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The Parables of Jesus: Our First Service

Chris Buttery
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  • December 6, 2014
    11:30 AM
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A top C.E.O.'s who was well known for his superior leadership. His massive wealth. And his sound investing strategies. He had a plan to dramatically further. And expand his enterprise by entrusting large amounts of his wealth. To three trusted company. Leaders. They needed to buy into his plan and execute it without delay. What he wanted them to do was to grow the capital. That he had given them by investing wisely. He gave to each a trust. According to each experience and initiative one he entrusted four point five million dollars The other one point eight. And the other nine hundred thousand. The stakes were high. It would be no turning back the success of the enterprise. Rested on these three. Man. At a later time. All three of these men were invited to file a report on what they had done and how they had grown the. Intrusted amount that they invest wisely. That they take initiative did they take any risks. For gain. The first invested. I don't know and I found stocks. And doubled his trust. The second. Invested in Google. And did the same. But the third decided to do it the old fashioned way to take. What was intrusted to him. Put it in a box and put that box under his bed preserving. All that he had been intrusted lest he lose the lot. According to the story. The third man was fired. Why. Simply on the grounds that he didn't use. What he had. Did he deserve what he got That's the question that needs to be asked here this morning I mean. He didn't lose a cent of the trusted aide. He didn't lose a cent of the trust. Let me make it more difficult. What would you think you've got handed you a trust. Suited to your ability with a natural or acquired. To handle it for him in his absence. But you didn't improve on the trust you just kept it intact. And when he asked to give an account of it. You were informed that that was it. The show's over. Heavens Doris. Have been closed to you. Would you get what you deserved. By the sounds of the parable of the talents that Jesus taught in Matthew chapter twenty five. It seems as though Jesus taught this very concept. Now you'd be excused perhaps at this particular point for insisting that salvation. Heaven. Eternal life. Is offered only on the grounds of faith in Jesus Christ. I mean. The Bible teaches that was cited by grace through works right. Well was cited by grace through faith that thrive. Then how is heaven. Denied a follower of Jesus just because he or she failed to invest. What they had been intrusted by God wisely. Would that person he or she be getting what they deserved. If we found ourselves in the same boat. Would we like to submit that this may be a difficult dilemma. Might be even confusing to those who don't quite see the full biblical picture of this thing called the plan of salvation. And that's OK. If that person is willing to learn the parable of the Talents. Up opens our eyes and helps us understand the full picture of the plan of salvation. Helps us experience. Know what the experience of salvation is helps us from. Keeps us from falling off. So to speak or at least mis understanding what salvation. Really in titles. And if we come to terms with the lessons behind this parable then we'll be well on our way to making the necessary preparations for the soon return of Jesus. Because here in Matthew chapter twenty five. Matthew twenty four and twenty five Jesus taught four stories. Teaching us in Matthew twenty four. What would be taking place on the earth prior to Jesus' return. And then the stories. Teaching us how God's people ought to be living in preparation for that great day of Jesus' return and so will be. Well on our way if we understand this parable correctly to. Preparing for that great day of Jesus Christ. Before we begin this one should a pitcher with me a peach tree. A peach tree. Below the ground. The Roots. Seen on that peach tree. That is the trunk. And then you've got to leave the branches then the leaves and hopefully you've got. Fruit. Especially if you're a peach fan like me. Simply remember. Simply remember that in the disk. This. This costs that faith in Christ is likened to those roots of that peach tree. Faith in Christ is like the roots of that peach tree and. The Christian work. Like the peaches. Remember that as we approach the parable. That it's the roots. That determine the quality of the fruit see. If you place. So let's go to Matthew twenty five you will they already let's take a look Matthew twenty five. Amaury verses fourteen will read the entire story together. Matthew twenty five fourteen then the kingdom of heaven is like a man travelling to a fog country who cold his own servants and delivered his goods to them. And to one he gave five talents and to another two. And to another one. To each according to his own ability and immediately. He went on a journey. And then he who had received the five talents went and traded with them and made another five talents. And likewise he who had received to gain two more also. But he who had received one went and dug in the ground and hid his Lords money. After a long time the Lord of those servants came and settled accounts with them. So he who had received five talents came and brought five other talents saying Lord. You deliver to me five talents look. I've gained five more talents beside them twenty one his Lord said to him Well done. Good and faithful servant. You were faithful over a few things I will make you rule over many things. And to into the joy of your Lord. He also who had received two talents came and said Lord. You delivered me to tell us look. I've gained two more talents beside the US. Is all it said to him Well done good and faithful servant. You've been faithful over a few things. I will make you rule over. Many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord. Then he who had received the one talent came and said Lord. I knew you would be a hard man reaping where you have not signed. And gathering where you have not scattered seed. And I was afraid and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look there. You have what is yours. But his Lord answered and said to him You wicked and lazy servant. You knew that I reap where I had not sown gather where I have not scattered see. So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers and my coming. At my coming. I would have received back my own with interest. Therefore take the talent from him give it to him he was ten talents. For to everyone who has more will be given and he will have abundance but from him who does not have even what he has will be taken away. It cost the unprofitable servant. Into the out of dock miss. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. But basically friends. And there is the parable of the ten of the Talents. Basically friends. The fame of this parable. Has more to do with our first has more has to do with our first service to God and to mankind. Which is the development of our souls for the glory of God and the benefit of humanity. Once a person has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Their very first. Loving duty. Is self development. Is self development. That is the process by which a person's abilities. Gradually developed you say now. This may sound heavy. It may sound. Difficult to someone who is mostly perhaps self serving or concerned only with preserving. Him or herself or for those who want. Jesus to forgive them this sins. But not. To help him. Over have him help you overcome your sins. This topic however. Irrespective of where you what you're thinking at this point is necessary for each of us to understand again. It has to do with how God's people live in the last days previous to Jesus coming. The Bible's. Emphasis on self development. Runs like a thread through its. Beautiful pages. When not asked any way to compare ourselves all measure ourselves with each other but to become. All that we can become as Labor's together with Jesus. And thus do the greatest amount of good. That we can possibly do for a lord who's in glory you see whatever Al natural or acquired abilities may be each of us. Given the opportunities in this life to improve on what we have and. To give toward someone else's needs that's the reason for the. Gifts the talents that we have being given you see. That's why we should pay close attention to developing. Everything that will improve us wherever we all whatever kind of work. We may be doing. And improving these personal. Areas. Really reflects the intent of the parable of the talent. So what are those areas in which we have developed to develop what areas should we be growing in. There are many different areas I want to focus on three. Here. The Smalling. The first one. Now. This is a quiz for you don't put the slide up on the screen just yet here's a quiz. What container. Will have a greater capacity to retain more. The more you put something into it. What container. What container. Will have a greater capacity to retain more. The more you put something into it. The brain. That's exactly right the mind. And so that's the first talent. The brain. That's an area that needs to be developed what do you say. Look look with me to Deuteronomy Chapter six verse five Notice what. What Moses. One of the chapters six and verse five. Now does how important it is to develop our brains our minds. And the human mind. Is not used to this full capacity in power and it probably won't be until we see Jesus. In the clouds of glory in this mortal shall put on. Immortality. This. Corruptible will put on in corruption. Deuteronomy Chapter six and those five notice. What the Bible say has. Those For Hero Israel the Lord our God The Lord is one. You shall love the Lord with all your hot. With all your soul. And with all your strength. God to love Him with all of our hearts our souls. And our minds. That's something that he's asking us to do and we cannot love God or love Him with all of our minds. If we are not developing our minds. And while. Formal training is needed and. Appropriate. The need for continued education or self education is imperative and a learning doesn't stop. When we graduate from school for all those are in school college in USA men Noma learning after that sorry. Bad news. Good news actually. Our learning continues. We need to be self educated. And while there are many things to study. And many things to grasp and grapple with of upmost importance for each of us is the study of the Holy Scripture as the Bible. And this book is calculated we're told in the book steps to Christ. To calculate the mind. Like nothing else as it wrestles with problems problems as. In search for divine truth. The mind. Will expand and develop. Acquiring power. And efficiency and know this. In ordinary mind that is well disciplined. Will accomplish more than a highly educated mind that has no self control and so the. One area that needs improvement that needs development is our. Minds our brains right. Another area that needs development. Is the development of. VOICE. The development of voice. We must all get into the habit of learning to speak with an Australian accent. We must all do that. You. You know it's not the language. English is not necessary the language of Heaven I understand Spanish. But I'm. But I'm. But I'm insisting I'm insisting that it's with an English accent so. We all need to develop. The gift of. Voice the gift of speech of all the talents. That we have received from God. None is more capable of being a greater blessing to others or curse. Than Al speech look at what Jesus said in Matthew Chapter twelve tone there with me. Matthew Chapter twelve in verse thirty six and thirty seven. For our speech. To be pure. And for a speech to be a blessing and uplifting to