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The Parable of Jesus: Hold the Mustard

Chris Buttery


Many might look at Christ's last-day disciples and mock at the idea that they will ever be triumphant.  But what did Jesus say about His church?  Find out in this message four components that will give you courage and confidence in God's plan for you and His church.



  • April 26, 2014
    11:30 AM
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You know. Folk have prophets of all would have loved to have lived in this day and age the. Time before Jesus comes back. What a. What a privilege. There's a story that I read not too long ago about a fellow by the name of Frank is eyes man ski. Frank size man Sergei was a football player for not. Back in one thousand nine hundred forty S. he played as. Center and probably. To the right of that a little bit on the left of that occasionally. Frank was an excellent player for not. And could easily have let it. Certainly go to his head. But he was known for being modest about his abilities and skills in his game. One day Frank of being called to to witness a civil suit. In South Bend Indiana. When he was called to testify. The judge started asking him questions are you on the not true damn football team this year. Yes your honor. What position. Center Your Honor. Continuing to inquire the judge asked his final question. How good a center are you Frank Manthey seismicity kind of squirmed in his seat because he was known for not liking to brag on himself. But he responded and said sir. I'm the best center. You've ever had. Well now is coach. By a member the name of Frank. Knee high was in the courtroom. That day and he heard size Minsky's response. And naturally he was surprised. And used always to be an issue Ming and. Modest So when the proceedings were over. He went over he took a side and he asked him why. The seismicity Why do you make such a statement. Blushed. And he said well I hated to do it coach. After all. I was under oath. When friends when you've got to tell the truth. You've got to tell the truth. And telling the truth is necessary especially when the has to do with correcting a misconception about the Kingdom of God now. If somebody were thinking to think. Things about God's kingdom. And what they thought was wrong. It would be most definitely. Important and imperative to make sure that the person has a right conception of the Kingdom of God or else. That individual could be led astray could cause a person even perhaps to be lost. That's why when Jesus was here on planet Earth. He made up. Made every attempt to clear up any misconception anybody had. Regarding his kingdom. That's why Jesus wasn't about to let people think something different when it had to do with the matters. Or matters of eternal. Consequence. And he did this of course through the use of parables. We'll be talking about some of Jesus' parables. To help. Fallible mankind get a grasp on eternal realities. Jesus used. Comparisons. He used some form of attachment he placed one thing by the side of another. To be sure that no one would be confused and left out of the picture with regard to the most important subjects delivered. To man kind. Now want to take you to another parable here this morning you've got your Bibles. So would you turn. There with me to my chapter four and we want to take a look here. In this particular instance. Jesus is saying he needs to set the score straight so to speak again these to tell the truth about the nature of his kingdom. And it was really for his disciples that he was giving this explanation. He he gave this illustration to those who had called upon his name and. Had pledged themselves to his cause. Hopeful. In seeing the kingdom of God grow. And taking on more citizens than we're presently there. As I thought with it. Now Jesus gave a wrong explanation here could cause them to become. Easily discouraged. And dispirited. An enthusiastic about what they signed up for. Actually it's likely that we're already beginning to wonder whether. Being connected with this controversial teacher was such a good idea. They might have been asking why more people weren't signing up like that. Head. Why were they only a handful of them. When they should have been many more because isn't this man. About to establish his kingdom here on Earth. And it's likely that if the disciples were questioning the size of the group no doubt they were being influenced by the religious leaders of the day these religious leaders wouldn't of been careful to keep their thoughts to themselves about this new teacher and. This band of. New disciples. So you can probably imagine that the leaders made a little fun of the fact that Jesus only had a few followers. Especially considering that they thought and. He had said that he was here. To establish His Kingdom I mean come on Jesus how do you expect to do what you say you're going to do with only a handful of believers how are you going to do these great things without. Wealth without power without prestige and on a. You know it's kind of. Always the why isn't it. When someone seems. Sees you cutting in on this show and. You don't mean to do so. Intentionally some folk are just bent on being a little wing and ridiculing. They can't stand it so they mock here. And they laugh. And instead of moving over and making