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The Midnight Cry

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • January 10, 2009
    9:00 AM
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I also familiar with the naughty respect and often we have here in the class should be up on the Idriss once I dig along with the classic this I must go ahead and fire has rewarded for ammonia started father him we thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you that we can study about the midnight cry in the great disappointment be with us now as we get into this topic may your spirit be with my prison Jesus meaning okay so did anybody not get a handout raise your hand if you can get ahead of this couple hands going up on which saw the fuel off so will display them on the back line and pick them up to make amends and white sets what we are going to get a day last week Samara taught the class we started with a great awakening and out to about the time shared of eighteen week in the Millerite movement toward the needed data for the hit a couple of siege issues that happen in the Millerite movement from the time period of eighteen forty I'm working to get through the day first and second Angels messages as they came into the Millerite movement and organize you look specifically at the midnight cry what was it what was the purpose of the midnight ride get into the great disappointment and then we'll look at the big picture and look at what is the significance prophetically of the midnight cry the great disappointment and others God 's people the days of us are aware were headed now when we were we covered last week we saw that there was an awakening and in studying aberrant prophecy this is under heading number one and the Millerite movement really in the United States filled in that gap of course all of the world there were people studying these prophecies as well William Miller was the key person who studied these prophecies he was a simple farmer and yet he studied the Bible hours a day of reviewed Euros to think while I could never know the Bible like Siebel for starting ten minutes of this course we will if we study are they like William Miller did we might have a chance to learn what healing now when we get in shoe the fulfillment of prophecy with the Millerite movement William Miller began preaching Revelation fourteen six and seven fear God give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come at the very beginning of his preaching and he believed that the first Angels message was being fulfilled through his preaching and indeed it was now the reason why is because the first Angels message announcing the hour of God 's judgment is revelations description of the fulfillment of the twenty three hundred days and William Miller's cornerstone preaching was about the twenty three hundred a prophecy said Willie Miller 's preaching was a fulfillment of Revelation fourteen six and seven and the millwrights understood that now there was a specific fulfillment of Bible prophecy that gave extra power to the first Angels message amount of the fulfillment of the sixth trumpet mouth under heading will number three and we get in the number four we've talked about this in the revelation class last quarter about how you have the time prophecy of one hour one day one month one year which is three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days literally and just Siam which was able to correctly calculate the amount of onion I read this quote from great controversy to have been exactly fulfilled before the utilities ascended the throne by permission of the church that the three hundred ninety one years fifteen days commence at the close of the first it will end on the eleventh of August eighteen forty when the Ottoman power in Constantinople may be expected to be broken in this I believe will be found to be the case Gino Bonifay at the very time specified charity through her ambassadors accepted the protection of the Howard powers of Europe and thus place yourself under the control of Christian nations the event exactly fulfill the prediction when it became non- multitudes were convinced of the correctness of the principles of prophetic interpretation adopted by Miller and his associates and a wonderful impetus was given to the Advent movement men of learning and physician united with Millard North and preaching in publishing his views and from eighteen forty eighteen forty four the work rapidly extended to here's a couple of key points should to take note of here Alan White says that what happened on August eleven eighteen forty was an event that exactly it was the event that exactly fulfill the prediction of the three hundred ninety one years in fifteen days so that prophecy was fulfilled on August eleven eighteen forty and what's the significance of that the significance is that just Siam which was using the purpose the principles of prophetic interpretation that had been developed by William Miller now if you follow any kind of logic if you see a fulfillment of Bible prophecy she is a very day three hundred ninety one years in fifteen days that says this is enemy fulfill on this day and then you realize about money than the cornerstone property that the Miller Arthur Prejean the cornerstone prophecy is two thousand three hundred days and that's just three or four years away then you're like okay this prophecy does not