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Absolute Surrender

Carissa McSherry


Carissa McSherry

Student at Loma Linda University.



  • March 26, 2016
    10:00 AM
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I work with as was mentioned i mean faxon have been for the last few years which has certainly been a blessing as we've traveled around and how various training seminars around the world i would encourage you to come out this afternoon if you are desiring to give bible studies. If you are passionate about sharing the word of jesus christ i would encourage you to come out and join us this afternoon. As we consider that very topic. But again coming from northern california. I came from a family that loved the country. That loved to mean. Out in nature. I grew up with horses and dogs and chickens and cowtown. And you know and my parents decided to buy a horse for me. They had to buy a special type of course as you may have noticed i am taller than average. And yes i play basketball. So noticeably of the horse that i require to be a little larger than usual i'm not so we've settled upon a clydesdale. And i love my huge horse sequoia. I love to mine ma'am it. Be. Now my sister was not quite as enthusiastic about. Hoarseness. And not as my parents bought her a little. Shall and. Pony. By the name of allie pony after the end for ms al capone. Still there we were one afternoon riding around the pasture me on my client's tail. And my sister. On her pony. I know he rode around leading early and we were enjoying the time to gather. And when suddenly i looked over across the arena and i saw my sister. You see that little pony was having a bad day and that pony was blocking. That pony was arirang and life. Sister was holding on with all her might. And yet did not quite make those eight seconds. And was before she hit the grown. And there i knew leisurely cantering around me arena. As my sister hits the ground now you know what must you do when you fall off a horse. When you get right back on. You can teach that horse advance acceptable behavior you get right back on the north. But do you think my sister was about to get on that horse. But not a chance. And there i am on my kline's dale when i hear my father's voice. Curaçao. Get on the pony. I ride on over to my pony. Cool i'm on my. Dale and stuff on. And on the ride began the first she is moving quite nicely at a trot and yet soon her behavior returned. And yet again she is talking yet again she is a rearing. And when i reach the point of feeling as though i might to hit the ground. When the voc became too strong. I put my feet down. I'm not pony with going nowhere. You see it didn't take much. Before that pony learned the lesson of. Our salute surrender. That is the very topic we are going to be considering. To. Day. Oh i didn't mean to be absolutely yes sir rendered. To jesus christ. When is it mean to surrender our plans. To surrender our dreams. And to truly know. Our father's heart. Would you buy your house with me. As we pray. How many father we have come here today because we desire to know you. We are seeking your face and your presence oh father god. May i be forgotten and jesus looked at our father we pray that your holy spirit. May speak through your word. Open our hearts lord so that we may receive your message may change our lives. Is our prayer. And the name of jesus christ our savior. There's a missionary. By the name of. Hannah more. Hannah miller was one of the very first missionaries adventist missionary and she traveled to the beautiful continent of africa. Now and have her parent for this trip it was not. Though i have our excursions today where you jump on a plane and you're there within thirty six hours. And know hannah knew that she was going to a very rugged country. Hannah knew about there with malaria there were do these with hannah knew that she would be and they were low in village and likely never see her family. Again. And yet as hannah. Packed for this trip she brought along me isha essentials. She brought along her clothes. She brought along her blanket. Brought along those pots and those pans and the little. Memories from home. And yet. If you look at the items that hannah brought along you would find something very unusual. You see. Included in those pots and pans and blankets. What hand i was casket. It's a hand i did not believe that she would live. For a long. And she packed that casket as a way of saying i am going to africa and i am going to die for a g. of those there. I don't know it will be two weeks two months twenty years but i am giving my all to the work. Before me. And i wonder sometimes. As we prepare for our missionary journey. As we prepare for the mission that god has for us here how we packed our casket. Are we giving our all. To jesus christ. You see there with fear in the land. That was imminent. Battle. Was certain the people of law were afraid they knew that they were lost come up with a plan how were they to start leaving or and came to the end of the prophets a man that could curse. A people and they would die i've lost them and they would prosper and around so they were sent to this man chair with me in your bibles to numbers. Chapter twenty two. We are in number. Chapter twenty two. And we will be again this morning. In numbers chapter twenty two verses seven. Through thirteen. And the bible size. So the elders of moab and the elders of many on departed. Were the diviners fee in their hands. And they came to bail and they spoke to him the words of bama. And the sound of them launch here tonight and i will bring back word to you as the lord speaks to me. So the prince of the mob stayed with them god came to bale him and said who are these men with you. So belem said to guard belloc the sons of the poor. King a low i have sent to me. Saying look up people has come out of egypt. They cover the face of the earth come now cursed them for me. Perhaps i should