room for you they resort to disparagement and. Vilification so Christ. Knew their thoughts and he read their hearts. Of these religious folks he is not about to let the jealousy of these individuals contaminate his disciples. So Jesus is going to split the score straight in this parable. And encourage his followers and you've got to love Jesus for doing that I meant. Mocked up to four and verses thirty to thirty two. We're going to read this here together. And Jesus said in there in the red there fairly well here this morning so I think you son Mark Chapter four verses thirty to thirty two it says where unto shall we liken the kingdom of God. All with what comparison shall we compare it. It is like a grain of mustard seed which when it is sown in the earth is less than all the stays that be in the earth. But when it is known to grow without. And become of greater than all the branches. So sorry that all the hoops and shoot out. Great branches so that the founders of the A.M.A. large under the shadow of it. Now probably. This is another thing you're going to have to get used to me saying and that is Herb's. Because you see that there is an H. in front of the e N. the R.B.'s. And I understand folk around here like to say herbs or something and the H is silent but it is an H.. And so you say good so at least I studied Herbst. And so Jesus is sharing via with what comparison shall we compare the kingdom of God. In fact Christ is bringing drawing his. His followers into or it is here is in the consultation as it were inviting them to participate in the quest for truth. And he leads them to the mustard seed. As they begin their journey. The mustard seed. Jesus said the mustard seed is like the church. On Earth. The mustard seed is like the church. That's what it is. That's what Jesus was saying. And you got to wonder whether there could have been anything better to use to illustrate a profound truth. Than a mustard seed. Apparently not. And as we are rebel this parable you're going to say that Jesus couldn't have used anything better to get his message across now. No doubt there are some here today that. Enjoy the mustard. And I wouldn't want to deprive you of that how does anyone ever heard of the mustard museum. It's over in Middleton. Middleton Wisconsin anyone heard of the mustard museum or are we going to muster a lot of right here. OK. So I must amuse him in Middleton with. Wisconsin that the fella but I'm a Barry Barry Levinson he was the founder and the cure rate is a curator of the national not mustard museum. And he said that they came about because of the Red Sox. Has the Boston Red Sox. Apparently in one thousand nine hundred sixty his favorite baseball team lost. The World Series and so. Barry went to an all night restaurant are not all out restaurant and all night supermarket. Trying to find the meaning. Of life. And the past. Through the mustard in the mustard aisle there a thought popped into. Into his head. If you collect dust that is the mustard. They will come. While they did and they have apparently Barry's museum sports get this by thousand six hundred twenty four. Mustards. I didn't even know that there would be that many. Five thousand six hundred twenty four muskets from all fifty states and from all over seventy countries in the world which would obviously make the make its collection. A sight to behold. And with all due respect I'm certainly not interested in mustard. Now that may have been be caps because back in the day when I was young I may have said something in front of a grown up. And instead of getting my mouth washed out with soap. Someone put a little mustard on my tongue. And I can still taste it to this day. I don't know. But to this day. To this day. If I'm asked if I like mustard I asked for it just hold it a whole place. Hold on the mustard. So what was Jesus driving at in the parable. What was Jesus talking about here. The mustard seed in Jesus' day. He was the smallest of all the seeds sown by Palestinian farmers. Fast smaller than wheat. Far smaller than Bali for instance a mustard seed today. Is only about one millimeter in diameter. You know what a centimeter it is and you just divide that into tens. And you get one millimeter you see. And that's how small it is actually it's the smallest of all the seeds. That there is. That's why in Jewish literature for example the mustard seed is frequently referred to the noting minute in this. So I'm no expert but I understand that there are just in general two types of mustard seed you've got the yellow variety and you've got the black. Variety. Both herds are used widely in cooking. But it's highly likely that it was the black. Variety. The Black Friday Jesus was referring to here. In his parable that grew in in the wild in abundance. In Palestine in those days. So. Whereas the yellow mustard seed was a low lying plant or shrub. Not growing to more than about a photo or two from the ground. The black particular the black. Variety. The black Friday of a mustard seed. Would reach heights to about six to twelve feet. With branches about an inch thick. So when Jesus says it grows. To become a tree which is what we read. It grows to become a tree. He's not referring to the mustard. Mustard plants nature. But he's really referring to its size you see four in her BUSH That's pretty big you've seen. Other little