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Giving Effective Bible Studies

Carissa McSherry


Carissa McSherry

Student at Loma Linda University.



  • March 26, 2016
    4:00 PM
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We are going to be looking today again at given a fact of bible study. How to give christ centered and dynamic. Bible study. You know this is one of the things that scares us the most in a vandal of them. What if someone comes to human they want to know more about the bible may begin to ask you questions. But you don't know the answer. Or maybe your country will get in giving bible studies but at the very end of the bible study the time comes for you to ask for a decision. And suddenly you began to tremble. How do you know someone to make a decision for jesus christ what. If they say. So that's exactly what we're going to be looking at to gather this afternoon. And again i will be sharing. A lot of material with you and i can give you my e-mail at the end of the program if you would like to receive a copy of the slyness i am happy to do so as well as was mentioned this morning i work for amazing facts. And i've been working with their after program since the end of two thousand and eleven. Prior to that back in two thousand and six i actually attended there for month after a training program. And i had no clue what i was getting myself into. I did not realize that two afternoons a week i would have to go door to door knocking on doors and inviting people to have bible study. Us sharing with them about community services you see i would have been terrified. And yet there i was i was already signed up i had no choice of os africa oh. And began. And i remember my outreach territory. You know those areas the town where the cops are constantly circling. Those areas where the guys are out front and they are dealing drugs they are smoking weed. That was my outreach territory. And fact i remember this one apartment complex we were working in. And soon the guys in the area got to know me and my prayer partner. And we would walk into the neighborhood and they would call out. Oh oh here comes the christian girls. As they're smoking their marijuana right. That was my outreach territory and. On i loved it. The people were open. They were looking for something fulfill those needs in their lives and it was so beautiful to study the word of god. With. I remember meeting one woman. By the name of. Betsy. Betsy had a huge impact on my lai. You see betsy was one of those bible study friends that you dream up. The one that is always there. The one that is excited about bible study of learning everything she can to grasp mean it making great decisions. On everything that she learned. I remember about five or six weeks into our bible studies a prophecy seminar began nearby and so i invited bessie to come to that prophecy seminar. Every single night i would come by i'd pick her up and i would bring her to. That seminar. One afternoon i'm traveling around my outreach territory and i'm visiting with people that have not been coming to the seminar. And i have a very strong impression. You need to go visit. Baths see how your are good with the holy spirit for. I'm not alone here right. And i remember arguing with god. Oh god i will be picking her up tonight. It's going she's been coming every single knowing faithfully. And i remember thinking i don't need to go and visit her she's going to think that i am stalking her. And yes i am frightened continued to come. And so finally after some time i thought well i'm in the neighborhood anyways might as well. Drop by. So there i was that betsey's door and i. Hard on the door and. You could almost see the woods. Wondering. And yet no answer and i knocked again and still no answer. But you know i knew that god brought me there for a reason or another so i knocked a third time. But the betsy that opened the door was not the back seat that i was expecting to see. She looks empty. Completely depressed and discouraged and i looked at her and i said that i see why it's wrong. What happened. She says she invited me into her living room and we sat down and she told me you know i have been sitting in my house. Trying to decide the vast way to take my life. The best way to commit suicide. What if i had not gone. Now of course you know the story of course you know i was arguing with the holy spirit. But i am so thankful that god did not give on what. If i had not gone that afternoon. That's a nine mm out together and. We embrace one another we cried together we read bible promises together and how beautiful it was to see betsy surrender her line. To jesus christ. But we continue to come to that prophecy seminar. And at the end of the seminar it was my absolute joy to watch her walk into about watery grave. Of baptism. And i remember standing there and telling the lord god this is it. This is what i want to do for the rest of my lai. There is no greater joy than seen someone you love. To make a decision. For jesus christ. And i believe. Each of us are here today because we have that same burden. Because we have the burden to reach our family to reach our community to reach our city. For jesus christ. How can we give a fact of bible studies. How can we gain decision. For jesus christ's. Where do you value your hands of me as we pray. How only father god i am so thankful today that it is not by my. Nor by power. Bought by your spirit. Father god we are here today not because there is anything in us. But lord there is everything in you. Father we seek you today. May you speak through me that your word may touch our hearts. To dan is our prayer. And we think you in jesus name. Him. If i was to ask you what is being greatest coaling given in the new testament. What verse. What passage may come to my own. The greatest calling. In the new testaments. The great commission for many of us our minds would be driven to matthew chapter twenty eight korat. Go ye they are for and to all the world and i believe this is crucial. But there is a preceeding call a foundational call about today we are going to consider in your bible. We are and mark. Chapter three. Mark. Chapter three. The first great. Call. Mark chapter three. And we'll be looking at verses thirteen and fourteen. Today. Mark chapter three verse thirteen we read. And speaking of jesus went up onto the mount. And he called to hear. Those he himself wanted and they came to him. And then he appointed twelve that they might be with him. And that he might sin then. Ounce. To prove. You see here jesus goes and he calls a group of men he calls them to do why it's to be with the first great call. Is to be with jesus. Do you see that here. He called this group when he calls them to be with him in verse fourteen. When someone comes to christ. What naturally occurs in math if they then desire to do one. To go. He called in and they might be with him. And they had seen lights in them. Outs to preach. And you see what often happens is we call people to come to do that but we have them spend very little time in his fear and rather we say all right get to work. Mirasol to be thanked. But jesus knew the correct not that if we're not spending time where. If we are not growing in our own relationship our own experience with jesus christ what do we have to share. How can we go in life so we are first come and spend that time. At the feet of jesus christ. You know sometimes a vandalism. Is something that we do. Have you felt that way before. I should do a vandal oga i should in around to interrupt my nice sabbath afternoon now because i should go do one of angela. We mindframe we. We hold an evangelist sic seminar