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The Book of James: Being & Doing

Chris Buttery
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  • October 4, 2014
    11:30 AM
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We're going to be delving in again. And looking at Lesson Number four. Being and doing. Being and doing. We want to welcome all of those who also churning in with your viewing live stream or wherever you are churning in from and. We decide that you're here with us and enjoying these classes together as well. We also want to remind you that you can Colin. And receive your offer free offer CD or D.V.D. of these presentations. And you want to call in to nine one six one five seven. Sixty five eleven or you want to ride into C S H. At sex Central dot. Gee and this is off a number two one four four three two one four four three supply be sure you write in or Colin and receive your copy of today's. Study and class time. And also you can visit our website. And you can chew into these programs. There up ahead of time. Prior to each lesson. And so you can chew in and watch. There as well at SAC Central. Dot And so they're all there for us. We also want to remind anyone. That is here in our local congregation. If you have any questions you'd like to lesson time. Or you want you have a comment that you'd like to contribute during the class. Just go ahead and send that request or. That comment or question to see as a teacher at sex Central. And we'll make sure that we're ready to go with that when we come to study. Class and lesson together. And those that have viewing us. You're welcome to send in a question pertaining to the lesson. This up at that particular week's lesson as well and again just go to C.S.H. at sex central the. Jeep. And there you can. And there you can connect with us and. If you have a. If you have any suggestions or just would love to hear from you as well. Tell us how you're enjoying the programs and the studies. We'd love to hear from. From you. So here we are getting rich. To delve into God's word and we are talking about the small thing being and doing and we are in James Chapter one. When I invite you to turn there with me James chapter one and twenty two is the memory text. And it simply says but be you do is. Of the word. And not here is only deceiving. Your selves. Very interesting. And we'll talk a little bit more about that as we go along here. This. The study. It reminds me of the class the lesson we're studying here reminds me of a story that I read about a man who was really a story he told where he told himself and his younger brother. And they. Why he confessed every now and then that he wasn't always a good boy. And sometimes when he got into trouble his parents would send him to his room. And he and his brother. It's apparently they both got in trouble at the same time and so they went up to the job to their room but the punishment didn't work that well it just so happened that. The boys had an escape out the window of their bedroom was situated. Just above on the second floor above the back porch and outside of that back porch was an old fruit tree that had grown am and. It was steady and strong and. And so they would be sent to their rooms and. There they would pretend that they were in their rooms but they slowly crack open that window. And they climb out that old fruit tree and they go down that fruit tree into their back yard. They go through their back yard. Over the fence and into the field and there they play bowl and. Do various different things that their parents didn't know they were doing. Any case. One day they heard overheard the dad said they mom. MARY. I think it's time that. That old fruit tree came down. And they used to come down and so needless to say the boys. They were on done. And like boys. Young boys like to do that. They came up with a plan. They came up with a plan. So that night. They went to bed somewhat. Ilia supposedly went to bed only to get up a short time later. They gathered all the money that side eved. Together. And they went out the window they went down the tree went across the back out over the fence into the field. Into the city. And they ran around trying to find what they could they found some old the apples they could find and some black stream and they came back from town across the field over the fence into their back yard to that old fruit tree and they took out the black string and the apples and they just hung them all up over the tree. The next day when dad woke up. He went outside to chop down the old fruit tree and he came back in excitedly. Saying to Mary you can believe in the most incredible thing that has it that's ever happened this old tree. That has been borne fruit in you. Is is covered with all types of apples. I mean you've never saying something like this. This tree has been produced is covered with apples. Big red apples. He said. I don't believe it. I can believe it because it's a pear tree. To pay a tree. And of course. We understand the moral of the story is you tell the tree by the fruit it bears Rhine. Apple trees don't grow on trees and pears don't grow on. Apple tree. These are known by trees and I'm by the fruit that they produce. Christians are also known by the fruit they produce. And people will be able to tell whether we are genuine or if we are trying to quote unquote tie. Good fruit to our lives. And so let's go to Sunday's lesson let's unpack this very important study. About being and doing. Really it's about. Bearing fruit. It's about being a good tree that produces. Good for. Jesus talked