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The Great Advent Awakening

Tim Arakawa


Tim Arakawa

Endocrinologist in Tamuning, Guam



  • January 3, 2009
    9:00 AM
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all right well we begin with the word prayer if other heaven we thank you so much for the many times do you have led your people throughout history we think especially of the dispute you haven't his church and now as we spend time going over various events we ask that you would not only help us you understand identity as Seventh-day Adventists but that you also help us to understand and partake of the spirit of the pioneers as well in Jesus name we pray amen look into the Adventist history class Evan Hope where a happy day twenty can be here and were looking forward to studying a highlights from Avent 's history obviously after about a hundred and sixty five years or so you can't have everything organized try to hit some of the main points before we begin though I just want to read you a couple quotes to talk about AI philosophy behind setting avenues history and one of them you prior familiar with Donna my sketches page one ninety six and it says that they would know that we have nothing to fear for the future except what as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teachings in our past history and so we want to remember the way that the Lord is led we want to go over those teachings that that we have learned throughout the passage don't want to forget those the other quotation I want to bring bring up is found is actually a measure of relief three forty six it was Alan white rind Aji Daniels and ninetieth three twenty says again and again I've been shown that the past experiences of God 's people are not be counted as dead facts so what while were talking here about avenues history is not dead fax is a living history in fact in a very real sense each one of us is still part of that history and are making history each day we are not to treat the record of these experiences as we would treat last year 's almanac the record is to be kept in mind for history will repeat itself the darkness of the mysteries of the night is to be eliminated with light of heaven and so were going to be setting Adventist history with an eye towards the future and were going to want to learn the lessons so that we can put them in the practice as we make Adventist history today all right a couple things about the class before we begin this class is just inherently cut of more lecture -based and so while there will be times where you might you be reading Bible tax than things like that were not to be taking too many questions without a lot of material to cover and very little time and so you'd you have questions we will have a question-and-answer period probably on the last Sabbath that we study the last our last topic and so maybe a afternoon will have a question-and-answer time save your questions write them down and we can cover them during that session okay I like over a schedule with you will post this in the in the foyer okay let me just go over with you and for our audio verse audience the first topic will be covering this morning will be is called the great Advent awakening it will be covering basically the Millerite movement however there's so much to cover with lid in the two and next week will be covering the specific part of the millwright movement that was right before eighteen forty four call the seventh month movement and the midnight cry was given so that will be next week the week after that will be covering out what we are calling present truth the development of the truths that the Avenue this church holds now many of them are distinctive and obvious special emphasis on non- sanctuary of the spear prophecy and the Sabbath after that we have a topic called almost the Canaan and it's what the what you could term the close call that that we had the church of had when Jesus potentially could've come and so there are three major times that happen the last one happened in eighteen eighty eight and that is so important that were going to split out into a second section so the next section of the does it to be about eighteen eighty eight General conference after that were going to cover the health message and medical missionary work and will include a narrow talk about Kellogg and Battle Creek sanitarium after that were to cover education and the Madison especially as well as some other things and never they move on into the more recent Adventist history were going to cover what happened in nineteen fifties when Walter Martin approached the Avenue search with questions about our doctrines and after that were going to cover what happened the seventies and eighties especially dealing with what happened with Desmond Ford and finally were going to and with current events in Adventism document what's happening now and perhaps even a little bit about the future that's kind of the outline of what can happen so that you can you can look forward to do those things make sure your Bibles will still be there Bibles here and there few talk about some of the different things and this class be primarily taught by three people that will be Norman McNulty Adrien saw ahead of myself to mark our all right let's start our talk with a little bit of historical context okay because either familiar with the time period of the late in the hundreds and early eighteen hundreds a lot was going on during that time and some of those things that were happening were specifically made it conducive for the added movement to begin the first thing I want to talk about is the fact that in the United States at the time of William Miller there was a tremendous amount of religious freedom and this is very very important because the you think about it there were scholars and lay people all over the world in the eighteen hundreds you are studying the second coming and they were studying the prophecies they were especially studying them because of the French