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The Parable of Jesus: Disappointed Expectations

Chris Buttery


Life is filled with discouragements and disappointments.  You cannot run or hide from them.  Is it possible that a person can meet with disappointment in God’s church also, and if so how do we deal with them when they come?



  • May 3, 2014
    11:30 AM
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Well let's pray just one more time if you wouldn't mind just by the heads as we go into a message father. Thank you again for your presence and for being with us. Thank you for giving us clarity as we open your would. In Jesus' name and we thank you man. Some of you may have heard of the individual and put his face up on the screen here Armand Hammer. And have you heard of the name almond hammer. The chairman of the Occidental. Of Occidental Petroleum. Now he died December of one nine hundred ninety at the age of ninety two and. When he died he was a legend. He had done things people only dreamed about. He had become a successful businessman and a person of influence with presidents. And a generous philanthropist and patron of the arts. USA Today called him a giant of capitalism and a confidant of world leaders. And flamboyant crusader for world peace and a cancer cure. Other reports cited his many accomplishments. Such as making his first million by the age of twenty one. Providing humanitarian aid to Soviet Russia in one nine hundred twenty one and improving U.S. Soviet relations and receiving. Numerous awards granted by over a dozen countries. Also the but the biography is written about how much before his death in one thousand nine hundred. Glowing terms the story. Was that he saved his father's pharmaceutical company. While he was still in medical school. Travelled to the Soviet Union in his twenty's. Made huge amounts of money. In business there and bought and amassed a huge collection of priceless. Czarist. Artwork and treasure. And made a fortune selling them all here. Right here in the United States. He later went on to buy Occidental Petroleum Corporation turning it into a multi-billion dollar. Organization. Now. Most people thought he was a business. Genius. But after he died. The truth about how McCain now. I'm going to have his image was actually a result of a carefully crafted. Public. Relations campaign that's banned. Seven decades. He manufactured much of his personal history. He continually controlled. Information about himself. Hiring ghost writers to create fictitious autobiographies of his own life. And even created a company and hammer productions. Whose mission was to make films. Promoting him. All these efforts were made to disguise a deceptive man who used people like objects and then threw them out like trash when he was finished with a hammer. Had no friends. He allowed his father to go to prison for him. In the galactic his only son and himself from his only. Other child an illegitimate daughter. He was a. Left a trail of broken marriages. It's no surprise that when at hemis funeral. On December thirteenth one nine hundred ninety it was poorly attended. His son Julian. Didn't appear. And neither did his family. The family of his two brothers. His poll bearers were his show for his male nurse. And other personal. Employees. Pretty sad isn't it. The story of. Almond Hamma. Reveals the disturbing truth. That people aren't always what they appear to be on the surface. Some people are media pretenders. Bluffing their way through life. To hide who they really are maybe you've run into run into people like that from time to time. Why would anyone want to live. To fool anyone. Is beyond me but the fact remains pretenders exist. And when found out how disappointing. Especially when expectations run high. For these individuals. Now unfortunately these experiences are an isolated to the world. But they have found their way into the Christian church as a matter of fact. Jesus. Addresses. These two issues in another story that he she and. If you turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew chapter thirteen. And this is where we're going to be. Matthew chapter thirteen. Math Matthew is the only Gospel writer that actually touches on deals with this particular parable or story that Jesus Jesus spoke. And it's a Matthew chapter thirteen will look at verse twenty four three thirty. Matthew chapter thirteen versus twenty four three thirty. Another parable put he forth unto them saying. