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Victory Over Sin: How to Overcome Addicitons

Taurus Montgomery


Taurus Montgomery

Pastor, Harbor of Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • March 12, 2016
    10:00 AM
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But I'm excited this morning and. We're going to go into the Word of God this morning and before we do that I want to invite you to close by you here is as we seek the Lord in prayer this morning. Father in the name of Jesus. I just want to say thank you for this opportunity. I thank you all for your people I thank you for the Sabbath and Lord I thank you for your Word the Bible tells us that your word is a lamp unto our feet. And a light unto our path. And I pray this morning that as we look at different. Passages of Scripture that. You will lead us in guide us in the path that you have a city. Concerning this topic Oh Lord. How to have victory over see and overcome the additions that are in our lives. So I pray that the words of my mouth. And the meditation the my heart will be acceptable in your sight and encouraging to your people. This is my prayer. In Jesus' name. And all of God's people see in a man's a man. So we're going to we're going to we're going to thank you sir. We're going to begin by. Just a quick review of the message that I share on last night. The message that I share last night. With this definition. With this definition of addiction. Is definition of addiction. And the definition. Is this addiction is bondage to the room of a substance. Activity or state of mind. Which there becomes the center of a life. Defending itself from the truth so that even bad consequences. Don't bring rip it is and leading to further estrangement from God. That's a loaded definition. Because often times we limit definition to a substance. Whether it is. Alcohol or whether it is some drug or whether it is. Any of those things but it can actually be an activity or. A state of mind which becomes the center of one's life. It can even be a good thing. One of my professors used to say all the time that idolatry. Is when a good thing. Becomes the ultimate thing. And the only ultimate the. Are the only ultimate person is Jesus. So this is how we are defining this is how we are defining addiction. And with this definition. We want to discover we want to how to overcome such. Addiction how to overcome the power of addiction in a last nigh on last night I fear that. Overcoming the power of addiction is as simple as A B. C. and I use that as a way to help us understand the three steps that I want to share with you today. Now mind you this presentation of this message. Is really a part of a three part series and I'm trying to convince this as much as I came. But step number one is first of all you have to acknowledge that you are addicted. In other words you have to be willing to look at yourself in the mirror and. And knowledge the fact and image the fact that I have a problem with pornography. I have a problem with jealousy I have a problem with depression I have a. I have an issue with this thing that's not a very easy thing to do. Nobody lives look at themselves in a mirror is not it's not like an exciting thing. I'm looking at myself in the mirror and I'm telling myself that you have a problem. That's a difficult thing to do. For the Christian is by the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us where God begins to reveal to us. The problems that we have the issues that we have. And it takes his power it takes is for it but to own up to and Middy it in owning up to it begins the first step towards healing and overcoming that addiction I don't know what you struggle with. I don't know what your addiction is I don't know what your problem is but what I do know is that you first have to acknowledge it. You first have to recognize it and admitting it. Before you can move forward towards overcoming it. Whether it is alcohol or whether it is Watch out now whether he is Facebook. Or any form of social media some people listen to me now some people are like this when it comes to Facebook. Yes. Now if I ask if I act. If I ask. Can I have a show of hey is who of those individuals who are like this when it comes of Facebook. No buy will raise a Hey. What because it's difficult. Wow. You know what do you mean I'm a dick down it's been like three hours a day on it which I guess the reality I see. Yes a problem you know what do you mean I only look at it when I'm driving. You know I just. That's all the time I want I'm just driving. You know that's that's the only time I look at it. That's a problem. Whether it is social media or whether it's whether it is is is food. You know. I might not look like it. But I have a problem with food. I've noticed I've noticed I've noticed. Rather as you say is something that God has given me the victory over. You know. That will be times where when I get discouraged. I just want to eat. I just want some ice cream. So my confort food. My favorite team lose and I was this. Room for them so hard and they love us and Nafi a bag. I want some ice cream. And some piece of. Oh my goodness man. Us this road with Oh. The good cheese I'm still trying to get with the vegan