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The Parables of Jesus: Authenticity. Period!

Chris Buttery
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Consumers today want more than just the availability of product, a good price, or even superb quality; they want authenticity.  What we need today is the authentic gospel.  Anything less will be disastrous.



  • October 11, 2014
    11:30 AM
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We're looking again at another one of Jesus' parables and. The parable will be looking at this morning is the Matthew chapter twenty two. And so I'd like to invite you to turn there with me. Matthew chapter twenty two. I don't know if you've noticed recently but. Promoting products. In the marketplace. As authentic. Has become very serious business today. You'll notice the word in its variants being used to sell. Just about everything. Some. Ad campaigns. To choose. Authenticity or to be authentic. The I didn't know this but. There is what they call authentic. Food Court flavors. For Food. You know food courts in malls they have authentic flavoring for food courts and I'm not sure I'd be too interested in that. When you visit. The state of Maryland. They say that even the fun is authentic. And if you need to buy some furniture there's a furniture place. On the on the web that says matter of fact a matter of fact way affirms authenticity period. Well. Consumers bias it seems more. One more than just the availability of a product or a good price or even supposed quality. They want authenticity. Or the genuine things. Something bona fide the real deal and. Don't we all the authentic. Gospel is what humanity. Needs today. But incessant. Attacks. Have been made on it that has left many wondering whether the Christian experience is authentic at all. Now of course. Satan. Would have it so. Because salvation by faith all through faith sets. The sinner free. And the devil wants. Humanity to be anything but free in Jesus. There are cries from outside the church and. Even from within that have been effective in leading. Christians toward a legal list stick. Experience. So what is legalism. What is legalism legalism. Just simply defined is putting. Or using God's law for purposes for which it was never intended. That simply is legalism is using God's law for purposes for which it was never intended. Satan is no me and or against God's law. But do we know that he is the biggest. Illegal lest. In the universe because he misuses. The law and seeks to deceive people. In regards to it. On one hand. He discovers. Discourages believers. By suggesting that God's law cannot be kept. And then he attacks. Any well meaning Christian who seeks to I buy it. Legalism. Is alive and well. And well in Christian community today. There are several ideas. Related to. Legalism One is that those who place. Legalism is placing tradition. Around the law. To gain power over others. Now the Jews in the days of Jesus were. Classic at doing that the Sabbath for example. Had built up all these manmade regulations around the express command of God. And so if you want to bring their traditions their. Their version of how you should keep the law then. They had power over you. And people were afraid to step outside of those requirements. That did the same thing with tithing. Remember Jesus said Look. You know you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites you tithe and it's Minton cumin. But you you neglect the way the matters of the law. Mercy justice and love. These you ought to do but not leave the other undone yes you want to time. But don't be so minute and so detailed as to forgetting. The most important things you see. So that's one form of legalism another form a second form of legalism. Is based upon the idea that society is. Driven by performance. And so we sometimes have trouble switching gears when it comes to salvation. Because the Bible teaches that we are judged by the by what we think and we do. Many think that in order to be saved they must by their own efforts. Keep the law. And then there is a third. Form of legalism. Widespread legalism that is not generally recognized as such. And that is gaining assurance. By achieving a minimum standard. Gaining assurance by achieving a minimum standard this. This approach claims to be full gospel. Because it emphasizes God's free grace and gracious. Gift of justification of forgiveness to a believer. However it gets mixed up with the idea. With other ideas and. Its cues the true concept of the gospel. Here are those here are those ideas I'm going to come back to them. To review them here shortly number one. Not only is our human nature tainted by sin. So that we are constantly in need of the. Covering Atonement of Jesus which is true. But beyond this. Human depravity is so extreme that we commit sins all of the time. Even when we don't want to or in voluntarily. Second idea that. Is in keeping with this. Third area of legalism. Is while the converted life. Should manifest. Victory over sin. And that's what we call the process of justification by faith. And growth. Full obedience however. To God's law is impossible. And this view has a couple of corollaries. So all. Will do number three. And here it is moral transformation is limited. That's the other. Idea. Moral transformation is limited. All that matters is the justifying. Work. Of Jesus. It doesn't matter whether you have spiritual victories or failures all that matters is. It's just a fine work. And then lastly a judgment of the works of the Christian believe according to the standard of God's law. Is irrelevant because works have nothing to do with their salvation. They are judged as being saved in Jesus and so here are the four points. The strange ideas that are being promoted. That