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a man. Which sowed. Good seed in his field. But while men slept. His enemy came and so ten years. Among the wheat and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up and brought forth fruit. Then appear that the tears also. So the servants of the household A came and said unto him sir did. Or did not thou so good seed in the I field. From whence then hath. It takes is. He said unto them an enemy has done this. The seven seventeen will they'll then that we go and gather them up. And he said no less while you gather the tears the root up. Also the we are them that both grow together until the harvest. And in the time of the harvest. I will get to the reapers gather you together first the tears. And bind them in bundles. To burn them but gather. The wheat. Into my balm. And so Jesus talks about. Pretenders in the church. These two issues. With regard to pretenders and how to handle disappointed expectations I'm not sure if it was put up on the screen maybe we can put that up on the screen as well. Want to make sure you get the essence of the. Of this particular parable the parable of the we speaks to the issues. Of The Pretenders. In the church. And how to handle. Disappointed. Ex back. Taishan. All right so Jesus. Shares the parable. The disciples come to him after. Actually nearly pleading. Can you please explain this and so Jesus does that down in verse thirty seven so. Jump they are with me to Matthew thirteen in verse thirty seven and look at how Jesus explains his own parable. I'm sure glad Jesus helps us with this one. Yeah. All right Matthew chapter thirteen where. Verse thirty seven. And he answered and said to them. He that sows the good seed is the son of who man. The field is the world. The good seed are the children of the kingdom but. The Tales of the children of the wicked one thing enemy that sort of them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the world in the reapers. The angels. As they're full of the tears A gathered and burned in fire. So shall it be in the end of the world. The son of man shall send forth his angels and they shall gather. Out of His Kingdom. All things that offend. And them. Which do iniquity. And shall cast them into a furnace of fire. And there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their father who has ears to hear. Let him hear you got your ears on this morning. All right we've got to is on so let us hear. Who is the so according to Jesus in this parable of the Sower in this parable there's none other than himself that's exactly right the Son of Man this is Jesus. It's encouraging to know that Christ introduces himself in this parable. As the son of man. This is a hard hitting parable. This is not an easy. Presentation for me to make here today. But Jesus reveals himself as the Son of Man more on that. A little bit later. So in the parable What is the field. That this is sewn into. According to what Jesus said. It is said That's right he said it's the world Jesus that is the world but it's OK to understand this as the church. In the world we're talking about what friends of the kingdom of a lot of God the kingdom of heaven. That's right the church. On Earth when you jump down to verse forty one the son of man shall send his angels and gather. Out of the way of friends his kingdom you see all things that. Of three and. You notice the that eventually the tears are going to be gathered. Out and where are they going to be gathered out of the kingdom that's exactly right so definitely. This is referring. Definitely can't be referring to the world but we can understand this to mean the church. In the world this is referring to God's kingdom on Earth. The kingdom of his great. You see. Remember. It's in the church that the follower. As of Jesus grow and ripen for the final harvest. But the parable deal soley. With the development of his followers so we can understand. When Jesus said. The world he's talking about the church. In the world. All right then Jesus reveals that there are two groups of people in the church and we put this line up as well for this one. There are two groups of people revealed in the church you've got the good seed. Who are the children of the Kingdom or in other words. Those in the church that are born. Of the Word of God These are folks who are converted you see their genuine followers of Jesus they are authentic. They are authentic and then you've got the others. Now by the way. For these folk the authentic. For the authentic. This is more than a profession of faith in Christ. But a possession of Christ. In the Life. We're trying to define some terms here. Their creeds. And their deeds our congregants you see. And this happens not because they're born with some special advantage. But because they've opened their hearts of wide to the truth of God's word and allowing God's work of grace. To be worked out into their lives you say they've just. They're letting God. Have his way in their lives these are genuine followers aligning Jesus have his way in their lives. Then you've got the strike. You've got the tears who are the children of the wicked one. The wicked one who would the seed in the in the field. And Jesus said the one who did that is who the. The devil that's right you've got to be thankful for Jesus explanation here. You see God's not nor ever will be responsible for what the devil has done and continues to do the Bible tells us that. All good things and perfect things come from above from the Father of Lights in whom is no variableness need a shadow of turning we read that in James Chapter one Verse seventeen. In other words. God. Issues Grace. God is used goodness. God issues blessing. Hurt. Pain. Grief. All that bad. Toughs well. Jesus said. An enemy. Has done. This. We