years at home all these references will be confined to mainstream journals on my website is to have one's less than one future Amazon.com identity as well crayfish thought to have descended from Walters a hundred forty million years ago now thought to be as much as three hundred million years old so when infants first apparel is just getting older and older the more people look at the more experience we have the fossil record things are getting older in fact there we single him off island hellhole list files in order family genus species of every single major file is found in the lowest layer except for one perhaps one and thirty eight of them are so are found in the very lowest layer all of them that's what it called the Cambrian explosion possibly no animals and also when everything appears all the major body groups that are in existence and meaning that our technology all the same time in the lowest lantern is called the Cambrian explosion and surprisingly most of these creatures that are still alive today don't look significantly different from their fossil counterparts that have evolves like you would think over time over hundreds of millions of years if you can at least be somewhat different like your rest and said it was surprising to find that they are significantly different fragments of vascular plants of this is pretty interesting first thought to appear in this learning four hundred fifty millimeters and Paul and which is thought of flowering plants thought to be involved less than one hundred million years ago have been found both vascular plants and Holland have been found in drinking the rocks dated to five hundred six hundred million years ago this is uncontroverted in the literature here's a quote from the history of science the twenty first international Congress modern geological opinion is unanimous that this long-range information is angry and median but aside Assamese evidence for gas plant and insect remains in the fall rains information is not easily dismissed it would appear that there is still a contradiction between the geological and opinions a lot of cohabitants just as I was during the time of active controversy during the time of active controversy are Eugene Carney suggested that the conflict might be resolved by positing the existence of him for a father and this idea was summarily dismissed at the time but although it challenges accepted ideas about the evolution of life on earth it appears to provide the best fit with the different lines of evidence this is published in two thousand one so for the past fifteen years this is the debate to flowering plants relievers appear only a hundred million years ago or today existed like everything else in the camera all these high-level plants today's as the bottom of everything else and no one is really solve this problem was a big mystery mainstream science but you don't hear about it off this is not something most scientists like to publish in the general education environment so just to show you again here is a first flowering plants out of here I found the policies plans down here in the Cambrian and even Precambrian layers and is uncontroverted they had done repeated analysis of the industry people over and over and over in the same thing with the first vascular plants somewhere in the process of virus fragments of these plans not just calling friends with all plan itself had been found down here in these layers somehow satisfying this cause a problem last appearance that a lot of things live in the false record in the disappearance also record and then they reappear finally well today for example see weekends these are the fish that have no legal considers this to be one of the first is to come and walk out on land and then turn into animals the right of the lungs everything that they live they were present in the fossil record for over fifty hundred million years are actually familiar suddenly disappeared completely from the fossil record eighty nine years ago there's no more fossil seal against the fossil record and in nineteen thirty eight they were found alive him well because of South Africa several other islands since then perfectly also around doing just fine so what happened how they obviously visibly cancer there the whole time because airline will now so why were they being fossilized the argument is that this is different species of genus and species of civilian in the fossil record and the one living now I live in a different environment that was not as suitable solution as I hear the fossil one in they don't have a little one guy argued with me that says series is an evolutionary difference athletic alluded differences in species because this one doesn't have long understands a Muslim the federally this is just a drawing and drawing loans because the fossil imprint in heaven but authorization in the seventh paragraph another one guy are a disciple of the bones of the head are different to volunteer they can look at an the ones that are exactly the same lungs in addition slightly different sizes and shapes is no different then like a great game show all or upon those off just because the bones in the header slightly different shade doesn't mean they're not boxed price aligning their diversion Association for one versus the other one like this morning I showed you a general fourteen seventy home I was send to singe feeling very different and