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The Book of James: The Perfecting of Our Faith

Chris Buttery
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  • September 20, 2014
    11:30 AM
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And we're going to be. Delving into al second lesson in the Quarterly. And the book of James and as. Colin mentioned we're going to be studying here the. Perfecting about the perfecting about faith at least reviewing our lesson together and. For those who are churning in and. Viewing us and watching us here we're glad that you joined us as well. And we want to make sure that you know that you can coal in or e-mail in any time to pick up your copy of the CD or the D.V.D. presentation of the lesson. And you can call into nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven. Or Hugh can you can e-mail. C. S. H. that stands for central study out C S H at SEC Central dot. Our. G. and A I believe the offer is two one four four one I believe that's the one you want to call and receive your copy of that. OK. While we are here. And we are getting into the book of James and it is exciting and. And riveting and by the way. If you want to if you go and go into our website which is sex Central dot. You can also view. The. The edited version of this class. And you also can pick up some study notes. And so those will be available as well. They are on our website. And so let's let's go now Bibles here to the Book of James. As we launch in. To our study and. Talk about this as. Someone told me once that pesky would perfection. We're going to talk a little bit about that and discover what it. What it means. Christian. Perfection biblical perfection character perfection what it is and what it isn't and. By the time we're done here today hopefully will be encouraged. In the Lord and strengthened in our faith will be certain here. You may recall if you if you or I if you're a college. And it followed the production of vehicles. Along the way that in nineteen eighty three. Toyota chairman. I G. Toyota issued a challenge to build the best welds best car. And so this challenge prompted Toyota. To embark on a. What was then known as a top secret project name. Code named. F one. And that. Stood for flagship one. The F one project aimed to develop a flagship sedan that would expand Toyota's production line. Offering both. Long time and new customers an up market product. Six years later. Nineteen eighty nine. After an extended development process involving sixty. Designers twenty four engineering teams. One thousand four hundred engineers. Two thousand three hundred technicians. Two hundred twenty support workers. Approximately four hundred fifty prototypes. And over one billion dollars U.S. dollars in costs. The F. one project was finally completed. The resulting flagship was Does anyone know. The Lexus. The Lexus. L S four hundred. That was the flagship. Prototype all the resulting flagship was the Lexus LS four hundred. And its debut to the LS four hundred was widely praised for its quietness. For well appointed in it. Ergo nomic in Tyria engine performance. Built quality. It was quality built. Aerodynamics fuel economy and in value. So the original Lexus slogan. Does anyone know what that. Regional Lexus slogan was. Well it was developed off the team one representatives visited Lexus designers in Japan and they noticed. The incredible attention to detail and they came up with this model with a relentless pursuit of perfection you got it there. A relentless pursuit of perfection now it's just the pursuit of perfection. Lexus manufacturers. May have discovered the truth about the big picture. About biblical. Perfection that many have missed. And will talk about the Apostle pole in when we get to reading Philippians chapter four in just a little bit. But like the apostle poll. When he said I press toward the MOC I have not attained. But I press toward the mock many. They think they have. Are they never think they have arrived. That's just like. Lexus. They are relentlessly pursuing the prize. Continuing to aim high Never. Lowering the standards. And always pursuing the goal of Christ's likeness of character that's. The Christian life that was poll what Paul strove for and that's what you and I are striving for always learning how to be more gracious. More considerate more courageous. More like Jesus. But always trusting. And this is the key and we'll talk more about this as we go along. Always trusting that the author of our faith the one who began our faith. Will also complete. And finish. Our faith. You see the. He is the perfect. Of our faith. So what God has begun in us He will be faithful to perform. And you can read that in Philippians Chapter one Verse six. God is with us from the beginning. And right through the very end some folks get the idea in their minds that. While we come to Jesus Jesus forgives us and then sends us on our way and we're kind of on our own. But that's not the case. What he's begun in us He will be faithful to performing complete. You know us as we cooperate with him so we'll talk more about this idea of the perfecting of our faith. Keep in mind the Lexus motto. The relentless pursuit of perfection that is the. The goal that was Polls go and that's the goal of the Christian that's what we are pursuing. Walk with Jesus. So full chat about what that looks like because when we talk about as