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The Character of God Controversy, Part 2

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • January 10, 2009
    4:00 AM
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rather fitting for me speaking inside of a building called burden all by deftly have a burden for these topics that's for sure what I wanted to do a little bit before we actually get into the meeting is just give you a quick overview about our ministry I don't know how many of you are familiar with white horse media but we have a website white horse media .com we picked the name White horse because of Revelation chapter nineteen sexy great name when you're talking to somebody that's not even a Christian and you tell them you work for Whitehorse beauties they will like to pick that name with it well let me tell you what it says in the book of Revelation chapter nineteen you give a little the last study there anyway on Revelation nineteen describe Jesus coming on a white horse as the rider to deliver his people at the end and so we've just been inspired by that scene so we picked the name Whitehorse media because the word media implies reaching out through various ways especially through the airwaves and we have a studio we have a lot of television programs we produced we just moved our ministry out of Fresno California over to Newport Washington I don't know how many you have seen our programs on TV on three eighty and were also on a Baptist channel a television get a lot of response from their we have radio programs we have DVDs and books to give seminars a lot of different things most of the material that we produce is designed to be shared within the larger world around us we aren't evangelistic we don't just want to talk to people in the church when I put the Saints to reach people outside the church the just to show you some of the books we have I think I dropped one of them up here this bodies are just little small books to share with people solving the mystery of death great book dealing with the state of the dead death at their own resurrection Harrelson talking him a little book that deals with spiritualism and television and all the programs these days that are communicating the idea that we can talk to our debt level huge issue today perfect little book to share and we had one of the millennium dealing with the thousand year period and what happens at the end of the hot topic of hell trying to expose the current version of the character of God where people are taught that if you don't believe in Jesus you can go down under the ground and earn forever never never never forget the look to share without another one call that perils of Harry Potter and witchcraft dealing with the Potter phenomenon and dealing with Mecca and the growth of witchcraft among teenagers it's just a huge issue right now and this is a very good little but there's people inside the church and believe it or not they are checking out with and casting spells that getting into magic and some were dealing with that we have another brand-new little book called discovering the loss that truth is a great little book to share with people Sabbath Christ centered very biblical Old Testament New Testament focuses on Jesus and he's the Lord of the Sabbath and what the Sabbath is really all about and then another one of brand-new and it just cutting off the press in about a week called decoding the mark of the beast deacons probably can see the pictures man looking up it is forget where the number six six six rep there trying to figure out what is this subject all about so this is also a really good but the time is any kind and I think were not far away from it right now with what's going on in the world and the economy and just the whole global scene that we are to find ourselves in the midst of the crisis and these are just the kind of books that we need to be sharing with people and so that's why we have them life course media .com else have a book called the rapture deception we just got enough from a Baptist pastor who read this book and just workshop by Amanda read another larger book on delusions which has been published by if you take Viagra on major Christian publisher is in bookstores across the country all family Christian stores and it's just amazing the response that were getting from things like that San Fernando we also have the character of God controversy this is one of the only books that I've written in Doctor Lewis and I co-authored this dealing specifically more with things were going on inside the church most like a second goes outside this is happening inside this is one of talking about years I will have a box of these books in the back at the end of the last program we also have a newsletter if anybody I spent a few of these I didn't bring a lot of things with me that we have a few days if you'd like when I can get one to you we had anybody's result of Passover and hope channel and if you watch that it's a brand-new forty five minute documentary that we just produced and what action was quite allowing in the production and it just came out on December thirteen on the Hope Channel but there can be airing it for the next through three months and it is designed to share Jesus Christ with Jewish people my family 's Jewish Walberg is a Jewish name my mother is in Palm Springs nothing shall ever listen to the sermons she's not going audio verse .org inherent most likely but I want to give her a copy of this DVD it should be should be printed or replicated in just the next few days and it's just it sat like this at forty five minute documentary summit was done actually in Egypt and Israel showing some little boy watching his dad put blood on the doors and how that ultimately pointed forward it to Jesus as the Messiah who would shed his blood on the cross for the sins of the world designed to share Christ with Jewish people get and we have another another one is actually nearing my three again now I'm not he watched it but it's