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All or Nothing

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • March 4, 2005
    7:00 PM
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okay question number one D the concept of keeping the Sabbath holy is new to me are there any principles in the Bible that tell us what we should or shouldn't do is it wrong to eat out on Sabbath there are a couple of verses that concentrates on principles in Isaiah fifty eight verses thirteen and fourteen Isaiah chapter fifty eight verses thirteen and fourteen the Bible says if without further with my foot from goodbye pleasure on my holy day on call the Sabbath other like the holy of the Lord Honorable and shall alternate ways I've always will find the mental pleasures most speaking than on words then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord on I will call you to write upon the high places of the earth and feeder of the heritage of our father Jacob for the most of the Lord hath spoken it over to look back at first thirteen going to see if you'll regard the holiness of the Sabbath by not speaking your own words on the Sabbath day our conversation should be different from that which we talk about the other six days because it is a different day and I will make the Bristol sermons but if you read Genesis one thirty one the Bible says on golf saw everything that he had made and behold it was what very good now everything is made from day one the basics was very good but as long as they were he did not do any such thing on the seventh day there are some things that are not necessarily bad they're just not so paid for the samples are you listening to me they are on suitable for the sum of so if God decided not to work as good as his work was we must be very careful what we talk about some of what we do not find in our pleasures nor do it always false PCR or words but some of us must be honorable and we must honor that is what God says so some fundamental principles are to keep in mind it is absolutely different from all the other six tool something wholly needs it is reserved and separate from everything else for a purpose and target of fortitude on I'm three it occupies a place of high on the Eagleview consequently it must occupy a place of high drama in our view you keep these things in mind they would guide you as to what is suitable for the Sabbath and walked is not I do not eat out on some of because all the distractions of individual man ordering the state to be put in an environment I cannot control I do not do that are saying you see I went to the prayer for the sick service last week and you preached about God having principles for health I have never seen those in reading the Bible what do you mean by that the Bible teaches us that our body is gone stumble Marino they get a temple of God the Spirit of God within you first within three sixteen if I demand the height of the temple of God in short bald distraught for the temple of God is holy which temple ye are now if we are children of God we are holy you have something against the holy if we are children of God we are holding will cause us to be holy mount before a holy we must treat all holy Queen with greater the other seven things you will not do in your church your gloom and doom you want to them in the century why is holding we take better care of church buildings which will be destroyed when Jesus comes then we take of the lease with the Holy Spirit actually dwells in us seventh of the Stephen Lewis Irma says the whole of the most high dwells not in temples made with hands some people come to church to meet God he will bring in your trouble gone twelve CS and because of this the surroundings must be kept clean and so download Chapter one four five the Bible says and became a point of the idyllic vision of the gives me another one with uterine soul noticing the prayers that at the end of them I sent before McCain Nebuchadnezzar give these young boys a special diet Babylonian let me tell you something the best for the world has to offer is not good enough for a holy person was wrong with my people to help them not a manual on how I do my good brother the best that the world has to offer is not good enough for a child of God and Saul when Nebuchadnezzar the king the highest many the land he give the Arroyo diet diagnosis per se but value of purpose in his heart that he would not be flying his body with the portion of the king 's meat nor with the wine which each rank about the dispute is a classy thing to drink wine is wrong there's nothing classy most of the classroom of defiling your body Daniel Seddon all I bought wanted him on the three Hebrew boys by giving them health aides and some people did ten years ago this body must be protected and cared for his holy emotional it is wholly within a deliberate alcohol beautiful I will clog the arteries with one of a clogged arteries it is a holy it really is and we must take that seriously we die because of how we were someone said we do grievous with our teeth and we just tumbled and with our bodies holy mistreated that way which means when I eat I could elect a Christian if I go to restaurant on Thursday how I select should reflect my holiness you see as a sub of people I keep the Sabbath holy one there week but I am to be holy seventies a week the type of your without any help from Doctor thoughts I asked the Sabbath keeper I keep the Sabbath