her bushes right there you've got. That's all you've got you've got time you've got Rosemary. You've got oregano. Oregano. You've got all those types of things right you didn't know that we said a right or a get what was it Oregon oh there it is. It's a. It's a regular. But there is a small lying. Heard Bush is right. But this thing just. Takes off six feet that's where I met and beyond. And that's a good. Tree or a herb. Bush biggest of all. The Her bushes. Some things are probably beginning to form in your mind with regard to what Jesus is trying to drive that. Probably the first and most obvious thought that comes to mind is that the seed. Like any. Simply by the power God puts into that seed. Is development. And it's growth is not dependent upon human wisdom. Upon human power or but. Upon human expertise it's just not that we don't know how a seed grows. We know that the seed must germinate in the process by which the seed breaks apart in the embryo. Hid inside begins to grow with the help of water and nutrients from the soil. We also know that the plant grows and gets its food from the two processes of. Photosynthesis and respiration. In that process. Makes food in order for the plant to grow. But what we cannot explain is how the seed knows how to do all of that. And I would suspect that it's. That God would not have the keep in mind Jesus is countering the religious leaders. Mockery of this small band of believers. So what can we learn from the must see right up here Lesson number one. God's church grows by his power. Not by wisdom. Not by human wisdom not by human wealth. And not by human wonder. And I just want to put another W. in there. But what I'm referring to here is. Muscle. And numbers you see. Is not God's Kingdom doesn't grow because of human wisdom and power and strength and numbers and etc. God's Kingdom grows by his power alone. We learn that it's that in the principle of development. The opposite. The principles of development in God's kingdom of the opposite. Of the kingdoms of this world now. Governments around the world succeed by the use of physical force. What we saw over. In Russia and Ukraine in Crimea. Wasn't really too forceful is kind of amazing but they did it they are they have taken over that region of Ukraine. And they maintain. Countries maintain their dominant dominion by threats. And by war. But the founder of this kingdom. His name is the Prince of Peace. You understand His Kingdom doesn't resort to coercion and manipulation will force. You remember the books of Daniel. In the books of revelation the Holy Spirit represents. Worldly Kingdom secular kingdoms. Under the symbol of theists. Angry. You've got the. The lion which represents Babylon and. The the bear represents meat opposed to the four headed. Leopard. Like beast and that has the. Represents Greece accent or so these are wild vicious animals. Represented by earthly kingdoms but. Christ is revealed. As the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world. He is the meek and the mild Jesus and His ways and plans don't fit into the ways in the plans of the world Christ. Operates from an entirely different platform. And his plan of government. There is no use of brute force to compel the conscience. The Jews of course and hope for that the Christ came to implant. That principle a principle of truth. And all righteousness. To counter work. The. Counteract the work of error and sin and quietly. Almost imperceptibly it does its work just like the mustard seed has a germinate. And it brings forth. Life. Let's remember that as a church. Individuals as we interact with our friends and family members who may not be Christians may not know this. Faith. Let's remember that when leading people to Jesus let's remember that when speaking to share truth with folk today that we do not force. We do not coerce. We do not manipulate we do not use the methods of the devil to try to bring about powerful results for the kingdom of heaven we just don't do that Christ's method. Method and method alone. Is what brings true success he sought to inspire confidence. To show understanding he lent a helping hand. To when people from the clutches of. The enemy and to love them. Right into the kingdom of heaven. We can. And we must be like Jesus in all our associations I meant. No doubt about it. So now let's the number two that we can learn from this parable. Lesson of the mustard seed number two. Christ's church should never. Despise the day. Of beginnings will put that up there it is on the screen. The Church of God God's church should never despised the day. Of small beginnings the parable of the mustard seed. Teaches Us and not to underestimate small beginnings something that began so small a mustard seed. Ends up becoming so big the largest of all the herb trees. From this small say the. Almost all her sees a lot just from would grow and it's simply amazing that it would be so. At first it would stand up or. Attend shoot. Strong through the earth's crust and then it would grow and flourish until. It would reach a large enough size geezer's of course was illustrating his church. His kingdom here on Earth. Now admittedly. The church began very small way back there in the time of Jesus was relatively small and insignificant compared with let's say Rome and certainly Rome probably. Ridiculed all. Dismissed. Christ's