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The Call of Nehemiah

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries & Co-Director of Tekoa Missions



  • January 23, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Our loving father. We are so grateful for the opportunity and the privileges to hear. Heaven's heat. We thank you for the time in which we can dedicate our minds in a special way. To study to show ourselves approved on to God that we can be work men that need not be ashamed for we have rightly divided your words of truth. Not I pray please take my life and let it be consecrated Lord. To the. I pray that you will literally put your words in my mouth. And I pray that these words. Will reach. Even the hardest of hearts that. Those stony hearts will become hearts of flesh. And they will not be by human might nor human power by. Your spirit. And so grant us the presence of your Holy Spirit even now. And may he come and truly teach us. And surely open our eyes and help us be whole. Wondrous things out of this is our prayer that we do ask in Jesus name. A man. You know there's a statement. About God's character I learned a long time ago. And it has absolutely changed my. Studying the Bible. I learned that when Jesus says Search the scriptures for in the new thinking of eternal life. He says that they are very which testify of me which means that Christ can be found all throughout Scripture. And whenever I see Jesus I see salvation. I see love. I see power. Real power. And so I have learned to condition my mind that whatever I read in the Bible is help me understand something about my savior. And then. To understand that is even deep because the more that I understand about Jesus is the more that I understand. About our family fall. Because Jesus came to reveal the very character of our. Which are her. I remember one time I was in loop the eleventh chapter and I want you to turn there with me. And as I was going to loot the eleventh chapter. I started to look at things in the Bible that would help reveal characteristics of God and I found one in the eleventh chapter that I thought was so amazing. Because what I saw in Luke a live and I actually identified in my biological father. And I thought it was very interesting. It was in Luke the eleventh chapter that the Bible says something that I want to all consider and. When you get there just let me know by singing then the Bible says a nuclear leavens chapter we're going to start verse nine. And it's citizen Luke. The eleventh chapter we're considering the ninth verse. And the BIOS is. And I say unto you ask. And it shall be given you seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that I ask you receive it that he that seek to find it and to him that market it shall be opened and then Jesus puts this rationale this. This mindframe of reasoning in the next few verses. He says if a son. Shall ask. Bread of any of you that is a father. Will he give must know what you think the answer's no. This is a fiasco a fish will be for fish give him a servant. The answer is no. Or you shall ask an egg will the offering was for him. Again the answer is no. And then verse thirteen was the key verse. He then being evil. Know how to give good gifts and to your children. How much joy. How much more. So your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to than that asked the Spirit of God is a good gift is it not. And I praise God that every day we have the privilege of seeking more angrier and gallant an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit. God love to give God so loved that I gave. And I began to look at that I said that's beautiful because that was my father. My father. When ever there was an opportunity for him to give me something or to give any of my sin. Sling something I'm the youngest of eight. And will mind there. Would go ahead and Dad never gave us things in common with then he would always said. The state he would. He would set of the real ninth and he would create all sorts of surprises and. He couldn't just simply say Sign here or something for you here and make a big thing and he would have to go ahead and plan and strategize and do it just right. So that the moment the element of surprise. My heart would just leap with joy. And I would jump on my daddy and give him the biggest hug and to say daddy. Thank you for this precious gift. Found that that character has now passed on to me once I became of our. Now all of us and. These two boys and these two girls. And any time there's an opportunity that we want to do something good for them. We would go ahead and make a big deal out of it we would go ahead and plan and strategize. And I'll talk to my wife and so we've got to do it just right. And we will go ahead. In other words. I have discovered the love of giving. It's like I love to give and I like to give and I like to make a big deal sometimes out of deity. And so it is that as I see this character of God and I saw that characteristic of God in my father. And now that characteristic. Has taken possession of my own mind. I began to reflect the way back in the beginning of time. When God made man. And when God made man my brothers and sisters. It was after. Man it was me. After. Man it was coming into existence. God decided to give a very special gift and then. You know that gift was call. It was call. The Sabbath day a gift. You know most of God's people do not understand the precious experiences of this gift. Today when you think of us being Sabbath keepers all we simply say is that certain hours on a certain day. We show up and then eventually go home. Sometimes the Sabbath has become so dumbed down to the people of God. That sometime who looks. All the more to its end than its beginning and end the enemy. Have done this. God I want us to understand that this was a gift that in the end. On adulterated manner. That a heaven and earth could have special communion one with another. And we have become so busy and we have become so perplexed. Very worst so hard to the wing. That even during the sacred hours of God Sabbath they rest. Even when we are in the same jury. Sometimes we find ourselves in the last meeting then listen. Now listen in the sometimes this is just when the minister. Is about to give the word. That that individual needs most hated will come behind them and leave the land and put them to sleep. So that they will not hear the very point of the message. That would have brought in their lives. Smoove was the only the know how to enjoy the gift that God gave to humanity. Which is his holy. Seventh day of rest. And one of the reasons why. Because we passed the Sabbath up with too much stuff. Too many services too many meetings. You know it's funny. I remember I hope and honestly this I grew up. I grew up in the black conference. I'm so thankful there won't be any black sides of heaven. And there won't be any White Sox. But I'm in the cool cool black conference a little black. Conference I notice that there was this common thread this common activity that you would see. You would have sat a school and then you'd have church and then you have prison ministry and then you have by the study. And then you have. And then if you service. And it was always these things piling up. And I remember that I grew up in that so that's how I did track so I was going ahead doing this thing. As it was normal. And then one day my family and I'm going down to the country. Praise God and when we moved out to the country. We switched. Conferences we join a different church. It almost certainly weren't under the Black Caucus now we were under the quote unquote white conference. So when we went to one of the churches that was under the total cool white conferences. We noticed that. It was right after eleven o'clock hour. We would say What time's Bible study what time is the youth service. And they will say we don't have it. Yes it's use me. And they said no we don't have any of that. I said So what do you do they said. We go home. We go to places in nature. And we enjoy times. For the remaining hours of the Sabbath with our families. And I said. I've heard strange things today. I said I never heard of that. Unit tell me that after the eleven o'clock hour. That all y'all do is you go if they have a potluck rest of the deal that will be about once a quarter. They would go ahead and after the service they would leave. And then they would go and so for wow. My wife and children are kind of looking at each other to church like we don't know what to do that we have too much time we have four more hours before sunset. And we have to figure out all the stuff. And eventually got started getting us used to to a point that we couldn't wait for service to be over. So that we would go ahead and go to our favorite place in nature. And we would enjoy time. With the Creator. And with one another and I began to realize wow. You can enjoy the Sabbath gift. A lot better when it's not show bogged down. With all these meetings though they've even religions. God has appointed the Sabbath day to be special communion time. You see when you love Jesus. You don't long for the Sabbath the purpose. When you love Jesus you look forward to having that on. Adulterated communion with God. Well you get to study like you've never studied before we get to pray like you never prayed before when you get the thing you know. Thought before. And I think to myself sometimes you know I have the privilege of saying by. One of the saints homes here and. Does love every time I get up in the morning the first thing I see is that incredible ocean. And when I see that where my brother. You don't understand my brain goes into like. Another world. Because in Revelation we're told that the voice of Jesus is like the voice of many waters. And then when I see that. Beautiful ocean water and. I do start thinking about it. And then I see the sunlight shining the water in the light from the sun shining on the want to glimmers off the water. In Pearce's Miles. And then I remember that Jesus is also the son. If you're in of righteousness. And then when I see the war is this clash against the rocks in Iraq's own moveable and then I look at those rocks. And I remember that God is the rock of myself. And then I look at all that same with the sea and then I begin to look and say you know what I would be a waste of time to even try to count how many granules of sand there is on this ground. Because it is innumerable. And God says so shall who the company that will be with you know. According to revelations that. You are very privileged. To be surrounded by so many. Object lessons and. How much the more on God's Holy Saturday of rest we should spend time there. Learning of our Creator you see my brothers and sisters when god. Give us the gift of the Sabbath wouldn't God give us that gives the number we talked about of there were two things that he wanted our focus to be on. And the focus was not simply to please him. The focus was that he would also please. Us. The well actually sort of look at the text. Is said right there in Exodus twenty right. For instance that is the Lord may need it. Heaven or the sea and all that in the. It is and rested the seventh day where for the most blessed the Sabbath day. And how would it. God wanted us to take time. To commemorate creation. We should literally end parents. We should deliberately. Literally with great effort and energy. We should seek to gather our the children. To do all that any parent. We prepare as many. Object lessons in nature as possible. To saturate their minds. With Jesus. God says the Sabbath day was one of the great thing is that we can do that because my brothers and sisters I'm telling you the more that you study nature. The more that we learn about God. The