holy one day a week I have to be holy seven days a week we asked some of the more seven days a week because when we take our holding is with us and were walking on the supermarket on the cart you walk right by veteran right bastard all right that's the lobsters right have to be because I write best right that's the cigarettes gripe as all the fatty stuff would question number three I I am a Christian but during the course of restoration I have learned so much attending these meetings should I be rebaptized and not necessarily re- baptism is biblical you find it in acts nineteen one seven with all-natural disciples would number the Holy Spirit will help you to be a child of God not having heard of the Holy Spirit Romans advisors if any man hath not the Spirit of Christ he is what metaphysics and so after Paul instructed the he baptized them again re- baptism is proper under certain circumstances one you will know in your heart you left on your voice and no one else does but you know it's your broken the covenant between you and God the combat you want to reestablish the covenant by the outward symbol of baptism tools you left the Charles I joined some other church that does not presence of your pasta size you deny Christ shows like Peter divided combat combat for the right of baptism or you were honestly a part of a group that taught certain principles that were not biblical you will only see a park did not know any better you can put his relays on the norm this son of light flashed into Hawks I do realize that you have been way off you want to come onto the truck of truth to get baptized to make the quality of the message for baptism and re- baptism you were baptized as a child and really didn't know what you were doing knowledgeable make a decision for yourself not for the parents who try to forcibly baptize at them both generally reasons why you consider re- baptism thank you God bless you remember what tomorrow five o'clock four o'clock where having a unique service we've been asking you the preparation preparation is a simple perhaps not but required one if you have sinned against someone we want to find that person though the person I did Jerome and I am sorry but requires so someone has done you wrong as he yielded Christ wrong and I did Christ wrong and he came to us Crawford part find that person tell the person you did it wrong this is what you did this is the damage they suffered but Jesus Christ has touched my heart and I forgive you fully and freely and God bless you number three put away sin from the life us don't forgive whatever we're doing was wrong put away get right with God by his grace number forward fast and we should be fast and now some of us are until after the service tomorrow afternoon the fasting is optional but I recommend it for a highly we must begin to feel what it needs to be deprived we must learn to say no to the flesh the field the plot of the flesh the hindrance cry and to see Knoll Jesus did for forty days for life I don't imagine how we did but he did it we must enter into his self-denial via fasting and it is also physiologically beneficial or I was ever first-line measure pounds on Besser God bless you God bless you God bless you I hope you enjoy the message will give it coming all the time God bless you for your consistency that's Bauer has no pray father I've come here on your business not mine because of this Lord I ask you to grant legal spirit when you send this is the speaker federal he was going on your business also you said to him an activist up for first twelve now therefore goal I will be refined well and teach the Wolf OSHA will say father I ask you for my hearts teach me what I should say I live the truth find a secure launching in the hearts of those who've come to hear I offer this prayer as your son in Jesus name amen our subject is all or nothing all or nothing it has been my casual but alarming observation that most Christians including a distressing number of Seventh-day Adventists do not believe that it is possible through the power of Christ to arrive at a place in one's Christian walk where one absolutely refuses to send low we have examples in Scripture of men who prefer to die rather than sit despite this evidence in the flesh we stubbornly resist the biblical knowledge and teaching that fall victory over sin is not simply possible it is required when considering Jesus Christ and what he can to do for us no one questions the fact well I should say virtually no one questions the fact that Jesus was fully gone we swallow that no problem but we get consider that Jesus was fully man this might want to read in Hebrews one which presents was fully God and Hebrews two that presents him as fully about we did understand that Jesus for the understands the father because he was just like it in nature so he holds the father with one hand that fueled the development gave fully understand this because you can like us so we can hold us with the other half he understands the affinity he understands humanity and humanity and divinity meet in Jesus Christ Jesus K like you are like I am removing process the passions the struggles we have which is the heritage of those born from Adam became a review ability to feel he was complexed with our infirmities he was touched with the feeling of our infirmities why that he now having on the stove and found what we field having middle school where we are the cumulative so that we