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Theologians for Darwin

Sean Pitman

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 18, 2008
    3:45 PM
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I assume the leave is nice I sure his feelings for it all and then I figured it on somebody that when you make yourself a public figure in such a public way have your own websites and everything publicly is hard not to become target and I second the target myself and I analyze you type in my name you feel as a nasty things about me tools as well as over do things now even better than my mom whenever scientists say that it all depends I'm using destined for here is my name theologian from the opposing side of it he's not by any means the only one of theologians and is not longer recognized by the GC is representative of the church that she is very famous with analysis levels these of you have noticed pastor and theologian he still considers himself pretty much analysis except for certain tears she's obviously not the problem of evolution within higher learning in our schools is becoming bigger and bigger in fact is becoming arguably the majority viewpoint in summary persons in some teachers with our own schools and higher classes in our inner universities teach evolution to the active exclusion of any discussion of creation at least the name of the standard GC take on creation so let's look into the darkness is about why this is so popular even with our own school by the Church of England this year wrote in a public on their own website the Church of England always you are one in apology for misunderstanding you and by getting our first reaction wrong encouraging others to misunderstand he still him your harvest Christian teaching the church 's reaction now seems misjudged her so sorry Mister Bolland this is a root canal from Brown and of course the Church of England similar in many ways to the Catholic Church so that the response that can be outdone here of course so this is Darwin 's theory as our compatible with the Bible and were never condemned by the Catholic Church nor was his little caravan which party invested in Catholic Church and you so doesn't form PR is most educated people in Western countries regarding absences in the late nineteenth century calls why because the promoting of ushers in six thousand year old earth from most of our existence and because we ignore the evidence furnished by the geologic column astronomy communal judge and plate tectonics radiometric and radiocarbon and amino acid dating session among Bible scholars should you accept Scriptures discussed supernaturally inspired word were also considered as an activism because of the way we interpret the early chapters of Genesis as well that the issue here at stake is not the inspiration of Genesis but it's interpretation is on fun anonymous holds on that the literal meaning of the words teacher are to be cherished and taught there are practically no theologians and worldwide regions in this category some while myself and half another group Genesis one as literal in sorrow is in the language of appearance so as to care for all peoples of all ages in all places despite your illiteracy which again soon the vast majority of scholarly commentaries in the last century take this position for all as for the numbers have assigned his polls in nineteen ninety four more than half rejecting the literal reading of Genesis one one third undivided geologic strata as fossils can be explained by nose flat and almost one in five or twenty percent this is to see if the evolution of the worst Darwinian evolution happen God is Russia's old and wandering around the highways and byways of recent theology I have not encountered one example of the serious sustained ideological argument confirmed by the creation of the world in six literal days a few thousand years ago that doesn't forget arguing that not one argument out of this town this week Sue Ellen White the great evangelical Christian but she wrote in the nineteenth century and so she use our search quality and George Mister Creed price and brave generous intelligent man trusted on why so much perverted science unknowingly and were our creation research with incomes less arbitration is usually comes from it was funded by George McCready Price based on even the analyst have shown out that old approach for continues never does the New Testament use the Old Testament for scientific purposes wherever time and eternity need metaphor must be used at both ends of the Bible the Bible never reveals supernaturally anything humans can themselves discover another was if you look hard enough and figured I yourself the Bible doesn't talk about that according to a dozen for just so Christ to live in Lawrenceville he only spoke only in the way of salvation and justice were intended as science it would consist purely of equations written for oral use among the children of Earth would be what was coming and goings this reveals tirelessly some manner that all would be able to understand the strengths touching symbols and words to express how intrusive some of the center inspiration these contemporary idioms to tell who created the universe not how or when I got to just trust me on this discussion okay this majority usually right when you say family people 's majorities usually like only one person to people I would say it's a myself I think the majority inherently rife is on the majority always right no majority is often an wrong