Revolution the French Revolution renewed interest in the twelve hundred and sixty year prophecy because they believe that that was the fulfillment so why didn't Adventist Gavin movement began in Europe and one of the answers is that Europe did not have religious freedom in Europe you had a state religion that was for free much in control of of the way things the way things are going to be and they dominated the religious landscape but in an America the religious freedom everyone had the opportunity to choose which denominations they would worship and him and what their beliefs would be and so in America there a lot of hi mostly Protestant denominations but they were all there with a lot of them will be called religious plurality no dominant religion and so this provided an atmosphere that that people could study on so if you think about it the establishment of the United States and especially its Constitution which guarantees freedom of religion and the separation of church and state 's critical for Avent is to begin another important accordance part of this time was development of a lot of isms and that you know what I mean by isms let's go through a few and maybe you can think of a few as well all one was humanism humanism came from basically the age of Enlightenment where reason and rational thought was was people 's way of finding truth and so it led to the idea that humans could could find truth and that humans could could develop and think for themselves in and find true and is led to something called Deism and her ideas and before using the idea that that God is a very distant God he started things off letting go it rejects personal God it develops divine revelation especially through Scripture and the Deism was a way of of using rational thought to come in the truth can you think of any other isms our happening during the seventeen eighteen hundreds spiritualism was was a big part of what was happening that spiritual of the master started in eighteen forty four and continue to grow throughout the beginnings of the added movement and beyond on dozens Mormonism Mormonism Ashley began in the in eighteen thirty and was right around the same time that Adventism started we were not any other isms okay Marxism was another another as well as a whole series of lectures by Doctor to pray about the different isms and different things started yes okay so you could call Darwinism also started the origin of species was was written around the time of eighteen forty there are others as well all we can get through all the moments and a few others there was feminism that started and other things that is temperance the temperance movement the anti- slavery movement prohibition these are all things that were starting around the time a lot of reform but a lot of this was based in humanism the idea that humans could influence society by their actions is also divided the church is in fact there is renewed emphasis on missionary activity especially with the Westward expansion the manifest destiny as an American expanded westward so they had a lot of Bible societies and started a lot of religious interest in a lot of this had to deal with how to deal with the concept called post millennialism the idea that use within a calm after the at the end of the millennium after a thousand years of prosperity and so they thought that perhaps with the industrial revolution all the things happening at this with a time where prosperity would come the whole world might be converted and then queues could come but it was to this the prophecies into William Miller that the idea of premillennialism became popular so the story of the militant movement starts with of course William Miller though I won't we want to talk a little bit about Willie Miller's life only know I was in a very interesting man he was born in seventeen eighty two in Pittsfield Massachusetts and he was the part of a farming system there his father was a farmer and the yet a family of sixteen children of which Willie Miller was eldest since you he was a boy he was always very studious he even though he only went to school maybe two or three months out of a year other at the time they had to work on a farm he learned to read and you he would go to wealthy neighbors because they can afford books he would borrow books from wealthy neighbors and he would read them at night by by the fire whenever I also gone to sleep very similar to highlight the stories of Abraham Lincoln that type of person and this is where he he got a lot of his education his his love for history and of reading books and of of becoming a self learner when he was twenty one he moved to Poultney Vermont because he met a girl there and and married and while he was there he began to go to the public library of that town and while he was there he met his size and people who are called DSS all right and weary talk about the event and these ideas were were new to William Miller and that he began to be influenced by the DS MA sizes happens you may have even seen it in your life for people around you where your world when people are young they are taught to follow Jesus to pray and to go to church but unless we make it our own unless we have developed a personal relationship with describe herself then when we leave home we perhaps go out and we experienced the world the ideas among other things skepticism then were easily influence and we could be led astray and that's what happened here with that Willie Miller he has made his own and so he began to be converted to DSM and he renounced his Christian faith now around this time the war of eighteen twelve broke out and William Eller was actually a captain hour he knew that the lieutenant and was you is a rose to the rank of captain during the war of eighteen twelve and it was during the war that William Miller actually became disillusioned with deism he he went into the war thinking that perhaps the war would bring out the best in man to become fully better not because of what would he called love of country