changing suspicious thing why because they're both in the fossil record together for us here one is live in the Netherlands and false representative liturgy is suspicious is very subjective and though I just wanted to mention the whole argument so they lived in different environments and that's limited to fossilized is interesting because let's say you have for millions of years children are doing fine in this environment and finally they go extinct and they die out in a not fossilized the SCO against living elsewhere those are all potentially really close to this is a environment where they got fossilized light of the ceiling scenes that move elsewhere where they are not from the fossilization can involve back into the mix overlaying the years and take over again where they are cousins died out it just doesn't make sense that there so I slated for eighty nine years they can not occupy the same habitats that are very close cousins occupied successfully for hundreds of millions of your provider not years so that argument doesn't find them please doesn't make much sense to me talking a sandstone this is very interesting high rankings can see it is a white player third from the top right here it's supposed to represent enormous fears over ten million years of desert environments desert sand dunes within the sentence is interesting enough to find and present authentic measures of reserves and salamanders all wet environment creatures even scorpions and spiders off as I was really weird about these things several times here's this is installed now as you can see highly detailed knowledge in CL levels of agency the toenails preserved in front of the toenails preserved on August the salamander treasure and so what desert environment of your organs like FLA or something and try to make an impact there what does it environment would preserve the sky detail in the in the trash Streisand is an dry sand preserve that kind of detail also what in the world is a salamander nose as hearers are soundtracks on dry sand is that looked like when we see the company assumes no now live underground it is taking pictures and publishes paper test from a London she took a water bottle and squirted the sand may get just enough on top so try and have users log over I was existing upon top and this is a chocolate is almost like it now here's the same except with salamander Tenebrae set up the falls apart he doesn't deserve the fine detail and then are some realities as well the reason all this is another funny always check still uphill none of them say they may have somewhat sideways on the dildo uphill and then they disappear and some will be walking along in the middle suddenly disappeared without a trace asset what happened to Solomon to go flying off into space on yeah nine the subversion so I has to be on talk origins one of his explanation for this vaccination is the loser hero everyone walked up to the top understanding and it was slide down the other side in the sand would roll behind it and cover up the track is hot so when I read the temperature of those things are going downhill and doesn't detract from the list still there else can you imagine if your little lizard or something in your hall is accurate like five feet away it has been downhill and you have to get out of the sand and would you go back downhill they did in Dale were already all I got a similar blocker and all-around and then come back up to your home no so splintered transition theory there is no underwater fears of losing underwater this is a little shy place finish on the toes so it looks like possibly either was heavily wet sand really like you over the dish in your little farther and from the shore as part of her consciousness and so hard right as you walk a little closer to the waters to make a deeper footprint by surrender the sand was very wet or perhaps even underwater failures comparisons between dry sand and wet sand will him is talking as far as preservation Stanzel impressions so preservation celebrations review of reservations of Thomas rooted in the sandstone is associated in dry sand for tone marks is good but the solid questions for you right so much on that transcends a similar wet sand is not so our superior business is so hard you can make us all impressions very good so which one is the best match underwater sand so what then are all going to fill seventy designated as new systems were watering and racetrack that doesn't seem to make sense as far as desert sand there's also a lot of other factors as to the nature of the angle of the sand dunes is different there's a Streisand versus underwater sand dunes and one half panel that wasn't that I don't have time to discuss alternate if you are interested in the full paper published if you look at his paper for you to my website and direct reference to the press versus New Orleans is also from underground in that is that these in the fossil record you have preservation of footprints it within the rock of the phone visualize how can you have preservation of bodies somebody fossils is a clear lots and driveways is colored in areas noticed something really interesting that the track ways do not track the number of bodies found the number of bodies of the same version for amphibians here's a bunch of travelers and the money is going what happened after you stop walking the same thing for reptiles here's a bunch of check ways