about. Trees that a bad that produces. Not good fruit and then good trees that. Produce good for good. And we want to be good trees producing good fruit I meant. You know for sure so when Sunday's. Lesson knowing your enemy and we're going to start right at the very beginning. At the very beginning you've heard it said. We have met the enemy and he is. Us. And that came from a little cartoon called Pogo. Little pogos. Cleaning up the the. Little Creek there filled with trash and. He realizes that the environment is a challenge because of a lack of care for it and. So it became I became a very popular little. Line in the little cartoon we have met the enemy and he is us and. We could talk. And we could suggest that truly. We are our worst enemies. When it comes to salvation and it comes to the Christian walk. Yes. There is an enemy and he is the devil knows no doubt about that for sure. But remember what we studied the other week. That the devil. Is successful with his temptations. Because there is something in humanity that is enticed by the temptation. Something in us and it's called the Connell. Nature of this. Bent toward the sea and you can read about that in James Chapter one Verse fourteen we study that. There's something in this that that. That. That is drawn out. So illuminates certain. Enticements you see. And so this is a kind of hot Mr this thing that strives for recognition and supremacy. And leads us to feeling. Content with our own condition that. We're OK We're cool. And we find we don't need to. Perhaps grow will progress we would just OK. Pride feels no need. Really pride. Doesn't feel any need. You remember the Preah of the Pharisee it's record in Luke Chapter eighteen those eleven. Where he said God I thank the. But I'm not like the other man the rest I'm in like I'm me I'm doing well. A man who prided himself on his own accomplishments and was satisfied with the way he was that. And of course Jesus contrast of that individual with a man who smote his breast and. Truly had a pen a tent. Hot. The lay of the same church in Revelation Chapter three. Talks about that same that spiritual pride that senses no need jesus says to that church. Laodicean church that was a real church back in the first century that existed and I had that problem. It also represents the last day church. The last portion of. Christian history that to the seven churches cover. Talking about God's people. This church the latest scene church. I don't know that they're rich rich and miserable poor blind and naked in Revelation chapter three verse seventeen. And you know the interesting thing about this when you read about the message to the lay of the scenes. If you read that. And you say to yourself well that's not me. That's what's happened. It is. It's become you. If you read there that we don't know what wretched miserable poor blind and naked and. All that that's to certainly not maybe if we say that then we've actually become what we have said we're not. We all are in need and standing in the need of prayer and of Jesus and. Grace and Mercy and growth. Amen. And so that's the condition of the latest seen Church there is no need of a Savior as a matter of fact. Where is Jesus standing. Standing at that church is he on the inside of the church or is in the outside. He's obviously on the outside because these. He's knocking. Trying to get in. So pride feels no need to say this is the condition of the church this is the condition of of. Some. There are many reasons why. And more. In don't go see a doctor. Certain things have been listed as. Well I don't have a doctor so I can go see one. Or don't have insurance so I can't see a doctor. I want to save money. So I'm not going to go see the doctor. Doctors don't do anything. Because when you go to the barber. They cut your hair and you see. You see something you see progress. You go to the dentist and they want you teeth and there's progress but you go to the doctor they don't do anything. We want to. Men say we want to tough it out sometimes we'll just in June. We don't want to hear what we might be told maybe to lose weight and all. Get some exercise or eat the right foods. And we believe. And this is probably the biggest problem. We believe that they perhaps probably has nothing wrong and when we suggest and say there is nothing wrong and we feel that there's something wrong. But we say there's nothing wrong. We're not in a position to go seek help. And that's the similar condition that some people. Many people and some Christians find themselves in. And. No need. We sense no need. Some people like to remain ignorant and. Because after all what we don't know won't hurt us. But what we don't know will hurt us. Hansen's disease teaches us that. Formally known as leprosy. Hansen's disease. Where the extremities numbed. And when they are numbed there's no sensational feeling of pain. And so we have damages done to the footlights. Individual stands on a now and. Because there is no feeling they don't know that they've done damage. No pain. And if the person is not aware of that gash in their foot. Then what happens. It's going to become infected. And then. You know one thing leads to the next and that needs to come off. And. And so it's deadly when there is no. No. System in place to tell you that. There's damage done or or you need help. You need fixing. And some people are in the state with a gnome and don't recognize they need of a Savior. You say. We're looking at James Chapter one vs twenty one. Through twenty seven he had this morning. And what I'd like to do is I'd like to read all of