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The Theological Development of Present Truth

Adrian Zahid



  • January 17, 2009
    9:00 AM
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I'm very glad that that we are able to do this the seventh history class and that has the status class weekend we can see how God has led his church in the past and begin recounts on the teachings of the principles that have been learned and become learned those so that we don't have to go through those again also today I apologize I do not have any handouts for you I do have this fifteen page paper that I wrote on this class today and if you do the math fifteen tenths fifty eight would be way too much for me to copy for all of you so hopefully I'll make is available online about a person and you can find their best begin with prayer the father we ask that as we study the theological development of present truth that each one of us come away with a sense of how how well the foundation was was laid for his church and then that deep Bible study and prayer were some things that that were commonplace in the times of our news and he can be the same for us today and you see me I wanted his review really quickly with you some of the Pioneer principles of Bible study these are principles that they that they held to and that they used when they say the Bible there five of them and these are principles that William Miller used as to guide him in his Bible study and later other pioneers adopted them as well the first one is all searches necessary and maybe understood by diligent study by one who has faith bristle number to the Scripture its own expositor number three to understand doctrine ostrich of passages on the topic must be brought together number for God has revealed things to come by visions and figures and in parables these must be studied together since one prophecy and other award should be understood literally that makes good sense otherwise one must discover from other passages it's figurative sense to provide a historical event is a fulfillment of prophecy only when it matches the prophecy in all its details these principles are all built on the historical grammatical or the historical debacle method of interpretation that the reformers use and are pioneers used as well in eighteen eighty four Ellen White wrote the those were engaged in proclaiming the third Angels message are searching the Scriptures upon the same plan that father Miller adopted review and Herald November twenty five eighteen eighty four after quoting these five rules that I just quoted to you she added in our study of the Bible we shall all do well to heed the principles set forth so these are the principles that they used to study the Bible and let us go into now that theological development our present truth present truth is defined by certain truth in the Bible that are presently pertinent for us today and that these truths are central to the Adventist faith and as we look at these these truths today we will see how central they are and how well the foundation has been laid for them as as Norman discussed last last week eighteen forty four on October twenty two there is a great disappointment when Jesus did not come and people were scattered abroad they just had no clue what to do where to go people had left their crops people have left their work and now they were they were faced with a winter and Dave had absently no direction as to where to go there was an editor on his name is a policy ale you distinguish for classes of Adventists or millwrights in those days class number one goes deplored and condemned their past adamant experience and strongly objected to any further time compilations they completely get away with what they believe before number two of those a continued time setting building their cancellations upon anything they could find that was good number two number three those whose confidence had been shaken so that they reflected without it is in no way they should believe in God 's word or whether they should just go into the world they were just conflicted group number for those who express confidence in the former calculations and felt that the predicted events had taken place as a group number four and this was the group that eventually laid the foundation for the Seventh-day Adventist church there were two major problems that they had to address right after the great disappointment problem number one what was signified by the coming of the bridegroom is the parable which is found in Matthew twenty five one to thirteen had its fulfillment in the seventh month movement and if the coming did not symbolize the second advent remember they thought that the coming of the bridegroom was the time the Jews would come to this Earth and that wasn't the case then what was signified by the command of bridegroom had to go and re-examine that parable again because that was the foundation for their faith and the second one was the second major issue was what was the meaning of the cleansing of the sanctuary in Daniel eight fourteen of the twenty three hundred days had terminated on October twenty two they felt that their time talk lesions were right but what was meant by the cleansing of the century could remember when they read that under two hundred and under two thousand three hundred days and then shall the century be cleansed they believe you know that the century was the earth and God is coming to cleanse the earth but what does it but God did not come at on October twenty two eighteen forty four even though all that calculations said that that he should come into what was meant by the cleansing of the century so these are the two issues that that they were wrestling and the subject of Christ's high priest ministry eventually provide the key to the to the biblical solution of these two problems and to new interpretations emerged from that the first interpretation had to do with the coming of the bridegroom and that's they said that