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The Book of James: One Lawgiver & Judge

Chris Buttery
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  • November 8, 2014
    11:30 AM
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We're on Lesson number nine right. Lesson Number nine Al. One the law giver. And judge from the quarterly. Adult teaches or adult Sabbath School Bible study guide. This is the last. The last quarter study guide for two thousand and fourteen and. Will be looking here and and reviewing the lesson one law giver. And Judge and if you have your Bibles you want to tune. To James Chapter four because that's where it will be and as you know it will be all over the Scriptures. Elsewhere as well but just keep your finger right there. James chapter four and will be spending some time there. Today. Now you know that arrogance and. Really this is a continuation of last week's lesson. Arrogance. Stunts. A person's potential. It was Leo Tolstoy who said An arrogant person considers himself to be perfect. This is the chief Homme of arrogance it interferes with a person's main task in life. And what's that to become He says I better person. So it stunts. A person's potential. You know we've all probably had those moments where we've looked confidently had someone and we've said. Hey watch this. As if to say. I'm the best or on the greatest I could do a better than the person who just did that very thing that you witnessed. And of course that attitude sometimes cause us to land flat on our face doesn't it show up. Spiritual arrogance. Spiritual arrogance is the greatest. Hindrance. To advancement in our walk with the Lord to character development to becoming more like Jesus. And really what we're talking about in this week's lesson is that very issue. I know the title of the lesson is one law given judge but this is all very much tied in together the the real issue here is that James is dealing with is spiritual arrogance. In the church. So what is our gets. Well the dictionary defines it as having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one. Own. One's own importance or. Abilities and. Synonyms include self importance. Being egotistical. He is an interesting word ova. We mean. Overweening. That's a synonym. Just simply being big for your own. Boots or. Britches whichever one you prefer to use. So this is what arrogance is. You know I've skipped over something here this morning I. For especially for of us who are churning in we need to let folks know that behind us. Is not our usual set up we have communion here today. At Sacramento central and so that's why you're seeing the white table of what the table with the white tablecloth. We just want to let you know that this isn't. We're not doing renovations or anything like that. But here it is. We're doing. It's a beautiful day to do a communion isn't it. How wonderful. So we're talking about arrogance. Spiritual arrogance and. We can talk about being conceited and that's. That's our guests as well. And this was evidently the problem. At the time of James when he was writing to the Christian church. And he saw he addresses this issue. In this letter. In this particular chapter in chapter three of costs and again here. In chapter four. It was spiritual pride. That led some of the believers to show off their good works and to putting others down. And this according to what we studied. Last week. Created. Strife and division among the believers and certainly it always does doesn't it. It's pushing one's self agenda self interest. Pushing a person forward. Your own self forward to the detriment of others. Always creates division. And strife among the believers. And so this is a very important issue that I don't think James is long winded on. And if he's not then we can't be long winded on it either we're going to deal with it again here today. So let's look at James where in James chapter four in verse eleven I just kind of gave us a preamble. To build up to what we're studying here today. Based on what we've studied the last week or two about. About arrogance and spend pride. And this. Not being seen not being evidence in the church. Although in. James Di It wasn't even today. It is saying. James chapter for those eleven let's read this and will let me read through to verse seventeen to catch the entire context of our study here. Starting with verse eleven worried right through to verse seventeen. It says Do not speak evil of one another brethren. He that speaks. Evil of a brother and judges his brother speaks. Evil of the law. And judges the law. But if you judge the law. You. If you judge the lawyer you are not to do of the law but a judge. There is one law giver and judge who is able to save and to destroy Who are you to judge one another those sauteing come now. You who say Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city spend a year they buy and sell make a profit. Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life. It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Instead you want to say if the Lord will. We shall live and do this all that. But now. Your. You boast. In your arrogance. All such boasting is evil. Therefore. To him. Who knows to do good. And does it not. To him. It is sin. So we're over on Sunday's lesson here. Stop with Sunday's lesson. Interesting and interestingly enough. Judgment all discernment and. Let's reverse eleven again. As we as we tackle this particular day's subject. James for verse eleven. James admonishes the brethren do not speak evil of one another and you know he's coming basically he's coming full circle is an E. If you go back to chapter three What's he talking about. He's talking about how it how to tame the tongue. And how the tongue is an unruly member and it creates can create a lot of problems if it's uncontrolled. And then he talks in verse thirteen of chapter three about this. Worldly wisdom. And how it promotes self. And slanders others and. Then he calls for the believer the humble him or herself before God. And he will lift you up. So he comes full circle. Summarizes in verse. Eleven. After all that I've said Do not speak evil. One of another brethren. All of one another brother and he. He who speaks evil of a brother and judges his brother speaks. Evil of the law. And judges the law. But if you judge the law you are not a doer of the law but I was a judge. So James has come full circle. A lack of humility before God. In evidently leads to a similar. Lack of respect and humility before men. And so James admonishes stop speaking. Evil or. We could simply put it another way stop. Backbiting. Stop backbiting. Stop slandering. Stop the libel. Stop the. Defamation. That's what he's really encouraging here. Stop that. At wants someone wants OS. The posts and who gave him verbal abuse whether to handing a person a gift and the individual. Declined the gift to whom the gift would belong. And the individual who slanted. The fame this particular individual say Will. The one to whom offer the gift. The one who gave the gift. Is the one who still owns the gift if it's rich. If it's refused or if it's rejected. The abused individual. Replied Well I decline to accept your abuse. And request. You to keep it to yourself. And certainly that's a good way to handle any type of verbal abuse you might receive folk can just keep that to themselves you don't have to receive that gift. Someone can keep it to themselves. Haas criticism. And this is really what we're talking about here to Haas criticism of the person reveals. Self interest. And self interest creates to sentient and and. Division in the church. Remember James said See how a great forest. A little fire Kindles. And that's over there in James chapter three in verse five just a a little file a little fuss started in a great farce. Can have has potential to level a farce very. We very quickly think El Dorado National Forest right here in Northern California. Seventy one thousand acres burned. In short order and it started with the with a flick of a match. And it's a strike of a match. James calls this wisdom. He calls this type of wisdom. Remember what he calls it in chapter three. He calls it devilish. He calls it because it's. Worldly. He calls it sensual. And he calls it. Devilishly Why is that type of worldly wisdom considered devilish. Well because in. Devil is because in Lucifer's attempt to promote himself What did he do. He slanted God's good. Name. He just sort of destroyed God's. Reputation and his character. And the devil of course is the father of defamation and the father of lies. And so that's why. James Cole's. This type of worldly wisdom devilishness that what wisdom that pushes a person. Into the forefront. And that causes dissension and division. And the slanders and defames others it's devilish because it's all of the devil. Just. Point blank and very simple. All right so here James says I don't. Don't do it. Don't. Don't speak evil one. Of another brethren. He who speaks evil of a brother. What does he do ends up doing what judges. Ends up judging his brother. And speaks. Evil of the law and judges. The law. Let's just talk a little bit here about judging the brother. For just a quick moment. This judging. Is associated with critical. Fault finding. Whose purpose is to injure the individual. To whom that fault finding fault finding is directed. Its purpose is to fold find and injure. And Jesus talked about this type of fault finding didn't they. In Matthew chapter seven. Versus one three. Three in the in the great Suman on the Mount. Jesus said Judge not that you be not judged. And then you talked about the man who's got to who's doing the judging who's going to be me in his own eye who's trying to deal with and take out the speck in his brother. Is very interesting. So Jesus and Paul and James. Suggesting here and in. Commanding that we don't judge one another in the sense of of of. Fault finding critically to injure somebody we have no right to judge another person and that what we have no right to judge is another person's character. Neither that person's reputation. Motives rob them. We have no right to judge a person's motives or. Their character. We have no right to do that plus we don't do a very good job if we try Isn't that right. Should the story during prayer meeting there was a bishop by the name of Bishop and this was back in the eighteenth nineteenth century late eighteenth century. He was on a great transatlantic ocean liner. Traveling to Europe. And when he went on board he found that another passenger was going to share his cabin with him. After going to see