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The Best Arguments Against Intelligent Design

Sean Pitman

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 19, 2008
    10:45 AM
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these are the most times I hear you are person is intelligent design enhances everything intelligent design theory is everything when I is very Saturday morning because I designed this happen so as you is there is disguised creationism is wrong is not the result is intelligent design he got gas policy and such authorities as is is is no festival will not already falsify your easel is removed by the news that is all I know these are easily a series license is a nation is very specified levels as a special and lastly is no ecology on a guy throws you in the copy everything and nothing are as guides and well as evolution is a is an illusion plan that was everything you will I is the same as a vision word processing as you are him I is a boss I don't have to size as my frenzy sizes is is is is is is is and is not a you as you will you as you as so as a laborer the dressing is on this is very as everything is okay you're interested in methodology as a idea is say scientists as a this is a visa is this is your mortgage is a known and will is is is is not easy for the home computer is also noticeable is in his is a year there is unless you talking used to the noise as he is a real talking gasoline a one-liner is really noticeable unless you call me a standing and intelligent agent is is not really as old as a is is only a also dizziness on the sample and boring perhaps the most like to receive e-mails for him for a is the just for you as you assume I was it was the Messiah is is is the is the right and intelligent design is a religion in a release is a visible month is a easier level is a you is is normal because as I present away the best commonly your crazy ideas in the is no as you enjoy on a Sunday he is a you know you love somebody else have you as a you and Sandy Berger case as an I desire is as nice as his internal URI is help you understand mathematics is immediately how this is a massive mathematics and somehow mathematics is as leisurely drive you soon as I have a God is God I see you this SCG is an him the only downside desire to know you sorry cellular to be honest I never heard an owl is in is and I can't tell you some people may be the end result is a is a variable is Moses is in that is the is the one who is a is is an eighty is he is you know what I is a such a long time is accurately as he is is absolutely brutal parodies as little as you want to live in your notice is manually only live faithfully in your office is actually true will actually happen in the future I you know that he is an absolute knowledge is not something sizes along the science is only needed to know these knowledge you will is only there to help you and your business in the knowledge that is is is is is is is a is BS to me I know you know you design everything is being you and in so as you know about intelligent design theory has emulsified as I will be more than five finale is is is is all I is my vision recognizing the new city is known as the DRE is a is the same breath say is the most you can only multiply and use e-mail as a game so as long as a linear these organizations involved in your is is is you need your use is as because he is easy-to-use no as you will and so he decided he was specified as a mental disorder is known as always as a same well as numerous as in theoretical life there are ideas that you will our system is somehow is and reveals fine this is actually a yarn is a is a day is as far as a automotive life is almost as usable borings in the visitor 's know is lifelong unless there is only so you will design your resume is as is I the also the data is easy as him or is there is not a result when one fan so here's Hernandez assessed as you write all of this is anything are you as you are a subset of that you know is for example for years I have inaccurate engine jackpots as yourself in Australia earlier because I sent out his/her silver is inject toxins therefore is shown here is a phase of no I is is is is a consumer is in Brazil all of these is a Morris is a renowned as regime is as is often a good thing is as in his earlier many of the present that will from me as I present a Miller and how he argues they are sure he is I remember the first way is so trying something called a bacterial flagella all is ourselves Lori is learned region in the driveshaft and other so I look at actions that are best designed as she is as is he is as long as I choose one each in a system and parts these are actually him as so defined fifty thousand times as use electron microvascular is as three-dimensional structure of an him and process is really a marvel if you are in is something that is an hardwired into as an environment is the is as ancient directions is five thousand and is is is is is is is necessary to go to use for reversible or who is worse is dangerous as the Rover is and is and is is is is is is is and is two hundred thousand in the one thing is that these will hit my structures as he is equal in complexity this is his will is as complex as is as complex as he is way to visualize him as far as printer is because any precursor Junior as complex as it is visiting authorities by definition nonfunctional external versus is basically telling you is greater they won't have anything original motion is are you going to produce twenty forty five places from these will what will actually happen is national selection is one which is absolutely true so how is for intelligent design my favorite shows of soul and you will job is actually a job as so often in the trial of the Josh Connolly as you will start to what is your we really are talking it up in accurately all is well twenty yeah I is for the Board of Education will have as big as I will withhold as long ago as as as as as lawyers and talk to her about it I talked about is your user is another in a accurately yellow and the judgment as to what we heard that before and as Charlie's earlier is I sort of like Joshua is I know what is really exciting him and him and his site is in a zone is in your reversible and will and will will will believe composing meetinghouse is everyone really is him just because an individual artist hypofunction of their own passenger is complexities is not enough to think that in the report computer knowledge structural evolution explains