fulfill right on the money so then out to talking about the twenty three hundred days is is most likely to come the past right about the time that the predicting as well so what happens then is from eighteen forty to eighteen forty four your extra power his own white described here the work rapidly extended the fulfillment of prophecy gave extra power to the first Angels message so now you have the first Angels message going forth with power not old only is William Miller preaching with power the surge of Siam which so is Joshua Hines says Charles Fitch and many other Millerite preachers so this was a significant event in the development of the Millerite movement so this was August eleven eighteen forty seven talks last week about Joshua Hines assistance in developing the polishing work that happened at about the same time that this fulfillment prophecy take place to have a fulfillment of prophecy you have Joshua Hines Sultan William Miller out to spread this message through publication in all the major cities and now this preaching that William Miller had been doing these small little town throughout the Northeast starts to take off like wildfire the first nine years people know about it that hasn't gone too far now all of a sudden it's exploding into the Northeast assets coincide with people like Joseph Wolf in Europe and other preachers around the world were preaching the very same thing now let's put this into a little bit of a practical context if you study about William Miller again you discover that when he went through the Bible study for himself he not only with discovering intellectual truths Maurice Sager I have pages is to become an eighteen forty three he found in Jesus when he describes as his best and dearest friend so you cut that together William Miller wasn't just preaching intellectually about the coming of Christ he was excited because as best and dearest friend was coming back to this earth the taken mom they would have to be on this wicked world anymore and if we wonder sometimes why are preaching of the second coming lacks power is because the probably for many of us we have too many roots here on this Earth and Jesus is and as gears USOC should if Jesus was as dear to us as he was the William Miller and the Millerite our preaching would have much more power and so that's one of the reason for the millwrights have so much power now moving quickly here so first Angels message is the evidence William Miller had predicted that by the end of eighteen forty three which happen to be around March or April of eighteen forty four he expected that Jesus would come by what happens obviously were still your two thousand and three nudges them from in March of eighteen forty four so this is known as the early disappointment of the first disappointment and after this Sheridan 's line William Miller and you can read about it in the end the blacks she gets panic infused himself he's not really sure what's going on and they smell a right movement goes through it it was called the delay and they're not really sure what's happening but they still have not given up their face because the line they had been pointed to was around March of eighty forty four so they can have a real set date to hang their hats on which is the general time so after the first this appointment times it was a disappointment but they went back and they started studying further did we miss something what did we miss why we looking at the spring of eighteen forty four is there something that we should have taken into consideration these prophecies so by now means of the Miller writes given that some people dead that a majority of the millwrights hung on gender treasures of their chairs to the Jesus were becoming in the time frame very soon now at the same time you can read about this in Helen Weitz the great controversy page three eighty nine in the summer of eighteen forty four the Protestant churches started taking the Miller I thought of the churches and they said we don't want you preaching about the literal second coming of Christ in our churches and the question is why did the Protestants not want the millwrights to preach about the literal second coming because if if you're a Christian church and you profess to believe in Jesus as your Savior he professed to believe that Jesus is coming again why would you not want a group of people to come and preach that Jesus is coming soon but here's the issue most Protestants accepted the teaching that Jesus would bomb after a thousand years of peace and prosperity here on this Earth and during the thousand years the whole world would be converted to Christianity and then Jesus would come after the thousand years of peace and prosperity here's the interesting thing these theologians also believed that the twenty three hundred a prophecy would be fulfilled around eighteen forty three forty four or eighteen sixty six so they didn't disagree many of them didn't disagree with William Miller's day for your principle of two thousand three hundred days that their interpretation was after twenty three hundred days were to have a thousand years of peace and prosperity while clearly they were wrong yet I can criticize why Miller for sin Jesus was coming at the end of that time they were protecting it a thousand years of peace and prosperity so they want a thousand years of peace and prosperity they don't want Jesus to come and said