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Global Events in the End-Times

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • April 22, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Yesterday i was in new york. I preached on sunday monday tuesday and wednesday evenings. And then yesterday morning early i traveled to oklahoma city where we celebrated my dad's ninety third thing. This morning i got up real early. Flew into l.a.x. and. Rented a car and drove here. And that tomorrow afternoon i'm going to be driving home. Lord willing. So i don't know what time zone i'm in. I believe that this is the pacific time zone. If i'm not mistaken. But we'll see how it goes. I'm going to shuffle the title. Just a little bit. Because tomorrow i'm going to present a two part series the first is titled. Michael steele stand up. What was really scheduled for tonight. And then the second. Presentation i think it's four in the afternoon. Will be. The second part of that in the title is fire and lions and deliverance. And this evening going to talk a little bit about the global events that are taking place and. What we can expect in the future. Before we do begin though. I would like to have a word of prayer. And so i invite you to bow your heads. As we ask for the lord's blessing. Father in heaven we think you for the wonderful hours of the sabbath. That are just beginning. We think you that we can just take a twenty four hour break from all of our own endeavors. Our work. In our secular activities. And just dedicate twenty four whole hours. To our fellowship with you. We have that as we open your word this evening that your holy spirit will be with us to guide our minds and open our hearts. We realize that we're living in trying times. The final movements are certainly rapid ones. And we want to be ready for the close of probation in the coming of jesus. So we ask. And that you will be with us in our study and we thank you for your ignore prayer. Or we ask it in jesus' name meant. I must say that some of the things that i'm going to say tonight. Will not be new. There will be a review of things that you've heard before. But i've put everything together. In what i consider to be. Perhaps a unique way. Even though much of the information you've heard the way that it's organized. Is perhaps a little different them. A what you've heard before. I'd like to begin by mentioning that. The end time. Crisis is going to involve. Two objects of worship and their respective signs. So basically the in time crisis has to do with two objects of worship and. Their respective signs. And the like to begin the hope you brought your bibles because we're going to use the bible profusely. This evening. We're going to begin by reading some ninety five and verses one through six. Some ninety five verses one through six. And there are two points that i want to emphasize. In this passage. It's beautiful to hear the pages of the bible turning. I know that some of you don't have pages you have electronic pages. And that's ok. That's what it says there in verse one. All come let us sing to the lord. Let us shout joyfully into the rock of ourselves nation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving. Let us. Shout. Joyfully here. To him. With psalms. And then we have the reason why we're supposed to praise the lord. In this manner. Says in verse three for that means because for. The lord is the great god. And the great king above all gods. So we are supposed to praise the lord. And given thanksgiving because he is the great god. Above all gods. Now the question is what makes him the great god above all gods. Well we have to continue reading verse for you continue saying in this hand are the be places of the earth. The heights of the hills. Are here is also. The sea is here is for he made it. And his hands formed. The dry land. All come up let us worship. And bowed down. Let us kneel before the lord. Our maker. What makes god the great god. Above all gods. The fact that he is the creator. And you notice here. That because he is the creator. We must worship. By now down and kneel before the lord our maker in other words. Those are three synonymous. Expressions that mean basically the same thing. Worship bow down and kneel to the lord our maker so the two points i want to notice as we begin our study. Is that we worship god. We bow down to him we need all before him because he is the creator god as the creator is the reason for our worship. Now let's notice another verse in the old testament. That expresses the same thought. Only invest verse. We're going to find that heaven also worships for the same reason. Because heaven is filled with creatures as well. Nehemiah tucker nine and verse six. Nehemiah chapter nine. And verse six. Here. God is being exposed once again because he is the creator. That's not an easy book to find me a mind. That's one of those difficult books to find. But if you found it. This is how it reads you alone. Are the lord. Now comes the reason. You have made haven't the heaven of heaven. Us. With all their host. The earth and everything in it. The seeds. And all that is in the head. You. Preserve them all. And then daughters the last part of the verse says. The host of heaven. What. Worship's. You. Once again it speaks here about god being the creator. He made heaven. The heaven of the heavens. He made the earth. Everything in the earth. And then it says. Bet. The host of heaven. Worships you. Once again. The emphasis. Is that we worship god because god is the creator. Now the next point that i want us to notice. Is that god us at the very beginning. A reminder that he is the creator. And we all know what it is. Let's go to genesis chapter one verse us thirty one. Through chapter two in verse one. Chapter two in verse one actually belongs to chapter one. Even though it. In our bibles. It's in chapter two. That's really the conclusion to the creation story. Says there in genesis one verse thirty one. Then god saw everything that he had made. And indeed it was very