patriotism he thought was a redeeming quality of mankind but through the war he saw a different side of mankind and began to disillusion him so it wasn't until the battle of Plattsburgh in the warmaking twelve that Willie Miller began to believe in God again at the battle of Plattsburgh was the decisive American victory and not in the warmaking twelve grisly what happened was the British Army and Navy tried to invade the United States from Canada and even though the American force was outnumbered ugly like almost three to one somehow someway they they won a decisive victory and actually helps contribute to end of the warmaking twelve and so because it was such a a decisive victory and then it seems unlikely Willie Miller truly believed that that this was a providential working of God and so he came back to he came back after the war had started going to church he started attending the Baptist Church of his hometown well Willie Miller and his uncle with Liz that would sometimes preach and that when the minister was not available to treat of the Baptist Church they would bring in a deacon and have them read a printed circuit imagine we did have and hope how that would go over the thought the same when that's not the life sermon right so Willie Miller kind of evaluating the others those those Sundays the church until the church started asking him to read the printed sermons and then he started coming and coming again and it was one Sunday when he was reading a printed sermon on the book of Isaiah chapter fifty three as he was reading about our Savior and how he was despised and rejected by men a man of sorrows and by his stripes we are healed all those things was overcome at by those those themes and he actually couldn't finish reading the sermon and he had to sit down and I was the beginning of his return to Christianity as so is that something that the that I think applies each one of us in if we haven't made our own it's easy to to not realize what it really means to have a crisis our Savior the love of God sent his only begotten son to this Earth to die for people who were who would reject him and so it's only as we look at the cross as we look at the love of God in our hearts are melted that we truly truly I converted is not right now with the same for William Miller well after this willy-nilly began to study his Bible and Ernest and out what he would do if he started in the book of Genesis and he would study each verse and he would study it until he was able to explain it to his satisfaction and he wouldn't go on until he eventually knew the meaning of that verse as you do a verse by verse and he only uses Bible concordance that was it back then to use the crudest concordance and so he would just use those two things and as he be studied he developed some rules to help him to interpret the Bible and does rule became so popular thereafter published they became known as Miller's rules the Bible interpretation heavier than before I wanted over a couple them with you because I think there's still great ways of studying the Bible even to this day there were thirteen of them will discover a few but one of the important things that William Miller taught was that the Bible must be own interpreter ID come to the Bible with your own presuppositions and your own interpretation it easy to turn it the way you wanted it to be by Willie Miller Miller believed in solar Scripture he believe that the Bible should be used as the own guide he also used a lot of words studies award study is or is where you take out word or perhaps the concept topic in the Bible and you look up in the concordance all the references of a particular subject and once you look at the whole biblical perspective on that then you come to a true understanding of what that means for your particular verse or context doing that a lot of this you concordance nothing right way by the way to study the Bible he also had the idea that things in Scripture should be taken literally unless there is an obvious symbolic meaning you couldn't take it literally and then you would you would look at the figurative language and the especially applied is the prophecy and one of the most important but often overlooked of rules of rival interpretation that Willie Miller had it was never thirteen was that no matter what you have to come to the Bible in faith and this heat this was his most important rule that that you had to have faith that it was the word of God and you you could encode to it and cleaned your own human motives and desires but he had to submit that to the authority of Scripture and these are all things that we can do as we study the Bible today well Willie Miller studied for a few years going through the Bible and eventually he got to Daniel at specifically he got to Daniel chapter eight verse fourteen and let's turn it out first it's such an important verse that we don't want to get over it this has become a very important verse for Adventists to this day is that when the read that text for us greater hand aren't and you said to me NT two thousand and three hundred days then sell the sanctuary the plan all right so as we set already the world was interested in prophecy and especially twelve hundred and sixty prophecy they had been studying and they realized that it accommodated in in the French Revolution and so they'd next turn to the other big-time props in the Bible which is the twenty hundred day prophecy that Willie Miller knew from my study of the Scriptures that there was a day for your principle in the Bible and the three main ways he knew it was numbers fourteen verse thirty four right Ezekiel for four verse six and also the seven-year prophecy in Daniel they all substantiate this this day day your principle is that he applied that the twenty three hundred days and he thought of course that the the sanctuary would be the earth I got people originally and then eventually Earth and that the cleansing was a purifying the Earth by fire as we apply this to the second coming so here he