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Come Let Us Build

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA




  • December 5, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Welcome to the audio edition of. Partnership unlimited each year. It is written conducts partnership. Weekends around the country. These dynamic events are a spiritual highlight for many who attend. The following service. Will give you a glimpse of what. Partnership unlimited. Is all about. We hope this message will motivate you to deeper Bible study. And bring you a closer relationship with God. At the conclusion of this sermon. We will share some additional information. Good evening everyone. It is good to be here with you in Tennessee in America. Greetings from the Queen's country. I know you all love the Queen here. Probably more than we do in England. It is good to be here in America. I like to thank you. It is written for the invitation to be here. It truly is a privilege to be able to spend. This weekend with you and thank you for the introduction from each. That was a unique experience. I wish I videoed it and we have been blessed already this evening. I believe the musicians have touched our souls already. And I pray that as we open the word for the next few moments that God would speak. Through it to our hearts. I'd like to invite you to bow your heads as we begin with a word of prayer. Father in Heaven Lord we pause for a moment to thank you for the Sabbath day. They thank you for bringing each one of us here from near or from far and lot as we gather together. To study and to open your word for a few moments. I pray Lord that you would speak through it and touch. Each one of our hearts we pray this prayer in Jesus' name. Amen. I like history. I'm guessing some of you here may like history. And I like looking back into English history or European history. Visiting sites in England have historic importance. One of the places that I visited a couple of years ago that had. Interest to me your historic importance was a place in Belgium. Just across the channel. From England. Historic importance to even. You know. The free world you could say. From the twenty sixth of May. Nineteen forty. The beginning of a momentous event. On some sandy beaches. The phony war as it is now able in World War two from when the British declared war on the Germans and. Didn't really do anything. Was over what the British Expeditionary Forces and the French Army had gathered together. And they had gone to attack the Germans. They got sideswiped by Hitler he came through the forest of Belgium instead of through the flat lands of. Holland and they were retreating to the beaches the French are retreating back to France. Within like two weeks or three weeks it was a catastrophe. For the allied forces. This was in one thousand nine hundred forty before the Americans had joined for some unknown reason we don't know to this day there is cause today the whole order and for three days while the allied soldiers were pinned on the beaches of Belgium Dunkirk. He didn't attack them for three days there was a pause and. Historians debate as to why but no one really has a good reason why he paused for three days. And then just annihilated. And during those three days they gave the allies. Opportunity to implement a plan that was called Operation dynamo. Which was a mass evacuation. When the biggest evacuations. There has taken place in history. And so the word went out in England. Every single ship. Boat. Vessel. Owned by any one heed the call. And we're going to go over there. To bring back. The boys who were stranded on the beach. Six hundred ninety ships in total. Of which. Only about one hundred fifty to two hundred. Were military vessels. There was one hundred thirteen fishing boats. Twenty six. Yacht. Thirty four tug boats. And a large. Number of boats was three hundred and eleven. Of what they become known now as. The little boat. Three hundred and eleven fifteen twenty twenty five foot. Thirty foot boat. One person or maybe even more even rode over to France in a rowing boat. In total three hundred thirty eight thousand two hundred twenty six soldiers were evacuated off the beaches of Belgium. Over a seven day period. And historians look back on this event. Now. As a pivotal moment for England. In the wall. Travel to a moment for these reasons why because England today. More so than now but a lot more so than here in the United States of America. Is a country riddled by class divisions and things such like. And for the first time in modern history maybe even history. At all. What happened is they found the people from all stratospheres of society. Pull together. To work on a common cause the young boats. The fishing boats. The rowing boats. The private vessels were all going over there. The friend. Sorry Belgium. To bring back the soldiers from the beaches. And so at the time. It looked like a massive defeat. The Germans. Victorious it seems. Three hundred thirty eight thousand soldiers evacuated. Fifty thousand of prisoners of war. It looks like a massive defeat. But what happened was. It was a galvanizing effect it had on the nation. Because you had those. In the young. So those in the fishing boats those in the little boats all going over the country. Pulling together. An interesting side note as well as there was prayer that went up and down the coast as well. During that time. The combination of prayer. And people pulling together. And since that time. There's a phrase I have been calling. Call the Dunkirk spirit. I'm not sure if it's you so commonly here but in England we hear a frequently. To refer to a situation where a group of people may be diverse. Maybe under adversity. Are pulling together for a common cause. And you say such an example of the teachers in our school or. The people in the community. There representing the. Done. Spirit. And I remember when I was taking history and