but by and large changes dismiss the majority view on us is the majority view pictures I know the majority should at least be carefully considered because it's the best a lot of people and must have something to write so shining that that's part of what makes like medicine medicine we have tentative consensus of medical journals if you don't practice medicine by the consensus you lose your medical license change should at least consider the majority view and the practice of any scientific discipline that involves impacts on other people you should at least if you want to maintain your license right now should the majority even accepted without any question should any of you was when anything happens in science with there being any of this is the majority always altered though occasionally the majority leadership class that I often should request to arguments based just on authority of any explanatory power for example puzzled to so long why shouldn't say because I sense that having explanatory argument null was it saved me from trouble Psalm one half of the time saving from trouble but that I understood I give me an understanding of myself I do this on trust in her that doesn't mean I understand it someone someday comes to users just because I said so and I will work and I do it in my work with us in designing you understand let's look at the author 's intent is the author 's intent important what was the author trying to say in the Bible is unimportant versus your interpretation of what you think the author should have sent a letter arguments for what the author 's intent was for I guess it's according to Professor James Lord religion professor of surgery at the University of Oxford he writes probably so far as I know there is no professor she grew more Old Testament at any world-class university does not believe that the writers of Genesis one to eleven intended to convey to their readers the idea is that a creation took place in a series of six days which were the same as the days of twenty four hours we now experience me the figures contained in the Genesis genealogies provide a simple additional addition I believe a simple addition a chronology from the beginning of the world up into the latter stages of the history and seeing those flood was understood to be worldwide and distinguish all human and animal life except for those on your four hundred negatively apologetic arguments which suppose that the days of creation be longhairs of time the figures of years not a lot chronological in the flood team merely a local Mesopotamian flood are not taken seriously by any such professors as far as I know this is an illusionist him the Genesis account is the state in which to me is a very different than believing that the authors of the Genesis account intended to be taken differently than how they actually run it is a different argument with the Genesis account is the station is different is that the authors are wrong is different than arguing the authors are right there and talking metaphysically surprising you saying that if you're serious Professor Hebrew the intent of the authors is clear they intend to be taken literally not figuratively so what about the understanding of Jewish leaders had a Jewish readers we do all scriptures all other biblical authors only New Testament refer to the Genesis narrative Azriel literal historical events Jesus himself or for the creation week after the universal nature of Noah's life as a real historical event Jesus didn't really understand the figurative nation Genesis to actually influence an understanding of the day but as a worsening of his other statements of historical events like when he says I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightening when he claimed that he personally knew Ayn Rand know if this influenced by the ideas of his day how do you answer those statements she really sees Satan fall from heaven by fighting Ian really know Abraham as he said we have to take my word on everything or how what basis can be out certain things evenly among other things all he was influenced by the that he is historical understanding what was the original scholarly interpretation of Genesis literal or symbolic historically for hundreds of years the most common about Christian scientists and theologians interpret Genesis literally it wasn't until darlings there is long and really took hold that Christian scholars and scientists started to question the standard of literal interpretation of Genesis him as always all offices until Darwin scientists in particular thought that by searching uninjured they were searching often very mind of God in particular and other Newton wrote more on religion that is done on physics suddenly and was devoted to searching out the minute I saw my studying agent he was learning about God not falsify ability of the Christian theology how useful is long falsifiable statements concerning the alley of the universe that exists outside the mind in other words you can just imagine it is tested or anything with but there is your statement of reality is that it doesn't apply to anybody else no one else contested or evaluated any sort of physical sense how is a statement that God exists by itself any different from the statement of the flying spaghetti monster exists offense is there any final difference why don't we believe the flying spaghetti monster why do we believe in God versus the flying spaghetti monster on the necessaries question if the biblical claims concerning