the accommodation. He came up to the post his desk and inquired if he could leave his gold watch and some of his other valuables with the posts. Behind the dick. Behind the table they had the desk there to keep his valuables safe and sound and he explained to the post so that. He doesn't ordinarily do this or vellum self. Of the privilege prettied he had just met the man. In whom he was going to be sharing his cabin with. And judging from appearances. He was afraid that he might not be a trustworthy person. Well the person. Accepted the responsibility for the valuables and he remarked. It's all right. BISHOP. I'll be very glad to take care of them for you. The other man has been up here and has left his goods for the very same reason. We don't do a very good job when we seek to judge a person's character. Especially the their motives. And so weird Mohnish he and James have to fall not to judge our brother if we speak evil of a brother we're setting ourselves up over. And on top of that individual which set up our own standard. And we're judging that person by our own standards. And if we do that according to James chapter four and verse eleven we end up judging or we speak evil of the law. And we end up judging. The law. What is a main too. If we speak evil of someone judge someone. Full find to be critical toward somebody once I mean that we have spoken evil against the law and we end up judging. The law. Well simply it simply means that the law doesn't apply to the person in this particular case. He thinks she thinks that it's that she or he are above the law you see in essence he's saying that there's no law to protect the accused brother and that no law condemns his spirit. Or his actions toward that person. We could say that this person thinks that they are above the law. They are above the law and this spirit. Pervades our modern society doesn't it. We could talk about those who enforce law. And how some think that they. If they do that they are above the law. And we could talk about some government officials or even celebrities who have gotten away. With what the average citizen wouldn't be able to get away with in society today. And that spirit in society sometimes even applies to the church some folk think that they are above the law of God The Law of God invites us in summary the last six commandments invite us to do what to love Al. Neighbor as ourselves and if we're being critical toward someone or full funding or being hostile toward someone without. I mean the. Being no love or grace and mercy toward that person then what are we doing with the law we have violating the law. We're breaking the law and we're setting ourselves up as someone who is above. That law. You see. Very interesting. In the book. Thoughts on the amount of blessings page one twenty five one twenty six. Notice. These are these interesting thoughts. Ellen White suggests that Christ is the true standard of character. That's true isn't it. Christ is the true standard of character. And he who sets himself up as a standard for others. Is putting himself in the place of Christ. In that interesting. And since the father has committed all judgment on to the son I'm going to look at that verse his shortly. Whoever presumes I'm still quoting whoever presumes to judge the motives of others. Is again usurping the parole get to vhs of the Son of God. These would be judges. She says and critics. Placing them side selves on the side of. Anti Christ. In court and then she goes on actually to quote second Thessalonians chapter two verses two through full that talks about the son of. The man of sin. And the son of perdition. Who exults himself above God and everything that is cold God. She suggests that we. When we judge another person when we look down on that person they haven't measured up to our standard our expectations. We have them placed our self in the place of judge. And we've placed ourselves in the position that Christ. Assumes. And that. That position belongs solely to Christ and in that case. We have then. Participated in the spirit of the anti Christ. Very strong isn't it. Very strong words it's no wonder that John. In his little let a couple of times said there are many anti christ gone out into the world. There are a lot of folk even in the church that look down and condemn others and if they do so because they set up their own standard their own expectations. And others need to meet those expectations. If they don't then they haven't measured up. They're not doing what they ought to do you say. So the judging that is condemned heah. That James is condemning. Deals with motives and character. But he's not dealing with discernment judging. Judging that discerns. Between what is. Right and wrong. That's. Those are two different things entirely. We are told to not judge to full find another person but we are called to judge in the sense that we can determine. And December tween what is right. And what is wrong we have several verses we want to look at here. Someone has John Chapter seven verse twenty four this morning. John Chapter seven verse twenty four will come to you in just a few moments. John seven verse twenty four. First let me share these few verses with us up to seventeen in verse eleven. Knows what the Bible says. Talking about those in Fessler Nika. It