that the coming of the bridegroom symbolize Christ coming to the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary on October twenty two and that the cleansing of the century reveal the nature of his ministry from that time on and so there was a switch in Christ Ministry on October twenty two and when he would finish his ministry in heaven then he would come back to earth that was the that the change that they they they found after saying the Bible does look a little bit into the bridegroom theme and how that how the study of that developed after eighteen October twenty two eighteen forty four one of the earliest interpretations of this parable was actually started the day right after October twenty two eighteen forty four hiring Edison Hiram Edson was a Millerite preacher and he was a leader in Port Gibson New York and he wrote of this experience that he felt impressed after prayer that a mistake had been made in the manner that averages had expected tries to come as a bridegroom but not in the predicted time so he was making about this and he said after breakfast I said to one of my brethren let us go encourage some of the brothers we started and while passing through a large field I stopped about when the field heaven seemed open to my view and I saw distinctly and clearly that instead of our high priest coming out on the most holy of the heavenly century to come to his article on attentive the seven-month identify three hundred days or October twenty two eighteen forty four that he had for the first time entered on the data second apartment in a century and that he had a work to perform and the most holy place before coming to earth then he came to the marriage at the time in other words to the ancient of days to receive the kingdom dominion and glory and we must wait for his return from the wedding so that was this this this thing that burst upon his senses as he was walking to the field that morning right after eighteen forty four October twenty two eighteen forty four and Ensign 's interpretation was that the century in Daniel eight fourteen was not they haven't the century was a heavily century and it was not the earth as they had believed before and so he plays the coming of the bridegroom to the marriage in the context advantage of her seven thirteen and fourteen and related it to the coming of Christ as the high priest in the second apartment the heavenly sanctuary and so two hire medicine on October twenty two eighteen forty four the time was correct the predicted time is correct but what happened the events that happened that day was a Jesus went from the holy place into the most holy to begin another phase of his ministry that was his contribution to this 's dilemma there is not a person in a Jacobs he wrote in December of eighteen forty four in the Western midnight cry magazine he alluded to the coming of Christ in the setting of the judgment and he made a distinction between a pre- Advent judgment and executive judgment of the second Advent so this is contribution to this discussion upon a sale until the Turner Dickel wrote an editorial around the same time and they gave more extensive treatment of this bridegroom theme and that the whole parable and eight at another point of interest the importance of keeping our garments indicated that a change in guards Christ working the heavenly century necessitated a change in hollow God 's people lived on this earth and so there was there was the contribution as well that was me Ellen White and generate eighteen forty six had a vision publishing this vision she did she saw a place in heaven that was similar to the most holy place of the early century and described it in terms of Hebrews chapter nine three and five and the marriage supper of the Lancet she tied those two those two issues together and his vision for the first time confirmed the physical reality of a heavenly century is the first time that they realized there was a sanctuary in heaven and it was a real century and in March eighteen forty six another vision this is why saw Jesus and intercessor for the people says sitting on a throne with a father in the way place of the century than both of them left there the throne room and end the holy place and went to the most holy place but what was interesting was that Avent is were to keep their garments spotless for little while and Christ would while price for a little while Christ would return from the wedding and Adventist who had been deceived were ignorant of the view of the of the committee were described as being under the influence of Satan was a key vision at that time and it is recorded in early writings the other issue was the defilement of the century how was the century in heaven defiled misandry in heaven then where everything is perfect be defiled can it be why does it need to be cleansed in heaven and so on there was a man his name is Owen RL Crozier he was on the first date to examine the dynamics by which of the century in heaven is defiled and yelled for points he said that the essentially defiled by a posse transgression as the type by Roman and apostate Christianity does the appetite confessions place on the sacrifice that's the type and in the Old Testament and confessions placed on crisis management so he would he talked about how the century was was defiled in heaven and how it need to be cleansed their something contemporary views at the time that contrasted with what the millwrights were starting to study and an believe from the Bible one of the views work was about juices ministering the holy place in a mostly placer people believe the Jesus began his ministry in the mostly place after crucifixion and the most holy Place is synonymous with heaven early evidence came to believe that the early century was a type of the heavenly sanctuary and that there Emily Santry had two compartments this idea of a century holy and the most holy and that Jesus when he went to heaven he went to the holy place and he worked over there