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The Fruit of Discipleship- Hearts Like His

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • February 13, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Are you free this morning. Are you experiencing. Amazing Grace this morning. Are you changed this morning. Have you been set free today. By the living Christ. Which has risen from the dead. And now has promised to do and you and I So I ask you again today are you free. This morning. Think this morning. Of the best thing that happened to you this week. Just a second. To think about that very best thing that happened to you today or this week. Maybe you got a raise this week. Maybe your greatest blessing was that you got fired this we may be your greatest blessing was just that your child came up and gave me a hug. So I love you know. The very best thing to have in your heart you know my have it now thank the Lord this one. Now I want you to think about the very worst thing that happened to you this week we've got to think the Lord this morning. For the Lord causes the sun and the rain to fall not just in the unjust Amen. All things we are thankful I'm of your think with this one this morning we're going to talk about the fruits of discipleship the fruit of discipleship. And this afternoon. We have a sadness. Council meeting and. How many are thankful this morning person. Teachers are chilled. Teachers are those teachers. Those that Celyn and teaching them that you're thankful for those folks this morning. And be sure to give a special thanks to your sabs teacher who they work hard studying all week. They work hard preparing the Lord blesses them. And we grow because of them amen. And the Lord is good and he blesses us there are those teachers so thank you. I'm wanting to make sure that we show thanks. Every week. For those folks. Unlock revelation coming up. How have you are praying for those who we're going to invite. You are asking the Lord Lord open the door for those who I'm going to invite. This is going to be a powerful thing friends we don't just want sixty thousand people coming to Christ in Rwanda. Praise the Lord. They're coming to Christ and I wonder who we want them coming to Christ. Here. Amen. And we have that opportunity. We're going to pray together. And I know it's cold I know you're probably stiff this morning but are you awake and alive today. Let's pray together now invite you to buy your heads please pray for me as. We pray to the Lord's he gathered father this morning. We just ask your Holy Spirit. To. Now come. And touch our hearts to move us toward. And to help us understand your will. I pray that this morning the Word of God might be breached that Jesus might be preached. And that our hearts would be drawn say you. Or this is not just another week to pass by. But more and let our hearts be moved by the power of your word this morning. And by the power of your spirit. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen. Some of you enjoy gardening. You know this year I'm hoping that we can have a little garden. So that our children can see how. Things grow and how God blesses them with the rain in the sunshine and. And we want them to experience. Spiritual lessons through gardening. I mean you have experience spiritual essence of gardening. I remember when I was in college I tried my first hand in gardening I didn't grow up my parents didn't garden. Our grandparents did but I never really learned I off the wood how grandma do things but I never really learned how to do it. I remember my very first. Gardening adventure. Was when I was in college and I got myself a couple of. Five gallon buckets. And I filled them with the dirt and I tried to drill some holes in the bottom of the buckets. And then I planted some tomato plants. And those tomato plants began to grow. And they didn't grow. Very much. But they grew some. And after some time. So I saw some little buds coming out. And I was just thrilled to death and I thought to myself man. I'm going to be all kinds of tomatoes this summer. Well I'm not sure exactly what happened. But I think I forgot to water them half the time because sometimes I go out little leaves are all withered up. But other times they turn yellow because I probably were. I think I was watering them too much. But finally some little tomato sprouted. And they were supposed to be about this big. And they ended up being about that big. And I think out of the whole summer I got about six. Little green tomatoes. And that's all that I got. And I was pretty frustrated. I was pretty discouraged about that I'm if you would be discouraged as well. If you got six little green tomatoes. Out of a whole course of the summer. Well I had an opposite experience. When we lived in California. We had this tree. That was planted out in our yard and it kind of was over. This little ledge that went down into a bottom yard and that tree always seem to get in the way. And it was right on the edge of the bank so you could see some of the roots sticking out and it was kind of starting to lean. I got to do something about this tree. And it was always in the way Mowen the branches had grown out really long. And so I started