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The Book of James: The Everlasting Gospel

Chris Buttery
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The everlasting gospel answers the basic questions surrounding salvation by faith. By closing the quarter with a look at how the gospel is presented in the Bible, we can better see how James fits this larger picture of God’s plan of salvation.



  • December 6, 2014
    11:30 AM
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We were at al last. And our last lesson that we. In the book of James. Lesson Number thirteen. And we closing the quarter. By looking at the everlasting gospel. What the Bible teaches regarding the Gospel from the Old Testament all the way through and into the New Testament. The everlasting gospel it's been a good journey hasn't it. If I hope you've enjoyed studying the book of James as much as I have. As being the. Being. To reflect and. I would suspect that that you any any fears that you had regarding. James and whether he really taught the Gospel have being settled. And that you have seen that he's done nothing but uplift Christ. And and has sought to encourage us to not be here is of the world only but to be. Do is by the grace of God And so we're going to look at the everlasting Gospel and of course we're going to in that context. Line up. Some of the things that James has taught in his book and. And see that by. Compatible. Now memory text is Jeremiah thirty one verse three. And it's a beautiful text it says The Lord has appeared of old to me saying Yes A or yes I will I have loved you with a what type of love. Everlasting Love. They with a loving kindness. I have drawn you. You know God doesn't beat people out trying to get us to come to him what does he do. He loves us. And without love he seeks to. Joris to himself It's incredible incredible love that God has and will see that as we again as we unpack. The Gospel he of. Good news. We will like good news. When you tune into mainstream media. You hear. Many different things lot of bad news. Racial tensions astronomical National Day it. Government corruption celebrity right. Nations. International instability the a bola. Scale. We live in a bad news world. There's no doubt about it. And we all sit on the edge of our seats waiting for. Good news something that will be a bomb. To heal and. Assuage. How it's. Studies have shown that the ratio of bad news to good news on mainstream media and this is not going to surprise you. Is seventeen to one. Seventeen to one. That's a ninety five percent of the news you. You get that I get. Whether be on your i Phone or on you on the Internet or on your T.V.. Ninety five percent of that. News is bad news. But go it offers us good news. In a bad news world. And it's cold the gospel. Is cold the gospel. And by the way that would gospel comes from the Old English word Godspell Godspell which means good news in the New Testament. Gospel. Translates as. Was translated from the Greek word eventually on. Eventually on which me. Which we from which is where we get the word evangelical from. And so that means good news. And evangelist What does an evangelist do. An evangelist. Shares the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that's ride. That's what an evangelist does a preacher. Of the gospel the good news. In several different places in second Corinthians four in verse four and then in First Timothy one verse eleven. The Bible speaks of the gospel as being glorious. Glorious that's a that's a magnificent world and certainly when we know and understand the Gospel we come to realize that the Gospel is glorious there's no doubt about that in Revelation. In Chapter fourteen listen open our Bibles a Revelation Chapter fourteen in verse six. Only in this chapter. And in this verse in the entire scripture is is the would allow us. Being connected to the wood. Gospel. Revelation Chapter fourteen and verse six and perhaps you can recite it by memory. John said I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the what type of gospel. Have a lasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth to every nation kindred tongue and. People. So only this is the only place in the entire scriptures. And where the wood everlasting is connected to the word. Gospel. Interesting only enough. In other words. This is a. Eternal gospel. In other words this is a gospel. This is the only Gospel. That can save men. It's the only one and. The gospel. Will continue to be the gospel that saves men. As long as they are men and women and boys and girls. That need to be saved. This is why the Gospel Ride-A it attaches the word everlasting to the wood. Gospel. Because it's I have a lasting gospel it's a gospel. That will not change. It's a gospel that is around until all men and women boys and girls that can be saved will be saved. It's eternal and not only from the perspective of. Going forward. But also from the perspective of going backwards. When man. Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. Did it was God taken by surprise. God wasn't taken by surprise. Waze. He didn't so upset. Hey hold on. We have a problem here I wonder what plan. I should come up with to to save mankind from this mess that they found themselves in the Revelation Chapter thirteen in verse eight we're told that that. The lamb. Jesus. Is this is the Lamb that was slain from when the foundation of the. Of the world. God didn't just say OK. Better come up with a plan now. This is a plan that had been set in operation prior to because God in His four. That raises several other questions that we don't have time to answer here. This morning but suffice to say God allowed things to ravel because of his love for the full the full an angel and. Angels in Heaven and for. Adam and Eve in this human race this last human race. He allowed it to unravel and. And he. And he office. This. Globe. You and I. The good news. The good news of how you and I can be saved in God's eternal Kingdom. How we can. How we can enjoy. The privileges. That were lost in the Garden of Eden. How we can eat from the tree of life. Again. That's all that the Gospel in tiles. God's plan. To bring us back from whence we fell. That's in the Gospel. Good news. So we're going to talk about the everlasting gospel my going to answer the certain basic questions surrounding salvation by faith here today. By closing the quarter with a look at how the Gospel is presented in the Bible. We can bet a see how James fits. The logic picture of God's plan to save humanity. So turning. With me to Sunday's. Lesson. The gospel. In the Old Testament. And turn with me to Hebrews Chapter four. And verse two. Hebrews chapter four in verse two notice what the right to say is Hebrews have to fall in those two if it's very interesting. In chapter three he's just finished talking about how is rile. Because of their unbelief could not into him to the promised land. You know the story very well. And. And it was because of their disobedience to unbelief that they couldn't make it in. And so in verse verse. One into notice what Paul says he therefore since a promise. Remains of entering his rest that's God's wrist. Let us fia. Lest any of you seem to have come short of it. Those two. For indeed the Gospel was preached to us as well as to who to. Them. The gospel is preached to us as well as to them. But the word which they heard did not profit them. Not being mixed with faith in those who heard it. So the Gospel. The good news. Was not only preached and Paul was not only preaching it not only did he read. I hear the Gospel himself and not only was he preaching the gospel but also the Israelites. Had the gospel preached to them as well. How did the Israelites have the gospel preached to them on their own various ways one day God raised the prophets. We think of Moses initially and how he declared. The gospel. We also have you recall the sanctuary and its services. And that. Living illustration of the plan of salvation. Every time. A lamb was brought in and slain the morning and evening sacrifices. Of the blood was spilled the blood was taken into the holy place and sprinkled before the altar of. Of incense. Every time that took place it was a graphic reminder of the of the awfulness of sin but of the great love and mercy of God the sanctuary and its services typified. The coming of Jesus as the Lamb that would be slain. Once and for all for the sins of the world and. As Al priest and a High Priest who would into see for us in the heavenly sanctuary inside the same tree. And its services preached the gospel the the. Century preach the Gospel to the Israelites it was the same gospel according to what Paul says here in Hebrews for those two for Indeed. The gospel. Not a gospel. Or just gospel but what type of gospel. The gospel. The gospel. This is the Gospel was preached to us as well as to them. And he says unless the preaching. Unless. The preaching. Is met with faith. On the part of the hearer. Then what is preached doesn't do the person any good. So it must be mingled with what. Faith. So it's not always the preachers follow after all. But some to some folks leave church. Not blessed at all. And maybe it was because they didn't have that years of faith on. If I could put it that way. Seeking to learn and to listen and to apply the word of God to their lives. So the word. Was preached to them. Didn't benefit the Israelites because it wasn't mingle with faith. And Jesus Jesus is not new this principle all too well you remember. On the search in the Sermon on the Mount. You get to Matthew chapter seven vs twenty four to twenty seven what does jesus. Teach he talks about a man who builds his bills his house upon a rock and another one who builds his hand. House upon the sand. And the one who builds his house upon the rock. Is the one who's taken the words of Jesus and done what with them. Said are a great idea nice like that. Fantastic I'll just post it on my wall and I keep it there frame it. And it's all nice and what have they done with Jesus' words. I didn't do that did they apply them. Jesus said. If you hear my words and you do them. You're like a man who builds his house upon a rock and so when the floods. Come. The storm comes. Then that house is going to stand it's going to be. I OK. It's going to be fine. So Jesus said. When you don't just hear my words but you want to do my words. This is of course what James taught. He said Don't be a hero of the word but be I do be a doer of the would you see. When Noah was told the flood was going to come. What it no would do. Well thanks God appreciate that and I'll just let my family know I let a few folk know and will be good to go. What I know I do. He built a ship you had built up in Iraq an arc of safety for anyone who would come in that they might be saved. Was his faith. Mixed with