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God in Shoes

B. Parks


The amazing work of the Spirit's effort in the life begins with a whisper in the heart and works it self out of the human through the feet.  In God in Shoes, Bparks builds a case that the Holy Spirit works through our feet to accomplish his objectives.  


B. Parks

B. Parks and family have been church planters with Adventist Frontier Missions in the Middle East for over 10 years.  He is an ordained SDA pastor, motivational speaker and author.  


  • January 10, 2016
    11:30 AM


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You're glad to have a viable. I certainly am and. Bible has come to us at great cost. We can be so thankful for the word of god the changes and transforms our lives. Greet somebody around you that. Just say happy sabbath greet them warmly. And then say to them. Listen well to the message today. It may be for you. Ok. Great somebody around you and then say. Listen well to the message. It may be for you. You know when i was a young man i went as a student missionary and in church in ponte to pay where i was a student missionary. Nobody wore shoes. We everybody would leave their shoes at the front of the door and. There would be a big area just of flip flops. And you would go in wearing one pair of flip flops and when you came out somebody had taken your flip flops and you would go away in a different pair of flip flops. And you hope that you got that. You got a good one. But you know different types of shoes. Have different meanings in this world and. Right now the lincoln area is celebrating something called god in shoes. What kind of shoes do you think god would wear. If god wore shoes. You think you wear sandals maybe god goes barefoot. You know i don't we don't know if god has feet obviously allegorically in the bible is talked about the the feet of god in him resting his feet on his enemies. What kind of shoes. Would god where will you know what kind of shoes we wear is somewhat important it tells things about a suit. See a church. Shoe or a business. Shoe or a sports shoe. That tells about action an activity. When i was a young man. There used to be a television show. That was called. Mr rogers. Anyway grow up watching mr rogers. Yes. And it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood a wonderful day in the neighborhood. And one thing he would always do is he would come in like he had just been working at a dentist office or something psychologist office in a suit and tie and. He would walk over to the closet. And he would take off his. His coat. As sees looking at the children and singing about this wonderful day. He'd hang up his coat. And then he would take his sweater out. Just to kind of get a little more casual a little more comfortable with the with his audience of. Five year olds. And then he would take off one of his shoes. And he would speed. Singing he would say. Won't you be mine won't you be my neighbor. And. And then he would put on his. Other shoes. Now why did he put on those other shoes anyway. What they were house shoes yeah. They kind of were more for for action right there were more comfortable they were more. It was easier to get around and i got my other shoe over here. I'm going to wear these shoes today because the. The subject of this sermon is about. What kind of shoes. You're wearing. Now what if you see me in these kind of shoes. And a suit in a tie. You think this guy must be a little crazy. Right if you don't see people with a suit and tie. And tennis shoes very often right. What in africa you do all the time. Yeah. That's true. Sports shoes are for what sports. They're for active. People action. And so we see here in the fees in chapter six. The command that we're supposed to have special shoes. Different type of shoes. A shoe that is designed for something special a shoe that is for pilgrims and for warriors. Let's look at the fusions chapter six. And versus thirteen tells us that we're to have this full armor of god and. So that when the day of evil comes. You'll be able to stand your ground and after you've done everything. To stand. Now what exactly is this day of evil that he's speaking about. Is it something that was in paul's time. Something that maybe it seems to imply something that is in the future. And maybe he was speaking about a time when rome would persecute the christians and they would gather up the christians and place them on crosses or put them before the lions. Maybe he was looking far in the future to a time. At the trajectory to the end of the world as he writes to timothy. About in the last days. We don't know about what this means when it says. When the day. Of evil. Comes. But could we say. If that evil day. Had come. And it's already over. Would this not have implications for us as well. And that now as we near the end of time how much more relevant even it is for us that we approach as a a day of evil. Has upon us and what are we to do in that day of evil where to put on a full armor a helmet. Of salvation. A breast plate of christ's righteousness. A belt. Of truth from the bible and. From the things that the holy spirit has communicated to his church into to this time. And we're to have shield of faith. And a sword. And what sort of the spirit which is what the word of god yeah were to give me a bible. Right. Holy