need to make sure we understand a clear distinction now. Back in the east in Jesus' day. Men would sometimes take revenge on an enemy by scattering seeds. Into a freshly sown. Field. Now it was likely that they sowed what. What is called the bearded. Don now and will put a picture for you up on the screen so you can. You can see what this thing looks like the bearded Donnell. You've got the wheat. And you've got the beta done else. The weight is on the left the be done on the. On the right. The bit the done always used it normally grows to about two feet tall today in Palestine. And while it's in its earliest stages. It's pretty much. Indistinguishable from the way you can tell right. As very very close to each other but when the plant matures. And the seeds of the Donald turned black. It's then becomes very easy to distinguish between the wheat. And the tape is between the. The wheat. And the bearded male. Interestingly the seeds are poisonous. Very poisonous and if. Eaten. It said that they could produce violent nausea. Diarrhea. Convulsions and sometimes if taken in large quantity. They're growing with the wheat. You understand it would hurt the crop. And naturally. It would bring be a source of frustration. To the owner of the crop and that was the purpose in selling the BE IT Adonal in the in this freshly sowing field of wheat. So this graphic this graphic parable. Lends itself. Almost perfectly to the spiritual truth. Illustrated by. This parable. Growing right by each other in the church according to Jesus not according to Pastor Chris or anyone else. According to Jesus. In the church. You've got converted Christians and. Growing by each other growing by the sight of each other you've got Christians converted Christians and those that say they are. But they are really not. And this shocking condition. And this is the shocking condition that threatens the advancement of the church the primal geisha. Of the three Angels' messages you see. Let's ask a question here. What is Satan want to accomplish in sowing Taya is in the church what is the devil. Want to accomplish what's the object of selling tears in the church. Keep these points in mind. Because we help you help me to help. Each one of us understand. When things don't seem to make sense in the church. When you perhaps expect more from your church. Number one the devil wants to decide on a god. That's really what he wants to do if he can show that the church. Is a stronghold of hypocrites. Than the devil can easily put God in an obscure light. Who is going to think much of God and be led to honor him. When the very people who are cold to properly represent him. Miss. Represent him. And remember. A misrepresentation of God's character. Is the devil's number one weapon to keep people out of heaven. That's his goal. That's his objective so if he wants to dishonor God Number two. He wants to misrepresent the work of salvation. He wants to misrepresent the work of salvation. If he can get people. Seeing that saved. Just like unsaved folk. Mean and nasty and impatient and unkind. Then he can lead people to believe that God's plan. Designed to save people from these things doesn't work that it's actually a fuss. And what happens when someone gets a hold of that idea that I'm going to be very interested in availing themselves of God's. Saving Grace. You heard that. This particular phone didn't work did you go out and buy it or you heard that this particular tablet. Just had problems. After problem after problem did you go by I know and this is the devil's attempt to suggest that the. Of salvation doesn't work to folk in the world. Because it gets people looking in the church and seeing folk in the church. So you folk. Say folk. Acting like. Folk you see. Folk need to see a change in Christians before they believe that it's the real deal and make it. They are very young thankfully. Thankfully Jesus Christ can make that happen. Jesus can transform the character I am in no doubt about that. By So that's number two number three what else is the devil want to do in sowing these two years in the church he wants to imperil souls. How does the devil do this. He wants to get church folk looking at other. Church folk. And by doing this he can get some discouraged. And end up throwing in the towel end up causing them to be discouraged. The devil brings into the church. Those that bear the name of Jesus. While they deny his character. That's what the devil wants to do with the Amen Hemmer's of the world. He brings into the church and how many people have lost sight of Christ because they spent too much time focusing on the problems and problem people. So to speak. And many have lost their spiritual footing because they let this appointment of a false brother in the church get the better of them. If they only keep their heads in God's word and. If only they had looked to Jesus and seen in him loveliness and holiness and Grace if they only took the name of Jesus with them and sought to bring others to him then perhaps they wouldn't of fallen away like some have. I forgot that Jesus can bring victory. Out of defeat. I forgot that Jesus