can meet him when he is having won the victory in our skin but this event differently having you live as we do having suffered temptation as we suffer temptation have a saddened alt of attempt consistently and having won the victory through his father because he says in John six fifty seven as the living father hath sent me I have by the five oh so I be that eager for me even he shall live by the Jesus is saying the same for it I am so spanned by my father you should be sustained by me out of the father 's estate in fully policies is willing on right here able to sustain us in a positive I think fully in Genesis chapter twenty eight reading versus twelve and thirteen as we continue all or nothing are usually in the evening service I tell you let your the eighth since I started about seven thirty two thirty three I cannot conceivably release you from my custody at eight so I will release you around eight -ish how is that that could be ten o'clock a dish we love to tell we love to see each of the midnight -ish finish you know God is love if you don't God says in the when the fullness of time was come in the digress as I always do your logo is serious about time gone does not believe in being late on the conversation and God is always on time I love you for that and because of that I have tried my best to be on time I was noticing in Africa last November I was a little hotel on the show 's obligatory to come for me to take him to the tent I was try to teach my brothers have been times I would leave my hotel room if I told to be there five fifteen I would leave the hotel room walked out of Street strays of OIF and stand on the corner where the conformity felt so badly that they guess what was free to try together one time bought blessed my number but had to show them I was not joking I would stand in the street that was my way of teaching them Christians must be on time when you're in time people learn to trust what you see you knew to become reliable in the eyes of people you can depend on Atlanta beat where he says he would be that's the way God is Genesis everything as we continue with all or nothing it's twenty minutes a and a dream of a hold on a data set up on the earth out of the top of it reached where to have which means the lateral was in contact with the earth and it was in contact with heaven it was in contact with the earth and class they have it touched the earth and it touched heaven of her struggles on visit under hold the angels of God ascending and descending upon it and before the Lord stood above it as that I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father glorifies it we spoke to Jacob who was the one sleeping that letter of course represented home Jesus Christ he touched the earth that cursed ground remember Genesis three seventeen cursed is the ground for thy sake background that a lot of tops representing Jesus Christ and it also touched heaven Jesus understands the ability he understands humanity and he knows how to get humanity to partake of the divine nature is look at some texts that describe the relationship between Jesus and his father is the Jones of the five first twenty one five verse twenty one as we continue all or nothing John five thirty one the Bible says for us the father raises up the good cricket of them evil soul the Sun quickly with whom he will in other words the same way the father has the power to raise another fest segued the sun has the power to raise the wisdom divorced for the seven also of John five was a father have life in himself so hath he given to the son to have life in himself the same way life is natural to the father life is natural to some little John ten this reverses and I hope you writing these horses down John ten reversibility search methods that they go to different defensive performing because I'm human only Jesus can speak perfect truth always sit quietly not allowed is more given the right courses and that's all view of his mouth but was missed on the phone is there from time to time quietly shortbread and Baldwin hear your prayer of my received effects John ten fifteen as the father knowest me evil soul nor I thought the same way feels me I know him which by the way is an argument for the beat give Christ because the file of the most Christ prices I know in the super Eagles me because Christ Knowles everything about the father through the father most everything about him Christ is equal with the father this protection was both five hundred one John five percent Johnson fifteen that as the father is so is the son of the relationship between the father and the son must be reflected in the relationship between boss and the father John chapter seventeen this reversal of as we continue all or nothing John seventeen verse eleven I'm now I'll know more in the world and visa in the world am I come to the holy father did for my own name those whom thou has given me that they may be one how asked me the same way a father and the son are you like the heart and spirit the modern ambition direction plan of us we must be the same we now let's look at the let's look at the concept of forgiveness is one of diffusion step before reading for forty two regarding up forgiveness bought for Dave how should we forgive voices in the front of my rice is fully answers right let's read it Ephesians four thirty two and being kind one to another tenderhearted forgiving one another also next with their evil off the