first there is the issue of where they talked about in the same most holy gzip mode in the most holy motive they talked about being at the right hand of God and James White commented on this argument by saying that no one will contend the Jews has been perfectly stationary of the father 's right hand literally for more than eighteen hundred years Bates until the base advocate a similar view that in Revelation Jesus is depicted as walking among the candlesticks which is not only away from the throne because he's walking but also that the candlesticks were in the holy place on earth so there was a difference in where Jesus was there is also statement about within the veil there is a dispute about what it meant by within the veil and the contemporary interpretation was the reference of the veil before the holy employees implying that Jesus had been in that place ever since the beginning of his high priest ministry however crows it just disagreed and he pointed out that there were two males or two one was a curtain and I was too from the court yard into the holy place of the curtain and in the next one was called the veil which was going into the most holy place and so yet useless within the veil he was in the holy place of the time then there was an issue about the scapegoat and this is a big issue at a time many Christians believe in the scapegoat in the day of atonement ritual was another symbol of Christ Crozier again strongly opposes interpretation the correct Biblical into many of the skateboard is designated by Satan and he gave eight points on two to refute that to refute that idea and those eight points a very fascinating and I have been here but we do not have time to go through them so will will pass through will pass by them but if you if you go back and if you study his if you study his his eight points that you that he brings up it is this it is fascinating to see how deeply perceptive the man was when you say the Bible and just from one verse he could pull out so much out of it that actually logically made sense and this is because of a studying and praying okay I I to show I can show may be maybe one for example on a book will do for number two it is a scapegoat that is sent away from Israel into the wilderness land is uninhabited to receive them and if our blessed Savior is the other type of the scapegoat then you must also be sent doing on his body loan but also the soul and the body and for the glut was sent away alive and not to our nor into his people needed to heaven for it is a wilderness of land that is not inhabited so when the wind escape of us into the wilderness it cannot be Christ because it was sent into the wilderness Jesus was not sent into the wilderness and other point that he brings out is the goal received iniquities from the hand of the high priest and he sent it away as Christ is the priest the goals must be something the gold must be something else besides himself which he can send away that make sense so this event that this commonsense things but it saves perception it takes the Holy Spirit to be will to look at the text and be able to derive these things beckon completely refute these these issues in other point of note on the century doctrine as we as a wrapup your about the century was that in eighteen fifty three around eighteen fifties that some of the millwrights began to separate themselves into more groups and some of them began to question the validity or the relationship between Daniel chapter eight and Daniel chapter nine the cleansing of the sanctuary and the start of the seventy weeks and so there was a dispute over there and Jane Andrews wrote a four-part exposition of the century in eighteen fifty three are highly recommend you reading that it is it is a book that but you just can't sit down and reject you have a Bible in order to reason with them because every line almost has five or six Bible texts that was that the scholarly work of Jan Andrews and James like commenting on Andrew 's work said it explains the disappointment of the Avent people and harmonizes the position of those among them who are still waiting for the Lord with the past experience in driving the he endorsed a netbook as well another point about a century doctrine that contrary to public opinion Ellen White did not originate the century Doctor Desai listed in eighteen forty in eighteen forty two or more successive treatment about the century appears after the eighteen eighties so she was not the originator of the century doctrine and other interesting point is that James was initially opposed the idea of a preamp and judgment that Joseph Bates had prefixed by replying a small work to get published in eighteen fifty Joseph Bates and James White were interesting people because these two men lay the foundation of the sound amateurish at times both of these men were ahead or behind each other in an accepting a certain view for example Joseph Bates beat us say the help message I've studied health laws and decide to become a vegetarian twenty years before James what ever did another thing was on the other hand that white receipt of the third Angels message of relation fourteen was preached after the great disappointment some two or three years before Bates caught on and came to the conclusion however even though both events at times disagreed with their their each other 's interpretation of the Bible the were still friends and they work together and in time because they independently independently went and study the Bible on their own they came to the same conclusions and that study of the Bible United them that the United them together in the brotherhood of fate that the begin idiot they found they found through the Bible and through studying the Bible and that is what united them in the work that date that they both accomplish together and it was in eighteen fifty seven the James White would accept the preeminent judgment and he was the one who gave her the term investigative judgment but initially