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The Character of God Controversy, Part 3

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • January 10, 2009
    4:00 PM
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let's will hear Revelation chapter need team I know I can have my eye left in my satchel but I'll tell you anyway I love an article in their about Paris Hilton non- habit of reading article Doctor Phil Serino water by any made it was there article just came out actually world news the last couple weeks about how someone broke into her house and stolen two million dollars of her jewelry eBay you're not that there was a blog on the Internet on back-and-forth singles offtake anyway I don't know if they cannot I thought about that you know everything about pure silver jewelry and the jewels are going in the note they caught the person I now they've thought about I thought Jules Jules I said we need some jewels knowing the jewel that we need her in the Bible God has fuels that are much more valuable than the jewels of this world and its precious Bible truth precious Bible through those are the jewels that we need revelation eighteen verse one is a mighty text the Seventh-day Adventists have read and pondered for a long time will reasonable prayer eighteen one seven after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having created power and the earth was like with his lorry the final burst of light and power to the world for the return of Jesus Christ and I hope we all want to be part of aware where right there this is the time when the Lord wants to pour out his Spirit send his wife his power upon his people these are the days and days and got power with power let's pray heavenly father you know what's happening in your world and you know your program and this is the time for your message the time for your power time for the latter reign in time for the Holy Spirit and we pray that will be part of that that you will prepare our hearts purify our hearts and open our hearts to receive your lives and your message please Lord bless this time that we spent together we pray in Jesus name on the field last year when we were still living at our house in Ontario California for we sold it my family little sad my wife we were looking through the window the section record for Abigail was born she just turned one were looking through the window overlooking out often at a distance in the mountains and we saw the storm was coming to us storm was approaching getting closer and closer we could see the lightning flashing and Seth was pretty exciting there's a storm coming and as it approaches to know if you and it was nice inside and watch everything on the outside until the power and we were in total darkness was very dark those filter library was probably seven or seven thirty that night and it was just pitch black couldn't see anything and so we all huddled together on the couch and we found a couple of flashlights turned mine and then we we pray to God on our knees and prayed a little separate of prayer dear Jesus please turn the light please turn the lights off in Jesus name amen and well after little while that said it does still dark and I said while setting up to give Jesus a little hi Nancy was given some time so that we all slept together and that no staff was scared and so were all sleeping together and then mommy daddy 's room and during the night probably I don't know one or two in the morning I heard Peter to get so I nailed it powered back on the night continue sleeping in and around six thirty the morning Seth got any said that he believed the flashlight I wanted to play with one of my points on one ago play with my comments trainer something and I said just switch on the light and heat switch on the white powers that it was still dark so he went over and switched on the light and Nelson Weitzman on and I still remember it was so just as only a little kid can do he just looked at me with his big eyes anyway below hello Jesus answered my prayer life five hallelujah reality of excited as I think about that little story I think the Lord wants to turn the lights on as and when this verse is fulfilled and the earth is light with God 's glory people are just interview saying well this is amazing this is God 's message God 's power Lang and white earth with its glory seven the evidence had been trying to understand more about this white for a long time and I've been a lot of homework on this as well I want to read a couple of quotes from Christ object lessons and then one of the one friend volume six of the testimonies amazing how people write together Christ object lessons page four fifteen says it is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is in shrouding the world men are losing their knowledge of his character it has been misunderstood and misinterpreted and that's still happening at this time a message from God is to be proclaimed a message in the illuminating in its influence and saving in its power his character is to be made known into the darkness of the world is to be shed the light of his glory the light of his goodness his mercy and his church and a lot of people have read this quotation and they ponder decimating retinas while in the end of time there is Canadian message about God 's character that is going to just verse out onto the world and I believe that I believe this but I also know that there is a subtle double out there that would like to misinterpret the message of God 's character when you greet and in fact this quote says that God 's character has been misunderstood and misinterpreted so in order for us to understand the message of his character we need to understand that based upon the Bible now here's another quote that goes right along with it but it not only talks about the message of this character but it's another message it says sixty six volume the testimonies page nineteen says the Lord God of heaven will not send upon the world his judgments for disobedience