the body is not very common and attract wisdom down and then the body count goes on and then there's a ton of the sudden drop in both no more truck was gone this is a drop in body count here the device you going to try please don't reptile sentiment dinosaurs Earth cigarette will him until the same sort of pattern since the seizure of the defeat of all before the bodies for what happened saying this is my theory is that here's all the floodlights on things survived walked around a little bit more more pictures on until everything died and this is a Cretaceous was chalk layer and done for the end of the flood out thinking that has all the algal blooms in the oceans developed in the Navy 's massive massive chocolatiers which is all around the globe and I think this is represents the resolution or the end of the flood for everything bears and other animals no longer walked around the mortgages rapid burial evidence of sudden widespread catastrophe possible loan orientation where do you go where there's massive dinosaur bone graveyards you'll notice something that that there are oriented with respect to funds is of the greatest fiction illustrators but as you just drive mapping Arthur shoddily has done us any sound that a massive fall of fourth-graders advertising are very slim lined up how does the sixth is explained to give them to your usual pictures young cartoons and one off the dinosaurs walking along the volcano 's lineup and they got all toxic effects from the asteroid hitting the sun got locked out again she called and they fell over and what happens as dinosaurs you can go on anymore the on-site anguish where you fallen over mom along flawlessly for me to whom they all follow the same way as in the same direction fails in same direction all along those either perpendicular or parallel to the same common orientation how does that happen without a watery catastrophe and even mainstream science is that it is emitted to my present more information that she is Arizona New Mexico all you can him formation throughout the support for formation everything oriented with respect to flow same direction that is in the previous video from the previous letter we saw that this orientation valise with current orientation is not only con and why this multi- continent wide and worldwide audiences some of the latest studies by Arthur Chadwick the little information address information is famous for its millions of dinosaur fossils that were well preserved it averages one hundred meters of Trinity and fitness is one million square kilometers in Canada Texas that is distributed to everybody my wife's blood wider spread of flowing water the standard argument is that the slowing water originally represented a river channel and the river overflowed in chapters dinosaurs and is seasonal flats and that's why the Morrison formation formed over a longer defined by a sequences of serial flies that are local in nature however there is no large river channels in this formation and the same thing happens elsewhere there is a massive deposits of dinosaurs in Montana that are also the result of Linda deposition in mainstream literature this is recognized for some other very fine preservation this is Triceratops and of the seller after and they are frozen like this fighting each other there is very and some people argue that this is a massive sandstone sandstorm or of the collapse of the sandbank they cover them but it seems to be the least consistent with a catastrophic situation as well here's a of fishlike creature that is present time giving birth this is a baby coming out very well preserved also all of these things are pointing with their therefore you only difference tossing around the globe they all point in the same direction in highly preserved here's three hundred or so miles in Peru for their highly preserve even the naming is not fossilized whale and then there also pointing in similar directions and their varied without being smashed their new and significant thickness so how you bury away all slowly have it preserved so well because of the whales die and sink emotions today this into the bottom and later scavenged relatively rapidly and Lisa Wells a significant evidence of scavenging at all sit and they're very naïve now health is well is there really has been very very rapidly by a massive algal blooms this is diatomaceous earth there so this catastrophic conditions in the oceans I believe after the flood were very warm and nutrient rich because lots of it had been dying in the oceans also the volcanoes going up everywhere it just loaded the oceans was nutrients and have a warm and that's perfect condition from algal boom potential off Wales on massive quantities and very very rapidly without any scavenging are significant scavenging sewer situation is Helen Santana formation is located in northeastern Brazil is also Cretaceous fictitious names of the law of a formula for and how goal of animals this is really to be between nineteen hundred and eighty nine years old there are fine examples of all kinds of things pterosaurs reptiles interviews invertebrates insects and plants by even the large dinosaurs manner after was described in nineteen ninety six but was especially interesting to me is there is millions of fish found in this formation and the fish were preserved in such a degree as Olson cellularity tells it was still turned it it was