cheese with maybe it doesn't do cheese justice. On this. You know it I do cheese just as my taste buds need to be rebaptized I know that. I understand that. But May. Here's why I have discovered our discovery that our addictions are usually centered around. Things that we have to do. Like you have to eat. Right. You have to drink something. Right. The thing that the natural inborn the necessities of human life. All the things that the enemy of the use. To push us into excess of. It's always easy to be deceived by the state because it's something that you have to do. And so you know just because you have to sit down at that me. As you have to sit down and eat a whole box of peace and nonviolence and you know I scream in and of itself is not bad. But the whole just I mean the whole bucket of ice cream in one night that's a problem. It's specially we're hearing now is specially when. It is a test to a feeling of disappointment. Or pain or some negativity. And so now you run and I scream you read and run into Jesus. You want to refrigerator. Rather than running to your prayer closet. That's an addiction. For all of this. For others it might be. Not want to. But I won't. Because I'm addicted. I'm addicted to people's perception of. My shape. How I look. We're talking about addictions in the power of them. But the good news is that they can be overcome. They can be overcome. The you have this. You have this one that is this. Damaging lives. Destroying families that are really quiet. This one and this one this one. This one is is is is so powerful it's amazing. And you know that there was there was there's a saying out there this is hate ninety nine percent of mean struggle with pornography. The other one lie about it. Now that may not be one hundred percent true. But there is some truth to it because it's a real struggle. Even among Christians. Even in the church. Even among pastors. And I would dare say I would dare say according to the research. Inside of this room right now at least one out of three mean in this place. Have gone to some addictions. With an arche. Right now and then we were honest with ourselves. If you was unaware. If you were honest with yourself. Then maybe someone in this place right now that brought you here. You don't know what the message is going to be about. You know what the title was you don't know the content of what was going to be shared today. I want you to know that the struggle that you have right now the issue that you have been struggling with pornography right now. It is possible to be overcome by the blood and the power of Jesus Christ. I need you to leave this place today convinced that God can set you free from the power of pornography is possible. I'm a living witness right now. Effect this was something that I was exposed to at a very early age I was about eleven years old and I didn't grow up in the church anything and so there were things that took place in my life and I was exposed to things very early. But not to be one of them. And for several years. It was something that as stayed up all night doing. All night at my computer. All night looking at magazines all night. All night just filling my mind with you. And the impact and influence that it has on you. It's are as of now your relationship with other people specifically. Your relationship with the opposite sex now. You be gay to objectify them. And as a result. You have a difficult time. Maintaining in sustaining a healthy. Christian. Relationship. Many brothers and sisters including. I want you to know that the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Is greater than the power of see. As we go on. I want to look at this quotation found the Christ page forty seven. Notice here. We're L N Y C She says listen how you desire to give yourself to him that somebody here today. You desire to give yourself to him. But you are weak in moral power is slavery to doubt. And control by the habits of your life of seeing you desire it. You want change. You want to start. You want to start going to a computer at night. You want to start depending upon the refrigerator in the pool with the council you. You want to stop. The desire to stop. It is your prayer you prayed about it. Time and time and time and time and time again. She says listen. But your promises and resolutions are like ropes of saying. You cannot control your thoughts. Your impulses your affections. The knowledge of your broken promises and corporate pledges. Weakens your confidence in your own sincerity. A causes you to feel that God cannot accept you. She's talking about the struggle. She's talking about this this this desire that we have. There is always a conflict with what we want to do. And who we want to become. Versus the reality of our situation. Is the same struggle that Paul describes in Rome is. Chapter seven. In fact let's go there Romans Chapter seven. And add in a misplaced. And it and it. OK you got one right OK you good. OK. Let's go to Rama Chapter seven. Romans Chapter seven. And let's look at this conflict this struggle in Romans Romans Chapter seven and I want you to be we're going to begin now. Verse. Number fifteen. Romish up to seven. Verse number fifteen notice where policy is. When you have it