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Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • March 5, 2005
    9:30 AM
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then Samuel said that has to be the one with this surprise though he was a prophet of God God said no you're looking at the wrong place Samuel it's not on how tall he is it's not on how handsome he is your judging by appearances there's some other way to determine my choice for a game now judging by appearance comes very naturally to us last Sabbath afternoon we were driving home after church and my fifteen -year-old daughter was driving if I had her take the hill route now you need to understand where from Kansas and so there were my oldest daughter Rachel and I we would run before she came out here to medical school and run various routes and we had one route that was the hill route is a six mile run in which we would hit the hill of Kansas where we go sledding and and we could have killed kinds of activities it was the overpass by the freeway as I had really drive the hill route home and as we passed the corner of fifty third and Hillside we passed a four hundred member Lutheran Church now Sabbath afternoon it is charge the parking lot is always empty the last Sabbath to my surprise there were many cars as we can I said I thought there must be a wedding and then we saw K JV Channel twelve there were there are verified then be able to get back kind of media attention on a seven afternoon I think too much about it and then the next day I discovered thousands repairing for some family worship bought I discovered on the news and the events around us God gives for parables for us to understand spiritual things and so as I was seeking a parable for family worship I found that the infamous PKK serial killer was a long time member of that congregation he had been exposed last Sabbath and that's why they had all the media attention take BJ can I spend there it was from a stable family he helped the windows it was a later the Boy Scouts it could tie very good not it was a setting apply an Air Force veteran graduate of Wichita State University and criminal justice he was voted president of their congregation this January Dennis Rader serial killer is a the problem is that man judges by appearance by appearance as man would be a good congregation leader but God judges by the heart is a we judge not only your appearance but I judge myself by how I appear but God said don't look on the countenance don't look on the height of his stature I look at the heart judging by appearance comes so naturally to us came naturally to Stephen Ralph Hardy was five years alt twenty nine years ago as he was walking down the street to go to the nearby market to pick up some soup for his second mother he met a man as a fine appearing man China briefcase by his side they liked it and that man can enter there are just a few minutes later as he brought the suit back in for his mother and knocked on the door is a good and caring man and so five -year-old Stephen led him into the house he opened a man opened the briefcase pulled out a gun but the children locked them in the bathroom proceeded to kill his mother five -year-old Stephen judge by appearances multitudes are making this mistake everyday selecting a spouse based on parents committees choose pastors indicators based on their external leg raise how many years of school I've been through what schools laid been to but other basis than equity in high under pleasant outward appearance it's not our dress it's not our occupation it's not our profession and their folk if you are in Loma Linda getting a degree and get a dental big radar physical therapy degree or a nursing degree or a medical degree and yard debris is simply hiding a sinful heart is doing no different than DTK access to people tools others all the time but doesn't fool God uses I look on the heart Jesus warns us that her religious profession is the disguise chosen by many criminals not everyone who says to me he says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven that only he who does the will of my father who is in heaven many will say to me on that day what was that word that started the sentence here will say man a will say to me on that day Lord Lord did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles then I will tell them plainly I never knew you away from me you evildoers is a God is not the saved deceived you don't get into his house by turning your briefcase dressed up in a suit with a smile on your face clean cut takes more net adjustment is going to be flawless surprises Aslan writer was well known in our community he was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania his parents moved into Wichita when he was still young and grow up with his three brothers in Park city his parents are religiously attended the Lutheran Church and his brother since we were all taught right from wrong across the street from Christ Lutheran Church 's Heights high school in Seattle they are marching band of the Heights high school and Dennis was a graduate of the class of nineteen sixty three does the picture from his junior class here nineteen sixty two he joined the Air Force then returned to Wichita on work first Coleman then became supervisor for a security company or company that installed burglar alarm systems during this time he married and went that Wichita State University graduating in nineteen seventy nine with a degree in