be able to overpower them. And drive them out. And then go on said to malin you shall not go with them. You shall not curse the people for their way are black and finally in verse thirteen so beilin rose in the morning. And he said of the prince of the bear i go back to your land. For the lord has refused to give me permission to go with you. Imagine with me that i was to come to you. And i was to say you know your son. Is giving me great difficulty. I do not like your child whatsoever and i'm coming to you for permission to kill your son. Would any parent give permission. I would hope you would say no. Right. Of course not. And there is no need for me to go before the parent and ask this question because me answer. Is all of you and there is no need for me to play in a second time will god have you change your mind yes. God can i go can i curse them. And there is no need for me to ask because the answer is already clear. I don't know about you but i can speak for my fowl. How often we plead with the lord when the answer is already know how often we plead with god for wisdom when what we need is courage to follow what god has already given to us. Are we willing to come to go on and lay our plans before him god whatever the cost is of god i want to follow you fully. Go out of wherever you lead. There i will come in the book minister. It's healing page for seventy eight. We are told that many on. Are on able to make definite plans for the future. And their life unsaddled they cannot discern the outcome of affairs. And this. Often fills them with anxiety and. You've been there before. Anxious unrest. Many here are in college seeking where god would leave them next and maybe those feelings there are certainly around final time i'm sure. She continued. Let us remember the lives of god's children in this world as a pilgrim why. We have no wisdom to plan our own lives. It is not for us to shape our future. Christ in his life on earth may know plans for himself. He excepted god's plan for him. And day by day the father. Unfolded. His plan. So should we depend upon gone that our lives mean a simple outworking of his will. I've only come in our ways to him. He will direct our staff. Too many in planning for a brilliant future. Make an utter failure. Let god. Plan for you. So true isn't it. What you think that we are planning big and gone if they know my thoughts are so much higher than your thought. And my waves are so much greater than your way. I wonder what it was you have been law. To view the very presence of jesus christ on earth. I wonder what it must have been why to be one of his disciples to sleep in the same room as do you those crocs. To eat every meal with him to see him working miracle. In fact we are told of one of the disciple. A man who craves to be in the presence of jesus christ. Who delighted in listening to his teaching. A man who we've given the power to cast out demons. To heal the sick. To cleanse the lark. And yet. We are told god this man was lost. And i wonder how is it. How is that actually i mean in the very presence of jesus christ. How could judas be a law. We are told in the book desire that the reason judas was lost. Is he never came to the point of a rendering his law. To jesus christ. If he gave ninety nine point nine percent. All ost. Everything to do you those crowds. But without enough. He did not come to the point of. Full surround that challenges me. Could it be that we are casting out demons could it be that. We are listening to this beautiful truth that we know of the twenty eight fundamental beliefs that we can share all about revelation and daniel and yet we are lost. Because we have not fully surrendered our lives. To jesus christ. How do you ever been in a a rally a week of prayer. And you see it as though the holy spirit is mean court out on everyone around you. And yet you walk away and you still feel empty. You still feel as though god has not changed. Your own. I imagine with me for a moment. When i was to take this water bottle. And i went to go over to the faucet. And i want to fill this water bottle. What must i do. I mean to take off the lid. You think i could stand under that fossett. All day long with the water running. And this water bottle is still empty. Because this lid. Is fastened tiny it's how you were in this water bottle before. And we count on go out and we're praying for a revival we're seeking his spirit we want to study his word. And yet we are like this water bottle and god is saying i want to fill you. I want to give you that new experience in me. But are you willing to remove the lid. Are you willing to surrender all so that i can give you that full experience in jesus christ. It was a missionary. By the name of james cowie over. James cow learned how to burn him for the people of fiji. Now at the time when. James calvert received this missionary call. The people on the island. Of fiji were known for being a cannibal. Imagine. And now i'm saying this over there has given dinner. Whole family coming with me on this ship we're going to an island inhabited by cannibal. And yet very james calvert when he was challenged by the captain of that ship a non-christian man came up to james calvert and he said you are a. A full. How could you go to this island in hand to hand how many are by cannibal. And don't you know that you will die. And yet james coward a man of great faith. Turned to him with a look of assurance and you said brother. We are not afraid of death for you see. We have already died. And we are not afraid of a cannibals we are not afraid of what leave before is because you see we have already die. And we have already given all. To jesus christ. You see i believe that's a calling for each one of our lines today. How we truly die. How we truly surrendered. Our plans. To the one who gave his life for seed today i believe that god is calling us to surrender our plans. God is also calling us to surrender. Our jury. To