that force if you don't mind. Just to get the flow of what. James is writing here let's take a look at James Chapter one vs twenty one and we'll read through the verse twenty seven. This will lay aside all filthiness and all the flow of we could miss. And receive with meekness the implanted word which is able to save your souls. But be doers of the word and not here is only deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hero of the world and not a doer he's like a man observing his natural face in a mirror. For you observes himself. And goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. But he who looks into the perfect lore of Liberty and continues in it is not a five forgetful hero. But a do of the work this one will be blessed in what he does. If any one among you thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue. But deceives his own hot. This one's religion is useless and undefiled religion before God and the father is this. To visit often is and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself. On spotted from the world. There's a progression. That I see that James is referring to here. And talking about. And and verse twenty three and twenty four. James is suggesting that some folk look into the law of God into the Word of God. And they hear what it says but they don't do it. Let's read that again. Verse twenty three twenty four for if anyone is a hero of the word. And not I do. He is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror. For you observes himself goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man. He was. And the idea is. Get up in the morning why do you go to the Mira. You want to see what condition you're in don't you. And it was some of us don't want to see what condition where in but we've got to do it because we're just about we're going to be had now the door and we don't want to look into what we're about to see in the mirror. And so we go to the mirror and we look in the mirror in the mirror tells us the truth. And that's the job of the mirror. They just tell you what. Tells you the truth whether you like it or not. And and so. James. Suggests that it's someone who comes to the Word of God and reads it and sees instruction. And knows they ought to do it but doesn't do it is like someone coming to the mirror. Looking they're seeing their face saying. And then walking out and not doing anything about it. Maybe throwing a cap on just to cover the mess under the you know on top of it there. It's the same kind of concept someone who doesn't want to make the changes. Someone who isn't willing to adjust. Interestingly I want to compare Romans seven verse seven and nine just football over there with me if you don't mind. Romans seven seven and nine. Now this poll say is talking about the law of God. What shall we say then is the last since certainly not on the contrary I would not have known sin except through the law. For I would not have known covetousness unless the law had said You shall not covet. Were destroyed those seven so what's the purpose of the law of God. The purpose of the law of God is to reveal sins to reveal where we are out of line out of step with God's Word. God's intention here. The reason we have the WOULD is to reveal to humanity. Yes. A savior Yes. A great savior but it's hard to hard to know that you need a savior. Unless you know you need a savior. You need to know your sick. You need to know you not well you need to know you need help. And that's when you go looking for a doctor. That's when you go looking for. An accountant if you can't figure out your books. At your workplace things are messed up you go looking for help. Until we get to the point where we recognize our need. Then we don't have a need. And so the Word of God The Law of God is designed to help us see Al. Need these people here the James refers to that he of the world will listen. But don't do the Word of God It is like the is like the seed. That in the parable of the soul in Matthew chapter thirteen verse four. Where it fell off the way it fell to the wayside and birds come. Pluck that up there. Just fell by the wayside. Hearing the word but not embracing it and doing the would this in C a Christian. Learns in order that he might do the will of God not that not. Not that he might just know the will of God. So a sincere Christian this is what we're talking about here. The sincerity of a Christian of what a true Christian looks like a true Christian doesn't just search the word for head knowledge and to know God's will. Just for the sake of satisfying curiosity or just knowing it. So you can answer a question. Or even perhaps even just to defend your faith. But the genuineness of Christianity such as the Bible for God's will so that we might do it. That we might do it. And we might follow it you see it's one thing just to look in the mirror just to see what you might look like it's a completely different thing to look to do something about it. We must come face to face with God's would. And accept the challenge and. Not throw as I mentioned before the baseball cap. Over the Miss underneath. There are some text we want to look at here that talk about the starting place the starting point in our journey with God. Someone has first job forty two in verse six he showed forty two and verse six right over here thank you very much we're going to get to you in just a moment but first of all one take a look at Matthew chapter five in verse three. Matthew five and verse three notice. What Jesus says here this is the Sermon on the Mount. And we know this well. Matthew chapter five