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The Book of James: Prayer, Healing, and Restoration

Chris Buttery
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How do we understand the words of James about the healing of the sick? Is there a relationship between healing and forgiveness in answer to prayer? What does the prayer life of Elijah have to do with any or all of this? Discover the answer to these questions and more in this weeks study with Pastor Chris Buttery.



  • November 29, 2014
    11:30 AM
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We going to we're going to be delving into al. Study again. In the book of James. And also. We definitely want to welcome those that are joining us. Wherever you're tuning in from around the well we're glad that you are here. By the way I want to. Want to special welcome to PETA. He wrote in and. He's watching from Christ Church. New Zealand and. He said I'm taking in this. I'm teaching this week Sabbath school lesson it's in Seventh Day Adventist Church. And he said that he's gained valuable valuable material from watching the program here. And so what Welcome paida and everyone else who's tuning in with you. Joining us. Watching three I.B.M. proclaim on our Web site a You Tube channel. Glad you're tuning in and. You want to make sure that you call in for your free offer. And that's often Number two one four five one two one four five one. And it's the presentation. Today's presentation. On CD or D.V.D.. And we have to do is call in at nine one six four five seven. Sixty five eleven. Or just e-mail us at C.S.H.. At sex Central. And we look forward to hearing the play send in your comments as well we'd love to hear from you and. Let us know how you're enjoying the programs and how they've been a blessing to you. We're going to be getting stuck into a lesson from the quarterly. On the Book of James. We really Today we conclude. The book of James. We have one more lesson in the quarter. But we've got. We're really concluding. The book of James today. It's been an excellent study hasn't it been a real pleasure. To go through this. This book. And we're on lesson. Number twelve Priya. Healing and restoration. Pretty healing and restoration and you probably want to turn with me to James Chapter five that's where we are. James Chapter five. And let's look at al memory text here together. James Chapter five and verse sixteen. It says confession or trespasses I'm reading from the New King James Version. Confessional trespasses to one another and pray for one another. That you may be healed. The effective. Fervent prayer of a righteous man. How much does it avail. Much. Goods good stuff. And so that sell. Alkie text heah for the class. Why didn't Jesus. Respond to certain queries that came to him asking him to before miracle. You're a coal. He was standing before King Herod. And King Herod. For me into time it was asking Jesus perform some type of sign a miracle De Jesus on his request and didn't honor his requests you can read that in Luke Chapter twenty three. The scribes in the Pharisees in Matthew Chapter twelve came to Jesus and they asked him for a sign. And Jesus said no sign will be given to this. Perverse generation. And then of course. While Jesus was being. Was in the wilderness and he had fasted for forty days. Satan came to him tempting him and said if you be the Son of God might take this stone to make it into bread. Satisfy your hunger. The Jesus. Of the coal. Jesus did not answer the call why why didn't he respond to these particular requests. Jesus before refused to before in the miracles because it wasn't in the best interest of the salvation of those who are asked. It wouldn't help them one iota. Jesus could have pardoned. Perform the miracles. As it's his very nature. To and desire to want to help and to bless. Individuals. However he desires. And he wants. And what he wants most of all is more permanent. Lasting healing and that's really what Al. Lesson is about to this week and has been about this week in what we're going to review today. It's about lasting healing. Lasting healing. So what do you James Woods here in James to have to five zero says thirteen to twenty. What did they. What does it mean what does the healing of the sick. Mean what is he referring to and what is the real. Ation ship between healing and forgiveness. That's another question that will be asking. And what is the significance of mentioning Alija in connection with healing and forgiveness. This context what's the significance of a logic being mentioned. So these questions or more will be answered in in the study as we as we move along and invite you to go with me to Sunday's lesson. And we're going to be in James Chapter five in verse the tane the essential Christian. Tool kit. James Chapter five. And we get a look at the LET us what James says here. And as he starts out. And then you remember last week previous previous verses. James is encouraging the believe it to be patient and to white for the harvest. Just as the. The Husbandman all the. The family waits for his crop to to to to come to fruition. And reach maturity he says be patient and hold on even in the midst of suffering. Be patient and trust the Lord. Because the Lord is compassionate and merciful. And notice those that thing. He says. Is anyone. Among you. Suffering. Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful. Let him do all. Let him sing some zest fried. Suffering. And that's simply the main someone who has suffered if you have suffered if anyone is suffering. If anyone has suffered misfortune and to suffer misfortune could be. You are. You are suffering mentally or maybe you are suffering physically. But here is anyone suffering. Is anyone suffering. To suggest that the Christian gets to bypass suffering is to deny the testimony of scripture. History and reality. Suffering. Comes to a soul. And interestingly James as we've been studying James refers to the reality of problems and difficulties in this life. Over and over and over again. Just a few verses for you we want to go in there but if you want to scratch these down you can James Chapter one Verse two. He says counted all joy. Brother and when you fall into divers what temptations all trials. James one verse to. James one verse twelve and fourteen. James two verse six and fifteen. James three fourteen to sixteen and then James for those seven and then. In this particular chapter James five in verse six. James. Frequently refers to the problem of difficulties and trials in this life. Why does he. Why does he spend time talking about it because it's a reality. It's a reality with talked about temptations from within and the devil brings temptations God allows. Difficulties and trials to come to us. Not because he enjoys seeing us. Challenge to or perhaps perplexed. But this is the world we live in. And the great controversy. Issue must continue to unravel and ultimately God will be saying to be who he is and that is God a God of love. And the devil will be saying for who he really is and that is just a mean nasty devil right. And so the great controversy is continuing but the. This is the problem this is a real a real this is real life. And as Christians and. Living in this world we do stuff and so this topic has come up. Time and again to remind us that. It is a reality. And you can't escape it. You can't avoid it now some people go looking for problems. And that's what we're not encouraging if you don't they're going to find Jews you don't have to go looking for them they're going to come after you. But then when they come. You can know that you can trust the Lord to help you help guide you and He will bless you and keep you through the. Difficulties and those challenges. This type of suffering. That James is referring to goes beyond the disappointment you might expect. You might experience when your favorite team loses. All when some. Maybe your body aches off to working out in the yard a working out of the gym this is suffering that goes beyond that. True suffering. True suffering. You might have experienced a financial loss. Maybe a loved one may be a death. An individual who lives for Jesus suffered post a Q Sion whether be verbal or physical. You know we live in a very free country and. The best folk can do is hell insults at us but that. That brings a degree of suffering. Sticks and stones. We were told my break my bones but names will never hurt me. That's not true. Names do hood us. They do get to us and they do hurt us at times. Suffering comes because of abuse. Or disease whether it be physical or mental suffering comes in that form as well maybe you've experienced rejection because you have taken a stand for Jesus and your family's not quite sure what's going on in your life. And. And you've experienced a cult shoulder. And that brings a degree of suffering. As well. This is a reality. Suffering is a reality. But also cheerfulness is a reality notice again is any among you. Suffering is anyone. What. Cheerful. Is anyone cheerful all. Joyful. Is anyone cheerful. Or joyful. To suggest that the Christian. Is to be Christian life is to be gloomy. Brooding and carrying the weight of the world upon al shoulders. Is to deny the clear testimony of history. Of scripture and of reality. The Christian life is filled with joy. You see. God plans for. To live serene. And happy lives. It's the wise man that said. Improv accept a fifteen a merry heart does good like a well. Do you remember. It's actually a little you if you sing the jingles a little little scripture song to that to that. Proverb. But a merry heart I want to sing it for you don't a scare you off. Probably fifteen verse thirteen a merry hot does good like a medicine but I've broken spirit dries up the bones I'm quoting from the new the King James Version. So Mary how does good like a Met medicine. Poll say that in. Experienced poverty and of experience. Richness of experience suffering and of experience happiness. But in all these things in Philippians four eleven He said I've learned to be contained. And in that same book in Philippians. He says Rejoice in the Lord always and again. Just in case you missed it. I said. Rejoice. The Christian experience the Christian life is filled with happiness. And with cheerfulness and this is different from getting it to you off. Frivolousness. That's a different. Those things. Different. True cheerfulness comes when we know. God is with us and will support us with his great. Grace and comfort us. During difficult times. That we might experience. You know it was Poland second Timothy Chapter one Verse twelve