someone said the P word. Perfection some five get a little bit out of shape. And a little concerned. That we're talking about something that is not. That is not Biblical and. By for sure. The concept of perfection is very very biblical. Question is what does it mean what does it look like what isn't. Biblical perfection. And so we'll get to all of that so we're going to go to Sunday's lesson and. We're going to just start right in there faith lusts. Faith. Lasts. And in talk a little bit here. About the persistence of faith. What is faith. Hebrews eleven one. Is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen that's fried. It's basically if we would a. If we condensed it would be simply taking God at His word. And if God's word encourages us toward but they are by God in some particular area now lives in faith or bodies. Faith just simply takes God. At his word faith is a set of beliefs. Founded on God's word and carried about in our lives. So when we talk about my faith or our faith. We're talking here about a way of life. As we follow Jesus. That's what we're referring to the faith that I believe all of the the faith that I have all our faith my faith. Now this faith. This lifestyle. Is to grow and. And is to last irrespective of. Difficulties and trials and that's God's plan for you and for me. And I would. I would hazard to say and I think we'd all agree trials are just inevitable part of life. And so as a Christian. Are we going to escape challenges or trials. Most people have challenges whether they believe in Jesus or not is the christian going to escape. Some. They're not going to escape challenges and difficulties either but there are great the challenges and difficulties that come to the to the Christian when we signed up on Jesus. Side and we become friends with Jesus we adopt Jesus enemies and. There is a. There is an enemy. Who the Bible calls. Like a roaring lion seeking Humi may devour He's not some big cuddly pussy cat. He's a big. Roaring lion trying to not just delay us. Not just to frustrate us although he does those things. But also to destroy us. And so certainly trials come to the Christian life and. And the Bible writers wrote about that. And so we're going to take a look at a few verses here and. Look at what they had to say about trials for the Christian. PETA chapter one vs six and seven. First PETA. Chapter one Verse is six and seven notice. That's what PETA says about trials all the trial of our faith. He says. In this. You greatly rejoice. Though now for a little while. If need be you have being grieved. You have been grieved or distressed by various trials. That the genuineness of your faith. Being much more precious than gold that perishes. Though it is tested by fire may be found to praise. On a NG glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ. While. Powerful here and paid as a synopsis of the Christian life. He presents the Christian as being bombarded by annoyances. By problems. By disappointments. By different things that. That Satan uses. Basically to destroy our faith. If the devil can destroy I believe his faith he's got them. The faith is like the Anka. Point in a Christian's life if he can destroy faith he's got this person. Personal Faith like gold. As Peter describes it here like gold gets tested. To Cesc to check its value. Or that its value might be determined and. Riding here about the Christian faith being tried. It's much more precious than what. Gold. Now with gold prices the way they are today. That's pretty precious. Now faith is more precious than than gold. And that gold. That faith. Needs be tried. According to what Peter says here. And even talks about rejoicing that you read that you see that. He talks about rejoicing. During trial. But they say that the final the final stage of gold production is the refining process. When we enter the furnace of affliction so to speak all the the. The fire is of trials. The purpose the. One of the IN purposes of trials is to purify us to get the dross off of us. To present us. Jesus wants to present us. To the father. Not ninety nine point nine percent PUA but one hundred percent. By His grace. And through faith. Let's jump over the first Peter for verse twelve and thirteen first Peeta for vs twelve and thirteen. And then we're coming to James Chapter one verses two and three. And we're going to have to have someone read that for us first Peter for versus twelve and thirteen notice. What Peter says again. About trials. He said Beloved. Do not think it strange or do not continue to be astounded. Do not continue to be astounded. Concerning the fiery. Trial. Now that would fiery. Simply mean score change. And in the context this would refer primarily probably to the persecution the early Christians would. Would experience. He said don't consider it a strange thing when you experience. Scorching heat. At the hands of your persecutors. Which is to try you. As though some strange thing happened to you. You know just post the thing. But do watch. For Joyce. To the extent that you partake of Christ's sufferings. That when his glory is revealed. You may also be glad with exceeding joy. OK. So the devil brings about trials we know that. But God overrules by making them the means of developing our characters. OK We're going to read. James Chapter one Verse is two and three thank you. My brother in count. It all when you fall into various trials. Knowing that