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The Book of James: Getting Ready for the Harvest

Chris Buttery
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How can we be ready for the return of Christ if we don't know day or the hour of His appearing? What do the early and latter rain have to do with this preparation, if anything? How does this relate to our attitudes and dispositions? Find out in this weeks lesson taught by Pastor Chris Buttery



  • November 22, 2014
    11:30 AM
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Has anyone got their Bibles ready. Or why we're going to be studying. Where in the book of James of course we were on. Lesson Number eleven. And we're getting very close to finishing has been a good quarter study hasn't it. Absolutely fantastic. And. Today's lesson. Is getting ready for the harvest. Getting ready for the harvest and. Scripture or our memory text is in James Chapter five and verse eight. And the writer says. This. He says you will also be patient. Establish your hots for the coming of the Lord. Is at what friends said Hand That's right. Coming of the Lord is at hand and so you want to be over in the book of James here we're going to be studying it. And looking at it in detail here. As we as we move right along in our study. You know. It's no secret you know that I'm from a Commonwealth country originally and. Coming from a Commonwealth country means that you often get a visit from the queen. From. Even the prince and his bride and. And this would happen occasionally. The preparations are extensive. For a royal visit. Streets and shops. A claimed. Made impeccable the town is decorated musicians and bands ready themselves to root to meet the royal pageantry. Security is also. Opt not to. And message preparation. Happens when. Royalty when a monarch is getting ready to arrive. Now if we're excited. And oftentimes Commonwealth countries do get excited I know that some Canadians. Here in the midst. It's today. When you're living in a Commonwealth country. You get excited when monarchy. When royalty. A P is and comes. And how much more excited. Should we be. And how much more extensive. The preparations. How much more they should be. When the king of the universe. Has said he's coming back. He's coming. Royal. Heavenly royalty. The King of Kings lot of Lords is coming back how much more exciting should we be. And how much more expensive the preparations. So the questions that we're going to be answering here. Of this morning is how do we make those preparations. And especially when we don't know the day all the Hour of Jesus' coming. So how do we make those preparations. And what does it mean to be patient and. In Jew or a stablish Hotz. And then how does that relate to the subject of the early. And the latter. Rain which James. References here in these verses that we're going to be reading together and so all these questions will be answered here. The small and. Perhaps you already have your answers because you've studied your lesson and here we are reviewing it together. I want to read the verses for you that we're going to be studying reviewing here. With you and it's changed up to five. And we're going to be looking at verses seven through twelve. James Chapter five assists. Seven through twelve. Just to give us an overview and then we'll take it. Verse by verse and. Break it down. It says here James up to five zero seven. Is therefore be patient brother until the coming of the Lord. See how the family waits for the precious fruit of the earth. Waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient. Establish the hots for the coming of the Lord is at hand. Do not grumble against one another brethren less you'd be condemned. And behold the judge is standing at the door. My brother in take the profits who spoke in the name of the Lord as an example of suffering and patience. Indeed we count them blessed to enjoy. You have heard of the perseverance of job and seen. The end intended by the Lord. And that the Lord is very compassionate the merciful. But above all my brother and do not swear. Either by heaven or by earth. Or with any other Earth. But let your yes be yes. And your no no lest you fall into. Judgment. So there it is going to be reviewing these verses. Together this morning. So it will pick it up and will begin of course. Naturally at the beginning at the seven. James up to five zero seven therefore be patient brother until the coming of the Lord. The Fame. That. James is drawing on. The thing that he wants to speak to us about here is the coming of the heavenly monarch. THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS the coming of the Lord. And he says see how the family waits for the precious fruit of the earth. Waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and. The latter writing. So. James encourages us to be patient. Therefore if you have the New King James like I'm reading from their full Be patient. You will notice and you have noticed as we study together. The book of James that James uses the word patient or patient several times as a matter of fact he uses it about six times in his writing to the church back then into you went to high and be rather and. The word patience or and patient. Denote. I hope full in jurists. All bearing along all. Being long suffering. And so he's inviting the believers. To therefore be patient and wait. He says if will