and we consider that our evangelism. But evangelism is not supposed to be an events of vandalism is to be our ally. Our very experience. I have a friend who drives me crazy. Do you all have friends like that. Don't say it too loudly because the person next to you right. Actually i have permission to tell this story. That friend. Is my little sister. Now my little sister. As she is now married but would she go out in gazer when she was dating your highness. She drove me crazy. You see there was no other topic in her mind. Oh is it your harness is wonderful isn't he perfect. Oh he does this and all he does now and all he walks on. And after a while you're wondering can we talk about anything out there wow there. That's good got anything out do we have to tell a guy you don't want to. Did i have to remind my sister. You know desert you haven't talked about your harness all day alone. Do you think i ever had to do that. No she was annoying and. It was nonstop i never had to remind her. But you know that got me thinking when if my relationship with jesus christ was like that. One if a vandalism was not something i thought about having to do wrong there i love jesus so much that it naturally flows out of me. Or what if our love for jesus was so dear that we don't even realize that we are speaking of him. Because it so naturally flows from our lips. I'm inspired by the apostles of all. Who would save throwaways in prison. Chain a sound. But you cannot stop us from speaking of our jesus christ. And you know i believe that that is the foundation. That is the key. A factor of a vangelis. How have we spent time at the feet of jesus christ for each of us. God has divine appointments. Do you believe that today. Do you believe god to get him run. I firmly believe that there are people that you can reach that i could never agree to and vice a versa caruthers. We all have a testimony we all have an experience we all have a circle of influence. People who we have already connected with in god is calling us to reach the man. For jesus christ. I'm inspired by this quote from acts the apostles page one and on. We read that there are many who are reading the scriptures. Who cannot understand their true important. All over the world a man and women are looking wistfully to have and. Prayers and tears in inquiries go up from soul the line mean for law and for grace. For the holy spirit. Many are on the verge of the kingdom waiting all need to be gathered it. Is that exciting. There are many who are looking out to heaven and they are crawling for the salvation in the joy that you have out. There are divine appointments. Around us to there. About a year and a half ago. I was traveling through new mexico with my parents. And i don't know about you. But when i'm traveling my least favorite meal to eat. Is breakfast. You cannot find a decent breakfast rights. And all. We debated about fasting but finally we ended up at a denny's. And there we were talking with the waitress and trying to find some hash browns or something. And we paid our bill and we were getting up to leave. When i am that strong impression that i needed to leave a little bible track behind. Now i was in the process of moving then. And my life was a little bit chaotic and so i reach into my purse where i normally carry my little stack of glow. And i had nothing but you know i felt so strongly convicted that something inside me laughed i started do you ladies know the purse. Searched. Dumping it out and looking in the corners when hoping maybe when you found were tucked in a corner would be a little glow throughout. And sure enough i finally found one. As my mom is asking me what are you doing now. Finally found one crumpled up in the corner of my purse and i pull it out the glo trunk on. Does god care. If i'm hurting. And i pull it out and i begin to try and straighten it up as well as i can but of course it looks like a mess and so i reach into my wallet and grab some change and put it inside to make it look a little better. I love that on the table and began walking out of the restaurant. We were just approaching the parking lot. When i heard someone running behind me. My mom and i stopped and we looked back in the waitress called out. Wait wait wait. Can i ask you a question. Sure of course. How did you know. I was hurting. How did you know. I was hurting. Did we know she was hurting. Not a clue. How could i have known. And yeah god knew her heart. And yeah god since i was there for such a time as this. By the grace of god we were able to get together in the parking lot my parents in this way to save myself all held hands in the parking lot of danny. And we prayed together and we were to share a little steps to christ with her again you see i had no clothes. I didn't see it. But our god knows our god cares. There are a divine appointments. Everywhere around us. And i wonder if my prayer. Instead of praying for divine appointment. If i make my prayer should be god open my eyes on. They are their lord open my eyes so that i can bring those around me that you would have me read. Now as you know today we are specifically looking at how to carry a bible study. The first question i want to as today is what is the biblical rationale for giving bible sanny. Now if i was the advisor for jesus christ. It's. I would consider the length of time he had on earth for public ministry. Three and a half year. And that is a very little time to reach the entire world with the gospel. In the us if you were the advisor to g.'s us whole would you have told him to minister to. It would be the large audience who would it not in jesus continue preaching on the multitude to five thousand. And even if we can get together a good audience if i have the p.r. work we'll get ten thousand people going to fill a large audience you don't have time and yet. Again and again in the ministry of jesus christ. We see him reaching out to the one person. Audie. Give me some example. When did jesus reach out to a one person. Audience. Nicotine this that here. Woman at the well. Absolutely you know i love the story of. Of nicotine minutes. And jesus could have told nigga d.m.'s. If you want to know about the gospel. Be a man. Show your face. Come out during the middle of the day when i'm preaching on the hillsides of the molten sphere and yet jesus said nigga demas i know your heart. If this is what it takes all meet you in the garden. Late at night when no one else can see yes nicotine mist i will be there. You see sometimes we underestimate our work. We think that it is the dugouts it was in the market families of the great speakers of today that will finish the work but i believe by looking at the method of christ. It is that one person audience. It is my going into one home and ministering to the family there that truly the gospel will go to the end of the year. If you don't believe me. Consider this chart we've me. For a moment. This is the sole winner's time char. And magically for a moment that there is a gift of vangelis now this evangelos is incredibly gifted it. And in one day. He wins. One. One thousand people to jesus christ would you santa a gifted evangelist definitely. Every single day visit vandals as winning one thousand people to do this crime. Now on the other hand all you have is me one lowly bible worker. And each year i reach only one person for jesus cronkite's. But i also teach that one person their reach another soul. For jesus. Let's do a comparison here. After one year. And then i gifted evangelists will of reached three hundred and sixty five thousand people. But where. I as a lowly church member. Myself. And one other. You see the problem here. It seems