message show. And then we're to have something special here and we notice it in verse fifteen. And have your feet. Fitted with a readiness. That comes from the. Gospel of peace you're supposed to have. Gospel shoes. Special shoes. I remember a story about a farmer in china as farmer food. And farmer food was raising water fowle and so he had these ducks that he had to get to market and. He would round up farmer who would round up all of his ducks. And he would try a little stick and he would. Whack this side and whack this tied the ducks were there quack quack quack quack quack. And he was trying to get all these ducks in a row to go to market but. You know getting ducks to to go across the road. Was very difficult because the asphalt. Was very hot. And so farmer foods. Plans were fully old when farmer food and his water fowl found that the. The asphalt was so. Sizzling hot and so he thought about this. And he had a plan and so what he did is he. He brought over some sand and he poured it out. And then he got some sticky tar. And he poured that out and he had these ducks walk through the sticky tar. And then walk on the sand. And he basically he had farmer food water fowl footwear factory. Right there. As he made special shoes for his ducks. And then those ducks could go into. Market. Special shoes. What the bible tells us is that we're to have special shoes. Our feet are. To be fitted. Not with any ordinary shoes but a readiness. That comes from the gospel of peace. Now and with that readiness really means is to be ready to communicate the gospel to people. At any time. That we would find. And ourself in a situation where we could immediately. And spontaneously combust. With joy. About what jesus has done. Inside of us. That the forgiveness that we have received. Is felt. So tenderly and so joyfully that we can express that that joy. To others and communicate the gospel. And what is the gospel. Anyway the gospel of. Is about. Our great god that we live in a universe with a great and eternal. King who has. For all eternity. Lived in peace and harmony in his universe. And that. Now we find ourself. A creature of his. Who has designed a universe that scud spinning orbs from galaxies down to molecular atoms. And he is in charge of it all. And we find ourself. Under his sovereign care. But in trouble because we have something that we have inherited which is called sin. And this sin makes us. Lust it makes us. In vs it makes us angry it. It makes us sometimes lash out and hurt even the ones we love we don't want those things in our life and. Because of god's eternal holiness. We are separated from god. We have a desire to be with god and he has a desire to be with us. But unfortunately we cannot be in the same place. With this eternal fire. Without being destroyed. But god has made a way. By stepping out of his. Universal throne and taking on the garb of humanity. In the man jesus christ he came and perfection. Needs perfection to atone for. Man's sin and so jesus in his perfection takes on. Flesh and blood. Uncorrupted blood. To atone for our corrupted blood. And if we will. Take upon ourselves. His blood. And his righteousness that sin which is in us. Is washed away. We are not held accountable. Accountable for the sins that we have committed. Because jesus has taken account himself. By being nailed to the cross. And his feet and his hands were nailed to a cross. A man who didn't deserve it. Innocent. And he took our punishment. That we may be free. And this as buy only is jesus was on the cross. As other neighbor will to remove himself. There. So we find ourself. On the opposite extreme. Totally alone least. Totally free. And the condemnation that should have been ours has fallen on him. And so we are free free indeed. And the thief on the cross when he was. Looked at in jesus said i tell you this day. You will be with me. In paradise. You can wake up every morning and say that again and again to yourself. I have a guarantee. I will be with jesus. In paradise. In paradise. That was very important for my wife and i as we were missionaries in turkey because there is no guarantee in islam that anybody is getting anything. You can live your whole life in. Solemn demoed devotion. Praying five times a day doing your ab test. Going to mecca. And nobody's got a guarantee. You probably are going to burn for a little while before you get anything good. Not so with the bible. It says for this reason. I have set you free. To be free in christ. And that's the gospel. And however you wrap it in however you phrase it in. And write it and think about it. To know that it is for you. And so it is that it transfers from your head down to your feet. Now why you think about this. We're supposed to have the same. Possibilities as the apostles. If we are not to only have the same beliefs of the apostles the same feelings of the apostles. But the same. Actions of the apostles. You have been listening to go ten cells global taplin. Fired parks' go tensional is mobilizing tent makers. Tent makers are professionals who have moved their career. To work a salaried. Secular job. Among. Unreached people. For the opportunity of speaking their hope in jesus and winning friends among people who haven't yet heard the good news. Go tensile is a lame movement. Training cross cultural. One to one. Marketplace evangelist. You