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Almost to Canaan

Adrian Zahid



  • January 24, 2009
    9:00 AM
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him we're going to be setting today I see a real possibilities in our Avent is history in which Jesus had a very good chance of coming back this earth three very real possibilities and to start off will go to the Bible to get some contexts what we're saying today so the students to be found in numbers chapter fourteen numbers chapter fourteen versus one through six assists during the time of the Israelites they are starting at the border of Canaan and the received some bad news from the spies that had been intended for forty years for forty days and those those spies brought back ten of them brought back bad news and after hearing the bad news the reaction of the congregation was that they lifted up their voice and cried and the people wept that night and all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron and the whole congregation said to them would God that we had died in the land of Egypt or would God that we had dined as wilderness and therefore have the Lord brought us into this land to fall by the sword that our wives and our children should be appraised were not better for us to return into Egypt and Dave said one to another that's like a captain and let us returning to Egypt then Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before all this assembly of the creation of Journal of Israel and Joe Joshua the son of nun and Caleb son of hypnosis name which were on bend that serves the land rent their clothes and they went on to try and put Joshua and Caleb tried to convince the children of Israel to reconsider buried their decision not to go into the promised land however they did not and because they because of the spirit that they had because they look to the advice of men in that situation and they refuse to look to God into two to believe in the promises of God the decided that they would not go into that the children and they will go into the promised land as a result God had some words for them as well in verse twenty seven the Bible says how long shall I bear does the Lord speaking to Moses how long shall I bear with this evil congregation which murmur against me I've heard the murmurings of the children of Israel which they murmur against me say unto them as truly as I live saith the Lord as he has spoken in my ear so when I do to you your carcasses shall fall in the wilderness and all that were numbered of you according to your whole number from twenty years old and upward which have murmured against me doubtless he shall not come into the land concerning which I swear to you sooner to make you dwell therein Caleb said Caleb this and Joshua the son of Don let your little ones which he said should be praying them when I bring in and they shall know the land you have despised but as for you your carcasses they shall fall and that this wilderness and your children shall wander in the wilderness for forty years and barrio organs until your carcasses be wasted in the wilderness number of verse thirty four after the number of the games in which he searched the land even forty days each day for a year he shall bear your iniquities even forty years and you shall know my breach of promise so this taxes this last exit wanted one of the text that that is used for the year to principle but it also has some other odd important lessons as well it says over here that you shall know my breach of promise God 's promises are conditional and each one of them will take place as God has said if the conditions are met and even though God had promised that he would and he had sworn that he would bring these children into the land of Canaan because they refused to believe him and because of their unbelief and their murmuring and looking to man God had to breach his promise in the same way today we will see some periods and in our Avent is early evidence history where God was very willing to finish this on come back unfortunately that our spiritual forefathers committed some of the same mistakes and if we learn those mistakes we learn those lessons hopefully will be able to avoid it in our generation today the events right after eighteen forty four were chaotic ones even as some of the group were starting to study the Bible and go back to to lay the foundation for what they believed relay the foundation as a study last week the events of that but the truth is the Sabbath century message log on the state of the dead the second coming of Christ these are the things as they were destroyed the ladies foundations into the Bible there are some people who continue to do believe the old way to continue to set new dates for Jesus to come some of them closing years of the truth that was being rediscovered in the Bible among those people was William Miller he was an old man by now he had absorbed a lot of shock and he when I was he was willing to follow the message that this does sound message in the century message however his friends at the time on his younger friends told him that it wasn't worth studying and it wasn't worth following and unfortunately even he decided to leak through to listen to the advice of his friends and he closed his years of the message Mrs. Weiss says that the Angels guard the precious dust of his grave and that means that that he will be in the kingdom of God but unfortunately because of the advice of his friends and because he took the advice of his friends he also was unable to to catch the vision and the able to learn these truths and entry stomach power and had he done so he may have been in heaven today so these these people however however well read they were because they took their eyes on Jesus they were not able to enter that the kingdom of heaven at that time Mrs. White has a few comments from that time she says that there is no failure of God 's promises God has promised but just because he has promise it doesn't mean that it will happen if the conditions are met she says the Angels of God on beating from evangelism page six ninety five the Angels of God in their messages to men represent time as very short is referring to the three Angels messages thus it has always been presented to me it is true at a time as continued longer than we expected in the early days of this message are savored to not appear as soon as we hope but has the word of God failed never it should be remembered that the promises and threatenings of God are alike conditional so the promises and the threatenings of God are conditional and somebody remember a time when God threatened to do something and then he decided not to do it benefit God said that the city should be destroyed and forty days the prophet came increase the message the people repented all hundred twenty thousand of them and God decided to defer that the destruction and in the same way she says had Adventists reading from the same chapter at our mentis after the great disappointment in eighteen forty four held fast their faith and followed on United Lee in opening the opening