says that they will more fair minded or as the King James puts a more noble than those in Thessalonica. In that. Sorry the not talking about those interest on like is talking about the Bereans. The Bereans will more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they receive the Word with already miss. And search the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so. So we're encouraged in this verse to judge. We can use another word discern between what is truth and what is error correct. And we have been encouraged to determine that if we Jesus said Look. In Matthew twenty four he said look take heed that no one deceive you if we are not able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong then. We're in big trouble. And will just be led astray and. Follow the crowd and be lost forever. But no way of cold to be able to judge between what is right and what is wrong to discern between what is right and wrong. Second Corinthians thirteen in verse five. Paul says Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know. Do you not know yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you unless indeed you are disqualified. And so we're also to discern or judge. How we're doing our way to examine ourselves where. How we do and are we growing. Have we surrendered. That that that pet thing to the Lord. We improve. Walk with the Lord are we growing. We do examine ourselves where to assess our own spiritual growth that's OK to do to the negotiations Chapter six in verse one poll. Admonishes he says brethren. If a man is overtaken in a trespass Now let me ask you a question. If you cannot discern between what is right and wrong how are you going to know that someone's being overtaken and trespass. You're not going to be able to argue. You are able to know when someone has done something wrong. Again. The condemnation. In him in James the way. James what James is referring to is judging someone's motive or character. He's not referring to being able to distinguish. Distinguish between what is right. And what is wrong so he goes on to say Galatians six one brethren. If a man is overtaking you in any trespass. You who are spiritual restore. Such a one in a spirit of wot gentleness. Considering yourselves lest Also you. Be tempted so we can judge between what is right and wrong in order to help somebody. Now notice what Jesus said in John Chapter seven. And verse twenty four. Boarding to the appearance. But judge righteous judgment. Thank you very much so what was Jesus. Jesus is Jesus saying don't judge. I don't want to confuse anyone here. Today. Jesus is saying don't judge another man's motives or character but in this verse what is he saying. You can judge but Judge. Righteous judgment. What does that mean. Judge righteous judgment. Jesus put it another way. In Matthew seven. By their fruits. You will know them. You can distinguish between. What is right behavior. And wrong behavior. The problem comes when we start. Determining opposes eternal destiny and and. Suggesting they are going to be either. Going to heaven or being cast into like a fire. That's God's business that's what God does. He judges the motives he judges the character. But we are told to be able to distinguish between what is right and wrong so don't. Don't fall for the old. Hey don't be judging me you being judge mental business. Now maybe you might be being Judge Mental of that moment. And so you ought to heed that counsel. But. But you probably had it said to you as well you know when you talk that way and you talk about. Certain lifestyles not you being judge mental critical judgment. And it's interesting that the one who is saying don't be Judge Mental is actually judging you for being judge mental. And. And so you know. We have cold to be able to determine between right and wrong behavior of how society tells us. Don't judge period. Don't judge you don't know what's right or wrong. But the Scriptures declension reveal to us what is right. And what is wrong and we are able to determine what that is. And then. Align our lives by the grace of God with that which is right so that to be full and for those. Being judged mental because the postman who's suggesting that's being judge mental themselves I guess. All right so let's jump over to Monday's lesson let's continue the thought here in James Chapter four verse twelve. James chapter four in verse twelve. So if we speak evil of our brother we set ourselves up as judges. We. We participate in the spirit of anti christ I look at those twelve. There is one. Law Giver. And of the context. In the context we could include the word judge there is one will give a who is able to save. And to destroy Who are you to judge another. It's a good question. In other words. Who do you think you are who do we think we are to judge someone when God is Judge of all. That's his prerogative. Not ousts. Whereas we can be unkind and. Mean analysis Essman of others. God's judgment however. Is on based on perfect. Righteousness. Perfect justice and fairness. A couple of verses we're going to read his Someone has John Chapter five verse twenty six twenty seven. Sorry twenty two twenty six and twenty seven. Who's got that one. John five twenty two twenty six and twenty seven Thanks. Daniel will get over to you in just a moment. But I