everyone will as so as long as he will arise scratch they arise from home is to have different functions from the component is really as well selection will work your way is for the beauty of this is holy joy anything you everything was run in your invisible city life then the hearts of these machines you might have illusion is right we should be able as you are as well they are now so as you is deleterious and is realized in the properties in the hotel is a way will tell me I don't think for a person in one printer is out of you your parts will have handlers is a member letter left behind the proteins in the basis of little help as long as Israel is absolutely motionless you should have no function but it will part in what is and is not nonfunctional as lining is as easy as it is I will of course but I is him and he is the last pillars range is in his protein and at the same proteins the grant will allow ourselves a Jack was writing they were still in turn causes bubonic plague is really messy stuff will this is an interesting resources on our directly homologous proteins is naturally things moment there is more of a social they are fully functional so remember exactly angry person Junior as complex as part is by definition nonfunctional this guy is forty hours it is perfectly functional and there's no other word for it is his will that is back to the heart and soul of intelligent design are in is presented he will do you no longer that is that wholly these proteins as receivers rearrest but almost every protein is actually is wrong homologous proteins and other functions elsewhere so as is is wonderful I like intelligent design careful analysis of the social action is evolutionary theory namely the parts should have use of their own intelligent design production and that's simply the fact that is the way the very possible that this cream and very raised his prisoner is Naomi seen me so well with me my come back to have to pay something on our him home which you think he refers them over the side is a will is is was on my mind is as is and he is will he is going in is what is he trying to imagine how is your is you and which are thought to loan billions of years after you are is and always in others there is little similarity as long as anything less as only a subset S Thompson is so scientists and him will will is not a design process is when Miller said is is is was is easier and you are in my cesium regularly will use regular is the world all by himself is easier is it easier to bring your vision login or I was on here most holidays as you are is not reasonable that I is rewiring us are not ours as a as a mostly viewable as I say was how read more will as so no virus found these fully long as he is not as good as now as well remove forty and he is uniformity of energy proceeds as you is as soft as I is one is a you going from ten to is the past not as a test for the entire premises are now in his argument is that the SMG entertainment marriage is something else is here five years usually held each Sunday way ourselves on a will is is is is that it is not something you are using on the is a is a is a you are is is is is is is is positive about me will e-mail as you have even one as you cross him as he is very satisfied or is you is one thousand very satisfied as long as you is or is chewing is is a is a amazing as you verify all understanding is impossible to do is is is is is likely to time realizing he is enough time you know he is a him though he is a very real and that is the scenario in DNA they must in turn will pass off as usual and so there is as you realize only a friend as he is himself a song that is what was in the user is easier to know is who is not only my greatest table will say usually changes were living as change is a learning that he is perseverance is paying is by and said he is gingerly change in UK as a physical change he also had a greasy just as though his health will as is the whole Austrian on an as is DNA DNA is in the world will unite as a portable letters similar honeysuckle is to write zeros and ones is more or less obligated will is is only moderately so yes and reason is is is he is okay as is as bad as you know is and him he was very nice he will see what the letters in the is is is the same basic concept in case is translating I is a DNA copy is to be called as all transfers transfers it is known as RNA and is is is is is is is already too functional social translate as is as a is is is is is is is is is is is you have to translate the language name you have it all is a letter to the measure your wedding is in that is how the is you hang on maybe they are so beautiful the words and words these alarms is as a sign as the city is that Hezbollah is an little video is as I is no label on him is information as is this information is carried in the seat as you see her riding on the polypeptide is once learning minds is presence is large and small subunits the large subunit is binding site transfer RNA that he is a sense of transfer RNA carries an amino acid which will be incorporated into the polypeptide is an iPhone is complementary to the government is providing the specifies that particular amino acid a ribosome assembles on the start codon AUG transfer RNA with a high codon UEC and carrying unanimous and ninety five transfer RNA is a sign of the ribosome the design is available for a second transfer RNA within an iPhone on complementary to the second messenger RNA for the BMU is carrying a second transfer RNA binds the finding that first transfer RNA leaves them he's a second transfer my music sealed on the messenger RNA this brings the third messenger RNA the anointing Asa and the appropriate transfer RNA can convert amino acid is added as a translocation personalization this process of polypeptide chain elongation continues until a stop codon is reached a release that reminds to the Acer it carries no amino acid facilities release of the polypeptide the messenger RNA ribosome him similarly here is a is as easy as he is so very specific sequential words and three-dimensional structures as long as will be the only survey some possibility is there is no location is a change in producing this is is is is a complete functionality is little possibility is that I change one letter a still you are probably best to start through four hundred dollars and you are most likely to that is as long as they are to sustain a certain degree of flexibility after serving one million dollars change for the loss of that kind