those three Jesus said Blessed what type of people in spirit. The pool. In spirit for there is the kingdom of heaven. The place. We begin with God. Is to know who our spiritual poverty. That's the place we begin with God God draws us to Himself. I mean it's not that's not the place. We begin it's not the place we begin God has been working before we come to him. He's working to draw. Him to us to him. You see. When we come to him we recognize His great love we recognize that we fall far short of his ideals. We're looking into that law of liberty and we see that we're not quite where we ought to be. And we come in we come face to face with the fact that everything we've ever done has been tainted with selfishness. And even sin even the good things that we thought we did we had an agenda there. Wasn't all just Colleen. Motives weren't just all PUA and. This recognition leads a person to penitence. Genuine sorry for sin or repentance. You say is E.Q. Chapter six verse nine. Notice what it said this is interesting. He said then those who all of you who will escape. And he's talking about those that are left behind in Israel. This is the he was taken in one of the. Displacements under Nebuchadnezzar he was there and Israel. Jerusalem. He was taken out with others. And there are some that were left behind. And some of them want to form an allegiance with Egypt and the prophet tell tell them Don't do it. He said those of you who will escape will remember me among the nations where they can carry captive. Because I was crushed by their adult. Adulterous hot. Notice what God is saying here some of you going to escape you going to go among the nations you can be carried captive. Because I was crushed by. Your adulterous heart God's heart was moved. With sadness and sorrow because. Of the recalcitrance of his own people. And notice he goes on to say because you departed from me and by their eyes which play the holiday. After their idols notice what will happen. They will. One of those words say they are not words we come and they like to refer to ourselves they will load them selves. For the evils which they committed in all their abominations. God wants to bring each person. To a point where they loathe them selves. Not dislike themselves but loathe the things that they have done that have broken God's heart. And that have hurt others. OK. Job forty two verses just verse six showed forty two verse six. Wherefore I am a lawyer. Myself and me and Ashley so. Job recognized his need. And uphold himself. And so what did he do he repented and said God I'm sorry. He cast himself at the mercy of Christ and to trust in his merits alone so this is the starting point. The starting place knowing our enemy. In that we have seen and met the enemy and he is me. Knowing our great need of a savior and then when we recognize our need him we have poor ourselves. Then God can do something with his county. Then God can do something with us we're going to go to Monday's lesson. And let's follow. The progression here the train of thought that James. Wants to take us on here. In this condition God can do something with us. I want to take you over to his E.Q. Chapter thirty six just run over there with me. Some of you were already there. But let's go to thirty six I want you to notice here. How is E.Q. puts. This progression. Where the health of how we begin our journey with God and what God does in the in the heart and in the life sometimes we get the cart before the horse. Is equal thirty six. And we're looking at verses twenty five through twenty seven. Want to make sure we get this. This order right because we're talking about being due is. The wood and. It's important that we understand. We understand how God works in our lives to bring this to the point where we do. Some Christians think that. Just doing is what brings them salvation. If I do what I read. And I do my best. And that's good enough. If I'm kind and I'm nice and I am gentle and and. You know doing the right thing and helping those in need. Than that's going to be. That's my entry way into heaven. And that's not self. That's not so so we want to make sure we get that right. Is equal fifty six versus twenty five to twenty seven notice what God does he says then. I will sprinkle. Clean water on you and you shall be clean. I will cleanse you from. All filthiness and from you all your idols. When does God cleanse us when does God cleanse the sinner. First John one nine says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness right. So prior to us confessing what's happened. The hearts of being broken we come with a penitent contract hot recognizing our great need of a Savior. We come confessing laying it all out before God here I am. I'm a sinner I've done the wrong thing and God says it's OK my child might have made provision for you because as to any claims. Claims us up by the blood of the lamb you see so you cleanse us notice what happens. I will cleanse those twenty six I will give you a new hot notice what happens God cleans us up and he gives us a heart transplant. And I'll put a new spirit within you and I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh. And give you a heart of flesh or tend to have a soft heart appliable heart that will do my will. Those twenty seven. I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk. In my statutes and. You will keep my judgments and what is that next word and do them. Did you notice the order. How this all lays out. It's the same as what James is referring to here. Got to know yourself got to know the Word of God. Recognize your where you're