called Islam revisited it's a thirteen part series that deals with most issues and is really designed to try to break down prejudices and try to help us to reach out to the Muslim world and there is that over a billion Muslims in the world so we're pretty excited that my first media has a program to reach the Jews and a program to reach the Muslims and many times they are at odds with each other as you know and we want to bring both groups to the foot of the cross to help them to see one Savior who loves both groups the descendents of Isaac and the descendents of Ishmael he wants to bring them together at the foot of the cross and save as many as possible so if you have Muslim friends in my view North American Jewish friends you might interested in that as well as some imagine renting up and offering a think it's at the beginning of the next meeting right on the money does not put in the interest goes to our ministry to help keep us going we we have a building that were just about getting ready to get into and without a lot of expenses were totally fake ministries I left I pastored for many years and finally the largest nineties step out in faith hope forward and do this work full-time so I left pastoral ministry and now this is all I do is right and preach and teach and we had to be equipment and as long as God keeps us going that's as long as we'll keep doing this and hopefully the world won't be here much longer because Jesus will come that that's what it's all about so anyway I think I can open up to the book of Matthew chapter twenty six verse thirty were continuing our discussion our study of the character of God the character of God controversy is going on right now in the world and in our own church the book is written in a very respectful way we chose not to mention names but the issues are very real and many of you understand some of these issues and Doctor Lewis and I have occurred and try to clarify some of these issues as much as we can because we just think it's very very important that we are not deceived by a subtle devil who is trying to perverts what the Bible says about who's up there we need to know God as he is as he is revealed in the Bible is thinking about this today over lunch that spiritually speaking this is not a time for veggie meat spiritually speaking this is the time for me what you say and you know I mean the Bible talks about meat in due season so this is the kind of neat we should be eating spiritual meat that really deals with the issues and that really helps us to get to know Jesus Christ as what it's all about so that's our heads let's pray and ask God to bless us who knows who will be listening to these recorded talks and I just want everything that's on them to be what the Lord wants to be on and if you use them to touch as many people as possible and you as well so let's pray heavenly father thank you for the opportunity to be here in Loma Linda and we just prayed together as a group in the name of Jesus that the Holy Spirit will bless this talk please think of the promise in Matthew chapter ten verse twenty where Jesus were you said it is not it will not be used speaking but the Spirit of your father speaking through you and that is the promise that I trust in right now that you will speak through me through the Holy Spirit please I'll give us a real spiritual needs which is what we need in these last days in Jesus name we pray Colorado one a reimportation for we look at verse thirty one a come back to this quote this is amazing never exactly where I found this CD-ROM search or somewhere but it's from the little devotional book called God 's amazing grace the little devotional book written by Ellen White and there's one sentence on page one sixty eight is just heart rending and it says here that no sorrow can bear any comparison with the sorrow of him upon whom the wrath of God fell overwhelming force describing what happened in Gethsemane and masculinity focusing on right now the Garden of Gethsemane Matthew chapter twenty six verse thirty at the end of Jesus Little Passover meal with his disciples after he broke the bread and passed out the juice and then Judas went out to get his work of betrayal or was doing it in verse thirty the Bible says that when they had sung a hymn they went out into the mount of olives this was Jesus sent out eleven of his disciples Judas was gone and they are they went down from the upper room and they meandered through the streets of Jerusalem late on a Thursday evening and they were heading toward the mount of olives says in the desire of ages that was full moon that night and as they went down a slope it went out one eastern gates of the city went down the slope crossed little creek Kidron and then began to hike up I know none of all it's heading toward the garden about Gethsemane worked in the desire of ages that Jesus began to groan and moan and stagger and slay as he was getting closer to the garden is in the desire of ages page six eighty five as Jesus and his disciples approached the guard the disciples mark the change that came over their master never before have they seen him so utterly sad and silent as he proceeded the strange sadness deepened yet they dare not question him as to its cause his forms swayed as if he were about to fall every step that he now took was with labored effort he groaned aloud as if suffering under the pressure of the terrible burden that were Bert Burton Hall here's a burden that Jesus is beginning to experiences twice his companion supported him or he would have fallen to the earth that's amazing here here Jesus is walking to the garden and he's something is happening inside of them it is so intense that he starts to feel a slight and he wanted just fallen down if his disciples had held onto him and when you continue to read about what was happening here if God 's angel didn't come and strengthen Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane he would've got it would've died right there he never would've made it to