physical reality given with the intent to be taken literally read literally for thousands of years cannot be trusted where's the usefulness of a metaphysical claims of the Bible or as if there's nothing you can look into the Bible is a hot that says in the Bible and I can see it in testing the physical world if that's not at all sure the Bible how slightly different from what another book like another one for example or any other holy book which we don't believe why do we believe in the Bible in particular as the revealed word of God what evidence do you have that we can actually test is open for potential falsification is it actually possible even theoretically that we can be wrong sure it is not at all possible then what is your religion for the use of the Bible was never the Bible never reveals anything that humans themselves is that really true in other words the Bible never talks about using the file or falsifiable physical realities is true that this am I will give you practical advice advice on physical realities like marriage that if you do this and that the other your marriage and most likely turn out okay or not if you excuse stealing my ancient wallah your life will probably be difficult this accessible physical reality can you experience that had tested what about the whole promise of ties is a very faithful time I will blessing on sure how much a discount on your mission five in fact some scoundrels this just because they get a blessing from another social doesn't mean we save if you pay your tithe but will God blessed counsel is addressed was unequivocal that can be just as put to the test and try to see for therefore argues that the Bible is not at all involved in any kind of real science but is rather concerned exclusively with other Johnson transcendentalist transcendent truth that go beyond the powers of scientific investigation so what is again what is this is certainly the Bible verses out of bullets that we don't believe Ford's evidence for the biblical inspiration well since she just removes any clear reading of the text is whether the Bible and say hello face value even ties with the authors intended to say that that's not inspired and still believe that Genesis is inspired upon what do you base that claim down for four seasons the Bible is inspired and he bases it on numerology surprisingly enough I was very surprised he writes but can we really be certain that the Genesis narrative sorry certainly their existing structures particularly in the introductory passages what has been called the seal of son the first descendents of the Bible has seventeen brewers four times seven Hebrew letters are twenty eight the three announced God of heaven and earth that the number value of son son son issued a letter stands for the number for a number seeing a Hebrew grammar there is one Hebrew verb and created and is a numeric values to three which equals sometimes when I according to some researchers are at least three different numeric features in this verse statistically the chance of this happening is one in thirty trillion check out the leave at least one dozen of these my Hebrew Bible but I do not endorse the extremist views of ten the first one to come up with this numerology hypothesis seven five the secret Bible code approach if you can find inspiration and address reading of the Bible for a secret code Panama emerged to the integrated into the US in nineteen eighty two from Russia and aging ID claims are based on my biblical discovery there was not enough and I will message his job there was not numerical patterns is permeated all of the star description that no other literature and publicize his discoveries in the New York Sun in a letter to the editor entitled the inspiration of the Scriptures scientifically demonstrated my numerology by four panels his opening words of Scripture is one of his fine examples in the beginning God created the heavens and earth in Hebrew this verse contains on words feature one which have fourteen sometimes two syllables feature two and twenty eight sometimes for letters into three words contained containing the subject and predicate the fourteen letters and words containing the subject of the object forcing letters as well feature for the this was sent to Morris and his persistence on assassins until he has discovered twenty five features some rather exotic volume seven all multiples of seven to ten of this outcome was absolute proof of the inspiration of this verse and hello needed one join office parking lot witnesses most impressive right a few statistics for those unaware of such games note that the success in a search for some kind of pattern inside IE seven are multiples of seven such as fourteen twenty one twenty eight recession would be achieved after one seven searches on average so you look long enough to find something one and sometimes research for different pattern of Islamism your son and daughter so statistically to find twenty five successful matches like that and it to the seven pattern all one needs to do is have seven or examine hundred and seventy five different features of the passage seven yes one seven one six eight the author successor four nine one enzymes of the twenty fifth best foreign suggests essentially one hundred percent given a fairly short search through different number patterns looking from national or seven four has fallen for a classical statistical trick fast on all the other Bibles code proponents of the Bible one Bible code to come always