overwhelming why do i even bother. The list continues after five years. You see if they have won one point eight million people to christ. And yet i is that lowly church member have one thirty two. I'm reaching one and i am teaching that one to reach one for jesus crying. Again the numbers here look pitiful. But as we continue you will see a dramatic change. After eight years they have won nearly three million people and i have two hundred fifty six of that church that still huge numbers amount. But as you continue to reach one and teach that one you will find that after twenty three years. Our numbers are this say. And not gifted of van gogh's he was reaching one thousand people per day. And i as that lowly church member that is reaching just one person and teaching. Then to reach another. We have reached the same amount of people. Because that makes sense. It's incredible as an audience. Do you see the importance of one person ministry. Continuing of course you can tell after twenty four years now we have reached a doll goal that. Of the gifted evangelist. After twenty six years nearly a thousand times that of the gifted. Of vandalism. In other words. Never underestimates the importance of one person. Ministry. Our goal our passion our prayer every year should be god help me to reach one. And teach one. God help me to reach one for the kingdom in teach that one to reach one more. And how quickly this work. Will be a friend. And i believe that we are all a part of the body of cronkite's. We all have a bit peculiar ministry and calling that god has given to us. And there are a lot of churches walking around without arms. Churches with our fates are when using our talents of fact of laying in our church body for jesus christ. So want. Do we study. Now imagine again i am going to have a bible study or an evangelist stick seminar. What is the topic that we typically utilize. For office. Daniel revelation. Now why is it that we often share. Prophesying. Good in establishes the bible is true. Ok good what out. It's exciting is. What out. Can you to know where we are in time. Absolutely. To understand how near we are to the coming of jesus christ. Definitely. Ok so we share prophecy because one. Most other churches aren't. So it of course creates that interest. Secondarily as was mentioned here it again establishes the authority of the bible. It shows us how near we are to christ second coming. Well also should be fully revealed through the use of books. Jeeves crime. Revelation chapter one reminds us that this is a revelation i'll jesus christ. You know often we can think that it is a revelation of the beast. Because it is easier for me to preach about the beast coming out of the three minute minster preach about the bees that rise out of my own hearts. But you see it is truly a revelation of jesus christ. His character. Reveal it. So again those are a few of the reasons that. I tend to lean towards prophet bible study. It captures the entrance. I can present jesus christ through that message and share that hope. And of course it establishes the authority of the bible in john chapter fourteen in verse twenty two we are told. And now i have told you before it comes to pass that when it does come to pound you mind. Believe. Again we feel the prophecy is fulfilled. Our own fate. Is strengthened. So i would encourage you i am going to be sharing today. I don't know how you can take any bible study lesson. I would and can encourage a prophet of bible study last. But you could do this for absolutely. Anyone i will study less than siri. And how you can take that lesson. Again don't reinvent the wheel take a lanson. And how can i make this last and more a factor. How can i make it more personal more dynamic more. Crisis center. So the point that we are going to be looking at consider using them with an already established. Bible study last year. And i'll explain more as we continue. I want to look at the with you at a quote. And then i want to hear from you. Why do you see in this quote that is important in order to give an effective. Bible study. Review and herald to line twenty six eight hundred eighty seven. We re it. Ring our listeners and friends and c into your prayers and. Into your bible reading that you may leave the impression that the sacred truth you are presenting to others. Are to you a living. Reality. Whatever you do for g. you both think with all your powers to do it. Boys are innocent and never feel that you have attained the highest point can therefore rise no higher. See is the most interesting portions of scripture that you can bring before them. Come right to the point. And seems to fasten their attention and instruct them in the ways. Of the law. What do you use the huge year. As being crucial in order to give and a fact of. Bible study. Enthusiasm. Absolutely. If i'm not excited about the bible study why should they be good what else do you see. Curiosity. Definitely. Capture that attention. What are. Humbleness. Good. Can people tell. When you have that arrogant spirit about you. I've seen this in prayers before a little side note here. Maybe you've seen this in a bible study or someone's about to preach a sermon. And then you say. Lord how then to understand the bible. How many and understand this lesson as we search in through your word. To there. On what level does it put that other individual. They are right here i am the perfect saints. Let me teach you about the ways of god. And you said i was saying no we are both beggars. Just telling another beggar where to find grass and we are bold to learn mean and growing so yes a very good not coming in an arrogant spirit. But in the spirit of humility very good what else do we think prayer is important. Crucial absolutely. What else comes to mind. Ok we're going to look at five points. Of affected. Some of this is going to again be repeated. First off it be earnest. In your bible setting. Us be honest. You know sometimes i wonder if we truly believe. What we're sharing. Do we'd surely believe that jesus is coming again. Do we truly believe that these prophecies have been fulfilled be. Earnest means sincere or do we realize that this could be their last opportunity to see the gospel fully real. It's secondarily. The real is with a living reality and in your line. I can't. Gives something in life. It's already in line heart. You know this is one of the things i appreciate the most about being in ministry. And i'm sure you've experienced this is you per pair for a bible study you prepared to teach sabbath school or whatever it may be. As you prepare for work. I do you go into your study. And you realize. Gone i can not go. In last i am surrendered to you. Gone and lies my heart is dedicated to you i have nothing to share in god unless your spirit is it in me i don't know what to say. Does god delight when we wrestle with him. There is power in that is there not. When we like jacob hold on their genius and we thank god i will not let you go. Until you bless me. Are we having that personal experience jesus christ are we drawing closer to him. Through this experience. Is this real and living in our lives today. Third. Be committed. You know sometimes we start by will study then you might go strong for a week or two. But after that you get bored of it or. Summer break is coming in and we get distracted. If you start. A bible study it is very important. To be consistent be there every week at the very time you tell them you will be there. Why is that so important. What does it show that other individual. Ok you're for real. It's importance. Ok very good. You care. I respect your time. Definitely and big. You know one of the things