would you say amen. Rama Chapter seven and verse number fifteen the Bible says here. These words for. What I am doing. I do not understand. Oh my goodness have you been there. What I'm doing I don't and. I don't understand why I keep on doing it because I know is wrong. I know it's her my wife. I know it's her my key is. I know it's her my job. And I know it's destroying me. Pauses. For what I'm doing I do not understand a word for what I will to do that I do not practice or that I do not do what I want to do and even do. But what I hate that I do apologize are confused. I can identify with you brother power. Because it was confusing to me as will. He says. If the. I do what I will not to do. I agree with the law there is good then wrong with the law of God. Is perfect and holy The Bible says. But but but he says. He says. But now it is no no the I who do it. But seeing that dwells in me. For I know that in me that he is in math less nothing Goodwills for. So we'll is present with me. But how to pull forward. Is good ad do not stand for the good that I will to do or that I want to do. I do not do. But the Evil are we are not to do that I practice now if I do what we would not to do. It is no longer asked to do it but seeing that dwells in Me Are you still with me. He says I find in a low. That evil is present with me. The one who wields to do good for add a lie in the love of God. According to the it with man. But I see. Another law in my members. Warring against the law of my mind. And bringing me into captivity to the to the love scene. Which is in man members. Of man Paul is describing the struggle. I don't know about you but during my struggle with. Now and I hear his doing his thing. Before. Before I became a Christian. There was no struggle with pornography. I just did it. But the moment you say. I'm surrendering my heart to Christ. I want to live for Jesus I want to live for God. Now. You have this war taking place. You have this battle going on this back and forth back and forth back and forth. And Paul is ascribing this tension between. Who I am and who I know God is calling me to be. And how to get there. And what we've failed to realize some time. Is that it does. Listen. All the new year's resolutions in the world. Will not get you there. If I had New Year's resolutions here right now who's AG You know how many people. You like used. You spied on you still hit every last one of those resolution that you may. You sign up for the G M M a ship in every day right. J wear one j wear T. and it was like what Jean. That's because oftentimes these. You know. The new year's resolutions that we make based on our own will power. Listen we're power is good. But we are power can only get you by so far. And the reason why some of us are still struggling with C. is that have been in our lives for the past five years ten years fifteen years twenty years. The reason why a thing is still there. Is because some of us have been relying totally upon willpower. Rather than trusting in real power. So Paul gives us the answer. He gives us the answer. He goes if he's talking about this drug he's describing this struggle. And then he says these words he says his words. Oh Rich it made there and. He's looking in the mirror now. He's doing Step number one. Oh wretched man that I am I messed up I can't do this by myself at. I keep on struggling time and time and time again. All wretched man that I am he says. And then he says these words. Who would deliver me from this body of death. After saying God first of it's what if through Jesus Christ our Lord. Soul the end. With the mind as myself serve the Law of God. But with the flesh the Love see if he says listen at thank God for Jesus Christ. Who can deliver me from this power of scene from this body of death. So when we talk about when we talk about now West is. We talk about this struggle. We talk about this struggle might have felt like there. Like Man this thing has got me in the Haleigh. I can. You know I can't shake it. You know is stronger than me. Is more powerful than me. But I'm here to say today that you can find Victory in Jesus Christ. How does that happen how does it happen. Step number two Step number two a was you need a now this. B. is. You need to believe the truth about what Christ has already done for you. Is spite of how you feel. You need to get this what you need to get is what you need to listen you need to believe and cries has already done for you. Is by of how you feel we need. Well let me let me go to let me share this. Let me show the Scriptures which is First him or first one first when believe in the true believer to Jesus says. I am the way. And the truth. And the life. As we say he said first of all. I am the truth. I am the truth. So the truth is not just a proposition. But the truth. Is a person. And when you only accept truth as a proposition. You only. You are only accepting truth as information. Information in and of itself does not transform. But there's a person who transforms us. And when I accept Jesus Christ as the truth. When I said his person did this person begins to work. In Me. Both to will answer do. Of His good pleasure that's transformation. So Jesus says first and foremost. I am the weight. And