want to look at a few verses here with you first. Isaiah Chapter thirty three in verse twenty two. Isaiah says for the Lord is out Judge do I say Isaiah. I apologize. There it is not the Lord the Lord is our judge. The Lord is our Lord give the Lord is our king and what will he do. He will save us. So here are some. Titles that. There is I desire. Gives us regarding God. He's our king. He's our law giver and he's also a judge. But he's also a savior. He's also Al savior. These three titles that are given to God that normally strike fear into the heart of humanity. And if you will outside of the grace of God and you are rejecting the Lord yes they should strike some fear into you but these three titles. That normally strike fear into the heart of humanity. Are actually used by eyes. To reveal God's desire to save us he is king. He is judge. And he is the law giver in order to do what saved us. So is that bad news or is that good news. That's good news. Again. If you will. On the side of Christ and if you're on the side of the law given the judge that's great news. These titles. Are given to the Creator. To the King to the law giver. These titles are given to God to explain to us that he wants to save us and the Bible says and James chapter form verse twelve. There is one little give and one judge who is able to save and to do and to destroy. God does destroy. Destruction however comes to those who choose it. God The Bible says it's his strange work. It's a strange act that he would destroy. God is not willing that. Any should perish what PETA tells us that but that all should come to a. Repentance. Says it's a strange act it's a strange work. That there will be a destruction that occurs at the end of the thousand years a lake of fire. And his God see it is God's. Hatred towards people. Or is it towards sin. It's towards him. God has done everything possible to remove and extract sin from a person's life he sent his son to live to die. Who's up there. Right now into ceding for us who's promised to come back for us. He's done everything possible to save us to get sin out of a lot. If anyone refuses and wants to just hold on to that sin. They'll be implicated in the like a five because the lake of fire purifies the universe. Of the record of sin. Of the. Of the thing that has created pain and death and sorrow and suffering. A friend had posted on her Facebook page something she learnt at the. Adventist the illogical seminary. The teacher was Jerry Musk Allah. And he said. God only destroys things that have no future. And certainly sin has no future is in the right. There's no doubt about that. It's hard to get around the fact that God does destroy their people even in Adventism today that it's suggesting that God doesn't destroy. It's by default. That people are just kind of there when the fire comes down from heaven and. It's not him initiating that it's just what happens. And it's hard to get around. The planes testimony of Scripture that God does draw a line in the sand. And he says enough is enough. Not in anger toward people. But enough is enough sin is. Run its course it's done everyone has decided for willful woe. It's over and. And then it's and then it's done and it is very difficult to get around the notion that God does not destroy he does. He does. He's he's the restorer He's the creator but he soon is going to be destroyed. And the Gospel provides provision makes provision for people to be freed from sin. So that we can live with him for ever so as Lord given as. Law giver because God has done only judge but he's also the law giver the law giver is the best qualified. To explain the meaning of the law and. Judge whether or not his law. His lawyer has been broken. And the law. Is the standard in the judgment is a not. James Chapter two in verse twelve. So to speak. So do you as those who will be judged by the law. Of Liberty. The great standard in the judgment is the law of God and it's. God who is the law given the judge. He's in the best position to judge whether or not his laws being broken or not. Chapter eleven verse three and four noticed this about how God judges. His delight. Talking about. Talking about the Son of God His delight is in the fear of the Lord. He shall not judge. By the side of his eyes. Nor decide by the hearing of his e is which is kind of how we judge we judge by appearance. By the way. Someone sounds known to Jesus doesn't judge that why Christ doesn't judge that way. But with righteousness. Will he judge. The poor and decide with. Equity all fairness. For the make of the earth. In other words. God judges. Failing. And God is just in all his handling So you say. Now. John Chapter five Verse twenty to twenty six and twenty seven who had that. So over here OK Danielle thanks. John. Five twenty two twenty six and twenty seven. For the father judges no man. But has committed. All judgment on to the son. For as the father has life in himself. So has he given to this son to have life in himself and has given him with story. To execute judgment also. Because he is the son of man. OK Thank you. Now interestingly in these verses in these verses in verse twenty four. Jesus says that a believer won't come into judgment and. Mike has a question on that we're going to come to that in just a little bit. Plus want to make sure