still had a pressure Friday had had time to collapse usually when the fish dies within a few hours Daniel 's collapse these fish there were fully expanded they had not had time to class before they were perfectly preserved then nausea there scales usually initial water table floating laser has positions within the fashion novices now sends information back to the is described and that there were fossils so rapidly that is called the Medusa no need to touch than his intern this summer you look at Medusa turns on instantly of David Marcello then nineteen and ninety public paper on hearing that these fish were so well preserved that they had to be fossilized long in the sink is currently and within one hour after death is a catastrophic Herbalife so here's another creature is horseshoe crab uses shockwave upon walkoff walk walk walk walk walk walk walk stop what happened is not no scavengers didn't get eaten up or disintegrated or anything like that effective and then very rapidly so the center argument is abortion wandered into an optical slave and then you never have oxygen and I can before I got was it like that because it was and is non-toxic like nothing whether the problem with this is that there are anaerobic bacteria and semi- anaerobic organisms that live in these anoxic lakes and that they indicate lesser very rapidly and preserved and also even if you stop finishing layers on top of something is that you can open a bunch on top whole bunch of layers make it sick there are organisms like to dig down will the sentiment is finding organic such as penicillin observation this first rooting out starring materials on them before ten or so years there's no more layers left because as long as you call by observation newsletters announced or not there's no motivation in other words it has been very very very quickly in order to avoid this effect still Stoneridge Nelson national Park the specimen Ridge in science there is a cheese fossilized trees that are very in the position of growth on the stores are very upright so and then there's sixty five layers of them and so though argument is that these represent forests this word replaced by another force and then buried in another fortune on top of them one was very bottom by volcanic ash and stuff and another for strong top of that sixty five times as I said I would take tens and tens of thousands of years to happen and it would falsify the whole flag if so what's the argument for this well when announcing Hounslow and you through a whole bunch of treason Spirit Lake the changeling is not eventually get waterlogged on one side versus the other and they always seemed perpendicular enough vertically in the position of growth and then when they get to the bottom they stay like that for a while until more sentiment this comes in that holds it up Albright also industries have no mark on them no branches on them thereof he considers the bottom the roots are just like little balls like to know extensive roof at times there's also no animals in these forests there's no an wine remains of all plant letters nominating Snowdon bones known as pulse of the companies are water sorted and they don't surely change from top to bottom if you find assiduously sometimes you find a lot of deciduous leaves around the truth sometimes a fine massive plan is only around deciduous trees since last photos of some of the flood model goes on between these ways is also sorted coarse to fine and how you get sorting in a natural forest think I covered most of these evidences that I think it's mudslides one after another the property is by his treason and underwater mudslides and entries taken the position growth in the much less deserted him they also are China Vijayawada top of the tree comes up to the top layer was cut off in it it was really a true force you'd expect that treat arrived a little bit before the next force throughout any kind which is actually the case she's not sure if anyone are cut off clean and preserve just like that also Michael R PhD dissertation nineteen ninety one each analyzed tree rings from different levels within these players and show the true rings latched true hearings on the different layers to each other and so he argues it is true and trees limbs at the same time and they were representative of separate forests they all have the same time different buyers also the volcanic ash he detected the chemical signature for volcanic ash changes after about three months of the volcano blows up three months later there's a detachable changing signature resolution are two specimen Ridge and detecting chemical signature for the different layers they interact with there's the same signatures interdigital with each other same signature on the lower layer will be found in higher layers even upwards to the top layers and so now arguing that the same exact chemical signature to become a multiple layers is truly representative of separate forces doesn't make sense given how temples him this time in real life there's also been fossilized trees there is a singular multiple layers not just multiple layers of this particular trade extends through two different layers of cold is argued that Cole takes a long time to form and so how could I choose to live being buried by multiple layers slowly additional newsletters represents vast periods of time and there's lots of examples of these College Street trees and