that could those branches and. I trimmed them back I trimmed it up and I thought wow. That tree looks really good. When a few weeks we have lived there. A couple of years and it just been a normal tree. After a few weeks we saw. We noticed that there were buds. Coming out on that tree and wouldn't you know it the that tree. Was actually an apple tree. And we had the biggest harvest of. Apricots you've ever seen we had bowl after bowl after bowl. And man I've cut that tree back pretty good and it just grew and it just blossomed there was these massive interest groups clusters of. Apricots and I was so thrilled to death I was like wow. What amazing. And I called the landlord he said. He said I have not trimmed that trees as I didn't even know what that was there he said I never trim that tree in in twenty years I've never seen any fruit on it. A get in that amazing. I trimmed it once and there all this fruit trees came out with the next year. They came out again. And I. There was some way up in the top of the tree. And I thought man. It was hard to get them because of the bank. And so I shook the tree. And all these apricots. Fell down and. A bunch of them were rotten. But I did get some. And then the wherry worst thing happened. We had a bear that used to roam around our neighborhood. And that bear got a whiff of those apricots and he came up with the next thing I knew. The next day one day there are all these apricots in the tree. And the next day. There was nothing and. They're all off the ground. They're all out of the tree and he broke. The biggest branch on the tree. I'm imagining the Moon Knight it was climbing up in the tree. And. Took out all those apricots. And couple months down the road we actually had wild be high in the side of our house. And he tore off the side of our house. To get into that beehive L.B.'s. Story for another sermon. But saw a spiritual. Proves. How do you think this morning. But the Lord wants us to have some. How many thing this morning that if the lawyer. Has taken the time to prepare the soil of our hearts. If he's taken the time to plant the seeds. If he's taken time to kowtow they. The plants as it grows. The plant of our wives. How many do you think this morning. That the Lord would want to have spiritual through in our lives or maybe think that might be the case this morning. And he grooms us when he grows us and he fertilizes us. And he cares for us. He doesn't want us to be like that would all green. Or that little. Tomato plant better produce six green tomatoes. And we think this morning that he wants us to be like their tree. Before the bear got to it. And then spiritual through what is spiritual fruit we're going to take a look at that go with me this morning to the book of Galatians chapter five chapter five. And we're going to see what the Bible says. Elations chapter five of the Bible speaks about the fruits of the Spirit. I'm here to thank you this morning for the fruits of the Spirit. Coalition's chapter five. And we're going to just take a look at star in verse sixteen. Paul the Apostle here says I say then why in the Watts. Spirit. And you shall not kill. Must. Of the flash. Some people. Many people are wondering today well how do I have victory over sin Well the answer is very simple. With the war. A man. Seek his presence every day. Be where he is and ask him to fill you with this spirit. And he will give us victory over selfishness. Over sin. And over all kinds of things that plague our lives. I'm going to think that's a very simple formula. People today are making millions of dollars off of them in ours and programs and books that supposedly help you do all these things and. What will make you a spiritual person. And I will tell you the day that the best way to become a spiritual person. Is to just simply spend more time on your knee say man. Spend more time. And the Word of God. Spend more time asking the Lord. To draw near. And asking him to remove and take out anything in our lives that are contrary to His will and His Word and His law. I mean you would think that would be a simple way to become a more spiritual person. It seems like today. Many people. They want to do everything and anything other than that. But that's the only way. Because Jesus is the only way a man who got to spend time with him was in the spirit. You should not fulfill the last of the flesh the lust for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit. Against the flash. And these are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish some of you find in your life. But there is of constant battle. Some of you find that to be true. There's a constant pull there's a constant warring. There's a constant conflict in your heart and there are these things of the glass that are pulling you in a certain direction. And then there's a. There's the Lord speaking to your heart he's pulling you. And another act. We're guess what friends. That doesn't that's not a bad thing. That's a natural thing. Some people think that war taking place in their heart. They feel guilty about their war you ought not feel guilty about their war. Because it's the natural effect of the great controversy. It's a natural effect of the flash. Were