he oppose it we move on to the next pillar of our present suit and that is the Sabbath and industry originated from the study of the century while there were saying the century they were able to to look at the law of God because if it's in his transgression of the law then Ensign is to be removed from our lives in God Jesus come to take away the sin and amusement it cleanses sin on the century he's going to blot out all the sins from our book and there has to be something about God 's law and James White once commented that that if in in heaven gauze lies preserved it must surely be preserved on on on earth as well and so in their study of the century our God led them to study his law the ten Commandments which inevitably led to the study and the truth of the biblical Sabbath the first recorded millwright Sabbath keepers are Rachel Oakes Preston GM Preble and Joseph Bates Rachel also was was a lady who was witness led an entire church in New Hampshire to start in Washington New Hampshire to start keeping the Sabbath and in doing so they became the first known Sabbath keeping church and the SQ movement in North America Jim Preble presumably heard about the Sabbath from from rituals in human and you really studied it and he wrote a tract called the hope of Israel and Joseph Bates study that tracked the hope of Israel and he went back in the study the Bible and he began to observe the Sabbath independently of of everybody else and he published an article called seventy seven the perpetual sign it was a forty page track and that was read by James and Ellen White to a recently married and they begin to keep I decided after the study the Bible and prayed about it and it began to doing this now the reason why I'm I'm drawing this is because they chose to do so in August of eighteen forty six and was until April of audit of a AK-47 that Ellen White received a mission from God corroborating what had already been established to Bible study about the Sabbath and that that they should keep the Sabbath during the early years after eighteen forty four most of the believers were scattered and they began to have the Sabbath conferences they had seven of them and they got to get any say the third Angels message the changes messages and they also study the Sabbath in connection to those who began to draw and they began to get a unified direction of the great disappointment and then there arose a question in the eighteen fifties about the timing of the Sabbath seventh Day Baptists believe in keeping the Sabbath according to the Bible from sunset to sunset however Joseph Bates held the position that the saga started at six p.m. on Friday and ended on six p.m. on Saturday and so he you believe that some others believe that they held a midnight to midnight view Sustiva started at twelve midnight on Friday and ended at twelve midnight on on Saturday still others believe that salad began Sabbath morning and it ended Sunday morning so Jane Andrews was called to answer this question and he studied it out and he studied the biblical term from sunset to sunset and he drew all these these these lessons and he came and he presented it to a group of believers over there including James and Ellen White anticipates and others and everybody in the audience after Jane Andrews was done was convinced that Sabbath was from sunset to sunset except for two people Ellen White and Joseph Bates they still held to the original view that salad began at six p.m. on for writing and ended at six p.m. on Saturday that even though at the end of the conference God sent a vision to Ellen White and said no such sentiment is from sunset to sunset so anybody who says that Ellen White was hundred amateur she was one of the founders was instrumental yes she was instrumental but the same time that the foundation of the Senate and the church was laid by some Bible study and prayer and there were times when people very important people in the movement Joseph needs James White and Ellen White at times were wrong in what they were holding at the time but day when they were presented with the evidence but the truth with the Bible should be studied it out and they laid aside their own opinions and they held to what the Bible was saying unless God 's revision said something else and that is how it should be for us as well we should develop a culture in which we study the Bible and belabor life according to the Bible we base our beliefs going to the Bible the problem is that half of us don't it can't even read the Bible for twenty minutes in the morning it but in order for us to to be able to reach the level that the pioneers reached and to be able to get the depth of the experience that they reach is to be able to study the Bible intimately and really only for ourselves and so on the Sabbath the timing of the Sabbath question was was answered they they went on to the base went on to draw and he was really that the principal mover in in this industry action for the Sabbath you drew connections between Revelation chapter seven Revelation chapter fourteen thirteen and so on and so forth to really bring home the ceiling message of the Sabbath and and that the message of all how creation and how the Sabbath to do with it a moment of the Christian life Ellen White a comment on on the Sabbath I test my structure as volume six verse based three and fifty two said the Sabbath question is to be the issue integrate conflict in which all the world will act the part men of honor savings this was above the principles that rule in the heavens they have accepted this various Sabbath which Satan has exalted as a sign of his authority but God has set his seal upon his royal requirement we are to show that it is of vital consequence whether they bear the mark of God 's kingdom or the kingdom of rebellion for the acknowledged themselves subject of the kingdom whose mark they bear is one thing that she said about the Sabbath just a few resources for you to go back and an study on your own if you