to learn more about becoming a tent maker. Beacon at w.w.w. dot go tensional. Dot org. Now. Let's listen to the conclusion of this. Interesting message the book of the acts of the apostles. Is not called the belief. Of the apostles. It's not called the feelings of the apostles. It is the acts of the apostles why. Because the actions. Were important for the expression of their feelings the expression of what they had experienced the bottle really is a wrecked a low. And so it transferred from their head down into their feet. And then what they felt inside. Which was just this combustible is sensation of joy. When down into their feet and their feet carry them to the temple mount. And reached out and told the man. I tell you this day in the name of jesus christ rise up and walk in there peter and. John. See this man get up and walk. I lose. Our feet. Are special because they're there to be clothed in the gospel shoes. Special shoes and where we go and what we do is to be wrapped up in the gospel you know the bible tells quite as a bit about feet. Paul quotes the text in romans but let's go to it's original in the old testament. In isaiah chapter fifty two. Isaiah fifty two. Says how beautiful on the mountains are the feet. Of those who bring good news. Who proclaim peace who bring good tidings who proclaimed salvation. Who say to zion your god rains. You think paul made up this this. Armor. Just on the fly. Spontaneous no roots in scripture i think he was thinking about this very passage. Can you see a gospel of peace on the feet here. How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring what. Good news that's gospel. And so paul has it in mind. This very text. Who proclaim peace who bring good tidings who proclaim salvation. Who say to zion your god reigns. Do you notice any similarity there. Who what they proclaim. Peace. They bring good tidings they proclaim salvation. Our feet. And our mouth. After work together. So if your feet go somewhere. And your mouth doesn't do anything. Really it's a whole body experience. Because people aren't mind readers. And so you may have this. This wonderful warm. Churning gospel inside your heart. You've. Sensed it and felt. The joy of be. Being saved. And you go into a taco win. And there you are sitting with somebody. And you're sensing justification and you're feeling sanctified. And you've got this hope of eternal life. And your mouth doesn't say anything. What's the likelihood that the person there is going to get what you got. It's not going to happen right now you could give away up. A brochure or a pamphlet or a little booklet or something and. Let somebody else's mouth. Do your job. But you know. Open your mouth and let the gospel. Come out of you. There's a singer. I was trying to remember this morning his name some of you will come out when with it. When i tell this. But he has this song. That's so beautiful. It's about. Peter and john. Rushing early on sunday morning to the. The tomb. And they come into the tomb. And they see the empty too. And then they recognize that. He is jesus has risen. And they come out. And they're just in wonder and been the singer begins to sing. He's alive. He's alive. You know that song. My savior is risen. He's alive. And then. In some versions of this song. The man begins to sing joy joy joy. I've just got to tell somebody. I got to tell somebody. And it's the spontaneous picture of peter and john. As they recognize the jesus is alive. And that joy starts welling up inside of them. And then it just concludes with. I gotta tell. Some buddy. You see when you find something fantastic. What are you going to do. You gotta tell somebody. I've been here in lincoln a lot of years and. Sometimes my mom would give me a call. And she would say. Wired amount of garage sale and. I got. There's. There's over here. There's a sofa and it's just they're selling it for ten dollars it's a beautiful thing you know what do you think we should do. I you know. Why is it. She's calling me. She got to tell somebody. Is she so happy my mom was a garage sale addict fanatic you know she loved garage sales. There's a bicycle over here. And you got when you find a good deal. What do you got to do. You got to tell. And i tell you the gospel is a good deal. It is a fantastic deal and we got to tell somebody. Turn to the book of acts chapter one. Acts chapter one. Now in acts chapter one. And jesus gives a commission here. Parallel to matthew twenty eight. The great commission. And he tells how the gospel is going to go to the ends of the earth and. Tells them to wait in jerusalem. Till they receive the holy spirit. And he tells them that. Only the father. Knows the dates and times that he has set by his authority and. Look at verse eight. But you will receive power when the holy spirit comes on you. And you will be my witnesses in jerusalem. And in all judea. And some area. And to the ends of the earth. Who is jesus speaking to here. This is the apostles these are the. The disciples right. Eleven disciples at that time. And he says you will receive power when the holy spirit comes on you. And you. Disciples you will be my witnesses in jerusalem and all judea and some area. And to the ends of the earth. So that's their job there is the paid clergy. At your job reach the earth. There's the paid missionaries you do it. Turn over to accept or