the testing of your faith. Produces patience. So what to James. What is James saying here counted all want. Joy. Wow. If you noticing a running thread here. Between these three verses. Rejoice. Rejoice. And Joy As a matter of fact here in James. Where it says counted all joy that's. Unmixed. Joy. I'm mixed with discouragement mixed with. Concern on mixed with doubt. Pure joy. Counted. All joy. In Acts Chapter five verse forty one. There's a story that. Where the disciples have been lost not to preach. In the name of Jesus and. Office some advice to the. Religious leaders. And tells them you know just hold tight you know this thing is not. If this thing is not of God is going to fade out it's not going to survive. But if it is we ought to give it consideration. We ought to consider this thing. And. In verse forty one and accept a five forty one. After they were released from prison. It says. So they departed this is PETA. James and a couple other disciples. So they departed from the presence of the council. Notice the words. Rejoicing that they were counted worthy. To suffer a shame for his name. While. That's huge. So James says here in James one versus two and three counted old joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience will talk about that patience concept in just a moment. But through an intelligent. Understanding of the causes of suffering. And through faith in God. That's what. James is encouraging us to consider here. To consider it all joy because we have an intelligent understanding of the causes of suffering who's the instigator of suffering. The enemy. If we would consider. One of the greatest sufferers in when we consider Bible characters what would. Who would you think about. We would think about a job that's ride. Of course Jesus suffered most more than anyone but Job comes to mind right away for sure. Job suffered tremendously physical emotional social challenges. And God was teaching him to have an intelligent understanding of the cause of sufferings. And to trust in him and God's asking us to do the same thing as any. What's the purpose of trials. Three things firstly. Reveals what's in our hearts. That's the. One of the purposes of trials to reveal what's in our hearts is easy to be affair with a Christian. You know but if it's been raining. And women have had rain. For a long time but if it's running twenty four consecutive days I think probably here would rejoice. But if it's. If we've got being going through a drought and we have been it's. It's kind of hot to to be. Sometimes. Happy about the. The weather in the situation we're going through here. The fires that have been experienced. There were no trials PAP's everyone would be a Christian for all the wrong reasons. It was just all. A bed of roses. Folk would be jumping on the bandwagon. For all the wrong reasons the number one reveals what's in a hot number two. We talked about this earlier. Trials are designed to purify us. The design to purify us. If you want to take the dross off something you turn up the heat God allows. Trials to come to come. To our lives to refine our characters and the good news about it is a god has his hand on the on the dial. He knows just how hot. You can take it with his help and by His grace. And you can trust God through those trials the number three come to us to strengthen our faith and our experience. So if God can get me through this present. Issue that I'm having and we look back on that experience I met. God got me through that. In the new experience we might be facing facing the new challenge we might be facing. We can be encouraged to know that God's going to get us through that. So faith. Is a faith is. It is strengthened and. Our experience is strengthened and that's one of the purposes of trials. And I want to repeat this for the sake of somebody here to die that no matter what we can trust God through the process. God knows what to bring to us I'm reminded of First Corinthians ten thirteen there is no temptation taken you but such as is common to man. But God is faithful who will not suffer you. To be tempted above that which you are able. With the temptation make a way of escape that you might be able to bear it. Patience. That's what trials. Produces according to James Chapter one vs two and three. Faith produces. The trying of our faith produces patience that could probably be better. Translated perseverance. So the trial the testing of our faith produces. Posts of Iran's. And Revelation Chapter fourteen verse twelve remember what it says. After the three Angels' messages have been delineated those who are receiving except those messages. Listed as those who are patient here as. Here is the patience of the saints here they keep it comes to God they have the faith of Jesus. That would patience again his perseverance you see. Perseverance to hear God's last day Saints that have persevered. They've been Jewett. Babylon's. Cup of and of false doctrines. They have in Jew would. The Beast. Hour in the cold to worship the beast and the receiving of the mark of the beast they've said. We're going to stand for. Jesus are thick and through thin we're going to stand for him. And so they post a fear. Through these challenging. Challenging times in Matthew chapter twenty four verse thirteen. Jesus said Those that in Jewett to the end the same shall be saved. And this isn't the type of insurance where you gritted teeth and you just