that i see sometimes. Is. People may become careless when they give bible studies. I just don't really have time to prepare something i'll just grab something off the shelf and hope it sounds good and be income minute. To preparing a fact of bible study. And be committed to spending time in prayer. Every single day. God. What would you have me to share in this bible saturn. You see when i give by will set is i typically we began with daniel chapter two. Again and johnston establishes. The reliability of the bible. But there have been bible studies that i'm preparing on daniel chapter two and god just incredulous of and convicts me and. And i'm german i'm a little bit dense a little hard had it. God has to hit me a couple times often. And i realized no because it isn't what they need to hear. And i argue with god but it's all prepared it's already this is what i usually do and dawdles they know that it is not the bible study they need to hear. God knows their hearts. Being a committed to prayer. God this is my plan but i give it to you is there something else you would have me. To share continuing. Be teachable. So again as was mentioned earlier be humble in your approach. And be always willing to learn. Not only in your bible study discussion. But i would also say. In our own instruction and learning for instance. I'm constantly learning new bible study methods and trying to incorporate more ideas. It's very healthy for us to do that it's. To always be learning to be growing in our. Roach then. Be interesting is that important. It's very important. If you put them to sleep that is not a good sign. Or what are the lives that you can be interesting and i by will starting to tell stories. Absolutely. They may forget all the bible verses that they were a member of the bible story. They are a member that clydesdale stories do make an impression. Definitely what i'll be enthusiastic. Again if i'm not passionate about it why should they be being suzi asdic smile. You know for some of us and we become nervous we look like we've been sucking on limon juice all day long and we have got how it's again remember to smile. Being through z. asking about why you're sharing what else. Yes. Could ask questions. It keeps their attention. And it also shows that you are teachable. We're learning to gather you they're very involved in the process. All right what out right. Good being a good listener. Listen to them. If i contact importance. You know often we think that we have good eye contact until we watch a recording or until we ask our friend they say no you were staring at your notes the whole time. Why is an eye contact so important. Can i have nothing to hide. There's an honesty. It establishes a bond good very good at what i found. Good so i can look at their eyes and i can see that question. I mean look. Or if i see if they're understanding and they're accepting so good. Good eye contact is crucial. You know when it's little things as well. Like good body language. Want to try to demonstrate that. Case i magine again i'm not a bible study. Hoping this isn't going to roll me here. And i do say now. What is this show. And not interested i could be watching the super bowl. You're just hanging out you're just chilling. But if i sit forward what is this demonstration. I'm interested i'm engaged i'm involved. You may have seen this before studied in psychology and i'm i've done it once or twice i met. Or you might have a bible study friend of their criminal leaning back and just not that engaged. And i might do the same and then suddenly lean forward. What do they automatically do. Veiling forward. And they mirror your body language and suddenly they find themselves more interested even if they don't know what you're talking about yet. So again being gay gene be enthusiastic it makes a huge difference. Now i can be enthusiastic and engaging and last i have to say. If i'm not familiar with the material of course i'm going to be glued to my notes. Memorial you hunt study the easier it is to put your notes. Aside and connect with that individual. So i would greatly encourage you before you give that bible study. Practice it first on your spouse. Practice it on a friend's. Practice that on your dog. Just proud to say. Right. Maybe in front of the mirror a camera so you can see if you have good eye contact or if you're staring at your no. Again practices so you become more familiar. And more comfortable with the end from a. I want to include in any. Bible study i'm going to give you want to include and then we're going to break it down by. Key. What to include in any bible study so i take my bible study lesson. While there it be a story called the prophecy. Prophecies of hope amazing facts study guides. What is now the bible study lessons it is written in the search for certainty definitely. I take them bible study lassen. And now i am going to find the component. I am going to add an introduction. I am going to add three main points. Somewhere within that bible study. I'm going to have two illustrations. One. Personals has timony. Diagnostic questions. A summary. An appeal. And a final decision. Question that sound overwhelming mia. Ok good. I remain a rate moves down here quickly. Now. An introduction. A strong introduction is crucial. In your bible study i was it the two most important components. Is the introduction. And the closing. People may forget or forgive you for what happened room between if you get a little bit boring. But they will remember your introduction. Did you capture their attention if you don't in the introduction it's hard to grasp it later. Your introduction. And your conclusion. Both crucial areas to practice regularly. Now your introduction. In your introduction i would consider it a commercial. I want to give a little snippet that will make them in sri interested in what i'm about to share in that bible study last and. Let's say for instance that i'm going to study on the great controversy. I might start off my introductory. Introduction by saying. And many people wonder if god is a god of love then why is there so much pain in this world. If god is a god of love then why does he allow innocent babies and innocent children to die. If god is a god of love and where is he when i'm hurting. Today we are going to underground will this mystery. Through the word of god. As we began we do you balance your hands with me. As we pray. Case and i could be a little quick introduction. I am just reminding them of questions they may have heard or questions they may have contemplated them sal. Maybe my study is on the state of the data. What happens after down. Again i'll give a little introduction saying you know many people wonder today what happens after death. Have been. How nothing. Are their spirits are there goes through what happens that split second after death to day we will find that the bible has the answers. And then we have our hands for a word of prayer and then a friend. So i am not revealing the answer in the bible study. But i am giving them a little snippet i am trying to increase their interests. I want them to be thinking of question. Cain so interesting engaging introduction. You want your introduction to be less than a minute or two very simple straight to the point. So you could start off with the story. You're doing daniel chapter two you can start off with the story of never can i was there but please don't read it again we want to be engaging in an interesting try and share the story add in those highlights make it very colorful and interesting. All right. I want to include in any study. You want to have three main points in your bible study class and question. What