eight. Stephen a just given a speech to the same hedron. Had impressed them so greatly that they. Stone him. And so he falls asleep there and it says in acts chapter eight. On that day a great persecution or verse one on that day a great persecution broke out against the church of jerusalem. And all except the apostles who. Except the apostles were scattered throughout judea and some area. Jump down to verse for those who had been scattered. Preach the word wherever they went. Who went to some area. It's the laity. It's. People just like you who should be out preaching the gospel jesus told the disciples. And this gospel. Will still go to jerusalem. And then to some area. And the ends of the earth. And it could have been just a find as a niche market just for the paid clergy. But when persecution broke out. The apostles stayed clustered. The laity goes out. And they preach the gospel. How luisa. The pastor john is not here so i could preach like this. So what's our obligation what's our duty. Or duty is to tell that which we've got not to tell that which we don't got. It means you've got to get home and. And read the bible until it sinks in so deeply that you. You've got to tell somebody. And so paul. I mean so philip. Was so beyond up in this message that he begins going from city to city in some area. And proclaiming the christ. Verse five. Philip went down to a city in some area and proclaimed the christ no this isn't. Philip the disciple. This is philip the missionary we saw him in sabbath school. Lesson this week. Philip begins. In the first supporting ministry. He's not the established church. He doesn't have a commission to do this. He's been under persecution and when persecution breaks out. People start doing what they need to do. And so this week we had a news clip about refugees that are just pouring out of syria and they're clamoring over the borders and there. They're getting on to boats and they're finding their way up into europe and they're going through hungary and up into germany and they're scattered through the borders. And when they're in germany you know that says the german churches. Not the administrators. Some may be adventists but it's. In this news article it said the catholic church is and. And the lutheran churches are receiving syrians. By the thousands who are requesting baptism. As soon as they are finding freedom. They're wanting baptized now some for false reasons they're wanting a way to be able to maybe improve their chance of immigration. And so they think how become christian but others because they've had it up to here with. It is long. When persecution breaks out. Things begin to change. And this week we had our first lady. Mrs davis go to jail for christian convictions. To do what's right. And so we start seeing in our nation people that will do right. And be thrown in jail for it. To live up to the word of god. While. Philip begins to preach. And tell. And the result. Verse eight. So there was great joy. In that city. The result of sharing the gospel. A transfer of joy and expansion of joy. And philip begins to preach even more extensively calls on the. The paid laity to come and do baptisms. Peter and john and they come down. And then philip. Says it is says here about him and the ethiopian the meets this man who has been studying the scriptures. And there. They stand in the chariot and they began. And to talk. You know the story. I was in the airport and not too long ago and. I was kind of late for a flight and walking as fast of the denver airport as i could and. A lady. An african american ladies just come the zipping by in a little cart. And i said to her i said do you think i could climb up. She says. Come up make me baby says something like a boy or some some. Little bit derogatory term you know. But she was really pleasant she had this little southern accent. And so. She stopped or. Her cart and i climbed on. She says where do you need to go son. And so i told her my gate. And we started zoom in through that airport she was corinne and past people and. We finally came to this. Elevator. And so i started asking her questions about her life. And i said so how long you worked here i said are you married. And she says. And when i asked the question if she was married. She got real up tight and. So her marriage was falling apart. And so i started to minister to i said you know there's nothing that god can do. And she says i believe that. And i started to quote scripture to or in telling her that that. Wherever she was in whatever situation she would find herself in that god would prove himself. Self faithful. She started crying we're in the elevator we're going down. She pulls out of that elevator and we start careen and past people. And i'm still preaching to her. And then i hop out. And she says. Mr. Thank you. This day. You have given me hope. It's a little gospel. And this what we see here a story of philip. Finding a managed area. He goes up. And god had prepared the moment. And he implants the gospel seed the man was reading the bible. Was in turkey. Been studying language. Getting ready to present the gospel to somebody in the turkish language. My battery on my little translator had died and so i. I said i let me go out. Find a battery it's. Was a little bit of break for me. It's a weary thing to study turkish every day. You know. And so i