humanity. For a speech to be all that God desires it to be. We need a hot transformation from the abundance of the mouth. From the heart from the bonds of the heart the mouth speaks Jesus says but notice. He goes on to say here. What he goes on to say in verse thirty six and thirty seven he says but I say to you there for every idle word men shall speak. They shall give account of it in the day of judgment. For by your words. You will be justified. And by your words. You will be calling on them. Consider that the way we speak as well. Will give either force. To our words or they will detract from our words imagine. With my courtroom sing for just a moment. The judge is about to deliver. The verdict it's a solemn moment it's a life. Or it's a death. Moment and. Out of the mouth of the judge. Comes a high pitched squeaky rattle of words that no one can understand. Wondering whether they are actually in a courtroom or whether they're in the circus. Just imagine that. When we think of Jesus. We think of Jesus and the way he had with words. He. Spoke in a way that commended the truth. He taught to his heroes. They understood. The true importance of his own words. Just by listening to the way he spoke. What he spoke. Some speak. Very shyly. And very softly. Now this talk costly. And very severely. But both probably need in the just meant. So our daily discussions we don't give a false impression especially when we're talking about eternal realities. If we speak about them. Unimpassioned. We could lead the hero to feel as though. Salvation. Eternal realities that important role. Why bother at all. Sometimes in as zeal. Maybe we're too excessive. In now. Passion. And therefore we have the ability to cheapen the message. Now there's a time. To speak gently. And there's a time. To speak honestly. What we need is. GRACE. Grace sprinkled on our lips so we get the timing right. And by God's grace blasts. More people with our words what do you say amen. So. God wants to develop our minds God wants to develop our speech our voice. Also he wants number three. He wants us to develop our influence our influence you've heard the saying. No man is an island. Each of us. Of our lives affect the life of another person whether we like it or whether we don't I. Repose and. That that is here today even myself is surrounded with an atmosphere that atmosphere can be charged with life and courage and hope and love. Or can be charged with gruffness indifference. Chilliness gloominess poison. Look at Luke Chapter fifteen what the Bible. Radha says about Jesus Luke Chapter fifteen and verse one what type of influence did Jesus have. What atmospheres surrounded him. That is what the Bible says is that all the tax collectors and the sin is. Drew near him. To hear him. And the Pharisees and scribes complained saying. This man receive Senna's and eats with them. Do you think Jesus. Atmosphere the atmosphere the surround of Jesus was charged with life and hope and love and acceptance. All with distain in hate and. Uncomfortable Innes and irritation. What do you think. Would love ride with acceptance. In so much that people were drawn to him it was like. He was like a big magnet. Big magnet and his love and his acceptance of people not. Behavior but. People. Drew them to him. And that the sign and the. The Pharisees the religious leaders were mystified how is this possible in their condemnation. They actually reveal the reason. This man receives since he receives them. He receives them to himself Jesus' life was charged with energy and love and grace and that's what exuded from him. Each one of us here today as if affected. Each person is affected. Consciously or unconsciously. By this atmosphere. This is something we cannot escape from. It's not something that we can be excused from our woods. Even our actions. Even the way we dress. Now deportment now. Attitude in our expressions have an influence for good or influence fall ill. What we want is that which is beautifully expressed in the following words I put that up on the screen. Christ object lessons page three hundred forty. The Silent Witness of a true. Unselfish. Godly life. Carries an almost irresistible influence by revealing in our own life. The character of Christ. We cooperate with him in the work of doing what friends are saving souls. So these are the three areas that I want to focus on the small of the for the development of the mind the development of our voice. And the development of. Influence and naturally there are many other areas of development we're going to put a few up on the screen for you and all development of our talents are not ing. And not limited to. Even these time and money. And health. And appearance. And social skills and economic know how and concern for accuracy and willingness to take advice. Advice. Except except for a. All of these things. Talents intrusted to us that by God's grace can be improved upon and make us useful in our homes. In our churches in our church. And in now. Communities wherever we reside. While we might ask. If what if what development has to do with being ready for the second coming of Jesus. Self Development. Is the only real way. For a person to be ready for the coal. To so no one is exempt. Or excused. Everybody has some. Ability given to them. From God to love others. And to render a surface to while thus our response to the daily cold to serve others is a test of our fitness. To live with God forever. When we get to heaven. Is heaven going to be a place where we just go on about doing our own personal things. Heaven's going to be a place where we serve us. You know we even have insight from the. Page of pages of inspiration that will be will be sharing our testimony with. Planets and people on other planets that have never fallen don't know what sin is that only being watching. The experiment taking place here on planet Earth. The Bible says that we are like We Are the stage where the act is where the theater to the entire