his hearing. Yeah it's. Certainly was. When God told Moses. Moses. I know you're standing here before the Red Sea There's nowhere else to go. The Egyptian armies on you tell they're about to come. I want you to go forward for wood. That is just what the LORD go forward. What did Moses do. Moses went forward. Moses went forward. Despite of the apparent ridiculousness of the proposition. He went forward but his faith. Was mingled with his hearing you see. So this text. In Hebrews chapter four in verse two. Is one of many in the Bible. That actually affirm that God's plan to save people has never changed. The Gospel was preached to us he says and also to them. The gospel. So. Posts and living in the Old Testament wasn't saved by keeping the law. As some as some propos promote today. They were saved by. And through the same. Gospel that person needed to be saved through faith in Christ. Just like we are today. A person living in the Old Testament wasn't living on the some different dispensation. But they were saved by grace like we are today. I want to take you to a couple of verses Titus just before the book of Hebrews. TIMOTHY. Thessalonians Timothy Titus you go all the t's. Together. There. Titus chapter two and verse eleven. So Hebrews four of us two says the Gospel that we preach was preached to them the Israelites. Notices. Todd is tempted to verse eleven. And says for the grace of God. The what of God. The grace of God. That brings. Salvation has appeared to those living in the New Testament era only. What is your Bible say. To all men that's exactly why the grace of God. That bring salvation has appeared to. All man. So you can't. You can't be saying that. In the Old Testament you are saved one way and you come to. The New Testament. Under the new covenant the new dispensation and you'll save another why the grace of God has appeared to all men and notice what. The grace of God teaches teaching us. That denying ungodliness and worldly loss. We should live soberly righteously and godly in this present age so the gospel. Teaches us to live. Clean lives. The grace of God teaches us to live for Jesus PUA clane lives. Go live with me to where we first Corinthians ten and those four First Corinthians ten and boastful. Looking at just a few verses he about the Gospel being taught in the Old Testament. First Corinthians Chapter ten verse four. Now in First Corinthians chapter ten. Poll is addressing. Israel and their problems. And he's basically saying that their situation. And the lessons that they learned a good for us to learn as well. And he says here in verse three and four. Talking about the children visual they what they were baptized into Moses. When they went through the CBOE story they ate of the same spiritual food. And those full they all drank the same spiritual drink for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them. And that rock was who. Jesus Christ that's right. So the Gospel was preached. The same gospel is preached today is the same gospel that was preached back then. The same way you assert you were saved today was the same way folk were saved back. In now. Some of the differences are that we look back to the cross in Fife. They had to look forward to the cross. In faith in the way. But they could only be saved through grace through faith in the grace of God just like we are today you see. And then you've got numerous other accounts in Chapter fifty three. Verse eleven it says by his knowledge talking about the suffering servant that's the Messiah. By his knowledge my righteous. Event shall. Justify many while the Old Testament teaches justification by faith. It's a. By using concept. For he and why Ken. Why can God justify the sin because he bears. Their iniquities. And then you've got the pride of David in some fifty one you can even look at some thirty two you can even go to Psalm twenty two and twenty four and one hundred one or one ten rather. Teaches about the grace of God. You know some fifty one very well. Poles. David rather pride. Create in me a clean hot and renew a right spirit within me. So when you go to the Old Testament you see a gospel of justifying Grice. And also of sanctifying grace. You've got the gospel of justification in the gospel of. Sanctification Chapter thirty six one of my favorite texts. Is eco Chapter thirty six notice how clearly. Izzy kewl. Explains the Gospel is equal thirty six and we look at verses twenty five to twenty seven. It says then I will sprinkle this is God speaking talking to his people. I will sprinkle clean water on you. And you shall be Colleen. I will cleanse you from all your filthiness. And from all your idols look at those twenty six. I will give you a what type of hot. A new hot. And powerful. I'll give you a new heart not that stubborn resistant hot but the new hot. Put a new spirit within you take the heart of stone. Out of your flesh. And I'll give you a hot. Of flesh I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them. If you notice the progression. The progression God says. If you come to me in repentance. I will cleanse you of wash away your sins. And I will give you a new hot. This is the justifying experience. And then he says I'll put my spirit within you that will cause you to obey me that's the same defying. Experience the grace of sanctification you say. So the. The gospel is clearly taught and we could look at many of the verses in the Old Testament. The. Gospel