they checked the people often are saying hey Jesus is coming for the thousand years not after the thousand years in fact some people said you take the day for your principal is going to be three hundred sixty five thousand years of peace and prosperity your mistress before Jesus comes so that was some other stuff that was going on so when the Protestant churches started kicking out the Miller writes this was a fulfillment of prophecy that the daughter churches of the papacy also known as you have the mother and the mother would use the mother of harlots of the harlots who are the Protestant churches to rejected the preaching of the coming of Christ became part of Babylon as well and that was the summer of eighteen forty four and Ellen White talks about the degree that quote and Charles Fitch was the first Millerite preacher preach that the Protestant churches also consisted of Babylon in addition to the papacy and all that most of the Protestant churches for you centuries the top of the papacy was Babylon now the millwrights of the first to identify hey guess what the church is that I want to see Jesus on their part about long as well they rejected the first Angels message so now they reject the first Angels message the second Angels message comes in this order and we have the Miller writes coming out of the churches and they formed their own group known as the Miller writes and this script erred than it prepared the way for the sounding of the midnight cry and if you study the parable the bridegroom and I have it well I guess it's on the second pages cannot be can jump ahead to that where Ellen Weiss is the terrible the bridegroom has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter so how is the parable the bridegroom fulfilled to the very letter we don't have time to get through all of it she much but when you read Matthew twenty five we see a group of people going forth to meet the bridegroom which suggest you have a group of people expecting Jesus to come the second time and talked about some newer why some who were fullest in the Matthew twenty five verse thanks Adam midnight and at midnight there was a cry made behold the bridegroom comes go you have to meet in what's interesting is after eighteen forty four this was written June nine eighteen fifty one in the secondhand record review in Sabbath Harold James Wyatt he won a look the sub June nine eighteen fifty one James White writes an entire article showing how the Millerite movement was the fulfillment of the parable of the bridegroom and in Elimite the great controversy she also says yes the Millerite movement was up fulfillment of the parable of the bridegroom first Angels message is fulfilled when a group of people goes forth to meet the bridegroom and then you have the early disappointment everybody falls asleep and then the midnight Friday wakes everybody organized talk about the midnight cry now so after the early disappointing in the spring of eighteen forty four the Millerite movement falls asleep they don't exactly know what's going on why didn't Jesus come and God use a man by the name of Samuel S snap you can read about this in prophetic faith of our fathers volume four pages and eleven eight twelve and also this is a copy of a paper that I obtained you can get it from epicenter from this research and the University bearing Springs Michigan is entitled the true midnight cry this is the paper written by Samuel Smith or he outlines his arguments and how he develops what is known as the midnight cry and up until that time the Miller I thought that the preaching of the second coming of Christ was the midnight cry in the Manila right after Samuelsson out his message that no this was the true midnight cry him what was that true midnight cry Samuel Snow was able to set the date for October twenty two now how to do this if you read his arguments and it's it's clearly led by God how he developed the garden is because it's very tied what he does as he shares in the Jewish festivals system he had the spring festivals in the fall Festival and in the spring festivals you had the Passover the wave sheaf offering and Pentecost and yet the feast of them those were spring festivals and Jesus as the Passover lamb died as the Passover lamb on Passover Friday such height meets Anna type on the very day it wasn't like Jesus is the Passover Wednesday foot and dies on some Friday three months after Passover it was on the very day fulfillment on the very day and then has the wave sheaf offering is offering a firstfruits he's resurrected on the day of the offering a first for the Jesus is the first begotten of the data 's Hebrews talks about being the firstborn of the dead she's the firstfruits of those you died said right on the very day and then on the feast of Pentecost the early rain was poured out on the very day it wasn't like ten days after five days before its right on the very day so then if you follow that logic you have to look at the fall festivals in the fall festivals included the day of atonement and when you look at the day of atonement the prophecy of Daniel eight fourteen and two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary the him that's clearly talking about day of atonement when they know that heavenly sanction while I thought it was the earth of course we know what it is that that's the day of atonement language and so if you go two thousand three hundred