be patient brother. Until the coming of the Lord. Why be patient. On the provocation. And not lose courage. Why be patient at all. And of course the proceeding versus. In Chapter five which we looked at last week. Talk about the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer the oppression of the rich. Money trouble and. And just problems. On Planet Earth. And of course. God's people would be in the crossfire. In the crosshairs of all of this challenge and. All of this trouble. And. And so he says. Because of this you need to be patient. You need to be patient so why. Why be patient on the provocation. And not lose courage. Because Jesus is coming back that's why. Jesus is coming back. And he says that he's coming back soon. So he wants us to be patient because Jesus is coming back and when Jesus comes back what's he going to do to the righteous. What's he going to do for the righteous. He's going to vindicate the righteous. He's going to prop them up and say you know. You've done what is right you've been faithful you've been Jew until the end. And so just be patient until I come because when I come. I'm going to set things I want to make wrong right I'm going to set things in order. And of course when Jesus comes back the wicked are going to be put in their place. And so he says be patient. You know the perception or the perspective of the shortness of Earth's challenges. Compared with the eternal happiness and glories that the Bible. Promises God's people has always been a source of encouragement to the believer. And it ought to be for you and I today as well. I mean. We only live so long. We studied a couple of weeks ago about numbering Al days. Counting our days out to act because our days alike. How did James put it he said. It's like a vapor. Just vanishes. We have for a very short time. And then when you compare simply seventy some years of existence. With Adam and Methuselah. Live nine hundred sixty nine years of age seventy years is nothing is it isn't it. It's barely anything. But then you. Compare that to eternity. Infinity. And there's no wind. And so. Keeping things in proper perspective has always been a source of encouragement. To God's people and I trust that will be a source of encouragement to you as well. Keep in mind. Jesus is coming back. And when Jesus comes back he's going to set things right I mean of course. There's a thousand years and then of course. The executive judgment and then God will make all things new I get that. But. James is encouraging us to look forward to the second coming of Jesus when Jesus is going to set things right. Be patient therefore. Until the coming of the Lord and the coming of Jesus is compared here. In James Chapter five o seven to I harvest. Farmers and. The population. Us. We are completely dependent upon. Right. Whether to produce staple foods for living out we. I mean we are completely dependent on the. Good weather patterns and good weather cycles. Can't be too wet or to dry and it can't be too hot or too cold at particular times. Of the year. Now if you grow your own god and you know what I'm talking about. When I went to college they had a stew some agriculture and. That was not always fun but you learned some good lessons in this wonderful spiritual lessons to be learned from agriculture but. But you know when you're planning that God and you now you plant the seed. And now. I mean you just totally dependent upon the elements. Totally dependent that is not going to be too hot or too cold or too Weddle too dry and. Or else. The produce is going to be adversely affected. We're going to be in trouble. Now in dry of countries such as. Israel where James was riding. The margin is even less. And the importance of. The right amount of rainfall. Falling at the right time of year is greater then perhaps. What. Places in the world. Would have other places in the world need to be can too concerned about. Even here in California it's pretty dry. And so there's not a lot of marginal room for era. So you hear. James refers to the coming of Jesus. And he talks about waiting patiently for it. Just like a farmer does who waits for the early. And the latter rain what is he talking about. Early in the latter rain. Well the only right time. It fell basically in the autumn and. Around October November in that time of year. And that was the time that. Farmers would go out and plant their crops and. The ground would be soft and moist and of course the sea would be able to germinate. With those early writings and then in the latter rain simply fell in the spring. Fell in the spring before the summer harvest during the months of macho and. April that was pretty much where it went when it fell. And basically it brought the cup the crop to up. To maturity and help bring the crop to maturity. Interesting lay the Bali. Harvest in Palestine. Begins in the middle of the end of April. With wheat. Coming in the next month. And then the summer fruits. Fruits grapes and then all lives. They will come in the late summer and fall. There's a couple of verses that I want to look at here this morning. Someone has Joel chapter two verse twenty three for me. They're going to be reading that who's got that right over here. OK. Judge up to twenty nine twenty three you can write these text down just one or. Read these for you. Job says they waited for me these are his friends they waited for me as for the Rhine. They