is clearly taught in the Old Testament. It's not a different gospel in the Old Testament and a new one. You know today. It's just not. Did You Know That. At Venice. Seventh Day Adventists believe in three times more grace. Than a dispensational list. And a dispensation list is simply someone who believes that you were saved by keeping the law in the Old Testament you're saved by grace. In the New Testament. That's dispensation. A dispensation lost some day of Venice. Believe in three times more grace. Than the dispensational us. Dispensations believe that for four thousand years. For four thousand years. You were saved a postman saved by keeping the law and for the last two. These last two thousand years person saved by grace. Seventh Day Adventists believe that you are saved by grace. For the last six thousand is some day adventists believe your respective of what some people believe. Seventh Day Adventists believe in three times more grace. Than a dispensation last. We believe in six thousand years of grace. And it's a grace that Padan sin and. Gives power. And victory over a sin you say. That's the gospel and anything short of that gospel. Is not a gospel. All right Monday. The gospel might fly so we talked about the Gospel in the Old Testament. Let's talk about the Gospel in the Gospels. The author of the lesson brings out mentions that some folk have a hard time seeing the Gospel in the Gospels That's an interesting. Interesting thought. You read. In you know Admittedly you do read some of Jesus' teachings when we've been going through the parables. He had during the worship. And we come to the close of that his shortly but. You read some of the parables and you're beginning to wonder I wonder whether. There's a lot of doing here that Jesus is asking from us. There's a lot of performance. And it could lead a person to think that maybe Jesus is promoting a righteousness by works. Well that certainly isn't the case. Let's look at Matthew chapter five in verse twenty. Matthew chapter five in verse twenty. And notice. Notice what Jesus teaches is fascinating. Matthew chapter five in verse twenty. This is the Sermon on the Mount. Just off to sharing the lessons the Beatitudes. Jesus says for I say to you. And he just got through talking about how. He's not changing the law all the prophets. It's all the way it has been for I say to you that unless your righteousness. Exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees. You will by no means into the kingdom of heaven while Jesus' standard of righteousness was far higher and five deeper than most. Had understood. Most had understood and was deeper and higher than the Pharisees righteousness of that time. How could that be the religious leaders women particularly. Sabbath keepers. And tie the pages. They abstain from a long clean food they brought regular offerings to church. To the temple. How could a person be more righteous than that. I mean they were meticulous and that's and that's an understatement. I mean they were methodical. They would even tithe. You can read about in Matthew chapter twenty three. They would even tithe on on her. On hoops. Mints and cumin and Anis and. Meticulous. Maybe there's a stronger word than the head. How is it possible that a person's righteousness could exceed the righteousness of the scribes. And the Pharisees. It was if it's. If the disciples were in the Little League and their OS to play. The San Francisco Giants in the World Series. How's that possible. And that's what. That's the response no doubt people have when they heard Jesus' words. How is it possible. Your righteousness. Has to be better. Then these guys. How's that possible. The following verses gives us a clue look at Matthew Chapter Three look at a few verses here. Matthew chapter three verse as one and two it says in those days John the Baptist came preaching in the. Inus of Judea. Saying. And he's saying this to the religious leaders as well. Repent. For the kingdom of heaven is at hand. If you compare that with Luke chapter three verses seven through fourteen. You'll notice that the religious leaders. Needed. Serious repentance. Their religion was a life of externals. And this is where the rub is their religious experience was a life of externals. John Chapter three verses three and five Jesus is reading with one of the religious leaders. Comes to Jesus by night. And Jesus said. To make a Demas you must be was born again. And in verse five decision unless you are born of water and the spirit you can. By no means. Into the kingdom of heaven. Lot and Nicholas was saying how can I be born. How can a man grown into his mother's womb and be born again and Jesus was saying and I'm speaking of spiritual things you want to know this nikka Damus. This is all throughout the Scriptures about the new birth experience. This isn't being hidden from you. But he told naked Amos. And he tells us and he was telling them. You need to be born again. And then Romans Chapter ten in verse three. Poll says. Talking of the Israelites. For they being ignorant. Of God's righteousness and seeking and here it is seeking to establish their own righteousness. Have not submitted to the righteousness of God. And that's where the rub is right there. What did the religious leaders do. That was seeking to establish their own righteousness their own standard of righteousness. Rather than submitting themselves to the righteousness of