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Teach A Man To Fish, Part 1

Isaac Eliot



  • December 27, 2008
    10:00 AM
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home and today and I didn't I didn't know exactly how many people would be here I made a hundred handouts if you didn't get a handout I encourage you to share with someone who is here the handouts are pretty important because I put some information in there that is not in the presentation just so that as you go home you might be able to use the handout for your own study today my presentation is entitled teach a man to fish and actually although the title may sound my kit it is a presentation on soul winning it's actually not this is a presentation on how to study the Bible more effectively now before we begin I would like to invite you to bow your heads with me as we have an additional word of prayer father in heaven this morning we are thankful for a beautiful Sabbath day I pray that you would bless this opportunity this time to study together and made this coming year mark a year that we become better Bible students and thus be empowered the better Christians and to be better witnesses for you bless us we pray in Jesus name amen well just to give you a little background on this I have to tell you little bit about myself first RIN a I I have a weakness for fitness equipment okay I don't have felt strange but as you know I travel a lot which we travel with a truck in a cargo trailer and on car top carrier and spaces soap is so premium we need all that the space that we can for the amount of things we carry at it frustrates my wife I think at times because I carry my own inner dumbbells and no all these all these gadgets that I have supposedly to help me get more fit okay and the difficulty is that when I travel with this I had the becoming so busy during the course of whatever I'm doing that I end up neglecting to use it there are some meetings when I never pick up any of the fitness equipment that I bring along with me and what I've discovered is that in analyzing my own self I realized that these fitness companies know that they sell all of these gadgets they they don't sell fitness they sell the promise of fitness of the right that's what they capitalize on that the person is envisioning that this is to make them much stronger much fitter and so forth this presentation today is the same as you listen to it and you take the handout home on it only promises the that the possibility of being a better Bible student the reality is that this presentation won't do anything for you unless you really incorporate the principles that we share into your own diligent Bible study in a okay so why this title well there's a Chinese proverb that says if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime and that's true there are many people that come week after week the church and they're being given a fish the problem is that if that supply tries of their spiritual life dies or if they move somewhere else and they don't feel like they're being spiritually fat that ends up affecting their spiritual life and really what God wants is he wants us to learn how to feed ourselves they not this this is underscored by two miracles in the Bible when you go to the gospel accounts and you turn there when you go to the gospel accounts of Christ feeding the multitudes you'll discover that in both of the accounts of Christ feeding the multitudes you'll discovered two things always be order that was that the food was given it was always the same him with Christ first and then it was passed next to the disciples at the front of the disciples it was then given to the multitude of that right now about us a very important spiritual pointed out is that as Christ's disciples God wants us to receive the bread of life from him and as we receive the bread of life in Christ we are to disseminate and share it with others around us now in my seminars and as I travel I am constantly admonishing people to study the Bible know one of the big points that we use in evangelism is we tell people go back and study it for yourself see what were saying is true and as people examining all different subjects that we present they can see that biblical we say study the Bible for yourself study the Bible for yourself I've gotten to the point where I said so much and I've begun to hear something very familiar as I listened to the groups that I share these evangelistic presentations that I often hear it undertook an undercurrent of people that are asking this question and take they ask simply how do we study the Bible yet you're saying to us week after week day after day study the Bible for yourself study the Bible for yourself but how do we do that how practically do we study the Bible for ourselves so I began to think about this because the reality is that oftentimes you can say things they become a cliché I don't really think about it you may sometimes assume that you know but you really don't and I've listened and I've read and I've been a little bit of research what I'm sharing with you today is really the key relative effort of several years of looking and listening to others and reading about what others have shared and and and written and really a lot of these principles and I'm sharing with you I only share them if I have been able to this is my own personal study so one of the first things that we have to be careful of one of the first things we have to be aware of is that the message of Scripture is given largely to us into broad categories the message of Scripture it can be given to us into broad categories the literal and the allegorical and when we look at the Bible it's important to determine which of these two areas that we are looking at these two areas represent she lakes streams and Bible study you have some people that want allegorizing entire Bible nothing is literal there are churches that have accepted this idea lock stock and barrel everything in the Bible is allegorical it takes the church to interpret what is truth there is the other extreme of looking at the Bible 's earliest literal and I say this upfront because as we go through different things today all I'm trying to make it clear that as we study the Bible we have to be careful to avoid these two extremes on I would arising everything or literal I think everything now there are two quotes that I want to share with you and I think that these quotes will help define the boundaries under which we launch into our study today Thomas Hartwell Ford he says in his book be an introduction to the critical study knowledge the holy script as he says of any particular passage is next for words the most one simple sentence in other words that which is most readily suggests the most obvious the most simple sense or that which most