me now to the book of hebrews. Hebrews chapter eleven. Now when i tell you keeper is alive and what word comes to mind. Say. And in fact some of you are probably too in doubt because we read here as a live in a loft. When this morning i want to look at it in possibly a different way. And how it applies to our journey. Today. In your bibles hebrews chapter eleven. And we'll begin in verse four. And the bible says buying facing able all for de gaulle and a more axle and sacrifice than came through which he obtained witness that he was righteous gone and has to find it is a gift. And through it he being. Dad still speaks. And yet by faith in it was taken away so he did not seem to have. And he was not found. Because go on had taken him. For him before he was taken he had this testimony that he pleased god. You seeing he were in chapter eleven in verse four. We see that by faith able. Doc. And yet and hebrews chapter eleven in verse five we read that by faith in och last. And by faith. Abel died by faith in uk led to this contrast will continue as we look at verse seven. And verse seven the bible tells us by faith. No one being divinely warned of things not yet seen. Moved with gardley. Prepared in order for the saving of his household by which he can do in the world. And became an heir of the wrong just this which is according to a friend of mine faith. Abraham oh by. When he was called to go out to the plains that hew to receive as an inheritance. And he went out and not knowing where he was going. You see yet again the contrast continues. My fave. No received a mission and my fav. Noah. Stay. Mind fav abraham received a call and by faith. Abraham last a blind faith. Abel done by faith in i clipped a my favorite. Abraham love to by faith know i stay. Do you see the contrast here today. By faith they lived by faith. They died we continue in verse eleven. The bible says. By faith sarah herself also received strength to conceive c.. And she bore a child when she was past the age because she judged him faithful who had promised. In verse seventeen. And by faith. Abraham when he was tested. Offered up isaac. And he who had received the promise is offered. His only begotten son. My life it will draw my own life. And i call to my faith. No i stayed by faith abraham. Last a life saver a bore a child by faith. Abraham offered up that shot. And live faith. Martyrs of all gave their lives for jesus christ immersed on into. And yet by faith. Others were being and yet they lift and proclaim the name of jesus christ. Sed by faith they live by faith they die you see i cannot tell you what your journey will be. But i know that by faith we must walk. Our journey is not always clear. And yeah i journey in jesus christ is ever regret and by faith. We must live. You know i am so then fall for the promises isaiah fifty five. We are reminded that my thoughts are not your thoughts. Nor are my ways your way is for the have in their are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your way and life on the venue or thought. You see i don't know about you but i'm a planner. I like to have my life figured out i like to have my goals sat for the next five ten year. And yet god is constantly reminding me that that is not the journey of faith. God is calling us to lay our plans at the altar because his plans his thoughts are so much higher than our. In two thousand and thirteen. I was traveling back from the beautiful country of indonesia. Delicious mangoes. And interesting durian. And yeah a beautiful experience. Nonetheless travelling back from that very long flight i returned back to sacramento we had our four months after the session in progress. And so i began to teach. But i noticed that i was having difficulty breathing. I noticed that it seemed to get more difficult. Every day. I didn't know what was wrong it didn't quite make sense and it wasn't long before i was trying to hold on to the the pulpit as i was teaching. Because i felt so light headed and as though i couldn't get a rock. I went into the physicians the doctor and. And it took some time before they finally determined who want was wrong. See i had a pulmonary embolism. And i from both his and my inferior vena cava. If you can imagine. Receiving that. That news again a blood clot in my lung which is often. Obviously fatal. And this had been something that had been noticed for several days a couple weeks event. And so there i was in the emergency room and you know the feeling when you're in the emergency room when you're the patient. A mathematician told me wow i'm amazed you live this long. I mean of the most comforting bedside manner. And you know that night there i was in the hospital and i was. I was going to be ok i was on blood thinners and whatever else but. But there i am in the hospital why it awake at three a.m.. Thanks to the blood suckers. The nurses. If you are in the wrong company for that comment. Oh i don't wake. Oh i am there in that listening to the beefing. And the hushed tones of the nurses in the hallway. And you know in those moments. You can't help but reflect on your law and there was a moment of silence. And i remember thinking. One thought. You see again a young woman who had many dreams. A young woman who had many dreams of. Of serving in the mission field. Our young woman who i dreamed of being a christian. Wife and mother and me and dreams and passions and yet none of these came to mind. None of the bible studies none of the evangelists take seminars none of this came to london. Only one thought i continued to fill my heart. I wish i had love jesus. More. You see none of the accomplishments. None of the future dreams matter in that moment i wish i had loved jesus more. You see this is our only opportunity to share the love and the joy that we have in jesus christ. This is the only time to fully it reveal his character as we look at our lives there are things that. You seem important but in the line of return to