the cross was going on what was happening inside the heart in verse thirty one as they were approaching the garden the Bible says and then saith Jesus unto them to his disciples all you shall be offended because of me this night for it is written it is written I will smite the shepherd I will smite the in the shape of the flock shall be scattered abroad but after I am risen again I will go before you to Galilee this is an amazing verse Jesus is approaching the garden and he is quoting a text he said it is written on I will smite the shepherd now who knows if you have your margin for Bible has little margin rep seems like there's a dead spot here and ever have a family for no and a lot of strange things happen in my meaning sometimes anyway Jesus is quoting a verse anybody know which verse he is quoting as he is describing what is out to happen to him that's right he is quoting a verse in Zechariah chapter thirteen verse seven now it's interesting and the desire of ages and the reason why redesign they do so much I can only describe more about this later I am here today is the Holy Spirit used the book the desire of ages to change my life and I'll pay more about this woman in a little while I knew nothing about God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit or the Bible for the first twenty years of my life and through a whole series of amazing providential events I got a hold somebody gave me a copy of the desire of ages when I was twenty years old and I read that book and what reached me more than anything else within that what was chapter seventy four focus seventy and it was a study of what happened to Jesus in the garden that was what really got me just change my life and so that chapter means and means an awful lot so here's another quote from that chapter on Gethsemane desire of ages page six eighty six it says that Christ was now standing in a different attitude from which he had ever stood before something was happening to Jesus as he neared the garden that had never happened his heart before and it says here that he is suffering can best be described in the words of the prophets and in close Zechariah thirteen seven and when I read amazing in all the Bible versus that that point forward to Jesus and suffering is suffering is best described in one verse Zechariah thirteen seven so let's go back to it let's take a look at what that verse actually says this is the first that Jesus quoted he picked that text to describe his sufferings Zechariah is near the end of the Old Testament 's right before Malachi fifty two of the last book of the Old Testament and turn left you will find Zechariah thirteen seven and Jesus just quoted a part of this verse that will read the whole verse what's the first word there awake right powerful word awake wake up but this reminds me of the flying from Spokane to Palm Springs Thursday night and when we finally got to our last night we went from Spokane to Portland and then stop in San Francisco for the pajamas on the kids got them ready for bed at worship on the plane and then eventually headed toward Palm Springs Airport and as we landed I started to dislike yesterday was yesterday two days ago I I remember looking at on my lap and here was little staff four years old just only our MN overrun my wife laugh was little Abigail she's one -year-old and she was just so they won't think of a look just like brother and sister me name of so much alike and they both slept with their mouths open and they were out totally out but when the plane landed it was time for them to await they had to get up and as I just think about this world and about how the devil is trying to keep us asleep this verse this word impresses me awake this is not a time for us to be sleeping spiritually speaking we need to be fully awake fully alert we need to be reading our Bibles we need to be getting close to Jesus because things are meant to happen fast and if we think that we can wake up when things happen and when the final crisis infinity too late to wake up we have to be awake now repairing our hearts and our relationship with Jesus we need to be doing that now will this first talk about waking up but it's a it's a very unusual context verse seven says awake all at once the next work of sort against those that were against my shepherd and against the man that is my fellow saith the Lord of host smite the shepherd and the sheep shall be scattered and I will turn my hand upon the little ones this is a prophecy in Zechariah thirteen seven pointing forward to suffering of God 's own son Jesus quoted after twenty six thirty one desire pages says that this Scripture best describes Christ's suffering suffering and it's describing the awakening of a sword against him and what is this talking about when it says Waco sort of what is this a sort of that was going to be unsheathed by a Roman hair was talking about the romance Pearson Jesus now and when Jesus was according this text at this time that there were no Romans around him anyway no one had laid a hand on him yet no human hand had been laid upon us is not a verse about the sort of the Romans in the desire of ages she comments upon this verse after describing that this best describes his suffering quoting Zechariah thirteen seven Waco sort against my shepherd and this is what she says as the substitute and surety for sinful man Christ was suffering under deep mine justice he saw what justice men hitherto he had been in intercessor for others but now you long to have an intercessor for himself when you do a search in the CD-ROM unders for war sword of justice you will find quotation after after quotation describing the back was the sword that was on sheet against Jesus Christ was not a Roman sword it was the sword of justice here's just one from that same page in God 's amazing grace page one sixty eight it says the sword of justice was on she and the wrath of God against ubiquity rested upon man's substitute Jesus Christ only begotten of the father in the last meeting this