God. The religious leaders of Jesus' day had a religious righteousness rather that consisted in external compliance to the letter. Of the law and that will come to that. In the next day's lesson. They taught. That man is judged by majority of his deeds. So if you can rack up enough good days. To outweigh the bad days. You are good to go you see. You are fine so if the good days outnumber the bad ones you'd be considered righteous and to compensate for any wrong behavior they implemented a merit system. That they believe was their possible ought to heaven. But Jesus taught that. Any effort to attain to righteousness. Righteousness through religiosity. Is more than worthless. What was needed was a righteousness that was from outside themselves. They needed what type of hot new hot. They needed a. Changed. Hot Jesus teachings. Went all the way to the hot and that's what he was driving Ed you need a righteousness that exceeds far exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees new to righteousness that comes to the HOT. That changes you from the inside out. You can perform all the good things you want but it's going to be tainted by selfishness and and. Selfish motives accent or a. You need a change of hot. And that comes from the outside looking in you see. Jesus said to murder is to hate your brother. To commit adultery is to to lust. And so. Jesus went deep. And it leaves a person saying how is it possible that I can live. A righteous life like that and that's OK to feel that way for a moment at least. And then quickly turn to Jesus who offers his forgiving and saving grace full and free. It's through him that we receive His righteousness you see. We give up on righteousness. And we take on his precious. Righteousness. That's the plan of salvation. So that's. That's the that's what Jesus was talking about the righteousness. Far exceeding the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees Jesus also taught that God was the initial. Is the initiator of salvation. He's the one that pursued and came off to Ross. He's the one that loves us. He's the one that sent His Son to die for us you see. And in Luke Chapter eighteen in that little story about the. Religious leader who's lifting his head to heaven and. Saying he's grateful he's not like that guy sitting over there. You know standing over there in the corner. He went away unjustified while the guy who had a contract ha broken spirit. Recognizing his need of a Savior. The Bible says went away justified. And so that's the righteousness that Jesus is referring to that needs to be this far exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees. So we see Jesus. Version of the gospel. Was of a gospel of God's love and miss she ate ing. The plan of salvation. Seeking after coming after the the his lost children. Offering forgiveness. Giving the spirit of repentance. Changing our hearts embracing us with His love and with his righteousness you see. That's what Jesus taught that's the gospel. Let's talk about the gospel according to poll. Over here on Tuesdays listen. We're going to spend the next few minutes. Discussing a topic. That is being debated in argued in myriads of books and volumes for hundreds several hundreds of years. And we'll see if we can pull this off in a few minutes. The key. And I think there is a lot of. Worth in what I'm about to say the key to understanding polls theology. Is in recognizing the key of events in his life that shaped his theology. What were those. What were those things. Poll. He was. He told he was said of himself that he was. He was meticulous strict law keepa I mean if there was a Jew That was a good Jew. It was poll. But then he was on his way to Damascus he was going to deliver up some Christians to the Jews. Thinking he was doing God's service. And who did he. Eight. Success. He met Jesus. He met Jesus and meeting Jesus. Changed poles life. Poll did not encounter a theology. Polling counted. Jesus now. I'm going to qualify that I don't know you hang on I'm going to qualify that Jesus. Pole encountered Jesus and it was Jesus. That changed his life. That's no doubt about that at all and his life was changed through the gospel as taught by the Scriptures pole like each one of us. Need to weigh. Match at will weigh our experience by the Word of God. Is what I've experienced a genuine experience what I'm experiencing a genuine experience. In my meeting the conditions by the grace of God Do I understand the gospel or ride. And if my experience isn't matching what the Word of God teaches then my for my experience is false. If I think that I can. Appropriate. The. The grace of Jesus while. Knowingly decide bang Godoy neglecting some known Judy. Than I. I'm not understanding or believing in the true Gospel you see. Because the Bible doesn't teach that Jesus. Justifying grace and his robe of righteousness covetous. Known disobedience. It doesn't teach that. So I need to align my experience. To the teachings of the scriptures just like pulled it. But what shaped his life was meeting Jesus. And the gospel as taught in the Scriptures look at Romans chapter one vs one and two with many. Real quickly. Romans chapter one verse as one and two. And then we'll look at a few other verses. Poll a bum servant of Jesus cold to be an apostle separated to the gospel of God which he promised before. Through His prophets in which the Holy Scripture is. That's right. What