confuse. Al theology and our understanding regarding authentic. The authentic. Everlasting Gospel of the Scriptures. Now in Matthew chapter twenty two in. We have a story Jesus teaches a story and it's the parable of the wedding garment. And the story. Reveals to us. The authentic gospel and offers it to anyone freely who will take it. So we're going to take a look at it here and understand that we can enjoy a genuine Christian walk. And avoid the trappings of a legalism as understood by this broader definition this. Third point that I shared with you here. That. It's a that it's a to a time. We attain. This idea this. Gaining of assurance. By achieving a minimum standard. So let's look at the parable together let's start with those two. Jesus is speaking. And he says the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who arranged a marriage for his son. So the marriages back then were arranged. And the king is arranging a wedding for his son and. This is a reference to the spiritual union. Of humanity God's church with the Godhead all of the divinity of the Atonement. Of Heaven with. Earth with God and his beloved children this is what this story. The marriage. Of the king's son represents the union of God with his children the Atonement. At one moment number three. And he sent out servants. To coal those who were invited to the wedding. And they were not willing to come. Now in Eastern culture. Wedding festivities would go on for several days. Pretty big deal on being the time had arrived. All who were invited and who would accept the invitation. Were reminded to attend that's what. This is referring to here the invited guests in this parable. Those who are invited to attend the wedding. At this time is none other than the children of Israel. People who were privileged to be the keepers of the Faith of God. The oracles. Of God. And so the coal comes to them. To attend the wedding festivities. To be seated at the feast of the gospel. And enjoy the benefits of salvation. The Old Testament prophets of course made the. Made the cold to God's people over and over and over again. And was also made to Judah. To those in Jerusalem and around that area by. John the Baptist and his disciples and then again by Jesus and His disciples. And. And then when Jesus sent out the twelve. And when Jesus sent out the seventy. They sent out the cold to God's people. But the Bible says they were not willing to come. They were not willing to come. And weren't prepared to accept the conditions of receiving salvation which basically is giving up of self and embracing the future prospects of glory that God had desired for his people. And again he sent out all the servants. Saying. Tell those who are invited. See I've prepared my dinner. My oxen then fatted cattle are killed. And all things are already come to the wedding. So again God calls out his messengers sends out his messengers with the invitation to Israel to come to the wedding with a more urgent appeal. What's the more urgent appeal the dinner is what the dinner is ready. The oxen the fad of cattle has been killed. Things are already right now prepared come and get it. And the. Five but. They made light of it. And they went their way one to his own farm. Another. To his business. They reacted. Basically And differently. To the coal. Of the Apostles. To the coals of Jesus they made light of the wrong mind and they went back to what they were doing. But they kept on sacrificing their animals. They went back to the multitude of restrictions. That they had placed around God's law they returned as if the Messiah had never been in their midst. The six. And the rest. Seized his servants. Treated them spitefully and killed them. Unfortunately indifference wasn't their only curse. Israel's leaders. Sought to mistreat and kill God's servant and according to accept. In verse one. The Bible tells us that there was a great persecution. Among the Christians in Jerusalem. Which led many to leave and when they left they took the gospel with them. And the Gospel invitation to then. The corners of the then known world they played with people in the Gospel was taken and it was through persecution. That this occurred. Those seven. But when the king. Heard about it a bit about how they had treated spitefully and killed his servants. When the king heard about it he was furious. And he sent out his armies and destroyed those murderers and burned up. This city. The burning of the city no doubt as a reference to. What would come. The destruction of Jerusalem which occurred in a D seventy. This read verses eight to ten. And then he said to his servants. The wedding is ready. But those who were invited were not worthy. Therefore go into the highways and as many as you find invite to the wedding. And some of those servants went out into the highways and. Gathered together all whom they found. Both bad and good. And the waiting hole was filled with this. You know it's interesting just in a few verses. Jesus describes. Illustrates the history of his people. He first talks about Israel. In the time of the Old Testament then he talks about Israel again. At the time of John the Baptist and the time when he was living and his disciples. And then he progress is beyond the destruction of Jerusalem with God would send or give the progress of the Gospel to the church. And that they would. The church would go out and the Gospel would be proclaimed. And both the church would be comprised of both Jew and Gentile. And through this vessel. For the third time. Sent an invitation to everyone both jew. Angry. But bond or free both male and female to accept the everlasting gospel. And the gospel has been going to the world ever since the invitation has been shared with many the wedding hole is filling up with guests. And