open their mouth wide as full of the spring of right. Job's Council. He likened to the rains even the latter rains. And of course. This signifies the importance that. I put on those reins during those that time of you. My wisdom is like the rings that fold down to two. To produce or to bring the. The harvest to. Consummation. And then problems chapter sixteen. And verse fifteen. The wise man says in the light of the king's face is life. And his favor. Is like a cloud of Latta writing. And this shows the high Raghad. Those of the Middle East again had for the rainy season. Their life depended upon the rains falling at the right time. Notices and Hosea Chapter six in verse three is talking about Jesus actually. Let us know. Let us know let's pursue the knowledge of the Lord. Is going forth is a stablished as the morning. He will come to us like the rain. Like the latter. And the former running to the earth. And so God's promises to bring abundant. Blessings. That would Norrish and revive. Spiritual life and that would come through Jesus. Joel Chapter two verses. Verse twenty three. He credited the children Zion. And we choice in the Lord your God for he have given you the former a moderately. And he will call us to come down for you. They were a form a ring and the latter rain. In the first month. Thank you very much appreciate that. Larry. Veitch you turn that if you will enjoy all turned over to Joel and I want to look at verses twenty eight thirty one with you real quick. Joel Chapter two verses twenty eight. Three thirty one. So Joel says that God will give his people. The former. And the latter writing and verse twenty four talks about the threshing floor as will be full of wheat the vats shell of a flow with new wine and oil. Jump out of those twenty and through him because right here. Joel takes the illustration of the the facts rather. Of the early and latter right any applies them to something very very important an event that's going to take place. Prior to the return of Christ notice have to to those twenty eight through. Thirty one. And it shall come to pass. Afterward that I will pour out my white friends. My spirit. On all flesh your sons and your daughters shall prophesied your old men shall dream dreams. Your young men shall see visions. And also my men servants and all my maid servants I will pour out my spirit in those days. I will show you one does in the heavens in the in the earth. Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood. And notice before when friends. Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord. Interesting very interesting so he had Joe uses. Uses rain. To symbolize the outpouring of God's Holy Spirit. In Isaiah Chapter forty four verse three. The prophet says that he will pull. Water. Upon A dry. Barren ground Ne Ne's illustrating. God pouring out His Spirit. Life. Upon his people who are ready to receive him. Now interestingly paid up. Peeta applied this prophecy in Chapter two verses twenty eight thirty one. He applied this prophecy. To what happened on the day of do you remember. Pentecost us right here planted to what happened on the day of Pentecost. But we know that the context of a jolt to is not. Pentecost but when. Prior to the second coming of Jesus the return of Jesus Christ right. So was Peter on that he take it out of context. Although on the inspiration he helped. He's helped us basically understand that. Historically speaking. The early rain fell at that time. And then in Acts Chapter three verses nineteen through twenty one. Peeta then talks about the letter writer talks about times of refreshing that will come. Prior to the return of Jesus he says and then we will see Jesus. But this time he's talking about the letter writing. The times of refreshing and they fold prior to the return of Jesus. So the early historically speaking the early rain fell on. Pentecost while the latter rain will take place when just prior to the return of Jesus. It was pretty powerful what happened back then. And it's going to be magnificent when the Holy Spirit poured out upon his people. God's people here in these last days. Why would the Holy Spirit need to be put out in greater measure in the closing scenes of Earth's history. I claim these ideas from Scripture and also from the Spirit of Prophecy has several reasons why. Number one. To prepare to help God's people. Push the third angels messages. Into the world. To get the message out there to tell people that Jesus Christ as Savior. And to warn them not to receive. The mock of the beast. And then also to enable a large number. To take this stand on the side of truth. So under the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Typically we call that the latter rain. Under the loud cry which gives a loud cry. Declaring the truth of God's Word in great power. Not because we become powerful but because we become a Christ like. And we. And that's this is a process that we are that God is working with us on day by day men. This just call it a culmination. Pushes God's people out. Message goes out. And people take this stand on the side of truth and of righteousness and it also. The latter rain is given to prepare. God's people to to stand during the time of trouble and Juha the seven last place. And so the whole the outpouring of the letter writing is very important for the finishing of the work. And to prepare the people that will stand through