years from four fifty seven BC that section eighteen forty four so then the question has when is the literal day of atonement according to the Jewish calendar in the year eighteen forty four and according to the calendar is October twenty two and he if he follows his logic so far when you get to his line of reasoning for saying October twenty two is the day of atonement that's been a be a very startling conclusion that you come to because let's look at the context of when this happens Samuel Snow is giving this exposition on August twelve eighteen forty four lots interesting enough my anniversary so I picked a good day to get married I guess that what's interesting is he'd actually given the same message one month earlier and what's the significance of the according to the Jewish calendar the new year beginning April so if you look at the day for your principal midnight while he was looking at this weight at a full day includes half a half not answer half of the day is not some half of the day is day time and if you say that one year one day equals one year yet the think on your feet year but if one day equals one year then half of the day would equal six months without it makes sense and midnight is halfway through the night so how many months would midnight be for me three months into the nighttime and Samuel Smith first gave the midnight cry three months and the Jewish year 's love interest it didn't gain for still a month later in August that what happens is tedious he outlines the argument just as I stated he shows the fulfillment of the Jewish festivals in the springtime when Christ died as the Passover lamb on the very day these does not work coming to the fulfillment of the fall festivals and at twenty three hundred days is in the reach of fulfillment on the very day October twenty two and he's giving this talk and the setting for this he writes up by force back in the town of Exeter New Hampshire Cammy Joseph Bates is giving a talk it's not going anywhere Samuel Smith's sister sitting on the front row Samuel 's note from Don says next rinses hair I have new life for the scanty his sister stands up and says we have a brother here with brother Bates said now let him talk brother bassist found Sam Isner gets up and he gives this hot and they were fanatics that were there that were causing travel MP4 China discouraged they didn't know what was going on there were several thousand people there and Samuel Snow gave this talk it wasn't like all of a sudden people started rolling in the aisles and dancing and screaming it was like there was silence and this awesome conviction settles over everybody Jesus is coming in two months and ten days in my ready in the and it was real it wasn't like I developed an interesting argument make yeah maybe maybe Jesus might come in October twenty Seattle is like that's it this is the message this is what we've been missing this whole time we couldn't figure out why Jesus didn't come in the spring and now that this is the clearest argument we've ever seen about the twenty three yes Jesus is coming October twenty two eighteen forty four and the word on everyone's lips after that can meaningless behold the bridegroom go ye out to meet them this is the fulfillment of the midnight cry in prophecy of the parable the bridegroom from October from August twelve the seventeen rights and meeting took place October twenty two eighteen forty four is that Syria and the Millerite movement known as the midnight cry is also known as the seventh month movement because the seventh month was October and was the tenth day of the seventh month that happened to be the day of atonement and so historians describe what check nurses the movement was taken over like a tornado like a tornado hit the Millerite movement and the message of October twenty she just stormed across the United States and everybody he was in that movement who accepted the message was going around telling their friends Jesus is coming soon you need to get ready and it wasn't like going to work and you're just trying to contact myself read chapter work in the United States and pay chanson ye launch and make some small talk with your friends and you go home at night and spend some time in your diversions and you get up the next day and do the same thing all over again now it was like every day count that Jesus was coming in Schumann 's robust we got a make every day count we got and make use of all of our time all of our resources everything that we do is going to the two the proclamation of Jesus coming on October twenty two eighteen forty four and the people who accepted that message they were real it was they were going to see their best and dearest friend it wasn't like will be a fulfillment of prophecy it was hard so it was real and they had their wives in order and Ellen why makes a comment about this movement and great controversy page four oh one she says of all the great religious movements since the days of the apostles not have been more free from human imperfection and the wiles of Satan them was that of the autumn of eighteen forty four must the midnight cry phase of the moral rightness non- has been more free of human perfection the mountain even now after the lapse of many years all you shared in that movement and who has stood firm upon the platform of truth still sealed out holy influence of the blessed word and bear witness that it was of God so