readily suggest itself to an attempted an intelligent reader possessing competent knowledge is in all probability the genuine sense or meaning out for me one for this is common sense but you would be amazed as you listen to various preachers or I first how often we look for the fans of the fanciful and I know this amazing out incredulous interpretations of the Bible the most simple sense is often the most accurate the most true to what the author intended John Calvin and his author and is in his introduction to the commentary on Romans said this is the first business of an interpreter to let his author say what he does say instead of attributing to him what we think the officer how often have you heard a sermon or maybe done a Bible study and people can put into it what they want to get out of heavy immersing them before you know it's it doesn't turn for its ally said Jesus is when people project into a passage a meaning that is not really there to say that as I look back in my own life the sermons that have had the greatest impact on me are those presentations where I could most clearly see what God was saying throw me to be through that particular passage of Scripture is not what the person explaining a wanted me to hear but what the Bible was really say now when we look at the Bible there is a term that I want to introduce to you and this term is important because it's really the goal of what were focusing on today and I thought that where his exegesis now this simply means that were looking for the actual meaning of the passage based upon the historical and literary contexts in other words we want to know what did the Holy Spirit one conveyed through the rider in this particular passage and that's exegesis and that's our goal today as we study about how to learn to be more effective at Bible study so what can we do what practical skin we take to be more effective at extracting the meaning of a passage from Scripture here's a statement from the pen of Ellen White she says in daily study the verse by verse method is often most helpful let the student take how many one verse to be honest when I before I understood some of these things I have to give my heart to Christ I am a pretty fast reader and I would wake up and I would have my morning worship and I can read several chapters in a setting north of the gossip I could read several chapters and then I wouldn't have prayer I would go on my way but you know what the problem was after I was done you know how much I remember almost nothing yet someone asked me what you study I couldn't tell you maybe a single thing that I have read that there so she makes a very practical suggestion let the students at one verse and concentrate the mind on ascertaining the thought that God has put into that verse for him and then dwelt upon the thought until it becomes his own and oddest one passage that studied until its significance is clear is of more value than the perusal of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction game so if you want to take away more from your morning worship more from your personal study the Bible it's not so much quantity that we should be interested in rather it should be quality okay in other words he blasts much more than a fence okay now truly it can be said that Bible study less is often more because we will extract more of the thoughts of God for us this first part of the you want to share some techniques that I feel will help you in going through single versus and this afternoon out what I'm to be covering its features so these are kind of different but if you join us again this afternoon you'll see why I separate them into these two categories the first technique that I would share with you is meditation and allies share what spiritual meditation is from the Christian standpoint merely to hear or to read the word is not enough he who desires to be profited by the Scriptures must meditate upon the truth that has been presented to him by earnest attention prayerful thought he must learn the meaning of the words of truth and drink deep of the spirit of the holy oracles know what I wanted to do is give you an example of how this would play out in a real study okay and as if you notice in your handout I highlighted the three things that spiritual meditation number one is the attention paid attention to the details of the passes that you're looking at number two prayerful thought number three learning the meaning of the words of truth let's see if we can see what this would do to a well-known passage of Scripture now most of us would know Matthew six thirty three in the right but if you applied the principle of spiritual meditation you would have to pay earnest attention to each of these words I learned the meaning of the words that let's toss for a minute and lets think about the first word of this verse in Matthew six thirty three the first word is what it's but now I know most of us we had skip over that we would think on it or not a big deal you know the word God is a conjunction okay and it implies it implies a contrast between what has been before what's coming after right to think about what that implies because if them Matthew six thirty three started and will be the difference that would mean a connecting an idea of the right but it doesn't it starts out what box you that implies it implies that when Jesus was about to say is in contrast to what he has already set the right okay so then you take the next word and you look at this would seek so I think most people know that the seed needs to look for something right but when you really think about this would seek there are two kinds of decks are times when a person seeks for something that true you seek for something that you lost the right or you seek for something that you never have and when you think about this that automatically lets us know that Jesus words would really be give into two types of people to those that have a crisis husband to look for but lost it or those that never had an crisis telling them to see now for the next word in this passage as he know Jesus is giving Matthew six in the sermon on the Mount when he says he automatically tells us specifically who the audience is a crisis addressing the right because by saying he don't like other passages of Scripture some are specifically in old men for certain groups this word he indicates that that the injunction given a nasty sex is generalist for everyone what is the word first palace was first indicated indicates what water priority is the right so when Jesus is telling us to look for is to take precedence it's to be primary it's to be before every other consideration Jesus is due this first what is the worst we are to seek notice this expression I want this together the kingdom of God I love this together because really this expression