of money is the function is that he is so bizarre that you change as he is is is is is will is the only National League is a is these are things in life you really and you change in the environment is that you will have is is is a is a money-losing long period of time and in using a him the reason the iPod is differences of his vision but my heart is really relevant is the only version nine is is is is is is is is is a is a illustration is as I say is a family the only variation in England you might serve as an is more darling girl and I must resign a maze my greater medals of honor is as busy as I was not aware of many of you so you shall genetic recombination is the saw is is is is is is is no information was originally as was actually offered as differential expression in the example of Jesus as being the notion that he is a ridiculous different versions of the same view as beautiful as just as you are losing your location bar you are you are myself as I ran and I have realized all my heart is also as you know you will my son is grandma you will national options and is him a father son the only gun auction is also as you as you are going as a personal is fine as far as our same variation is currently a lot as I is a and is in a especially is is is a you a for every trade is these two copies of this message is and so we should option is actually to express a firm hold on as little as Jesus is a is is is is is is is is is only a limited area and have always been a microphone however will align him he's a module is in session is likely on your interfaces a phase of colors on a you have different options that dingy little options and so result off using a name is that he is using will you as a you a handy expression here in the first generation is as wide as so appearing easy as a will will him you will wish he is is is is is is not as easy as pressing as he really is and I only is as long as you know you have a little as countries require a meeting of the oldest one side are they sizing and I is you have fewer Jesus I will is a limit to how many açai easy specify a Muslim Hindu and in Kernersville and you he is truly a you are you is is now marketed as a is used as an you know as I was in an is is is so visitors especially as people in the solicitation of that energy is the only variation along the ethanol is a no as you say he is alone the only limiting walking he hath brought you you will you will is a man who is actually change the number of times a day so where you are and where you buy from you is a business is him this is based on the twenty three hundred three letter (s) he is naturally civilized by now that on a different three letter sequences even as I have yet held as is three and number off using race as he is coming off yesterday your total is very possible for you using an sound money on the start line this is anything as long as he is him learned earlier in is is is is is more mouth is allowing his drivers as realtors are handlers are known to as he is in the liar whose name working on his online he has randomly using a journal is less than what is his reasoning is a I is recognized as misleading as a same nonfunctional on as a Soviet artist Meg is usually a good edition professional euthanasia is an emotional change that is awesome as in the masses as originally as I was easy the authors him hardly as revolutionary regime uneasy to C Moss is one sign is for sodomizing a DVD ISO ICV is no no no now he wanted a phase I is a warning that is phase is my English and you are you and I is you is or is is is you is a you have to plan is laying on her as a is is is is is is is is a you are a water around is the measure is pretty high as a is my water is not as increased exponentially faster than he is is a higher structural or is that you love to my son is now online I is a is a is is is is is I is is is is is easy or higher is he remotely isolated him him him him that is what is there is a just national world health process along as surely random walk is a nonlinear path is increasingly early as he is revered as you want as reasons is an is and why is a is a long long and a exponentially long as a say as you also are as useless as this is one you are figured as long as this is one and also talking about perverse desires and hibernation he then involved as needed as there is a amazing character is kindly as he is in you is mathematically as soon as little as two hundred and is is is is is is is is is is a seventeen hundred and six smears as visionary as you is as easy as eating as an a in his life this is a him what I is so a newly married of meeting someone was using two thousand CVS is a you is visually more sleazy word is as described by January seven thousand people in a meeting in San Diego and most of it he is the obvious answer is that he has our number is here Jerry's meetings as you will hear me as I is is is is one of our one zero nine is in the spaces is so the characters in as you as you is where any square is a you and is is is is is a long time one is anyone else enjoying a towards the center is usually a for example how hard is ninety three million miles some as a shopping mall is fine so that is what you are going for you here is an found me being mostly later every anxiety that is very difficult as dropping them that is him hello for you here is the second is murder is only meaningful as he is as you have two thousand and he is and is passing this is my twenty seven p.m. inside the reason is unstable sequences were not as I is a national law which means the version that he is really exponentially more in a mongrel but the result is a major is only have to with twenty six zero that will essentially a slut is a celebration of their one forty is the one is zero so as thing as I is usually in a changing online presented with the ladies using over three million years to come across as one which will actually enter his sons must must you relearn and so I presume I is is is one dialogue or is it reality is billions of individuals is the millions of you are a NATO meeting so as I know is the eye how much him along for lunch room this is her choice on faster as easy as I guarantee you will have you so this is also wrong I have you as you must you solve a problem so far this will do is a letter is a little as you and I is not as usually most accurate on actually join you and you don't think you are now here is an one as he is is you is you is necessarily two thousand and is the Regina 's rescue unit 's program on the computer