kind of make it through like this and. You hoping for the best and God are you with me. No the insurance is not that type of insurance this is. This is the insurance of. Trusting in abiding in Jesus and knowing that you can lean on him when things get a little difficult he's going to see you through you and Jewett to the end because you know that your hand is in his hand. And that he's going to lead you all the way to his kingdom you see all the. All the way through challenges and difficulties in trials. In Juba till the end those that enjoy a to the end shall be saved. And if we if we if we get into the habit of murmuring and complaining. And winching and fussing. All those things deteriorate. The faith that Christ. Wants to wants to build in us you see those things homme. And we can now injuring power. If we remember the story of the children of Israel when they wandered through the. The wilderness there forty years. From the original crew. That started out in that wilderness wondering if there were any to. That made it through to the Promised Land remember their names right. Joshua and Caleb till the end was as a matter of fact I dony just began when I got into the Promised Land The now they did to subdue the territory and. We're told that Caleb as a. Old man. Steps forward. And he says you know what I have not but I have not yet possessed that mountain that God has said I want to take and so I'm going to take it here was an old man and still. Courageous still full of faith and hope and trust in the promises of God. No excuse no matter how young or how. God wants us to in Jewett till the and. And if the end be Jesus' return he wants us to enjoy it too then if the end be day if he wants us to and Juha Till then you see. And during till the end. There's a fellow by the name of Douglas Morrison and Douglas Mawson was a contemporary. And colleague of in a Shackleton you probably more familiar with the name in a Shackleton. One of my favorite favorite stories. This great great man who who went on this phenomenal these phenomenal tricks one phenomenal trick. He got himself in a spot of trouble. And when it was all said and done. Not one of his crew perished he was able to salvage and save all of his crew but. Douglas Mawson. Was a contemporary version of Shackleton and during a scientific expedition. In the Antarctic. He lost his colleagues. Three hundred miles from safety and. According to the story this man became frostbitten starvation. And these things caused his Heya. His nails. His skin and the entire soles of his feet to fall off. During a grueling two month trek back to camp. I mean talk about painful. At one point he fell down a crevasse and he was left dangling in the abyss from a rope. Upon which he dragged up his disintegrating body. I mean this guy was a hero. More sooner rive back at base. Only hours after the ship which would have taken him back to civilization said Sile. He was however. Able to send a message back to his fiance in Australia and. The short message. Is interesting and. It reveals how heroic these individuals were of the expedition age. He wrote this No complain of no self and no self pity said to his wife. Deeply regret delay. Only just managed to reach. Hot. Didn't mention his suffering. Feet. And no Niles and skin falling off. And Frost. Frost bite. Talk about suffering in silence. But certainly there's an expression of humility here isn't there wasn't boasting about all the. All the all the victories he did Chief. He just simply told his wife. I finally made it to Philip deeply regret that the lie. Just managed to reach the hot. But he endured until the end he made it. Persevered. And God is looking in these last days for folk. Men and women boys and girls young people too in Juba till the very end knowing that Jesus will be with them. Through thick and through thin. Holding their hand helping them and guiding them. It is so much I would like to say on this lesson but we've got to move on to Monday's lesson because time is a ticking away we go to Monday's lesson. Let's talk about perfection here for a little bit. Perfection perseverance. Is a is a part of the perfecting process. God wants to us to enjoy it to the end. If we continue to enjoy a God keeps on working and us. Keeps on working on us. And that continues to. Perfect. That thing concerning us. OK. Now perfection is a very miss. Understood topic. But the Bible is replete with the idea and the topic regarding perfection and will take a look here. Someone's going to be reading for us Philippians chapter three verses twelve through fifteen. And Jeep fantastic. We look here James Chapter one vs two and four again. And then we'll go to a feed for and then we'll come to a Mangi. OK. James Chapter one vs two three four. James writes My brother encountered old joy when you fall into various trials. Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience and perseverance. But let. Perseverance have its wot. Perfect work. That you may be perfect that's right that you may be perfect all MacI was achieved. Maybe perfect Matua and. Complete lacking how much. Nothing. That's a tall order isn't it. It's amazing. Lacking nothing this is a high ideal. If you compare that with Romans Chapter five. I've just flip over there with me real quick and. Poll talks about this. This progression as well did you notice. The faith faith. Is tried tried. Produces patient. Trials produced patients. And then patients has its. Leads to perfection. Notice how. Poll puts it here Romans Chapter five versus three through five. He says not only that but we also glory. In tribulations. Why. Knowing that tribulation produces Posa variance and perseverance. Character and character hope now. Those five. Now what does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Who was given unto us. So faith. According to poll has trusted. Basically as in Jewett. Because of the steadfast love of God. And that's the only thing that will encourage us and help us along the way knowing that God can be trusted. That his love is steadfast everything else around us might be changing. But God God's love doesn't change. He's the same yesterday today and forever. And he has your back and he's watching out for you and he loves you deeply. And so here we have this. These encouraging words. So James and Paul both see this progression faith is going to be tried. But Rejoice. Or as poll puts it glory in tribulation why knowing that the trying of your faith works. Patients or perseverance. And that perseverance will lead to the perfection of your perseverance will lead to the perfection of your character and then pull adds. Also hope. Because the love of God has been shed abroad. In a hot spot the Holy Spirit you see. Efficient Chapter Four those thirteen also talks about perfection till we all come to the unity of the faith. Of the knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man. To the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. OK. So he had. He had the goal the high ideal is character perfection. Philippians chapter three verses twelve through fifteen. Thanks mingy. Not that I have all of the. Attained. All and all of the perfected. But I pressed on that. I made the whole and. Off that for ve to Christ Jesus has all. Also laid hold off for me. Brother and. I do not count myself. To have epi handed. But one thing I do. Forgetting those things which are behind. And reaching forward to those things. Ahead. I press forward. The goal for the prize. Off the upward Cause of God in Christ Jesus. Therefore. Let us as many as mature. Have this mind. And if in anything. You think otherwise. God will reveal. Even this to you. OK. Thank you very much. Quite a read there but it's worthwhile to consider. Now what did Paul say here with regard to perfection how he had timed. Or he said I Not that I had already attained in that statement what is he saying. It's saying that he hasn't a time but he's also saying that it's attainable. Isn't it true. He's saying that it's attainable. He said I've a but I'm what I'm doing is I'm forgetting those things. In the past. And I'm pressing on. To to that particular goal that prize. The OP would call of God in Christ Jesus. This is the same man Interesting enough he said. I afford a good fight I have finished the race. Wow I finished the rest. How do we reconcile those two statements. He said I did not attain I did not apprehend. And yet at the end of his life he said. Well I finished the race. By the end of his life he could look back to see how far God had led him. And that is done all he knew he needed to do to. It to the end you know. The idea of. Of perfection character perfection. We could equate to the. The motto that Nike popularized that motto that said there is no finish line. There is no finish line. The Christian life is one of always progressing always advancing. You know even when we get even when we get to heaven. And when we're after the thousand years and we come back here. And the meek inherit the earth. Will always be growing. And always be developing and always learning and always discovering and always a bounding. And always experiencing more love and. I mean it's going to be. It's a never ending June E.. Have you ever thought about the. Always. And something I get in the minds that they're going to get to a point and that's it you've reached. You've reached the. The perfect the perfect. Just like God is perfect and. No never will always be growing and always ascending you see. There is no finish line the Christian will never be satisfied with anything short of patterning their lives after the. Unselfish sacrificial life of Jesus. And every time we look at the life of Jesus we're reminded very quickly that we are far from perfect. And the irony of. Of coming closer to Jesus is the idea that we're actually getting closer to him. The further away we for the closer we get to him the further away we feel we feel like we have. Becoming more like him you see. It's very interesting. The Christian experience getting closer to Jesus means we feel less and less like we are living like Jesus. Because we get to know more about Jesus. Get to see more of His grace and more of his love and more of his. Perfection and we say wow. I just want to ask him that I want to embrace that and I want to live the head and. We ask God to help us with that you see. It may be easy to get a handle on biblical perfection by stating what Biblical perfection is not. So here it is Biblical perfection. Does not mean holy flesh. Back in the. The early days of this movement. There was the holy flesh movement. And they believe that they had attained to perfection. Of character that to the point where they. Anything they thought anything they did. No matter what it was. Was still. Was was. Came from God and it led some of these believers who believe