in college. Our teacher taught. This event. Dunkirk not so much. As a defeat but. Almost as a victory for he said From that moment on. From about. May the twenty sixth to June the seventh nineteen forty. From now. Moment on. What it did to the nation of England. Or Britain. A galvanize the country together tightly. Like he had not been in the year. Previous. If you're turning your Bibles to Nehemiah. The passage We'll look at for a few moments is evening. If you have a Bible or a phone or an i Pad or something Nehemiah chapter two. And I just want to take a look at a few verses there in the IN MY are the children of Israel in the background to the book of Nehemiah. They are away from the city of Jerusalem they are not there. The city of Jerusalem lies in ruins. The walls are broken down the temple is destroyed. And it's not a very good situation for the children of Israel to be in Chapter two we pick up the story where near Maya. Is there. In the king's palace. And the Bible tells us all just paraphrase the Bible tells us that he's looking sad and there are sad in the King's palace. And the king says what's wrong. And he says for. My city is broken down. When we're not there in the city. And he asked for special permission or. Dispensation. To go back to the city of Jerusalem. He gets the permission he goes back to the city of Jerusalem. And there he goes there and he does something. The Bible tells us he doesn't tell anyone. He counted goes out secretly at night. With his horse. And he goes around. And and goes around the city to survey the area. He sees where the wall is broken down he sees what needs to take place. And then we pick up the story in verse sixteen or seventeen. And the Bible says the role is to know where he went or what he did. Neither did he tell the Jews the priests the nobles the rulers all the rest of the work in verse seventeen says. Then said I answer them. You see the distress that they are in that we are in. How Jerusalem lies waste in the gates there of a burn with fire come. He says. Let us build it up the wall of Jerusalem that will be no more a reproach. And then the Bible says in verse eighteen. Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good and to me. And also the king's words that he had spoken. And they said. Let us rise up and bail. It. So they strengthen their hands for this good work. He stands before the people. And the key word he says is. Come let us build it and the people lessen and they say here. There is rise and fill it. Now the key words in those two verses. The key word. In those two verses. Is not the word come. I would say is not even the word Bill. But is the word. He doesn't say. You go build. He doesn't say I go build. She is my English. But he says Come. Let us build it. And the people listen and I say. Let us rise and they will it. Then we go to chapter two. I'm not going to talk about the one thousand and twenty. You see they make it clear agreement here. Which. We near my ear. And the people. There's no assumption here. He clearly says that I'm commerce bills and they clearly state backed. Virtually all the bully. So everyone can hear. Yeah. Let's rise and build it. We pick it up in chapter three. Is reach up to three See Chapter three is one of those chapters in the Bible that people often read over. Cover like Matthew Chapter one or I think Luke chapter three or two is it the chapters in the Bible are people often read over. Because all he has in there my a chapter three. Is a list of names. Just a list of names. And we have fantasy really the Bible we go. Nehemiah to while yet his powerful. Come let us build. Nehemiah three names OK let's go to the image of the four. It's just names. And we can't pronounce half of them. So we read on internet my four and five and. We go on. Less force from looking am I Of the three The Bible says in chapter three. Then. Excuse my English. I probably can't get half these names right. And I ship. The High Priest rose up with the brethren the priest. And they built the sheep. And they sanctified and set up the doors of it unto the tower of me and they sacrificed the tire of. An eel and next to him built the men of Jericho and next of them build exactly the son of. Emery. And then the fish gate to the sons of build. Who also laid the beams arrive and said at the doors there are often the locks thereof in the bath or of annex the number of head Merom of. The son of your writer. The son of cause and next them repaired. Machine on the son of the son of measure be you and next the repaired Zara. The son of Benon and it goes on and on and on and on the whole chapter. Just a list of names but is. As you read this list of names. There is quite interesting because in chapter two. He said Come let us build and they said. Let us rise and build. And then Chapter three immediately. They go. An appeal. Now the names are recorded for two reasons first of all the names are recorded I believe. To honor those who built the wall. Kind of like today you know sometimes in our churches. After we maybe have built a new church. And maybe if someone has worked. Especially hard or. Maybe donated especially to the cause. Sometimes we put a park up or something like that. And here we have their names recorded down throughout all of history. But also I believe. It was written. To praise them. But also it was written to encourage you and. It's a day. Come the rest will let us rise than. They will let me read out to the chapter it's interesting to see. Verse one. Is interesting that in a Chapter two to start with it starts with the priests and. Here we have the priests the leaders of Israel. And it starts off with them. And I believe that kind of is showing how the priests have built the Sheep Gate. Setting an example for the rest of. Israel that they should follow as well. And then we read and it's interesting aside to read all the gates and what order they were built in but we don't. Maybe some