against the spirit of the Lord Jesus us. Battling Satan. For your soul. Now what we are to feel guilty about is when we yield to the flesh. Amen and that's when it becomes a sin but that warrior within you is not sin. It is the natural. Battle for the grace of the great controversy for your soul. And the key thing is that we must give ourselves in a surrender to the Lord Jesus. In order to win that battle. Not once not twice but every moment of the day. That's the key to victory victory. We will often have to battle so that battle is not going to end. Until Jesus comes. So we can have free. Today. We think this morning. The Holy Spirit is powerful enough to give you victory over the flesh. What you think this morning. Jesus. And the resurrection power and that he has. Do you believe that this morning it's powerful enough to transform you. And to sustain you. Until he comes back. I mean you believe that this morning when we see your hands. Now maybe you might be thinking in your heart. What I've not experienced that yet. I've not had complete victory I've not had these things seem to be overtaking me. The apostle Paul says. Walk in the walk in the spirit. He says. Verse nineteen are the words of the flesh are evident which are adultery fornication. Uncomely ness lewdness idolatry sorcery. Hatred contentions jealousies. Outbursts of Wrath. Dissensions heresies envy mirrors drunkenness Roha reason the like of which I tell you before hand just as I told you in times past. But those who practice such things. Will not inherit the kingdom of God. How many of you know somebody like that. Maybe as you. Maybe it's your spouse. Or maybe you think it's your spouse. Maybe your spouse thinks it's you by what I'm asking a question this morning. Of these the characteristics or even some of them are even one of them. Are these the characteristics. That control your. That dominate your life better ingrained and that it is in your heart. And they take control of you. And the worst times. Are these the things that define your life I hope not this morning. But if they are. I want you to know today. But there is great hope and these things do not have to rule you. Come you can say Amen to that today. Verse twenty two. The fruit of the Spirit. Is love joy peace. One suffering or patience kindness. Goodness. Phased gentleness. Self control again there is no law. Now as you look at those two lists this morning. I'm of the think that the second list sounds a little bit better. I mean you think this morning that. That might be a list that you want to grief what your life. I really think that that's a list that when other people look at you they can say that and I see those characteristics in that person. Yes or No not just on Sabbath morning. Yes or no. Not just on Sabbath morning. Not just when people see you at your best. Not just when people look at you when you're feeling good that day. But no matter what your life experience is the Lord Jesus. Can give you the fruits of the Spirit. I mean you think so does seem a little sleepy. Way that you think what do I have to do to get those things. Or Jesus said A three letter word. Ask. Just that simple. You asked for patience. We're going to give you children. Investor Walter. Mrs Walter. They're not pregnant by the way. Just make sure that it's clear you're too old to have children who are given grandchildren. You can't have any grandchildren or put some coworker in your life this command noid the fire out of you and we're going to give you patience. He's going to agitate your spouse. He's going to do something that's going to develop patience and you. You want to. The Lord's going to put somebody in your life. That's difficult to be kind to see one of the best things. To develop kindness. Is for you to be hated and the best thing for you to be developed patience is to put you in impatient situations. Because sometimes we look at ourselves. And we think that we look pretty good. But when we would places us. In circumstances and situations. That we're not used to that take us our of our comfort zone. Then he begins to open up things. In our hearts and things in our lives. That we didn't know were there for us me. I mean you had that kind of a situation this week and you know. I had this happen to this person said this to me or this person did that to mean you know what if they just had not had done that things would have been OK. I guess what. That's an attitude of the flash. Because here this. If you do not have any anger in your heart. There is nothing that anyone can do. To draw it out of you. You know why. Because it ain't there. If there's no adultery. In your heart. Then there's no attention. That a woman can give you. There's no words that a man can give you that will draw your attention away from your current spouse or your future spouse. Because the adultery. Ain't there are you with me yes or no but your own selfish like the Lord Jesus. That his spirit is dwelling within you. And we're unselfish. And there's nothing. That a selfish person can do to draw out selfishness. Why because we're walking in the Spirit now friends that doesn't mean we don't stumble occasionally who were graciously working on each one of us. I mean