we get the camera set up. Mike has a question on that. We're going to get to that in just a moment. But look at these verses here. John five twenty two twenty six and twenty seven the father judges no one. But he's committed judgment to who the son has committed judgment to the son for the father has life in himself so he's granted. The son to have life in himself and has given him with already to execute. Execute judgment also why. Because he is the Son of God. Is that what it says. Oh. Because he is the son of man. This is interesting. This is very very interesting why did he not say. He's committed all judgment to the Son of God. Because surely Christ is the Son of God is he not. But he's also the son of man. He's also the son of man. He said he was. He refers to Christ as the Son of man. With reference to the judgment. Because the Son of man. Is one who understands us. And he knows what it means to be tempted. He knows what it means to walk in our shoes. And that's not to suggest that he's gone places we've gone in there and that he sinned. Because Christ. Overcoming fully and completely the plan of salvation would fall flat on his face of Jesus. Sinned and succumb to the temptations of the devil. Would have. But he was victorious then and forever I meant. Certainly. But Jesus understand. US He knows what it means to be tempted. He knows what it means to. To suffer. To beat. To feel tired. To fill the the that the pulling of of frustration. And those types of things he understands us he knows what it means to be human. And it is he that will be our judge. That's pretty good news. If you want to stand before a judge you want to stand before someone who kind of understands a little bit about about what you've gone through. Now this isn't to suggest that that the judge is going to excuse sin. He's not going to do that. He's not going to do that but you've got to know that the judgment is set up. And that everything is in place. Not so that God can keep as many people out of heaven as possible. But it's set up so that he can get as many people. Into Heaven as possible and if God If God was a judge. And certainly through Christ two years but. If he if he was a judge technically speaking. What does the Bible say of God the Father. For God so loved the will hold. So this thing is actually stacked in our favor. And stocked in our favorites is very good news. The one who knows us the one who understands what it means to be tempted is the one who judges us. And according to First John Chapter two verse one. He is also our defense attorney. He's also a defense attorney so. Not only is Christ our judge. The one who knows what it means to be tempted but he's also the one who defends us in the judgment seat. God is not against us. God is for us. Mike you've got a question for us please. Ask your question. Yes. It says in John. Five twenty four. That the believer won't come in to judgment. If that is the case. Why do I need to stand before God in judgment. And what's the point of an investigative judgment. All right so this is a question that has been asked by a number of people. Even within a even within seven thirty Adventism John five twenty four says that. If you believe on Christ you have passed from judgment. You've gone from death to life. And so. What's. Why would I need to stand before God. In judgment what is the point of the investigative judge with the pre Advent judgment. If I'm saved. Judge saved in Christ. What's the purpose. Well first of all. In. If you've got the King James Version your version says. Not judgment but it says one condemnation. And that's a better rendering. So we we are in Christ. According to Romans eight verse one. We have passed from being under condemnation. We are now living in the spirit. And we've been justified. By God's grace. And so. And so yes. If we believe on Jesus with POS from condemnation. But the Bible is very clear. Romans fourteen eleven that. All shall appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ there is no escaping that. First the PITA for verse seventeen. Judgment begins way friends with the House of God. The pre had been judgment is actually a judgment. That is determining. That is that is that is looking at the record books of those who've ever professed Christ's name. And. And the judgement. Is India. Not to undermine the basis for which we determine our salvation which is faith in the grace of Christ. But to determine whether a person is truly appropriate at that price to their life. Whether a person truly believes John three sixteen. Whosoever believes shall receive everlasting life. So who really believes you know the devil with. James told us earlier. The devil. Believes and he trembles doesn't it. So there is there are different types of belief you can profess that you are following Jesus you can say you're a Christian. And James has. Has. Alan's dusts. This quarter as we've been studying his book. That it doesn't matter what you say. It matters what you do. And so the judgment reveals who truly believes on Jesus. And he will vindicate and exalt those who have smite a surrender to Christ on a daily basis. Who trust in Jesus. Saving Grace and that Jesus is able to save to the uttermost So I hope that clears up. A question here for us I mean that that deserves. Deserves more time