and transgression until he has sent his watchmen to give the warning he will not close out the period of probation until the message shall be more distinctly proclaimed the law of God is to be magnified them to do that during this last time we got together its claims must be presented in their truth sacred character so that the people will be brought to decide for or against the truth yet the work will be cut short in righteousness the listener that it's a that's the message of Christ's righteousness is to sound from one end of the earth to the other to prepare the way of the Lord this is the glory of God closes the work of the third age wow so one quotation talks about the message of God 's character and then the next quotation talks about the message of Christ's righteousness now are these two different messages or do these messages go together do they harmonize perfectly yes they do the message of Christ's righteousness and the message of God God 's character go together perfectly when you study Revelation fourteen and in Revelation eighteen Revelation fourteen six to twelve has the message of the three angels and in Revelation eighteen Revelation eighteen line talks about this other angel coming down power and the earth was lightened his glory when you study this out you can you you learn what I learn that the message of what you could call the fourth Angel and Revelation eighteen line really gives power to the three Angels messages in Revelation fourteen that they go together that the light of God 's glory is connected to the message of Christ's righteousness into the three Angels messages let's try to unpack this let's go back to Revelation fourteen let's take a look at the conclusion of the third Angels message which is verse twelve in a try to hire a lot of threads in together the first meeting we had this morning we talk about God 's character being a blend of mercy and justice rooted in love the second message we talked about those attributes are being revealed in Gethsemane and on the crop then Jesus reveal God 's infinite love and mercy and bore the weight of God 's justice against San so that he could extend his mercy to us because he loves us now to take testimony put this into the middle of the third Angels message and were going to connect it to the final message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ which the Holy Spirit is going to empower in these last days revelation fourteen verse twelve as infinity needs not that he needs that real spiritual needs verse twelve says here is the patients of the saints this is the conclusion of the third Angels message me know if the third angel because verse nine talks about the third angel inclusion of the third angel 's first twelve which occurs right before the second coming in verse fourteen here is the patients of the saints here are they that do two things what's the first thing they keep the commandments of God and the second thing is and the faith of Jesus right now this is a very very powerful person it must be understood correctly all throughout Christian history and even Seventh-day Adventist history and this is just the nature of humanity and the outworking of the devils imbalances there have been extremes between the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus or a focus on Jesus Christ there are extremes and they been going on for a long time in the time of Christ the Pharisees focused on the law Moses and there was Jesus right in front of front of them they reject him the day in the evangelical world there's a lot of talk about Jesus but not much talk about God 's law right handling goes to the other side the time of Christ was not Moses in the law neglected Jesus today people focus on Jesus and neglect the law when you look at Adventist history the pendulum has been going back and forth as well in our own history after eighteen forty four after it are pioneers discovered that the center was not down here but up there and they went into the most holy Place which is what Revelation eleven nineteen says the temple of God was open in heaven and they saw the art and inside the arc is what the law of God and that's how really seventy evidence got here was people instead of looking for the earth they read revelation in real life as the temple of God in heaven as of the Bible says and they look in the door was open and they saw the art may realize that's the most holy place and then they opened up I think the main and a look inside that dark and they saw the ten Commandments one to ten and when they got the number for they realized while the fourth command says remember the Sabbath and keep it holy and so instead of just being Adventists which used to be just Adventist there was Baptist Adventist Congregational Adventist as evidenced then when they went through the disappointment and they saw the art and saw the law and counted down one two three four and they saw this seven days a Sabbath of the Lord then they became seventh day Adventist that's how it happened that's our roots that's where we came from what would happen after that was as time went on because the they saw the Temple they saw the art they saw the law saw the fourth commandment hi brother and started focusing on the lava lava law but they forgot something they neglected the gospel of Jesus Christ and him elated on the back and said we preach the law for law and till were as dry as the hills of Gilboa if you're never that quote well what happened in an amazing year and the year was eighteen eighty eight there was two young men from California and some good things can come out of California right and I these two young and while the T Jones and Elliott J Wagner the two of them went through the Minneapolis general conference in eighteen eighty eight and especially Wagner with an open Bible began to get a Bible study to the brother on Romans and Galatians and Revelation and the little lady was there Ellen White and she heard Wagner 's preaching and she she saw the beauty and I'll