me. Are we learning to love jesus. More. Every day i believe it is again which. I believe that god is calling us to surrender our plans. God is calling us. To surrender our dreams because his dreams are so much greater than our own. And lastly i believe that our god is calling us. To trust his heart. I remember talking with a young teenager. He had been in a very very disfunctional hole. A workaholic mother abandoned by his father. Again only a teenager and yet he knew the parties seem far too. And if i spoke with this teenager. He told me you know. I feel as though i just can't trust god. You can understand that coming from his background can you not. I feel as though i cannot trust god. And i turn about young man and i told him you were right. You can't trust god. Because you don't know him. How can we trust someone that we do not know. But when you know christ or when you spend time with him you will find that he is the only one your heart can ever trust. You will find that he is the only one that will never turn him in your bibles to proverbs chapter three. We are in the book of proverbs chapter three. In proverbs chapter three. We are going to look at a familiar passage beginning and verse. And the bible town. Traumatized in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. I don't know about you but i am very good. I trust in the lord with all my hearts. While leaning on my own understanding of what i am and a doesn't work lord i got my own plan. Oh my god half of the god of the thing. Home lean on your own understanding trust me with all your heart in fact the word here that is used for trust me. Be bold be confident. Feel say. Feel safe in john hold. With all your heart. In verse six we read. In all your wave. Acknowledge him. And he shall direct your path. You see. In all our ways that we are called. To acknowledge him. If you work look at this word. Acknowledge it is often translated as know. And all your way is no jesus said in all that you do in all your work and all your study your going all your plans no do you the house. Know him as the author. And the finisher. Of your faith. You see absolute certain render is absolutely impossible. Analyzed. And we know of this in life that we see kids face and grow in that gray is it even possible. And god is saying to day i want to. No you. I wonder how the relationship with you. You can feel safe you can feel confident in trusting me. Are we able to trust the father's heart. Today. I have three sisters. And as a result of having three sisters i have a lot of nieces and nephews. I have eight. To be exact. You doing the math now in two. And i'll on line you've been napping i love playing with them and how i gave them and giving them back to the parents with maybe a diaper change. The great part of me and on my one of my youngest. Naff you back upon birth it was discovered that he had three holes in his heart. Of course that's terrifying news for any parent. To hear. And they tried to fill the open heart surgery as long as possible. Giving him time to grow and to strengthen. But at the age of ten months old it was realized that he was no longer thriving. His breathing had become more labored and they realized that this surgery could be put off no longer it was time for the open heart surgery. Some of you obviously may have seen this from a very different perspective but imagine being that parent. Imagine taking your little infant child ten months old. Handing that infant child over to the anesthesiologist. Knowing that soon. That child would have his chest. Sliced open air. Knowing that soon. A very risky surgery would take place knowing that soon your child will have a scar. That will last through the rest of their lives. A marriage and i mean that parent as you hand over your child. Now the age of ten months old. Could my sister really been with her son. Could she explained to him not. This surgery was necessary in order for him to be heels of the only way that he could be a normal child and breathe in and live happily if. If he goes through this pain. You see it's impossible for a ten month old baby. To understand. And yet the parents. Know that the pain is the only way that healing. Can be brought. And i wonder how often. God is like that parent. I wonder how often gone is standing next to our hospital bed. I do you thing you know i want to explain this to you. I want you to understand that this pain is the only way you can experience healing. And yet he can't. Because we we are like that our little child. Donna doesn't make fans. God i want to be in a journey not be able journey. God i want to be a boy like him or hannah. Not like sarah. And yet god is calling is to date of being faithful to trust our fathers hearts. To know that. What i do bound know is not now but you shall know hereafter. And the situations that we face today may not always be clear. And may not make sense. And not are we willing to say god i trust in your heart. So i don't leave you wondering why i pray of god for the health of valid. Experiences. To that. Mean your bibles to the book of revelation. We are in revelation chapter three. And verse twenty. Revelation chapter three and verse twenty and the bible says and behold i stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door i will come in their ham and dine with him and he with me is saying we often use this in our bible study. In our prophet that you've been are. And we tell those out there are indeed that is knocking at the heart of your heart to day and he wants to come in. But you see this passage was actually addressed to what church the church of land a savior. And who is. Symbolized by non church today we are. Could it be that revelation chapter three verse twenty with a draft of the seventh day adventist church. Could it be that revelation chapter three verse twenty is actually addressed in my own heart. Could it be that she was standing outside the door of our heart. And he's saying