the truth and the life in the he says Listen. You shall know the truth. And the truth will set you when everybody. The truth will set you free. And then he says. This is the exclamation point he says Listen. If the sun sets you free. You are free indeed. You not can of free free of the big. You not almost free. But you have three ending. The pornography is not almost gone. The power is not almost loss. But is lost in doing washed is lost is believing the truth. Was this. It is often easier to read a promise. And claim it here of command and seek to obey it. Then say here the truth and believe. Let me illustrate their military their. Washed is not West is in the year. Eighteen sixty five. December eighteenth to be exact but prior to that year prior to that day. There were millions of slaves. Right here in the United States of America. You know the history of slavery. People were brought here from west coast of. Of Africa where slave ships. Taken to for J. flood at the South. And they were robbed of their human dignity. Now here's the amazing thing. After years and years and years and years and years of slavery. When this thing went forth. Call. The Emancipation Proclamation. On December eighteenth. Eighteen sixty five. This was the day that slavery. That those who were enslaved. Were declared free. If you say women say yes. They would eclair free. You are no longer in bondage. Based on the power base on the authority of the president of the United States of America. You have been declared free. Now imagine a question. How minutes laze were there on December nineteenth. Talk back to. Zero. There was a row. However there were many who remained. Slaves. Long after they had already been declared to be free. Why. Because they were conditioned to believe and act. And perform like a slave. When the proclamation came. When the truth came. They chose to remain in bondage. Almost all of the Jews in Israel. God brought them out of slavery. God brought them out of Egypt rather. Where they were slaves. But he had a hard time bringing the slavery. Out of them. And I'm wondering if there are folk today. In the House of God who although. Jesus has declared this word was this Jesus has a clear this word this right here. This why he said he says this is the laser the Fiver's want. It is for freedom. That cries. Hairs set you free. That's past tense. Now this was written around eighty fifty eighty fifty four eighty fifty five. At best most of us who were born in one thousand eight hundred. So this is something that happened. Long before you even struggle with pornography. This is something that happened hear me now this is a may happen. Long before you even born in fact. Yes A before the foundation of the world. Jesus Christ. Have provided the power to overcome saying. So magic question. Why is it. If the power of C. has been broken. If provision has been May. If the proclamation. Of the massive patient. Of proclamation has already gone for the problem is a medication it is. It has already gone for. Why are you still struggling. While we still living as. The power of seeing it has not been broken while we still live as Jesus has not died on the cross. I submit to you today. That is because of a fair you to believe. What God has already done for us in cries. Is spite of the way we feel. There's a problem sometimes. You know. Our feelings get in a way out feelings get in a way of. Of Work crisis done. Look at is the cross a man this is as it out of fifty three Verse four to six surely he has borne our griefs and carry our sorrows. Yet we esteem him stricken smitten by God and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chest asked me for our peace was upon him. And by His stripes we are healed. You mission a me. As if it were three verses he says listen are we live sheep have gone straight. We have turned everyone to his own way. And the Lord has laid on him. The iniquity of us all. That includes your pornography. That includes your food addiction. That includes your depression. That includes your doubt that include anything anything you struggle with was laid upon him. A long time ago. Which means that the power of that thing. Has been broken. We experience freedom a crisis where we choose to believe. Then act on the basis of the truth. Regardless of our feelings. What is quote powerful quote taken from my life today pays to for the three. Bible say that occasion does not consist in strong emotion. Here is where many are led to arrows. They make feelings their criteria. When they feel elated or happy are just heard a great sermon I feel good. They claim that they are sanctified happy. Feelings however. Or the absence of joy. Is no evidence that a person is or is not sanctified. There is no such thing as. Instantaneous sense of occasion. To set up a case it is a daily work and say we as long as lives las. Now hear me. I'm not suggesting to today. That you would never ever ever struggle with anything. Life again. I'm not saying it. But there's no excuse for sinning. When the power of scene has been broken. That's all I'm saying. I'm saying that. Listen you my struggle with pornography for the rest of your life. But struggle doesn't necessarily mean surrender to struggle suggest