and he said For this reason I also suffer these things nevertheless I am not ashamed for I know who in whom I have believed. And am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I've committed to him. Until that day. And so. Poll was able to experience. Calm. Assurance and. Cheerfulness. Even in the face of suffering. Because he knew in whom he believed. And this is a it's a big difference to know about Jesus most is knowing Jesus. And if you know Jesus and you know him personally. For yourself. Then knowing him. Brings the assurance of his presence his power his support his grace his help in any time of Meiji might be experiencing I don't want to minimize a person suffering. Someone here might be going through it all for tragedy. And I don't want to minimize that. But the fact of the matter is Jesus can see Jesus can see you through. And you know. He will bless you. Comfort shoot. He will support you and never let you down he'll do for you what no human being can do for you. That's Jesus and that's why poll said. I know whom I believed. I persuaded that he's going to keep that which I've committed to Him until that day. Until he comes back. He's going to keep that because I know him. I trust him. You see. So you know what are we cold. What are we called to do when we suffer. According to James Chapter five of those thirteen. A cold to pray with cold to pray that you think of Joseph. Do you think Joseph would have experience would have been able to enjoy. Dealt with the difficult. Difficulties he encountered. Rejection of the hand of his brothers. And he met. You met difficulty in in Egypt and. God bless his faithfulness and Joseph Price and. Through those challenges and through those trials. Even when he had to meet. Part of his wife. How can I do this great sin against God and against my mom. He was in a. Attitude. Of prayer Joseph life. Joseph's life was filled with prayer. About Moses was Moses a prying man. We're told that Moses was a make us man that lived at that time and. He was a praying man. To Jesus price. His humanity. In his humanity he needed to pray. If Jesus needed to pry how much more to you and I need to pray. We need to be spending time. Crucial. Important powerful time with Jesus in prayer. Someone asked. C.S. Lewis. This question once. Why do the righteous. Suffer and C.S. Lewis. Was said to have responded one up there the only ones who can take it. And why is that. For the reasons we've already stated because of that connection. The Christian has with Christ. Because I know in whom that I believe. You see in that beautiful little devotional my life today on page twenty. The pen of inspiration reminds us that prayer. Takes a hold of omnipotence. And gangs us. The victory. Prayer takes a hold of them nip a tense. And gains for us the victory reminds me of Jacob. And Jacob's moments of wrestling. Should say moments of us are the night early morning. Perseverance in pre-A prayer lays hold of on an input and gains for us the victory. So what are we encouraged to do when which if will. What does it say. James five thirty. So if you are suffering do well pray. If you're cheerful do all saying sing praises to God That's right. Sing praises you think of the Red Sea experience. Moses children visual crossed over. On Sky. And they sang the song of Moses rhyme. They signed they praised God for his deliverance and his goodness. You know even. At the Last Supper. When Jesus was disappointed when Jesus was meeting with his disciples for those last few moments and his disciples were perplexed at Jesus' words that he was going to be suffered betrayed into the hands of men die. In Jerusalem. And he was eating with his disciples and it was a solemn. Time. Jesus was talking. Strange Talk. He's not going to eat with us again until we needed a new in the Father's kingdom. This is it. And Jesus had been telling this all along they just refused to accept and listen to it. The Bible says that after they participated in that law. They got up and what did they do you remember. They say. Thing I. Him. They saying. They gave God glory. You know. It's important that when you achieve full. And when things are going OK. To give God price what. What would be the danger of not acknowledging God when things are going well for you. You take responsibility ride for the good things that are happening well look at the my life things are gone pretty pretty great right now and. Man I'm just doing a fantastic job we are quick to forget about a great benefactor are we not the one who provides and gives us power and strength to earn the livings that way earning and to do the things that we do. It's even more important when we are in a state of cheerfulness and happiness. To give thanks to God Is it isn't that right. Is that right. And how do we. Even though thinks we can certainly praying given thanks but here James encourages us to sing songs to sing psalms. And these are according to the author of the this lesson. These obvious this is the essential Christian. Toolkit. Pray and. Price. Priya and praise. And these tools can be used by any one. Both and both. Recognize God. Both acknowledge his goodness. And they extend they. And they've knowledge his faithfulness. And both more intertwined then we generally think. Psalms of praise or praise. Psalms also pray