greater our hearts will become in love with him because to know God is the love of God. That's desired it is Page twenty two. God wants us to understand that. In the Sabbath he wanted us to take time for commemoration of creation. And you have to ask yourself. Is that our own to every summit will be on to the past of. My Hastur friends. Of whom I love and I will warm. Be here. Because sometimes. On God's holy day. Pastors don't get to rest and they definitely don't get to rest. With their families. And sometimes as pastors and as ministers. We have to be very deliberate. And we've got to know how the devout. Operates govern the way. Let me tell you one time it was somewhere preaching. And we began to do a subject on the family. And when we started teaching on the family it was in California and. We started teaching on the family. We took when we were doing an annoying thing service myself and several other vendors and. We the people were coming in droves with so much need. Because so many homes have been broken as a result of the Bill and his work here is with praying with pleading with fasting we're praying where knowing thing we're praying we're crying. We're going through all these things and all these things and I've got to point that I was wiped out. I was tired. One sister was talking to me Lou she was talking to me and I was I guess this is it all and it was everything went black. And I think you know I woke up. And I realize. I fell asleep while this woman was talking. That's how tired I was. And then I fear. I looked at her face. Because at officers will look at me like you believe you fell asleep on me and I looked in essence was going to supersede you just turn your grandmother in K. but that's how tiring to get you understand. Sometimes we forget we're human. We keep acting like we superhuman but God has ways to remind us. And I remember that as a result of all of this weariness. It got to a point that I said Honey we've got to go. And as my wife and I started walking up the hill getting ready to head into a room that was set first for the evening. Next thing you know. We looked out and we saw a whole line of people waiting for us right at the top. We don't want to make it. My teammate my wife. You know she did. She said follow me. Who grabbed my hand to. And we believe she found a bad way to get inside the building. So that we could get up to the room and rather than when I got up into that room. I passed out on that but you hear me. Sometimes we as ministers of the Gospel can begin working so hard. It seems I who don't understand math you know. When you read Matthew the ninth chapter The Bible says right there in verse thirty six what are the text go to Matthew nine. Somehow we have missed this text. It seems and listen. This is a big problem. Even without prior years of old in Atlanta is it a man who nine Jesus gave a very specific counsel. And I want you to see what he said in Matthew nine and now I'm going to consider verse thirty six and notice what the Bible says. In Matthew nine in verse thirty six watch the text very carefully and what would Jesus was trying to teach the Bible says Matthew not in verse thirty six and if you there. Police say the Bible says. But when he saw multitudes. He was moved with compassion on them because they fainted. And were scared of the British Shepherd best are the ministers any minister when he comes amongst the people and he sees the pain he sees the herd. Sees the suffering. He sees the confusion. He sees all of that. When a minister sees that there's something in his heart. That has moved with compassion. Because they look like sheep without a shepherd. They need help. And so sometimes a minister who for good selves. That only minister to others. But then look at what Jesus said to bring balance. In verse thirty seven he says. Then you say if we aren't is the cycles the harvest chilliest twenty years. The laborers off you. All our life verse thirty eight per Eve very for the Lord of our heart is that he will send for him or is into his our eyes. Ministers have read this verse. And understand it the same way pretty The Lord of the harvest that God will give you all the strength you need so you can finish the work all by yourself. And that's how some ministers labor. And then they wonder when they get stricken with all these diseases that are sometimes irreversible my brothers and sisters. A very powerful. Gospel worker. In the north east of the United States of America. One thirty. Wednesday morning. Fell asleep in Jesus. And when I came by his bedside. Earlier on when he was dying. I remember he said to me as a young man. Him being a faithful gospel work. Gospel medical missionary evangelists he said going says you listen to me. And this is exactly what he said he said. Paul. James what that was exactly as you understand it in its history you understand what I did say. James why. Would walk sometimes. Six miles just for one Bible study. Day is why I put people with well before his own health. And he did things that out of the love for people. He would do it. But God did not ask him to do all that. And he ended up here in circular nine hundred eighty one he does and says fellow I had to go ahead figure out life without her husband by her side her to me. And so does the dean's wife. Activities are on record. So that we can run from that. And so when this event is said to me he just he told me that he said Wayne says pull the James away. I push myself too hard. I should've pulled back. I should've focused mall on making more labors. And he did he tried to make more laborous. But it was just the lack of temperance. Even in gospel work. And he got himself a disease my brothers and sisters that has a one hundred percent death rate there's nothing in the natural remedy world. And there's not just nothing in the pharmaceutical world. That can reverse this disease. And as a result of that. The disease took its toll on him at a head. One thirty A.M.. This past Wednesday morning. And he's sleeping now in Jesus. We have to understand that as much as the people have their needs. We must recognize we are not super men. And super women. And there's a time to work. And there's a time to pull back. And to rest and God in his soul nothing that he knew if I'm man to themselves. They will overwork themselves and their fall in love God gave a gift. And it's called his bless it holy seventh day of rest. And some of us still don't know how to rest even on the Sabbath and I hope my prayer. Is that while you're trying to teach all the other forms in the world through the human experience Sabbath. Reform. Get back to studying nature get back to studying the creator get back to studying creation. And it's not limited there. Because it's not only in Exodus twenty eleven. But all the great purpose of the Sabbath is in Deuteronomy five fifteen. The Bible goes on to say and remember that our once the servant in the land of Egypt and. The Lord thy God brought me out then. To own my own hand and vice versa. Our on there for the Lord that God commanded the to keep the Sabbath day. God says I want you. Remember that when you were in the Egypt of sin and a bunch. God says I want you to commemorate. When I deliver to you. God says I want you on the Sabbath day to sit back and think about where you are and where you are. God says I want you to take some time. To remember the. Pish. That you were in and how it was God and God alone that brought you. My brothers and my sisters if we will focus mall on creation. And redemption. You would have a true happy Sabbath not just the coin turn that we all say when we know we are the LAST thing but happy. But we will actually say. Happy sad. And it will come from the heart. Because we knew how to finally received the gift. Are you following. But you know. I learned something about God. I tell you I love studying his character. The more you study God's character you learn that God never just gives. But he gives and does exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask you think is that right. And so when God gave the gift of the son. Watch my words. This divine. Institution. When God gave this divine institution to mankind as a gift from not just heaven but from the heart of God. God gave that good God says. I can't just leave it there. God I am going to give nothing here. Oh no divine. Institution. And you know that it was call. It was call parish. Of this insistence. God gave me the gift of marriage. God says I can hold the back garden is very later says I gotta go exceedingly abundantly about God This is not enough just to give him sad. But I'm also going to give them the blisses gift which. If you let us go into the book of a thief and five let's take a look at the list. I list. Being it I hope you never get tired of it. It is Season Five notice what the Bible says as we started verse twenty two. And then we'll take it down to thirty two. Because quite a few verses what will do is I'll read one you read to obviate the other you read the next. And they will take it all the way down to the end. So we're going to freeze in five unless notice what the Bible says as we now consider a season five. And verse twenty two. And I want you to watch this because this was the other gift to mankind. The biases and. Efficient five verses twenty two to thirty two that's not what the Bible says and when you get there. Please say amen. And the Bible says in a thesis five twenty two to thirty two. He says. Why. Us. Yourselves unto you all husbands as. On to the Lord. Therefore as the church is subject to Christ showed that the wives be to their own husbands in everything. I know that he might sanctify. And cleanse it. With the washing of the water. By the word I I I will. So all men to love their wives. As their own bodies. He that loveth his wife. Loveth himself. OK So we are members of his body. Of this flesh. And of his bones. This is a great mystery. But I speak. Concerning what Christ. And the church God gave the gift of marriage because he wanted. Teach not just temporal. But eternal lessons. And so when God established these to give this to humanity when God put these two. Divine institutions together. We will notice that these things are in fact twins. But holy twins. Here is that when God brought these two divine institutions together. There were some lessons that he wanted us to receive from it. You see. God doesn't just simply give gifts. But God gives gifts with purpose. I think you need to catch their. God is not just good. But God gives gives to his children. That have great purpose and. Eternal value. Are you following. And when God gave these twins when he gave these divine institutions. The Sabbath and he also gave merit. There were lessons that he wanted us to catch from it. And what were some of the lessons number one. God wanted us to understand that God created them. And they both. Existed before said that is not of the verses Genesis two one two three and Genesis two twenty two twenty five let's go to the test these were the great reasons and my brother. The world needs this kind of education but badly. Churches need this kind of education as well. The Bible says in Genesis two are subjects very carefully. In Genesis the second chapter considering verses one to three. I'm starting very fundamental with you we are in an appetizer phase. The. Entree. Is coming in Genesis to notice what the Bible since. This is the second chapter. It is you there police say amen. Biases in Genesis two starting in verse one. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished. And all host of them. And on the seventh day God ended this work which he had me. And he rested on the seventh day for all its work which he had me. And God bless the seventh day. And sanctified it. Because that. In it he had rested from all his work. Which god created and made. So no this guy was the one that created the Sabbath and. It existed. Before. See. It was a holy. Divine. Institution. Then we go to Genesis to notice what it says in verses twenty to twenty five. The Bible says in Genesis two starting at verse twenty. And Adam gave names for all cattle. And to the fall of the air. And to every beast of the field. But for Adam. There was not found an help me for him. And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam. And he said. And he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead they're up. And the rim which the LORD God had taken from man made he a one woman a man is many a woman. And brought her unto the man. And I don't said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called. Woman because she was taken out of man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother. And shall cleave unto his wife. And they shall be how much one flesh and they were both naked the man and his wife and were not the same. And so he seeing that again. Marriage was made. It was a divine holy institution. It was created by God. And it existed before. Sin. So the first lesson we learned about Sabbath and marriage being these holy twins. Is that they were both created by God. And they both existed before sin. But they also both. Top pointed us to Christ. Our righteousness and holiness. How do you know that. Well. Again. Good exodus. Thirty one now and this look at verses twelve and thirteen. How do I know that this point remember when God gave the gift of the Sabbath. It was to teach a divine purpose. So let's notice that. We're looking at Exodus thirty one. And now look at verses twelve and thirteen. Exodus thirty one. And we're now looking at verses twelve and thirteen. And let's do this with the Bible says here. In Exodus thirty one considering now versus twelve and thirteen if we're there please say amen. The Bible says that Exodus thirty one and verse twelve. And the Lord spake unto Moses saying. Now also on to the children of Israel saying. Verily. My Sabbath ye shall keep is a sign between me and you throughout the generations that you may know that while I am the Lord. There. Sanctify you. Literally true for Sabbath keeping points us to righteousness by faith. Because I notice the verse did not say. We it's a sign. To know that we make ourselves holy. It says it was assigned to know that. I am the Lord that does seem to find you. Truth should understand right is this vital thing. Best. Because that is the great grand purpose of the Sabbath. It helps us come in contact with the only one who is holy that he is the only one that can make us holding. Are you following. So this is what God wanted to have as a great purpose. Within the Sabbath. It was to point us to Christ. All right dismiss Christ. Our holiness. But it wasn't just a habit. It was all whole marriage. Let's go to Matthew twenty two. Let's notice the test. We're going to study the day. I want you to watch these verses very carefully other than plain brothers and sisters I said Lord make it plain. And before God makes it plain to you he has to make it plain to me. And so I said Lord make it plain there are certain parts of the verses that I was struggling with. But God help me. Why Matthew twenty two. In Matthew twenty two we learn about a wedding agree to full wedding weddings do you like weddings. I like when it's as long as everybody behaves holding. Weddings when they convert the very blessed with the gift of God. Is some people to carry forth weddings and treated like pardons. Be treated like these things which sometimes they celebrate bad behaviors and even sin. We have to understand that. Marriage is holy my brother this is river is holy twins. Holy two nothing holy to him. And so the marriage is holy whenever there's a ceremony. That thing should be carried out in the context of holiness. And so it is that when we look at Matthew twenty two notice we. The Bible says. Is a story of a wedding. And the story the wedding goes like this starting at verse eight. He says. Then say is he to his servants. The wedding is raining. But they were two women were not ready to go therefore into the highways and as many as you shall find. Bid to the marriage. So those servants went out into the highways and gathered together all. As many as they found. Both bad and good. And the wedding was furnished with guests. And when the king came in to see the guess. He saw there is a man. Which had not on a wedding garment. In other words when this king carrying this chain. Did an investigative judge on where you fall on the King. Formed an investigative judge and he said. I'm going to make sure that everybody who's here. Belongs here. And one of the go ahead to see who has earned the right wedding garment because you never go to a wedding. Income until you go to a wedding. With wedding garments. And so it is that this investigator gentleman is taking place in verse eleven. This is when the king came in to see the guests. He saw there. A man. Which had not on a wedding government. And his servant to him friend. How can is that in Heaven not having the wedding garden. And he was worried he was speechless. It said then said the king to the servants buy of him. Hand and foot. And take him away. And cast them into outer darkness. This will be weaving and gnashing of teeth. For many are called but few are chosen Now one thing we get from the reality of verse fourteen. Of the chosen. You know who talk about the call the chosen and the faithful. But here it is that when we look at the chosen. We can select it back to the fact that they need to have done the right garments. Those who truly are the chosen go everybody's call. The ones chosen are the ones that have the right garment. Based on the context of the reading is that right. All right so now understanding that. Let's go to Revelation. Nineteen. We go to Revelation in one thousand chapter. Let's continue. And let's learn some more about that gun. Because that means everything. It was designed and put together. But the people had to have known the right garment. To experience the power of the marriage. And so it is that in Revelation nineteen now. We're looking at verses. And the Bible says Revelation one thousand and verse six. It is. This and I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude. And as the voice of many waters and as the voice of a mighty thundering sane. Ahuja for the Lord God to pretend rain it. Let me drive and rejoice and get on it to him. For the marriage of the Lamb is come and his wife. Have made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arraigned in fine linen. Cleaning white for the. Fine linen is HUO the righteousness of the saints so when you think of the wedding garment. We are thinking of the fine linen. And when you think of the fine linen. You thinking of the righteousness of the saints. Are you following. And then goes on to say in verse nine and say you're going to be right but that sort of thing. Which are called Aren't to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me. These are true savings. Of God. The wedding garment that also would have been a marriage. Is none other than the righteousness of God These were the practical lessons. That God was trying to teach. Through the model. And the example of marriage. And that's why we read into things inspiring twenty seven. That it talked about the importance of the church being with our stock. And with our ego. But would be holy. And with no. Blemish. And so when we look at the lessons that we were getting both from the Sabbath. And from marriage. They both taught pointed to Christ as our righteousness and. Our holiness. Was to be a lesson book. It was supposed to teach us how God one day. Was going to come for us with his righteousness which we were seen by faith that works. By love. This is what. I'd always wanted. Marriage was the great lesson book. To learn holiness and righteousness. From a holy and righteous God. Therefore we learn point number one Of God created man and existed before sin then a choice Amen. This second verse and they both taught and pointed us to Christ as all right it's nice and holiness going to church. Then the first lesson was. They will both exist a living testimony throughout eternity. Is now something. They will both exist. As a living testimony. Throughout eternity. Now I said. This was very easy Isaiah sixty six knows what the Bible says. Somebody is getting nervous the same for them and the new Iraqi twenty two when Jesus says that he the marrying a given marriage don't worry I got it all clear. I got a thing here fear not little viruses Isaiah sixty six and Isaiah the sixty six chapter. Notice what the Bible says Isaiah sixty six. And those who are certain verses while. Twenty two and twenty three. The Bible says and Isaiah sixty six. Were looking at verses twenty two and twenty three. And when you get there. Let me know by saying. Amen. In Isaiah sixty six twenty two and twenty three The Bible says fall as the new heavens and the earth. Which I will make. Shall Remain before me saith the Lord. So shall your seat and your name remain. And they shall come to pass from one new moon to another. And from one Sabbath to another all friends come to worship before me say of the Lord in the new or. There shall gain another Sabbath that. We will keep. As the people of God can rejoice in it. So it's going to exist. Even throughout eternity. Now what about marriage. The answer is yes. It will exist. But it won't be between man with man. But between man. New Jerusalem and God. Are you falling. So now on this notice that in Revelation one thousand again. So in Revelation nineteen. Let's take a second look at the verse. In Revelation nineteen. Notice what the Bible says Revelation. We're looking at at nineteen. And we're looking at verses seven to nine. And then Chapter twenty one nine through eleven. And then Chapter twenty two three so loose with the violence of Revelation nineteen. Starting in verse seven. If you their priest in the Bible says a revelation one thousand seven letters be glad. And rejoice. And give our to him. For the marriage of the Lamb. Is Come and his wife has made herself ready so little is the word of the letter. The marriage of the lamb you see that the marriage of the Lamb is common his wife and made a separate and to her. Was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen. Clean and white. For the final moment is that right is this of the saints verse nine. And he saith unto me Write. Blessed are they. Which are cold unto the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. And he said unto me. These are the true sayings of God. So this is going to be the marriage of the Lamb. That's going to take place. Now while the Bible brings us out. Further in Revelation twenty one. So now we're going to Revelation the twenty first chapter. And now considering verses. Nine to eleven. Continuing with the star. It says The Revelation twenty one starting at verse nine. And there came unto me. One of the seven angels. Which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues and talked with me saying. Come hither. I will show the the bride the Lamb's Whoa. The Lamb's wife. And he carried me away in the spirit. To a great. And high mountain. And showed me that great city. The Holy Jerusalem. Descending out of heaven from God. Having the glory of God. And her bike was like unto a stone most precious. Even like a Jasper stone. Clear as crystal. So long as this is now a description of this bride. That is referred to as none other than what. New Jerusalem very good. Now if you want to just read down the rest of. Twenty one. The whole chapter. Is just descriptions of New