that there's a fight. It's just that there's a battle. Is it just that there's a war that's going on now. But you are. The bat the battle has already been wrong. You know I found it in the Bible says that the enemy is like a roaring lion. Seeking whom he made of a roaring line. He just talk he says war or I as I do he says Rory. The bad of the struggle is a he's just talking. When I grew up you know you can just talk. You need. You come. You got back you know. You just barking or I see the doll like there is bark I've been canvassing before. And you have some doubt you have some doubt that it is Bob Riley. Barty. And he stepped toward a red running with a sneer Bardot. As like the devil. He says Rory it lightly not even a lie a lie to lie. He knows that he. Listen he knows he knows that he is no match for the weak is Christian who have sincere faith in God. It's only a worse day watches on your worst day of your life. The worst day of your life. Must do seems they is stronger. They his great is wrong are. So when a problem with the roar net you. Remember is just talk. It's just talk and we keep on going to be here all day. And I know we've got another service to go to what time is. I get I get caught Oh yeah when I'm get to when I get OK's level seventy limit people go and thus most of the oh OK we go. What is now what is this we got understand you gotta understand. Some people may say work what you don't know what I've been through right you don't know my past you know my. My parents. My parents get have problem they have issues it's only so for no this is why I'm here listen. Our ancestors she says. Our ancestors have bequest. To US Customs. And appetites which are filling the world with disease. The same. Of the parents. Through perverted appetites. Are with. Fearful power visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation. This in other words. Some of us are dealing with some stuff right now because our parent my mom was dealing with it or you day I was dealing with it or your granddad was dealing with it. He was a sound. Back and they said Papa Was a Rolling Stone. Wherever he laid his head. Was his home. And when he died he left us. Was alone. Was he my dad it was a rolling stone. He got like how many things about eleven. Know. Some around nine eleven. Some like there. By a number of different women. Now my grandfather had forty. He was all about a same woman Hallelujah. And there was Mayor thank you Jesus. And she still lives she's one hundred years old her yard is about fifty eight her old is about eighty one. That's why I look so young. But forty says on a bus in lower nature. And they were all your editing our cars out when all my ten authors have several several different women. Say something about the genetic makeup. That you have. So it's only natural for me. To have a struggle. In this particular area. And the same is true for some of us in the here today. Depression might be some that runs through the. Bloodline a cheery. Alcoholism I rent to your bloodline. Substance abuse my rent to you bloodline. These are things that have been handed down from the third and fourth generation the Bible say yes and sometimes people get caught up in. Well it's because of it's my parents' fault. If my mom had just do what I ask her to do. If my father would have done the things they hate the at eighty day listen. That's not an excuse. Because every human being have their own lightly of their own choices they make their own decisions. So it's not about which of pairs these about what are you doing. There's another excuse. People make oh what a listen you don't know your own understand you know stay in my surroundings lie well from things where I came out with it's own is over Lizzie says look this is good news. And Ages or. Ever present. With those who have the hardest battles of five minutes. Hallelujah. The ones who have the most difficult battles to fight. She said. Those whose home surroundings are the most discouraging. You came up in a bad situation. Broken home. You've got you've got the extra angel right there everybody has got to get that one garden and you've got to. Right there to there to support you. If you're still a bit about my personal story this is my house that I grew up in talk about home surroundings. It's my house I grew up in it. And it's my brother sit down right there and you see the the wood is so on and so forth because my house actually had burned down and these are images of. Where we moved back inside the house even though the house was finished before he was it was bad too. Is the kitchen right here see the kitchen see the Cheerios right there is like cereal is going to write. That's the kitchen. This is another room my brother's laying down here in another in another one the rooms are when I you see the bar. Wood and so on and so forth. These were the home surroundings that I grew up in and. This is the house I'm now you talk about the neighborhood as a whole nother story. Gunshots every night going to sleep. Drug addicts crack here why knows. Live. Live in my house with me. As I was exposed to a lot of a lot of things. In a layer to me living a lifestyle and making a season where I was partying and drinking and smoking I'm going to