God was in this work and you know I often ask myself the question for all of us to think about what website would we have been on if we had been alive on August twelve eighteen forty four and what if we had dinner that can't mean what if we hadn't been a backend meeting and then we got word of the message after that would we have been like yes this is the messenger like a rigorous analysis of McGinn where would we fit in that fixture because God was in that movement and what strikes me is is that we need to be so closely connected to God and be so in this setting the transfer time that when the Holy Spirit moves we move with the Holy Spirit were not stuck in the back seats down and not obvious is that there's a place the question fanaticism receipt of ago clearly against the Bible the spirit of prophecy am not saying to go with every train that goes by but one Holy Spirit Mays are we going to be among that people not new for the Holy Spirit the reason why I say that is that an understanding of the midnight ride is crucial to our experience of seven fantasy music one the world when you talk about I happen four eighteen forty four before the truth of the Sabbath even came into existence these were Sunday keepers and you're trying to sell me the understanding the midnight cry is important your experience is something on the hold that thought in your mind is at the crucial point that really come back to the I make it again understanding the midnight cry what we just talked about is crucial to our understanding as some fans now obviously the midnight cry reduce the genuine heartfelt belief that Jesus was coming October twenty three eighteen forty four and what's interesting is Joshua I'm the more you know the leaders of the movement didn't accept the dates until she or three weeks before they were a little bit behind the curve on that at the same time you have to appreciate everything that Josh Barnes and Willie Miller did not movement so on I can criticize them that they were later to the punch then Ellen White was Hiram Edson James Y Joseph Bates and some of those people that's kind of interesting that you think about James while my Joseph Bates accepted that message sooner and they stayed faithful to more revelation of truth after October twenty third keep that in mind now we come up to October twenty two the very day happened to be accused a lot year it was a beautiful clear day and in New England hardly a cloud in the sky husband William Miller's farm and saw a beautiful place of Jesus were to come I honestly think I could say the place I would most want be would be William Miller's farm out my ascension marks up a beautiful place and you can look off to the eastern edge of the beautiful scene as beautiful as you can imagine our sugars other places that are more beautiful but this history that goes with that place I can think of a better place to be at for the likelihood of needing there is slim but if I had a choice that's right wannabes and on that it's interesting William Miller did tell his family and friends is like you know if Jesus doesn't come the day don't be surprised because you know the Bible does say no man knows the day or the hour so that's interesting lawyer Milloy did say that his family and of course we know is a beautiful clear day and keep awaited by Nuno I call you confirm it until you make him towards the sunset afternoon wears on your people stunned to get a little bit nervous point where a see why hasn't he come in the sun goes down and listened well maybe will be at midnight but by now people 's hearts are starting to sound a little bit like worth my best friend why is an economy we know this is the day it's clear he has to be convinced that there is no other explanation for the twenty three hundred a prophecy this is the damage he's coming there's no way he's not coming today and then the clock struck midnight now if I've done you have my best to try to create some kind of the ceiling some kind of any emotion for what it might have felt like of course I'm not even coming close these were people could fit everything into October twenty two eighteen forty four their whole lives everything and you come to that point expecting to see Jesus come in the clouds and rain him in human history you know it can be that day you're ready for you now you're ready to see Jesus found a money doesn't song yeah I saw this before to some people if I knew that Jesus was coming one hundred percent without a doubt in my mind when I wake up on October twenty three two forty four that is the happiest day of my life I'm so happy that finally after all this sadness and whatever here on this Earth that Jesus 's final unit Milligan to be with my best and dearest friend and then I come to be in that day and he doesn't come out be the most awful disappointment you could ever imagine and you know my father is passed away but yet I I went to the funeral having the full expectation that I'll see him again I reason Charles such as family felt the heat passes away one week earlier and they come October twenty two and now they realize that hey is not going to be a one-week separation it's been a beat a few knows how long separation there is an awful awful disappointment and for those who really love Jesus it was a devastating blow when he radioed this is very familiar quote from Hiram Edson he said we confidently expected to see Jesus and Jesus Christ and all the holy angels with him and that his voice would call of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in all the ancient worries and near and dear friends which a bench warrant from us by death our expectations were raised high and thus we looked for a coming Lord until the clock told twelve at midnight the day had then passed another disappointment became a certainty our fondest hopes and expectations were blasted of strong language blasted in such a spirit of weeping came over us as I never experienced before we wept and wept till the day daunting you imagine crying all night County you ever cried all night without phone the sleeve I mean they were trying so hard that they fried until the next morning without falling asleep the devastating disappointment what's interesting revelation chapter ten verses eight through eleven from the side of this variable that you take the scroll and the mouth of suite in your mouth is funny that dinner in the belly and this was the experience of the early advent maven as they came to October twenty she eighteen forty four what's interesting is you get to Revelation eleven versus fifteen to nineteen it tells us what happened on that day we see that the temple of God was opened in heaven and CD archivists harassment you see that Revelation eleven says that the time of a debit they should be judged again on that day so we have the beginning of a judgment that Jesus has been the most solid five three of the arc in the Testament have the beginning of the judgment and of course we know the story that Hiram Edson and wet so the date on the very next day he and his friends get into a barn in upstate New York and they prayed and they prayed and they prayed asking for the Lord to give them something that will help and understand what's going on and they keep praying and they keep Frank is of the Holy Spirit comes over them and they have assurance that he's going to give them more why on what happens and that was after that it wasn't like achievement relic Lord Sosa you to please help us to get through this day and help me to be nice and have a good day at work thank you a man it was a trade-in they frayed Lord we love you your dearest friend help us to see what we didn't get in Scripture before help us to understand and after that higher methods will you know and we are not at the vision or he was just received an impression whichever it was he sees that Jesus actually went and the most likely for the first time now with the beginning of Christlike priestly ministry and it was from that understanding will talk about this next week with Adrian teaching how the development of arts he had in the stock and standing at the side of the century stated that the second coming spirit of prophecy all of those S doctrines the very next day the Lord was with those used at the time to pray and said further light came out and what's not as sad is that Willie Miller and Joshua Hines answered in the leaders in the caretakers of this homemade and a lot of different fanatical edges came into this movement and they saw Ellen White having a vision and people accepting that you just sleep in the grave until Jesus comes and the seventh is the Sabbath as another fanatical friends shoot all the splinters that were breaking off after October twenty three two forty four and they try to hold things together and the groups is still exists to this day that tried to hold to the literal teaching of the second coming of Christ they didn't accept this optimist that accept them the other teachings is the Advent Christian Church there a very small group they haven't run something on the church dead so you can draw your own conclusions from that William Miller L might make some interesting comments in early writings about him there is I have you can read those on your own but about two thirds of the way to the first paragraph she says she fell not receiving the message this is the third Angels message the Sabbath message which would've fully explained his disappointment and cassoulet and glory in the past which would have read the life is exhausted in the brightness of them laughed him to glorify God so if William Miller except of the three angels message he would preach it with our and God would've been able to do great things in the she says Moses Aaron as he was about to enter the promised land so also I saw the William Miller aired as he was soon enter the heaven McCain and suffering his influence to get against the truth than license angels watch the precious does the servant of God and he will come forth the sound of the lost tribes of London is great with like your centrists in the center in the presence of Angels is great he was a mighty man of God it's unfortunate he didn't accept the third Angels message that yet she still held firm this faith that is for a set of trading forty four his brother and hold fast let no man take your crown I fixed my eyes upon another time and here I mean the stand and so God gives me more like when that is today today and said J until he comes and I see him for whom my soul year William Ellerton releases faith in Christ now what are we liking it we enter a disappointing experience knowledge maybe we break up with someone of relationship does not lose her job or whatever on Judy do we go from our Jesus is the greatest it's all not sure if God exists William Miller went through the worst disappointment