Jerusalem. Description The New Jerusalem. Then when you reach up to twenty two starting in verse one is still a description of New Jerusalem. Then when you get to verse three. Of chapter twenty two. What does it see it says. And there shall be no more curse. But the phone of God and of the Lamb shall be in it talk about the New Jerusalem and his servants shall see. Or worship him in and they shall see here space. And his name shall be in their foreheads and this our being no night there. And they need no candle neither life of the sun. For the Lord God give them light. And they shall reign. Hello. For ever so this marriage. Of course the gifts. Are invited to will all become one with God. This marriage will last for how long. For her ever. So when we study the Sabbath. And marriage. There is surely. Our divine. Institutions. The one created by God that exists for sin. They are holy twins. Number two the lesson What was that they both were to teach can point us to Christ. Our Righteousness. In these institutions. We were to learn how to be holy God is holy and when that takes place. We're going to celebrate. Holiness. All through our the ceaseless. Ages of eternity. From one Sabbath. To another. And we will finally be part of a marriage. That will last as it was supposed to last thirty or. Talk about some serious holding two points. It is not only under my brother's insistence that one day when the Pharisees came to do. Jesus in Matthew ninety one way or to comment on it he said this. When the Pharisees afterward question him concerning the lawless of the wards. Jesus pointed his hearers back to the marriage. Institution. And I would think that creation. Because of the hardness of your heart he said Moses suffered you to put away your wife. But from the beginning it was not so. He referred them to the list of days or even. When God. Pronounced. All things very good. Then. Marriage. And the Sabbath. Have their origin. Twenty institutions. For the glory of God. In the benefit of humanity. Is not something the sadness is from the Bible. So should we are all that it will reveal in what I know we should not have a wife just magnifying what the Bible already said. So we read that and I'm going to Home Page three forty. Paragraph four. Now there are certain kinds of things. You know. You have identical. You know you have a terminal. And they have something called joint. One of the things that interests me about the code or it is that. They are there basically in designing and we connect to one another one twin can say I want to go write another two and say I want to go. There has to be mass cooperation and. When you think of CO doing twins. When one is affected. It actually can actually transfer over and affect the other person is not amazing. So I began to inquire. The Sabbath. And marriage. Are twin institutions. But what kind of twins. We have identical we have fraternal we also have children what kind of twins. And then this recent answer the question right here in Education Page Two fifty. This is the sad end of the family were alike. Instituted in. And God's purpose. They are in dissolve your bleed link together you hear her. One without hurting the other. If you're the one. You are the other. When you try to tear down life. You will begin to tear down the other. And the breach in any of these it would be a shame. When a church emphasizes one side of the breach. And neglects the other. Are you following. God I want to start understanding. These were his ordained gifts. That he gave to humanity. And thinking of the great effect. Have you noticed that both the Sabbath and merit have salvation or components. Have you noticed that. If you study the Sabbath and its purpose. If you study marriage and. Its purpose. They have salvation all eternal. That they are always in his mind. Wanted to impart to his people. And that's why they are so incredibly. Sacred. And I think. Now we can understand why they are so incredibly. Attacked. You see my brothers and sisters. We are students. Of Prophecy. We don't look at the bio and we don't look at news. Like the world looks at it. We look at everything in life. In the context of the agree. Controversy. That's the vision that God has given to us we don't look at events and. Happenstances and to see. Oh it happened because it happened. We always make connections. And say wait a minute. How does this is vent here and how does this event there. Play a role. When we think of the unfolding of the great. Controversy. You see we are told Barbara this is an inspiration to the Christ and it wasn't one thirty three. As we near the poles of this world's history. The prophecies relating to the last days. Especially demand. Our study. The one who suggested. He demands it. Garcias are wrong. My people. To look at things in life. And look at events in the world. And look at it through the. Lands. So God begin to touch my mind I'm artist enough to give to divine. Institutions. They want to teach. In turn will also evening. And even very happy lessons. For all who would receive it. True fact of keeper should be very happy people. This should not be a bunch of sad. Dentists. True Sabbath keepers should be so happy people why because they are connected to the God of heaven and earth. And it is love to us. Which we become channels to give their love to others who we come in contact me through marriage. My brothers and sisters. When you have heaven on earth you want to give more help and to others you come in contact with in God's plan that that's what marriage is always supposed to be. And so when we begin looking at this. It would not be a surprise that. These twin institutions were really under attack you see that all of those we were told by the prophet Daniel that these power in Daniel seven verse twenty five. These power. And he shall speak words against the Most High and shall wear out the faith of the most high. And I think to change times and all. And there's something given to him to the time of the times. And the dividing. Of time. The Bible prophesies. The very. Commandments of God. And especially the commandment that pertains to time. This part of God's law. Was going to be attacked and brothers and sisters. It was not long ago. Just a few years ago. There was something that forced these power who's there for our. All how could you not answer me. Quickly after so many seminars say if. Whoever says that for peace power. That I use not all of them are all first player. Then. People. And here it is that when we look. About abuse power my brothers and sisters. The question is is there an effort. From that base power to seek to change God's law all. Even that would pertain for time. Yet this not just limited to the Dark Ages. But it was going well beyond that. I remember when a little article came out in one nine hundred ninety. And for me. This article means everything because once you understood the article. Once she understood the papacy the Roman Catholic Church once you understood. Their mindset and what their agendas were. Then all you got to do is just constantly look to see how it's going to try to be fulfilled. Through our whoever the pope side doesn't matter if it was John Paul. Doesn't matter if it was Ratzinger. And it does not matter. Even if it's Francis. Once we begin to understand the foundation of Rome. Of which all popes must think you can begin to see it. And he was bold enough to put it in writing. It was called. Dia's down. And when that article VI is going to came out. He put out both face before anyone who understood how to read with the prosthetic legs. And so it went through the centuries. See. That was talk of the Roman Catholic Church. This is from their own writings this is not from us putting propaganda. On an institution. These are their own statements. Even my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. God accept this. This is coming from the a farty of your church. This is a way through the centuries. She has made laws concerning Sunday rest. The first have had in mind. Above all. The word of our servants and workers. So little way that room would always see. The past Sunday last. In direct violation and contrast and rebellion. To God. Here is the Sabbath. They would try to get that law passed by saying it would be beneficial to workers and. Servants. It would be beneficial to the. People. And reason why that's important is because my brothers and sisters go to Revelation thirteen. Let's get a refresher The Bible says a Revelation thirteen. It tells us how everything is going to come the past is already in Scripture. In Revelation thirteen to notice what the Bible says. It is ever so clear what the Bible says you see you need to understand it. I am here to be clear to you that. The Twin Towers. Have been attacked. And I am not talking about what's in downtown Manhattan. The holy. Twin Towers. There are a set up for the lessons. And the benefit of humanity. Is under attack and the Bible says in Revelation thirteen notice what it says. You see in Revelation thirteen this isn't very interesting when you look at Revelation thirteen talking about the second these power. I want you to watch the language of Scripture. The Bible says in Revelation thirteen. We're going to go ahead and go to some of the activities of this beast power. He says in verse twelve. And he exercises how much power. All the power of the. First these before him now wait a minute. This is the exercise how much power. All the while. I hold Our So the question is this is the second beast. The first beast. Now are saying this is this think this that or. Do you mind if I teach our absolutes. So will the second beast. Is not the first beats now. Watch this because the second piece is not the first piece is distinct. But the role of the second beast. Is to exercise how much of the power of all the power of the. Now that I have just these WHO IS THAT. That has grown so nervous this was all the power. That world had. All in the sunlight in the small to go to Revelation thirteen or to this is a verse or. Look at the minuses Revelation thirteen verse and what. What is all the power of the first pieces that is what the Bible. Says Revelation thirteen million versus three carefully. And then we would have a second burst three and I saw one of his hands as it were wounded to death. And his deadly wound was healed and. All the world did go in one would have to the beast right now the first two in verse to exist. And The Beast which I saw was light unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of there and as round as a mountain lion and the dragon gave here is what I see you can't have seen you can upgrade according to you first have power. To now go down versus. When you go to verse seven. The Bible says exactly what the power of us at the first piece had that the second beast watch. This isn't verse seven. And it was given to him to make war with the Saints. And to overcome them. And while I and. Power was given him. Over all kindreds. And tongues. And Nations and you have power over. A nation. What kind of power is that that this power. When you have power are over a nation. And you can tell a nation what to do. That means you have civil power. Is there a verse see it says in verse eight and how many. All that blow upon the earth shall be what shall I worship Him whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. So in verse seven. It had power over the nation. Which we call were kind of our civil power but then in verse day. It also exercises. Power to cost people to worship him. What kind of power is there with this power. So what do we see combine under the first beast and religious power. And as a result of the civil and religious come. It can tell the world what it wants. The second release of this. It is going