is when you read through the Psalms and it's a. It's a journey to read through the Psalms. David Psalms and the other authors of some of the other Psalms. These are praying. So some of the some that use. Read and that you are also pray is private. Psalms of praise also prayer is David sung them when he was suffering. And James encourages us to count it. All Joy counting all joy when we fall into various trials and temptations changeup the one listed. So these things are intertwined. When you are suffering pray when you when you are cheerful. Sing psalms but when you are suffering and you are experiencing trials we have to count at all what Joy. And even. Psalms of praise. Pray as you say what did Paul and Silas do when they were imprisoned. Let's go to Acts chapter sixteen verse twenty five and. You know they were unfairly unjustly. Thrown into prison. For a devil out of a have. Out of an individual. That would cost in a prison. Of course causing the devil out of this young lady. Cost. The the. Profiteers. Money and are upset of that and I laid hands on Poland Silas and brought them to the officials. Run the government say close. Threw them into jail and they mourned and were upset and cried and moaned and wild. Is that what the Bible says. I know you look at me strange what is he talking about Acts Chapter Sixteen those twenty five. But at midnight pole and Silas were doing two things what were they doing this is the. Christian took it. They were praying and they were singing. They were singing the Bible says hymns to God and the prisoners were listening to them. What would they normally hear in in those prisons. And then the like prison they were not like prisons today. Bed. Cable T.V.. Can leave there for a time go to the gym. Play some board games. These prisons one like that these were horrible. No bathrooms. Just had to use the floor. That were used to hearing people moaning and wailing and crying. Instead they heard these prisoners. Crying and praising God singing hymns the Bible said. MAN AT MIDNIGHT pulled in silence were praying and singing not. Blank space or shake it off by Taylor Swift they weren't doing that all singing jealous by Nick Jonas they weren't doing that either. They were singing walk. Him. They were singing hymns. Hymns to God. And the prisoners the Bible says were listening to them. You know. It's impossible for earthly songs to lift us to heaven. They weren't designed for that they were not designed with the songs we're not one not designed to lift us to heaven sensual songs. Cannot help me grow spiritually. And you know what we talk about and we've been talking a lot about the cycle ship here. Following Jesus being do as of the would. It gets down to even out taste in music well known is that the right word taste in music styles of music and I might add that maybe that's the wrong word styles of music perhaps. They were singing hymns some African cautions chapter three in verse sixteen. Where encouraged to to sing scripture songs hymns and spiritual songs. Not the Top forty. Well the top ten. Only these scripture songs and spiritual songs and hymns can lift us toward heaven and. Cause us to fly. Like eagles of. Above the challenges and trials we might be experiencing. I was a big big fan. And I could take a while talking about music I did homework and research and study music and when I gave my life to Jesus I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I could listen to the songs that I wanted to sing. Listen to anymore can listen the queen. Anymore. The Beastie Boys The Fat Boys. And all the rest. Now as I was US I was born in the seventies sells a bit of an eighty's guy. I say some of the best music came out of the eighty's. I gave that to give that up. Can't be preparing for. Heavenly music while I am listening to that type of stuff not going to prepare me. Now filling my mind with. Holiness and righteousness and. And serving others. I'll stop. Because I know him. I might be potentially staying on a few toes. But we need to be consistent in our experience if we're preparing for heaven we ought to be receiving those things that will prepare us for heaven. So they were singing songs of praise to God These are our two kids. Prayer and praise don't forget it easy to say. But when we're suffering in going through a challenge. How easy is it to pray. Sometimes easier than to pray in that ride. He is sometimes to pray than to praise God please help me. But then to start singing praise and give God thanks for his goodness. And what right at the moment where you might be doubting that he's good. Because you're dealing with this issue. Listen whatever the problems you might be experiencing or going through doesn't change God's nature his love his attitude toward you. God is always good. Always Faithful. Always kind and good to us. All right let's go to a bit of Monday's lesson. Let's continue reading right along here James Chapter five. And verse fourteen fifteen. James Chapter five verses fourteen to fifteen. Is anyone among you suffering let him praise anyone cheerful let him sing songs. Is anyone among you. Sick. All right. So anyone among you sick let. I'm Colfer the elders of the church. And let them pray. Over him. Annoying to him with oil. In the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith. Will save