are the three most important things that you want this person. To remember when you were gone to a sermon before. And the pastor says. Today we are going to be looking at twenty points from the life of paul. What do you automatically do. I run ok. I know now writes. Twenty points are made me. Maybe you're like me and you start counting. Point six. Only four more to go. I be in them that sermon how many of those twenty points do you remember that one. The last one right you are mine just cannot grasp all twenty points and soon you leave in your dissing the fog was asserted about today. God. You're in a fog routes. And now i cannot happen in our bible study. You will notice that any of the bible study lessons that i mentioned they often have fifteen questions or sell. To twenty questions. At the end of the bible study they're not going to remember all of those questions. So i want to look at that bible study and. I want to say ok what are three very important points that i want them to remember. From this. All right help me out here. Let's say that i am giving a bible study on daniel chapter. What do you think. Daniel attractor to. What do you think would be an important main point again we might call with a lot of ideas here but what would be a main point that you would want them to remember about daniel chapter two. God is in control good very good. Ok good the bible can be trusted a good while. Ok the times that we are living in just preceeding the rock of jesus christ's right that second coming of christ. What else can the second coming. Good. Is there another main point that comes to mind. Ok good will trial do you this will rain. Ok. All right gone is in control. Even if we don't feel like it such as in the line. Of daniel. I like that too because he tied it back to our bible study last and directly. So what we're going to do in our bible study lesson is we choose three main point. And it needs to have a clear connection back to the last and. Again remember the the three main points that you really want them to remember. You may choose for instance. And that god answers prayer. Is that an important point to take away from the lesson. So god answers prayer. I now want to take that main point gollan answers prayer. There. And i want to make it personal to their lives as well i don't know about you but i was raised in a wonderful christian home. And you know i heard all about the gospel i heard all about jesus loves you and jesus died for you. But for me personally it was not until those crazy teenage years. When finally i read of passage isaiah chapter fifty three. About jesus being bruised for my iniquity. By his stripes i am healed suddenly i caught it. Suddenly it made sense. And the gospel was real. You see we can be surrounded princeton. If you were to go to any. Football stadium baseball. You would see a big banner and it says john chapter three verse six. If everywhere almost every american knows john three sixteen and yet their lines are non changed one. They often don't see how that applies to them. Personally all out's nice god loves the world. Now it's nineteen has died for all of them but how does that impact. Mylar. So when we give our main point. I typically structure it into two sentences. So each main point. Two sentences. In my main point i would say something very simple relating to the lesson. Such as we can see in daniel chapter two. That god. Answers. Answer the prayer of daniel and daniel two we see that god answered daniel's. Prayer. First sentence. And i would follow that by saying. We need to can be certain that when we come to god in prayer. He will hear. It will make sense. So my first sentence is just a. Just a plain point here. I just want to say one is the fact. Soon that rock is coming. The rock of christ. King. My first sentence. And then my second sentence will be saying. Jesus is soon coming. To take his beloved children home. Ok so i want to make sure that the point is not just something nice. Out there. But i want to apply it to them personally. For instance. How often we can look at the sabbath and see it as a list of values shall not. I shall not do this and that and this amount on the sabbath rounds. And we lose the asons of the relationship. What is the sabbath about. Is it not that relationship with jesus christ. We can really begin to view it as just a day when yes the day is crucial and it is. It is more. It is that special relationship and that. Time with jeans on. So i don't want to just prove tax them and say valid shallop but why. How is jesus revealed through this main point. How is this main point. A political will to their lives. Today. Islamic center a little foggy for stripes. Ok i'm going to hopefully at the end will have a little bit of time to practice in a small group. And will give ideas to each other what would be some affective main points that we could share. So work to towards it together. Here at the end hopefully. I explain this i want to move forward with that again remember. Three main points that you want to bring out from the last and it needs to clearly relate to the lesson. And it needs to clearly relate to them individually. Secondarily include. Personal testimony. Use a short story about how god has worked in your life personally. None something special for you or answered a particular prayer required sed. Now why is it so important to share personal testimonies in your bible study. Why is this important. Ok is believable good can happen for you too it's just not just for daniel. I'll hold. But god wants this to happen in our lives today. And what islands. Ok. May see that i'm very human. May see that we're not perfect. Absolutely. Wow. What does that knowledge do by the way. When they see that i'm very human. And builds trust. I can relate. You know you will find in your bible study you often will serve as a counselor like it or not. People will open auditing you with all of their deepest darkest heart. Issues that they're struggling with. Because they trust you. And of course just point them back to jesus christ. Mature answer to all lines questions. But they trust you. And when i share stories with them about my life. It allows them to trust me. I'm genuine i'm real i'm open with them as well. Now i would encourage you in your bible study. I typically only share one. Personal testimony or bible study. Why. It's not about me. It's just not about me around it's very windy a very sick of. The bible studies if the main discussion the bible study of charisma. Very quickly. So it's not about me. Again connect with them. But only one personal testimony. Or inspection. Are include personal testimony and. Use illustration. You can use a story amazing found to anything that will help them understand and remember the points that you were trying to may. Daniel happier to we use the example of the main points about dawn answering. Prayer. Now if i am going to tell a main point about god answering prayer. I now want to find an illustration or a personal testimony of god answering prayer. And then out when this main point sticks in their mind and will not be forgotten. What would be a good example of a story you could share. About god answering prayer. With your own personal testimony be a factor. Maybe a time when you applied for an answer from god maybe when you were struggling with your job situation or finding a house. And how god answered. Your prayer. So again take your main point and say ok how can i now take an illusion. And solidified that main point help them to remember it. Colet are a fire it in their mind. Did jesus use illustration. He did it all the time. Why did jesus use illustration. And sticks in