good. So that evening in the morning with a six day. Thus the heavens on the earth and all the host of them were finished. So god. Finished his work of creation. In six days. According to this. And then i want you to notice and. We already know this. That the week was not complete. Because something still needed to be established during creation week. And that's where we read genesis chapter two with vs two and three. This is the climax of creation. Week. It says and i'm going to emphasize certain expressions. And on the seventh being eight. God ended his work which he had done. And he. Number one. Rested on the seventh day. From all his work which he had done. Then god blessed. The seventh day i believe that god wants us to know it's the seventh thing. Right. Three times. It says. He rested on the seventh day. He blessed the seventh day and sanctified it. And not notice why god blessed and sanctified. The seventh day. Because in it. He arrested from all his work which god had created. And made. So what this is telling us. Is that god blessed. The seventh day god. Sanctified the seventh day or made it holy eight and rested on the seventh day. Because it was a memorial. Of his work. Of creation it was his signature. Of the work of creation. Like a like an artist to paint a work of art. You know they finish. The picture. But what is lacking. What is lacking is the signature of the artist. Identified who made the picture. And so the sabbath is god's. Signature on the work of creation. And the bible tells us. Three things. Remember these three things are going to come back to him and. A few moments. He rested. He sanctified her made holy. And he blessed. The seventh day sabbath and three times we are told that the sabbath. Is the seventh day. Now as i have been is we believe that the days were literal twenty four hour days. Just like the days that we know today. And there are clear evidence as in the creation story that this is the case. And in other parts of scripture. First of all each day had an evening and morning. Will be kind of ridiculous to say it was the evening in the morning of the of a hundred million years. You know evening and morning indicates that it's a it's a literal day. In scripture when that expression is used it means a literal twenty four hour day. We're also told in the psalms that god spoke. And it was done. And in the creation story we find the expression and. It was so which indicates that god spoke. And it happened. It did take millions of years to happen. Another important detail and you know we have studied these things before is that there was no druid creation. So the sabbath. Was made for humanity. Because all of humanity comes from out of many. Furthermore in its original function the sabbath has nothing to do with being a saddle. Of the rest but christ would give us. In redemption. Because when the sabbath was created. There was no need for redemption. And it was a sabbath. After seeing him takes on a secondary meaning. Which is the jesus going to come to give us his rest. But in its primary function. The sabbath is a sign of creation and if sin had not come in the sabbath would have been simply a sign that god is a creative the remembrance that god is the creator of. Some people ask they say well how do you know that the sabbath to date. Is the same sabbath that existed a creation. Fact one individual once said to me. You know. How do you know that the sabbath today the seventh day today is the same seventh they then existed in the days of christ. So i looked at him and i said. He was not evidence i said done what they did go to church. So well go to church on sunday. Ok. And why do you go to church on sunday. So well because that's the day the jesus resurrected. I said oh so this sunday you keep it is a sunday of the resurrection right uses yeah. I said well if the sundays today is the same sunday of the resurrection the sabbath is the same sabbath. You know you can't say that sunday duties as leaving sunday. And sabbath is that is a different day. But then he had an answer he said. How do you know that a sabbath. Then existed in the days of christ was a sabbath of creation. And i said the answer is very simple. Because the jesus that kept the sabbath two thousand years ago. Was the one who created the sourpuss and he was not going to keep the wrong date. So the sabbath. Today is the same sabbath of creation. Ellen white tells us that god preserve the week. And it's come down to what's. Today. Without any interruption. Without any break. In fact. Henry morris. Re non creation is creationist. In his book biblical creationism page sixty two is not an f. and it's our role this. The lord himself. Had worked six days. Then rested on the seventh. Setting thereby a permanent pattern. For the benefit of mankind. But then you know what he says he says well. There's no way to know all that the south. But that is the same sense of creation. So it's ok to keep one day and said. But at least he agrees that the sabbath. That the week was established at creation as a pattern for all other weeks in history. Now when you examine the creation story. People say well you know it doesn't say there that god told adam and eve to rest. It says that god rest. And he bless the day and the sanctify of the day. So they say the sabbath was not a creation institution because god did not command adam and eve to keep a satirist. Well that's where we come to our next passage which you are so well acquainted with you probably can repeat it from memory. And that is the fourth commandment. Of god's law. Let's go next is chapter twenty and verses eight through eleven. Exodus twenty versus eight we leaven. And you're going to see all kinds of links to the creation story here. To what we read in genesis chapter two verses two or three. It says there. Remember what those remember mean well it must mean the sabbath existed before right. You can't remember something that didn't exist before. We have for example the oklahoma city memorial. I don't know if you've ever been there. So