read the handbook of seven evidence theology see Marvin Maxwell Doctor John C and others have written very interesting and very easy to understand articles on the development of a present through the development of evidence theology and you can read over there also another book by Doctor Darcy I'm forgetting titled night under the theology and Mission foundations of the seven dammit this message and messenger mission that's another excellent book that I refer to in preparing this study these are these are great resources for which you can go back and look at the Imus history and look at how theology was developed we going to the next pillar of truth that was that was developed during this time and that is the state of the dead Genesis chapter two over sixteen and seventeen says and the Lord God commanded man sing of every tree of the garden thou must freely dumbest BBE but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil dollars shall not eat of it for them to did out use of it there thou shalt surely die and Satan aforesaid did God say that you would die and he caused out to come in and guess what God said please send God said to Adam that because you have send you will surely die you'll return to the dust from which you were created and there many there are many positions on all that on the state of the dead are some of them originate from from Greek philosophy which believed in the immortality of the soul recently that the soul and body were different for different entities and the soul continue to live on our change forms however the Santa Ana 's church holds what is sometimes called the condition list position on the state of the dead because its position attach a certain conditions to the gift of immortality immortality is not a given it is a gift and it is only given to you as a gift to the acceptance of God 's salvation through Jesus Christ and and by living a life that veggies wants us to live and that gets a loan and no inherent natural quality of the human soul is a condition for immortality their five different principles or reasons that have been synthesized to describe her position one is that it represents a biblical view free of philosophical speculation and ecclesiastical tradition particularly the tradition of the purification of the soul to purgatory it was held by the early church reemerging during and after the Reformation about the state of the dead it affirms the familiar biblical portrayal as yet as sleep like unconsciousness and rejecting the views of the soul as a continued existence after that it supports the biblical teaching that immortality is not inherent in this nature of the soul or bestowed at depth are granted only at the resurrection from the dead and position number five of this conditional list position is it underscores the New Testament emphasis as Christ as being the only way to eternal life without consideration of any merits accruing to the soul falling death so these are the five conditional dispositions on the state of the dead also Ellen White in her writing schema very careful and thoughtful time to to writing about this doctrine of the see the dead and this he goes on to say that that she regarded the doctor stated that as presence through a central pillar of our faith that corrects popular and widespread interest in spiritualism and is which is viewed as the first illusion that was never spread by the devil in this world that as a consequence of sin is caused by humans disregard the law is one of the things that Mrs. White brought out and she talked about how that law is violated brings death but as the law of God with his laws of nature or laws of help and that's why the Senate Baptist Church has a very strong emphasis in living healthily and and that's why we are leaders in healthcare and a medical missionary at work as well which will be discussed in in a future class she also underscored the biblical understanding of soul sleep and that only God could awaken souls at the resurrection and while this pillar of present truth hasn't been attacked as much from within Adventism it will be attacked at the end of time and the delusions that come from from this up from attacking this from a distiller can completely throw someone off if you really look at the state of the dead and then you look at a religion of any religion in the world for example what is religion was a call Buddhism that the idea of of reincarnation completely do is done away with with instead of the debt you absolutely cannot be oblivious if you believe in the state of the debt is how that goes many delusions of the top of the of the time that we have to date are there because people do not know the correct understanding of the state of the death going going on the state of the dead also is important because it helps us understand the salvation process dying to sin has something to do with either there's with the state of the dead unit if you don't have a correct understanding of what it means to die what it means when you are dead of the biblical understanding of that you have it's very hard for you to understand what it means to die to sin and dying to that old nature that you have which I will probably bring out in my in my sermon later today and I close the text of a hearing which is it if anyone has any doubt on the Imus position it is found in this text on the state of the dead Ecclesiastes chapter nine verse five for the living know that they shall die by the dead know not anything neither have they any more reward for the memory of them is forgotten so that is that is that the central pillar of present through the state of the debt the next one is the second coming the second coming was so precious to the seven avenues followers that at the time the millwright forest of the time that Wendy formed together as a church included it in their name seventh day Adventist the Adventist stands for the joyful expectation that we have of Jesus second coming there's a difference between time setting