can bring hope. Out of a hopeless situation. They forgot that Jesus can bring. Faith to conquer where only unbelief. Exists. Truth to stand tall where era lies. And pretends masquerading as a real thing. Then the Lord Jesus can bring victory Amen. No doubt about that. According to the parable. The tear. A tear is like is like the real thing. It is like the real thing. But a child knows the difference. But a child even knows the difference one blistering hot done. When Mom had guests over for dinner. She. Hasta a four year old James to return thanks for the food. Well I don't know what to say mom. Well just say what you hear me say. She said it so I didn't leave the boy ballad his head and mumbled Oh Lord why did I invite these people over in a hot day like this it's. Children no children. Some years ago I pretty impressive picture. A pretty impressive picture was exhibited in London. As you looked at this picture from a distance it seemed as though you had a man. Ballad over a very pious man and gauged in prayer. This is what. This is what you saw when you looked at it from a distance. A very pious man engaged in praise. Hands clasped. And his heads but his head bowed. And as you came nearer to the pitch. It exist and you examined. The painting. You realized and you looked at it more closely you realized that in reality the man was actually. Squeezing a lemon into a punch bowl. Now unfortunately. Unfortunately the enemy has sewn into the church of those who appear to be religious and pious. But all they're doing is making the lives of others. SALWA. And so. Here's one of the lessons Jesus teaches us here in this parable we put it up on the screen Jesus is teaching us. That not everyone who professes Christ. Actually possesses Christ. Not everyone not everyone who professes Christ. Lives for Christ. That's what Jesus is teaching us here in this parable. Was someone's bad ass what how did these folks get this way. Was not an easy one to answer. One could suggest that perhaps some folk a build a Christian experience upon. False or wrong principles. Perhaps they think that a profession of Christianity is good enough just mental assent. That doesn't change the life perhaps I think that's good enough whatever the reason. The foundation of it evidently is wrong and it ends up telling. In their lives in the fruit. That they bear might even just be lemons. In the parable I want you to go to with me to verse twenty seven Look at that. In the parable we read verse twenty seven. So the servants of the household A came. And they said to him Sir did is not that good seed in the field from whence then hath it tails. Now these folk evidently a distress because of the attitude of some of the professed followers of Jesus in the church. They are bothered by staying true and false believers mingle together. In the church. Many find the church is not what they expected it to be. And their expectations. Become bitterly disappointed. They ask perhaps. All in the church representatives of Christ. Yet why are some. Acting more like the devil what's Callen are out here. What's happening in this place. Listen. Folks if it should come as no surprise to any of us that the devil has done his insidious work. The parable says while. Minnes flecked he did his work of sowing tailless. We see that his. Is an undercover operation he works cunningly imperceptibly and truly. It shouldn't cause us to be disappointed when hypocrites A said to find their way through these doors. In the last book of the Bible God showed John the devil. Making war against his lost a church in Revelation twelve. And verse seventeen war means war. War means war. These are fighting words Peter reminds us of the devil is like a roaring lion seeking you may develop his peter five eight devils on the warpath the devil is cold and that. All out war. On God's people and he means business. And so the second thing we can learn. That Jesus teaches us here in this parable more put it up on the screen for you as well. Is that we shouldn't be surprised or disappointed by the presence of pretenders. In the church. We shouldn't be disappointed or surprised now. I'm not saying here today that it's going to get you should just be. Relax and just think that that's just OK. I'm not suggesting that Jesus isn't suggesting that but he's he's he's he's softening the blow for some of us. Some folk come to church and they expect. It's heaven on earth and. Perhaps in some respects it ought to be but. You know where there are folk where there are people there's imperfection. So if you want perfection just let the folk go. And you'll have an empty church but you'll have a perfectly empty church that's all you have. Is say. Jesus said don't be disappointed the humorous story. Appeared in Reader's Digest some time ago. This may serve as an appropriate illustration. The right of said and I'm just reading the story she said my brother adopted a snake named Slinky. Whose most disagreeable trait was eating. Live mice. Once I was pressed into going to the pet store to buy slinky his dinner. The worst part of this choosing wasn't looking for the juiciest looking creature. Or