the sick and the Lord will raise him. Up. We do not need to doubt. We do not need to doubt God's desire and ability to heal us. God desires to bring healing. And God wants to bring healing and he has the ability to bring healing. And we have to do is look at the experience of Jesus. His life. And we're told in desire of ages that there were towns he went through when one person was left saying there's God desired to bring healing. Yes Does that God desire to heal the sick. Psalms one o three verses thirteen and fourteen says as a father pities his children. So the Lord pities those who fear Him for He knows our frame. He remembers that we just listen to this someone or seven. Those to seventeen through twenty. The SOME a said fulls because of the transgression because of their iniquities were afflicted. The soul of hold all manner of food. And they drew near to the gates of death. This is talking about someone who's on their deathbed someone who is perhaps breathing their last. Then they cry out to the Lord in their trouble and he save them out of their distress. He sent his wooden notice what it says next and. Healed them. And delivered them from their destructions. It was a came as a King has a car. He was essentially on his deathbed. And did God Hear his prayer and bring healing to him. Sure. So only did. One of the essential elements. Misses the question that's asked here in the lesson one of the essential elements James prescribes for healing the sick. Let's look at the verses again. I'm going to give you six. That right yeah. Going to give you six six. Essential elements. Regarding the healing of the sick. Here they are. If any among you sick. That's the first one. That's the first essential element. The recognition of personal need of healing. That's the first one and number two. If any among you sick let him call full of the elders of the church that may be because the person is incapacitated can't get out can't come. But here there is a recognition. A recognition of personal need of healing. And there's a collective recognition for divine intervention. So that's another prerequisite or a or an element that James prescribe for healing. And then he says. Let him coal for the elders. And let them pray. Over him. Annoying ting him with oil in the name of the Lord. So here are several more seeking God in one per year. See God in prayer. And then also anoint with oil. It's modified the first time annoying ting with oil as mentioned in it when it comes to healing is a chapter six. And verse thirteen in the New Testament. Jesus sent out the twelve. And the twelve. Was sent out and he said when you go out. You'll be I would you be given power to cost out devils and you will you will annoy the people with oil and they will be healed. And James. Takes that instruction that Jesus gives and he says OK if any among you sick that him call for the I was let them come pry annoying ting them. With oil. By the way this is not. This is not extreme unction. This is not extreme unction a. Last Ride of the church for the dying. Juiced into the church I think about the eighth century A.D.. And then. By this fifteenth. Or fourteenth century it became. It was kept it was going to canonize up there I would it just became official that. When you. When someone is dying on the deathbed you come in and you perform extreme unction where there's virtues. In the oil. That's the idea. But in this case. James and Jesus and up. Suggesting that there's. Virtue in oil. Come prying in the name of who friends. Name of Jesus. Why. Because there is only healing power through. Jesus that's why. There's no virtue in the oil. Any more than there is war. There is virtue in the water that. In the water that you were baptized in. There is no. Healing virtue in the oil. At all whatsoever. And so I see God in prayer. This is number four anoint with oil and the number five. And we mentioned it coming in the name of the Lord coming in the name of Jesus and then also with Walt. Faith. So here are the essential ingredients. If a person wants to experience healing. So what type of healing a way referring to here. We're not just referring to physical healing. It was mentioned yeah. James is referring here also to. Spiritual Healing a deeper healing. A deeper healing to take place. So what important spiritual components of found in these verses on these elements. When a person comes annoying thing. They always come and annoy me. The individual who's sick with oil. What does the oil represent. When you read scripture oil is often used to describe the work of the Holy Spirit. When you go back to the Old Testament. Was used in the dedication of consecration of the century. Century the temples. Utensils. Equipment. The priests were anointed. With oil. So oil represents a consecration. A dedication of the individual. When a person is asking for the elders to come the pastas to come to to pray over them annoyed them with oil. They are asking for a. A rededicate Tory surface that's what they're asking for I want to rededicate my life to God and to his plan. And his wishes for me. And when we come we pray and pray it simply is willingness to cooperate with God's. Requirements in a by his law whether it be physical physical laws or whether they be spiritual laws. You know it's important that when a