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Closing Sabbath: The Open Door

Justin Jackson


  • December 5, 2015
    8:00 PM
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It's my privilege. To share the inspiration behind their conference claim for closings have. To aid in law. The secret of healing ministry. I fervently believe the laws of health we've been given our gospel message to a dying world that I are in a lot as I share I want. Perhaps to focus on each of the elements of the laws of health as we step through the door together. Just shut your eyes for a moment as we bow and pray. Heavenly Father. Tonight I just want to disappear and I want each person. To be brought through the door of aid in the cross of Calvary. Into Your very presence. Father tonight spiritually. On that day that we all yearn for. In reality I pray and man. It had been paradise a paradise beyond words and beyond description. Every sinew every fiber every impulse and thought. Thrilled with life and happiness. As you breathed in the rich. For aggro and air. Your senses have been filled with music. Blind melodies. Of nature. That stirred the soul and imparted vitality. To every waking moment. Everywhere. Was beauty. Beyond imagination. And beyond description. Exotic bird six quizzer flowers. Butterflies vibrantly colored the deep forest grain animals. Of. Every shape and size and description imaginable. So what your attention. Meadows covered in wild flowers. Merged into forests of majestic trees. As they swept down to coast lines. Of beautiful white sand. And there the reefs. With fish. Iridescent in color. Mirroring the forest beauty a place beyond words beyond description. Beyond imagination. For mighty rivers spread out east and west north and south. Delta. That water. The entire globe. As you trace the river heads back to their sauce. Gold. Jasper and Sapphire. AMRO the other precious lines glistened under the pure. Crystal clear water. And finally if the rivers converged in a single source. You stand at the river head. Where there is a tree of. Breathtaking beauty. One trunk. Reaches up. From one side. On the river to join its partner. On the other side. And then its branches laden with fruit. Spread out. The most spectacular fruit you have ever seen reaching out invitingly. Inviting you to taste. The fruit of life. But it was not even. This spectacle that thrilled your heart the most. Nor. Now. Yes the ultimate saw the creator of all this beauty. Your creator. As the Golden Sun wide. Lit the evening horizon. God stands by to welcome the Sabbath. Vividly. You remember back to the first Sabbath. When time itself. Was made holy. Set up for that intimate face to face communion with your god. How happy you were what. Implicit trust trust in divine power. But now. All this seems an irretrievable memory. The terrible events of that horrible day of these last few hours. See it forever in your psyche. You knew good. Our you knew it so well you know all its perfection and beauty. But why oh why did you desire to know evil. Perhaps because it was masked by the servant. In such an entire scene and seductive. Why. Why trust God. That was the inexcusable pathogenesis. Of Evil. A failure to trust in divine power. The floor of Health a trust instead. In self. Of profit writes Eve. Believe the words. Of Satan. And the belief. Of that falsehood in regard to God's character. Change the condition of her character and. The character of her husband. The disease of evil. Now dominates your entire being. Infecting every cell with its deadly toxin. The symptoms. Are the actions. Underlying. Sometimes subtle sometimes overt. But always selfish and. Always evil. And the final outcome the prognosis. Well the White has seen his death. Death. That word brings you back to your present reality in a rush of sickening. Know Sirrah and anxiety overtakes you fear and helplessness. Provide you of being. The future seems utterly devoid of hope. Your whole world has been turned upside down and the same's know why. Of escape. Your feet stumble on through the garden through paradise. But it is now Paradise Lost. Already the peace and happiness you knew. Has faded into a demon distant memory. Why oh why do you give up trying to suppress the saw that wreck your entire for I'm stabbing through out through the Gates of Eden everything seems so real. Behind you the door. The door to. Slam shut. You have never heard the clang of a prison cell. But that noise resonates with the strange and devastating future. That you already since you were locked Dean. Locked into a world of sickness and death. Locked into a world of sorrow. Locked into a world of crying. And heartache. Locked into a world of cancer heart attacks. In a world where life is ripped out from your hands in a moment. Locked into a world of brutality terrorism and warfare. You were locked out. Locked out. From paste and happiness. Locked out from hell and from life. Worst of all your old law. From God. You have one question and. Only one question. It forces you to gaze besieging lay. Through the behind door. Past the flaming cherub it fills your entire mind. And you can think of nothing else. Can the door. Ever be on it. Will the gate. To Eden ever. Be opened again. Come forward with me in time. To the Lonely Island of Patmos the texters on the front there. I have to use things. Not this text. Takes to come. After these things I looked and behold. Door standing open. In heaven. If we been there in Revelation for. Have we been invited to step through that door. Aren't you curious. If there's a door open in heaven. I want to know what's inside. The seen is absolutely breathtaking. The door opens into the very presence of God Himself. The ruler of the universe. For majestic beings. The cherubim with violent faces stand around the throne. Like the original Laden there is gold and precious stones in abundance. Reflecting the blazing glory of the seven