turning down the clerk who wanted to sell me vitamins. To ensure their longevity. The hardest part. The hardest part was carrying the poor thing out in a box. Bearing the words. Thank you for finding me a home. I mean you imagine my head that if mice could think what that mice might at that mouse might have been thinking or those mice might have been thinking when they arrived. To their brain your home only to be met with a flickering tongue in the faces of his number. Their number one arch enemy predator. And yet there are folk who leave the world come into what should be the safe havens of the church. And we said we want you to be part of our family this is God's house this is your house here when they enter in they quick to encounter the flickering tongues and failing not of a predator. But if I pretend. And how quickly they spoke. Can become concerned and discouraged and wonder how this happened. Like the servants of the household in Jesus story they want to deal with the ten years. And wonder why the church lets it go on. Lets it continue. But how does Jesus say. These should be treated. How does he say. How we should cope with these seemingly inconsistency. Seeming inconsistency is in the church. How are we to deal with disappointed expectations. The word that comes from Christ is verse twenty nine. We read it earlier will read it. Again. Those twenty nine but he said nay less while you gather up the tail is. Also the wheat with them. Now before I talk to this issue. I need to probably interject something here. Jesus said leave them alone. Let the wheat and the tails grow together. Let him alone. Go and pluck them out then go on up root them to let me let me just clear up something here was Criseyde leave. All those folks. Alone in the church who persist in open sin. Was he saying that. Don't worry about those who are clearly. And knowingly disobeying some clear command of the Bible. Who are living in rebellion just let it go it was Jesus saying that none of what he was and there's a difference here Jesus wasn't saying that he wasn't saying don't deal with rebellion and you in your writings he wasn't saying that. To the contrary. Jesus instead encourages us to not let it go but to work in a redemptive way for individuals who might be in rebellion. Or might have fallen away from grace so to speak. Even by taking perhaps a disciplinary measures. Just like in the family and parents dealing with the children and so on is correction is to be made the Bible is riddled with examples where people as people were to root out. And to deal with the same problem in the camp. But this is not what the prop the parable is talking about. It's not talking about open rebellion open sin. False theology accent or a. Jesus is the tail is. Those that say they are Christians but don't appear to be. Should be left. Should be left. Why. I mean because isn't that dangerous for Wouldn't God be dishonored his work of salvation misrepresented and precious souls. Put in spiritual danger. What I believe Christ to be saying is that he has given no one the responsibility of judging motive and. Character. Even of supposed that the pretenders. Jesus and you can judge motives you cannot judge. The character that's for me to do. So an individual. Might be in the church perhaps he. Next five ten years twenty five years who knows by all appearances. Seems to be a pretty decent individual. But you sense that there's something not quite right you just can't put your finger on it. But your gut tells you there's something in your mind that tells you there's something not quite right. This guy doesn't seem to be wholly Christian Jesus says don't be quick to stun this person up. That's what he's saying don't be too hasty. To figure him all out. And definitely don't try to walk him. Out the front doors of the church. HUGE mistakes. Have been made by some who've tried to root suppose that spurious Christians in the church so much damage has been done in the past it has become close to impossible to fix. I wonder if you stop to think about this someone who was thought to be hopeless. Was probably the very one Christ was trying to draw to himself. Dealing with people according to Al. Imperfect judgment could extinguish someone's last ray of hope and fear and that would be a travesty. I think you'd agree I meant. But who's to say that the other person in question. Who is the one. Is the one who we ought to be worrying about. Who's to say that what about those that think that there are strong moral Tao in this and it's impenetrable. What about those who think they won't ever ever fall. Unfortunately there are many who think that they stay fit but will one day be extremely disappointed they thought they were the ones going to heaven. But come to find out. They themselves weren't ready to go how terrible it will be to realize. The very thing that they thought would happen to others in the. Happening to it to them. And how does that end up happening some folks think that they've got it made. I think they've got it made it. But in their self-confidence they work their way right. Out of the. Loving embrace of Jesus. Trusting