reason it is a is Muslim and is is is is is is is so awesome and then he selected the offspring those of us to smash his months not as long often use the music is more costly than it is for generations will be able to use the new version of his son is a solid problem question which is as beautiful as we know is I love you so will you will is less him I is you are needless to say he possessed all the people as a I was unable to initiatives like that thousands are as a whole national process is using ASP template matching is not able to explain your online advertising human beings is a messaging is actually related to the specified as an is a major four is designed as Israel is a information that he also must satisfy me as he qualifies you as you as a filler in a reasonably specified not by you is a letter asking a liaison a battery is however is an as is and is is is is is is anything is easy seriously I have an complex as long as you as you are in Eugene then you information is printed in a matter of his existence as long as there are many examples of him as he is complex specified information is missing is only as long as he is always inaccurate and that you use nylon and bacteria is on is a file is is not found in Asian societies that you all you and is is is is which is a life-changing and design was easy to do as he will as a warranty on is amazing that this regime is as you are the reason is that he is functioning as a is on this amazing is is is is is is is is is is is very small is is is one hundred and is is is is believed lactase gene is the last as long as we all is is is is is is is is is is is is the long and in one generation is him I is in the way life is not a vision is that God is by his lady is nonsense because we had is the only imagine the novel functional gene will matter one generation twenty five and five is and will and I is is is is was assassinated along as a huge problem in medicine is inaccurate as an English as how the money is all elementary and he will how about a lost world by using a measuring is and is and is highly as is he is so is as long as you are is very good as I is a long one is as a maybe not as long as working as he is somebody on the is along the lines and I is a you magnetization as you are a sign as a moth is a Muslim is a resistance below and you know will him will him will each is a the authors and the model is much less will not have nearly as because he is not had a losing as shocking as reaction is as long as I is a social life is much less commonly used in her one hundred and measures is is is estimated by a know is is is is is a will you as is is is is is is massive the number is as massive as is so is a you a you and I know you I is within a single generation is voracious lion is reasonable as long time is often not a few times a day where you is these reasonable and just really enjoying trying as well as I see only one is required is one thousand specified as he is as you as a evolutionary progress stalled out as is him him five as well as is usually the reason for this hearing is is almost as much space and various policies ever I is so I protecting dream is an international production is as I is is often one chef is is is is is is is repression of thousands of treatment is so you will love us you realize and know something about the lesson learned is you is in is in a I is a you as I is increased number is as high as he is in office soon that is a delusion my perspective is often a man he is the site you will find over time video is as a UCLA press is a Isaiah is a biological sciences is he is a change in him as a way that is as is as hollow as is the human Joe and I enjoy you a piece is to help viewers and is designed to as my eye don't want to assume that God is no more than half as the newsroom will lose in the menu as you are really you are not in your room that we were not easier when the national resume as a result the one for his life as you were writing amusing yes is only one way there were more than five years this is exactly what happens in all the tribes are you are is are seeking out years design your life I know this is a very advised through beautiful friends and allies five to join the optic nerve disease is the life is the grant had an understanding pass as a result that is made in nineteen wires removed presumably something is some delay distortion actually probably not much is still as he him this is this is in or I are very emerging as a this is where my heart on as wiring my father Madeleine is going for is way worse in part that is one way is I is utilized in only using is is is is is is is is is is is will will and will not soon as you is really is you is or is our constant fight is the desire and duty as he is eighty million raises one to three hundred percent these is as real as his present one or a sellers rely energy or visual processing power is provided radio is answering the phone itself is high energy utilization as a source of energy supply and he is not alone in a positive as you have your God is for his life as you and you will is a softball as I is is is very hydration thousand dollars per day it was a beauty is a you him is the more elite classes unions learn enough you said it is a whole distortion I have a virus is a you ninja as far as I was recently now is a time in the South is all in my office are a mundane life one side and go through my heart is as I released I is a is is a you is is a so is he is is is is all these are pointless as long as you as I is a long as I will you and you will these are a is is is only as long as this is as is so so is a as a result so as is a you are is a is is modified as long as I is a way as long as a you need is a you is is is is is is him walk along my review is a is usually a sign off long as the as Arizona has only someone is by and also helps as well you will need to know is micro RNA is a you is is is as I is a you will is as a is is a will is a city so as to a eye and is so in an resolve some of you is my thought is a threshold you is free and open to you and so is a you is is is a is is that he is he is is is a copy as is him him him to this elaborate is by itself as surely as this is what is is is is is a kind is lifelong as I is a is a long time is all I have is my audio person C- generation if you would like to learn more about you might think this is Dubya and dimes life back on working like this is an online service www. audio versus nonwork


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