morning I talked about Exodus thirty four and about the character of God and I showed from the Bible that biblically speaking is very clear that the character of the one who is out there is a is a black right blend of mercy and graciousness and goodness for level goodness and truth and forgiveness and yet at the end of Exodus thirty four percent it also says that part of his character is his justice and even though he forgive it also says yet he will by no means clear the guilty but he visits he does punish sin this is part of the character of God I try to show this morning that whether it's God 's mercy the manifestation of his mercy or whether it's a manifestation of his justice all of it is ultimately rooted in his love and everything God does is motivated by love he is a God of love and yet justice is part of his character it's very clear and as I put the pieces together from desire pages from Zechariah thirteen seven from Matthew twenty six what I found and it just became louder and louder and louder as I read these different locations was that unit as Jesus approached Gethsemane and as he entered the garden he began to experience within his soul the be all incomprehensible reality of God 's and his own really because the father and the sign are united their own attributes of perfect justice against the hard-pressed to fathom and to really understand that this is what began to happen with Rebecca Matthew twenty six and this has never happened completely in all of human history all throughout history whenever God 's justice has been manifested there has never ever ever been a time except for once the garden Gethsemane and on the cross when the attribute of God 's justice of his character which is his justice has fully been manifested at one time in one place for one individual for Jesus himself in the Garden of Gethsemane never happen ever and it's you were on holy ground to try to understand this if it's a blending of mercy and justice in a powerful way why was Jesus there in the first place because of his mercy and because of his life but what was happening in his heart he was experiencing God 's justice and the big conflict within him was incomprehensible to me first thirty six says then Jesus with them into a place called Gethsemane and he said to his disciples sit here while I go in for a younger and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and he began to be sorrowful and very heavy heaviness was in his heart he was experiencing it like never before verse thirty eight says then he said to them my soul is was happening at the level of the soul is exceeding sorrowful even to death Terry here and watch with me as he got to the entrance of the garden he he left most of it but his disciples eight of them just inside the gate and then he took Peter James and John farther in and then he left them he said pray for me pray for me and then he went farther in to begin her recesses by himself because he didn't even want his disciples to see struggle that was going on first the Ernie Knight says he went a little farther and he fell upon his face in all the pictures I've ever seen of Jesus suffering the garden I've never seen a picture of him on his face most the time you see him kneeling against the rock casino 's hand is on the rock for as an angel behind him you never see him face down but that's what the Bible says that he was all the way down on the ground his face practically in the dirt it says he fell on his face and he prayed and humans didn't even hear this prayer only his father and the Angels and it wasn't long after this until all the disciples were sound asleep and he just picture this scene the Gethsemane man there by himself on his face alone in the garden if this had been recorded we would have never known the Jesus prayer prayed that prayer that he was going through that agony and it was because of the garden what happened in the garden of Eden but now Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane and he prayed a prayer the prayer came up as the Angels were watching and demons were watching and he prayed this prayer the first word is even a word just a letter it's just a grown old my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you will a prayer between a father and a son in the garden when you read this and the desire of ages it just it spoke to me so powerfully and what I saw and I'll read your couple more quotations what's really happening in Gethsemane as Jesus is praying this prayer is this unbelievable combination have a infinite mercy and tenderness and compassion for you and for me and yet combined with that is side is perfect infinite holy justice that is being directly against C and also described the desire of ages that another dimension to all this because of August the fathers teams of light and love were being separated from his now today what's happening is that many people will read some of these quotations and they will interpret to be very honest with you they interpret words like wrath and justice to mean that entirely that God is just withdrawing himself and as I read this and the dude in the Bible and the desire pages it's very clear to me that there is certainly a dimension where sin is separating the father and the son and there is a separation going on no doubt about it and that was part of the pain but that's not the entire story it's not just a separation it's going on there is also a sword that has woken up but the Scripture says is falling against God Shepherd it is the justice of God against sin that is part of this process and it's something that we can understand it we can't fully understand but it's very much it's very real and in every a couple of other quotations from desire of ages it says here that as of May in human form as he suffered in the garden as a man he must endure the wrath of God against transgression here's another quote from page six eighty seven and this one is really powerful it says the sins of men weighed heavily upon Christ and the sense of God 