kingdom it appeared to be irrelevant. You see. Considered to be in consequential perhaps even just minor. These guys won't worry us at all they probably didn't give this. The minutes of group. A whole lot of thought. Yet in the mighty truths. Committed to his followers. The Kingdom of the gospel. The Kingdom of the Gospel possessed a divine life. And because of that's growth and influence its influence. Was rapid and it was widespread by the end of the first century. The gospel of the kingdom had been taken to the then. Corners of the world. Rome wasn't thinking it was in consequential any more as a matter of fact just a little later into the second and third centuries great persecution. Came upon the early church because Rome. Knew her. Power and prestige was being threatened by the power of the atonal gospel you see an amazing and amazing thing. And you've got to realize something here today that when cross. Christ spoke this parable. There were only a handful of followers. A few Galilean peasants to represent his new kingdom. Their poverty and minute Miss were likely pressed as reasons why men shouldn't connect themselves with these simple minded individuals who follow Jesus. Everything. Everything was against the early church from succeeding. Everything spoke defeat and Thalia. Everything around them seemed to conspire. Against their growth. But if you thought that they had serious problems on the outside. If you just looked on the inside. You'd see that there were forces inside conspiring against them. You remember you had the. Brothers James and John and what were they known as the sons of who were the sons of what. Rather the sons of thunder. I mean these guys and then you had Peter who was as we know it to be impetuous always speaking before thinking. Then you had Thomas who doubted. That's exactly right you had Matthew. Who was sharing and he was a tax collector he was sharing the same room with Simon the Zealot. And the zealots of that time were Jews who just despised and didn't like the Romans encroachments. And the taxes that they demanded from the people and he was one of the disciples Who was that way. And then the other disciple was the one collecting the taxes and he got this in the church. This was a multi crew to the music group for sure but this was a motley crew to say the least. Everything inside and out son. Seemed lined up against them from succeeding but my friend the little mustard seed. Was to grow. And the Bible says that it was to spread its branches out. Into and throughout the world and this brings us to Al as the number three. Third lesson. And the third lesson of the must to see if God's church meets the conditions. Nothing can prevent her from growing. Nothing can prevent God's church from going Jesus wasn't in fact saying. In this parable nothing is going to be able to stand in the way of the growth of my kingdom. Nothing is going to get in the way. This thing is going to germinate. And when it grows. Watch out. Its branches are going to reach into the heavens and be a safe place. A home for the birds and a safe place for the shade for the small animals of the Earth I mean think about it. And that's exactly what has happened the message of Christ crucified. The message of a risen Christ the message of a of. Jesus the soon. Coming King has reached the corners of the globe. I mean. Think about it I'm not talking about just within the Seventh Day Adventist Church. But think about those who adhere to the Christian faith. I mean it's a mammoth right across the world. Now it's true. The Christian community. Around the world globe you understand doesn't have a sex act together where Christ had only one church now there are hundreds and hundreds of different denominations his church is fractured. And even splintered and the enemy of Souls has been successful in dividing God's people. Now there's a work to be done. And of course that work is not to unify all the churches. Just on the pretense of unity. Or just to come together and love the work to be done. Is a call to all of God's children. Out of doctrinal confusion. Out of worldliness. Out of Babylon. Into God's last day remnant church and truth I mean isn't that the work that needs to be done. Jesus said in John Chapter ten sixteen other chief I have. Which are not of this fold them also I must bring. And they shall hear my voice. And there shall be one fold. And one shepherd. But understand. Here this morning that from us through how many people love Jesus today. Across this globe they serve Jesus. And follow Jesus. The. And many of them the best they can and some. Knowing they want to do better but they serve. Jesus from the smallest seed to the money is heard just as Jesus as. It. But you've also got to know that even even even the work of grace. In the heart. Even though that might begin and start small has phenomenal phenomenal potential for growth. Now you may just speak a word to somebody or a of light might just be shat upon somebody party might influence exert an influence. And really the question is who can measure the results of those small things. In our own worlds in your world and in my world one thing that leads to another the principle of the mustard seed. Works where we find ourselves in our homes. In our in our families in our workplace in our schools. The principal the mustard