to exercise. How much power. So that means the machine of the second beast. Is to have combined the Union. Church and State. This is the mission. This is the focus you follow that you now. Watch this with us continue go back to Revelation thirteen I was going to verse thirteen. Is a Revelation thirteen we're considering verse thirteen and we do a great wonder so that you make it five down in heaven. If I come down from Heaven knows what it says fire from heaven on the earth in the sight of men and deceiver then that one on the earth by the means of those miracles which Hear how to do in the sight of the beast. Saying to them. That drum on the earth. That they should make war oh and a image to the beast. We dispense with the image of the beast was the image of the beast as the union of the civil and religious. Power. Once civil and religious power comes together. Then you can exercise the mark of the beast. So first you need the image of the beast then you have. Mark Of The Beast which equates to persecution of the saints. Are you following. So when we're spending this my brothers and sisters. This scares me. Because notice what was stated. When through the century she has made laws concerning Sunday with the churches have a mind of all the work of servants and worse that is the trip that was the benefit. Hey guys this benefits you. And why is that important. Because of course the Revelation thirteen fourteen. This image of the beast that gets set up. It doesn't come from top down. It comes from bottom up saying to them that they're saying. Should make an image of the beast. So the people are going to say. We want it. And then the powers that be are going to say. Ask. And you shall receive. So there was a time that we need to be. Instruments of true education. It is right. We want to help the masses understand the deceptive powers that are going on in our world of how the devil. Is trying to destroy the Twin Towers. The gift from God God's holy institutions. Are you follow. And so we see that. That's why this bottom point right here. Should concern us. If they're also in the particular circumstances of our time. Christians will naturally drive to and for that whole legislation. Respects their duty to keep Sunday. Holders. The beast wants you to be part of its team to destroy the Twin Towers. You understand that. And that and I'm going through a series of history because a brother says that I have so many documents. I back up and back up and back up my back oh so my computer because I got too much data. This too much information. We're going to cover some of this information in more detail than our training. I don't believe that we really understand the ramifications of what happened when this thing launches. I question Do we really understand what is going to happen. According to the profit lens. So God wants us to understand the twin towers under attack. And this is the movie that's trying to make it happen. And now this is the man that's making sure it gets done. You see it was in twenty thirty that he was inaugurated but no this radical New York Times just. He came in March thirteenth. One month after April twenty sixth. You know when he sent out his agenda. And it was one hundred twenty for team is responding to the question. Do we need to rediscover the meaning of leisure for surprise together with a culture of work. There must be a culture of leisure as gratification. To put it another way. People who were. Must take the time to relax. To be. To families. To enjoy themselves. Re. Listen to music play a Ford. But this is being destroyed. In large part by. Elimination of the Sabbath resting. Now on what he says that more and more people were on Sunday. So that the Sabbath recipes talk about. More and more people were on Sundays. Consequences of the competitiveness. Imposed by consumer society. In such cases he concludes were dehumanizing people. So he's putting out a case real strong. We need to get back to Sunday's to the point. That is about two hundred fifty bishops men were all four hundred first on the movement call the evangelism. And he said which focuses on reawakening faith in those already bad times. One of their conclusions was. Even though there was a tension between the Christian Sunday. And the secular Sunday Sunday needs to be what we're going to cover in keeping the world with John Paul the is done and that's what we just read. That was twenty thirty that's why. Twenty fourteen. Again for instances opening this is on Sundays is not beneficial for society. Because the priority should be not economic but now. You need to understand that. Why did Rome say it was their method of how they successfully. For centuries past Sunday mass by focusing. The emphasis on who were first and servants. Focus on the people presenting it as a benefit to the people who are here goes. Pole Francis says. Opening businesses on Sunday is not beneficial for our society. Because the priority should be not economic but human. And that the stretch should be on families and. Friendships not commercial relationships. Though people are going to start over they think nothing. But the children of prophecy say we see a storm coming and you understand that. And that's why my brothers and sisters Oh and this visit was taking place. I don't know about you. Do you know I downloaded every. Transcript of. Every speech he gave me if I said I want all of this in transcript of this transcript because you know he had several meetings. And I said I want all of it all the data. And then I have to get all the data then I got it for you and you go through all the reading. And you will be amazed to find out what the emphasis was because if any of you miss it. You're going to say this was monumental this is the first pope ever. To address Congress. That we think of first or second beats now. When you look at that my brothers and sisters it's still beat. When we look at this here. I began to think about it I listened. And one of the first things he said when President Obama was sitting right behind him. He said I want to think God for President Obama's. Emphasis on religious freedom. And I thought to myself. Sir. You're a Jesuit. And Jesuits. Do not believe in religious freedom. Under Ignatius Loyola and the origin of the Jesuit order. The whole reason they exist. Is to destroy. Religious freedom and Protestantism and. To reestablish pay poll. Supremacy. That's one reason why they exist. So when he said that I was like. I'm sorry. I don't buy. I don't believe it straight or. I don't believe it. So I started thinking OK well he's tomorrow and any mention of more than once. Religious freedom religious freedom religious freedom. So I look at them like this is freedom. He's talking about the. How's it going to spin it. And the next thing you know. This article. Started looking at groups. Very very viable. News article. And were sent this. September twentieth twenty fifteen. US were United Nations poll poll of the people and the politics. In historic U.S. visit. And here's what was stated this was very interesting. Look at what it is Paul Francis dove into some of the United States forty years. Political debate. During his historic visit by urging the world wealthiest nation. And to welcome immigrants. To end homelessness and do more to address climate change. So in other words. There are several things that he touched on several things that he touched on. What he touched on it. You noticed that actually most touching on it was the emphasis. Welcoming the immigrants. There was a big push more on that notice the next point. So is right here. Sometimes his political messages were blunt. Like when he pleaded. Before the U.S. Congress for Americans to end the toward immigrants. He was pushing anything. That was an emphasis for him and hostility towards immigrants. Stop being so hard. All the immigrants. And I'm thinking. Why does that concern him. But it was hard to figure it out. Look. Sometimes his political messages were blunt like when he pleaded before the U.S. Congress. For Americans to end hostility towards immigrants. Other times. They were more subtle. Like the climate conscious post decision to ride around in a time fee out rather than a gas guzzling S.U.V.. This is this official said the poll was only restating church social teaching. And not making political statements in his first U.S. visit ever. Many in the public. And across the political landscape. Saw it differently. He goes on to say. Among them forty two year old Gabrielle Munoz of Brooklyn. An undocumented immigrant from where. Mexico. Who sent the post comments on immigration. Had given her a lot of hope and faith. I said. Interesting because he's stressing. Come on guys stop being so hostile towards the. Immigrants. Let more in. And then you know what So they're not what is what are the Lord being a lot about impressing the mind. Well all this immigration America. Noticed C.N.N.. September twenty eight. Asians all on pace to overtake Hispanics. Among Us immigrant study shows. Now ISIS. You have a population in when. Fifteen years. Is expected to be four hundred forty one million. With eighty eight percent of the growth from now until then coming from immigrants. OK So they're expecting a whole lot of new immigrants coming to us. Then when I hear that I was like OK. Asians they said. Our soon to surpass by time we get to fifty years later. Which I strongly. Question if we will have that much more time. And I say we don't. But I strongly doubt. And so what is it says U.S. population in fifty years is expected to be four hundred forty one million. With any percent of the growth from now until then. Coming from immigrants now. Watch this. HUME estimates that eleven point three million immigrants in the United States are authorized to be here. The number of on authorized immigrants from Mexico. Pete in two thousand and six point nine million. It has gone down ever since the report says. And we five point nine million in twenty two zero zero zero even so they still make up the majority of what Ana authorized immigrants fill. Preferably the largest amount of immigrants coming into the U.S. are coming from where. What is the predominant religion of Mexico and I'll hold on to the Bible. How will the image of the beast be set up by the votes of the people who enter it. More Catholic vote. Eventually these being healed. My brothers and sisters. The student of prophecy was supposed to see that. We were supposed to understand. And we were supposed to see the Twin Towers. Are being put under the Protect a handgun Sabbath is going through. But then the next question was wait a minute. What about the other tell. I can see profitably how. Is the attempt. The sound of this under Mass protect the what about the other tower. Prophesied. About the downfall of the other tower. You see the Bible also say it. As it was. It's the day or so Saturday and the coming of the Son of man. Now I want you to turn with me to Matthew twenty four. Let's continue the verses. In Matthew twenty four we can see these and hear nothing from God. These divine institutions the holy twins. The god they are profit plea. Growing up. Under attack my brothers and sisters. And something done about. And so the Bible goes on to say in Matthew twenty four if you there police say amen. When Matthew now we're looking at the twenty fourth chapter and when you get to Matthew twenty four say amen. Matthew twenty four verse thirty. Continuing. This is a Matthew twenty four verse three for as in the days that were before the flood. They were eating and drinking. Marrying and giving in marriage. Until the day that no entered into the are and do not until the flood came and took them all the way. So shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. And so we see