something this world has never seen a time of trouble such as never was and that includes the. The outpouring of the seven. Last plagues global protect and preserve his people but the Holy Spirit is poured out in great measure. So that people will respond will hear the message. And respond to the message what we doing today. What we do today is how is powerful. Reaching out to individuals. Witnessing to family members. Doing evangelist at meetings. Using media to share the gospel. This all has it's very important place. But it's under the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that the work will actually get done. And actually get done under the early rain. Boy the Gospel pool. When like wildfire and. And so it's going to be again in the last days. And it in the rain is given the lettering is given to ripen the. The U.S. harvest. And their to harvest they were before Jesus when Jesus comes back. There's the harvest of the righteous. And there's the harvest of the. Unrighteous the wicked. As we would say right. And. And so we daily. Preparing to receive. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit has a few other thoughts that I collected from the pen of inspiration. Regarding receiving the letter at some of the prerequisites for us receiving the letter writing. One. Because people want to be praying in a sling. For the latter right. Number two humbling our hearts. In true repentance not being sorry because we got caught. Well because we got into trouble. But being sorry because we offended God will somebody else. Experiencing true reformation from the inside out in the in the life. Putting away envy. Strife and dissension loving one another and then of course. Laboring for the last. All these things prepaid God's people for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I love this statement. That's found in the upward look. And it's on page two hundred ninety three. She says we need not worry about the latter right. And she's not saying we should be praying for it. She goes on to say. All we have to do and I love this. All we have to do is. The vessel clean and upright. Just keep the vessel clean and upright and prepared for the reception. Of the heavenly rain and keep trying let the latter rain come into my vessel. Let the light of the glorious anger which unites with the third angel shine upon me. Give me part in the work let me sound the proclamation. Let me be a code library with Jesus Christ that's what she's encouraging us to pray. Thus seeking God. Let me tell you she says. In closing. He is fitting you up all the time. In giving you. Of His grace. And then us. So. Keep the vessel what. Clean and keep it what upright. Keep the vessel clean upright and be praying that God will shine His glory upon you and give you a chance to share his message with others. The SOME us to talk about with regard to the early and latter rain and. Time doesn't permit so we're going to go over now to Monday's lesson that we actually just did Sunday so we now return to Monday's. List. Look at verse verse eight of James James up to five in verse eight. So. James is encouraging us to be patient. As the family waits for the precious first look at the site. He says again you will also be one patient. There it is again. You also be patient. Establish your hots for the coming of the Lord is what friends are coming of the Lord is at hand so just as the farmer. Is patient. We also need to be patient as well. We need to be patient. Don't fret. And freak out. When the wicked seem to just get away with quote unquote Moda. Don't fret. Don't worry I think the Sama says something about that in some. Thirty seven and seventy three if I'm not mistaken so. Don't fret don't worry. Don't be overwhelmed by the challenges you might face. Don't get impatient. Even with yourself when you perceive that there is little spiritual growth taking place in your own life. What did Jesus tell us to do with regard to our own personal growth he said look to the flowers. Look to the lilies they don't toy little spin and strive and wrestle. To grow one of they do. They simply receive all the elements of things that God has provided for them in order to grow. Sunshine in nutrition and water. And so we had to do the same. It's a mystery to me how how folk. Get frustrated with themselves and not experiencing any growth. They feel like they're digressing more than they're progressing in the Christian walk. And then when you ask them. Are you spending time with Jesus in prayer and study of His word and they say no. What do you expect. What do you expect. You've got to receive of the things that God has provided for us spiritual nourishment and Al. Sustenance I meant that spending time with Him in prayer in secret prayer. And being in an attitude of pray throughout the day. Spending time studying God's word and letting his word transform and change lives you see. And so don't get impatient. He says. Don't be. Just be patient don't get impatient. Let's receive what God has provided for us and then. And then. When Jesus comes he's coming for what type of fruit now I'm jumping back to verse seven. He's coming for what type of fruit. Not just any fruit but precious. This precious fruit. Jesus is coming for precious food all fruit off a Dia. Off A valuable. Fruit Why is it precious. Why would you and I be considered precious fruit. That Jesus is coming back to harvest according