viable codes that would foretell everything from Hitler to 9/11 to George W. Bush use those of the latest ones were released the most famous ones were written by Michael Johnson Bible into Harold and Steve Collins Nathan Jacoby and others John Nash in addition with a beautiful life that he fell into the same sort of trial also saw patterns in everything from newspapers license plates and this was seriously as patterns as long as you look long enough for them they can see patterns in the carpet was interesting patterns in C whoever saw the logo on the toaster strudel with the Virgin Mary on the Internet at postseason cigars in the clouds and stars and constellations come from I session those are by no means unique to the Bible they can be found in any written work from Shakespeare to Doctor since using a English translation warranties K and others choose a significance level of one hundred million in the researcher predetermined boards Association the same as Rawson using his Bible level of significance is an ancient technique used by Bible coders Australian television personality John Safran and McCain demonstrated that the chaining technique is rejected by showing evidence of 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York in the lyrics of vanilla ice 's repertoire so is internalized profit inspired by God ice ice baby the contradictions are also not often figured out had time for some strange reason either usually post addictions after successfully predicting assassination is the Israeli prime minister he exactly mean draws in the Bible to describe the problems of nuclear holocaust and destruction major cities the earthquakes in two thousand six and the dangers will speak the dangers location in the Hebrew year five seven six six or September two thousand five September two thousand six in the modern calendar year that is most clearly encoded with both world war and atomic holocaust course draws no longer make such predictions what anyhow it's our name is a public figure what are the authors on public figure who tipped off to the hall the Arab nations is going to as a no-brainer for my precise enough according to Jane very proposed by John last background noise a random sequences can appear to be meaningful or worried in sections like patterns and stars Klaus Jabbar burnt toast fuzzy carpet not all that is not at all unusual or statistically unlikely especially if the goal is known ahead of time and assessor pattern in question is tuned accordingly the same sort of June also occurs in radiometric dating tree ring dating another pattern -based calibration techniques for the desired or suspected pattern is known had a time to talk about tuning is frustrating that you dating techniques on my website this is a really better to maintain the divine origin of Genesis on sites such subjective numerology versus something something that it has been falsified based on a clear reading of the actual noncovered text and therefore accepted except that it is without significant evidence in the need for the miraculous boilers which philosopher is more logical the first one who just things Genesis is wrong or the one who things Genesis is right because the numerology is more logical just as I look at Genesis is wrong but because of neurology just as in worse trouble another proof of the divinity from fourth according for the Abraham is predicted in Genesis and the spiritual father of the nations and people like stars in the sky this prediction has shown itself to be quite accurate there is the knowledge picture of Islam Judaism and Christianity therefore Genesis must divinely inspired however what about the predictions regarding a great man leaders like Mohammed or just assess necessity fathers are predicted to be fathers and grade as well this prediction success in another softening of the divinely inspired by this version is wrong what if the know if what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true that is a message award has not spoken that prophet has spoken presumptuously do not be afraid as SLI science while belonging to his is a suggestion excess like any good test of this prophet says in his reality testing to ensure what does it say about what that also prophesied don't be worried by the prophet is false is there often predicting the future then you are so while the fulfillment of certain types as prophecies are not necessarily solid evidence of divine inspiration the lack of fulfillment of a claim of a prophet sent from God is evidence that he or she is not from God that this profit does not see for God and is not to be trusted so this brings up questions like when Jonah did not Jonah prophesied another would be destroyed in forty days in thirty days and twenty etc. and then what happened in the middle was not destroyed his prophecies and country presenting Jonah it was not a dozen major enough it is what he said and I'm sure why isn't she a false prophet will say what I think anyway Jonah by going to send singing you have forty eight is really wiped out says so is to me a sign of hope that God tells you you're in trouble for it is your dad why would God tell you that if you have any hope but he just wants a stress will be read regularly and is making sense so God sends you a message to your in serious trouble in a certain period of time him courage does helps you turn around and there's there's hope in the message this is this is a conditional policy obviously there's other prophecies in the model is not conditional