today. The Church. Is comprised of men and women from varying backgrounds and varying cultures. However. However. We're told in verse ten Jesus says that. In the church. Both good and what else. But God. This is the third time in Jesus' parables. That he mentions the good in the bad. We have the parable of the wheat. And the tail as I look just like each other until the time of the harvest. Then there's the parable of the dragnet where the Gospel net is cast and fish are gathered in both good and bad exist and here. The wedding hole. Is filled with guests. Both good and bad. And those eleven illustrates what it means. When he says good and bad of both in the church. But when the king came in to see the Guinness he made a man there who did not have on a wedding garment. Jesus comes to the crux of the parable right here. And this is where we're going to linger for the remainder of our. Time the King comes to the wedding hall. And he sees the guests gathered there. And as he's scanning the crowd of people in the church. He notices as someone in there. Not wearing something or wearing something he shouldn't be wearing. And that's clear. By the measures taken by the king to have this man. Eventually escorted out of the festivities. Bound the hand and foot. To be thrown out into the streets where there are no lights. And just doctors with the sound of crying and. The grading of TAFE can be hood. Now according to the time in the culture. If all the guests were properly attired. They would have brought on up to the king. And to the occasion for after all it was the wedding. The marriage of the king son. But on this particular occasion. A person is in appropriately dressed. Bringing dishonor. Upon the host and possibly possibly introducing some type of discordant note. Into the festivities. It's the same kind of way God has. Team colors. To be worn by his followers. As you know that you have team callus. You have a uniform to wear not visible uniform so to speak. Where all just kind of lined up wearing the same thing but we have team colors to where God has a uniform that ought to be worn and so we come to the question in the parable. What is the garment. Then to be worn. If we want to be welcomed into this marriage. And remain. During the course of the wedding. And sit at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. What is the wedding government. That is to be warned. It is none other and I'm quoting here now from Christ object lessons page three hundred ten. It is none other than the PUA. Spotless character that Christ true followers. Will Possess. Now. The robe is to be worn. To the wedding feast. Not figure Leafs as our parents made by themselves for themselves. Not garments. Of Our Own Device. Sing to cover our sins and transgressions. But Jesus. Wrote just this. This covering Christ. Places upon all. And every repenting. But leaving. Soul he counseled the Church of lay of the sea and he counsels you and I Revelation three eighteen. I counsel you to buy of me. Why it Rayment that thou mayest be clothed. And that the shame of died making this. Do not appear. That's the white Raymond. What the king. In this story is offering to his guests. Is not just an authentic road. But into woven in the road. Is an authentic experience. Also it's not just a road to look good in a covering to make you feel ride. But it's an authentic experience. Also I want to throw a quote up on the screen for you this is from Christ object lessons page three hundred twelve. What does it mean to be clothed in the righteousness of Christ notice. When we submit ourselves to Christ. The hot. Is united with his hot. The will is merged with his will. The mind. Becomes one with his mind. The thoughts are brought into captivity to him. We live his life. And then the next slide. This is what it means notice. This is what it means to be clothed with the garments. All of his righteousness. Then as the load looks on us he sees not the fig leaf. Garment. Doesn't see the fig leaf comment. Not the nakedness and deformity of sin but his own. Robe of righteousness which is perfect. Obedience to the law. Of Jehovah. What a gift. Now. With this in mind. With this in mind. Is wonderful gift. Let's come back to those previous ideas that have gotten all mixed up and skewed in this. In the authentic. Everlasting Gospel. So here it is. Firstly. Is human depravity. Well put it up on the screen here for you. Is human depravity. So domineering. That we sin. In voluntarily. Question is why our friends. Question is no the parable of the wedding garment teaches us that the righteousness of Christ by faith. Doesn't mean freedom from doesn't mean freedom. To continue to sin but freedom from sin you see to keep. God's law. It's a life of obedience. But according to the Bible. All human beings are affected by sin there's no doubt about that. The full and sinful. Body. And he will prepare these remain with us until Jesus comes back again. Any moral good that we have is from outside ourselves it is from who it is from God. In the Bible. Words for sin. Can refer to either the full in nature. Where David said in sin did my mother can save me or. Where Paul wrote in Romans seven seventeen. Sin That was in me he referring to our sinful natures or. Sin can also mean. Specific infractions against God's law. First John three four John said. Sin is the one transgress and. Transgression of the law. So sin. As a violation of God's law can be. Actions or they can even be thoughts. That can be deliberate. They could be inadvertent. Or even unintentional. But they never ever. Automatic never. Not all human imperfection as well as. Should be regarded as sin. Human life is filled with all kinds of non. Sinful imperfections due to our limitations and skill and knowledge and memory physical condition