at spiritually. Full on the mercy of Jesus and. That grace that comes into your life leads you to doing the will of God. It's God that works for its God that works. In you both to will and to do. Of His good pleasure. You say. So it's very important that we understand the order of things here as. God outlines and he brings us to a point of repentance. He for those who he wishes to pardon he makes penitent and. We confess. And we are repentant. And he. Cleanses and he gives us his a new heart in his spirit. And that spirit works in us and walks. Enables us to do the will of God. Now of course as cooperation. We have we must cooperate. God can't force us we must consent to that work in our lives you see. James put it this way. In James chapter one and verses twenty one and twenty two therefore. Lay aside all filthiness. And overflow of wickedness and receive with meekness. The implanted word which is able to save your souls. But be do is of the word and not here is only deceiving yourselves. So there it is again coming in repentance putting away the sin. Out of the out of the persons life. And receive the implanted word of God which is able to save your souls. Casting off that filthy garment. And in receiving the robe of Christ's righteousness. You say. Powerful stuff. We trade our dirty clothes for Christ's robe of righteousness. You know you see a picture. Every now and then of. Of an individual who's wearing a. Looks like a dirty garment and there's Jesus behind him putting a clean garment on top. Well posts and have a put new clothes on top of dirty clothes. Jesus doesn't work that way with us first he wants us to shed the rags here I know. He is out his and he has all my righteousness which is filthy rags here is. Here my sin there it is taken. And Jesus says now I will close you. With my robe. Of righteousness. It's a transaction i wonderful one that takes. Place that changes. The hot. The motives. You say. Someone has Matthew chapter seven verse twenty one force. Matthew seven verse twenty one right here. Thank you it was fantastic going to get to you in just a moment. So let's remember that the Spirit the Holy Spirit. Whites for our consent. He waits for our consent to do His will. We have to exercise our will. In order to XCOR parade. With God's work in our lives. We can't just sit back and relax. We've got to consent and allow God to do that work in Christ object lessons. Page two hundred and seventy two. Notice these words talking about being do is of the word. The test of sincerity is not in words but in. Deeds. A lot of folk have said a lot of good things. But they know there were no corresponding deeds. The test of sincerity is not in words but indeed. Words are of no value. Unless they are accompanied with. Appropriate. It's. Now in Matthew chapter five verse forty seven Jesus doesn't say what say you more than others but he still Instead says What do you more than others. And then. We've got Matthew chapter seven. And verse twenty one I think we're ready. Not everyone does say that to me. Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. But he that to do with the will of the. Father which is in my father. Which is in heaven. OK. All right. So not everyone who say is. Lord Lord. Who makes a good profession will enter the kingdom of heaven but who are those who do that is that word again. Those that do the will of. My father which is in heaven and then in John thirteen verse seventeen. Jesus said If you know these things happy are you when you do them. The Bible writers are not afraid to talk about books. To talk about what the Chris. Judaism what the Christian ought to be doing. In in the first volume of the testimonies page four hundred sixteen. L M Y I wrote wrote the. This is these two sentences she says every tree is known by its fruit. How woods. Now actions are the fruit. We bear. So the fruit. Is revealed. The first of the Christian is revealed in our words and in now. Actions it's the fruit. That we bear. And so when we talk about doing the will of God We can talk about the Ten Commandments we can talk about. We can talk about the Sermon on the Mount. We can talk about the hard stuff that Jesus is to do. Where he says Love your enemies. Bless them that coach you do good to them that despitefully use you. While that's not a suggestion of friends. It's a come on and. It's a command. God even asked us and we have a question. Based on this issue. And Dana has that question to come to Damian just. Dana just a moment. We got the microphone. All right. Thank you very much Mike Dean has a very important question. Related to this issue. But Jesus. When we. When you read the Sermon on the Mount. I mean it's getting. It gets to the very heart of matters doesn't it. You've heard it evolved out Shall Not Kill. Jesus said. But I say to you. If you hate someone in your hot. You've already committed murder. Talking about the seventh commom adult committing adultery and I tell you Jesus said If you lost after a woman you've already committed adultery in your heart. The issues with Gautam or more than skin deep. And God wants our entire hearts. So even the admonition to love our enemies. To do. And to obey that doesn't come easy and. And yet. We have to understand that we must before we do anything. That God asked us to do we must be. What he wants us to be. And that comes through the transformation that he works in our hearts. Do you know let's take your question. I love some one in three dollar family. We may be able to forgive with God's help. But to forget. In love. Is it enough not to hate. In God's eyes. In that