seed can work there as well. Or the story. Just a kind of a heartwarming story about a bus that was bumping along in the back roads of southern United States and. In one seat a wispy old man was holding a bunch of flowers. In his hands and across the aisle. Was a young girl who his eyes came back and forward. Again to the old man and she was eyeing how to rise on those flowers. The time came for the old man to get off and impulsively as he was stepping off the bus. He thrust the flowers into the girl's lap. And he said I know. I can see that you love flowers. And I think that my wife. Would love it. If you had them. I'll tell her that I gave them to you. So the girl accepted the flowers then watched as the old man got off the bus. And he walked through the gate at a small cemetery where his wife was buried. Now I'd love to see how that one thoughtful act. To this young girl trickled on to others would suit me surely it had potential. What do you think even you throw a rock in the water right. Throw a rock in the water sure we've all done it without this clash. And what happens next you've got our. Ripples and some of those ripples come close to the edge of the water. One thoughtful word. One kind gesture one. Sharing the love of Jesus Christ one revived and on thought. For the savior under the power of God. Through the Spirit. It just can't stay there can't be contained it can just stop right there. Is going to exert and influence. Somebody is going to be changed as a result. Someone is going to give their lives to Jesus because you didn't keep the love of Jesus to yourself. You just cannot hold. The mustard seed. You just cannot hold it back you. Now the idea. The idea of not being able to prevent the mustard seed from going growing leads to another fascinating. Fact about this particular. Parable misters Lesson Number four. The gates of hell. Will not prevail against Christ Church. The gates of hell the mustard seed. Is probably one of the most tightly packed seeds of all. There is no hope. Apparently for any area there. Inside of it. And as a result it's been known to withstand high pressure and high temperatures. Do I need to tell you this morning that Christ's kingdom. Too can withstand. High pressures and high temperatures Jesus said. The gates of hell would not be able to prevail against his church for his church in every generation. You see has always had a very special special work and a special truth. Especially pointed in time going to that time. It's always cold plus self sacrifice so. The church can't be self-serving. It's called battles to fight and victories to win and so you can't be slack. Or neither can you become flamed. At the beginning its advocates might be few so you can't be worried about what the majority thinks it's often been opposed by. The great men of the world. And by a world conforming church. So you can't be a coward. And certainly this time in its history you can't be asleep at the helm. Friend you've got to see if we want courage we've got to see Jesus. John the Baptist standing there in the. Alone in the wilderness rebuking the pride. And the formalism of the Jewish nation if we're going to gain courage. In the Lord and to not draw back. We've got to see the first bearers of the gospel to Europe to tent makers Paul and Silas small and obscure. How seemingly hopeless if you're going to be inspired to live. Are right for Jesus. We've got to see Paul an old man changed. Preaching. Christ. In the stronghold of the Caesars. If we aspire to be ashamed for Jesus Christ. We've got to see the little communities of slaves and peasants in conflict with the heathen. Imperial Rome. If you think your trial is bigger than anyone else's I mean look at Martin Luther with standing the mighty Church of the doc a just holding fast to God's word. Against against declaring here I stand. I can do not otherwise God. Be. My help. If we're going to stand alone for true sake we've got to look. And to see these mighty witnesses standing for Jesus Christ look at John Wesley. Even preaching Christ in His righteousness in the midst of. Formalism and centralism and infidelity if you believe. The everlasting Gospel cannot penetrate the lives of people everywhere think again. My friends with such a cloud of witnesses as these. Leaving us a legacy with heaven looking on. One cannot we cannot must and we must not step back. Or draw back or pull back. We must not take eyes off of Jesus Christ especially when we are so close and nearing home despite high pressures. Despite high temperatures. The gates of hell. While not prevail against Jesus Church Amen amen. And lastly. And lastly the lesson of the mustard seed number five. God's people. God's people must always be fragrant. And attractive. Now talking about necessarily on the outside I'm talking about attractive on the inside character. The mustard seed is used in many places and even the year as spikes in cooking. And when it's broken down on the high temperature. Its oil. Gives out a subtle pervading. Aroma. Freshly ground mustard is a potent penetrating. Dressing. It's used in the east as for counteracting. Severe headaches. And I did it apply carelessly it can even cause burns. So the mustard seed is also a symbol of high potency and ever veiling. Aroma. Christ was saying his kingdom his church his people to be the same the