providence of God receiving the message of the third angel and the power the Holy Spirit proclaiming to the world they would have seen the salvation of God the Lord would have wrought mightily with their efforts the work when I been completed and Christ would have come here this to receive his people to their reward but in the period of doubt and uncertainty that followed the disappointment many of the Avent believers yielded their fate thus the work was hindered and the world was left in darkness had the whole Adventist body united upon the commands of God and the faith of Jesus how widely different would have been our history so this is her commentary about this time right after eighteen forty four whenever rediscovering sound messages she says God committed to his people a work to be competent under the third Angels message was given and the minds of the believers are directed to the heavenly sanctuary Rick Rice had entered to make atonement for his people seven reform was to be straightforward the region the law of God must be made up the message must be proclaimed with a loud voice to all the inhabitants of the earth and all the inhabitants of Europe might receive the warning the people of God must purify them there sold through obedience to the truth and be prepared to stand without fault or is coming these are some of the conditions that you that God had for his children to follow through with and because they did not in interfaith right after this appointment go back to the Bible studies truth and assimilate them into their lives they unfortunately were not able to follow through and and do the things that God wanted him to do as a result the time passed and and God decided to wait in mercy he decided to wait start planning that is otherwise in New England the door is feeling okay that happened to our advantage yes it happened to our advantage but as you will see Eddie jersey under the class that had it not happen it would have been better but at the same time guess we are lucky day and the same responsibilities the same promises are for us today as well to take hold of these promises and if we give we take hold of them to be followed through with them God will be faithful let us go on to another paragraph where she talks about the same experience she says for forty years that unbelief murmuring and her belly and shut out ancient Israel from the land of Canaan the same sins have deleted the entrance a modern Israel into the heavenly Canaan in neither case were the promises of God at fault it is the unbelief the worldliness the on concentration and the strife among the Lords professed people that have kept us in this world of sin and sorrow for so many years this is the original references management four eighteen eighty three this is both from event is an eight six ninety six same same parts in chapter the reason for the delay and she goes on to say that charge octagon we may have to remain here in this world because of insubordination many more years as of the children of Israel but for Christ sake these people should not add send to send by charging God with the consequence of their own wrong course of action so God is not a fault that we are here in this world today is not God 's fault that we are here it was his intention right after eighteen forty four in the years following that very soon to for his people to proclaim the message to put the logon in its right place in the minds of the people and to present crisis the world and give that last message one to the world and the events in the last events would happen rapidly and and this would have been all done with however date they chose not to do that and so we are here today there is another time right after that a few years later when when God again came very close to his people this was in the eighteen fifties of James White of this time had been studying our revelation and it was that the prevalent belief because of the unity because of the love that the millwrights of experience in the settlement movement a lot of them thought that they were part of the Philadelphia church is remember there's seven churches in Revelation and one of them is that is the church of Philadelphia and they felt that they were part of that they work that was that the church refer to them however under close study of the Bible James Weichert realize that the seven churches represent seven successive periods and in church history and that the time in which they were living in was not the Philadelphian church but was the last church which is the latest in church and if we would turn there really quick to see the latest in the condition of the latest in church you will see what exactly God had in mind for for his people at this time Revelation chapter three if someone would be willing to read fourteen through seventeen revolution chapter three fourteen through seventeen sound be willing to read into the microphone and into the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write these things saith the amen the fateful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know thy works that thou art neither cold nor hot I would thou wert cold or hot so then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew thee out of my mouth because of this I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and knowest not that thou art wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked I counseled me to buy me going gold tried in the fire that thou miss the rich and white raiment that thou Ms. be clothed at the shame of thy nakedness do not appear and anoint thine eyes with eye salve without Nancy so this is the message to the later see in church as recorded in relationship with three and as you can see is not a very flattering message at all it has a very pointed message and the condition of the church is outlined in in detail and as a result of studying this James White decided that this was something that many people need to hear and about time they had started the Mac printing a magazine it with which they kept in contact with with the members of the little flock that were still bleeding the truth and so he sent it out in faith first the first edition EST series of questions setting the stage for this message and those questions logically when you answer them according the Bible led to the realization that that the latest in message was for four time and they were not part of the Philadelphia church and in the next as subsequent articles of the magazine that they were printing words was to show how this message was to be applied to their life Mrs. White received visions also from God confirming the message that was that was found in the Scripture and her messages are found in this money chapter one for I bought volume one forgive me pages one sixty five and onwards and she had some very strong but powerful messages to to the little flock of the time I read I read some of those I read the entire testimony last night and every time I read through it I'm just struck by by her candor and also the merciful way in which God tries to talk to us about her spiritual