this one I will video clip for this particular one is in rocks is a strange and change free of fossilized remains of this tree is over fetus layers between all scenes in years ago and legs exposing the true of the others free the CAC down to the lower wholesale since that time the lower part of the tree protocol he is the true you said layers Jiang is only here I is thousands of years and buggy layers from the sing-along and because the treaty would require long as best time to get away around so so when you present evidence from people predictably arguable that was local catastrophe is anytime you find a situation like that is hard to explain the local catastrophes created forms two layers of cold chain countries because a dental assistant form of long periods of time the nurses Powder River basin talk about coal is a massive scene call him to this whole scene covers ten thousand square miles is two hundred feet days it's very sure it's a difficult long over long periods of time with compression involves the rigid influxes of clay and why not to contaminate the call but this is not the this is not the case for the Powder River coal consider also as a six-figure vegetation for one foot of cold so she'd have a two hundred foot coal seam that's terrific that you wish education is that twelve hundred feet price extend to quantitative and how does that happen slowly and maintain purity that nice organic matter compressed together is a little video clip such as is is is is is is an and you will pass colors is a visible light is in use here at home and I will soon call layers receives with businesses ranging up to a hundred and twenty feet Eagleview minus heart muscle article area known as the Powder River basin is in a square mile and will and will and are no longer dream on self test while you may say our relation how is that geologists are such as the Eiffel Tower River coal enable environmental including the state 's as wholesale as an unsigned by other material usually unwonted setup is playing while he is seen as an outer removal and transfer will pay his teams and that is dominated that hundreds of miles long and is universally while there are lots of anger and sayings is one of the day says the letter place in the world has many seems to be more thing of the PowerPoint presentations not only as a result to geologists is also intriguing size and is is more than a century marshaling the answer of baffling question how do his will this is more precisely is diluted by houses and play another hearing in an pneumonia my house is on my mind is not as if you massively have a normally developing out nonmajor who are initial size zero one one and you got it massive amounts of uprooted plant material and you need to the slaughtering you smashed into the side of that then you can concentrate massive quantities of plant material all in one spot and it will be chair because a water source about this injuries and they suggest that material no play no other contaminants in the dictionary policy massive mess of plant material that gets buried under settlement under high pressure water conditions and he is a cold rapidly a way to more subversion soon as the time it has hardly any plant fossils throughout most of the sequence is not no longer this coal formation I'm just talking nothing worse again this is their plant fossils throughout most of the sequence and yet you got something dinosaurs lots and lots and millions of them living in the Morrison formation time area for the days know why what how did dinosaurs preserved and no trace are hardly any traces of materials in Missouri is always big animals engaged considering that a large dinosaur vegetarian dinosaur eats three to four times of vegetation per day where is it probably often little more than the coal reserves are it is also strange that the past creatures in the fossil record are often bigger and arguably better than the modern-day counterparts in question is why are things shrinking dying off when the prehistoric world was much richer than this today the vast majority of creatures there are types of purchases of government are extinct and the ones that do exist still are smaller than their counterparts more sickly and more diseased men tend to have more problems so why is that here's a few examples but not one that you can't armadillo like to have your garden is Shu armadillo please here is a giant beaver eight two feet estimated weight up to four hundred eighty five pounds talk about a beaver dam chewing up all your forest you know that's a beaver for Chinese lawsuit here's the Brazil prepares us thought we had today no longer very little food Giants lost lives among them they went extinct physics and enough probably after the flood I think the world was warming very rich verdant and these creatures were able to arrive for a few hundred years this is a giant wolf appeared as fossilized to six feet tall at the shoulder okay will act on the Wolfpack just one willful do giant dragonflies deeper in the to the fossil record I do like to have a dragonfly with the two five foot wingspan losses and take off small babies and stuff this is a giant the monkey gorilla realize how to ten feet tall over three meters high he's these girls on existing massive gorilla like to come up against anything in the face of these movies are fairytales are based on something Neanderthals again the NFL's were