time readers some time. So the priest build in verse one. Then you come down to verse five I just want to highlight a few of the people who built the wall. First five Notice verse five the Bible says. Then next. Answer them. The to cooperate. Such repaired. But their. Nobles not their what. Next to the work of the Lord. It's interesting that he mentions to to co-write bill. But then he says but their nobles. Did not build. It's almost as if these nobles here in the tribe of the CO or the family of the COA. They felt that their position. Or their parish would exempt them from actually doing the work. And sometimes I think in our church today that we sometimes are plagued with a similar mindset where sometimes we have people that feel that their position. Or their rank or their. Whatever else. It might be exempt them from getting down and dirty with the work. An elder may say in a church you know I'm an elder. It's not my job to move chairs. That's deacons job but careful now. People might say well that's awful me to do or don't you know who I am. I'm not cold. Maybe do that they use their position to excuse them from the hard work God was looking for them to do over the privilege of my ministry to do a future ten occasions or church. Openings and. Every time I've done these trust educations or church openings. There's always a familiar story. You know you have a church education people tell the stories of all of the people who did all the hard work in building a church. And it's always a similar line is always one or two or three church members. That has held it together. Were rising up early given up their Sundays and evenings and holidays. To pull together. To build up the work that God had laid upon them. I know many of you here may represent. Leaders in your churches or your ministries or your communities. And God calls us into a position of leadership. Not to exempt us from work. But so that we can lead others. In the work of God and not to stand in verse eight. There's another interesting. Here in verse eight in verse eight we have it as a next answer them repaired the son of. Of the goldsmiths. And if you come down to verse thirty the Bible says there verse thirty. And after him repaired. The same guy. Never thirty two. Sorry best eighty. And between the going up of the corn into the sheep a repaired the goldsmith's and the merchant's heresy are building the wall. The Goldsmith's. And the merchant said you know what. We'll leave our business behind for a while. And we're going to go and help build the wall. They could've said you know we gotta keep this open. But they said you know if we give up our time here. God's going to make up for us. And we're going to still put our part in building the wall. With the rest of the people. They had said Come let us build. And they did go. Rise up and build. Notice verse nine. Verse nine says and next. Unto them. Repaired. Rafaela the son of her the ruler. Of half. Of Jerusalem. So here we have someone who is a ruler over half the city. That is still there. Building the wall. With everyone else. In fact rule is a mention of eight times in the chapter here. Of people who were building the city. Come let us build. Know to stay in verse. In verse twelve the Bible says. And next unto him. Were paid Shallum the son of Hello hash. The rule of half. Of Jerusalem. He and here's what he and his daughters. So it wasn't just a man building the wall but we have the women as well. Joining together. Building the city of Jerusalem. Everyone pulling together. And then we have Verse twenty notice there in verse twenty. Who we have building there in verse twenty. No just a description is after him Barack. The Son of Sam boy. This. Fully repaired. The other piece. Here we have a man and it takes. As a write in the book of RAM and they take the time to know that he. Repaired. The Wall. Then to say he repaired where he did it what. Earnestly. There was as the. All about him. In the work that he was doing. That was catching on to those around him and he. Earnestly repaired. The Wall. That he had to do. You know in the words of God calls us to be wherever you might be whether it's in your local church or a school or an academy a were ever. God calls you the position of influence. A place that you have. Let's put ourself to the work of God in this way. For me work for God earnestly. It has an impact. Of influencing. Other people as well. In the book Opata ministry on why she says that those. In the service of God must show. Animation and determination. In the work of saving souls. Is not something that we just go about. We go about it. Earnestly. With vigor and wish Trent Lott is in verse thirty there's another man here in verse thirty. And in verse thirty says. And after him. Repair Hannah. The son of Cher. Maya and Hannum. The sick son of a sailor. Why does the piper say the sixth son. The sick son. It takes the time to say. The six son. Of sailors. A lot of boys. But I believe the implication by mentioning the sick. Son. Is that son number one. Son Number two. Son number three son number four and son number five. Were not involved in the building of the law. They had shirked their responsibility or they just not done it. And so it makes a point to mention the six. Son did help in building the wall. And I believe the point there that we can glean from that is maybe you. Maybe I We come from various situations or backgrounds where maybe in our family. Not everyone is Adventist. Maybe our older brothers and sisters. Are not living for the Lord. Like they should. Maybe we come from a family line. Where there may be dysfunction. Or there may be things that aren't as. Maybe we think they ought to be. Those things should. Or they do not have to prevent us from doing the work God has laid before us. Here we have a man who was a sick son. There was clear dysfunction in his family. Habit of laziness or something. And he said you know what I don't