the mind if not forgotten soon went out. It's easy to relate to good definitely. Sorry. They are real can very genuine good things of their familiar way so as they are. Ploughing behind their oxygen and feel they're going to be thinking back to the parables i do that is gay. Very relevant to their life from their experience. What illustrations did jesus share a commune. Name off a few. The scenes that were sown. Around her and went out. The ten virgins sorry. The last point very got a lot of slam. Prodigal son. Very good so again christ was constantly using an illustration. Councils to teach is page one seventy eight we are told in his teaching cries drew his illustrations from the grain treasury of household ties and affections. I'm from nature. The unknown was illustrated by the known sacred divine truth by natural earthly. Thing. With which the people were most familiar. And these there were the things that would speak to their hearts and make the need based impression on their mind you see sometimes in our bible study. We only aim for the hab. And we will find that we will have a group of individual that know the truth and yet. Are left on the converted. They can praise it so you know. But they don't know jesus christ parson only it did not reach where their har by using illustrations by coming close and personal testimony that is a lot. Will reach the. Your heart. Where do you find an illustration. It could again be your own personal experience. Only one person once has he went in for a buck per bible study but again your own personal experience. How did you come to be a christian. When did god answer prayer in your life. It could be stories from books or from magazines. When i read a little i'm not going to tell you what. News. Why besides i read controversy over right. But when i read whatever new. Publications i read it. I will actually write down some of the stories the stories of the mother that runs into a burning house to save her child. The story of a man whose whole family was. Was a murder. How we had to go every single week to trial. And see those. Criminal who had murdered his children. And i tie him back again to what jesus experiences when he has to go before the father. And plead his blood before god. When we say. Ok so i'm looking at these stories and i have a folder with all of the illustrations in it because some day you will need to use it. It could be amazing facts. Of course a little bit partial i can imagine. Stories of here is the fate of the martin luther stories the hostile rome. Could be the story of. Lynn robertson a missionary to africa. Nature stories where they can see around them are illustrations you have heard other people use nine times out of ten when you hear an illustration of your to say excited wow that was an incredible illustration. Likely or not that evangelist has heard it from a different evangelist or heard it from a different angle so heard it from a different of an. Yes it's probably a fish story right here by the time you hear from many of our own. But take those illustrations if you like them they are not copyrighted. And you use that illustration. In your bible study. So these are some good sources for illustrations i would encourage you to utilize. All right for what to include in any study. Again you have your introduction. That's where you captivate their attention. You have your three main points. Again make sure they are very sissy. It's not only are you making the point. But now make it personal. Why is that important in my life. Today. Who cares about an image. How does that relate to my pain and suffering today. So take that main point. And make it personal. You then have your two illustrations again these illustrations tie in with your main points that they can fully understand the point you're trying to may of one person testimony. You have. Diagnostic watched him. Do you have a diagnostic question before. In diagnostic questions. I don't want to diagnose where they are now i want to know are they are understanding what i'm sherry. Or is it just greek. To about. So what i'm going to do it. As i am going through the bible study i am going to ask questions. Can do you see from this image in daniel chapter two that the head of gold represents babylon. As we look at daniel's counter to. Do you see how god answers the prayers of his people. Is a clear is a euphemism. Than jesus is the rock and. He is coming soon do you see events. So i am just repeatedly asking these questions and helping to clarify. Now why is this important. Maybe. Yes please. I might need to repeat something. You know some of the truth that we share. Specially of you and raised in the church you. Well you know the sabbath. But when you share that with others in the community their minds are blown why don't. Everyone across the world is worshipping on the wrong day. This could be incredible and overwhelming to them so i need to make sure that i am asking questions that they are understanding that we are on the same. You know i can often happen in our bible studies and this is why we dread the appeal and were afraid they will say no. And the reason many people say no is because we have not asked diagnostic question. So i go all the way to the end of the bible study and i say do you want to keep the sabbath holy the seventh day sabbath holy. And i look at me and they say. The seventh day. I thought it was on sunday. I was going through an entire bible study on the sabbath but all they were hearing was sunday. And because i did not clarify because i did not ask questions and engage with them. Now i have gone to the end of the study i've asked for a decision and their decision will be watch row. It will be a negative decision in the house why it is so important to as diagnostic questions. All the way through. Now i notice in the questions that i asked. I did not ask. So how do you feel about the. Do you think it's a good idea. Why it couldn't be detrimental to ask those types of questions. Ok their response what if their response is no i don't like it. Oh ok ok it could bring out that negative instead about positive. Do we walk by him or by sign by saying. I do not base my decisions on my feelings but i base it on a vast say at the lawyer. Every decision must be based on the word of god. So i don't want to ask what do you think what do you feel. Instead i am asking. Is it clear to you from the word of god. Do you see in this bible passage. Ok i'm pointing them back to the word of god. Next you see that we have a summary. Now in your summary. You don't again have to reinvent the wheel all you do is take those three main points that you have labored on so earnestly. Take those three main points. And just repeat them. Today we have seen from the bible. That gone answer the prayer of daniel and he will answer our prayers. As well. And we've seen that god's word has proven true throughout the throughout the ages. And now we should trust the bible. And finally we know that soon that rock of jesus christ is coming in he will bring his children home. Ok all i have done is taken those three main points. And i have just repeated repetition. Deep in impression. Repetition deepens impression take those three main points. And repeat it again. For them to hear. And then i close again with an appeal. And a decision question. We are going to quickly go through how to do an appeal and a decision question. In our next class together which will be a very abbreviated class. But again we'll look at how to bring about an appeal and a decision. What is the time. Outline for a bible study. I would encourage when you arrive at your bible study. To take the first eight to ten minutes