had yet established potentially a the time went that or he knew that the second Advent was near and this he came to in eighteen eighteen two years after he had yet started studying the Bible but William Miller did not begin preaching until eighteen thirty one thirteen years later why was that well one reason is because William Miller was was not you want to be sure that he had he was right this is such an important announcement he wanted to you to want to lead anyone astray and he felt that responsibility that he studied it for five more years to really make sure that everything was tightened everything made sense after five years he still use even more sure that it was true began to recede I get this item this impression that he needs to go and tell at the world but he still didn't he told the Lord I'm not I'm not a good public speaker and I'm in I I don't think that I would be worthy and that I would be able to do to preach this message as we waited and he waited he did tell a few of his of his friends that his the people locally but it wasn't that busy much interest as we penetrated the kind he kept studying but he kind of kept it to himself well at some point he began preaching right and maybe may have heard the story of of how he eventually came to preach at the very very interesting story I'm up I went out to you now at it was August of eighteen thirty one and William Miller was in this study studying of course his Bible sometime after breakfast and he again received this impression of this this impression to go and tell it to the world but this time the conviction came upon them so strongly in all almost overwhelmed him and he dropped to his knees and he began to pray and what he promised God he said it was you verbatim he said if I should have an invitation to speak publicly in any place I will go and tell them what I find in the Bible about the Lord 's coming now I know I felt pretty confident in this because I get never been asked to speak publicly in his whole life and he and he also knew that no one no one knew about this packet because God they felt pretty sure that he wouldn't get an invitation in and definitely not that day but interestingly enough the messenger was already on his way as well and I was was praying with an invitation for him to share his his study on the second advent with a group in nearby Dresden their minister was unable to speak and so they had sent a messenger over to ask him if he could could share and others nest had been sent before Willie Miller even made that made that promise to God I just imagine God smiling as he heard Willie Miller 's prayer knowing that the that the answer was already on the way Willie Miller he was a man of his word and he went to Dresden and he held that meeting and we'll have time for too many questions but that's right that's right so the messenger was asking him to speak specifically on the second advent they knew that he'd been that he would been studying studying that all right so he went to Dresden he spoke and once he started speaking and he was nervous before perhaps once he started speaking he coldly lost himself and ended in their discourse and he he just began to preach and it made such an impression upon the people their mass in the state for a whole week and do a series of lectures for the NFC preached more more people came and it turned into a remote revival they say of the thirteen families that that attended West Valley large in those days up all the families except for two people were converted and so this was our confirmation why Miller of the effect in and when what's and God 's blessing upon upon this this message after that the invitations began to increase and he began to speak all over the local area and is interesting to note that the Willie Miller himself said that between eighteen forty two and March of eighteen forty four this book the latter part here of of that great a great revival he gave three thousand two hundred lectures and that's a little over two years so you can imagine how how much of what he was the only speaker that was going out and speaking of lecturing about the second Advent so you can imagine that the demand and the amount of up of lectures that he eventually would be with getting well the sword and then there because at that point Willie Miller was only preaching in his local area but the message had not gone out to the main domain city and this is where Joshua Hines comes in Dosso Heintz was a a pastor of the starting Street Chapel in Boston he was one of the ones that it helps start the New England anti- slavery society with William Lloyd Garrison Raffi read about him in your American history textbooks he was a very common reformer and that he had heard about Willie Miller and invite them to come speak in Boston while Willie Miller was in Boston giving the lectures Joshua Hyde became very convicted that Willie Miller when he was proclaiming needed to be spread throughout the major cities in United States and Ashley Miller why aren't you spreading this in an preaching this in the larger cities Emily Miller told him it's because I have been invited and so at that point Joshua Hines determined that he would be Batman Batman to help to spread that the message to the large cities limit them at the Metropolis all over America since we can't begin this population 's machine and he became the chief organizer and promoter of the advanced message and I think that he did is he published a newspaper in those days that was how they need to be like may be making website nowadays or something he made a newspaper and it was called the fine for the time figure that before it's still published today the signs of the times and he published it through the print the same printers who are publishing is anti- slavery magazines and the later this became the Advent Herald and it became a practice wherever they went to a large city the advent that lecturers would produce a newspaper phrases when they went to New York State they printed newspaper called the