the club. I started smoking marijuana when I was twelve years old and from twelve to nineteen I'm smoking I'm drinking a party. I'm robbing people. I'm in places that I never thought that I would be I'm doing things that never imagine that I would do to my home surroundings. One of the best thing that ever happened in my life and I tell people to tell people this all the time they want to win Well I'm I said this in the best thing that ever happened in my life. Was the night that my house burned down. It was about two o'clock in the morning. And I remember my younger brother power. He came tomorrow. To my room. And they don't do tours tours wake up the house of fire house on fire jumped up. It was. It was November seventh one nine hundred ninety seven one thousand and seven. You know it was cold outside I had on. Just some some some some socks and a wife beater. And that's not a good term for the T. shirt. But you know what I'm talking about is white beater who made it a hit me geez now what about I woke us at the house. And I get outside a house which is watching our house. Go up in flames and in fact. I got a peach road which is what we were watching our house go up in flames. And now we're homeless. Don't have a place to stay. Don't know where the next meal is going to come from. And then we had a couple of people who say hey you guys can come and live with us and we bounce around from from one family member House to the nation was at one house for a few days at the end where you can stay here for too much longer because whatever reason you know I got three younger brothers and my mom and my dad and so and I have other brothers. I mean it was crazy. It did another where you guys can stay with us for a little while and the boss of one house. To the next house. To the next house. And then finally someone who my mother went to school. When she was back in high school. A friend that she kind of kept in touch with. And this free heard about our house burned down and they said listen we understand your situation. Hey you guys can come and live with us for free. And these people with seven day evidence. And I'm standing before you right now. As a young. As a young man. A young African-American man. From the ghetto a Mobile Alabama. A place where people say that I went you know. Amount to anything. Neighborhood that most people don't make it out of I got free as I got family members. I got home boys I got my cousin right now who's. Who was own death row I think I used to come up with death row. We grew up together. The same people who lived in the same house I got home was a long way to school with a lot of them are doing nothing absolutely nothing with their lives. Some of me in prison some a day. And by the grace of God. My house burned down values that have put me in a place where I can learn about veggie leagues. You don't learn about Wagga learn about like. I went. So we living with these people is a whole different world. Like my go inside a refrigerator. Album refrigerator and I'm looking for some time to give you some some some Syria right. And so I got it I got the cereal in a bowl our way. And I'm looking for the milk. And I see this carnage they see. I'm like well. How did you get is you know silk is like clothes how you get still going to put it in the refrigerator. Wow this is a limitation on this. This one that blew my mind was my blue mama. You know I like to eat sandwiches. In my life Saudi Polonius aggro on baloney sounds. Blown it sounds man got to give you a baloney sandwich. Specifically a lie ham ham sandwich he put the cheese on top of the Mayo real good old before my tastebuds the gag. You know. That's as far as Santa got to read that. But I go into refrigerator in I'm looking for you know I'm looking for me. Look what a ham. And then they see why a nail avidity why Alan the hell out of the low. But here's the thing though his if they you know God God God works in ways that we can't even imagine. Things that we can't even make up until my own Alves day. OK make it oh OK make up the fact that he would. He will allow my house a bird. Allow my mom to be free is with somebody twenty thirty years ago. In high school. When the house burned down. She say look you got to come and live with us before you live with them for two years. Start Going to church. Heard about this. You know this wrong date it ya go to church on. So I'm going to charge and I'll be honest with you guys I'll be honest with you guys that you know once. When I thought going to charge. It was like I had a motivation to go to church. Number one the church had a basketball. And I play basketball. Number two man is a pretty girl that it serves. So there was some extra motivation. But I started going. And how your younger brother my brother Paolo. He made this Asian to give his heart a crisis fifty years ago. And God begin to show me at the last I was living. Because even when I moved in with him I was still doing things that I was doing. You know it right in the streets and so on and so forth. But my god the game is sold me through my younger brother. That what I'm doing the last album Living. The things that I'm struggling with. There's power to live better. And so February first two thousand and