on those if there are falsified should help to understand that profit is not a true prophet and others and there's more scientific statements in the Bible the Jesus says believe me when I said in the high hand in the father and the father is in me or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves right why did God provided Jesus Junior calls is just as gorgeous as always enough do we need physical evidence to believe in God at least something right otherwise what's the point in the know some jumbo as far as I'm aware unless you can do something that makes you believe your God something I can actually see in appreciating and judge scientifically how do I know your God that I know usually you are using your Jesus answered I didn't tell you that you do not believe in miracles I do in my father 's name speak for me that scientific evidence can anybody else do those things it's like playing for golf only hole-in-one when someone has to do it in a row before Sherlock hypothesis would become called into question right I know getting off the legislative test no nine holes in one way would you believe me when you know he's just lucky that I made you going to get me a hundred bucks that would make another long one is the past nine that very many people in my still similar to you and that her boss on the table like Tiger Woods now producing you begin to suspect many of these schemes such as the science of miracles will the formulas for both online at America price and the more fun with SSL ciphers let me give you of the little scenario is not needed CNN's John in particular explains the purposes of God 's use of notables as signs or evidence is a divinity and this is their goals are used by John to support his stories is the literal word real and what could be called a scientific manner for example the Ainslie 's experiment in all remember that Gideon Preciado if you really want me to be little need to know if I have any now I'm all scared everything so I noticed recently around the morning you know please think the fleece sweats and the ground or by then he was in sobriety is on another this is really really what around strife is a slave it's only what natural naturalization while people argue that the science of the biblical writers had no concept of national versus God doing everything they do they call God as being responsible for everything that happens is that true to the biblical writers of the concept of natural law is otherwise what would you say why would the author of the Kelsay deviance at all this is only natural if you have no concept of visualizing not everything know she had a concept of natural law and so he agreed I cannot recently learned on second thought you know this is a quite powerful like this I want you to do the opposite negative freeze-drying is a scientific experiment yes I got it and then didn't believe what you believe I would visit my scientific experiment same thing with the Philistines is the art of full using a card with cows that are just given birth to child's condition themselves this is all there is also back to the home they don't go back to the house will know this guy did this to us as a scientific experiment it is the absence of natural law what would be the natural thing for the custody of accident just so were they doing unnatural things I don't know yet is a scientific experiment of the divine testing yes even though end-users miracles and we were talking on here this is a very interesting passage the passage where he says which is easier to heal or to forgive sins from that passage that their literature any returns or other related business which is easier for me to heal a contingent sense now and come back to the paralytic Jason get up and walk in the paralytic and later paralyzed Linda did Jesus claim to be able to distance you can verify the physical statement the prophet Warren God what does that teach another physical statements for the metaphysical claims of that same person is they carried away by Kathleen will verify something physically in order to believe the metaphysical claims of the Bible which you cannot see taste touch measure the Ford realizes the need for the miraculous is convincing evidence of divine inspiration what is a clear miracle canvas concept really need to find into the general agreement of all at least not can you define what it means to be a miracle what is medical miracles in my view are relative and that they must clearly need beyond the powers of force in question but within hours and a high-level force with emphasis on more clearly of course for example let's say we had an engineer human engineering makes a highly symmetrical polished granite to the numerical not from his perspective he do just fine no more for me to write him offer mentioning is or whether patterns are for us there would be from that perspective is all depends on perspective so would you believe me if I told you they'd recommend that you highly symmetrical polish into doing what is going to win Soviet Union so is America on the one hand long on your same thing for God Harris one here but there's a bunch of the net rocks which ones were designed window the sun made a fun stuff on the phone now this one and maybe along the riverbank the finest most like this one maybe probably what they were all design there all deliberately design these are rocks tonight look like natural rocks by Katrina makes rocks for your National Guard and Luxor to deal very deliberately make it look natural so