same way he was gone for Christ's sake hath forgiven you we must forgive the regard of the father forgives sin when the father doesn't soon as the sun server Jesus forgives we must forgive us a concept of forgiveness no difference we cannot say because I have the phone that I can forgive the riches of the day before the magic is not an excuse for backing off from the divine standard of forgiveness we must forgive the way God forgives of that standard is based on what you want me this will present a requirement human being if you know the human being can achieve it by his power let's look at lifestyle for stones up to four six as we continue all or nothing first John chapter two verse six who has set a performance so far loaded and workbook of God bless you enough from my heart bless you first on seven two four six eight essay yet life in him ought himself also sought the wall was a network evil as he walked in leaving the walk-in is the lifestyle if we say we are God 's children we abide in him we love Jesus and we should have them easily many languages do we love Jesus the Bible says if we say that we ought to live the way Jesus lived we are also sought the wall even as he walked one in front the hardware into your heads is that this is the kind of the life of Christ must be to standards that guide our lives let's look at it's when we look at unity and Johnson eleven that they may be one as we are let's look at humility was Jesus humbled or yes or yes of the John thirteen John thirteen to consider if all or nothing refers thirteen of John chapter thirteen the Bible says you call me master on Lord and you say well for so I have if I then your lord and master of lost your the one ought also to wash one another's feet for our company what do you want unexampled that you should know how as I have you for humility that I demonstrated in my life since Jesus Christ I require of my followers because my follows must be just like I am tempted as liquid obedience John seven fifteen first ten as we continue with all or nothing if you do all of Christ on the motion we cannot serve Christ partially because the question has to be asked what has the other part arguing Angela but don't we cannot serve God partially if a man or woman is not wholly under the control of Christ that person is under the control of another power let me speak my words very carefully if a person is not wholly W H O N L Y H highly completely under the control of Jesus Christ by DeAngelis you missed that that person is under the control of one of Apollo ability to have John fifteen never spend one hundred and now obedience if ye keep my commands you shall abide in my love was an excellent evil LSI of kept my focus the methods on a buy in he is off Jesus was saying that question kept me consistently in the top of my father would keep you consistently in my love about and want to be one more sophomore end with the will be the obedience wife requires the boss was not outwit from the obedience to follow required of Christ with remote multiple Wardlow was abusive love going to do what you like the video posted below John chapter fifteen reverse twelve as we continue all or nothing should tentatively looking to version for those people following John chapter fifteen of reading verse twelve this is my suggestion that you love one another as I have loved you once a standard by which we should love was a center with Christ loves is that a recommendation what is it a command what should we do with commands of it how fast quick as you come in based on how you feel when the Bible says love your enemies you have to work yourself up with you will be immediately instead wheelbarrow shall kill the work yourself up it will be immediate this is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you and he goes on to make that very clear greater love hath no man than this that a man had down his life for his friends that's how we love if necessary we die for each of it was most Jesus died for us and demonstrated his love repeatedly persecuted Christians die for one another all the time that concept is not followed they are soldiers die for each other in Iraq and wherever else there fighting with forgiveness and lifestyle roots of unity religious humility we look at obedience we look at the central tower message let's look at overcoming what is it worse was overcome said again everyone let's look at how Christ overcame on how we should overcome since the last Oster was preformed thank you and may God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob blessed overcoming Revelation chapter three verse twenty one vintage video of the subject all or nothing so it was a Revelation three twenty one when you have a measure rape the seven churches very eye-opening to him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me where in my throne out for me my reasoning my unseen visual aids to him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne was the next work eat as I also overcame and sat down with my father where is now these the kinds I was in trouble when I must resort my fault as usual but use your imagination there are two columns one right here one writer will attend comments overcome will I grant to sit with me in my throne that Jesus thrones we have him overcome Jesus evil as I is Jesus also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne so we have to overcome Jesus throne Jesus overcome gone through the decedent one person sort anyone else all that is in the virus let's read it again relentlessly all occasions orders read with great joy to overcome it will I grant to sit with me in my throne he will as I also overcame and sat down with my father and is thrown all of us learns something before the father and before the sun because of the relationship that it was reversible as we continue all or nothing Revelation chapter twenty two first one you have a friend who can find books of the Bible please give good Samaritan and help that person you have permission from the one and he showed me up your revocable water of life clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne of an off the two thrones but adversely on the Saudi normal course for my walk throne of and on the subunit two thrones thirty one seasons there I am my father are one was admitted they are equal to one not one person wanted power one might want in a deity eight one eight he can see if I can make aware that I wanted Paolo to how one not if they are equal in power this one one of the other no reason with me it's good that I should print global norms and to him that overcome will I grant to sit with me in my throne which is equal to what the fossil even as I also overcame how many overcome this we have two member hours I price not out of frost the same yes the overcoming that put Christ on the father 's throne must be the same as what the overcoming that is what puts us on the phone of Christ because of thrones on the same equal in power Jesus says even as I also overcame to say I expect my followers to overcome Satan is nowhere I overcame sin I expect my followers to overcome the world the way I overcame the world and he tells how exhausted of the seventh as the living father hath sent me an idea by the father so he got you give me and even he shall live by me since I there is something wrong to believe other great insult us that believe that it is impossible to overcome sin all you would know all I go if we hold these bureaus is that we advanced the calls of the kingdom of darkness because if we believe that then the logical extension is we must see there are some sins that we must permit an investigation that we can choose the ones we won't be only safe we did Dean which soon is to see it as something we can overcome completely in our lives that is what Christ came to do with the Angela appeared to Joseph Matthew one in verse twenty one said as she shall bring for us son also called his name Jesus why for he shall save his people from their sins like informative texts I probably will soon write them down morning that prove this point June first letter for Juventus launch up to salute his universal job knowledge to him that is able to want now give me a funnel can God keep us from forming yes or no from how many sins all the Tao that is developed on and without faith whatsoever is not of faith is sin admitted again June twenty four all unto him that is able to keep us from falling and to present us focus the problem is not in the problem is whether we want very few Christians are attracted to the possibility of sinless living because persistent in Houston was living as the highest expression of boredom because the way the world works that is exciting is that was the as I said earlier today unless someone is convicted to the point of conversion was a little sense where the gospel through Jesus alternate Nicodemus in John chapter three he said in verse five started out as if you accept a man be born of one of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God present for six that which is born of the flesh is walked both of which is born of the Spirit is what spirit I went on to what is born of the spirit that person desire the things of the spirit knowledge to him that is able to keep you from falling the present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy why did my goal of the joy of seeing us victorious Angels nor joy but on us that Jesus and/or the cross for the joy set before him on the joint was missing sailors say you can send me the joy was the victorious people would accept Jesus Christ but I said before he thought was so great across sometimes they tell me what is a challenge chosen childbirth charges versus Bush bush in the mobile phase loses all rebuke you should should fizzle twice that of Thomas of misery and the child is placed in her arms there is a different face on them it's as if there was no pain at all I should kiss is not shy woman holds the child won't let the husband project for the joy set before my last the angel of the pretty all my offer I can thought is different for the joy set before Jesus Christ he has drawn across the joy was agreed that people would wait for this in his second Jesus figure given his life to provide a partial victory God cannot pick a partially victorious part of the heaven because that part is not victorious will cause trouble are you listening to the Bible has said it would be shall not rise vision the second time on Baltimore will not return unto him void on this business of iniquity shall not write a second time Bob does not force us in this world honest a service world is gone signing off on the choices we make no but it's been a different God will put us in the sinless world because even before we get to the sinless world we would have decided our lives we want nothing more to do with sin God force you into a sinless