one. I accepted Christ. And I said the call you had all my life to go and preach the gospel. And it is in preaching the gospel hear me now is in preaching the gospel of God begin to show me Listen I'm calling you to do this because this is how I'm going to save. This is a part of your saving process. And say something. If if you know when it when you. When you when you a pastor when you in ministry you got to read the Bible. Every. You got a pretty service so you got to prepare in your preparation is something that's going to hit you. You don't learn some of that you're going to grow you've got to be rebuilt like I meet a need to be in ministry. Young Zan of the him. I need to be a minister and I understood God understood this and with the background that you coming from. There are things that. That there are things that can only be overcome by a consistent diving into the word. And if I didn't call you out if I didn't call you to do this in this manner. Then you probably wouldn't read as much. You probably wouldn't study as much as you probably would agonize as much. So I began to see that a part of God's call in my life had to do with sanctify me. And I discovered this thing when it came to the struggle that I had Listen. I can do all things through Christ. Who gives me strength. Step number three a close enough. Number three seven three. You have to commit yourself to God every day. Whatever the addiction is whatever struggle is whatever the scene is. Whatever that thing is you have to commit yourself to God. Every single day. And not focus on the scene not focus on the addiction now focus on the pornography Nothe focus on. Whatever it is. Don't don't don't focus on that thing. But focus on God The Bible says. Delight yourself in the Lord. And he shall give you the desires of your heart. All the time we use a prayer we want to husband wife. Oh Lord I'm of the light myself in the Lord I need to get married. You say you give me the desires of my heart Lord and she looks good. I think he won Lord. Noun and. Delight yourself in the lower focus on enjoying God. And his desires. Will become your desires. Those are the desires. That he will grant you. And guess what it is God's desire for you to be free from the power of addiction. And his desire. Let me let me let me. Man we owe my goodness OK. Rummest way a one. So here's what I want you to do. God helping you second for the message verse in the Bible God help you take your every date. Ordinary Life. You are sleeping eating going to work and walking around life. And place it before God. As an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. You commit yourself to God every day. To remove the signs of CA requires a work of a lifetime every day renewed efforts in restraining and denying self. Are needed. Every day there are new battles to fight. And victories to be gained. Every day the SO SHOULD BE call out. In earnest pleading with God. For the mighty victories of the cross who says Amy. I want to close with this illustration. How many you got of me with. Mario. You know play a game come on don't be don't be too holy on seven. On me to hold it and play the games of Mario for Super Nintendo. So I think I love us of Mario right. Is that in this particular game. Right now what you're looking at. He just Mario. But the game is Super Mario. He does Mario. Right he's average joe Mario. Around like the he average Joe. Mario. OK. He does that was all Mario right. Just average Mario. He got to listen spend a zone and you know he got his head down and what not he just Mario. What was this. The creators of the game. They inserted things inside the game. That if Mario would tap into these things now. He would become Super Mario. You've got to stay with you guys they way we've gone somewhere we've gone to where the creators of the game. They place different things. Is sad the game. Along Mario's path to where he was trying to go. In order to take Mario to the next low. Regular Mario. Can't conquer the game. Mario by himself he believes it. He D. some help. That is outside of himself. In order to win the game. So what is West is so wise it is sad to game. This is the thing that they put you know like him are your buddies here now. And it occurred I look questionmark. He bought his head around it come out and boom he get his mushroom M.R.U. overcome now soup of our yo. And we say something say some guy has played. The creator has play stays inside of his word. Has placed things. In our lives. That if we would just tap into them. We would no longer live. Average lives. We would no longer live defeated by the sea is that break us down the addiction is that there are strongholds where they were no longer keep us from becoming who got wants us to become. And I want to let you know that. One of the first days. The market where the mushroom from are you listen tell you is the power of prayer. Prayer Take a listen to your prayer closet. Your prayer closet. Is is is is is a reflect. Or or he'll go he'll go help me Holy Spirit Holy Spirit. Was this West is West is the level of the feet. There you hail. Is a reflection of your perfect laws. Let me tell you something. When I was spending quality time with God in devotion. Me on telly out. Please