's wrath against sin was crushing out his life after he cleared the sense of God 's wrath against sin was crushing out his life there's another quote I don't have in front of me whereof the spirit of prophecy says that God 's hatred of sin is intense and overwhelming we cannot understand how power holy loving God can he send soap action and want to get rid of it but he doubts and all of human history from Adam all the way to the end sin has been building upon sin sin sin sin has just been accumulating in this world and there is a a very real and powerful dimension of God 's character where he is against that same he hates it and one of these days he's going to destroy and yet that hatred of sin rooted in his love because he wants to get rid of it has never ever ever and fully manifested in all of human history justice have never fallen upon sin completely yet except one time and it was in Gethsemane he was in Gethsemane and on the cross I mentioned a little bit about my story I have a book that I finally wrote to me a while to finally get it together but it's call from Hollywood to heaven and it describes why background in my story it's amazing that I'm here right now it's amazing that you are here listening to me talk I thirty years ago or thirty one years ago I was the last person that anybody would ever expect would be the Christian or minister or writing books are talking to people about Jesus in my crowd was the wild crowd my family is Jewish but we were not religious at all totally unrelated for a second like sadly a lot of Jewish people argument to secular Jews that's the way we work we never went to the synagogue my brother was born it's that when he was twelve but I never was my dad walked up to me one day said Steve you want to be bar mitzvahed he said take it or leave it and you know I thought about the bowling games I missed the basketball game sadness and I just thought I really don't want to spend the time going to the synagogue and learning say Hebrew words and so I guess that all past thank you analysis my brother did go through the preparation for being bar mitzvah and I remember being in the synagogue one of the few times I I was ever there was at his bar mitzvah it's amazing actually the picture my brother 's bar mitzvah yesterday on history Channel sometime in the next couple of months this totally just my mind just went there but I was received a phone call last year from a producer who is working on a documentary about the end of the world and he found out about me and about our ministries we called me up my cell phone is based on Fresno I suggest that we knew each other will bent and he said I'm doing a documentary for the history Channel one hour on various theories about the end of the world one sections and beyond how an asteroid might in the world one of them might be on a virus I just wiping out mankind another one is could be on the possibility of nuclear war some terrorist pushing a button and the planet just being decimated any civilized section of my one-hour documentary I wanted to be on the possibility of divine intervention that God is good in the world and the Bible is true any digital reason we're considering John hayfever Gephardt but I would like to have you do it would you like to do it when I heard that you know something you don't have to pray a lot about and I said you got it so he came up and he filmed our seatbelt my crew he actually went up to our house and opera before we sold and moved to Washington and he filmed us that there is no my little boy I was carried from the garden and the cameras on him and I said so what can happen again to the world is that Jesus is in a common part of the world by fire and that's obsessively three and he said is to make a brand-new world and a clock at all on camera and I e-mail the producers Jan Wellman I think that any of the club I know what what to take even you you better believe that with brilliant film I don't want to be on the history channel were waiting for the day I e-mailed him a couple days ago is it standby know it's coming this next couple months will standard right to you and as soon as we know will send it out on our e-mail database so if you want to sign up for my first meeting .com for the image imagery neuritis and with unity and you can watch and we believe it's about twelve minutes at the end of the program well whole minutes to talk about Armageddon the second time in the end of the world the Bible says and we just built a big providential opportunity amazing are very thankful for that facility anyway and for the government at all yet one of the pictures of the truck could put on the screen there is the picture my brother 's bar mitzvah my dad my mom me I was there when the rare times when an synagogue my little sister Kathy and Bill show that loving family but no real spirituality at all that's the worker as a teenager surrounded by Hollywood didn't take me long to get into the wrong I started smoking pot when I was fourteen years old and smoke it for almost every day for six years when from drug to drug to drug study taken hard drive started using cocaine and LSD Angel dust glad now wasn't around back then or I would probably have been taking it somehow I survived my teenage years along story when I was twenty years old whole lot of things happened and somebody started telling me about Jesus Christ couple people just witnessed me out of the blue one day I turned on the TV set just looking for the notes what one Sunday morning for anything in particular and there was a friendly face looking at me and he said hello friend because I will open while and it is written television there I was sitting in Studio City California my dad 's house probably high on marijuana didn't have any Christian friends at all and there's George Van talking to me about the Sabbath I watched this program one and he he is the end of the program on 800-number flashed on the screen and he held up a little book called data remember he looked right at me and he said