lives of his followers not to be both fragrant. And effective. You know. You know you've walked by individuals and you kind of stop and go. Ha ha that was one of those what are they wearing. That smell so nice and. So refreshing and. And then of course you've got you've got the sea isn't the. The pennies and you go through those you know trying to get to an area in the store but you've got to pass through the make up and all the colones and all the. Perth fumes and it just it's just gone by Jews like folk abating it in there it's pretty big. It's pretty big gob once his church to be fragrant. He wants us to be fragrant. He doesn't want us to knock anyone socks off by Ask Mel you understand. We don't want to be that way we want to be potent. Yes. Overpowering. No we can be potent for Jesus folk. Should be like to come into our presence not run from it cause I can't stand our smell. But there are worse things than an all consuming good smell. And that is an overpowering. Bad smell. That's right. And people can smell out odor. By the attitudes that we carry. That's so true. Now to be honest to be an Adventist. It means that you believe Jesus is coming back again. And you're an Adventist the Smalling. You are now then it's what is an Adventist an Adventist is. Is someone who believes in the return of their Savior Jesus Christ. You're an Adventist you see. We are people of hope. We are hopeful and we have dedicated to Christ and we are in the business of loving others into his kingdom. That's what it means to be an Adventist. That's a good attitude isn't it to be hopeful. To be encouraging. To be winsome. To be leading people to Jesus. That's a good attitude to have we want to smell right. But some focus Adventists. They're more gloomy than she of Paul more hopeless than hopeful. And they don't smell right. And they need therefore the presence of Jesus. There are some folk who are mad. Ventus as well. Nothing makes them happy. Always picking on this and that blaming the church for everything. I got a second dog. Is it true that we are all a part of the church. You can't save the church did this mean we are we do out we are part of the church. Always picking on something people in the church never plays critical judgment about everything and they don't smell right either. They need the joy of Jesus. Then there are some fed. Ventus Fed Ventus. Obsessed with getting the latest. And the biggest and the best. Caught up with the latest fashion. Downloading the latest movies and this latest song. They might not be smelling quite right either and perhaps they need the humility of Jesus Christ. And then there are bad Ventus. It's. They're not submissive to the leading of Jesus Christ in the life refusing to be guided by clear. Thus saith the Lord. They don't smell right. And they need. The grace of Jesus Christ. And then lastly there are those that are Ted. Ventus it's just to get a little. They get a tad bit jealous from time to time. A tad bit. Mean from time to time a tad bit. Worked up. And committed to Jesus just a tad. They come to church. A tad. And they obey. The Word of God just a tad. They don't smell right either. And what these folk need. Is the fullness of Jesus Christ. Friend we want to be so we want to be smelling right when we want to be smelling right. We do and that comes from spending time with Jesus. It comes from allowing him to transform us and to change us into a deep breath. Need it we need a deeper. Experience with Jesus Christ we need to put Christ. On what do you say. We need to put Christ on then we can show kindness. Spillover with graciousness and exude a hopefulness. In a world without hope because you and I have spent time with Jesus Christ. Thank God today. Thank God today that in these closing days on earth history. The message of Christ is all pervasive. The everlasting Gospel is changing lives. The eternal good news is making inroads is making people knew that thank God that in this last generation. The parable of the Mustard Seed my friends. Will reach its final fulfillment. It began way back there in Palestine a couple of thousand years ago small band of followers. Believing on Jesus it grew. The Holy Spirit was poured out the early rain and that seed germinated in it grew. And in these last days the latter rain will fall. And this. BUSH this tree. Is going to grow and flourish and. Reach the fulfillment of what Jesus has spoken about in this particular parable the this generation. The parable of the mustard seed will reach its final fulfillment the little seed will become a tree. When this will last message of hope. As we read in Revelation fourteen verse six goes to every nation. To every kindred. To every turn and to every. People and as it was said of those in the book of Acts. They were taking out of them. Out of the Gentiles. Out of the well. Out of confusion a people. For his name friends what a time to be alive a man. This is the time of the fulfillment of the Mustard Seed parable what great opportunities. Before. God's people. Today. Friends. You just got to know here this morning. You just can't hold back the mustard. I meant. This. Media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's. Words through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leader visit. W W W dot. Audio verse or.


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