and that is just. Social time. Why is that important. Could it demonstrates that i truly care about them. Do why i also. I also al. You know about look at the life would jesus christ it amazes me. To think that jesus invested just as much. In june it's been man that he knew would be try him as he invested in. Peter and another. You see. Even though jesus knew he would walk away. Jesus loved him with everything. Still. And sometimes in our bible studies. Sometimes we're trying to reach our coworkers for jesus christ we have an agenda. And when someone doesn't seem interested in spiritual thing was asked for get the i'm trying. But do we keep a lot of mean then just as jesus did. Or was there or not they accept the truth or do we love them. Still you know i have three sisters as i mentioned before. And i could always tell when someone was trying to become a friend of mine because they wanted to date one of my sisters that's why right. Was go ask my sister. And sometimes. People always people to tell. If you have an agenda. Now i don't care about you i just wanted other baptismal certificate. People thing that. Definitely. Do we care about them do we love them and is crying stand as crying just die. So again isn't spending that social time with them. I'm just showing hey i care about you you are important to me during a social time i am also listening. I am listening to hear what are some of their needs what are some of their struggle. They might share with me about their mother that recently passed away. And how they feel they are that she's in heaven looking down on them. And as i'm listening to this i'm realizing ok. When we get to the point of sharing about the state of the dead i need to approach it more carefully in a different manner. Do you hear this right. So i'm listening. And i'm getting to know them personally. You know what i often do when i meet someone a bible study friend. I mean. I don't have a very good memory. So i leave their house i might jot down a few notes about that individual. Please not while you're sitting in their driveway. All down the stream write down a few notes on writing down the name of the grandmothers in the hospital. I'm writing now and rufus right there dog. I now weigh in next week when i greet them i can ask flowers grandma a little e. is she doing better how with her hip surgery. You remember her name. While of thinking you and makes an impression does it not. And again just demonstrates i care you're important to me next you're going to spend about thirty to forty five minutes in study time. And you may look at your bible for the last wouldn't say that is impossible. For. Much. But the goal is to spend less than forty five minutes. In the bible study in last and. I remember. Following up an interest for being facts knock on the door this one lady by the name of judy. And when i again mentioned with amazing facts that she had been taking our bible study lessons and i offered additional bible studies in her whole she was very hyper tense. And she told me you know i as in other people come to my house and offer bible studies. And they spend four hours that my house. For hours. She went on to tell me oh yeah i show them all my animals in my garden and my house about four hours i don't have time for four hours. And you caught that right. That poor baba worker was probably thinking on connecting. Her friend. And yet when they leave. The contact to same for hours never again. So that's why in my bible studies i actually promised judy i said i promise i will be in an hour in less than an hour. Are you sure yes i'm sure. And she tested me the first few weeks i mention we have the guarantee and we went on from there and she still loves files of a. But again it is a very important to respect their time. And if they see all of this took two hours i don't have time for that they will quit the bible study. So trying keep it very succinctly. Now what i am sharing. Is also culturally related. I remember going to greece and to some countries in central america. And if i was to just run in there spend eight minutes talking and then give a bible study and leave you without be appreciated. No. I need to sit down and have a full meal. Chat about the family and i call it rewrites. That's crucial. Before you give the. I will say so again do you consider culture. But typically i would say one hour or last the last three or five minutes is your appeal. And your decision question. And we greatly encourage you when you go on bible studies to have two people. One of them is the main spokes person. And the other one is the silent prayer partner. Is it important to have a prayer partner. Absolutely. Their job is equally important. And they are praying for god to work on that person's heart and to work on you as you are sharing the bibles that era. And again this just prevents confusion. To people talking over each other the entire time so one of you again is a prayer partner and one is leaving the bottle standing. Don't say i'm going to our. And lastly time in your studies before an evangelist examine are. Typically in the whole you want to refrain when possible. From covering the deeper theological. Bible study. As an example. And spend shown time and again that people are more aligned fully to make a decision. For topics such as state of the dad or sabbath baptism. When they are in a public audience. Then when you are in their home. And there is something about that group atmosphere unseen. While i'm not alone i will be the only person in the world keeping the sabbath. That again is reassuring to them and helps them make that decision. So typically i would ideally would time my bible study so that i give only six bible studies in the whole. Before the prophecy seminar began. Force is not always possible but that is the ideal. About six bottles that is you really built that relationship. You've helped to. Ground them in the truth. And then of course you transition to them to the prophecy seminar. That's the ideal. Though not always possible. Are going to round up this section here quickly with the main point. You know here we've talked about giving bible studies but how do you get there. How do you first establish those and. I would encourage you to pray. As god to reveal people in your life that he is calling you to reach for the king that. You know i mean look at someone and say god now. That's a demoniac god there is no way of a what adverb you save there's no way they went out of the would be interested in bible study. And yet jesus could look at a do a lonely ask and say that man will be a missionary. Is this true. I have gone to loke with his eyes. Gentle limb it gone. You may have invited his person to many meetings in the house and prophecies seminars and whatever else it may be don't limit god don't give up. God love you is so much greater than our own encourage you also consider if someone is going through a crises in their line. And we all know when someone is going through a crisis. They are more open to spiritual things. Typically or they are two different types of crises that. A person may faint. One is the crisis of losing. And the other the crisis. Of gaining. What is something that a person may lose. That may create a crisis in their life. It is their job good what out. Family marriage. What out. Their house. Their house their job security financial security all these things they could lose that would create a crisis. But what is something someone might gain. That would create a crisis. You could ok so big life change. You know often we don't think of gain as a crisis. Think of it as a positive. I mean you've met those individuals who say you know when