environment if that's what you want we must decide now in this sinful environment that we want to send you see how the son of a divine Karen Russell for life regrowth righteousness Jesus came to save us from sin Everson first Jones of the one verse nine if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from the serious ones looking for that blessed hope the glorious appearing of the great God our Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself for us that he might redeem us from all iniquity and purify unto himself a salespeople a people 's peculiar people zealous of good works like this to thirteen fourteen fifteen all iniquity I asked this morning and it was morning light another device will do something on many sins that the Bible recorded Adam committed one of the reasons I needed to coast from the New World one how big was Adamson of vegetarian pics of fruit I was a vegan and look where we are a don't have to be in the homicide of genocide and ethnic cleansing and these are the things so we have to stand in disobedience the beliefs of both record and is that you deliver remains in below what happens to the whole number is eleven my beloved brothers and sisters we must ask all to give us hatred for sin if the first promise in Scripture Genesis three fifteen and I will put what an opportunity to see many of several of the weather and the device he then proceeded to its output as I head about several days here I will put enmity hatred for sin is not something we produce is a medical term and thoughtlessly is that it exogenously from the outside it does not come from the inside it must come from the outside because we love for that which is wrong is natural to the nature with which we are born that is why we need to be born again not just improved Jesus Christ didn't die to improve us love you come to Jesus to get lookups of the drywall here locator knowledges into that I heard someone say that Jesus comes if your life is a house crisis think about it comes a bulldozer and room wolves that house on the land on which it sat and then constructs of brand Newhouse that's the new birth nothing from the whole structure is complete you don't let if any man be in Christ he is walked on your prediction about creation is one that is most of Google 's will God desires you and me to enjoy victory over sin if you don't think so is a bad thing read the final chapters of all four Gospels and see what sin did to God Jesus Christ radio twenty foo is forty three I believe and see what you've never seen before a man sweating drops of blood why because of your sin and mine Walkabout who see what no one had ever seen before the son of God hanging on the cross a spike for each have three receipt from the phones of his bravo several rivulets of blood flowing down his face perhaps dried and he's hanging their groaning because he was human human beings grown on why for you and for me of people passed by unmarked and the chief priests Best Buy and Malkin the Roman soldiers across the field and then walked in don't do that there's a lot also review things physical we can help him by making light of his sacrifice say that that sacrifice can we deliver me from white lies cannot deliver me from an addiction in our delivery from one C or Theophilus we make a mockery of all that's that Jesus endured with each other something Jesus deals with us individually when he was suffering Cecil you are you so you he did will see me standing next to you so you and that wasn't he saw me in fact was of this evening Christ looks down where he is in the most holy Place intercede on our behalf and he wants to see who will commit themselves seeking through his grace victory over sin let us show Christ the Bible says the eyes of the Lord are in every place I be here now yes a man and woman will say Lord helped me by your enabling grace to resist sin even if I have to sweat great drops of blood let me resist by the power that enable Jesus Christ Rizzo writer God bless you that come from my heart and so someone here will say appreciative I believe you I have had to struggle for years that makes it so hard for me to believe that I I need divine intervention resume investment will bless you aggressive I want you to come right over here we could completely vital here a special struggle that is normal for long time I need to find it eventually the focus is moving so quickly aggressively moving so quickly is twelve minutes after it was finished on time I need define intervention sensors are many the system of the front 's okay there's come forward but initially that the Angels are here to receive you but it was a start of goal that brought you everyone else I need divine intervention Russell for years and wants question related about that reasonable time Sabbath hopefully we have no urgent things to attend to anyone else the best someone else got a question of mistresses you and you and you and you will blessing I mean that from my heart of blessed blessed progress monitor system prohibition must be very serious and mischievous festival calls the Angels to be quiet honest liberal governments in Ohio struggling I need to find out everyone else someone else should come as one of August to August aggression like a brother of the serum will bless you going to review as you come from that shows the time for us all pray in our hearts that God will soften hostile to resisting a very critical time to pray I like to