you could ever imagine because you know what Jesus is still in muscle urethra I know he's coming so we can learn a lot from now I want to read it remember when I said that eats the understanding of the midnight cry and a great disappointment is crucial to understanding the Seventh-day Adventists today I want you to go down to the bottom of the sticks for the bottomless pages from the quote early writings page fourteen remember the midnight fry Samuel Snow clearly aren't articulating the date for October twenty three Mbits for NATO is the seventh month minimum that should cover the Millerite movement after that time as well unlike those early runs page fourteen this is her first vision remember that this is her first vision the first light God gives kisses while I was trying at the family altar the Holy Ghost fell upon me and I seem to be rising higher and higher far above the dark world I turned to look for the Advent people in the world but could not find them when a voice said to me look again and look a little higher at this I raised my eyes and saw a straight and narrow path cast up high above the world and many of us of her this right is that straight and narrow path on the way to heaven knows what she says next on this path the Advent people were traveling to the city which was at the farther end of the half now this is crucial listen to this they had a bright lights set up behind them at the beginning of the path which an angel told me was the midnight cry this light shone all along the path and gave life for their fees so that they might not stumble they kept her eyes fixed on Jesus he was just before the meeting them to the city they were safe now here's the key point that you cannot mess how do you get on the path you see above why of the midnight cry that Samuel Snow first articulated setting the date for October twenty two eighteen forty four if you don't see why in that message you haven't even gotten on the path that's crucial in order to get on the straight and narrow path the light at the beginning of the path is the why of the Millerite message of October twenty two eighteen forty four another way to look at it is if you don't see why in October twenty two eighteen forty four mom another way to look data is if you got on the past and now you don't see why in October twenty two eighteen forty four you fallen off the path so the beginning of the path is the white of the midnight cry shining all the way to the second time that you may say one the world why is that why you're however what how and why does this parable has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter house up terrible to get going to be fulfilled again to the very letter all you have to do is read Revelation eighteen versus one through five there is an angel comes down from heaven the earth is white and with his glory and it's it's an emphasis or an accentuation of the second Angels message just as the midnight cry with an accentuation of the second Angels message in eighteen forty four so history repeats itself the midnight cry gave extralight to the second Angels message as it first began to be given in eighteen forty four and the mobile outcry which is the latter rain power by the way the latter rain falling on his people at the end of time it lightens the earth with its gory images and accentuation to the fulfillment of the second Angels message in Revelation eighteen and the Millerite name it was the beginning of a second Angels message in Revelation eighteen is the final fulfillment and it's the second Advent maybe those people who got on the pathways of a lot of the midnight cry and they say hey you know first and second Angels message it's been fulfilled now we see why in October twenty two let's get on the path that White hasn't changed is still the same and then at the end of the history of absences and people who have understood the experience of the Miller writes there on the past and they are the final fulfillment to the moving of God him not just your studies history she say okay that's nice the Miller writes out a powerful experience and the Holy Spirit moved upon powerful way the night is the Holy Spirit in a move upon those of us who are willing to accept this message and get everything that we have join even greater degree than the what the Millerite stated in eighteen forty four and in I quoted for my father-in-law Gerard on think it's in the middle this last page and sometimes you wonder you have people who don't see why in the midnight cry these are the people she will start shoot bring in other kinds of lights was able while we make the church more relevant when even understand the experience that we went through to become a denominated people so they still affect the church more relevant to change your music style was change her dress style was change our theology and that's taking the church in the direction that God never intended the direction that God intended it starts with what happened when Miller writes if the straight and narrow path that doesn't go off in a new direction and I goes all the way to heaven and one have a group of people that accept the three Angels messages in their totality then we will see a message that will lighten the earth with his glory in a similar manner Miller writes affected their time so let's strive to be among the people amen thank you


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