criminal justice but already during that time he was killing people from security he was hired by the parks to the commissioners one of local boys you understand the enforced zoning codes and insisted an animal control and during this time he continued to kill before being caught last week he is thought to have killed twenty three persons but maybe more it presently is being charged with them and that maybe all that they can charge PKK lives only her layout is different place now lived only two and a half miles from us it was for those of you familiar with Park city if you're busy or just her house north of sixty first Street on independence down by Lakers delivered right near our church in fact is a few houses down from some of our church members since he was the local animal control officer he had picked and then on our property to pick up some stray animals for us when Rachel on one of our runs was written by a pit bull nose on our dog route not our builder up he came to assist us in five thirty one business house where police searched for dead men's drones and artifacts another criminals are near us was attending church with us are we criminals developing may or may not be serial killers are but we are serial sinners like Jim Jeffrey Dahmer the serial killer cannibal with parts of bodies DJ in his house and refrigerator other dead men's bones hidden in our lives Matthew twenty three twenty seven while on you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for your life in a Whited sepulcher 's which indeed appear beautiful outward but are within full of what dead men's bones and all uncleanness or conversely has a very interesting statement as the teachings she says page six oh three is the teachings of spiritualism are accepted by the churches the restraint imposed upon McConnell heart is remote and the profession of religion will become a cloak to conceal the base this program boyfriend spiritual manifestations opens the door to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils and thus the influence of evil angels will be felt in the church as you say God is big KK as a parable the Warners event on events how does it happen sin always begins with something small perhaps just a feeling or maybe a thought and the two work together and ultimately become a visible action and of course visible actions are what nemeses of what men try a high but the feeling if it's indulged becomes habitual the thought of his cherished becomes habitual patterns of thought and feeling in these habitual thoughts and feelings make up the character and what man can't see is what produces what we can say some point Dennis Rader had a feeling that should've been repressed it may have been while in the military being desensitized to killing the feeling of powerfulness a feeling of importance of killing another or perhaps it occurred with a movie you saw negative feelings and thoughts begin a novel he was required to read in high school or college but the thoughts were not resisted at first like the first cigarette they may have even been distasteful to him but over time feelings and thoughts can become obsessive addictive beat JK wrote of the demons inside him thoughts and feelings begin to control the individual instead of the individual controlling the thoughts and feelings thoughts of evading detection begin to thrill him the thoughts never expressed deeply hidden grew until they became indeed endanger never done until there is time for thoughts to be processed Cindy Gansler thoughts and feelings we know are wrong James four seventeen to him that know what to do good and good but not limited soon so that was something since it been thought wrong it was a thought or a feeling he knew was wrong and indulge in church B's thoughts and feelings can begin that we know are wrong can begin as a young children but it always begins whether were young over the wheel are old with something we know is wrong of course man can see the outward action if it's on hidden but God can see both the thoughts and feelings and even the hidden actions so interesting you have an education page one fifty one teachers who work in this part of the Lord 's vineyard need to learn first how to be self-possessed gaping their own temper and feelings under control and how that done by letting God control them in subjection to the Holy Spirit of God we can't control the thoughts and feelings by God can traverse twenty eight thirteen he that covers his sins shall not prosper but whoso confesses Ben for sake of them shall have mercy I like when woman's Christian standard Bible says the one who conceals his sin shall not prosper but whoever confesses and renounces them applying mercy the new English translations says the one who covers his transgressions will not prosper but whoever confesses and abandons them will find mercy why should we not cover ourselves Jesus said Luke twelve do for there is nothing covered but shall not be revealed neither hid that shall not be known how do we cover our sins we were worried cover our sins by refusing to acknowledge hiding the evidence like Adam Jove thirty one one if I covered my work transgression as Adam by holding mine iniquity in my bosom keeping it to ourselves when you take the forbidden fruit in Adam immediately run to God and say I've sent and when Jesus found out and then we then excuse the woman from Dowd Davis to be with me I just followed her gone they gave to me as I knew it be okay I I didn't cover it up