we can say man. The war is graciously sanctifying each one of us. He's patient with us. The very things that the Lord Jesus. Would have us to exude the fruits of the Spirit. Are the very things that he himself has done for us. Because the Lord is kind to us. He's patient with us. He's long suffering with us and home of Europe and all your pastors especially thankful because I'd be in big trouble if that wasn't my lord save your scared tourist it some of you would agree with that. Go raise your hands. The Bible says and those who are. Price. Have crucified the flesh with. Passions and desires. And if we live in the spirit. Let us also do what friends. Walk in the spirit. Let us not become conceited provoking one another and one another one how do we do this. How does this happen. In our lives go with me to the Book of. Chapter three. Chapter three. Just a few pages over there. They still with me this more I now write coalitions chapter three. I'm sorry did I say I'm a collage. Thank you collage and Chapter three. And we're going to start here in verse one. Again cautions chapter three verse one. The Bible says. If. Then you were raised with Christ. Seek those things which are where. Which are a both were. Christ is sitting at the right hand of God dear friend this morning. Have you been raised with Christ. You know what the best answer to that question is given you ever ask yourself Am I really converted. Some are really converted to do I really know Christ. Do and as he really. Have I really received Him fully. My just fooling myself as a lot of people today that are fooling themselves are right it would be some of us room better proving themselves. How I really receive them I really experienced. The fullness of His resurrection power and grace of my life. The answer to that is not if you show up to church every Sabbath. It's not if you have spiritual gifts. It's if you have spiritual groups. And you are now you may say well. Pastor as I look at myself I don't see those things. And the truth is you may not see those things but others will see them. I mean could say amen. Others will see them. Whole says if we were raised with. Price those things which are above another way to know is are you seeking those things which are not here. Which. But which are above. Dear Friends this morning let me say this. Christians have no business. No business goes the courts are on this earth. We have no business. Chasing after an earthly kingdom. We have no business. Seeking those things which Christ died HOH and this morning. I'm appealing you to to you today. To search your hearts. Many Christians today. Are not seeking the second list. They're seeking the first list. Those things of the flesh. He says Set your mind on things. Above is the resurrection of Christ. Consuming your life this morning. Is the living Jesus. Who wants to dwell within you. Is that consuming. Who you are. Because the Bible tells us that Christ ought to be the first thing that we're always seeking because this is what the resurrection power of Christ and do for us. Firstly second Corinthians Chapter five tells us. It will make us a new creature where you guys are sleeping. It'll make us a new creature. How have you our new creature in Christ. Some of you want to be a new creature in Christ. The Bible tells us that Huizi thirty six verse twenty six. That he'll give us new hearts. Some of you need a new heart this morning. The Bible tells us in the book of Libyans chapter three verse a Tutsi and I'm just going to read it you can write it down or put their. Pieces yet indeed I also power all things a lot through the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. For whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish. That I may gain Christ. And be found in him. Not having my own righteousness. Which is from the wall of that which is through faith in Christ. The righteousness which is from God by faith. That I may know him. And the power of His resurrection and the fellowship. Of His sufferings. Being conformed to death. It is the resurrection of Christ and of his power of living in us. That is our hope. And our glory. This morning. Period. And if you want to experience. The fruits of the spirits. You must experience. Christ. Fully. And to experience. Christ. You must open your hearts. To him fully as you must receive him. Fully not partially. Not mostly. Not not be a little bit. But if you do not open your heart to Christ fully. He will hide himself from you. He will not reveal inside now he'll be searching for you. But you will not receive a full revelation of Christ. Unless you are willing to receive them we will be deceived. And we will be. Verse three let's go here. For you die out and your life is with Christ. In God what a beautiful truth friends. When we die to the Lord Jesus. Our lives are hidden in him. There is no greater treasure. There is no greater joy than to be hidden in the Paul of the hand of Christ. Now let me ask you a question this morning. If something is dead or if a person is dead. How much do they know or we as Abbot us know that we're knowing. If we know anything we know the date or day. And they don't speak to us Ali Louis a man. Let me tell you something. To