in their own goodness. As compared with the questionable behaviors of others. Look how bad they are. That makes me look better. There folk in the church that point out problems left right and center it's a deflection technique. Don't want folks to think that they themselves have some issues. What A said. It will be for these folk. You see we have a tendency to judge by appearances don't we should we do. From where someone is from. From what family. They're from. Perhaps what they look like the school they graduated from the church they attend to the car that they drive all of these things we create pitches we come up with to come to conclusions about people and individuals. But. Is that. But it is God who knows the heart and he align that knows the heart. Jesus says Wait. Hold on don't be too hasty here. Let the wheat in tails grow together till the harvest. So we do. And so we must be obedient. Now. The third thing that Jesus teaches here. Obviously. From what we've said here this morning. Is that what Jesus was teaching. Is that we ought to be or live with one another with forbearance and with tender love. I meant. I got a second. Amen. But we ought to be living with each. Rather with forbearance and tend to love. That deserve a hottie Amen. We all have to. This is what this is what. Church is made on for what we get we're not going to go to heaven without anger issues and without problem we need to do with them right here. And we need to be tender. With each other and forbearing one another and have tender love for one another. Consider that the tears typically have their roots. Closely tightly in tangled with the roots of the week. And if you're going to pluck out one guess what's going to happen. They're going to pluck up the the truth pretenders in the church might be closely linked with the faithful folk. In the church as well. The true characters of. The Pretender. Hasn't been fully realized. And if they're separated from the church some of the true and honest and hot. Might not understand they might get discouraged. And leave as well so Jesus encourages us in this parable. To always. Exercise great care. Great patience and self constraint when bearing with. Isn't that what Jesus did that. How did Jesus introduce himself in this parable Do you remember going to put it up on the screen. Do you remember how Jesus introduced himself the Son of man. The son of man. That's how Jesus introduced himself this is highly significant. Right here in this parable. Jesus introduces himself as the Son of man. He could have introduced himself as the Son of God. One. Equal with the father the high and holy war. And undefiled unpure but he didn't. Instead he called himself the Son of man. A clear reminder that he was not only Emmanuelle. God with us. But also Jesus. A son born of a virgin girl someone who was touched with the feelings of our infirmities tempted. Like an all points as we are yet without sin as God. He could have a hurled hatred at sin. But instead he chose not to and instead sought to rescue the sinner. From the clutches of a stand that my friend is the son of man. That my friend is Jesus Christ consider with me for a moment. How Jesus the Son of Man dealt with those issues we can learn something from the way. Christ dealt with Satan Lucifer. In heaven. The angels. Obviously didn't fully understand and discern the character of the devil so God. Let him reveal. What was what he was really all about. If he snapped him out of existence right away doubt about God's character would a surface. The angels of course then would have served God from fear and not love God wasn't about to lose the lot. In just being hasty with one. And it's true it's true I've met those who call. Those in the church or. Bunch of hypocrites. They say I don't want anything to do with it because you know you didn't the church is just filled with hypocrites. Perhaps if we got rid of the people in the. Things would be better I mean there are many. There are many who are considering joining the church are afraid to. Because of what might be in there like the boy you asked while encouraged to go swimming in the local like by the month. Is there anything in there that's going to kill me. Maybe they have heard the horror stories from those who've left or. Have been informed of titles of intolerance and coldness. But it is not reasonable for them to say these things nor these arguments. Can be used for an excuse for folk not to come to Jesus. C. calling to Jesus. The church will always have to enjoy. Pretenders. From my experience. There are plenty of folk in the church that love Jesus Christ and seeking to learn to become more like him in their daily lives. No one should become discouraged by people who who who are challenging. Or by people who are or cite challenging things. When we look at the early church was that any better and a niacin Safira. They joined the disciples but I was struck down for not telling the world. Not telling the truth. Simon magots was baptized and yet he tried to secure a miracle. By working. The miracle working power of the Holy Spirit he sought to buy it through