read that quote you manuscript fifteen eighteen eighty eight she says I see the beauty of the presentation of the righteousness of Christ in relation to the law as the Doctor EJ Wagner has placed it before I I've been a lot of study on this subject and I very clear to me that what have Minneapolis for the preaching of BJ Wagner in front of the leadership of the church at that time and what Ellen White really appreciated was the pendulum stopped swinging from one extreme to another extreme the law orgies as were the law without Jesus Jesus without the law but the pendulum finally centered and Wagner preached the logon and he combined with the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ he combined them together and not only that but he then place them in into the middle of the third Angels message and when the little lady saw that he said this is the this is the beginning of the line of the angel whose glory is can fill the whole earth that's what you said the combining of the law and the gospel but here's another quote from gospel workers as my last will be reading to page one sixty one and there were never vital study from the book of Romans and then finish with revelation God coworkers page one sixty one says if we would have the spirit and the power of the third Angels message we must present the law and the gospel to gather for they go hand in hand I'm just thrilled to be able to share this with you this has been years of my research now here I have any chance to talk to you it says as a power from beneath is steering up the children of disobedience to make void the law of God and to trample upon the truth that Christ is our righteousness a power from above is moving upon the hearts of those who are loyal to exalt the law at the commands of God right in the third Angels message and it says and to lift up Jesus as a complete Savior there is the faith of Jesus unless divine power is brought into the experience of the people of God it says false theories and ideas take minds captive Christ and his righteousness will be dropped out of the experience of many and their faith will be without power or life that's a powerful quote about you I quote these writings and I believe in these writings but I want to clarify that the purpose of these writings is the point is to Scripture as very very clear to me and when I read my Bible Revelation fourteen does talk about a third Angels message verse nine is in the Bible Revelation fourteen twelve talks about a group called the saints who keep the current nemesis of God that's in my Bible and the faith of Jesus that's in my Bible that God is anyhow the final people who put them both together that's what the Scripture says and nobody's really shake my faith in what the book says I believe it and understand on it and Lord help me if I have to die for it I'll die for it Mrs. Bible truth so I studied art history I studied the writings of Johnson Wagner done a lot of research in the early writings especially Wagner powerful and look at the Bible text that he quoted and written in my Bible and learn what the Bible says and I come the conclusion that I it is important for us to understand some of his history and what people called in eighteen eighty message but when it comes right the final days we are to be preaching not the eighteen eighty eight message but the Bible message right is worth looking to preaching to a world that's lost and when the final time comes when the cameras are on MSN when the mark of the beast is enforcement 's time for the final rest of the third Angels message we have to open our Bibles and show people what the Scripture says and that's what reminder did Wagner at Minneapolis in the brethren a Bible study to get right from the book and that's what I want to do right now is have a Bible study with you from the book of Romans and will go back to revelation wind this up so let's go to Revelation chapter three verse ten Revelation three ten Ahtisaari Romans sorry thank you for finding a mistake like that can be like accurate bachelor and correct me if not sometimes if the declaration and no voice comes out from Karen and its duds dear wife think the context romance Doug and I are both use I used to be one of the bachelors before I got married I worked for Mason faxed to six years is actually narrating his church in either case friends Romans chapter three verse ten Paul wrote this but he's quoting the Old Testament showing that the old and the New Testament both go right together father and the son go right together character of God is one verse ten says as it is written there is none righteous no not one all right that's a good place to start how many of us based upon this text have lived righteous lives from birth till now anybody out there want to raise your hand if you raise your hand in your lying and you just broke God 's law Scripture says there is none righteous no not one now I can take all the time do this right now I just don't have time if you do a study on the word righteous of the Bible and Wagner did I follow his text I looked at this text read my Bible to find text that protect where God 's law is associated with his righteous like Romans nine thirty one talks about the law of righteousness Romans eight four talks about the law of righteousness Isaiah fifty one ten talks about those who know righteousness to have God 's law in their hearts steps to Christ page sixty one says that God 's ten precepts given on Mount Sinai is a definition of righteousness righteousness is what's right and it is revealed and described by the law got it is right not steel correct its right not to commit adultery it's right for children to honor their parents God 's law tells us what's right and it tells us what's wrong and in this very minute this verse in Romans three ten how many people are righteous how many of God 's love it says nine and no not want Paula really wants to stress this he says nine note not one not even you not even the nine numbers nineteen Paul builds