say this is not respected event this is very serious what message you come everyone else on this and you my sister and you and you know this someone else or have something else to say consistent publishing and you and you question God bless you sister combustion of resources left over she must resist the question is a little uncomfortable to stand unison of all receives standing ovation appealable to their people here various reasons need to make the decision a serious one to be baptized you need to do that I'm speaking for Christ who got baptized he wants you to do it mostly for the sake if all the sink for his seat when he went to Jordan to be baptized John the Baptist said no users have suffered to be soulful plus it becomes us to fulfill all righteousness baptism is an act of righteousness those of you you know in your heart you need to make a decision to be baptized or rebaptized I wanted to leave for your there was before you are come right to request my Google coming a much assault of those who came to the theoretical city as well you know you need to make that decision before you are quite aggressive Matthew someone else was written on the site as well you need to make a decision to be baptized or rebaptized a few have left galled you trust it so far broke the covenant come and make that decision I pray that the scope of the cylinder system wells someone else got through God bless you my beloved sister come right up someone else why don't one remains like a college football knows your name and as she touched these use touching you get up and come is the right thing to do on the righteous thing to do wells in obedience to Christ I will decide to prepare for baptism was look up I hope people are praying come about to pray I would do exactly sixty seconds then I'll print sixty seconds begin though you come from up to forty five seconds of the ship of person and five seconds but my brother come from fifteen seconds and I have read above every other close those seated could you kindly stand often have the quietness of this moment I come to you on behalf of my brothers and sisters father a relationship with you is not again you are best left alone if someone does not want to serve you all the way to my first at the other gone many of your sons under the skin to say I have struggled I need to fly power over one frame of the other more new set of first John five fourteen of this is the confidence that we haven't even if we ask anything according to his will to the era of us follow a request for power to overcome is according to your will and would ask you want to stand by your word and give us the power you gave to Christ father I know you're willing to do lists but we must be willing to do what Jesus did by holding on to you by the study of your word by confession of sin by prayer life testing talk constant struggle for power to overcome coming from you Lord put into our hearts and more hatred for sin we don't hate soon enough we ate some saves but overall sins we want to come to the place where we hate all same because all cyclic across as a father we come to the office to become Muslim and we say that we want to overcome we want to hit send and we want our lives to be examples of the transforming power of Jesus Christ and so far that his name we ask you in motion gratis the enabling power with that we need for us all a hearts beginning now appointed a hatred for sin be on a perfect hatred for sin and unknown for all that is righteous meeting all that pleases you for the kind of short eyes it to be open but our eyes a bit my device and open our eyes we pray that we receive the things I was told by both father in heaven some of responded to the call for baptism this family on either side of your manservant father I place them in your hand tonight because no one says none can block them from my hand and so gaunt I place them in your head as treasures and I ask you in the name of Jesus Lord to sustain because the enemy is already begun crafting plans to get them to change their minds but given the divine wisdom to know that the decisions they have made is absolutely right father I am praying as their brother anon meeting Israel manservant sustaining them give them a spiritual backbone that will not bend in the face of the most the gusting winds of temptation of them stand strong that Satan may be embarrassed as he deserves to be gone only than glorified as you deserve the other standing back father yesterday blessed him grand the more of your spirit increase all of our appetite for your word for that which is holy for that which is writes British of the phase where we can say like Jesus our Savior John April he does have sent me is with me the father hath not left me alone for I do always do things that these units will father let us find our greatest joy in using you let us leave this place believing stubbornly but by the power available to us which worked in Christ we can gain the victory over sin father was sorry for having a half on half relationship with you we apologize forgive us Lord don't hold a grudge for please forgive us for you and freely wipe the slate clean medicine leave the space determined by your power to walk with Christ as Christ walked with you this is our prayer were offered to the victorious level of Jesus Christ your son our Savior but all God 's people say amen and amen God bless you


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