person is seeking healing. That they are on the right road with the Lord. It's hard for God to perform a miracle for somebody do something special for somebody when they knowingly disobeying Him or disregarding him in some area of their life. That's hard for a parent. To honor a child's wishes for for a particular thing. When you die you know and you know that they're knowingly disobeying you in a particular area right. I'm not going to do that but I want. Do this for me while they're going on and you do this first and then we'll discuss this thing next to right. Sure the parents are going to continue to provide. Put food on the table and give them clothing and a roof over their head not going to boot them out. Not at all when the young and so on. When the eighteen you can ask them to go get a job and find their own house that's perfectly fine but. The important thing here. Important thing here is I'd be to God and abetting him. I can't ask God to heal my lung can't come. Can Say if I insist on smoking. Can't do it. There are certain things that God is asking us to do physical he as well. To to allow. Healing to come to us. He body is a marvelous things. Healing themselves. I mean that's what God put in al bodies and. We are to cooperate with those. Natural laws. To promote healing. So we need to it by praying suggest that we are willing to cooperate with God's. God and obey his requirements and then praying in the name of the Lord simply indicates our submission to His will. Does God bring healing to all people. Not this God bring healing to all Christians. Physical healing. When they ask him. Not everyone is a story in the. In the gospel of mock. Where we're told that Jesus is Hilda number of people but then there were some that were left on the field. Jesus moved on. Not everyone is left healed. Notice. What James says he and James Chapter five this fifteen. He says. And the prayer of faith will save the sick. From the sickness or save them. I wanted and I don't to mix up your mind. Up in any particular way here. They coming asking for the full physical healing but really the doing was for spiritual healing. Lol I want to be fully and entirely your choice. And the per faith will save the sick. Even if they don't get over this sickness. At least. They are saved. I'm going to say this for at risk of being misunderstood but God desires that we are saved more than that we healed. Physically. If not bringing physical healing. Allows. That challenge and trial to draw us nearer to Jesus and if Jesus brought healing in that call it would lead us. Cause us to move away from Jesus Jesus might allow that. Problem to persist. Poll. Was he did he ever that for when was that ever removed from him. No no but he learned that in his weakness Jesus is strong. And he learned that in his problems and challenge in his trial. God's grace is sufficient for him. And so God is far more interested in saving us eternally than bringing temporal. Physical healing. And I hope you understand where I'm coming from. Notice what James goes on to say the perfect will save the sick and the Lobel do wot writes him up was that referring to the resurrection. The resurrection. I believe in every time. Every case. Healing will come to the Christian. So I know some of you said no. Healing doesn't always come. Yes it does. Healing will come to the to the believer in Jesus. It might come immediately. Through a miracle of God. It might come gradually as the person applies natural remedies still works with the doctor. If it doesn't come then it will come when Jesus. Raises us from the did. And this corruptible will put on. Incorruption this mortal will put on what immortality. And will be with Jesus for us a healing ultimately does come. Because that's the nature of Jesus if we have. Consecrated to Him dedicated him he has our hearts entirely for shewing number. Let's go over to choose day's lesson. And let's move on here healing for the soul. We've been touching on this look at James Chapter five in verse sixteen. James up to five and those sixteen. Confessional trespasses to one another about the way back up to verse fifteen per faith will save the sick the Lobel raise them up and. If he has committed sins he will be one forgiven. Confession of trance passes. To one another. Pray for one another that she may be healed. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. God desires that our souls be healed more than our bodies. Yes John wrote Beloved I wish above all things about mice prosper and be in health. Even as I sold prosperous but again the emphasis is on. Healthy souls. As your soul was prosperous. God desires. Else souls be healed more than our bodies but again. Again. He does want to heal our bodies. And he's going to the hands in the hand of Jesus or Jesus lives and walls and our hearts. We can be assured. Whether we die or whether we're alive when Jesus comes will be receiving brain you well. Bodies. Fantastic. Brand new bodies. And this is the purpose of our churches Health Ministry. The end. Is not. To make healthy people. For the lake of fire. That's not out and. Some people. They have in mind they get all excited when a person becomes a vegetarian. In some get even more excited when a person becomes a very good vegetarian. It's like yes. Yeah and then that's good. And