midnight cry and it would make thousands and thousands of these and pass them out after the meetings were over to become a weekly and every week they would publish it also had a second at the library a selection of different books and pamphlets that people could own as a personal library and they could loan them to their friends to help them to understand the message as well motivated I thought were interesting was they would take the eighteen forty three chart okay is a chart that much of the prophetic of different policies on there and they would print on a half she is stationary so what have the stationery could write your letter the other half was a facsimile of eighteen forty three chart by the originating for each returned by the text of the fire they could and they can read that but I was one way that they would either promote via Advent message they had other things they produce lots of tracks fact Ohio says about EMI eighteen forty four they had distributor approximately five million newspapers and tracks well we need to keep living so I want a little bit about the general conference the advanced believers before eighteen forty four had general conferences and the first one was in October of eighteen forty and this was basically out to bring all all the leaders together and add an movement by two hundred people showed up interestingly enough willy-nilly without able to make it he got sick after he was the part of the first General conference but it was such a success that fifteen more were held in the next three years not more than that there are all more local conferences that were also held at about a hundred and twenty local conferences were held in less than three years can you imagine a hundred and twenty local conferences as I'm idea of UIC generation of youth for Christ started as a general youth conference is very similar we had a small group of people who came together about two hundred actually and today was such a success but it's grown since and also there are many many now local youth conferences as well that I started out very similar I believe that they were seeing a similar similar idea happening now at you know the advent movement but really with the movements and I believe that that's what were seeing our thing and movements UIC is really a movement of young people and of within the Adventist church besides general conferences they also had meetings and the first can meeting being was in June of eighteen forty two about a month after the sixth General conference session and the and they had a New Hampshire and the about and they say that over ten thousand people attended at some point in the first ten meeting it was so successful that that it plan to have three different cat meetings throughout that summer event of having thirty one cat meetings in that one summer the next year the next summer they had forty and the summer after that they had fifty four can you imagine fifty four different ICANN meetings on top of those of course a hundred and twenty general conferences and local conferences etc. the meetings were so large that they eventually could not hold the men in meeting halls and back she had a commission attended with called the great-aunt it was the largest tent that had ever been made in America there is an avid 's tent maker who made it was a hundred and twenty feet and I believe in diameter it will was over fifty feet tall and they could hold it it's the four thousand people comfortably two thousand and I'll up to six thousand people to fit in this great-aunt and believe it or not the urgency was so great you can imagine when you believe that the of the second coming of eminent that this this huge tent with built in one month about they estimate that about five hundred thousand people attended out of cat meetings during those three years and is a lot more to talk about Norman is going to cover the rest of the Millerite movement in the next session I want to end the fifth job often wondered what it would be like to live during those times have you ever thought about that and how how really we are living in that time the question we see we ask ourselves this where do we fit in if we were living then where what what would you be doing which you be a Millerite would you be a part of of of what the conference is a discount meeting would you be zoning out both your friends in reality we live in those times and if anything these are the times that the pioneers which they could live in and what are we doing to me how that spirit are we as convicted that the the nearness of Christ coming and so as you think about it are you willing Miller perhaps you Willie Miller earlier in his life maybe Willie Miller later in life has God been calling you to step up and share and you been putting it off don't put off any longer make that promise to God that you will you will share what you know or perhaps you're at the Bible study part of Willie Miller's life easy why go back and learn to study truly the way he did or maybe your Joshua Hines maybe one of those people that that has in mind for PR or to read God 's word and new way so think about where you stand as we go through the rest of the Millerite movement next week think about what they were going through because I believe that we will go to something greater that just the way a Holy Spirit was poured out among those people that we will see that an even greater amounts and neck in the coming the coming year net in the next few years and will be will be looking further into that as we as we go throughout its history I thank you so much so it with prayer dear father in heaven we we thank you so much for the spirit that we see in the pioneers and how they were so dedicated to your cause we ask that you would give us the same spirit we are given to us in a double portion that we would go out convicted that you're coming is near and spread that to a dying world we ask for your power to do that in Jesus name we pray amen


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