me Seventh Day Adventists today are having near death experiences. Would you say pastor who don't believe the near death experiences. True Adventists don't. But Laodicean ad then asked Do you think this morning. If we're dead. We know nothing. We cannot know. We cannot know adultery. We cannot know because we cannot know the whole list of the things with the flesh. Because we are dead and friends let me tell you if you are dead. You will automatically become alive in Christ. And if you are not why then Christ. Then you are alive to sell. And dead to Christ. That doesn't mean Christ is not working for you. You understand. When I say that it's not all or nothing. Prices always pulling the heart. He's always drawing us does that make sense. So don't misunderstand what I'm saying. But what the truth is friends. If we are we going to become like Christ. We must surrender to Christ. Without reservation. We must be a holy soul to him. We must have his power of living and willing. Within us. When something is dead. It cannot control you. Now I've talked to people before it's very interesting. I've talked to people who've had. Abusive controlling spouses. Abusive controlling parents. Abusive controlling children or. Hers or bosses or whatever. Who have people in their lives that have controlled them. And when that person is removed from their ally. Either through death or. From distance or or whatever or whatever it takes place. It's very interesting to see what happens in that person's life. They begin to have freedom. Because that person or that. Issue doesn't control them anymore. I mean you had that happen to you in your line or something as happened. As and you've been released from that thing. Beckon trolls you. When we are dead to sin. It doesn't control us. Anymore. We so often think that we find freedom. And the things that are destroying us. But there is only freedom today. In Jesus Christ. Because he's the only one that can set those chains. Pre. I can tell you I remember friends. Before I knew Christ as I was coming to Christ I was in the process of coming to Christ. And I was highly addicted to tobacco. I used to chew. Dip and smoke. The same time. While drinking beer. And I remember when I was struggling the Lord was convicting me. About about giving that up that thing had such a power over me. I could not break it on my own. I used to check my teeth once a week to see if they were coming loose. And when they felt loose I would get all frayed. And I would quit tobacco for about a half a day and then guess what. I came right back to it because I was a slave to it. And many of us today are slaves to various things. And so I remember that I moved to pull a tends to quit. And this one time. I was just determined to quit I was determined. I was like This Is It. I'm not. Spinning any more money on this thing. I took all my cans of tobacco. And I threw them in the trash can it were and where I were. I did. Microbiology testing. And there was bits of chicken in food and different things in the trash cans of the trash can was very nasty. Will want to know that after several hours of being so determined that I would not do that anymore. I actually found myself on my knee and front of that trash can. Digging through the trash can. Trying to find that pan of tobacco. I do know the Lord has struck me. And he didn't need this misunderstanding. He said. You are going to your god. You are kneeling in front of a trash can still with. Nasty food digging around trying to find your God whom you serve. And I will I was paralyzed. Here I was worshipping my idol. Same as the people in the ancient Bibles I knew I was on my Has a nice friends. I didn't I wasn't even dignified enough to pick the trash can up and set it on the counter and look through it standing up. I was down on my knees digging through that thing. Worshipping the Lord Jesus spoke to my heart. And kindness. Mercy compassion. My foolishness. He said a few words should always. Ask a trash can fool of a nasty flu. I'm full of that thing that's killing you want to give your wife. To worship me. If you think that thing is doing something for you. Why wouldn't you see what I can do for you. If you're kneeling before that. Thing they can't move. You can't speak. Why don't you love God while you're near me and try worshipping something else. Someone else. And as I know on my knees. I played with God. For more than one hour. I was broken. I had been abused I had those chains from that thing which I thought. Gave me freedom. Or really had me enslaved. And the Lord Jesus came in the darkness. Called my wife and there were many more things. And he broke to chant. There's nothing else in this life I was going to break your chains for the Lord Jesus has nothing else. And there's no one else who has the power. But Jesus task. There's nothing else. And there's no one else. Who'll be as patient as kind as long as good as merciful. As Jesus Christ. Who are reached out to you in the dark of night. And will pull you out of the pit. From wherever we are. Whatever that may be may be addiction. It may be loneliness. They may be suffering of some kind. It may just be a hard way from some of the end of your past. Some of then