scriptures to what the Scriptures a poll had in his hand at that time. To us it was the Old Testament. And in the Old Testament. What did he learn. He learned about the gospel of God to me. He learned about the gospel. Of God. He said. He studied it he knew about it. And he preached it. Something that was preached before by the prophets of God. So poles saw. So that his righteousness. Was no good in contrast to the. Beauty and glory of Jesus righteousness and. It humbled him. And he said. You know. God has favored me and given me the privilege of being a minister of the gospel. To preach the gospel to sin is of whom I am. Chief it touch. Meeting Jesus and. Knowing the Gospel in the Scriptures totally. Revolutionized polls. Life. He wasn't the same again he realized what he was doing wasn't righteousness. Addle God has a different standard of righteousness. And that righteousness. God wants to through the Spirit be implanted in now. You know hearts and lives that's what he understood. He said in glaciers to I'm crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live. Yet not I but Christ lives in me in the life that I live I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me Poll experience that personally. And that's what changed his life. Second Corinthians chapter three. And verses. Fourteen to sixteen. Poll was writing from experience this was his experience before he encountered Christ. Posts only and in the Scriptures. Second Corinthians Chapter three verses fourteen to sixteen. He says talking of the Israelites in Moses died but their minds were blinded. For until this day the same vial. Remains. I'm lifted in the reading of the Old Testament. Because the veil is taken away in Christ in other words. The. There's a veil covering the Old Testament that. The Israelites. In Moses' day and imposed they couldn't see Jesus. If they if they accepted Jesus as the Messiah it would lift the veil it would clear it up. You know it's kind of. Look. At riding and. You don't have your glasses on and everything's blurring you can't make any sense of it. Putting glasses on. Putting the glasses on would be equivalent to saying Jesus as the Messiah. If they saw Jesus as the Messiah. Putting that it put the glass of the bed to put the glasses on and see clearly what what the Old Testament Scriptures were teaching regarding the gospel. This fifteen but even to this day when Moses is read a vial lies on the hot so there was a. There was a veil over the writings of Moses. Never the less. When one turns to the Lord what happens to the vial. Taken away I suppose it was commissioned as a minister of the new covenant. But his ministry for the Jews in his day was no more effective than Moses was in his time. And as I mentioned the Jews lacked a capacity to see these great spiritual truths. Lessons in the ceremonies. And in the sacrifices that were performed there in the sanctuary. To them. The letter. Of the law was glorious. But it had veiled the odds from understanding the spirit of the law. The viol was over the writings of Moses which kept them from seeing Christ. And this had more to do with their will than their intellect they are. There were intellectual individuals. But they were willfully disobedient. Willfully ignorant. They did not want to accept this version of the Messiah. This version of the Christ. They didn't want to accept that only the discovery of Jesus in the Old Testament. Would have lifted the veil from the reading of the scriptures if they accepted Jesus as Messiah would have made perfect sense. What they would have been able to understand it by putting glasses on. When the lines of blurry making it crystal. Crisp and clean. But they refused to do it and so they. The letter of the law became far more important in the spirit. And that's what Jesus was driving at there in Matthew. You have heard it said of old. Thou shalt not murder. But I say to you He that. Hates his brother is an issue of the heart isn't it. I mean I can. I have. I haven't heard a man. Posting go through their entire life and not kill anyone. But that doesn't make you. Righteous already for heaven. What's happening in the hot. Is the issue. That's happening in the hot is the issue. And this is what Paul was saying the letter of the law. Was preventing them from embracing the spirit. Were both. Both important. Absolutely. You don't know the genuine spirit of the law without knowing the letter of the law how can you. And will talk about the covenant just the New and Old Covenant just a moment but. They needed to accept the Gospel. Bottom line and that's what Paul saying here. In second Corinthians Chapter three verses fourteen to sixteen. They just would not. Except the Messiah Romans Chapter one Verse sixteen and seven same poll what is how did Paul define the gospel. He says first of Romans one sixteen and seventeen for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ no this is the power of God unto salvation all the power of God to save all who believe. Everyone who believes for the Jew first and also for the Greek for in it. The righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith. So in the Gospel is God's power to save all who believe. And what does that salvation include it includes. Padan. And it also includes. Power and notice it talks about. From going from faith to faith. That's a growing and developing experience as anon we're talking here about the Gospel that