that they were locked in couldn't fall couldn't fail. That would just. That could never fall from obedience are always always living. That perfect life. Led some of them to even taking up certain vices. And they justified. Those. Taking up those vices by saying that they had reached this holy flesh. Position this holy flesh. Reach this goal in their life. So it's not holy flesh. Does not mean Number two it doesn't mean that it is impossible to sin though. It is possible not to sin. I'll say that again. For someone say. It is not. It does not mean character perfection biblical perfection. Does not mean that it is impossible to sin. Although it is possible not to sin. Number three it does not mean ever reaching a time when we will be able to make it on our own. You know that's. That's not what Biblical perfection is number four. It. Biblical perfection it does not lead one to feel that his holy perfect. And have leading to pride or self-confidence. And that's certainly not Biblical perfection a number five. It does not mean to become as. Unsurpassable e perfect. As God is perfect. It does not mean that one has reached the absolute. Ultimate limits. Of growth. That's not Biblical perfection the Bible is concerned with moral. Perfection. And it states very clearly that it is a work of God in Philippians chapter two verse thirteen it says. For it is God who works in you both to will. And to do. Of His good pleasure. Again Jesus doesn't just forgive us and send us on our way through the Holy Spirit He lives in dwells in. Hearts. And we grow. And he leads us to victory on to victory that's character perfection. Not a tiny to a certain level. But growing in grace. And overcoming as Jesus overcomes. Overcame you see all God Christ wants for us is our willingness to stay connected to him. Our determination to aim high in all aspects of our lives and our integrity in honoring high standards. As the author of the less important life. Christian life. Christian Perfection is our life our walk with Jesus of like a work of. OTT. We can always be improved upon. And so that's. Character of perfection constantly attaining victories and. Growing in grace. In Christ. Life covering us with his perfection. Down the bottom of Monday's lesson. There is a question. And. It's an interesting question. And I believe Wright has a comment. Related to that question will come to you in just a moment here the question is if you dive right now. Would you have. Would you be good enough to be saved. Or if you died two weeks after you accepted Jesus would you have or would you have been good enough to be saved. Do you think that in six months. You will be good enough. Right. You have a comment on that. I sure do a pastor I have to admit that when I first read it it almost seemed like a trick question to me. But as I read through let the burning to. What it is the night I look into and searching my heart. Obviously I have to say that I am my own. I'll never be good enough to be saved. But then I strive to for the Bible. For God's promises. And because of Jesus write his name. We can be saved no matter what spiritual level we may be at either a new Christian or an old Christian struggling through. Temptation through our years. It's wrong that we throw around or thank God to the Lord that they would use as writing as we can find that salvation in his eye men. Thank you I thank you for sharing that. Powerful. That's a powerful force. The answer to the question. Might tell us a little bit about Al. Understanding of how we relate to character perfection. You remember the parable of the. The seed that grew in mocked up to for Jesus talked about a group. First the blade then the and then the. The full ear of corn. At every stage of growth. That that. Corn experiences or any stage of growth in the tree experiences. Its perfect at every stage of growth. Because it's right where it needs to be at that time in its growth stage. And. And as we live for Jesus and if. As we've accepted Jesus we're also covered by his robe of righteousness as long as we're not harboring any cherished sin or not neglecting some knowing Judy. Because crossroads of Rochus will not come of those things. As long as Christ has a full hearts and was surrendered. At that particular point. At that particular time. God views us. Covered with crossroads of righteousness. Considers us perfect. Christs is perfect you see. Not that we are but that he is thank you right. Good good thoughts we appreciate you sharing that. Let's go to choose those lesson here asking in faith. One of the prerequisites. To receiving the promises of God. Is asking in WOT faith. Asking in faith Hebrews eleven six says without faith it is impossible to please God Jesus said Whatsoever things you ask when you pray. Believe. When you receive them and you will have them that's Mark eleven. Twenty four. So. Continuing his discussion James is continuing his discussion on being complete. Lacking nothing. Courages his audience to ask God for wisdom. So what's the difference between knowledge and wisdom. What's the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Someone wrote once knowledge knows the difference or. Knows that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting that tomato in a fruit salad. That's the difference. Wisdom. Wisdom has to do biblical wisdom has to do with character development and conduct how the Christian conducts their lives