your present. Some fear of the future. But you can't shake. But you can't break. And you can find the tree over. But if you will call I'm going to fall into the arms of a loving Savior. Who loves you and who has done everything under heaven to save you. He will take you in his arms. And he will redeem you as his own. And he will give you his righteousness. He will close you. With his garments. And he will make you why there are no. This is the power of God. And we cannot. Friends deceive ourselves into thinking that we have no need of it. Christ must be in or. He says there in verse six. Therefore put to death. Your members which are on the earth. You know what if he says they're. Put to death. Your member. He means that we have a choice. Here for hours. Are you with me. You may not have the power. But you have to choice. But you don't need to have the power. Because Christ has the power. But he'll give it to you a man. Put to death. Those things. Fornication and combing his passion. Evil desire. Covetousness and all these things. And verse eighteen you're a put off these things anger wrath malice blasphemy filthy language out of your mouth. And do not wide to one another. So why your spouse who lie to your children. Put all those things the old man with his deeds. And have put on a new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of him. Who created Him Jesus. Has created us. For much more dear friends than we often even can imagine. First of leaven where there is neither Greek nor Jew. And I'll add to that black or white. Indian or Asian. It doesn't really matter to the Lord Jesus. For that today or circumcise or on circumcise. Barberry in your barbarian today is to tell my son we don't stand on the tables because we are not barbarians. He repeated that for a few years. Slave or free. But notice this he says. Christ. Is all. And in all this morning when we look at ourselves when we look within our own hearts. We might see darkness. But if we can also see Christ. There is a great hope for you today. There is great hope for you today. Because of Christ. Is dwelling within. When I see him there. My heart is comforted. Because I know that he will destroy the works of the devil there. And he's older Miller going to deliver me completely and totally. How do you have hope in Christ today. I might be a sinner. But my heart rests on the Savior. And I might be burdened with this body of sin and death but behold my savior is formed in me the hope of glory. We might be grieved to think that we have a sin. To can fast. With thanks be to God that he has made a way that we are able to confess. We might be troubled because we have so much. And permits. But we can rejoice. Because the Bible tells us that Christ. Blesses those who have an infirmity. Because the power of Christ does rest upon me. We might be grieved day to day. Because of our wanderings. But we reach Joyce. Because the Good Shepherd re stores our soul. We might be vexed because of the evils and shortcomings within us. But we are made glad because Jesus is dwelling in bed for within us. There is no remedy for the D.. Disease that we have. But there is a remedy. And the living Christ. Christ. Who is all in all is seeing you this morning is the dwelling within your hearts today. Busy. He might be dwelling this morning. Because he did Welling. In his full. Are you bearing spiritual fruits of a. Is your life ahead and Christ. And have you put to death. Those the. Which would destroy or come in this morning. When Jesus to dwell with them. I me this morning. Are looking to him. As are all and all I am of you this morning. Would make the decision today to say Lord Jesus I want to put to death. Whatever it is. In my life. That puts me on that side of the flesh. Rather than walking in the spirit some of you want to have that X. experience the day. I read today what the Lord Jesus. To live within you that the fruits of the Spirit. May be seeing. Friends I don't know by a Jew but when I have all others. Look at me when all others look at me I want them to see someone. And I want them to say there is a man who walks with the war. There is a woman who walks with the Lord when they see my one. And today friends this morning. Jean self. Has the power to do it. No other. And none are. My prayer for you this morning. Is that in your home. Your wife your husband. She's Christ to you. The children see Christ in you. And the word place. The people see Christ in you and friends. Titles don't mean a thing. Doesn't matter if you're an older. A deacon. The pastor. Doesn't matter who you are today. If Christ. Is not dwelling within you. And the fruits of the Spirit. Are Not company in your life. We are but a sounding brass and empty draw. Jesus is coming soon. He's coming soon. I sense that ensued. Might be a hundred years of my B. twenty years. Might be a thousand. I'm sure it's not. But whatever it is one five ten. Whatever it is. I don't know. But we must find our allies hidden in him. We must we must this. Media was brought by a website dedicated to spreading. God's word through audio and much more. If you would like to know about audio. If you would like it.


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