justifies the believer and the Gospel that sanctifies a believer. It's all by the grace of God. And then in Romans Chapter three verses twenty four twenty six. Here we have the heart of the Gospel in the book of Romans notice. Romans Chapter three verses twenty four to twenty six. Paul says being justified. Hide. And if you have a hard time with that we're justified. Just think of it as. As this just as if I had done no such. Had committed no sin. Just as if I have committed no sin. Jesus when we have justified Jesus treats us God treats us as if we have done no wrong. Committed no sin. We come to him in true penitence and faith. And reach out at faith and appropriate the promise of forgiveness. Jesus forgives us but he also. Treats us as oh we've never seen him. That's huge. That's map that's massive. Jesus. Justifies us being justify cleared of guilt and cleansed by grace. We've been justified was freely. By His grace. Through the redemption that is God has borders back. By paying for our sins. That is in Christ Jesus whom God set forth as a propitiation. Or I reckon Sila by His blood. Through faith. To demonstrate his righteousness because in his full Barents. God had passed over the sins or. Forgiven the sins that were previously committed to demonstrate at the present time his righteousness. That he might be just in the justified of the one who has faith in Jesus. That's. We we can spend a couple of weeks talking about those few verses This is huge. But in essence. Polls version of the gospel is a. Justifying gospel. And a sanctifying gospel. God forgives our sins. And then gives us His righteousness. God is declared righteous. Just and a just. Just a just God when He justifies the sinner. How is it possible that God could be considered just because a broken law demanded this. The law couldn't be changed. That devil said to God. You can't forgive them they've done. They've done the wrong thing it's this too late beyond help. God said no we have a plan. Can Change the law. But I'm going to express my love in a way that you don't understand and so he sent his son and Jesus came and lived and died and rose again and died for the sins of the world. Bore on him yours and my transgression. Took that upon him. Massive massive stuff. And he offers us his. Saving Grace because of what he has done. Gives us His righteousness covers us in His righteousness and imbues that righteousness into our hearts and into our lives he can be just because God doesn't. God never declares something righteous that he doesn't make righteous. When God declares you righteous it's because he's making. Made you righteous and making your righteous. Powerful stuff the gospel. Is the question we get great controversy. Is God he says he is and the answer is half salute like absolutely. Well we must move on. We got Wednesday and Thursday to pull off in seven minutes and forty four seconds. All right. Let's go to Hebrews Chapter eight verse six three thirteen. Boy I don't know how we're going to do this but let's just do something here. Hebrews Chapter eight. Verse six truth. And you've heard about the old New Covenant Yes. OLD a new covenant. Let's talk about the new covenant here for just a little bit. Hebrews eight six to thirteen notice what Paul says. But now talking of Jesus. He has made up taint a more. Excellent ministry. In as much as he is also the mediator of a better covenant which was a stablished on. Better promises. For if that first covenant. Had been faultless as referring to the Old Covenant. Then no place would have been sought for a second because finding fault with them he said Behold the days are coming says the Lord. When I will make a covenant with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah. Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took when I took them. By the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt. Because they did not continue in my covenant and I disregarded them says the Lord. For this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days says the Lord I will put my lot in their mind. And write them on their hearts and I will be their god. And they shall be my. People none of them shall teach his neighbor and none his neighbors saying. No the Lord for all shall know me from the least of them. To the greatest of them. For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness. And this sins in their lawless days will I remember. No more. In that he says a new covenant. He has made the first obsolete. Now what is being. Becoming obsolete and growing old. Is ready to us. Stablish. Or vanish rather. Away. What is the Old Covenant. The Old Covenant was a stablished by the way what is a covenant a covenant is basically an agreement. Made between two parties established on mutual promises. Correct. When was the Old Covenant. Auld covenant established. It was established at Mount Sinai. That's exactly right. It was established in Mt Sinai it was ratified. With blood. You remember the story. And the covenant. The Covenant was the promise that the people made. Remember what the people said. All that the Lord has said he declared his will. All that the law has said we will do. And I want you to notice that the Lord is the basis of the Covenant. And the people said. We will do it for they know what I was saying. They had no idea what they were saying. Because not too many chapters later the. Breaking the first in the second commandante. And