don't please don't please don't misunderstand me. When I was spending quality time with God both when I'm praying I'm reading when I'm in now we're. And I'm consistent. This in the devil is scared of me. And he'd be scared of you too. When you are consistently. Crying out of God. When you are consistently in the Word of God The Devil is scared of you every time you wake up with him or he like oh my goodness. She up again. Now I gotta work extra hard. To discourage the poke at her job because when she get there. She don't turn the place of sad down. Folk don't get saved on the job because he they're not gonna work extra hard. This is more you'll become super. We get the mushroom. And you become listen and you become super. When you take your prayer closet serious. More prayer. Bhopal. Little Prayer. Little power. No prayer. No power. And the Dela becomes like this to you. But guess work. Not only is there much room in a day. There's this. There's this there's this flower in again. What is this flower will give him power he got it's fire power now so what is when when we. The enemy comes his way. He only that he'll have to go dear. He used to have to jump on top of like boom. But when he got his father how he taken out his five power. And he just come out come out here come on come on the room. My way. Was the Word of God. Promises in the Word of God. That if you would just say that's what was happening as what was happening. When when when Jesus came out of the wilderness. He had eaten with a. He was he was. He had gone without eating edge reeking of forty days in forty nine he weak but Jesus understood that there is power in the Word of God may ascend not leave upgrade alone. But by every word that comes from the mouth of God So with the enemy comes at him. What would Jesus do is come out come out all. Draw it all now throw it all now Europe. Mentioned earlier about where to go by bread alone. But by every word of the mouth of God. What is you got what else you got say what else you got. Come on what else you got. So this is what you got to do you have to take. You have to. You have to go to the Scriptures have a look at scriptures. And find promises from God's word. That come bad. The struggles that you have. If you have a problem with sexual temptation. You need if you need to. You need to memorize passages of Scripture that speak about sexual purity. So wet when the enemy. Is throwing these things your way through and these thoughts your way. You have some of probe a reason why some of us are defeated by because we're having things obey. Now the. Net net of the poor from. Listen that. That's not it that's not it as one more thing. There's one more thing. In that one more thing. With this star. And when Mario ate a star. This is when a star. Got inside of our you know. This him are you was invisible. Now as this is Mario Mario was invisible. But he can run through stuff. Because there was something inside of him now. That possessed him. There was greater than himself. And listen I want to tell you right now that the Holy Ghost. When the Holy Ghost gets inside of you. There are things that becomes impossible for you to do by yourself. But they are possible. When the Holy Ghost is dwelling inside of you. You have to pray every single day folks. For the Holy Spirit. There should listen you should not leave your prayer closet. Without praying specifically God. Give me your Holy Spirit. Jesus a listen if parents. Being evil know how to give good gifts to their children. How much more the. Your Father in heaven. Can give the one to give the Holy Spirit of those who ask him. Is my last. Quotation I want to share with you God is not give up on us. God is not because of our scenes. We may make mistakes and greed his spirit. But when we repent Hallelujah. And concert him with can try hearts. He will not turn us away who says a man to their. Well out of our mistakes but all of our challenge with all of our issues. God does not give up on us. Some I need to know that today. You came in this place discouraged. You came to this place with doubt in your mind. About the possibility of God giving you victory over whatever it was in your life. I want you to know that God does not give up on us. Let us not give up on him. Let us take the steps to acknowledge that we are dictated to believe the truth about what Christ has already done for us in spite of how we feel. And to commit ourselves to him. Every single day. And what you do by your peers and pray with me. Father. We thank you so much for the time that we were able to spend together. And lower up pray for that man that one in that young man that young woman that boy or that girl. I pray all die. That every person and under the sound of my voice right now. Who is struggling with a particular sea. Lore. May they made it. Help them to believe what Christ has already done for them. And to commit. Every single day. For the rest of their lives. To you may we walk out of this place Lord. Greater than Super Mario. Living out who you call. Us to be. We thank you. We love you. We pray this. In Jesus' name. That all God's children say amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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