care if my older five brothers. Are going to do this. I asked the six. I am going to go and do it. So even the influence around him in his family. He was able to break the cycle. The sick son. And I believe God is able to do fresh starts with each and every one of us no matter where we come from or what our background. Maybe. Notice verse twenty seven. Verse twenty seven. Is an after them. The to cooperates. Repaired and what's the next word say. Another piece. These are the same to co-write. In verse five. Were said the nobles didn't work. And these men in verse twenty seven he says. After they are built their wall in verse five. They went in prepared. Another piece. We find the same thing happening between verses four and verse twenty one. We have a son he says you know a bill in verse four and I come to verse twenty one and the bills are going to the park the wall. And the lesson that we learned from this I believe in chapter three. Of Nehemiah. Is a you have men here. They've done their part of the work. And they said you know what. Even though I've done the part. God has given to me. I'm still going to rise above and beyond. And do some more. You know whatever. God has laid before us as a ministry. For us. Whatever communities that we represent the work. In those areas. Will go forward when we as a church. Pull together. And when God says Come let us build. We answer back and say. Yes. Let us rise and build you know the Godhead. In the Creation of man you will know Genesis one verse twenty seven. Where it says. Let us make man. In what our image. In the Creation of man. It was to Godhead working together. They work together to create man. In the South Asian of man. The Godhead work together. God the Father is in heaven. The son is on the cross. The Godhead work together in the South Asian of man. All together. They all spoke highly of each other Jesus said I am my Father are one. I can't do anything without him. In fact and after I leave the Holy Spirit going to come. And he's greater than me. This is harmony this is cohesion between them where they work together. And process that same pattern that the Godhead has. Is what he wants for us as a church to demonstrate where we as a church pull together. And we work together for the common cause. That God has laid upon us. Each one of us may represent different areas. And God says to us. Work together both together. For this great strength when my church. Pulls together. Just like on those beaches of Dunkirk. Seventy years ago and a seventy five years ago where the men were rescued because the nation pulled together. And says we're go over there were row our boat Hussein who take our fishing boats. And they will rescue the people. Today as we look out. On the World Church. As we look out. On the church in North America. As you look at on the church in your state or in your conference or your new community. The reality isn't. The walls. Aren't built everywhere. And the reality is there's places where the walls may be broken. And God calls us as a church to work together. To rebuild the woes. To take this message that we have to the whole world. And a cry that he gives us. Is Come let us build it. And I pray that we as a church. Wherever we may be. We as individuals we as married couples we as families. As God gives that. Rallying cry to us that we may respond back to him. Let us try and there. And then as a church. We may finish this great commission that God has given to us. And that we can go home. Him and. You've been listening to a special message presented by. It is written television. We hope you have been blessed in that your faith has been strengthened and your commitment to God has been renewed. Perhaps she'd like to share this sermon with a friend. Additional copies of this audio CD as well as many other spiritually enriching resources are available for it is written. These include on line Bible studies and inspiring video programs. Christian growth and witnessing materials and books on a host of topics. For more information please visit our website. It is written dot com or call our order desk zero one eight eight eight six six four five five seven three. That's one eight eight eight six six four five five seven three. The purpose of. It is written is international outrage. Is to impact our world for God. It is written is a deeply spiritual ministry passionate about communicating that gospel to the world. The award winning weekly telecast is broadcast in twelve languages and touches lives in a hundred and forty countries around the world. 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It is written. Live by bread alone. But by. Every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Every word is a one minute Bible based daily devotional presented by Pastor John Bradshaw. And designed especially for busy people like you look for every word. On some like to the networks. Or watch it online every day on our website. It is written dot com. Receive it daily spiritual boost. Watch every word. You'll be glad you did. Here's a sample. As strong as in Australia announced a few years ago that they calculated the number of stars in the sky. Seventy sixty million. That seventy thousand million million million seventy followed by twenty two zeroes. That's more stuff. Than there are grains of sand an olio deserts and beaches. And the astronomers say then. Number is likely white to love in some verses three and four we read these words. When I consider by heavens. The works of by Thing is the moon in the stars which that asked ordained. What is man the ballot mindful of him. God has made a universe that vast. And yet he is still. Mindful of the human family. We serve a great and a big God. If he made all that. And he did. You can be certain. He can take care of you and your burdens today. I'm John Bradshaw for it is written. Let's look today. By every word.


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