to First Peter chapter one verse nineteen because we've been bought with the precious blood of Jesus. That's why we've been brought bought with the precious blood of Jesus. Don't lead. Anyone. And don't even let the devil suggest to you that you are worth nothing. Then let the devil have his way in your mind in your hot. Discouraging and depressing you thinking you're not any good. This Read Isaiah forty three Verse four if you come to that conclusion. God doesn't love me. I don't know if you can take me the way I am. I don't know if he if he really considers me to be of any value on worth nothing. Look at my upbringing look at my life look at what I'm doing now I'm just with nothing and no Isaiah. As I have forty three verse four. Tells us that God's views us as being precious. We have precious. In his eyes. Question for us here this morning is. Is God precious to you. Is God precious to you as he views us as precious. And then. Let's go on James up to five and verse eight Be says also be patient. And then he says one. A stablish hots oughta set Fost. Your hearts. Or to brace. Your hots or to make stable. Your hots. The matta. The matter of living for the Lord has to be settled in a Hotz you know. James elsewhere talks about a double minded man. Unstable in a Liz Weiss. He signed on to be that way. Don't flip flop don't wonder. Just just believe on Jesus. Except his promises. For you. Don't be flip flopping back and forth sitting on a fence. A stab. Your hots is kind of like the issue of loving your spouse was settled before. And on the day of your wedding. You settled it in your heart you didn't come to the wedding older and say. Man I'm not sure I love you but I don't know if I'll ever love you enough. Or I love you but look after the wedding I'm going to slip your piece of paper that says I'm going to go visit my old girlfriends and. Go hang out with them too before we get married what are we doing with settling the issue out we are settling the matter of our love for our spouse. That's it. That no one else is going to have my hot. My heart is wholly hers or his. Whichever side you're on. So establish your heart. So to mete. So no matter what temptation. Cement no matter what trial. Or challenge all suffering and I don't want to belittle. How challenging. Some people's experiences. Or the suffering they might enjoy. But no matter how difficult it is the temptation the trial that suffering the challenge. The Bible says when we establish in our hearts to serve the Lord we will not be moved. We're going to continue to trust him we're going to continue to hold on to him. We're not going to let go of him. And then he talks about establishing a Hotz why. Be patient establish our hearts for the coming of the Lord is at hand. The coming of the Lord. Now that would. Someone has Romans Chapter thirteen those eleven I'm going to have them read that for me. In just a moment who's got Romans thirteen versa let me just put your hand up if you've got that. Over here. Wow. All right. Right there in the pot I think all right we're going to come to you in just a moment. All right. So that's Romans thirteen verse eleven. James says. Be patient. Stablish your heart's why. Because the coming of the Lord. Is at hand I just want to do with something here just real quickly. Coming coming of the Lord. The Greek word for coming is. That's in the Greek. And it simply means presence or arrival. That's what it means presence or arrival and. This would is frequently seen in ancient documents. When referring to the arrival of some. Emperor or some. Dignitary came. Matthew. Uses the word coming and if you just jump over there with me to Matthew chapter twenty four. Matthew twenty four. Jesus uses the word. Coming several times in Matthew twenty four. Matthew Chapter twenty four in verse three the disciples asked Jesus. What will be the sign of your. Coming. And the end of the age or the parousia. The coming. And then over in verse twenty seven thirty seven and thirty nine. Jesus uses the same wood coming parousia. Arrival all. The presence of Jesus. In a poll. He sometimes used the word to denote. Presence. VS absence and you can read about that in Philippians chapter two. Presents verses absence. But there is nothing in this would. Once that hints at ICE secret. Arrival of Jesus. The word parousia doesn't hint at all suggest at all a secret. Coming of Jesus. There is a church that teaches that back in the early one thousand nine hundred cheeses came invisibly. But he came visibly to those who have faith and saw him with the faith and they take this would. Coming will Parousia to suggest that Jesus coming would always be silent. Secret. And that's certainly not the case at all as a matter of fact when you read over there Matthew chapter twenty four Look at verse twenty seven and thirty seven for Look at verse twenty seven for as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west. So Also will the. Parousia all coming. Of the Son of Man be. Now let me ask you a question is for. Is a lightning. Is lightning secret. When did you ever experience secret lightning. It's always visible isn't it. It's always present it's I mean you and you. And you hear lightning don't you. Don't you hear lightning. What's a cold thunder. So there's nothing secret about it and. No matter what. What about this particular church suggests. That's not the case at all so we don't need to worry