can intelligent design deliberately produced at the man is a stunning and some things are clearly unnatural by certain things go beyond what nature can do search engine to get the limits of what nature can do and find out something that can go beyond what nature can do was sit with in the powers of some higher-level force then you can determine from the national perspective this would be miraculous I so I don't believe it probably mentioned that because I would be geographic but when you're saying well higher-level intelligence does it is not reckless it is a raising somebody from another miracle for me here's my perspective yes this is America from best effect is perfectly natural for this like making a cake right if I came into all in all reactions are likely for many all interactions are mixing the ingredients together evolve off for making a case and I was a formula tell you everything that had uneducated with a mathematical formula know because I describe the mathematical formula how to make some of those ingredients properly together so the vision turns out K R is the olive affect formulas when you say intelligence required by the young were mathematical formulas which is all the things the others in the oven back to mathematical formulas reckoned one national law figures Fred is mathematically speaking describe the creative aspects of how to make it mathematically though so in some sense this sort of miraculous the Medicaid 's blacklist from this perspective the sheer mathematical science he has to require intelligence to put in there and that's not yet describable mathematically whether these genes these are the same symmetrical cues as a snowflake very geometric here's a very crystal is a highly symmetrical polished you is that within the realm of nature yet so what's the difference between the serenity there's arranging his high-ranking was a difference this material can you just come up to an object and then know automatically if it was designer without any prior experience the material in question does so in order to detect designed to detect detect a requirement for creativity you have to have some sort of extensive background knowledge it requires a fair degree of work and investigation of scientific investigation to be able to detect designed to detect the new requirement for the miraculous work for through the miraculous and your prospective will from this perspective of a tornado for any sort of natural process that you provide or so unless I had a background with high-rises I was not meaningless I is a Dutch national you have to have some background experience what about the insurance is it possible that what looks like a miracle is nothing more than clearly designed and very cleverly designed to measure it when unusual quirk of nature are scientists writing various wary of charlatans and churches that have often used menus to see the global throughout history I think so you know this is perfectly reasonable to be skeptical for example Lucero really all that crazy when Moses first gentleman said sounds for you to let people know pharaohs like who are you I was unreasonable for Ferro to say other than Moses is often well you know I'll show you what I'm certainly not because I want to take ironic tests on the ground and turn it into the same as a dozen pharaohs and probably initially pressed something that's interesting I just suppose is just as nuisances no problem pharaohs this is just a magic trick we can do it to so they throw down their thousand afternoon cents to service us today is right in his right frame of mind to be skeptical now Moses such as automatic as to visit reasonable shreds reasonable volumetric conservatism will be skeptical but after what point does your skepticism start becoming stop becoming reasonable now that the whole thing after Moses calls on fire and doesn't know makes a light in Goshen and worked everywhere else in Egypt in all kinds of things that your guys can do anymore and inured I say this is the finger of God are you listening to right mining more so if there's there is lines and grades but after point across the line and you become deliberately him harness I is the double co-authors claim that God desires thoughtful intelligent investigation and testing on the miraculous if we believe in come let us reason together says the Lord my God gave us brains before apostles reason for his science testing and soon I will not open the floodgates of heaven we blessing Malachi regarding timing offerings test the spirits to see if they are from God can be checked by false spirits guessing a test right you need some sort of scientific test servers on point again we have to make a leap of faith beyond what can be obsolete is there any point in Eatontown Apsley no need to write about God or the existence of something outside of your online there's always an element of uncertainty for the faith even in science even in mainstream science scientists are not immune from taking leads of faith are required to do so and you never know anything absolutely not even in science there is no scientific law that is absolutely certain that is immune from potential falsification with additional evidence is there anything that you can know absolutely for example some mundane stuff like highlighting analyzing is an absolute treat for me can anybody tell me I'm wrong no can do I need a test for that know I tasted I like it no argument no need to test further I like vanilla ice cream so because that truth exists