whereas. Knowledge is primarily intellectual. In the light and meant. Knowing may. Knowledge may be merely an accumulation of unrelated in an organized facts. Without the ability to apply those facts to the. Practical Life. Now James knowing that his audience and will read that let me just read that force. James Chapter one Verse five and six he says but let him ask in faith. With no doubting for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea. Driven and tossed by the wind. As a matter of fact we're going to have someone read for us James. Three verse thirteen in just a moment. Does someone have that. James three thirteen we're going to get to in just a moment OK. We'll get the microphone to you. OK. So James is saying here ask God for faith. And this is following on with his discussion about letting letting. Patients have it's perfect work you see. James knows that his audience hasn't reached the goal of Christian maturity. And so he explains how many may understand. That will make him victorious. Amidst the trials of life. God wants us to have an understanding relating to the challenges and trials we experience and how to be victorious. That's the wisdom that that. James is writing about. So that we might be victorious we might move forward in leaps and bounds in our Christian walk with with with Christ. This wisdom includes. More of the knowledge. Because knowledge does not guarantee right actions or right conclusions. Wisdom helps us place a proper value on things and ensure the proper use of the knowledge that we acquire from the Word of God. You know. One of pretty wise saying and you might have seen this or. Read this is some time. Some people need a glue stick not Chap Stick. That would be a making the application of what we say what we do with with our lips and what we say what we know what we say. Are said James Chapter one Verse nineteen to twenty one notice how James. Highlights the practical aspect of wisdom what true Biblical wisdom is. James one verses nineteen to twenty one he says so then my beloved brethren let every man be swift to his slow to speak slow to wrath. For the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness and receive with make this the implanted word. Which is able to save your souls. So true wisdom knows what to do with you or with your mouth right. Wisdom is is Bible knowledge applied. If we could just say it that way. James two fifteen if a brother or sister is naked and distribute of Delhi food. And one of you say want to part in peace be warmed and filled. But you do not give them the things that are needed for the body what does it profit. And so Wisdom knows how to. Wisdom is applying God's Word it takes care of those that are in need. James three. And verse thirteen. Thank you. Who is wise in understanding among you. Let him show it by his good life. By deeds done it comes from wisdom. Genuine wisdom is demonstrated in good works. And this is the correlation between. Wisdom the James talks about and his. Previous statement. About letting patients have its perfect work. God wants us to have a practical knowledge of his would. He wants us to have knowledge of His word and to apply that knowledge and that is true wisdom the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The wise man said. That's right. But there is a flip side to faith and that's on Wednesday's lesson. There is a flip side to faith. And will continue reading in James Chapter one verses those six through eight. But let him ask in faith with no doubting. No doubting. For he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord. He is a double minded man. Unstable. In all his ways and then tag in this to faith is doubt. As the in tag in this to faith. James describes a person who doubts the goodness of God He is someone who. Wavers or. Is inwardly. Divided. That's what that would double minded simply means to be inwardly. Divided. It's kind of like the experience of the children of Israel when they came to Bania. And then they heard two reports. We can go in we can take this land the other said no no. There are giants over there too big we can't manage it we can't deal with it. They had the choice and they waved it. And they said no we can't go in and then when God pronounced punishment and said Well. For forty days that the spies were in there you're going to be wandering in the wilderness. For forty years. And you remember that remember their response or how to hold on we'll go in. We'll go in. That's being double minded that's being unstable. They weren't truly repentant. They were just sorry for the consequences you see. But that was their experience being double minded. John Bunyan characterized the type of. This type of person in Pilgrim's Progress. As Mr facing both ways. That's what he called the man Mr. Facing both ways. Is it possible to face both ways at once. No not possible I can't do it. Some people go in their spiritual experience do. Moments of faith moments of sin. Serious doubt. Rather than just trusting the Lord. And abiding in his promises. And embracing his would. James for verse eight and all we want read about James for this site gives us a solution. To being double minded. You know allow why so we want to increase our faith Amen. We want to increase our faith and that's what the disciples desired of Jesus in Luke Chapter seventeen verses five and six. They desired. Lord increase our faith and what did Jesus