excuse it couldn't help it's only a little sin thousands of rationalizations exist heredity now nobody's perfect today it's common to blame our weaknesses instead of our choices our environment Adam my wife made me do it gave the devil made me do it solve the people maybe don't or chain I didn't do it how do we hide our sins is the we first tied them in our minds and that's what the Bible calls lasciviousness hidden they are your performing sans indulging incense in your mind thinking about sin approving it would do it if you could get away with it what do it if God didn't condemn in her society didn't care you prefer it that way but there's something about sin and a something about humans we'd just like light loneliness we hate the sin all by ourselves we like company we crave approval immorality may begin in the mind but it seeks others express itself and so we begin to sing in groups and that's licentiousness license to sin website owners that will approve the sin we broke to gather with others than sin our sin and then in the last step we go to churches that approve arson secondly four three this is an idea for the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine brothers and sisters that time has come and may have been a prophecy in Paul's day but it news today instead to suit their own desires they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear in a serial killing is first John three hundred fifteen whosoever hated his brother is a murderer and killers split churches the Reverend Michael Clark thought he knew Dennis Rader well he was the guy who lit the candles fixed the sound system and seem to spend almost as much time in church of the pastor to but now the church faces a crisis with an imminent split according with our danger it is not the opposition of the world that most endangers the church of Christ it is the evil cherished in the hearts of believers that works their most grievous disaster no surely retard the progress of God 's cause there is no sure way of weakening spirituality than by cherishing envy suspicion faultfinding and evil surmising review and Herald October nineteen eighteen eighty six million put this on the screen I did put it my note of our God there will be open before us an astonishing revelations of the result of evil speaking and as a bride who all were evil speakers presence of churches elders deacons talking to myself and I find a deceitful tongue the cruel time it has been so unsparing in its accusing and enunciation will receive from the judge of all the earth the same judgment that it is passed upon others got vision I think you're right what you said about those others in a fit manner take your own words apply them to yourself you must've known that vain talkers will then be called the meet their work answer for the salt of intern from the truth by their wicked words it begins by Sharon should in the hearts of believers and begins their right minds in the heart acts of the apostles continues on the other hand the strongest witness that God has sent his son into the world is the evidence of harmony and union among men of very dispositions before Mister their folk do we want to do really want Jesus to come doing wanted to have the testimony that is the strongest testimony in an unbelieving world in the existence of God this is a is that Welling am I willing talking to myself and I will link to put aside my own preferences my own thoughts and seek harmony in the union among men of very dispositions this witness it is the privilege of the followers of Christ the beer that's not a hardship not hard to do it's not a hardship to try to get along it's a privilege and it's not a matter hard trying to get a lot when you have Jesus in our hearts Pinot Noir like him we will get along with those who get along them with a prevalent how can this be done she continues but in order to do this they must place themselves under Christ command mode you are in Germany in World War II you had been sent as a spy by the American government which would been sent to spy and the Army from the Nazis would you do it would put on the dress of a Nazi input on the accent of a Nazi salute like a Nazi and everything would be Nazi like except for one thing what would differentiate you know from the other Nazi soldiers who you took your command from their file we can dress like Christians we can even eat Christian bacon food but if were taking our commands from the enemy of Christ we reveal who side we really are on and in order for us to be in harmony annually and we have to place ourselves in a price command and when he is in command of our lives Lord please been commandline my character must conform not because it's a bag may but they cause it's obeying Christ's commands in obedience there will be a must conform with it it has to his character in their wills to his will is going to be some surprises in the judgment what revelations will be made in the day of judgment many of call themselves Christian will be found to have been not servants of God but servants of themselves self has been their center self-service has been their life or councils on stewardship one twenty eight by living to please themselves and again all they could for themselves they've crippled and dwarfed the capabilities and powers entrusted to them by God and not dealt honestly with God their lives have been one long system of Robert these are serial robbers you understand this now complain now they complain against God and