but for time's sake we must move on Tuesday. Where Tuesday's lesson. Problems Chapter twenty seven verse one if you'd like to turn there with me. Proverbs Chapter twenty seven in verse one. The wise man said something wise. With relation to planning ahead. And the future. Problems Chapter twenty seven verse one. And this is really in relation to text. Here in James Chapter four verse thirteen which will read in just a moment. But probably of chapter twenty seven verse one. Do not boast about tomorrow. For you do not know what a day may bring forth. The admonition is to not do what. Boast. Don't boast about tomorrow. For you do not know what a day may bring forth. The wise man of course isn't advising us to be careless. Regarding the future. And. And neither does. Jesus teaching regarding anxious thought. You know you've probably heard folks suggest he's a saint and of course Jesus said take no thought for tomorrow don't be anxious about tomorrow. Some people may take that to mean that we don't need a plan for the future that's not what Jesus is saying. And that's not what the wise man is saying he's not advising us to be careless. Regarding the future. But is. Vising us. By the way it was same wise man that advise us to go to the end right. And what is the end do. Gathers food for the summer prepares for the winter. So it plans for the future. I don't know how it all registers in that little puny mind but it does. So those same wise men who said don't boast about tomorrow is the same one who said go to the end who does plan. Instead what the wise man is saying. What he's warning against is self. Trust and self-assurance. Outside of God's leading. God leading a life look at. James Chapter four verse the teen continuing. The thought here come now. Come now you who say Today or tomorrow will go to such and such a city spend a year there. But I Ansel and make a profit. Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. But verse fifteen instead you ought to say. If the Lord wills he will live and do this all that. You notice the distinct the distinction. Distinction here. The difference here. The issue is not so much don't make plans. Making profits not a bad thing is that's not what it's not saying that it's a bad thing it's not a bad thing. But here. The individuals who make boasting about to more than that tomorrow is assured them. Making plans for the future and not considering God's plans for them. And so they go into the city and. James is challenging them to say you know you ought to say. If the Lord will see. Now what he's not saying is that at the end of every sentence. You should say. If the Lord wills. That's enough to drive the average person crazy and he's not saying that he's just saying we ought to be living in that attitude. God what would you want me to do. God what are your plans for me. I'm willing to. I'm willing to take up the plans you have for me. I'm willing to give up my own personal plans that you have for me. I want you to guide my future. And so that's the that's the admonition. Your member James talks about a double minded man. He mentions this individual. Throughout his letter. The double minded man does not have. Heavenly Wisdom. We study that already. Neglects to treat others with courtesy. Lacks purity of heart before God and the and the Glick's. God in His every day affairs this is the last point he and James. The double minded man neglects to consult God in his or her. Every day. Affairs. And this. I would suggest is arrogance at its best. The adage This attitude was seen in the life of human human behavior. I guess to Chapter five. And verse twelve. How human was invited by the king. And by Esta to come to estus place for a meal. And you know he's trying to. What's he trying to do to the Jews is trying to eliminate them right trying to destroy them. And he's old puffed up and proud and happy that he was invited to sit with the queen and the king was just the three of them. And then in verse twelve. Yes to Chapter five twelve he says. Talking and he says besides. Queen Esther invited me. Invited no one but me to come in with the king to the banquet. That she prepared and tomorrow. I'm again invited by her along with the king. He's assured that tomorrow is perfectly fine this man is not consulted God and His plans. He's seeking to do harm to God's people. Anyone who messes with God's. People have got to be careful the story of a human is an indictment. On anyone who speaks ill of God's children. Because by Chapter seven him in his heart. But yet here he is boasting about tomorrow of a king by the queen. Look at me. Because he didn't consult God. In Luke Chapter twelve there's a parable that Jesus teaches about rich full that's. It's known as the parable of the rich fold. Poor guy. How about being annoying. After you've lived that you were known as the rich fool and this is what he said in verse a sixteen to twenty one he said. I will do this. I will remember he's reached his point is bonds are full and so what I'm what I'm going to do is this is what I'll do I'll pull down my bonds and build greater. And there I will store up. All my crops and my goods and I will say to my soul. Soul you have many goods laid up for many years. Take your easy drink and be merry. And someone has looked up to seventeen verse twenty