his case and he says now we know that what things whoever the law says about God it says to them who are under the law says that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God is a very powerful verse some people say our evangelical present the logon was just for the Jews but that's not true honor your father and mother is not just for Jewish boys and girls it's for non-Jewish boys and girls as well not stealing or committing adultery or lying or coveting this is for everybody and this verse says all flesh every now and in the light of God 's law it says every now will be stopped and all the world everyone says in the light of God 's law is what guilty before God and that the truth that a lot of people don't like but it is good medicine it's good for us to know the truth truth is always what's best for us isn't it sometimes hard to swallow it's like medicine or marker son takes a medicine sometimes and he doesn't always like it that it's good for him he needs to take it in this verse tells us that this is the truth that the world is guilty before God now guilty notes that were guilty guilty is something that happens when we sent when we sin and break God 's law we're guilty and once your guilty your stock and there's no way out of your guilt except for one way which will find out a few moments of verse twenty says and therefore in the light of the fact that the whole world was guilty before God for breaking the law and that because of God 's justice in the member there we read in Exodus where it says that he forgets what he will by no means clear the guilty fee he still holds people responsible for their sins in this verse as people are guilty before him therefore in the light of that by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified in his sight now the word justified their really in the light of verse nineteen means to not be guilty when you're guilty or guilty and therefore you can't be justified which means to be not guilty you cannot be justified no flesh will be justified in his sight by the deeds of the law for by the law is the knowledge of sin simple way to say this let's say somebody broke the law and committed a murder and he killed someone but if a man committed a crime and committed murder and he got thrown in jail he is guilty right now let's say for six months he sitting in jail and he doesn't can doesn't kill anybody and at the end of the six months to come before the judge and the judge looks at them and said did you do it and the man says yes Your Honor I did kill that man six months ago or seven months ago everyone was then he says but Your Honor he says for the last six months I have until they are I've been keeping the law in my prison cell for six months won't you then justify me and take away my guilt and let me go free once again essay no way you don't get justified by keeping the law once you've broken and that's a very powerful truth once you've broken God 's law and your guilty before him no amount of keeping the law from the rest of your life will remove one of your guilt and because of that there's no where you been keeping the law can save us as once you broken it once your guilty you're stuck and you have no way out but up only one way and that's the context here and that's the condition of humanity that humanities condition guilty before God stuck helpless hopeless in our own selves in our own strength now then verse twenty one Paul continues and says that now house the good news now the righteousness of God God 's own righteousness he says without the long or apart from the loss separate from the law is being manifested burst of light in the Roman world it's being manifested being witnessed by the law and the prophets also if there is another righteousness of God that is being manifested but it's separate from the law and where is that righteousness centered in Christ that righteousness is in a person that person is Jesus when Jesus was born and grew up in Bethlehem Britain was born in Bethlehem Agrippa Nazareth and he lived his life for thirty three years Jesus lived a life of perfect obedience to God 's law and what it would bring this out in Jones two they would say things like every time Jesus resisted the temptation for the devil tempted him to commit a sin and he would resist it he was leaving a stitch another stitch in the road of his righteousness that he was breathing in his own character for us commandment by commandment it says that he submitted to his father and mother says that in the three I believe she is when you live in I tell you the truth he kept the Sabbath holy he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day as his custom was he was a Sabbath keeper he honored his parents never live never stole he never committed adultery he never had any idols he put his father first as a human being step-by-step temptation by temptation commandment got my commandment Jesus obeyed God 's law and he developed a character or rolled of righteousness in our behalf by obeying God 's law he was becoming our righteousness Jeremiah twenty three six says this is his name by which shall be called the Lord our righteousness I don't have that righteousness exceed he's got it and Paul says now that righteousness is manifest and is witnessed by the law and the prophets another local law looks at Jesus and says that it he's got it he's doing perfectly from birth until his his death verse twenty two says even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe for there's no difference for all have sinned you and Gentile and come short of the glory of God and are being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus Jesus is the center of God 's message he is our righteousness and then verse twenty five says whom God has sent for God has set him forth as a propitiation or sacrifice through faith in his blood to declare his righteousness for the remission sins that are past through the forbearance of God verse twenty six as to declare I say at this time at this