and seven day Adventist time centers are those who look to events of present events and they try to find meaning in those event you are not supported biblically sound damages look for the coming of the Lord by seeing the signs as merely letting us know that times are at hand and a motivation for us living differently is not only because Rice coming as close but rather he's coming for us as the difference there are very many there making that we can talk about the second coming I just want to highlight five points about it the manner of his coming remember there was a question I write averaging forty four about the manner of the bridegroom coming so the manner of his coming is that of the person that wrote it be visible and audible it be glorious and triumph and it won't be it won't be there at the hidden secret rapture it will be cataclysmic and will be sudden it cannot be predicted and Mrs. light goes on to say that many who have call themselves out of the seven-time setters time after time has been set for Christ to come but repeated failures have been the result a definite time of our Lord 's coming is declared to be beyond the Ken of mortals she goes on to say that those who think they must priest definite time in order to make an impression upon the people do not work from the right standpoint the feelings of the people may be stirred under fears aroused but they do not move from principal and excitement strata but when the time passes and it is done repeatedly those who moved up one time fall back into coolness in darkness and sin and is impossible to the rouser is almost impossible to rather consciences with some with some great excitement that his review and Herald August sixteen eighteen eighty seven city talks about the dangers of preaching time with the second coming the last one that we were that will discuss is what we are discussing in our church today the Sabbath listened to spiritual gifts and one of spiritual gifts is the spirit of prophecy there is evidence from Jesus in a revelation he says Revelation nineteen worst ten thoughts about the testimony of Jesus is evidence from Joel for spare prophecy of financial chapter two verses twenty eight and twenty nine there is evidence from Paul who talks about the gifts who assures a first ranking chapter one six and eight six two eight was sure that the spiritual gifts will be with the followers of Christ till the end of the day he returns there is also evidence direct evidence from Jesus in Matthew he talks about false prophets being coming up and so if he talks about the distancing of the prophets will arise at the end of time these are the false prophets will arise and the fact that he designated false prophets that means that there would also be what true prophets will arise as well there are some things that are additional evidences of a prophetic gift number one their physical manifestations number to the timeliness of the prophetic message number three certainty and fearlessness of the messenger number for elevated spiritual nature of the message number five practical nature of the message these are things all of these things were found in an Ellen White when she was was declared to be a prophet of God all of these things work were fulfilled in her heirs also please attest that the gift Deuteronomy Chapter thirteen verses one suffices to belong to the testimony they do not speak to the launch of the testimony are not from God Matthew chapter seven fifteen to twenty talks about that the prophets would be known by their fruits Deuteronomy eighteen twenty one and twenty two Jeremiah eighteen seventeen to ten is talking about the conditional prophecy that prophecies will be fulfilled it is one of the prophesy will be fulfilled an exception to that is for Jonah seven admin may will be destroyed but there is a condition there if they repented it would not be destroyed however when a prophet says something will happen it does because God said they would if the profit is true a statement from the General conference we are grateful to God not only for giving us the Holy Spirit but also for giving us last the last a manifestation of the gift of prophecy in the life and work of Ellen G White heard inspired writings have been invaluable to the church throughout the world in countless ways this is a and is reviewed July twenty six through August two nineteen ninety we are blessed to have had pioneers such as these that we have mentioned today who study the Bible and who base their beliefs on the Bible they put aside all their presuppositions they put aside all their biases and they went to the Bible and whenever found wrong they were not humiliated they do not react they went back and they say the Bible for themselves and God confirmed their Bible study through visions of nonwhite and it is to our advantage to hold onto these pillars of truth as we come to the end of time and to assimilate these vegetables and for life so that when the time comes upon us and the delusions are all around us that we will build to see Christ in below to walk that narrow path and at the end of time be victorious of us May God bless you as you study your Bible day in and day out as a pioneers did and that you base your life on the principles of wireless and desperate your father we ask that as we study the Bible that you enlighten us and that you send the Holy Spirit to give us the impressions that you want us to have we asked that that we hold onto the pillars of true that you have established in our church and that even though the gates of hell try to prevail against it that these truths will stand to be in the time father we pray that these foods not only are choosing the Bible to become living truths in us as well and it that you write your laws into our hearts and from mind so that we are programmed to do what what you want us to do by choice we asked that you blessed the Sabbath day and juicing I pray thank you very much


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