six to thirty he's got that for us. OK. Twenty six and. It was in the days of Noah. So it will be in the days of. The son of man twenty seven. They ate. They drank. They married wives. They were given in marriage. Until the day that Noah and to the ark. And the blood. And the flood came and destroyed them. All. Twenty eight. Likewise. As it was in the days of. Not. They ate. They drank. They brought this so. They planted. They built. Twenty nine. But on the. That but on the day that the lot. Went out of Sodom. It rained fire and brimstone. From Heaven. And it destroyed them. Thirty. Even so it will it will be in the day. When the Son of Man is the real. Thank you so much. What's the concern here. What's the concern here regarding people in the last days the attitude of. Myriads of people in the last days. Is not financial prosperity. We know that as long as that's health secondary to doing God's will. It's not what people can do. Eating and drinking and marrying it's not the issue. It's about boasting about. Tomorrow that tomorrow is guaranteed. It's about their attitude about what they do. It's about being sure they'll be around to fill their plans. Without giving consideration to God's what God's plans are for them. You know life is uncertain. Tomorrow's not promised that's why they call. Today the present right. It's a gift. It's a gift from God. But we didn't. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. However God does. And he can do without lives better than we can do for our own lives I meant. No doubt about that. And so we don't but we don't want to be boasting about the future. We can plans without God that's what James is. Is encouraging here look at verse fourteen now. Where over on Wednesday's lesson. Those fourteen he says whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is life. It is even a watt. Value Per missed. That appears for a little time and then vanishes. Away. Let's take a look at some ninety verse twelve. And notice. Notice the admonition David gives us. So. Based upon the fact that life is short. It's like a vapor. Passes through our fingers. So teach us to number of days that we may gain a hot. Of Wisdom. We need to spend time. David encourages us here we need to spend time contemplating the shortness of life so that we can learn how to best use. The time that we're given here on Earth. David says to do well a number of days. So that we might be wise we might know what to do with the. Short hours that we have been given what's the purpose of life. Is to live. And to glorify. The creator that's the bottom line. That's the bottom line purpose of life. Look at verses sixteen and seventeen with me as we close up here. But now. You boast in your arrogance that is that would you boast in your Agger arrogance. All such boasting is what evil big. It's evil because it's self-sufficient and it fosters presumption. Which is akin to the spirit and thinking of Lucifer. And he is evil. It's selfish. But true love. Doesn't parade itself is not puffed up puffed up doesn't behave rudely. Does not seek its own doesn't that's first Corinthians chapter thirteen. We are to plan ahead yes we are we on our way to go it alone. No we're not to go it alone. Some sixteen verse nine tells us a man's heart plans his ways. But the Lord. Directs his steps. And so we're told to not boast. Because boasting is evil though seventeen Therefore. To him who knows to do good. And does it not to him. It is sin the Bible define sin in two ways. Are doing what is wrong that's first John three for. Sin is the transgression of the law specific infractions made against the law of God. And it's also defined as not doing what is right. Right here in James Chapter four one verse seventeen. The gospel. Doesn't just call for us to abstain from evil. Doesn't call for us to abstain from evil only. But calls for Christians to be doers of that which is good and that which is ride. You've heard of sins of omission sins of commission right. Sins of commission the things that we do for specific infractions against God's law breaking God's law. Sins of a mission. Are refraining from doing the things that I ride. You know a person could hide themselves in a cave. In the hopes that they would avoid temptation and live and live a victorious life of a sin but while they might be good. Their life is really good for nothing isn't a right. Instead Jesus calls us to be the salt of the earth to be the. Light the light of the world. Jesus commands. The sheep that are on his right hand in Matthew twenty five four. For the fact that they have lived their faith and their faith. Has been evidenced in the. Doing good things for others who are less fortunate. And our lives can be a continual route of doing good things we've got to spend time with work to do but. We've got to squeeze into each day as much good as we possibly can and maybe even bring just a little bit of heaven on earth. To somebody here and right now. Our arrogance is the biggest hindrance. Development. As Christians and people here. To live before the. Living and loving. To join me as we sit by God's grace to do just that every day. This media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about you would like to listen to more sermon visit or.


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