time and I longer that when this type will be now to the whole world to declare I say at this time he and his righteousness that he might be just as his injustice maintain and the digestive fire which means he takes away their guilt they're not guilty of him which believe in Jesus Ellen White comments on this person she says glorious truth just to his own law and yet the justifier of him who is faith in Christ early we talked about the character that landing of his mercy and his justice rooted in his love what Jesus did on in Gethsemane and the cross is the outworking of that character of God 's character doing a stress and the message of righteousness by faith the righteousness of Christ that message and the character of God message go right together and the way that God is now able to maintain his justice and yet to justify which means remove our deal so we can stand before him as if we never said ever even one time the way that God can bring all back together and maintain his justice and extended his mercy is through the righteousness of Jesus Christ he left that righteous life and kept the law and at the end of his life he suffered and died on the cross the sins of the whole setup is a perfect Savior he's got the role of righteousness to cover me and his death on the cross pays for my sins if I'm willing to make a choice and there is a choice here Tuesday morning I want you instead of my friends and give up my sins and have faith in him as soon as I do that amazing amazing Jesus more than clear my deal take it away as if I never see and apply the righteousness of Christ to my life that robe of righteousness he will place upon me and even says into me it'll work its way inside of my heart work its way inside of my heart and that's how the character of God 's justice and mercy is revealed in the plan of salvation and in the message of his righteousness it goes right together perfectly from the book of Romans when we understand what Jesus means to us what he's done for us how precious he is to us how he is our righteousness not us and we embrace him and trust ten seventy one seven Wagner they said I consulted discourage them about ready to give up on myself and Wagner said Philip good give up on yourself and trust in him he is your righteousness sees your life there's that burst of light that no matter how sinful the matter dark matter how bad your past your life whatever it is Jesus Christ righteousness is enough he has a white robe a perfect broker he brought out for you that he's offering you and he says give me your sense of give you my righteousness sound like a good trade Romans five verse five talks about when we understand this it says home does not make us ashamed because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost was given to us I told you unless maybe my testimony and when I got on my knees at the age of twenty in a dorm room and decided to give up my marijuana ways and all my crazy living and I trusted Jesus as my personal savior I felt the burden of guilt to slip right off the it was gone and I felt this wonderful spiritual peace and love just come into my heart and I knew that God was real I knew that I was forgiven I knew that I was I was a new person my past was over and now I stand before him as if I never see and it was just so powerful and that's what that was the channel to bring God 's love into my heart just like this verse says Romans eight four back to Revelation Romans eight four says that the righteousness of the law there is the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled that it was fulfilled in Christ wasn't it wasn't fulfilled in Jesus yes it was in our behalf but then Paul says that the righteousness righteousness of the law might be fulfilled where in 's that's right who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit when the Holy Spirit comes in through the message of Christ's righteousness that Holy Spirit and comes into us changes us begins to change us and then leads us in enables us to become commandment keepers because now we have Jesus Christ close in his righteousness and we have his Holy Spirit makes sense now go back to Revelation fourteen twelve when God describes a people at the end of time who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus they don't keep the commandments of God in order to earn God 's favor they don't keep those commandments in order to have their guilt removed you can't do that it's impossible and what the brethren were doing prior to Minneapolis as they were preaching the law and telling people keep it and then you'll be safe and Wagner lifted up the law and said look at it and realize how lost you are and then look at Jesus you're your Savior the only one who kept it perfectly and who now offers you his righteousness and the brethren said she's getting he's getting rid of the wall and Ellen White said we and Wagner said no I'm not I'm upholding it in fact I'm putting in a little bit higher than you are I'm putting a little bit higher than the bread and showing the lost soul wholly that into you our mouser should work guilty before God we need a Savior we need a Savior and that Savior 's cheese and so Wagner made ultimately his focus was Christ but he put the law and the gospel together and brought people to that experience of me of realizing there for Jesus in a way they never felt it before some really rejected it some accepted it and some did not want to do it and eventually those two men went on the trail with Ellen White right with them as a preterm care meeting at the Kennedy camp meeting right from the Bible lifting up the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ now when he taught all this up in the time we got left little bit more with the third Angels message in those days people would write like a namesake what do you think of the message that these men are preaching how does this tie in the third Angels message is of the third Angels and Ellen White wrote them brought back and she made a statement