indicates that Christ is talking about a monarchy in the right kingdom evil idea of a scene and a domain is the true and yet that's important to understand because anything done when it seeing how his subjects to do something is it an option no not really okay and that's important to understand because the crisis telling us in the place seemed on its giving us the idea of seeing a domain and we know the King is because it's the kingdom of who God 's sake you really think about it what crisis in joining our what he's admonishing is that we make God the seeing of the domain on our heart is not true that that's what Christ is enjoining in this passage doesn't make sense that if Christ is the seeing of your heart does it make sense that you would do what he says that make sense that's why the next part of the process seeking first the kingdom of God and his life righteousness what is righteousness it's a obedience to God 's law the right righteousness is obedience to God 's law so here is where we have this passage no no I didn't go through the whole verse but hopefully this practically illustrates what it means to meditate on a passage of Scripture if you really think about this there are many passages in the Bible we probably memorize them but if you really think about these words individually and what they contribute to the collective meaning of the passage it can open up new ideas deeper understand I noticed the Lord saw strike the Shepherd Psalm doesn't begin a lord is my shepherd of the say that it says what the Lord okay and when you look at these verses when you really pay attention when you meditate upon each of these works you find much more meaning than you might if you just superficially Peru's these passages okay technique number two is defining words we saw a little bit of office in that technique of meditation but I want to illustrate this in three ways if you have your handout you'll notice that under definition first of all a biblical word can have a very different meaning than the same word used in our modern vernacular now what you think about this in Philippians three verse twenty four hour conversation is in heaven from whence also we look for the Savior the Lord Jesus Christ was Paula ventriloquist is that what Paul is saying here Philippians or twentieth conversation is in heaven was Paul say what he said our conversation is in heaven it's very simple the conversation of the Bible when you look it up this is the word that it's taken from a notice that an alternate rendering of the same work is where conversation can also be translated as well citizenship a notice that the word conversation in the Bible doesn't bear the same meaning as in my for our modern language but you can always go by this here's an example with if I can okay so here's another example draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you cleanse your hands you sinners and to refine your hearts you double minded notice that if you look at this work purify in the Strong 's it simply means to sanctify but it doesn't really contribute to the deeper meaning the passage so what to do them yes you open to different to James chapter four verse eight I'd like to ask you to notice something with me here in James chapter four and look with me at verse eight and on to put on the screen the definition of the word cure from the dictionary noticed the Q or means not mixed with anything free fun mixture or adulteration unmixed like enough to go into the store you'll find pure orange juice or pure honey right it's only a single ingredient whereas human mercy like in a pure serial or pure spaghetti sauce not of the say that why because those things are mixed with many other things to make that product of the right to notice what James admonishes he says to purify your heart walked the route what you are means to free from mixture to be free of any kind of mixture and I know why is this important because when he reaches for verse eight he says try not a God and he will join you cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts ye what everybody double minded why would he tell them to purify their hearts because they have a mixture on how many minds two months okay so here is where you can use a dictionary to perhaps enhance the understanding of Scripture but there are also times when as he studied the Bible there are biblical definitions that are more satisfying than even the concordance or maybe a dictionary I like the account given in Matthew chapter eight if you would turn there with me Matthew chapter eight verse eight are pioneers specifically HP Jones did a series of articles on faith and he used Matthew eight eight as one of the examples of what faith was Matthew chapter eight verse eight notice this ensuring and some more I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed and honestly Jesus said in verse ten Jesus Hartig my moments of the men that followed verily I say unto you I have not found so great but everybody say no not in Israel the notice this ensure you next a statement he says I if you will speak the word if you'll speak the word only my servant will be healed and Jesus heard that he said I have not seen such great faith while our pioneers explain this and simply said that faith than according to Christ would be to take and believe that the word of God can do on itself exactly what it says it can do that if you think about this you will find this definition of us in this concordance you will find it in the dictionary no faith is often simulated Tillich trust in your belief in all these things but when you look at the Bible 's definition gives you a much more concrete understanding of what faith is is believing that God 's word can do exactly what it says it can do and this is of course affirmed in many places in Scripture as well okay but let's look at Matthew chapter eight quickly Matthew chapter in verse twenty two I just want to emphasize I want to just highlight the fact that in the Bible words that we commonly use may not convey the same meaning that they are being used in the Bible Jesus had left a persuade you but Jesus said to him follow me and let the dead bury their dead let's pause here for a moment do the two wives died here have the same median after a twenty two yes or no no one is describing a literal death is the right at the second when describing spiritual bouquet you can see that right and each of these Romans nine six as they are not all Israel which are of Israel what Israel Scripture has a double meaning there are two implied meanings John nine verse thirty nine Jesus talks with the Pharisees being blind was he talking about literal blindness now he was on of spiritual blindness of fact and then of course first Peter three versus twenty percent of time on disconnect out of MoveOn contacts now let