friend called me up and I'll send you this book in it with an eight hundred number and I felt this inner compulsion Steve Walberg go to the phone call that man and so I did and a few days later but came in the mail I sent out a red one sitting and at the back of the book it said come visit of seventy administered sometime and say hello and I look to them I thought what the world seventy happens what is a seventy and then I I remember I was thinking heard that name before one time is hazy memory came up and my brain and I are member about three months earlier I was in a health food store in Northridge I was going to school at Cal State Northridge my third-year college studying marketing and I walked in his health Mister with a buddy of mine and I was buying the food that's it strange that even while I was smoking pot and snorting cocaine that we went to health food stores to buy avocado sprout sandwiches and drinks movies I think the Lord was preparing my brain to understand some kind of Bible truth and so I was interested in health and as I was buying my food this stuff my friend was talking to this man it was spring the vegetables and the producers bring down the vegetables and as we were walking out of the store this friend of mine said to need you said you know that man it was spring the vegetables he said that man is that seventh day Adventist and I said so no big deal I mean it meant absolutely nothing three months later I'm reading George Adam and look at the back of the book it says come visit us seventy administered sometime and say hello and I thought that the seventy square oval yeah the man with the help of storm water and vegetables so I I got in my car drove out to Northridge walked in the market looked around and lo and behold there it was standing over by the smoothie bar and I walked up to a nice reach out my hand and I said hi my name is Steve and I go to church with you some Saturday out what would you say if somebody walked up to you and wanted to go to church no-brainer Solanki said not sure so he brought me to the Canoga Park Seventh-day Adventist church and after the first couple of times being there I met the pastor whose name was Pastor JD church that name ring a bell to anybody about he moved back to Loma Linda and just died not too long ago had a big swap meet ministry in San Bernardino swapping I think he was known as the sloppy pastor JD church but he was patterning can park at that time and he brought me new is often sat me down he said hi to get here who are you and I told him and then he looked on his bookshelf any grabbed a copy of a book called the desire of ages and handed it to me he said go home and read this book and so I went back to action by that time I had just moved out of my desk placement of living in the dorm accounting records with all kinds of other booksellers post read statistics economics and it was a coed dorm and marijuana smoke went down the hallway cafeteria became a disco and Saturday nights and it was just a crazy plays like I'm in a room at night my remember that guys and girls there and and I'm not a very heavenly atmosphere and I have desire of ages and I started reading and I just was gripped by this book story of this man born in Bethlehem clashes began going through his life chapter by chapter miracle by miracle and my heart started being drawn towards him and I knew nothing nothing nothing nothing I didn't know if I was reading about them and got the beginnings in the diet I didn't know that and when I finally got to chapter one word Gethsemane I opened and I entered the garden and I read about him swaying from the upper room to the entrance of the garden and I read this Scripture where he quoted it is written I will smite the ship and the sheep will be scattered abroad and I read the comments in desire of ages and I went farther on and I got into the into the inner recesses of the garden I saw him kneeling down and praying his prayer to his father all my father if it is possible take this cup from me and I read about that the beams of the father 's love and mercy being separated from his own son 's separation they were experiencing and I don't know whether because I've always been close to my dad whether that enabled me to appreciate this more I don't know my dad and I've always been really really close to store the state we talk all the time I love my dad more than words can describe thank God he's a Christian now he's almost eighty people hobbles around the neighborhood memorizing Bible verses and praying for people praying for me to come out of the new agent now is a Christian praise the Lord goes to be consistent it's the Sabbath and ignore the Presbyterian Church is a Sabbath keeping Presbyterian we got quite a mixture in my family anyway because were so close I was looking again at the scene in Gethsemane Jesus suffering him praying old father possible take this cup from and I looked at and it was a couple pictures in the book in my mind the Holy Spirit made a move on he made a move on me in a way that I cannot describe and I'll tell you what reached me the most what what penetrated my soul was seeing and reading these quotes about his his suffering and his mercy and his love combine with statements that say the wrath of God the sense of God 's wrath against sin crushing out and what reached me was not just justice and not just mercy what reached me was the combination that the two like the two wives you know when you connect them then you've got to the power the combination of mercy combined with justice justice that would not be justice that was against sin and the same was in God 's son and God 's holy wrath against sin was which was in Christ and also horror of that combined with the withdrawal of God beams of light in mercy and love combined with Jesus 's wedding great drops of blood and an angel strengthening him or he would've died right there in the garden it was the whole thing that showed me that Sandy is very very very serious and I was waking up flag wake