payment. DEMAS. He was a trusted friend and disciple. But he for pole and Judas. Judas. He was numbered with the disciples. We need to remember that Christ doesn't want one person lost. He doesn't. His experience with Judas is on record to get it through ethics Giles' that we need to bear with others. As he did. The tears will be in the church to win. Till the end. Till the very end. So what have we learned so far. What we learned in this story this parable first. Not all those who profess to accept the principles of the kingdom of heaven. What they appear to be at first. We've also been told by Christ that we. Not to be surprised and therefore disappointed to find in the church. Those whose lives have not been transformed by His grace. And lastly. We've discovered. How Christ would have a street. Everybody in the church. With forbearance and tender love. That's what we've been. That's what we've learned that before I close. Before I close it must be clearly stated that this parable. Should not teach anyone to become suspicious of anybody else. You read a parable like this and some folks get it in their minds and get a little confused about some things. They start looking around and wondering why we are they the tales. No no no no. Jesus wasn't saying do that. He wasn't saying get suspicious. About others in the church or to point out. Those who you supposed to be tears that's not the purpose as of the reason Jesus gave this parable is pretty obvious from Christ teaching. That he would have us all be wheat. Amen. I mean that the fact of the matter is he's saying. You don't want to be a tailor you want to be a wheat. That's what you want to be he would have all of his sons and daughters be converted. And transformed and changed have all of his family allowing the transforming power of His grace. To make the necessary changes in their lives. In preparation for that great day when Jesus Christ. Come back comes back again to take them higher Alger's eyes to be weighed I meant sure. And how by simply recognizing our need of our Savior each and every day. Trusting our lives into his hands. Day by day and. Following his would even though it may call for some awkward adjustments. To be made in the life. We just follow His will because we love him in his graces in our hearts. We need a park practice humility. We need to practice. This trust. Look to Jesus and learn of his wise trust in his methods. And trust in His grace and when it's all said and done. Christ will decide who will be considered worthy to dwell with him in the family of heaven. For in him and him alone. Who knows. It is him and him alone that knows. SOUTHALL it's and knows our hot it is Him and Him alone. That reads minds friend in the end they'll be only two groups in the church. There will be the wheat. And there will be the the tailless and in the end the truth. Will finally be revealed whether you will be faithful. Or whether you will be declared a pretender. And my prayer is that we will be considered. Faithful the choices we make today. About Jesus and his. His influence in our lives will determine the destiny. That we each will receive. Receive what awaits the taters is clearly. Frightening. There's no doubt about that. Lake of Fire no eternity. No life. No Jesus. However however those who remain faithful. Those who keep their hand in the hand of Jesus. And look to him to be transformed by His grace. A wonderful promise remains. And eternity with Jesus Christ. Wonderful promise wonderful assurance that choice is evidently clear for each of us isn't it. Each and every day we have moments to decide. Even at moments. We have to decide I'm going to run off to be like the devil am I going to be like Jesus right now. I'm going to trust his word am I going to distrust. His promises for me we've all got those decisions we have to make each and every day. The choices we make today are very clear. We want to choose Jesus every day every moment of every day and then. This ought to be at decision this is what the parable encourages us to do. To lift the Jesus. To be a weed and not a tail. And to be ready. When he comes again. That's our prayer and then. We want to be ready when Jesus comes. And we don't want to just. We want to get ready we want to be ready and we can be ready. As we trust in his work. In our lives and we cooperate with that grace. That's working in our hearts in an ally. Let's be ready Amen amen. We're going to sing our closing him at this time. And we have to whip out the bolt in here to make sure I got it right. It is Number thought. Three hundred and. Before I want you to play especially close attention to the last of the. US The last stands are of this particular song there is a tendency in our hearts to sometimes. In all of our hearts to perhaps sometimes drift from the Lord and we're asking the Lord to not let us draft. But to keep close to him to stay by him. Let's not be pointing fingers at anybody else. Let's be warned about what God is doing in life whether on faith or whether I'm following his this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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