say if you have the faith of I must have seed you have the faith of a must to see. Jesus makes it clear that it's not the quantity of faith but the quality of faith that makes the difference in the life of the believer. Either person is faithful they don't have faith the smallest amount of faith can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks like telling that mole Berry Tree be removed and it will be removed. This was hyperbole Jesus wasn't saying your faith could remove mountains or trees. He was encouraging his disciples to do that but that they would be able to remove obstacles and mountains in their life. By His grace they would be able to conquer those things. Even if they had just a small dose of faith the size of I must to see then that mass must a seed produces the largest of all Herb. Hood trees that I did a poor job. There it is. Her but. You know it is Herb. But small seed. Big results. And that's all Jesus says you need is small and. God will allow it to grow. Again it's not the amount. But it's the genuineness of the faith that Jesus is concerned about there's a question that came in. Jan or Matt. Who has that question. Do you have that question they were going to come to your question here in just a little bit let's go over to Thursday's lesson. And make sure we get Matt and Jan here. Run over to Thursday's lesson. I think your questions a good question. Thursday's lesson the rich and the poor both James and Jesus in this lesson. Place. Value of human worth the acquirements a Krooman of things. And when you compare. James and. Jesus teachings you'll see you'll see that. Now someone had some Bible verses for us here but we're not going to have the time to get to those verses unfortunately. But just my Conneaut here that. When you compared James one verses nine through eleven. With Luke. Verse fourteen. Jesus is talking about how that the love of riches and money and possessions can choke out. The spiritual life and that eventually. Riches will end up. Fading. James one twenty seven and compare that with Matthew twenty five. James says a pure and undefiled religion is this that we visit the widows and orphans. And so on and it's very good advice. Compare that with Matthew twenty five Jesus teaching about the sheep in the goats and taking care of those who are less fortunate. Active K.-A faith has an active care for the less fortunate. And then we have James Chapter five verses one through four. With him compare that with Luke Chapter twelve vs sixteen to twenty one. Luke sixteen is the parable of the man who built a bonny wanted to build a big one because he acquired a whole bunch of stuff. And God says This day will be required of you and he he well. You're greedy person will be disappointed when it's all said and done. And so Jesus and both Jesus and James. Dealt with this issue. Of Faith. It's being. Being expressed in. Deeds of mercy. Helping others. Expressing kindness and. And not putting a whole lot of value on the things and the. Acquirement of things here. In this world. Of enough already to get to the question. OK We'll get to the question here. All right. Matthew thank you. Purser's Sometimes it's. It's hard not to doubt. What are some practical things I can do to increase my faith. OK. Good question and. It's a question probably a lot of us have you know. We're talking idealistic here and sometimes I have my moments where I doubt. There are certainly solid things we can do each and every day. Romans ten verse seventeen tells us that. That faith comes by hearing and hearing the. The Word of God So one thing we ought to be doing every day to increase and strengthen our faith. Is to study God's word spend time listening to God speak to us there is power in the Word of God It's not just a book. The words jump out jesus jesus life is portrayed to us and we can be encouraged. Now the thing is spending time looking at Jesus. Looking at his ministry in his life a life of faith. That bolsters our faith. And encourages us as well. The other thing that I probably would encourage. Is Mark down to write down those areas in your life where God has a Prius. And dumb things for you you never thought he would do. And when you look back on those moments during those moments of doubt your faith will be encouraged to see how God had led you in the past. So there are just a few things that a person can do to encourage their faith. And and step away from. Doubt which to tear. Has a deteriorating effect on our faith. While at the end. As it's all said and done. James. As we just review here today's lesson James. Is mentioning here that Jesus is the perfect of our faith. And uses trials. To perfect our faith to purify faith. You also stresses that true wisdom reveals itself. In in itself through good deeds and conduct. Faith practices. The Word of God. And then he reminds us that faith. Needs to be exercised. In order to grow. And then finally he reminds us not to be bound by. Earthly. Wealth. But instead to reveal my spirit of. Of kindness and generous and have a spirit. A generous spirit. It's been a good lesson a lot to cover and I ya gone over time. But boy I wish we could spend more time on these on these lessons. This. Media was brought to you by audio for us a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service. Lead to visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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