that's that's great you know. Because it promotes health. But can we get excited when someone gives their life to Jesus. Isn't the purpose of the health message to lead people to Jesus. I'm not undermining the health message is powerful and it produces healing and I've seen it. And experienced it. And you've probably seen it and experienced as well. You apply the principles outlined in Scripture in the Spirit of Prophecy manual. You're going to do what you're going to do while you're going to prolong your life. And not only prolong it but you're going to have the quality of life is going to be phenomenal. And your mind's going to become. And this is the. This is the key. Your mind's going to be clean healthy body healthy mind. And your mind going to be clear. What is the avenue by which God speaks to humanity. Through our minds. Now through my fingers is. Now through my bicep. He speaks well. Minds. And he wants our minds to be clear so we can hear him. Even better. We can know his will even. Even better. We can hear his voice speaking even clearer because we. Because we're at bodies are healthy and therefore our minds are clear and healthy. And we can understand his would even better and appreciate an appropriate. The three angels messages. Here in these last days. Purpose of the health messages to bring healing. Not just physical healing but also. Spiritual Healing. That's the purpose of health message. You say. Physical mental emotional. Social and spiritual well being that's what we're concerned about. Seventh Day Adventists. God desires to bring a deeper healing not just. Clear someone's blood pressure or. Get them off the. Diabetes medication. Which is all good. By the way and saves you money. God's plan will do that for you if you got type two diabetes is one hundred percent reversible. If you to supply. God's plan and you can save some money on those pills. But God's healing goes deeper five. Remember the story of the paralytic. Mocked up the two we won't read it but the story. You know the story Jesus is in the house. Teaching is a paralytic man who cannot walk. His friends bring him. And I can't get in so they go to the roof. They tear open the roof. Let him down. And Jesus says. Rise man get up and take up your bed and walk is that what he says. No. What does he say first. That's what I was driving at Yeah. He ended up saying that yes. But he said your sins be forgiven you the man wanted to come to see Jesus not so much to receive physical healing but to receive. Spiritual Healing to know that his sins were forgiven. It was his sins that brought him into this physical condition. And he wanted to know his sins were forgiven. In the book desire of ages notice what it says on page two sixty seven. Yet it was not physical restoration he desired so much as relief from the burden of sin and notice what she goes on the site is fascinating. If he could see Jesus. And receive the assurance of forgiveness and peace with heaven. He would be content to live or die. According to God's will. Some folk come to God wanting to be healed physically. But not wanting to meet the conditions for spiritual healing. And that is to receive Christ by faith. And to have a hot that's willing to do His will you say. A lot I want you to heal me. I believe you going to help me and my faith says you going to help me so you ought to heal me. That's not how it works. You come to him for not just physical but spiritual a lot I want to be fully dedicated to you fully yours entirely you'll want to be consecrated to you notice and Luke Chapter four verse eighteen. Jesus said The spirit of the Lord is upon me he's quoting from. Because he has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the pole. Has sent me to heal the broken hearted. To proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed. He has sent me to heal the broken hearted. Jesus healing goes deeper than physical healing. He wants our hearts entirely and he can mend our lives. First Peter chapter two verses twenty four and twenty five. Peter says. Who himself talking about Jesus who himself. Boy now sins in His own body on the tree. That we having died to sins might live for righteousness. Now we have to fifty three. By whose stripes. You were not healed. Jesus took upon him else sins our guilt so that you and I might be healed physically. Yes but primarily spiritually. Primarily spiritually. And if we are right with God then we have the assurance that we will be healed completely when Jesus comes back right now more glasses Cane's medication. Love the doctors love the nurses but none of that any more. Gone. Jesus is going to give us brand new bodies you see. Jesus took upon him our sins. By his stripes. You would heal what wonderful wonderful assurance. Well let's go over to Wednesday. And let's take a look at the models of. Models of prayer. We're going to verses seventeen and eighteen of James' way. Rolling right along. We're going to get to the end here. Five minutes left so let's let's do it. James up to five zero seventeen. Alijah was a man with a nature like Alice. Now this is referring to the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man. A lodger was a man with a nature like ALS and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain. And it did not rain on the land for three years