universe. Love is really. Self-sacrifice. Self sacrificing service isn't it. What's the opposite of love. It's not hate it selfishness. This. Selfishness. Well true love Biblical love is so thing. Obvious. And of course as the parable teaches. None can be truly helpful. Over night. It takes time. Think about medical professionals. We have some here today. Who've taken. Years and years to develop the skills and know how the knowledge. The ability to help. People the way they help them today. That taken years to get to that point. Those who remain cool. And competent under each emergency won't be relying either on their schooling. They'll be. Ever freshening up. Reading the latest research improving. On what they already do so well. Lawyers and teachers and plumbers and stone managers and stone makers and manages and pastas and. All the other. Will be developing and growing in the service and improving on their past. Because self development. Is the road to genuine service that truly loves God. And loves those Christians who know this. Christians who understand this realize that it takes more than sympathy. When somebody hurts. When somebody is in. Let's say physical distress or spiritual depression or even. Suffering morally. We ought to be able to do them more than sympathize to do something substantial enough to bring some type of relief. To the individual. Gods in time people those living before Jesus returns. Will be doing more than standing by. Wide eyed chins. Dripping on the ground when there is an apparent need around them. They will be prepared. Or preparing themselves. To relieve distress. As God. Seeks to use them to comfort and help us. But there is an uncomfortable reality. In this particular parable. That we started with the end of the one who refuses to accept the ever increasing opportunity to grow. To serve and to develop their moral. Mental Physical. Social powers and it's very sad. The fate of all who make the. Selves the center of their own universe is chilling. Matthew chapter twenty five through. Twenty twenty six to thirty. Jesus said You wicked and lazy servant. Take his talent from him. And then he's cast way into outer darkness. This individual. He or she goes down on record as someone who is determined to have his or her own way in their lives. They're proven. According to the story on fit. To save these individuals couldn't be trusted with eternal life. It's sad. It's sad because the lazy servant in this story. Who played it safe was an accepted church member. This person was an open Cinna. His sin was not some great evil. His sin was that he had not done for himself and thus for those he regular. Rebelled against the law. Of self development. Humorous little poem. Entitled. Opportunities missed. I read this not too long ago and it reads there was a very cautious man who never aloft or played. He never a wrist. He never tried. He never sang all prayed. And when he was. When when one day he passed away. His insurance was denied. For since he never really lived. They claimed. He never died. And for all those who may feel as though they are in the same boat it's not too late to learn from the lessons from the parable of the talent. However as we close here I want to keep something very important in mind. The law of self development is not all Demond. All tusk. And all work if. Has stopped. Here. He would be laying an impossible white. On each of our shoulders. More than we can give. Depressing us. As if self development was all there was. To our existence. The gospel. Is certainly not all demand and obligation Amen. That would be a new type of legalism. It would be righteousness by. Performance you see all righteousness my self development. It would be like a mom and dad telling the child you live in Northern California how far it is to drive down to southern California. Because down there is the. Lego Land and they tell them. How long it's going to take and how many miles. As big a disappointing and. Discouraging to the young toddler as they try to wrap their minds around it. To the young person's mind they're going to think the trip's going to take along. Forever. And they're going to be always asking the question. We There Yet. Remember. Remember as we began. The Roots. Determine the well. The fruits right. The Roots determine the fruits. Jesus said without me you can do nothing without me you can do nothing. All Jesus biddings on his. And they believe is what he says we should do he gives us grace and power to do. He's provided power. For every possibility. Jesus said in Matthew eleven verse thirty. My yoke is easy. And my burden is light. It is light. And this gives us. Encouragement. The seeming. Impossible now becomes possible. I don't have to do it on my own. I can enjoy doing it all along the way because I'm yoked up with Jesus Jesus. Is helping me every step. So when mom and dad tried to explain how long it would take to get from northern California to southern California the three or four year old trusting and. Abiding in his parent's love simply responded. That's OK. We can just ride our bikes then we can just ride our bikes. You see friends with Jesus the trip. Won't be too long. Won't be too heavy and won't be too demanding. In childlike faith. We can to say. That's OK. We'll just ride bikes will be all too glad to develop. Because our real motive to grow. Is rooted in the one. We truly love. And that is Jesus. And that is Jesus as I close. I like to share with you another little poem. And it says simply this. I cannot work. My soul to save for that the Lord has done. But I will work. Like any slave. For the love of God's Son. That's the way. The right way to do things isn't it isn't this the type of experience you desire. Then begin to die. Begin to die. And see what the Lord will do for you and three. As you throw yourself. Talents. BY HIS this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W. audio first or.


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