and so on the bottom line is that human depravity. As pervasive as it is. Is not a valid argument for justifying. Sin. And so that's. That's number one number two. Here's the. Is complete obedience to God. Him. Possible. Is a legalism to emphasize obedience to God. And we just need to understand that when God converts people by His grace. He simply brings them into harmony he with his lore of love by. Progressively pouring into our hearts. The love of God through His Spirit. That's what the parable of the wedding garment teaches us. For Christians. Committing sin. Is not inevitable. Jude twenty four reminds us now into him who is able to keep from falling. First John two one. I write unto you John said that she. Sin not. John recognizes the possibility of not committing sin. Or it would make no sense for him to encourage people to abstain from it. But keep in mind that we're talking here about. Mature ration of character or and not rather and not sinless perfection. Of nature. No one receives that until Jesus comes back. Again you say. So that's number two number three. Number three is Christ justifying work. All that we need. As Christians. Is that all that we need. Now the parable of the waiting game and also on so that for us to do in that the terms. Justify or justification that are used in the Bible are legal metaphors. But just because. Salvation's transactions are described through these legal. Metaphors or count. Accounting metaphors. Does not mean that the transactions themselves on real. Jesus really took upon himself. House in any really Office to us. His righteousness. For our sin. Lost the number four. With regard to a judgment. Is a judgment for believers on. Necessary. Does a pre. Adventist. Investigative judgment. Negate salvation through faith. And you recall in the parable. That we read. The king offered the wedding. Meant as a friends. As a gift. It was a gift. Then he came and he investigated the get the guests checked in on the guess. And found that there was one without the government. The investigative judgment. The pre. Advent judgement. Does not remove the basis of our salvation. But looks to see who's met the conditions of salvation. For God's people. The judgment is for their benefit. As an essential in concluding part of this salvation. It vindicates them as ones who have truly. Loyal to God and the rightful is to the kingdom of God. The judgment demonstrates that God is just when he justifies the right people. The right people. Those who have faith in Jesus Christ. For those who think that they must go or can go on continually sinning. Until Jesus comes. Salvation and accountability to God for victory of a sin. Mutually exclusive. And so they retain assurance of salvation but they deny the judgment. And including the time prophecies of Daniel. Chapter seven through nine that support a pre. Advent. Judgment a judgment that takes place before. Jesus comes back you see. But we know that the true Gospel the authentic gospel. And the judgment. In extra couple he linked by way. Revelation fourteen vs six and seven. John said I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the walk. Everlasting Gospel to them that preach. Everlasting Gospel to preach to them that while on the earth. To every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God. Give glory to Him for the hour of his job. Cement. Is come. You know if you throw out the judgment and accountability to God's law it is not a sign of high of faith. And gospel assurance. It is simply systematic. Of a perversion of the authentic. Gospel. That's really what it is. So let's summarize I mean to put all the notes up on the on the board here for you. On the screen. Let's summarize the parable of the wedding and teaches us. Several things number one everyone is invited to the wedding how many people. Everyone is invited. Doesn't matter what. What nationality what social class or what it doesn't matter. Everyone is invited to the wedding number to the wedding represents the spiritual union of humanity with divinity. That is happening right now. That's why. When we get to heaven there's going to be a wedding feast the feast occurs after the wedding as a kid. So that's going to take place. Right in the same place right now God is bringing together people you see. Who will be faithful and loyal and obedient to him. Number three. Upon accepting the king's invitation the king provides. Meant to be worn that garment is a gift a gift. Now before the garment represents the righteousness of Christ both. Imputed and imparted to the believe number five. This PUA. Robe of righteousness is not given to cover unconfessed sins or neglected duties but to cover the penitent humble. Child of God who has confessed and can sin and is leading a life. Of obedience to Christ by His grace. Number six. Without the government. We cannot be saved without the government we cannot be saved in number seven. Linked with the free gift of righteousness. Is the investigation. Of the king. That the King undertakes to determine if. Everyone has met the conditions for. Entrance into. This investigation does not remove the basis of our salvation. Which is faith in Jesus Christ. Seeks to vindicate. This righteousness. With the king who was Jesus' office to each one of us. His role as his uniform. His. What he's offering to sell. The righteousness of Jesus. Short Christ. Each one of us. To have the real and authentic. Christian experience. As a free gift to all and every one of us. Do you need cleansing. Do you need courage. Do you need. Victory. Do you need supernatural power. Do you need assurance and hope. This media was a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about you would like to listen to visit or.


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