about that word coming or parousia. It means arrival it means presence. And we know when Jesus comes back he's coming. With all his holy angels. We're told in Luke that he comes with the glory of the father with his own glory and the glory of all the holy angels. That is not going to be a secret is it my friends. Everybody on planet earth is going to know when Jesus appears I meant. A man and for God's people that's going to be one spectacular event. And one that we're looking forward to now. James says that the coming of the Lord is that what he says the coming of the Lord is at hand. Well the coming of the Lord is near. The old our Jesus said that we would know the day will the hour of his coming here encourage people nonetheless. To know the times that we're living in and that he is near not heah. Jesus isn't here hasn't been here since one thousand fourteen. But that his coming is. Media. Even at the door as you read in Matthew twenty four. And verse thirty six but the of the day in the Alamo with no man. Not even the angels of heaven but my father. Only. And then. Jesus talks about his coming being OK Romans thirteen versus eleven. And that knowing the time. That now. It is high time to wake out of sleep. For now is our salvation. Nearer than when we believed. All right. So full of the Apostle. Jesus coming was back then it was MIA very very near he's saying look. It's time to wake up out of sleep. Salvation is near then when we first believed when he wrote those words. Jesus coming is very very near. Now how does that correspond with the words of Jesus told His disciples in Acts Chapter one if you want to go over there with me. Turn there with me. X chapter one in verses seven and eight. Notice. What Jesus said here. How does this correspond. The newness of Jesus coming to being ready. It is near and then when we first believe with these particular words. Accept the one versus seventy. Jesus said He said to them when they asked him if you are going to restore the kingdom of Israel at this time. Jesus said it is not for you to know. Times all seasons. Which the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive paua when the Holy Spirit is come upon you and you shall be my witnesses in to me. In Jerusalem in Judea Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world. It's not for you to know the times. How does that correspond with. The apostle Paul saying hey Jesus' coming is nearer than when we first believed. It's not for you to know the times. That just simply means the endless procession of time. All the seasons. We could simply said the climactic climactic events to occur at the end of the ice age. Jesus was in essence saying to his disciples that you. That they were not to know the exact date. Or the precise manner of that kingdom when that Kingdom was to be established. There's no contradiction here between Jesus' previous words and the Apostle Paul. And these words found in Acts Chapter one Verse a seven night. Jesus is looking in essence. These words say he's looking for individuals who do for the master. And allow themselves to be guided by the signs and the Holy Spirit. According to the Word of God irrespective of how much they know they just do they work. They put their nose to the grindstone and they they share Christ and they live for Him You see. But this issue raises another question that's been out there and I'm going to come to you in just a moment we're going to get a microphone over to to right. And there's a question that. That is circulated regarding this very issue regarding the in the in this of Christ's return. It has been argued by many that a disciple it creates that weight bag then. And they said that Christ is coming near that is. But yet it did not happen during their time frame. You know. Centuries past as well. How do we know that. We did we should be preaching that as well. We write in campaign that Jesus is coming soon coming soon and that's been preached for the past several generations. And so yeah. And that's a question that doesn't get circulated I know you're not asking that. Yourself. It's just people have that question. Look if the disciples but in other words. If we are here two thousand years later. And they were saying back then Jesus coming was very near. If we hear two thousand years later and the Lord still US income. What makes us think that Christ will come in our in our generation. And unfortunately some some. Adventists even ask that question. Can we be sure that Jesus is coming soon. Because of the cycles were asking that question. As well my simple answer is this watch the signs. Watch the signs. The disciples didn't know how long those the fulfillment of some of those prophecies would take and how many centuries I would take to to be fulfilled. They just didn't know the fact that fact doesn't make them wrong. Any more than Daniel didn't fully understand the prophecies. Made him. Not a prophet. I mean that's the. That's absurd. Sometimes the prophets the Apostles declared something. Not knowing the exact time frame the time line. For example. POLE. Pole wrote in second Thessalonians he said listen. That day talking about the coming of Jesus that day. Will not come unless the falling away happen first and the Man of Sin be revealed. Now that pole know exactly when that was going to happen. Didn't quite know fully exactly but. Jesus coming was going to happen until the man of