up and look and see what sin and justice and love and the whole thing centered in the Gethsemane who was on his knees praying if it's possible take this cup from in the next meeting on the talk about that cup a little bit more from the book of Revelation do you know that the book of Revelation action describes a number of cups the cup of the wine of Babylon that's one of the cups there's also the cup that Jesus gave out in the upper room which is the cup of the Jews representing his blood in his mercy but there's another copy in the middle of the third Angels message right in the heart of the third Angels it says that those that get the Mark of the beast in the four head or in the hand but as they will happen to them says they will shrink the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out for strength and axis is poured out without mixture into the cup was at me without mixture without mixture of mercy that's right God 's justice without in never has God 's justice been manifested throughout history ever without any mercy except one time in Gethsemane and on the cross and the what the third Angels message is trying to tell us is that we don't receive and choose us if we don't receive his salvation and connect with him ultimately we are going to drink the cup ourselves and time God 's justice against sin no mercy and I don't want to drink that kept you in the amazing thing is that Jesus Frank he already drank for you and for me in Gethsemane because he loves it's amazing I don't know how we did it but he did a couple more quotes and then we'll take a break and query the great controversy the book there's a chapter that talks about spiritualism the dangers of spiritualism and I think probably all of us or most of us at least are aware of the dangers of spiritualist right very very dangerous and we think of spiritualism we normally think about those who impersonate that people write and it's very real I mean it's a big danger in this world right now and it's part of prophecy revelation sixteen thirteen talks about fourteen talks about the spirits of devils going out all around the world prior to the battle of Armageddon and that a lot of research on spiritual and awful it's there it's right now it's very big and it's very real very dangerous but there's another aspect of spiritualism is amazing in the great controversy page five eight this is one of the teachings of spiritualism or the the occurrence of spiritual the trends of spiritual the emphasis of spiritualism is here great controversy five fifty eight that love is dwelt upon as the chief attribute of God by noon we should dwell upon God 's love right and it is by it is degraded to a week of sentimentalism making little distinction between good and evil God 's justice is denunciations of sin the requirements of his holy law are all kept our site that dwelling upon the love of God that neglects his justice and neglects his law and doesn't see the seriousness of sin that is according to great controversy a form of spiritual because really that's what the spirits teach anyway they just say hey I'm on the other side now you'll be on the other side soon can't wait to see you everything 's fine you don't have to be a Christian you don't have to repent of sin you don't have to worry about about the day of judgment nothing you're just in LCF on the other side that's because God loves everybody that's why it's connected to a teaching of spiritualism it's an imbalanced view of the love of God that does not recognize the reality of evil or God 's justice against one more one more section is good Isaiah fifty three versus six ten eleven and like I said what reached me something might think well wow you know I don't know about what you're saying Steve that how my tenant 's teach these things to others is it going it really do the trick we need to be reaching the lost with only God 's mercy and I'm all for reaching the lost I was lost I was as lost as Moscow needs I do know very many people there were more likely me I went to some of the darkest places and just in the darkest things and praise the Lord I'm out of that right now and I'm in the life and I know what what reaches me and got me out of all that and what reached me got me out of all that more than anything else was just and it was seeing a loving father and a loving son wrestling in agony over my sin and seeing Jesus 's life being crushed out because he was experiencing in his own soul that sword that uncompromising sword of justice against the very much a part of the true God of the Bible of his true character motivated by his mother with that combination that just penetrated me if he would've just as I would read that chapter would it would just than God 's justice I would've gotten no I'm not and if it would have been just Mercy Mercy Mercy it would never win the penetrated me but it was mercy and justice come by combine but that sin is so serious and God hates it and her punishment but his love for the center is so great that you let the punishment all on himself don't drink the cup himself so that we don't have to drink that land did not repel me but it truly it drew me down to the foot of the cross and when I got done with that chapter even before I finished the book I got down on my knees for the first time in my life and I said Lord I said something I never exactly what I purchased some short prayer Lord I believe that you if you'll have me if you'll take me forgive my sin to get out of my life and come into my heart and change and I remember when I don't remember what I pray that I do remember that when the crew was done I all of a sudden this leave of peace just came in to my heart in a way that I've never felt anything like it before it was better than cocaine better than marijuana better than listening to Black Sabbath and all the rock and rolling his eyes to rock out to better than watching John Travolta on the dance floor night after night after night it was better than anything it was a sweet piece