a good question. Is that not it isn't enough to not hate someone who's done damage to you or your family. Jesus said. What should we do to our enemies. Love them he didn't say. Not just don't hate them. He said love them. Behaves where they. Here's where the trick comes there are. There are a couple of words in the original Greek for that we translate. The word love from. One of those is a gap I love. I got I love a gulp I love. Denotes the love of respect. That values a person. And then there is fully Oh it will fill me in which describes the love of emotion. That may exist for example between family members. Husband wife. Siblings parents and children for example. Nowhere in the Bible and this is very important for us to understand as a very important question because I think many people in this room probably have experienced some. Some challenging situations in people in your life. That have really ruined some things for you. Perhaps And and. And then to. Then to love them for what we need to remember here is what the Bible does not know where in the Bible does it tell us to Fillion Al enemies and never tells us to fill in our enemies. Fillion remember is that. That emotion that love emotion exist between perhaps like for example family members. No where does the Bible as Jesus come August to Finley and. Now enemies. Instead he asks us to. I've got day. I gotta pay or I got a pen. Enemies. In other words to treat them with respect and courtesy and regard them as God. Regards them. That doesn't mean you have to bend over backwards for them. Doesn't mean you have to hang out with them all the time. But we need to let the issue here is letting God So work in us that we view people as he views them you remember Jesus said. As they were now going into the cross Father forgive them. Now I'm not sure that moment of Jesus had some real strong emotions and beautiful feelings for people who are now going into the cross of that moment. But that a gulp I love. He was the embodiment of a gap I love. And he got be in his enemies. He loved them. Treated them as. He would be treated as God or gods. Them. So I hope. I question that answer helps. I think it's an important question. And we need to remember that God is not asking us to fill our enemies but to our GAAP and enemies. All right let's move on to choose those lesson because we've gotta roll right along here. And just touch on some points. Of each of these next few days here. Let's go to James Chapter one Verse twenty five. James chapter one in verse twenty five. Notice what he says this is James. Continuing his thought but he who looks into the perfect law bought. Liberty and continues in it. And is not a forgetful here a but a doer of the work. This one will be blessed. In what he does. So what is the role of the law. According to what we've already looked at it reveals to us. Now sin. Reveals to us who we are in need of a Savior. It points us in. Romans three twenty tells us the exact same thing. By the law is the knowledge of sin. And points at us in our meat of a Savior. But the law cannot save us who saves us. Jesus only Jesus saves us that's right. In some nineteen verse seven it says. The law of the Lord is perfect. Calm voting the soul. Now don't misunderstand the Psalmist is not saying the law converts. But the lore is a very in important. Instrument which leads to conversion. Because. Who is the one who does the converting the Holy Spirit Jesus through the Holy Spirit That's right he's the one that changes our selfish natures to become self-less. He's the one that makes that change you see. Romans chapter eight verses three and four. God says that he will. In essence it's similar to Philippines to thirteen the God works in this. Both to willing to do of His good pleasure. God says He will fulfill the righteousness of the law in us. Righteousness of the lawyers not fulfilled by us. But in us is the new covenant promise. God running his law in our hearts and in our minds. Now you know we live in a world where there is a lot of disrespect for societal law. We live in a lawless land. A lawless society and. There are Christians also seems that seem to have a god less regard little regard for the law of God. And that's surprising that shouldn't really happened why is that why is it that there are Christians who have very little regard for the law of God. Let me ask you a question. Does the devil appreciate God's law. He has no regard for he does not like it why is that. Why. Why not. Because he knows that it tells min. They need. And they need of Jesus. He knows that the law of God. Points to a savior. And he doesn't like that. He doesn't want folk to know about that if the devil can eliminate. God's holy law. Or make it obscure all in consequential. Then he removes the basis for spiritual revival. We were in. We were in Romans Chapter seven just a moment ago I want to take you back to Romans seven verse nine let's look at the finishing fourth here. Pull began with this. He's talking about the law of God I had not. Known covetousness except for last. Except the Lloyd said Thou shalt not covet look at Romans seven those nine. Notice poles experience. Now this may seem a little awed. But just bear with me here for just a moment. It produces the law of God produces is the basis of spiritual revival. Romans seven in verse nine notice Paul says I was alive. Once without the law. But when the commandment came sin revived and I died. There it is the beginning of spiritual revival. But just see it. He died before the Lord came he said man I'm good I'm clean living. I've done all these