bigger brains are bare their bodies are stronger that could run longer they are arguably smarter and more fit than we are today and the older version is the longer true this is the new job the current version she may lead on Giants sharks the Great Lakes is as big a great white shark usually the big ones around twenty feet long by these medical dogs were fifty feet long and some say that there are arguably at hundred feet long by thirty meters big so there's not a lot on him where I hung itself out over the life is not even worth the snack is a desire to assist amazing how things and gotten reduced over time ancient DNA on Zion this is all the more technical wife is very interesting I DNA whomever the O.J. Simpson trial no one remembers her son O.J. Simpson is now in jail in any way during trial DNA evidence was brought up and generally dismissed because of the argument that GNU degrades rapidly over time itself degrades and so was the inane doing in fact a DNA doing in a hundred and thirty nine -year-old weevil swindling when extracting some DNA was intact with the sequence of the County and AMA twenty nine -year-old magnolia leaf was still what how did the genius of our forty nine -year-old bacterial spores didn't just find DNA on them as for us when they enriched media bedroom they are still alive so that means they're not listening I was intact but the whole genetic code was intact and hCG was intact enough energy to get away how does that happen over forty million years for our starter fifty millimeters install salt crystals is that you're still alive sequence to GMAC 's proteins intact blood cells and flexible soft tissues just recently married slicers underwent a never done this because no one ever thought it could be possible soon everyone don't ever try until someone came along and didn't know that it wasn't possible so they accidentally tried that they took a piece of dancer bondage election and they dissolved well the calcium from the wasn't fossilized soft tissue notable is not also why is this screen and then they had a intact love the blood vessels and blood cells inside the blood vessels of emergency in your diesel runs off our red blood cells and they also have osteoclasts in them another types of cells and then here and this is a scam other of the cells or will the fractured agency the nucleus of most still there this looks just like fresh chicken and how well this is fragmented DNA have to qualify this here is her reaction to it she says I mean can you imagine pointing bone out of the ground after sixteen million years and then getting intact proteins sequences test on the sorrow that Israel Deaconess medical Center and Harvard Medical School lead author of one of studies that's just mind-boggling how much preservation errors in these loans the new finding will be viewed skeptically admitted one of the researchers involved in studies is very very very controversial because most people gone on record saying there's absolute and absolute time-limited anything this protein or DNA presentations concern says Mary Spicer knowledge paleontologists and North Carolina State University John Hearthstone is a fairly recent issue of nature there is also the question of how bacterial biopolymers can remain intact over millions of years and wanted bacteria or conversely that bacteria are metabolically active enough to repair about polymers this raises the question of what energy source could last over such a long period of time without completely changed my feelings like a TV comes on the luncheon featuring a private repair mechanisms provided in living cells fully hydrated DNA is spontaneously integrated into short trends over time several thousand years of March interest the apparent observation of fully hydrated DNA might be retained in high molecular mass for twenty million as will properties and structure of DNA one popular journal science surface expressed their willingness he argues that he can survive essentials staggering length of time was totally unexpected almost unbelievable almost unbelievable of course you have to believe that because dinosaurs have to be now his amino acid question meaning is use of user no one asked that question why not have the exact fountain that is a healthy diet Doctor Darwin the wrong here's a dinosaur mummy told the Leonardo stated at seventy seven million years of the fighters were the most complete dinosaur fossil ever discovered it has a mummified heart liver stomach that contains Magnolia Fern and conifer vegetation I was contacted in the excellent preservation like a scavenging energy rocket even catastrophic burial and massive flood thus there was of course mainstream scientists believe that this also though this flood was a local flood despite the fact that most fossils and in the very very rapidly by water catastrophes of massive proportion to the skin single scales of the skin and cut it open yet they've only been seeking analysis of invisibility manager but that you take unopened and they did some night calcium is a counselor wisdom soft tissues in this dinosaur because every dinosaur bone and to the side reserve soft tissue and it is not possible and that's all I have is used by audio or seem like generation if you would like to learn more about you my the him working like this is an online service www. volume versus nonwork


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