sin. Was revealed. Jesus. In Matthew twenty four. Spoke of the Great Tribulation period that would take place. Known. We know that is the dark ages and that would be followed by the darkening of the sun and moon being turned to blood and then the falling of the stars. You know just a few days ago we had one hundred eighty first anniversary of the falling of the stars that took place on November the member something of a twelve was an eighteen thirty three great. Meteoric shower that hasn't been witnessed since you see these signs. And Jesus said in Matthew twenty four verse eight. That these signs would occur. And increase. Earthquakes natural disasters economic challenges and so on they would increase in frequency and intensity did you know. You've heard it argued look. We've always had with quakes we've always had pestilence and. Plagues and problems in this world. What makes us think that we're getting nearer to the in. Jesus said these are like birth pains which. Grow in intensity and frequency so as you see these things happening more and more. Growing with intensity. You can know that my coming. Is Near then of course you get to draw on the. John the. John the Revelator. And he says that. This that the this beast power that would rule during the Dark Ages. Would receive a deadly wound and that the moon would be was healed. And all the world would one day after the based. And so all these things still need to take place before Jesus comes back. And we have to watch the sides. Not with fear and dread. But with anticipation and with hopefulness because our savior is soon to come Amen. So you so we don't need to get bent out of shape just because the disciples back then thought it was going to be neah they just didn't quite fully understand the time frame how or how long these things would stretch out. We have the advantage of history. And we watch. How history unfolds. And prophecy is fulfilled as history unfolds. And we see where we are in the stream of time. You know the book The Book of Revelation. The seven churches the seven seals a seven trumpets. All. Direct our attention to this day. There's no trumpet or seal or church that comes after the seventh one. And here we are all the prophecies of Daniel two and seven and eight nine and eleven twelve. All those point to day we're living in the time of the end prophetically speaking. And so we can know Jesus is coming we. We're not going to sight sit here today and say you know in four years four years. Jesus is going to come. We don't know that. We don't know that one thing we can know for sure is that he's not coming tomorrow. But be careful because tomorrow is not promised to you so I put off salvation. We're going to work to do as well I meant. Going to share the gospel with others. But Jesus is coming soon so we don't need to be too worried about that question or that objection. That's presented. Now we need to move on because I've got to get three days in and nine minutes. So here we go. All right. Tuesday. James up to five and verse nine we're moving right along here. I'm going to have to chop a few things out. James up to five verse nine. So be patient stablish your hearts the coming of the Lord is at hand. Do not. Grumble against one another brother in law should be condemned to behold the judges standing way at the door Who's the judge. Jesus said the father has committed all judgment to the Son of man. Jesus is the judge he's coming back. Don't grumble. Now. I wish that it were that would crumble. But from the original we can actually mean. It could actually mean the word growing on do not growing that's a half suppressed Mema or condemnation or to side. Do that amongst yourselves. When she'd rather be instructed to not grumble than to groan. It's easy to groan isn't it. Oh there she goes again. Rattling off at the mouth. There you go again. And we sigh and we groan and what. What does James say yeah. We put ourselves in a position of what. Condemnation. So he said Don't don't do that don't grumble. Don't don't grumble against one another. Don't really not only deal with the wrongs of the oppressive rich but also deal patiently with one another. It's so much easier. It's it is. And it's very easy to pick faults in the church and that might be because we expect a lot from the church. And there are folk. There are folk who. Dealing with challenges. In the world that standing up for truth and righteousness and of dealing with some very severe issues out there. And then they come into the church they see some flaws and faults and a very quick to condemn. Now. It's a different thing to point out something that's truthful. And do it in the right spirit I'm not we're not suggesting that. You know you keep your silence. But we've got to watch our spirit and. Make sure that we where expressing what we express in forbearance and in love. And in graciousness you see before the first thirty two and. I went to another. Tender hearted. Forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake. Given you so this is a. Thank you. This is. The admonition. Don't be criticizing each other grumbling. Against one another but be tender hearted forgiving. One another. Wednesday's lesson. Models of patient injurious. James have to five versus ten and eleven. Let's read this together my brother and take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. As an example of suffering and patience. Indeed we