that one of the signs. Oh no this day. Is that people were going to be marrying and giving in marriage. Are you found. Now. Is there anything wrong with marriage. Is it a gift from God or what is done his way and so when we go back to Genesis six let's take a look at what happened in the days of Noah. It was in Genesis the sixth chapter. That when we look at the days of Noah. Let us notice what the Bible says Genesis. We're looking at the sixth chapter now. And I want you to watch what the text is as we look at Genesis six. And we're going to look at verses. Eleven and twelve. And when you get there. Let you know by seeing a man in Genesis six verses eleven and twelve the Bible says. The Earth. Also was. What her. Before God and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth. And behold it was her up for all flesh had corrupted his way. Upon the earth. So how much flesh her with their wings. So according to the Bible. There was a prophecy. That. I'm going to be marrying and giving in marriage. But they're going to do it in a corrupt manner you understand it. And so we see that this also is. Prophecy. And so we can look now and we can learn. There are many. Marriage corruptions today. The first. Probably most known. And most popular form of the corruption of the all the. Only twin. Is none other than that. Thing called adultery. What is adultery it's when a person who is unfaithful to their sprawl or has violated someone else's marriage covenant. God show that there was going to be a fury been asked of behavior. By which there was going to be a correction. Where women are going to start sleeping with other women's husbands are going to start sleeping with other men's wives. Individuals husbands or wives are going to start becoming on Facebook. And they're going to go ahead and go. And violate the very covenant that they need before men and. Angels and God. And we see that this thing is happening. That's why we have to have a night dedicated to the subject ourselves not commit adultery. Because this is truly a Koresh and. All the blessin whole the American government that God gave to humanity. But it's not just there. Because you also have things like common law marriage. That's a corruption my brothers and sisters. What is common law marriage. It's an arrangement where two people who are not marry. Live together. In and most generally. Or sexually intimate relationship. Or a long term. Or permanent basis. My or their sisters. If there's anybody that's that in this time I way. That is a sin. Any action. Of the true. Example and context. And less sin of God who married. People thinking let's live together for a little while. I don't read that in the Bible in fact. I have another lesson for my young people are young men think we want time he said rather than. He says. What should I mean and move out and get my own apartment and all these things when you think about I was thinking about moving out to get my own apartment and. You know living alone for a little while to try to get acclimated to life. What do you think I should do. And I said Well. Doesn't matter what I think I think everything matters what the Bible says don't you agree. And he said yes. And I said well let's go to Genesis two we went to Genesis two. And look at verse twenty four carefully and sit there for Shall a man. Leave his far. And his mother. And shall leave. Unto his wife. And then these two shall be one flesh. I say according to the verse. Where was this guy before he got married. He was with his father and his mother. I said therefore that's the Eden model so you need to stay home. Given the festival that is. Do you know. Our young people get into some of the worst trouble. Once they start living on their own. Once you've got a partner to your own the understand how easy it is to fall into the better fornication. Do you want to see how easy it is to party and fall in the peer pressure. The left to even model for either model as you say who Jesus was home until thirty. Why because you could not be a rabbi. Until you reached the age of thirty. So Jesus did not enter into his binnacle ministry. Until the appropriate age. And before he went into that ministry. He was homeless it. Save yourself from a thousand perils. Now obviously I'm not talking about individuals who have to go away. To colleges and schools. And these type of scenarios. Those are all of the different. But if you study hard leadership. Did you know that even the students that would go away to school and get educations. They were supposed to be some of the Advent band that would open their homes. And let those young people stay there. I'm telling you we need to start your education all over again because we're doing a lot of things way. Out of order. And you so you'll find that. This type of stuff is what's happening. So now you have a lot of young people saying. Let me so my wild oats let me go ahead and shrive some things out. Let me get myself. Acclimated to life protocol. And then they fall into this death trap called common law marriage. Which only. Earth recognizes and not it. And so this is another marriage corruption. Then. Polygamy and polyandry. What is that. That when a man has more than one wife. And a woman has more than one husband. Called polygamy and polyandry. These are all sorts of marriage corrections. That we're seeing in our world today. And then there's this one that's really popular amongst those in a training. If you call. Open marriage. You don't over America. It allows. Extramarital affairs for all the spouses. And both of them have the option of maintaining a relationship beyond the marriage turns. It is becoming popular. This is the start of a law for my brother the sisters the world has nothing to offer God's people. And we need to break these molds and so it is going to get all these American actions. And through these things are correcting errors. But my brother says the state has. His best to last because now we are living in a time where as bad as all of these are. We are now seeing ourselves in a time where now we have to deal with gay marriage. And I'm here to say my brothers and sisters. That Listen. I am a Christian. And I believe in religious freedom. And I also believe in freedom of speech. And if a man wants to promote or for a woman wants to promote all of their foremost sexuality. And not suffer any consequences for their advocacy. The question ought to be able to do the same. I marvel at how hypocritical. The homosex. Community has become. Because rears ago. When it was nowhere near as popular cool and fashionable. To be game. The homosexual community used to cry and say why is it that people speak so strongly against it. Why haven't they persecute us. Why is it that we can't just express ourselves and live our lives etc and they were mad. And now their day has arrived. And now everything from governments to courts and everybody else is on the side of homosexuality and transgender. And now. If a Christian simply wants to see this lifestyle. Is according to the Bible and. Augmentation. And where they say that all of a sudden they want to block people from coming to countries that it is hypocritical my brothers and sisters. That has absolutely hypocritical. If you don't agree. You don't have to listen to it. If you don't agree. You don't need to say to the church. If you don't agree. You can go where you can find someone who speaks those words that you want to hear. But it is on God. It is inhumane. And it is absolutely hypocritical. That just because now that the governments are on your side. Now we want to suddenly become a persecuted to the Christian. That one guy my brothers and sisters. And that is hypocritical. And I stand on the Word of God. My brothers and sisters. Jesus made it very clear in Matthew nineteen. He's saying from the beginning it was not so when God made them God made them. And female. That the Bible. And so it is that we see that this is the popular correction to their parents. And it is sweeping over our society my brothers and sisters. I look at this little chart you see this is the new quality that. This is the new me quality. And so on is that when you look at the charts. If you look at the same sex marriage. Twenty thirteen. This is how many states are twenty four twenty. This is how many states approve. Twenty fifteen. It was a done. Be talking about greenish images of soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid once volume one of the testimonies page eleven. We are seeing this happen right before our faces. My brothers and sisters. The. Twitter is under attack. There is no way that we could ignore this my friends. We have to understand. And as bad as this is it is the worst. When it is endorsed by. My brothers and sister. Churches who are more relevant to this friendship gospel. Churches that I actually say. You know what we need to do is teach love. And I have a love does not I also give warnings and rebukes. The common response is. We must love them we must love them. My brothers and my sisters. Let me show you our new dynamic of love that many people apparently don't study. Go to Revelation Chapter three. The Bible says in Revelation of her chapter on another dynamic of love that people need to understand. It is in Revelation the third chapter. Notice what the Bible says in Revelation Chapter three The Bible says Revelation three. And those were the Texans as we consider Revelation three and verse nineteen. The Bible says and Revelation Chapter three. And we're considering verse nineteen the Bible says Revelation three nineteen. As many as I hate. I hear. Jesus do. What he loves people and says as many as I love I rebuke. And she sent these here for our return. So notice that love her be. Chastens loves you enough to tell you the truth. I say to the homosexual community. I love you too much to lie to you the last. Actuality. Is not something God created. You can substantiate that with God's Word. In and say or a result of the sin. Full nature. But God has promised us a second to do want to verse four. Where are given to us. Exceeding grid Perseus promises that my knees. You might become partakers of the divine nature. And what's the effect of that. You will escape the corruptions that are in the world. Through lust including. This marriage corruption. That's what needs to be taught to the homosexual community. We need to love them enough to tell them the truth. Tell the Truth and Love. Enough to tell the truth it's funny when I think of the movement of the Holy Spirit. You know the Bible says the food of the Spirit. This is not amazing That's the first fruit right. The fruit of the Spirit lawsuit the Spirit of God comes he's on the mission in. But I thought it was interesting when you read John sixteen adversity. This is that when the comforter comes he will remove the world of sin. So that when the Spirit of God. Proves or convinces the world of this. Sinful ways. There is actually a demonstration of Godly love. Can you imagine that people think that muddling our mouths and. Putting up the rainbow signs above our churches. Is letting people know. And sometimes. We've got people that don't even go here then I'll just say. They all are welcome. I've met my brothers and sisters I living all sexual lifestyle to say Hey you're welcome in the church. So are fornicators so murderous. So are liars. And so is everybody else. But you need to understand you're going to hear a message. That is for change. The power of God's Holy Spirit. To the Word of God in the name of Jesus and. That's what we are going to have a problem with all the welcome. But the problem is when we say welcome to the point that now we are allowing transgenders to become elders. Returned to begin saying oh it's all right for elders. To the trans