condition and every time I'm convinced I'm convicted of of my own spiritual condition as when I read that testimony however at that time when people read it they really had a change many of them rode back to the review and date they said that there was that they felt that the message had been specifically for them and they felt like God was talking to them and they decide to make changes in their life and one of the things that that Mrs. White notice was that a real change came upon the people many people confess their sins many people make changes in their life and they decide to follow what was right they reform their life and the changes persisted for a little while however it went a strong message is preached if it's not followed through by principal papers only followed through by emotions then that change is not last and that was the same problem with this with this message at this time and eighteen in the late eighteen fifties if you remember an American history the nation was gearing up for Civil War and the Civil War was was right upon them but it was not God 's will that this should happen and God was trying to save the world and especially that the United States from from this from this very bloody war and his message of mercy was to go out to those people even if this war were to happen it was to go out so that the people would be prepared many people would lose their lives in this conflict potentially and an before they lost their life God intended that this message of mercy would block the world however the reform that was to be made and in God 's people was not affected and as a result of the messages petered out that defects just just went away she talked about it she says his wife says either shown that the testimony to the latest the skins applied to the gods people at this present time and it is a reason any reason it has article disagree to work is because of hardness of their hearts but God has given a message time to do its work the heart must be purified from sins which have so long shutout Jesus is fearful message will do its work when it was first presented she says it led to close exam our sins are confessing the people of God were stirred everywhere nearly all believe that this message would end in their blog try out the third angel but as they failed to see the powerful work accomplished in a short time many loss the effect of the message that was one of the reasons why this message failed and that was because people did not see changes in the short time they do not realize that this message was a different message and that it was supposed to the changes that were supposed to take place would take some time it would be forever but it would take some time and they were used in this the gospel is not a quick fix thing the deep seated sins in our heart do not go away by one or two prayers it takes a struggle and takes close examination of the heart and careful walking with with Christ in order to remove and renounce the sins from our lives and is this not happen in an instant and she said I saw that this message was not a condition work in a few short months it is designed to arouse the people of God to discover to them their backsliding sent to leave his zealous repentance the day may be favored with the presence of Jesus and be fitted for the loud cry of the third angel so the message of the other late to the listing church is to fit us to be able to give the loud cry of the third Angels message and we cannot give that message until we had been fitted until we have received the ability to get that message and it is impossible to give that message which is a very hard message until you have made changes in your life and these changes do not take over do not accomplish its work in a few short months she says it takes more than a few short months Norco compass this a lot of times we do we do weaker prayers events is a series rear emphasis weeks and at the end of the week we feel very close to God however that affect goes away because we failed to realize about effect that closeness with God has to pursue as to go on for two Jesus comes we have to continue to be closer and closer to God killed Jesus comes it is something that that wears away after a few weeks and this message that will fit a student to proclaim the three Angels messages that brings his message in particular takes more than a few months of heart heart searching and and a changing of change in our life some of the reasons why that some of the other reasons why the latest in message failed was a God want to prove his people she says he says many move from feeling not from principle and faith and a solid fearful message stirred them I draw upon their feelings and excited their fears but did not accomplish the work which God had designed that it should outline the reasons she says another reason was that God leads his people on step-by-step he brings them to the different points calculated to manifest what is in their heart summoned your at one point but fought that the next that was another reason why this message fail she went on to say that some are going to see one point but when God brings into another testing point of shrink from it back and sent back because they see that it strikes directly at some cherished item here they have an opportunity to see what is in their heart that shuts out Jesus day price something higher than the truth under parts are prepared received Jesus individuals are tested and proved a length of time to see if they will sacrifice their idols and he is a cause of the true witness and I was one of the reasons why this message failed was because they were cherished idols and because of those idols people chose those idols over Jesus I was one of the reasons why this message fail but then she goes on to say that there is another reason is that some lien upon old experience which they had years ago I went brought down to this heart searching time when all should have a daily experience they have nothing to relate the think they seem to think that a professional truth will save just merely saying I believe in the South I believe the state of the dead ugly veggies will come back will not save you when you said you know since the garbage God hates Jesus will come in and sup with them and they with him and as directly from Revelation chapter three so one of the reasons also was that they leaned on old experience another reason was its is not expressly stated but it is implied and that she says that I was shown to the people of God shall imitate the fashions of this world unfortunately that which the children of God restraint to become more like the world in their in their fashions in their actions in their pursuits again and she says that some have done this and our fast losing that peculiar holy character that should distinguish them as God 's people and she said I was pointed back to God 's ancient people and was led to compare their peril with a motive dress in these days of one of the reasons was that they were becoming more and more like the world in their dress and in their thoughts and actions and