that has been very confusing to a lot of people she said what these men are preaching the message of Christ's righteousness and justification by faith in him she said it is the third Angels message in their it is the third Angels message what they're preaching now how do we wrap our minds around well we show you when you read revelation fourteen verse nine the third angel gets his message with a loud voice if any man worships the beast and his image and receives his Mark in his four-hitter in his hand the same shall drink the wine of the wrath of God when September eleven hit two thousand one anybody remember what day it was Tuesday 911 was a Tuesday that's right three days later on Friday religious leaders came together in Washington DC at the national Cathedral in Washington DC to listen to Billy Graham and other speakers and come together for prayer two days later something significant have I didn't just happen in America happen in Australia it happened around the world mostly in America but other countries as well on Sunday morning church attendance went through the roof people went to church like never before in America crisis on Tuesday unity on Friday Sunday church attendance soaring the following Sunday that was a little window into reality for us what's can happen in the days ahead and we may be on the edge of it right now you know what's happening with our economy what's going on in the world right now things can continue to unravel and we may find ourselves in a crisis that this country does not get up and based on what happened in September eleven and which is in the great controversy and they fit perfectly together when a final crisis hits this world in the days ahead when it comes crisis results in Sunday observance it's just like one plus one is to and when a bigger crisis hits in the final crisis since I guarantee you people to go back to church on Sunday all around the world and if things continue to get worse eventually Sunday observance will turn into Sunday marks you can guarantee is going to happen justice two plus two equals four and when that time comes and these an image in the market are all here and sending is enforced by law as a final last-ditch effort to get people to come back to God to pray survival of our country and our planet that will be the time for the third angel to speak with greatest power exactly as it is written by her the third Angel follow saying with a loud voice and a warning about the Beasley image and the mark saying this this is not a good thing it's the mark it's the wrong day and its force being used in verse ten says the same will drink the wine of the wrath of God poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation will be warning that goes to continue to break God 's law will eventually receive his wrath without mixture into the cup and as that would be a perfect opportunity to say someone drank the in regard medicine two thousand years ago for you and for me it was Jesus he drank the cup 's he took our place breaking the law of God the whole world breaking God 's law it took all that guilt it was mine and it was hard and he paid the full price for you and for me when we're preaching the third Angels message and telling people that you give your breaking God 's law if we just leave them there and say now start keeping the Sabbath or your lost that's nine it's not enough once you show people their guilt got to show them save your undergraduate right from the and will open up our Bibles and will show them here's the warning about drinking the wrath of God into the cup without mercy but that will go right to Gethsemane in fact at the end of verse ten talks about the presence of the holy angels and the presence of the Lamb and women and lift up the lab like never before left out the land to the world as they don't need the land when the whole world is moving in the direction of Sunday and Eric breaking God 's law that's the hour for the lab we've got to focus on him and that's what Wachter did what Jones did and then it continues to talk about the warning and then verse twelve says here is the patience of the same here are they that keep the commandments of God and when I tell people just stop keep insomnia start keeping Sabbath are your to be lost if we just do that and we leave out the cross and Christ's righteousness and the Lamb and his suffering and his salvation if we don't lift up the son of God we've blown it got to be somebody else if our list don't speak the truth it is whoever is ready to be used at that hour to lift up the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus what is the last word of the ridiculousness last word that in the third Angels message what's the very last word first well before the period James S that's right Jesus he is the conclusion of the third Angels message and the whole world needs to see him and the only way to get rid of their guilt is through him he's the one and then you'll see him go see his righteousness that's why Ellen White said the message of Christ's righteousness must sound from one end of the earth to the other end of the year to prepare the way of the Lord this is the glory of God she says closes the work of the third age that's how it's going to happen in the revelation eighteen one Angel is getting a power to the preaching of Christ our righteousness during the final hour were to put the law and gospel together the character of God is good to be seen blended together the plan of salvation as an icon together it's all rooted in God 's character in his luck is person is all about centered in Jesus Christ and when we got a happy together whenever final times comes in God is preparing a people right now and then they will keep God 's law they will love him because they love Jesus that's why don't you my little boy said to me just a few days ago he does a lot he said when we go to bed hugs and kisses and then he says that he is and I pay just thrills my father 's heart care my four -year-old say I love you daddy