their fellow man because they are not recognized in favorite as they think they ought to be there folk if you think you're not recognized and favored as you ought to be you're a serial robber Robert twenty eight thirteen again neither covers his sin shall not prosper but is open faster than forsaken them shall have mercy for three weeks an amazing trial has been going on I've been watching it closely because I lease space from HealthSouth and the founder of health 's South past CEO past president pass whatever you want to call it but it's past Richard 's grocery is on trial is one of the three most fraudulent man in the history of the world Enron WorldCom HealthSouth and how the fraud started small time your people will start it didn't really want to do it it was only go to be done just once and they make up for it but once you take certain steps you have to cover those steps so they covered those steps up and they would have to cover them up too much longer because they get bigger and then they be big enough that overcome the fraud and then I realized that if they didn't get covering up and in big trouble go to jail so they had to work just a little longer doing just a little more until finally the fraud one time was six hundred million dollars they didn't have money to pay that says format then they were pretending to make but didn't make how to start one little sick when should they have stopped before we all know when they should stop as you to stop before this started but they started once you start when should you stop digging finally get yourself out of a hole at any place along Moriah Road they should have said we're not going any farther we done wrong we repent their fellow there isn't the one of us that haven't been down the fraud pathway we defrauded God and don't think for a second that you can keep that fraud from getting bigger and bigger is only one thing you can do and that's right now right only some of you will be tempted to break the Sabbath just want to the big test coming up at the tester just have to pass a joint study on Saturday morning they could do it just one time or there's one enemy in your life that you do hate not a lot of people at this person really deserves it but once that persons out of my life I will hate anybody else or someone else I'll look at that sonography just one time under anything more that curious about this that how it happens but I'm here to tell you what I couldn't tell HealthSouth had they asked me and that is sinning against the government sometimes there's an amnesty program but the good news is there is an amnesty program for God right now if we confess and forsake we will find what mercy recounted and in fact if we cover our sins we won't prosper but notice what David said the last is the one whose transgression is forgiven those sand God has covered his interesting Satan brings to temptations to bear on people the first is mice in is too great that it's not covered by the amnesty plan interestingly enough if you look at the serial killers you find that very many of them in jail found the Lord Harry Orchard the serial killer that murdered a governor became a Seventh-day Adventist the wife of the governor was a Seventh-day Adventist they brought him step surprise he was so touched he became a transformed man Jeff Dahmer became a Christian many others too bad that be a serial killer in jail to find the Lord but it would be too bad enough landlord but far more often the temptation is I'm not too bad that's the vastly more dangerous temptation next one is apt to fool us my sin is small I'm not really a sinner well yes I am but those are bundles but I'm thankful that there is an amnesty program actually apostles five forty nine nine need fail of attaining in his sphere to perfection of Christian character is open for Dennis Rader it's open to me by the sacrifice of Christ provision has been made for the believer to receive all things that pertain to life and godliness if one of the labor market Apple legal Emily I'm too alternated to really have perfection now and I was I was stunned yesterday I was taking my daughter my youngest daughter and I were having daddy daughter time and I took her the museum and I got I ask for a discount because of the bigger member of AARP for those of you young of the Association of retired persons and what really distressed areas they didn't ask for any proof you send I was there with my granddaughter I I say that though because I'm old and there are things that I can't do as well as I used to but I'm not too old the fail of attaining perfection of Christian character thank the Lord in his humanity perfected by a life of constant resistance of evil the Savior showed that through cooperation of Divinity human beings made in this life attain perfection a character this is God 's assurance that we do may obtain complete victory chart about heads there's someone here that would like to say large by your grace I want to accept the full perfection that you've offered through Jesus I don't want to live a hypocritical life I want to be your manual woman for the power Jesus to show this by raising your hand father in heaven thank you for your program we don't need to cover our sins now we can let you cover them a lot better at covering up for our mistakes in our willfulness our ugliness then we are anyway take us take our sins we commit our life to you at this time in Christ's name in the


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