do. When these things are to be transgender. You see my goodness was this the image of transgender right now is that everybody in the world is praising it. And giving awards to. And he is very prosody. Because he is not seen to give an option. Even according to true science. A man can not become a woman. So it's a mind game the world is playing on us. I don't really have an article that I can show you that is true even from John Hopkins. Tell him. It is not true it is a deception. What an individual thinks it can go from being a man to being a woman. Is a deception. It's all on mental game. It is not going to say that so I am saying the truth. He. He and we assign and could change everything you want and still the man now. The reality is this. I'm like this because you're not treacherous to the person says this is a scary day which is good while wiring is good past is Gail this attorney general has all these things we see in us all around us and when these things happen. People started to free my brothers and sisters. We have to learn sooner or later when you stand for God then maybe consequences. You just have to accept it. We don't love them enough to tell them the truth. Now this right here. If ever there was a direct application. To this called. The Bible says. The old woman shall not wear. That which pertain unto a man. We'll show man put on a woman's garment. All had been sown. Bomb a nation on to the Lord our God. S. good rabbit wanted to file that verse. Oh why isn't our world today. This is the prize merely application to. Deuteronomy twenty two five. We see happening in the trends in the world today. And so what's happening. Is that a shirt she has. Are allowing our obligations to come in their pulpits. And God says one reason often workers that are going to cry. And five. Against all the abominations that are in the world. My brothers and my sisters. This was never explained. This is how broad this is how bad. This is how deep it goes people are falling. What Hersey. Does is they have to be somebody that will rise up and raise up in love. Enough. The standard questions to say don't call this thing out right. Was right name. Somebody who really love and I am a transgender and I will tell you there is so much history in Jesus. If the heart is willing and wise in association with us who used to be gay. And I don't want to get. I'm going to show here is where people used to practice this transgender lifestyle. And today men have gone back to being men and women have gone back to being women. I have seen with my own eyes. The power of the gospel. And here because of the world doesn't understand it gives them no right to use the arc of the law. To try to suppress the Christian teaching the truth. If the truth is my brother's it's such a it's only truth and these people for him. And we don't even understand the down spiral of all this stuff is coming along. Because you know the popular question is are you the public questions. The part of the question is Why do people saying watch him. If you're going to redefine marriage. As not being between one man one woman. The question is who gives you a right to say it's between one. One to one series. And so today. We now have the same sex from. This is real. This is the next group. Now to go to the courts. And the courts don't have a leg to stand on. And you know serene. National. This is going to lead to a national ruling. America has no idea what they did. When they passed that vote. And now there's no turning back. God wants us to understand my brothers and sisters. The Twin Towers. Are under attack. And the last phase of our study. What should we do. What should we do. You know we should do. We should do what he lied to DID HE LIED TO didn't go to Matthew seventeen that she would like to bring out some final points now. Now seventeen knows what he wanted to do. Question is where should we do. What should we do outside who should do should do a lot of. You should do with the patriarchs of the prophets of old the. Man in the seventeenth chapter. This notice what the Bible says. Amen. Praise God. And then. Seventeen notice what the Bible says when you get there. Please say Man The Bible says in Matthew seventeen in verse eleven. This isn't Jesus answered a seven to them asking the shall first come. And was alive going to do. He's going to restore our only thing all is not something. What they like to do. He were stored all things. This was talking about first and foremost John the Baptist but we know that it does not apply just to John the Baptist. It applies to those who work under the spirit and power of Elijah in the last days. You see my friends we need to understand that even if the ration tells us in the time. Of the end. While. Divine Institution is to be what we saw. Did you catch that. What were the two things that we started our way or the set or. We talk about how many divine institutions. To him now we are told that in the time of the end how many. Divine. Institution is to be restored prophets and Kings six seventy eight. And so we need to do work that is. Indoors with the spirit and. Power of the lives. But we're going to follow the methodology of me to mine. My brothers and sisters. The type of messages the call of me home by God has made it clear. I want to meet the Mayans in these last days. I want to watch this. This isn't. Third commentary. Eleven thirty seven. Paragraph two. It says we need in this age of the world who sat around. The people to see how far from God. They are because of the transgression of his wall. The mire was a reform. A great man raised off to an important time. And he came in contact with evil. And every kind of opposition. British courage and zeal. Were aroused. His energy and determination. Inspired the people of Jerusalem. And strength and courage to the poorest of feebleness and discouragement. Here in this holy purpose. Here is how the whole. Here is cheerful consecration to the word contagious. It is it that the people call the enthusiasm of their leader and his fear. Each man be tane to make stronger than and heart. Of his neighbor. Here is a lesson for all ministers off. The present day. We need to minimize. You know I would be some the alliance. Because I want to take you to this church. Go to me and my. Thirteen. Let's watch what we have minded. When you look at what Levi did my brothers and sisters. I believe we can understand and I can understand why we need to meet the minds. You see my brothers and sisters. What we went through this week. Was not just a good idea. What we went to visit you see what the pastor told and I talked about. In my last visit a few months. Go when we were praying and thinking about what should be the emphasis when I come on this wasn't supposed to be the subject. I want to talk about them. But it was through the leaving of God's Spirit to go in the in my thirteen. It was one of the leading of God's fear. That we touched and agreed to say this we need to address the family. And what you need to understand is that what we've been covering all this week. Was actually profit. It was not just simply. A good idea. It was profit it was me in my thirty. The Bible says any of my thirteen starting in verse fifteen verse fifteen you do sixteen I'll do seventeen you do eighteen will take the twenty one. Notice what the Bible says. And we have Miles. Thirteen starting at verse fifteen. In those days so I am Judas some shredding wine presses on the Sabbath and bringing in sheaves and lady. Masses. Also wine grapes and figs and all manner of burdens. Which they brought home to Jerusalem. On the Sabbath day. And I testified against them in the day. Where in they sold. The jewels. Then I contended with the nobles of Judah and said unto them. What evil thing is this that he do and proofing. The Sabbath day. And he came to pass that when the gates of Jerusalem began to be dark before the Sabbath. I commanded that the gate should be shut. And charge that they should not be open till after the Sabbath and some of my servants said I at the gates. That this should be no burden. Be brought in on the Sabbath day. I I. Then I testified against them and said to them why was he about the wall. If you do so again. I'm only. Hands on you. From that time forth. Came they know more on the second home buyer. Was not a priest a liar. Was a reformer. All of the administering know that we are the last effort of the Reformation. Oh I don't know who the Huguenots. I think going to the world then. I think God or wife or I think God house. I think gone wrong. I think God for Luther and NS Windley and. All the others. My brothers and sisters gone raise the this movement. Because with the last effort. Of the Reformation. We now are forming my brothers and sisters. And that's exactly what we have I was and went home I saw that there was a perversion of God's holy Sabbath day. Nina Meyer didn't wear. Sabbath perform. He was used by God to bring back honor and glory to God. As it related to the Sabbath. But my brothers and sisters. Noticed the twenty A.M. I also worked twenty three same methodology twenty three and twenty four excess. In those days. Also so I didn't lose. That had married wives. Of Ashdod Amazon and Moab. Me and I contended with them and cursed them and show certain of them and their hair. And made them swear by God saying. He shall not give your daughters unto their sons. Nor take their daughters into your sons. For yourselves. Or for yourselves. These be the all the shall we need them. And hearken unto you to do all this great evil. To chance pressed against our God. In marrying strange wives. The member of the old my God because they have defiled the priesthood. And the covenant of the priesthood. And all of the Levites together. Thus when designed them from. All strangers. And out pointed the wards of the priests and Levites. Everyone in here is is this the home I did not just do a work of Sabbath reform. But me whom I also did a work on merit reform. Me Home I am I going to sisters. He honor God he. Are of the divine institutions. He honored the twins. In the very last moments of Earth's history we are told that we need more neither minds. And God wants us to honor him you see right now. Who is when I say if the verses eleven. Onward to fourteen. We read that. There was a breach that was ready. And then there's a group that was called up. To be repairers of the breach. But the problem is. We only understand the breach in the context of the Sabbath. But my brothers and sisters we are more intelligent now. Because the Sabbath era when. And when we were out of sight and so who are really going to repair the breach. Then by the grace of God who really need to repair the breach. You need to address both we kids go tell everybody about God's holy Sabbath day of rest. And then they come to our homes and see the bones are see how unloving husband a wife is one to another. How careless rambunctious children are my brothers and sisters we have to understand. If we're truly going to get the message of God in the south. Remember the effect of what the Sabbath was supposed to do. It was to draw us to the Creator and to creation. It was to. Cause us to remember redemption. It was because a lot of. That would bring for. Holiness. Within our hearts. And you know. Seven days a week and. It was primarily to be demonstrated in the home. That's the sign of the truce I have of people. That is showing the effect of what God wanted to accomplish. So we can't be so concerned about helping the world. And helping everybody else. Honestly how wrong they are. Because they're working on the wrong day. While sometimes their homes. Might be in better condition than ours. My brothers and my sisters I leave you with this quote. This means everything to me and it should