i want to come in and. I want you to experience that joy in that full surrender but you have to open that door. So often. I tell juba's do you have i want you to come in but stay at the entryway. Let me do that mad friday cleaning first to make this place look glorious. And we limited gene goes to the entryway instead of allowing him into our lives. Into our plans. Into our bank account. Into our computer. Into our closet. And you do the thing i don't want to be unlimited i want you to experience that full joy to there. My plans are so much greater my thoughts are so much higher i want you to experience the joy of salute. Surround. I just returned from a nearly two month trip to the beautiful country of south africa. And while i was there i learned about a missionary. By the name of lynn. Roberts. And this missionary served in the mid one thousand nine hundred six. In south africa and several other countries in africa. And he tells this story. Of working at a remote village in a clinic. And one day there he is with the physician and several nurses and. And suddenly he smells of this her wrists thick. The smell of rotting flesh. The smell of jack. He looks over quickly and there is a man being wrought on a stretcher. And he begins to ask the man the question is the injury is obvious you see he had been attacked by a lion. Several days. This man in this local village his arm began to rot being faction was spreading. And now he comes before the physician and with one look the physician says i must amputations. That. An arm has to go. And yet the man turns the position and says there is no way you will amputate my r. give me an injection. And give me medication but this arm remained. The physician began to argue with the man he said you will not let out of. The only way you will serve on me if i am for you take your are got is your only hope. And yet this man looked to the physician. And he said there is no way you will amputate my aunt. You see i have five why. How will i keep them under control with only one arm. And the physician looked at him and he said i will come to you to morrow morning. And i will look for that decision. The physician. Spent all night and. Keep flying with this man alongside the missionary god please soften his heart. Please help him to realize that this is the only way that he can live. The next morning. The physician in the missionary return to the bad side of this man. And if they look down on that face as they look down this man who is now feverish as that and factions. And he found no more time can be wasted. And the infection is spreading the our minds go. No doctor. Give me not is there. We are arm remain. With a heavy heart the physician realized that jack. Would soon be. Amman. And by the time of the morning lines and that man had indeed. Passed away. You see the hardest part of the story is not the fact of the man done. It is the fact that he did not have to god. He could have left. He could a certain moment. It of all we had undergone the operation. And you see how often we come to geve. In our grief in our struggles in our stress in our gaiety. And we asked to give us all god. Give me peace. Oh god give me wisdom and god is looking at us and say no you don't mean medication. You need an amputation and. You need surgery. The medicine is not a knowledge i can give you a false peace i want to fill you. I want you to have got a new and not complete experience. You see i believe that the most miserable people on earth are not atheists. The most miserable people on earth are the christians that have given ninety nine point nine percent to god god look how much i've given you. He has spent have you given me your heart. Have you given your all have you truly experience the joy of. Salut surrender. To dang. I believe that it was god's challenge for me. I will leave out of god's challenge for our. Are we willing to surrender. Our plans to him. Are we willing to surrender our dreams knowing that his. Are so much greater than our eyes and said today regarding lives of the costs. Are we willing to trust our father's heart. Today is it your desire to say lord. I don't want to hold anything back from you. God i want my heart to be right away from you. Lord god i don't want any rotting flesh give me that new heart in me i truly experience that joy. Of salute. Surround. Today if that is your prayer if you desire to give all. To jesus christ would you just stand with me. As we close in debt how many father god. Nothing. Do we bring him but simply into the cross. Do weekly. Father god looking at our own lives lord. It's amazing that you want to say that you want our heart that you want to know is that you want to spend time with. That you have a jury was for each one of our lives and that they are so much greater than our own. And yet father god we are standing before you today because we desire. Completely one hundred percent entirely father god to give our lives and law and now in this moment of silence father. May you open our on. If there is something now we are holding back and that we have not surrendered to you. I pray that you may convict or. Reveal it to us even now as our prayer. How many father lord i want to thank you. That we do not leave empty when we have. And all we filled and overflow and lord we pray for your holy spirit to fill our lives to the utter lord we give our plans and our dreams to you and father god we are just so thankful that we can trust the heart of our lord may you guide us this week as we began to plan our week before us father minus at every step to give our lives and. To you and all things made jesus christ our savior. Be left to thank you father and we pray and. In the name of your son jesus. This media was brought to you by audio force. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about you first. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W w w dot org.


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