and six months. And he prayed again. And the heaven. Gave grain and the earth produced its fruit. Now these verses Moses seventeen and eighteen illustrate the promise given in verse sixteen. That the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Fervent prayer just means the prayer that is. Earnestly exercised. A prayer that is earnestly exercised. The righteous man. Prayed doesn't depend on what wealth or rank or talent. All office. But upon the character of the man or the woman giving the prayer. Offering the prayer and what does it mean that the. Effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man of violence much. What does it mean to avail much. It simply means power. To accomplish an objective. The objective in this context. Is the restoration of relationships. True healing. First of all our relationship with God. That needs to be rectified needs to be healed restored. And then our relationship with one. Another you say true healing. William law. Wrote these words there is nothing that makes us love a man. So much as prayer for him. There's nothing that makes us love a man as much as praying for him. It may be in strange men in your family. In the church. Somewhere. You want to be praying for that person. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man does what avails much. Brings you to the conclusion that you hope for him to supply to a restored relationship. Now you can only do what you can do. You can pray and you can be generous and kind and thoughtful and patient. If the other person doesn't want to respond. Then OK. But you keep on being kind and loving and supporting and. You keep that person in prayer. And your love for that person will continue to grow. Now the model for this type of prayer was. Alija. Alleges mention a man with no special advantages. He lived life as every one of us must live it and were encouraged by the words that he was a man of like passions. I'm encouraged by those words on shoot. He was a man who was a man of like passions like you and I. And he prayed that the rain would stop. Coming down. And then he prayed for the rain to come down. And both instances God said his prayer he was a man of like passions all of like. Feelings he faced trials and as sometimes he was affected by human weakness. Therefore his success didn't depend upon him as being a super christian. But his success depended upon the grace of God and grace God has a lot of grace to Walford doesn't e. God has a lot of grace to offer. Jesus humanity we're told in steps to Christ made Priya a necessity. And a privilege. And it would not reproach that it would not rain and he prayed that it would rain. And why did he pray that. Out of resentment out of hate for the people that were coming after him. Or for the disobedience that he was saying the AA to worship was he. What was he prying for because he hated them. Don't bring rain because they don't deserve it. Is that why he was prying. He was prying for restored relationships. God they have defied your law. They've cost you off. They are far removed from you. So don't bring the rain in the hopes that they will come back to you. And when that thing experience happened on the top of Mount Mount Carmel. A lodger went out. And he again prayed for his people. And he prayed with fervent and earnest love you say and the rain came down. A lie Joe was in effect. Involved in the ministry of reconciliation that's what poll refers to it in second Corinthians Chapter five vs seventeen through twenty he was involved in the ministry of reconciliation reconciling. God's people to God and to one another. Let's close now James Chapter five verses nineteen and twenty brethren. If anyone among you Wanda's from the truth. And someone turns him back. Let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way works. Save us all from diff. And cover a multitude of sins. Man. Powerful powerful God is in the business of complete and utter restoration. That's what Alijah was praying for restoration. You know in chapter four verses five and six were told that before the great dreadful day of the Lord allowed you will come again. The Alija message will be preached. And then lodge a message I believe to be Revelation fourteen six through twelve and what's the purpose of that message. To warn people that Jesus is coming back. Well. Certainly but primarily to restore relationships. He was said he will turn the father's heart to the children and children to their fathers. Restored relationships a relationship with our Heavenly Father. First and foremost. And then. With one another. Complete and utter. Restoration God desires to restore broken people and relationships. And relationships especially the one with himself. James final appeal to the church. Which is to be the main use. In the hands of God by which this restoration. Takes place. Its work but a similar to a logic. To John the Baptist It was a work similar to Jesus and friends it requires patience. It requires sympathy. It requires tenderness. And it requies humility and may God help us to be that restoring agent in his hand in these last as we anticipate. The return of Jesus Christ. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Leave a visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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