i read this stage of my live when everything will be perfect. When i graduate from high school all. Life will be so easy. Rights. When i graduate from medical school from college all. No more care is no more problem. Oh if only i could get married one time married then life was just. Roses and chocolate. And they have the goal of it in line at the couple's loft more on now one. May have the of goal in mind once i retire a life will be perfect i just going to hang out and golf all day. And then they reach that point whatever that point was and they realize they are still not. Full well. I thought those who bring me joy i thought this would be enough and yet they find themselves still empty. That is the crisis. Of gaming. I have gained all that i thought that i needed and yet i am still empty. The crisis of gaining again another opportunity for you to reach someone. During that time. All right here are some ideas for what you might say to your friend. In order to start a bible study with found. You might say you and i recently talked to. I mean to know god better. What would you say the idea of us getting together once a week to study the bible. What do you think. Could you say it. Maybe there's a topic you've been considering recently. Maybe even talking with him about all the terrorist attacks that are happening around the world. If there is a god of love then why are these things happening does the bible have anything to say about it. I recently came across some bible studies and they're so fascinating they deal with these very questions. What do you think about getting together just. On monday evening. And checking it out for thirty minutes together. Here's another idea. I took this class and had to give bible studies and they gave us the set of bible lesson. The first thirty answer the question can we trust the bible. I'm supposed to practice the study on someone and i thought you might be willing to help me now. It would only take about thirty minutes. Would you do me a favor and let me practice my study on you. To friends want to help friends out. Oh absolutely absolutely. So again it only takes thirty minutes not much time and we'll sit down together and study counselor. You know what we really enjoy we were and houston. And there was a woman come into our after to go are we can training the event. And she said you know my husband is buddhist i'm going to go home and i'm going to try this on him. And the next morning she came back and she sighed. You know i asked my husband and you said. Yes. Just sound. So now what do i do. Oh i read again in this thread were. This is so simple and yet. Your friend. Want to do a favor for you there you're one here. They were too except jesus christ. You know. What if for the rest of your line. You traveled around the world preaching the gospel and giving bible study of and yet only one person was say. It would your life have been well spent. Absolutely absolutely. And sometimes i tremble. At the times when i have not asked. And the divine a point is that i have this just how worth it it'll be john's to one person eg sob jesus crimes. As their personal. Testimony for the church volume nine page one fifty one to close this section with this. Or this passage. Our work has been marked out for us by our heavenly father. We are to take our bibles and go forth to war in the world. We are to be gone as helping him and in saving souls. Channels through which is love is day by day to flow to the parish. You see today we are to take our bibles and we are to go. How incredible to think that you are that i are called to be. Channels through which his love can flow to the parish. How imperfectly i represent that love and how god is calling us to share that love share that joyce share that. Hope that we have experience. I travel a fair amount for work. And before i book a fly i'm always free. God help me to sit next to someone that i can share my testimony when someone that i can share about you with. And i'm always praying that i that still means i get to sit next the window. And i remember one that on afternoon. I got on the plane and i sat down next to the gentleman. And again i'm hoping for divine a point i'm hoping for an opportunist share about christ i sat down next to him. And he looked over at me and looked back out the window. And what's not a sign of. Leave me alone not interested right. Conversation and. Now i am course was disappointed and. As the time went on i pulled out my tray table and i had my bible and i was reading through the book of a fusion. So there i am reading in my bible and the flight attendant comes by. The gentleman answers sewed up. He reached out to get the soda. And i accidently you still that soda on the book of the season. My bible was baptized. And there i am scrambling trying to get napkins and wipe up the madness of the poor flight attendant and get it all clean up when the gentleman turned and looked at me again and he said. Well i'm definitely going to hell now. I kill you. So it all. Someone vive all right. If you missed anything without really thinking what you're saying. Some of us more than others maybe. And i started i looked at him with a huge found my face and i said you know. I don't believe in such a place you looked at me. Let's have a christian doesn't believe in this hell fire that's burning for our right. And i again. Excitement is building and he looks at me. And he looks like out the window. I try to run. When i go back to dad being. The liquid off on my bible when. When he turns out he looks at me again and he says you know. I used to believe in my god. Did you. It begins and tell me the story of when he was in central america. And his young infant daughter came down with an illness. The doctor came to him and send your daughter will not live through the nine. And then the father would he got on his knee and he cried out god if there is a god don't let my baby girl die. And by the grace of gone. Her lungs. But was there. I instantly want to die son. I then had an opportunist share with him about my own personal task and wanting. My own recent experience when i was the one in the hospital bed and yet. In the piece and the healing of jesus christ of a god that still works miracles today. Of a god that is are real and powerful in our line. And though he blamed it on allergies there were tears coming out of his audience. And before we left side to i was able to share with him a little book starts to cry. You see i looked at that man i said i'm not the divine appointment i was hoping for. And yeah god could use as soda to bring someone to jesus cry. It's gone once shame on us. To bring souls to his king and what an incredible quality. Today. Is it your desire to take your bible and go. By the grace of god may we truly experience those divine appointments. Today with the fire heads with me. As a holy father god lord i just want to praise your name. And then you father god that even now there are divine appointments around the. Father gone loan to you that we have family members we have friends. We have neighbors and coworkers that are crying out to have and they are seeking. Something greater in their lives and the answer is found in jesus christ. Father even more so than a fine employments father for what i pray open our eyes so that we can. Father please may help you with your heart. Please give us the words to be. And father and all things in may you were signed jesus christ. A little bit. And it is his name this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio first. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W w w. Audio verse or.


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