probably several of us. So they did they break the comment So was there was anything wrong with the original the old rather the old covenant not the original but the old covenant. There was nothing wrong with it. What does it say here. What does it say where was the problem. The problem was with the people look at those eight. Finding fault with them not the covenant but with the. People What was the problem with the people. They said all that the Lord has said we will do. Is it possible to keep God's Law in and. In and of their own strength in and of our own strength not know it and so they fail dismally. God allowed them to fail. Why. So that they would stop seeking to establish their own righteousness and submit themselves to the righteousness of God God we can't do this. God We cannot by. We need. Your Grace. And so the new covenant was a stablished. And by the way the new covenant was not new in the sense it was. Hey guess what guys got a great plan for you. It was the everlasting covenant the covenant that had been established in even when Adam and Eve sinned. And in Genesis Chapter three fifteen. God told Adam that he would put him into hatred in the hearts of his people towards sin. That was the. That was the establishment of the everlasting gospel. And that. Gospel that covenant. Would not be ratified. Until that Jesus died on Calvary. So the new covenant was really the everlasting covenant. It was new in the sense that the that it was an experience by God's people. And so that's that. I want to just encourage you to go ahead and read in the book patriarchs and prophets. Pages three seventy. To three seventy two a to reflect. Explanation about the two covenants phenomenal. Talking about the everlasting covenant the old and new covenants and what it all meant to take time to read that because we don't have time to do it today you see I brought the book as I was into supposing we get there but we didn't get there. Let's go to Thursday's lesson. And let's close. Let's close on Thursdays lesson. Revelation Chapter ten verse seven. Says but in the days of the voice of the seventh. Angel when he is about to sound. Then the mystery of God is finished as he preached. To his servants the prophets. It's next to Revelation Chapter fourteen in verse six. This verse in Revelation. Ten. Is the only other verse in Revelation that specifically refers to the preaching of the gospel. He preached. That's the word. Evangelists. Preach or proclaim. The good news. The would preach comes from the Greek word evangelism which means to proclaim the good news. Seventh Day Adventists. Find their calling and their commission in these two verses. Revelation Chapter ten verse seven. And Revelation Chapter fourteen and verse six. The gospel. From Genesis to Revelation. Is the same the law of God is the same that hasn't changed. The covenant is the same that hasn't changed. Jesus Paul and James all affirmed the gospel. Is the same one that Abraham believed. And you can read that in. John eight fifty six Romans four thirteen. And James Chapter two verses twenty one to twenty three. Abraham God established the everlasting covenant. To Abraham and Abraham believed in the coming of the Messiah and it was accounted to him for righteousness. It was his belief in the coming of the Christ. That was accounted him. Righteous you say. And so the Gospel embraces and what we've looked at here is that the Gospel embraces both of the pardon pardon of sin and also the power to overcome. Sin. The Christian doesn't need to find a perfect balance between faith and works. All you need is faith. That's it. Of faith and that faith will save you by the grace of God you see. Revelation fourteen twelve one look at this last verse. And we could look at Revelation twelve seventeen as well. But this is in the standing. Verse in the face of problems in the face of. Massive adversity and stiff opposition. Under the most trying circumstances. This world is ever going to and has ever experienced. God To claim is that they are going to be a group of people in the last days. The. Keep His commandments. Perfectly perfectly. By the commandments of God I know that we're perfect. Disrupts a few people. But that's the purpose of the gospel. When you plant a seed in the ground. What's your purpose to eat. Isn't that right you plant corn in the ground so you can have corn on the cobble popcorn right. But the purpose of the gospel is not forgiveness merely. Of sin. Not just even. The power to overcome sin. But to remove sin from the believers life and reclaim us from same. Completely the restoration of mankind. Bringing us back from whence we fell. That's the purpose of the gospel. Anything short of that gospel is not the gospel in some Revelation fourteen verse twelve. It's is. Here is the patience of the saints. Here are those who keep the commandments of God. And the faith of Jesus powerful powerful this is significant because it reveals that. The goal. Reveals the goal of the Gospel perfect obedience to the law of God God finding people that are safe to save at last. And they're doing this. And I'm the most severe trying opposition to God's law. In the last days. That's how powerful the gospel. Is it reclaims. And restores. And transforms people's lives. More than we even probably give it credit. This. Media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. 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