branch candle stick burning before the throne. The most beautiful fragrance fills the air as the aroma from the incense. The prayer of the saints of sins before God. The glory and Shia vastness of this magnificent structure is overwhelming. Reflecting and intensifying the whole scene. Is a sea of glass mingled with fire burning with. Opal hues of intense orange and purple and green. You feel like you have seen in this place before. You feel like you've been here before but know. It was the mirror image. A reflection. When not in Eden. But where in the sanctuary of heaven. You watch. Entranced as ten thousand times ten thousand Angela's rise today fade a lamb as though he has been slain enters and stands before the throne. Widest. Day doing here. In this perfect place. It seems jarring and in Congress to you as the Lamb. Enters the heavenly host. Break into strains of the most glorious melody. Worthy. Worthy. Is the lamb. Who was slain. Now you understand. Now you realize you glance back. At the door to the sanctuary and see that it is the cross. That you have stepped through. Having boldness. You have entered the sanctuary. By the blood of Jesus. By a new. And living way. Which he consecrated. For us through the door. The door. That is his flight. You know it well. It is a new way. There has only ever been and there will only ever be one way. Jesus says. I am the Way the Truth. And the law. In what wise. New text tells us. It is the door. That is his flesh. The only possible way is through the flesh. The why. Of the new covenant. Is through. God stay. He's the mediator of the New Covenant by means of day. For the redemptions and. Of transgressions under the first covenant. That those who are called may receive the promise of eternal inheritance. We only have access to the new covenant. Through Jesus day. We only have access to the heavenly sanctuary. To Eden. In heaven. Through Jesus to. No wonder Jesus said to his disciples. So confidently and so assuringly. I am. The door. It is a dedicated way. That Greek word. That's there. The consecrated egg. It means to inaugurate. We should not be surprised because Eden. Was inaugurated wasn't it. It was the Sabbath. We should when God had finished all the work. That was done in Exodus we read the same thing. When the sanctuary. Was done. And it was completed. There was a dedication and likewise here in Revelation four and five. This is the inauguration. Of Christ's completed work. On the cross. This is what the time when the doors being flung open. There is now. A door open in heaven. A door to the sanctuary. A door. That was closed. This door is also. New and living why. Living. That's what we need. We need. Life. When God opens a door he opens it for a purpose. And that purpose. Is Always live. God is the author of Life. Not just being alive of existence. But. Of the living why he meant. In. It was to the church. Of Philadelphia. That he wrote as his on the front of our brochure. He who is true. He who has the key. Of David. He who opens a No one shots and shouts and no one. Are opens. See I have set before you an open door. I wonder if in fact the open door. Is the door. Of medical ministry. And why do I say that. Medical ministry. Is not only the pathway to Eden. It is. Eden itself. Unlocked the diet of medical ministry. Is the food of Eden provided by the Creator Himself. Fruits nuts and grains. The activity. Is the activity. Of Eden. It is the exercise of doing God's will for drink. Is the drink of Eden. Water. The atmosphere. Is the atmosphere of Eden. Sunlight and fresh air. The mind is balanced. In the way it was balanced in. No addiction. Sexual addiction. Computer Addiction. Food addiction substance addiction hijacks the soul. And takes over the mind. The rest is the rest of it he didn't come unto me. All you. Who lie about their heavy laden. And I will give you rest. And finally the trust. Is the true. US that Eve. Betrayed. But God gives back. It is trust in divine power. This is the challenge that I want to give you tonight. How many people do you know. Who would benefit from Aden. Unlock it is there in fact. A single person who would not benefit from a. Unlocked. Perhaps their destiny lies in your hands. Will your choice. Unlock Eden. For them for your brother and sister. And will vary bay there. At the grand finale because of you. Revelation twenty one and twenty two. Open to spectacular view. A saying that we are now familiar with the final destination. The final saying Sharee the final. As we read these chapters. The same elements are present. The Tree of Life. Providing its fruit every month. The pure river of water of life. Clear is Crystal. The city which has no need of the sun. Because you know it is the glory of God. Which eliminates it. And the lamb. Is a slide. What kind of vitamin day will we get from that light source. I can only imagine. And varies Rist the most satisfying rist Sabbath rest. Of course. Weekly. And from eternity. That comes from a creation. United with its creator. But there are two things that I want you to notice. In particular the city. As you know is laid out in a square. Its link its heart and its breath. Are equal. It's a perfect. Q. The only other structure. As we know in the Bible. That perfect. Is the most holy place isn't. The most holy place. You know other words. The New Jerusalem. The most holy place. Fairies and his servants with perfect trust. They show his face and his name. Will be on there. Think about what that means. Why was God. Why was Moses so desperate to see God's face. And the answer to the question. The answer to the question from the beginning of my talk tonight. But not only that from the beginning of time. We'll ever be it. Is answered in. Its shell not be shot by. This media was brought to you by audio. A website dedicated to spreading God's word and much. If you would like to know about.


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