of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus that completely change my life and it's been thirty years there are almost thirty years since then and I'm still out that Revelation got me and got me out and I'm still out and I'm not going back not going back Isaiah fifty three will finish with this little section and then one more quote from them will pray when I got quick story to turn to Isaiah fifty three verse six says all we like sheep have gone astray we have turned everyone to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us simple verse but it's full of power what was it that read that caused the death of Jesus Christ was not just natural consequence it wasn't just him being given up to sin in general for separation from his father in general this verse says that the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all Jesus for my same inside of him and get seventy and on the cross firsthand says it pleased the Lord to bruise here she has put in brief it wasn't God 's justice against sin that fell upon the Savior verse eleven says he shall see the travail of his soul and be satisfied by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many he shall bear their commitments he bore your guilt he bore my guilt for our iniquities in a way that will never understand and that's the heart of the plan of salvation and if we lose that message we've lost the heart of the gospel we lost the war of what can save a person make in the Christian and keep in the Christian that's it it's right there one last quotation and will story desire pages page seven fifty five says the spotless son of God hung upon the cross try to imagine his flesh lacerated with stripes I can imagine seeing my son on a cross I can imagine being on those hands so often reached out and blessing mailed to the wooden box those feet and so tireless on ministries of love spiked to a tree that will head Sears my crown of thorn those quivering lips shaped to the cry all he endured the blood drops that flowed from his head his hands his feet the agony that wracked his brain the unutterable anguish that filled his soul at the hiding of his father 's face speaks to each child of humanity is to you and says it is for you that the son of God consents to bear this burden of guilt it is for you that he spoils the domain of death it is for you that he opens the gates of paradise if you still be angry waves and walked the phone tap billows who made devils tremble and disease league who opened blind eye and call for the dead to life offers himself upon the cross as a sacrifice and all of this from love for you last line she is seeing the error endures the road of the buying justice and for your sake becomes something that's what we've got planned Christian I heard a story about it a doctor in the Chicago and Doctor Leo Winters and one ninety two in the morning his phone rang and he reached over and answer the phone this is Doctor winners and it was a voice from the hospital and the voice said Doctor Winters is in a terrible accident there's been a boy critically injured and your hands are the only hands that can save him he's a surgeon anything you got it from the hospital right away so Doctor Winters hung up the phone got dressed told his wife I've got ago and he raced to his car and he started driving through the streets of Chicago it two o'clock in the morning as fast as he could get to the hospital now yet a quick decision to make that the fastest way would be to was to go through a very dangerous neighborhood but he felt like it was worth he had to do it so he didn't he went through that neighborhood business the stoplight and ready to go all the sudden it's hard for on the right side of the passenger side opened up and a man jumped into his car without flannel shirt and gray hat on this meant children and ravens that I did your car uninjured and documents and when you are stand in the dentist threw him out of the car and drove away Doctor winners looked around for a phone for forty five minutes finally found one called a taxi and eight pick them up and raced to the hospital when he got there she ran out of the cat down through one of the hallways to the nurses station and she just looked at him and shook her and said it's too the boy just where were you and you didn't even explain and then the nurse said when you go down to the chapel the boy 's father is in the chapel maybe you can say something so Doctor Winters went down just with his head down walked down went through these double doors into the chapel and he looked on the ground he was shocked to see a man crumpled up in theaters on that ground crying and he had a crazy and a flannel shirt and that was the boys and that Ned had no idea what he was doing when he broke into the car and grabbed the doctor and pushed him out so he could get to the hospital fast to be with his son he had no idea that he was pushing out of his own car then the only man in the city of Chicago that had the Haitians that were able to see his sons I have him as I think about Jesus and what he went through in Gethsemane and on that powerful blend of justice and mercy and love and suffering and all because of the horror of RC I just can't help but think to myself here's my appeal to you to push out of your life the only person in the entire universe he can nail scarred hand that are able to see yourself for eternity no pushing coming late in coming and change your life is pretty heavenly father father we've just talked about Jesus and you in Gethsemane and the suffering that you went through in order of sin and the reality of their justice and the magnitude of your mercy and we just pray each of us that we will be drawn to you that you will help us to make a choice to give and to embrace you as our Savior please forgive us clear our guilt through what Jesus did on the cross bearing our sins forgive us and change and help us to follow you every day all the way until you come in Jesus name we pray


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