inside my mind isn't internally derived truth however the same thing with love needed test the fact that I love my wife Sigrid know I know it I love Sears no need to test no one can argue with me no one can sing along but what about my hypothesis that she loves me to know Dustin and external truths and externally and so on Monday GSM head with a frying pan involved in all kinds of names and data fairly long but I begin to doubt my love hypothesis which is such a question so when would the fact that there was something else and maybe not subject to signs that your idea on hypothesis and somebody else loves you is subject to sizes up like a God I believe God loves me right but it got started gave no evidences of his love and started beating me up all the time and doing all horrible things to me by any no evidences of any sort of loving actions zero says that's all a loving I forgot with their gaming vases from you is a God loving you have to ask physical evidence that you can test potentially falsifiable to believe solidly the guidelines you since you have something you can sink your teeth into a result of this the science of the eyewitness the author 's claims and address criticism miraculously those four visions of historical and is given from God I view the argument his eyes eyewitness testimony is notoriously untrustworthy century home generally speaking it is that it depends on the circumstances and the eyewitness for example history hard to get some types of observations will wrong like a pretty dense green domes assault really if you can't figure out the difference between evenings and mornings as I witness is not very technical there was life and it was dark and would like to start is a very technical but you believe an eyewitness Elisa strike and especially surrogate familiars what about his decomposing body brought back to life that I was at the four years of selling holders and it is everywhere and then came back to life as a party around that's what it will I believe it is especially the person personally like they were one of the eleven causes for us price of eyewitness testimony of that caliber regarding very simple statements like that since is infinitely trustworthy traveling predictive power works both ways assessment of non- eyewitnesses proven to be false in one area what happens to the predictive power of the hypothesis of the exhaustion of the same witness that it will become true in another area testimony if your interactions and cellular something when you show them to be false but that never happens improvement Howell in Japan on the next meeting at each other leaving drop in a few notches on and so this is what we had in the Bible to support concepts that we can't just like Virgin birth the second coming resurrection of the dead internalizing anybody here stress internalized can you prove it can you test the virgin birth is based on in this room so why do we believe this nonsense you have anything upon which to believe the eyewitness testimony of those in the Bible he said that this stuff happened that we had never seen before why do we believe the stock if there's nothing else that we can actually test half force in my opinion is China's cake and eat it too for claims to believe that Ellen White and the authors of the Genesis account offers a truly intended to be taken as describing real historical events given to them by God were inspired by God even though the testimony simply is a valid regarding historical reality have to do that again what good is a metaphysical testimony in the Bible or the extra biblical prophets were messengers from God 's testimony regarding that which can be tested and investigated is so far off base the Genesis writers didn't know what they're talking about additional inspired what I simply missed there is no evidence of divine involvement in the honest I like Richard Dawkins is coming up with fantastic numerology series equivalent to the science of astrology in my opinion Richard Dawkins honestly is more logical that doesn't force in my opinion if the Bible and on way was clearly off basis for it suggests regarding some of the clearest and most straightforward statement of the simplest physical realities by evenings and mornings however metaphysical claims worth the paper they're written on when it comes to a solid foundation for the kind of hope that casts out all fear in this sense the likes of Richard Dawkins informal logic the theologians like this before for other grades from the Vatican of the Church of England religion this is useful should be as open to potential falsification is an true science if it isn't as worthless and if it has been falsified as far as it is possible to test it I only offer to say something that is so obviously bankrupt with such desperate arguments as those presented by the likes of Ford and other theologians of the same camp conclusion the importance of the literal interpretation of Genesis to the Christian NSBA theology in particular is that without a literal region fairly recent history and a global knowledge flood there is little left besides forcing rollicking to clearly support the hypothesis of the divine inspiration of Genesis all that the believer who has left his wife thank you all for coming this is my audio receivers generation and run around if you'd like to learn more about you might think everything is done like that working like this is an online seminar www. audio versus nonwork


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