come back since we could put my trains and we are going to be keeping God 's love because love because his Holy Spirit is in our hearts because he's taken our guiltily and workload in his righteousness and were giving the third Angels message in power in front of the world and the cameras are on us when they're on you and need to be learned in your not going along with the son-in-law your keeping the Sabbath Hawaii doing what you can have to tell you do it right from the Bible and that's what the world needs the message from the Bible the third Angels message from the Bible and God if you have a people that are in verse twelve and I want to be that people here are twelve cents where Sears is here here I also I want to be one of these people I want to be here here is that patients the endurance of the saints here are they that he and they did keep the commandments of God not as man change them but as God wrote them and they have faith of Jesus is the center of the that is the heard a story will close with that's about the many young girl had happened during the Korean War in the fifties my dad was in the Korean War and I'm glad he came back or I wouldn't be here anyway in during the Korean War nineteen fifties a group of communist soldiers came down from the north and came into South Korea and invaded a village and took over and they took all the Christians in that village and they put them in a church there was a church scanning and diligently put them in the church and he took a picture of Jesus and they put outside the church on the door and they contacted up there take that their something and then paste it outside the church with their rifles and a command of the Christians to come out of the church one by one stood on the picture Jesus redemption trumpet and so the first Christian walks out and he was a Christian but he wasn't ready for this and he just wasn't prepared and so he saw the rifles looking right at his head and many went over he didn't want to do at the beginning he spit on the picture of Jesus and in the next Christian walk down look at the reference he was a Christian but he wasn't ready for this and he walked over the picture he spit on the picture of Jesus and let him go the third Christian did the same thing on the fourth person to walk at the church was a young girl with address on wrath was red dress she walked down the church is proper to fourteen years old she walked out she stood in front of those firing squad with those rivals when writer hit and she looked at them and then she looked up in prayer she prayed something like your Jesus Lord you died for me and I'm willing to die for you and then she walked over today picture of Jesus and she took her dress in her hand and she wiped off the step as it was dripping like to know when she walked back over and stood in front of those rifles she closed her eyes waiting for the bullets you know what the bulletin everyday those communist soldiers hardened as they were they were so by the courage of this girl they got together little honey in the popular they had a respect and then they changed their minds and they broke up their huddle they grab the first three Christians instead of the picture Jesus lined up against long shot of it because they didn't have the courage to stand up for what they time is not far distant the test will come every soul the mark of the beast will be urged upon us and when time comes God 's church will be sifted those that have the courage who have been preparing stand up for Jesus and for his righteousness and a final time they will stand true it has been able to pull and they will not be moved and there's a lot of people that will go out another's upcoming know via shifting going on the mighty shifting but when it's all over they'll be a final group for many years and for now there coming together and they would rather die than give up their faith in Jesus because of what he's done they love you and I love you daddy will follow you know all the best what it takes and the good news is that God is currently watching over that group will be the apple of his just like Shadrach ejecting Abednego within the burning fiery furnace that Jesus was right there with them for an element came out no smell of smoke and I tell you what a witness for Babylon that once what a witness may God help us during the Civil War someone once asked Abraham Lincoln a set brother Lincoln is God on our side are not in Lincoln is said to have responded with a marvelous line he said I'm not concerned whether God is on our site he said the biggest question is are we on Hughes question in the Lord help to be on his side I definitely feel like he's been here today don't you Sabbath is closed the sun is down sweet spirit in this place praise the Lord and its God talking to all of our hearts calling us calling us to be like Shadrach and Meijer and Abednego calling for us in the midst of a lot of different ideas and theories in this world stick with the Bible truth stick with the third Angels message Jesus is our righteousness and to give that message with a as were able and as the Holy Spirit leads us let our heads and let's pray your father in heaven father oh father so wonderful since the Holy Spirit here right now in this place and we all just pray in Jesus name that we will have more of your Holy Spirit maybe this is maybe this is more of the why is coming down from heaven with great power to light near with its glory Lord please we need to be praying a lot should continue to pray and pray and pray in the days ahead please bless what is happening here bless me these messages that you help me to share it today made a ripple out around this area to who knows where it we all have a part in your work in these last days your calling this is your call call of the hour please Jesus thank you for your precious gift of salvation white robe of your righteousness please come soon and take us in Jesus name we pray and


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