as a result his message failed she also went on to talk about systematic benevolence which they had started and ended the powerfulness of that system in helping to carts on the consciousness that exists in people naturally and the revival failed because it is only as a logon is restored to his rightful position that there can be a revival of primitive faith and godliness among his professed people that's my controversy page four seventy eight and because the law of God did not take that the the key part in people 's hearts and that change was not affected in them because they expected it to be a quick snap thing they that dispenses gold and the fearful results of a project in this message on was shown in the end appeared right after that we went through a horrendous Civil War when thousands ten thousands of people died in a single ever in a single day on the battlefield thousands and many many hundreds of thousands were wounded permanently because of that war there was another time a few years after that that God came again to his people and this was during the eighteen eighties that God came very close to his people it wasn't a specific time it was more over a few years during that time the caulking close again this time and I should add that the next is next Savitz lesson that will be covering the tiger that will be coming will be the eighteen eighty eight General conference and to mark our will be leaving will be leading that study and it is a fascinating time in our church 's history hardest to set the stage for that and to just glean a few a few kernels from from that time there were two individuals that that help to start help to proclaim the message that God had for his people at the same time that message was not a different message that had been preached from before it was the same message however in the ensuing years from eighteen forty four to around eighteen eight these for some reason or another thoughts people had become very efficient in doing God 's work and while efficiency is to be admired consecration is what God wants and what happened is that God that the thoughts people had taken the message that you given to be proclaimed to the end of the world and had made it into some kind of machinery and as a result people would preach these messages that Mrs. White called that they were dry as the guilds of go for it just try messages and God Christ was not in those messages Christ is the center of our of our message and eighteen forties people preach the message because they believe that Jesus got to come soon and Christ was a very much part of that message people dreamed about being the Jesus Christ however in the ensuing years somehow Christ dropped off those messages and it just became a hard harsh message a clanging cymbal if if I may say that during this time and so God raise up people to bring back the focus back on Jesus and these two men a D Jones and Andy J Wagner where young men at the time it just is thirty eight years old at the time the gel conference and EJ Wagner was thirty three Eric Fuller opposites one eighty Jones was a self-taught man he possessed the near photographic memory he had been through the Army and yet talk everything that he knew yet taught himself is a self learner the other was EJ Wagner was a doctor use of physician yet gone through a real medical school and you spend years and years of study and he was a more gentle man and a more refined man if you want say that and his both of them combined together to work had signs of the times in California and enduring there their time together they found some truths and they rediscover some truth I should say and they began to proclaim them as they rediscover them however because of unbelief and because of the wrong spirit towards each other both by Aji Jones and EJ Wagner and by the senior leadership of the evidence church at the time these feelings overflowed till the church was split into two camps and as a result and they were split over some of the most trivial things some of the most trivial things but then and because of that God was unable to come during that time period and an symbol cover exactly what happened during that time as we close today I want to I want to give you kind of a preview of where this class is going really to continue covering time in this history in our Avenue is history to become to our present time and you will see that we are living in a very unique time God has come very close again to the seven his church and the chance that we have to enter a spin it to enter heaven is just as real as the chance our forefathers had to enter heaven in the eighteen forties and eighteen fifties and eighteen eighties and the only way that we are going to be able to not make the mistakes that are forefathers made the mistakes of unbelief the mistakes are looking to man if you if you ever want to take one sentence to describe the entire eighteen eighties it would be death sentence right there looking to man they look to Madison Christ if if we are to take the message of the latest in method and to assimilate into our lives and make the changes that it requires and as God presents those changes were likely we would make those changes we will find yourself proclaiming that the third Angels message and seen Jesus come however God 's promises are the same as they were yesterday they're the same today God 's promises are conditional and he is come very close to us today and if we follow through with those promises he will will fill those promises in us however if we decide to go the way of our forefathers than those promises will lapse goggled reaches promise and he will go to another generation you will wait for another generation to rise up a generation that will put him in the center of the message generation that will make those require changes in your life a generation that will fulfill that the message and mission that he has for his church so as you study these three time periods in incorrect in our history lets us that he just know what happened let us study to avoid those mistakes let's make sure that that as we study these messages that we pray that God will will make that change in our life will change us in our life and that got me ultimately will be a will see Jesus come let us your father we are standing right at the borders of Canaan again and father we have received a report that the land over there is fair and that it is worth inhabiting the father we know that you will go with us to the Jordan father right now as we stand there many things that keep us from doing what we we want to do the reaction of the message to the latest CNN's message that you had the Christ centered message that you had for us in the eighteen eighties the urgency of the message that you have rested eighteen forties be with us today as we study the Bible help us to assimilate into our life the changes that you need us to make help us to be prepared to be the people that will be a will to give the loud cry we ask that you blessed the Sabbath day and using the prey and


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