mean everything to you in Atlanta tone priest thirty two car after he says the greatest evidence what is it. Don't you want to give to the world the greatest evidence. Is the greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world where this is a family. This WHO recommend God's truth and nothing else. Can see what kind of witness. Having witness. To cool. Power. Upon the heart. You see my mind this is just the reason why there's so much gay marriage. Is because they said look we do have a sexual. And you failed. Life. There literally looking honestly missing. You can talk all your Bible verses you want. I want to see the problem of your God you're all this really that's the argument that they're getting. This isn't all right you can you can disprove me. This thing you can show me I can't refute what you're seeing from your bible. But the problem is I don't see what your Bible prophesies. Happening in your house. Is not the home. She is with the highest divorce rate. If the heretick is not whole sections that are going around huddled Springs children. Is the head of a section. So they're saying if your god is so right. Why has it we don't see his power. So we've got a saying. The world has a right to see the Gospel. We owe it to them my brothers and sisters. We owe it to them. We've got to stop professing. I don't even understand how some of us can come to church. And we can learn we have worship. Do not mind that we're hardly either. Bareness hatred of resentment. To people who we pressed to know for better or for worse. We're not sure who are. Sickness and In Health. Till death do we part. And many of us are realizing we lied. We lied before the sooner things got worse. We were ready to write divorce papers and to let go of worth. We started looking on the other side of the grounds thinking that it was going to be greener. And we wouldn't understand why destroying our homes destroying our children. Destroying our church. And we're destroying our witness and we're breaking God's heart. This is why God says that News of the reform we need to have a far greater emphasis on the family. Than just the way. We cannot just simply go and do. Family events here. Everything must occur around it my brothers or sisters. We must understand what it is to be a true. Godly family. And that's what we were studying what we were studying all week. Oh you believe with God Lord show me how my home. Can be nothing less than heaven on earth. Nothing less. Show me Lord God will show you who show brothers. Sisters how to love each other. He will show children. How to love their parents. He will show husband how to love this wife. He will shows what love her husband. God can bring us back you can reunite us. You can believe it. But if all we think is we got an edge on the rest of the world because we keep sad and they keep Sunday. We deceiving ourselves will be in the saying exactly the five and many of them will be. And even worse some of us will be in the lake of fire and they won't. Because they lived up to more light. That they had than we did. God says I want to change that. Gaza's I want to change that there is enough righteousness. And there's enough power and one man to give to the whole planet. And his name is Jesus Jesus can give you real victory. He can show you when I turn our homes into heaven. And he will get all the credit for my purposes. I made a decision. One day I got tired. I said to myself I said you know. Why is it that there's so many promises in the Bible. This promise is for home. This promise is for finances. This promises. For health. This is all these promises. Yet. When you generally come on amongst the people of God. You don't see those promises realized. Some of God's people are so financially destitute. They can't even take care of their needs. While they're serving a God and says. I will supply all of you need support of them his riches in glory to the people that live like that. Some day adventists some times. Us laughing five but the one thing I can answer to. I type two diabetes to. I'm twenty just like you. ACT and stressed out. General you are connected to the God of heaven and earth. And thinking to myself. I don't understand that you have a Bible. Then we claim to believe that has no many. Promises it. But when you do an assessment amongst the people of God. You see we are constantly lacking. Best lopsided. Maybe we are experiencing one of the twenty promises. But God had the whole God thing. I said all twenty. Gods I promised. All twenty. So the problem is not with God the Father is with us. So one day. I made a result as a father. I couldn't with you never looked and then. Ever again. For my example. I used to actually search. Out for mentors. I used to go to. Elders and others and I would say would you be my mentor. I literally did that. Asked people. Would you be my mentor would you teach me. And the best answer that they gave. Was I'm sorry I'm too busy. Because later on I saw some of their homes are so destroyed. That's it Lord have mercy if I were to set under their leadership. Their image might have been reflected in my home my inner my dear. And so God had to force me. God I remember one day I'm driving a car. And I had tears in my eyes. Because I want to grow over this. Everything goes I want this thing you understand. So I'm like why is this so hard I'm trying to to grow I need a mentor. And it was almost like literally. The still small voice. And goddesses. I'll be human too and the only reason I didn't accept that option so many years. Was because I didn't trust them. I thought I really was real but I did think he was real enough to be a guide and an instructor a counselor to me. And so God blocked. Every time I went to a person God brought in and brought it because God are saying you are mine. Thus I want you on my own. So one day I yielded. And I no longer the time and you know. I'm through Margaret. Do you know. It's been years. Nobody knows my business. Nobody knows my business why because I have learned to go to go to a place in my relationship with him and keep me keep in mind that. I'm not saying Iraq until you know advance I have not a right I want to get very clear. All right I'm a piece of work I guarantee you that. But what I want to I know how to go to my father when I got it seems. No other good and I can trust him and so it is that I got to that place my brothers and sisters. And what I'm saying to you is us that pile I want. Everything you promised me. I says Show me where I need to be in you. That when it comes to finances of exactly where I need to be because of what you promised. When it comes to my home. I want to know exactly what it is to be the best husband on planet or. By your Grace help me to become so. I want to be the best father in the world by your grace. Show me how to become such. And my brothers and sisters. I'll say this. I have not arrived. But I know who I was yes. I see the progression. I see what God is doing. He's literally changing my mind. He's changing the way I think he's changing the way I'm reacting. And now you ask me how I know he lives. He lives because he's in my life. And this room. This room. He wants to be in your heart. You understand brothers and sisters. This is God's great design. He wants to make your heart. His home. We have to stuff like we have to stuff I mix and render. You can't be done. You're not going to win brothers and sisters. You just might lose out on everything but you definitely will not win. We've got to get to that place. I'm not going to see it anymore Lord. Now by your grace. I'm going to live it. Surrender. All. There's some of us in this room we are not at least. We're making excuses for our sins. We try to blame others for our. Adulterous behaviors. We try to blame others for our intemperate actions. We try to blame others for all these things. And some of us have been simmering sin. And trying to act like. Seeing didn't happen but it happens. My brothers and my sisters. We need help. We need help. When you and I realize. Lord. I need help. God help me. And so my question is simple is there anybody in this room this is I realize I need help if you do. Please stand your feet I want to pray with you. We don't have it all together. Really help. We are in a desperately wicked condition. We need the right is this that only having can give. And I don't know about you but I'm so glad. After all these years and. All this rebellion. His arms are still outstretched. Amazing grace how sweet this is. To save a rich life. Arms still. Outstretched. Is there somebody in this room. That you have not settled between yourself and God. When it comes to marring him. And keeping holy his there for us. There might be. Even one person who says that to me I've never made an intelligent deliberate decision. To follow Christ and honor him. By keeping a seven. If they want to as my C.N.N.. Payment God bless you sister. God blessed. Is there another who says yes that's me. I've never made a decision. To our God. And to keep his holy Sabbath they were God bless you brother. Amen. Praise God. Amen sister. That's it. That's it. Is there anybody else listen folks some of us been playing games with God we've fallen into routines. And some of us don't even know how to enter into Gaza as it would be another says. That's mean and I need to learn it all over again. And if that you I just want to give you an opportunity if you've never made such a declaration. And decision. My brothers and my sisters. God doesn't want to just restore. One twin. He wants to restore both because the images are you believe them together. And may all of us become gods be. Lights. When everybody else. Becomes cowards. And then we become theory which is what everybody else ceases to love and we overflow. And when many years. We have admired for their evil go out darkness. May we continue to shine bright and beautiful for Master made it all the credit. That a spree. Loving Father we thank you. We praise you. That in these last moments of Earth's history. You are raising a NEED A minds. That will do such a restore to work. Under the power of your Holy Spirit that the two divine institutions the holy twin. That means so much to humanity and have been scarred and marred by this world. Please Lord. Show us by your grace and your power. How we can demonstrate. Not just talk about it. Not just preaching. But. Demonstrate the power of the gospel. And I thank you for everyone who took their stand. I thank you for those few hands that have gone out that never made a decision to Army. And to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy considering how such a precious gift given to us. Dear God please give us a sound mind and sound hearts. Surround us with the presence of the only angels and show us how we may live for you. Serve you and love you and be faithful. Even unto death. For it is then and only then. That we shall have our crowns of life. And from one Sabbath to another during the time. Of the eternal marriage between humanity. And of the nitty. We will praise you. Thank you God in Jesus name. In this message is produced by. Ministries. Our mission is to spread the three enjoys messages. Preaching and teaching. The Seventh Day Adventist message. And to integrate healing through medical missionary work. In the clearing the gospel. For more information on our ministry. And the resources we provide these log on to our website at W W W P T H Ministries dot com. That's W W W P T eight. Ministries dot com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven. That seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven. May we do our part to meet the needs of humanity. The everlasting Gospel. He said. Christ returned. Maranatha.


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