wonderful things and he was self-satisfied. But then he looked into the law of God he said Ah. And he came on that he said while. He said I died. I recognize I was I was not good I was not righteous and the Lord brought that. The basis of spiritual revival. Is is upholding the law of God You cannot preach enough the law of God. Just as long as it's done in conjunction with the grace of God. Because it's one thing to recognize our sin but it's another thing to recognize our Savior. And Martin Luther to say when I look at myself. I don't know how I could ever be saved but when I look to Jesus. I don't know how I can be lost. And then needs to be that balance. In now. Experience the Lord God points out sin and. Leads us to a savior and that's why the devil hates God's law. That's why he's got Christians and even preaches. Teaching that the law of God. Is inconsequential. You don't need to buy it you don't need to worry about that. And like I've said before if you have someone tell you that just reach into their back pocket and take their wallet. Without them without asking them because then it would be stealing. Because there's no law. Why don't you go ahead and do that like my preacher said go. No don't do that. Is the law is the law. God A bird is a law of God a burden. A device to keep people unhappy. Absolutely not. That's right. How was it possible that the law can be referred to the law of liberty. Isn't it doesn't it him just. You know he had just seen. Prevent prevent us from being happy time. Guardrails. When you were driving through the Sierras. Do you like God rails. On the side of the road. Do you like those. I do. Because what happens if you just lost control. As a long way down. It is. But those guardrails are there to keep you on the road right. There for your safety. There for your benefit. They're not there to make motorists lives miserable. It's not there for that. They're there to preserve lives stay on this side and will free you from a car accident. Even there if. When God's law is brought into the life and obeyed out of love. Then we experience true freedom freedom from false worship which produces unhappiness. Freedom from overwork. Which promotes sickness and broken homes and talk about the Sabbath commom of the. Mean promotes freedom. From challenges and problems but always remember the true beauty and which comes from the hot. Is impossible without genuine conversion. You can keep the Lord God truly and really. If you. Hot hasn't been changed. You can try to manufacture change you can try to force yourself to it by it's not true obedience. Basis of all true beauty and says. Love love for God. So the law of God is certainly a lot of freedom. The law. Of Liberty. And it is that that. By which we are judged. But that God Jesus has a plan to write that Lord our hearts and in our minds. And to save us entirely Let's go to Wednesday. Useful or useless. How do we define true Christianity. Is a lot of versions of. What is termed Christian to. Sanity of the euro. You're a Christian. If you vote for a certain particular candidate. A Democrat or Republican or independent. Or whatever you're a Christian if you vote for a particular kind of you're a Christian if you just merely attention. You're Christian if you say you are. But what does true Christianity look like. Here in the James Chapter One will continue reading verse twenty six and twenty seven. Notice what it says if anyone among you. Thinks he is religious. And does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own hot. This one's religion is why useless. Or in vain. Verse twenty seven. Pua and undefiled religion before God in the Father is this. To visit often is and widows in their. Trouble. Now of course we can compare these verses to. Matthew chapter twenty five where Jesus talks about the parable of the sheep and the goats. Where in have we done. Clothe you and fed you and visited you and Jesus said as you've done it to the least of these my brother you've done it to me. We could compare. What poll. Brother James is saying here. About visiting the widows and the often Dick cetera. In Romans Chapter twelve verse nine through eighteen. Just jump over the Romans Chapter twelve. We have a question regarding the genuineness of Christianity I think Richard you got that question. Romans Chapter twelve. Just jump over there with me. I want to get. Richard set up here. Romans Chapter twelve. And we're looking at verses nine through eighteen and notice the hallmarks of Christianity what is true Christianity look like. Let love be without hypocrisy of the whole what is evil cling to what is good because of the affection to one another with brotherly love. In on a giving preference to one another not lagging in diligence fervent in spirit serving the Lord. Rejoicing in hope patient. In tribulation. Continuing steadfastly in prayer in distributing to the needs of the saints. Given to hospitality. Bless those who persecute you. Yes. And do not kiss. Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. The of the same mind toward one another do not set your mind on high things but associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own opinion. Repaying no one. Evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the side of all men. If if it is possible as much as depends on you live peaceably. With all men. In verse twenty one says. Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with with good and then. So evidence of genuine Christianity. Number one is James. Puts it is a bridled. Tell him. Not like a horse that is without bridle. And without hope. Some folk have no god that set before they mouth. I mean just plain. Just stuff just comes out. I'm not going to mention the glue stick Chapstick thing again but I think you got that here James is encouraging us to use discretion in speech. Remember Jesus said in Matthew twelve that for whatever from out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So what we say. Reveals what's in our. Ha. It's. God wants all of our hearts he wants us to be Christians. And so we can do what he wants us to do and then the second. Evidence of. Genuine Christianity according to James. Is that we provide support for the less fortunate. Now he's not offering a whole. Description of true religion or whole religion but he's offering just two very potent examples. In essence Christianity is useful and in essence leads to a practical life. To benefit those who often get. Overload. And in the ministry of healing page four hundred seventy. Says noir of the influence that can surround the human soul has such power as the influence of an unselfish life. The strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a. Well loving and lovable Christian is one of my favorite quotes a loving and lovable Christian. To such a life. To exert an influence cos at every step. Self-sacrifice and discipline in. Because they do not understand this that many easily discouraging the Christian life. So to be all that God wants us to be required sacrifice and hardship and challenges. Those are God's tools as instruments to purify us and refine us. But the. The strongest argument in favor of Christianity is a loving and lovable Christian you may have all the best answers to the most challenging theological questions. But the best on so is to be logic and to be lovable. By God help us. Richard yet a question. As Master prison if the. If the evidence of genuine Christianity is seen in good deeds. Then why in Matthew chapter seven vs twenty two and twenty three does Jesus declare that certain ones who have done a host of good things are lost. OK. All right. Did you get the question. Why Matthew twenty five Foca commended for doing good things. And will be saved a lost Matthew seven. Jesus. Denounces some folk who've done some good things. Let's take a look at that real quick Matthew seven. Let's jump over there we've got just a few more moments and. We'll see if we can wrap up here. We might just have to wrap up on this question. Matthew chapter seven. And verse twenty two and twenty three. OK So Jesus says here. Many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name cost out demons in your name and done many wonders in your name. Then I will declare to them I never knew you. To power from me and he is the reason why you practice law. Less than this that's tried. Jesus does declare that certain ones who have done a host of good things even for the church are going to be lost why. What's happening here. Now this is not a contradiction to what Jesus is teaching in Matthew twenty five regarding the helping of the law. It's fortunate. This is all about a matter of the heart you remember the rich young ruler. Rich young ruler said Oh yeah. What do I do Jesus to enter into life Jesus said keep the commands he said I've done that from my youth up. Jesus said then go sell everything you have give to the poor follow me. Did he keep all of God's commandments truly. No he said he did but which common Did he violate when he couldn't give give up all his goods. Number one and number. Someone said the number ten. Yeah. That's two. So he truly God didn't truly have his entire house so the issue here is not always about doing the right some folk think that because they. Because they helped. Go sing at nursing homes or they do this type of these types of good things. They can do them to atone for some wrong things that they are doing elsewhere. And you can't do that. You can't do that or Lord yes I know not keeping all the comments I know. I know I'm not keeping the Sabbath. But. I'm going I'm going on a missionary trip. And surely that will appease you know. The issue here is not that the good works the issue here is that they're not coming from a pure hot. Heart that is being fully entirely surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Well. James has offered us a lot of very good advice here and a great question thank you Richard. Appreciate that. Those days lesson. James encourages us to be on spot on like the world. And I'll finish. This with this class with James Chapter one Verse twenty seven pure and undefiled religion before God in The Father's is to visit often some widows in the trouble. And to keep oneself. Unspotted from the world that does not mean that you hide from the world. It means you don't let the worldly. Influences influences that are contrary to God's will influence you. Paul wrote in Romans Chapter twelve in verse to be not conform to this world don't let the world squeeze you into its mold. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind that she may prove what is good and that perfect acceptable will of God That's the answer. Allowing God to transform our hearts true religion. True Religion. Leads a person to hunger and thirst for God's word and and. To take this word. To others to bless and benefit. Humanity. By God help us. Be all that God wants us to be by he truly have all of our hearts. We have all of our minds may rely on him to to to train our hearts to be more like him. This. Media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Lead to visit. W.W.W.. Audio verse or.


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