was so thankful when that battery died. And. So i went out. I started down the street and. Little in turkey there's a lot of little shops the just maybe six feet wide and. Maybe twelve feet deep and. I'm walking down this. This dark dingy. Alleyway. And i passed by a shop that was a key maker a man makes keys. And the broken pane of glass and i glance into that shop and. I just keep walking. And what i saw in that split second that i was passing by was a man holding a book like this. And i thought to myself boy that sure looks like he's preaching the bible. But then. I just put that out of my thoughts i said in nobody's got a bible in turkey. It's a country of seventy million people ninety eight point nine nine point eight percent muslim. I said it must be on a koran he's got he's probably teachin somebody in there something from the koran i said. Hey i'm a missionary that's probably where i belong. I ought to go in there and bust up that conversation. I said. Well i don't have an excuse to be in there i reach into my pocket i found a key i said i know i'll pay to have a key made. And that way. I have a reason to be in there. So i win it and i said yeah i need a copy of this key. Well the man was by then and laid this book. On the table and. It was backwards he had his back to me was grinding something back there. And so i just took the liberty to look over and start flipping through that book. And to my surprise the book was underlined. In yellow and purple ink and things which. Nobody ever writes in a koran. So i was really surprised. And then i flipped again. And i saw. Yo yo is joel. In turkish. And i flipped again. And i say you have a lot to list which is genesis. In turkish. The man had a bible. I couldn't believe it. And so i said to him i. I said. Do you read this book. Often turns around from where he was grinding keys. He said i read that book for thirty years and. He had gone to germany many years earlier and his somebody had given him as a muslim. A bible. And in his personal time of reading this book he had become a christian. And so then i begin to talk to me says are you a christian i said yes. I said i'm a seventh day adventist. And he turned completely around from his work. And said a seventh day adventist. He says what do you know about william miller in the twenty three hundred day prophecy. I couldn't believe it. He says. I'm just studying right now. This day daniel. And i. I have been. To looking on the internet for what i could find in the lord had guided my steps. These feet. That day to a man who needed information on the all. And i'm the only guy in a city of four million. Who could give him what he needed. Bless it or the feet. Of those who bring good moods. You got it. You got something that people need. It's a joyous thing. To deliver it to be a delivery man for the lord jesus christ. Look at her back in chapter three in verse nineteen. A backer chapter three in verse nineteen a bacchic is one of those little books a kind of moves around when you're not looking so it's hard to find. Says the sovereign lord is my strength he makes my feet like the feet of a deer. He enables me to go. On the heights. God is interested in your feet. He's interested that you would be able to go up on the. Heights with the lord. And i believe that the laity of the church are god's frontline soldiers. I read from a book by russell berle called the revolution in the church. And he says the. The laity their ministry occurs not in church buildings but in factories. Offices. Neighborhoods and health clubs. In the midst of the normal activities of life they minister for christ. That is where. Real ministry occurs. Not in the church building on the sabbath morning. In this sense. Laity are more ministers than clergy. You see. Ministry is about reaching people's needs. And so some of that is is needs that can be done from a pulpit but most of it. Is needs that happened one on one with somebody like a crying. Hurting woman who is racing through an airport. Some person at your workplace. Who needs your voice of encouragement needs the promises of the bible. And at that moment you become a minister of the gospel. And so you have the power to change the world through your feet and luke chapter fifteen we see this precious story of the gospel where. This boy goes far from home. He's racing and restless after material things he says he's greedy takes his inheritance and he goes and he spends it wildly and loosely in jesus trying to paint a picture of somebody whose life is wasted in sin. And finally that poor boy who had grown up with shoes all of his life. Finds himself barefoot. Walking in pig. And he says to himself. I want to go home and have shoes again and i want to have a dad again i want to have love again i want to have respect again. And so the story in luke. Brings him home. And the father says. Well as he races out any hopes his son and he puts a robe around him. He says. Quick. Get my son. Shoes. Give him dignity again. Give him a gospel. Good news for he is somebody. He's part of our family. And the fact that you have the gospel. Means you're part of the family and now class that gospel and service. This media was brought to you by audio first a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave a visit. W w w. Audio first or.


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