count them blessed too in Jewish. You have heard of the perseverance of job and seeing the end intended by the Lord. That the Lord is very compassionate and merciful. So what did job here I'm going to ask you these questions here they are these if you could answer. What did job in the prophets have in common. What did job in the prophets have in common according to what we're reading here. They both was. Well they all suffered. That's right. And you know they suffered at the hands of their own people. You know Job's friends were his greatest enemies at the moment with I mean it didn't help him at all sometimes our suffering comes from within we have more to fear from within than from without the prophet. Reminds us. Need to be careful. So that both suffered. And then why do you think that these examples one highlighted. Why the examples of the Prophet prophets who suffered enjoyed who suffered why they highlighted in this context. So that we get to be an example for us that we might. Copy them. That's a message that's what the original Greek. Emphasizes not just an example but an example for us to copy. That's right. To be dipping courage meant. As we witness how they handled the pressures in the stresses in the challenges in the trials. And the post occasion. We can take great encouragement. By how they handle that last question what personal lessons. Can we take away from these stories for ourselves and for our own trials. I think we just add to that in ways that we can learn lessons of patients in jurists. Faith. It's easy to ask God where is he when the problems are mounting. But God hasn't moved. God hasn't moved he has our eternal. Interest at heart. Our best interest at heart. And he wants to help us save us at last. All right. Let's go over the Thursday. With a couple of minutes. And we'll wrap it up. OK. James up to five of those twelve. And he concludes this section. About patience and perseverance. With these words of. But above all my brother and I do not swear. Either by heaven or by Earth or with any other Earth. But let your yes be yes. And you are no no. Lest you full into judgment. As a matter of fact that would judgment. Is hypocrisy. That's hypocrisy. Someone has Matthew five thirty four to thirty seven. He's got that right over here Richard thank you very much Matthew five thirty four to thirty seven. James. Now comes to the climax of his thoughts. And here he is saying. Don't swear by anything. But just let your yes be yes and your no be no is he. Prohibiting. So is he prohibiting the judicial oath at all. Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No he's not prohibiting as my friend let's read. Matthew five thirty four thirty seven will talk a little bit more about that. But I say unto you swear not at all. Neither by heaven. For it is God's throne. Nor by the earth. For it is His footstool. Either by Jerusalem. Or it is a city as a great king. Neither shelter elsewhere by thy head. Because thou cannot not make one hair white or black. But let your communication be a name. Nay. For whatsoever is more than these come out of evil. All right so Jesus taught the same thing didn't and this is again coming back to us. Where James repeats or talks more about the teachings of Jesus he often. Often did that in his book. And like Jesus James says the swearing. Swearing by anything. But just let your yes be yes and you know. BE No And of course these. Hitting the judicial oath because Jesus himself. When he was under oath. During that Fosse. Of a trial. But both he and. Jesus and James are both referring to. Common oaths. That occurred among the Jews. When they saw that they would seek to wiggle out of. They would say. They would swear by God or swear by the temple or even swear by what was happening. Swear by the hair of the head. They would. They would do those things but then they would try to wiggle out of those promises that they had made. But the lore of God does not forbid. Oaths. But instead it forbids perjury. And that's what James and Jesus are driving at here so why. Why make such a big deal out of this. He says above all. Above all that I've talked about here above all. Let your yes be yes and you know be no. James was urging Jame in James' letter. He's urging Christians. Words to be congruity with the. Deeds. Jesus said from the abundance of the mouth. The what speaks the heart speaks That's right. James is dealing in his letter with matters of the. Hot. He's dealing with matters of the heart. What comes out of the mouth reveals what's in the hot. You know some of you have kids I got kids and when that was small it was interesting watching them talk and. Make promises to one another and I would say I promise I will do it. And I've asked my kids why don't you just say you're going to do it why do you have to promise. Because that way then I have to do it that way I have to do it. But isn't. Isn't just saying. You're going to do it. Good enough. And surely it is you know used to be that you could take a man of his word. Then you got a handshake. And then you got a contract. And everything else in between right things have changed James is saying that Christians were to be good enough. Good enough a Christian ought to be honest and transparent. All of their dealings. All the way from time to taxes. This media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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