me get going to give you an illustration of this expression if you have a group of people say say say in their conversation I love fishing had what would it mean what it would depend what Annette because if you saw a group of people by the lake in a boat and they all had fishing poles in their hand one would need of a set I love fishing literally they love no catching fish right but if he saw a group of pastors together and they were talking and then one of them said I love fishing or they talking about what they might be talking about this traffic but likely more likely than not they would probably be referring to fishing as a expression for what soul winning right or if you saw a group of of computer people together okay and they said I love fishing that could mean something totally different is that right okay okay so you get the idea why am I sharing that with you because the context of what something is said and often determines what it means when he do an exercise with you first roentgen six I'd like you to turn there and tell me what is this passage often used when you hear it preached and especially the evangelistic setting first Corinthian 's chapter six verses nineteen and twenty what do we usually associate this passage the Bible says what know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and you are not sure out now let's pause right there when you receive this passage I you fear in a public setting and evangelistic setting what do most often what do you most often hear it associated with health message but you know it's interesting when you read the first before when you reverse eighteen and you see what Paul says here he says we walked in the contacts the first roentgen six is Paul even talking about how for our dinner eating healthier living a healthy is always talking about it all no it's not now it's not wrong to make the application but keep in mind Paul's intent in this passage is to help us understand the dangers of fornication and defiling yourself first against fifteen of this is an interesting one from there with me please restricted fifteen verse thirty one first convinced fifteen verse thirty one Paul says I protest by rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord I die how often daily and when you hear this preached how often do you hear it associated when people talk about dying daily what kind of death to be usually associate this with the death to self but if you really look at this if you go to the previous verse verse thirty he says and why stand we in what jeopardy when Paulson I die daily was he talking about dying to self know you go back and you read this Paula simply telling that in order for him to preach the gospel at Green Day didn't have himself recognizing that he was driven to carry the message of Christ the world okay let's go on the twenty two well let's get this one for sake of time come with me to lose fifteen verse eleven Luke chapter fifteen verse eleven I like you to notice this parable is well known the fifty first eleven I preached on this notice is eleven edits of any half and he said a certain man had two sons if you notice in verse twelve it is the younger one said to his father noticed that two sons the younger one says Yahweh I want to take all this money well if you look at this parable and you just look at verse eleven it's easy to go off and just make all kinds of applications but in reality this these parables that are given in the fifteen all have something in common the audience that Jesus was addressing was in mind when he gave the look with me a good fifteen verse one and two then drew near unto him all the publicans and sinners for to hear him first to add the Pharisees and the scribes murmured saying this man receives sinners and eat up with them the two kinds of people were with Christ when he gave his parable what groups of people the publicans and sinners and to us the Pharisees and if you really think about this carefully when Jesus said Sir Matthew Sans I noticed he said the younger son because in Scripture the first one was always a symbol for who Israel in the right the first coordinate all dots as you is wrote my first born so it was a symbol for the Jewish nation and of course then you have the younger son of the Gentiles that were living in obese these this godless lifestyle and so it's representative of these two classes the oversight of course revisiting the attitude of the Jews and of the younger one being of course the Christ's depiction of the Gentiles and their acceptance of him for salvation okay okay now this one technique number four is very important the Bible is his own expositor one passage will prove to be a key that will unlock other passages and in this way light will be shed upon the hidden meaning of the word by comparing different texts treating on the same subject viewing their bearing on every side the true meaning of the first will be made on now is seven seven oh sure you know this passage Matthew seven seven is this a blank check not wanting to do for sake of time and ask one volunteer to find each of the subsequent passages but I do read Matthew seven seven like you to send in asking this question Matthew seven seven is this a blank check in other words when Jesus says asked that shall be given unto you when Jesus says that does not mean that if I ask for an expensive car for me that God is the answer that prayer lately limited but P7 says that if we ask each of you what given someone read James for verse three out loud thank you no notice James foretells us that when you ask you don't get why because you're asking the wrong yet your hearts motive is wrong you notice that if someone else refer us John sixteen twenty three real quick nice voice thank you notice if we ask shall we always received not if we ask wrong that if we ask for our own selfish desires this verse tells us that we have to ask how in Jesus name okay someone refer us Mark eleven twenty four notice that is not only do you need to ask if asked right thing at us in Jesus name but you also have to believe that running at the bleak FFA first on five fourteen notice we just don't have to ask and ask right and ask in Jesus name and believe but you also have to ask according to God 's what we'll see you getting the picture right one verse is often not enough Dean Goss the whole picture of God 's plan on of how he wants to deal with us if it's more important for us to look at the whole of Scripture on a given passage before we close let's have a word of prayer and outlets and his father had been we pray that you would make us better Bible students portray that these practical means might empower us to be more efficient students of the Bible that we might be better Christians in Jesus name we pray amen


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