really and. An interesting memorial in the work where that building was bombed by. Timothy mcveigh you know. Rym what does that remember i remember something that happened in the past. So the fourth commandment says remember. The sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days notice this you shall labor. And do all your work. But the seventh day is the sabbath. Of the lord your god. Why is the sabbath the sabbath. Of the lord. Because god originally established in spite of his arrest. It's his before it's ours. And we're going to come back to that in a moment. Because then you're saying in it you shall do no work. You nor your son or your daughter know your male servant nor your female servant nor your cattle nor your stranger who is within your gates. And now comes a reason for. That means because. So god is saying work six. And rest the seventh. Because in six days the lord made the heavens and the earth. The sea. And all that is in them. And now listen carefully. And the arrested today. Did we find that in genesis. Yet he rested. The seventh day. There for the lord blessed. Is that in genesis. The lord blessed the sabbath day and what hallowed. It is this the same sabbath of creation of course that his remember sends us back there first of all it starts out by saying remember so it sends us back to creation. And then it says work six and rest the seventh because god works six the rest of the seven. Now wouldn't it be kind of ridiculous to think that the days of creation were millions of years. And god telling us. You know. Work six days and rest the seventh. In commemoration of my work for millions of years. And my rest for a million years. This is another evidence that the sabbath and the first six days. Are literal days. Because god says as i work six and rest of the seventy. You work six and rest a seventh. There's a parallel there. In other words. So this is the same sabbath. Of creation. And god here. Is saying that he established it. For human beings to what for human beings to keep. To follow the example of gossip. Now you say well why didn't god command out of a need to keep the sabbath. At the very beginning. You know it would have been nice. Some people say. If god had placed in the book of genesis. And god told adam and eve. To keep the sabbath. Well that would have resolved the issue once for all. Because it would have been clearly a creation institution. But what people argue is that. Anime if. We're not told to keep the sabbath and therefore. The sabbath is not a creations to do ssion. I remember the first time that i came to have a hope. I presented a sermon on the sabbath. In genesis. And i explained the reason why god did not command of the had to give that first sentence because the bible says about first sabbath god was the one who rested. Because god had been the one who had worked. You see. Man is not commanded to keep the sabbath until the second week. Because the first week is god's week. The second week. Is man's week. Do you follow me or not. In other words god works six he rest the seventh. And then he says to adam and eve. Now you saw how i did it did it. Now you're going to start tomorrow. With the perspective of the first seven. Tomorrow you're going to start working six and next sabbath. You're going to rest to see how it rests. You're going to rest just like the rest so. So god creates the week. He works six rest of seventh. And then. He gives the week to man and he says you work six. And you rest the seventh. And by the way. It's very interesting the sabbath was not made holy until it ended. So god could not have told adam and eve to keep the sabbath as the sabbath began. Because it wasn't holy yet. He says that truth of the sabbath wasn't holy until it ended. That's exactly what the fourth commandment says not. It's once again. Four in six days the lord made the heavens and the earth the sea and all that is in them. And rest of the seventh day. Rest of the seventh day there for the lord bless the sabbath day and help it. When did the lord bless the sabbath and helmet. And after he rested. You see it's god's rest that makes the sabbath hold. And here's rest becomes an example for our rest. So is the sabbath a creation is the dushan. Good god created for human beings to keep the fourth commandment says yes. So i want you to notice then that we worship god because god is what the creator and the sign of remembrance of creation is the sabbaths. Now let's read a text. That puts all three of the ideas together. I see a sixty six twenty two and twenty three. Isaiah sixty six and verses twenty two and twenty three. The three ideas that we worship. Because god is the creator. And the sign of the creator of the south. And of course we read this. These texts many many times. It says for as the no heavens and the new earth which. I will make. Shall remain before me. Says the lord. So do you have creation their god going to make a new heavens of no worth right. So show your descendants and your name remain and its will come to pass it from one new moon to another. Some people get all hung up with the new moon thing. Really new moon. Means month. Because the new moon marks the beginning of the month. That's why in spanish it says the man said miss for months and months. And all of the virgins and i have versions that i know of. And so it says and by the way we're going to go from month to month because there's a. Free that produces its fruit every month. According to revelation twenty two burst through the tree of life. So it's as it should come to pass that for one will move to another and from one. What. Sabbath to another. So what is it that gaza is going to commemorate the creation of the new heavens the nurse. The sabbath. Is it going to be a continuous keeping of the sabbath that's as for one sabbath to another all flesh will come to what. Here's a third idea you shall come to worship before me. Says the lord is the sabbath a sign of worship. Because god is the creator. Clearly. Isaiah sixty six. Tells us that. Now let's go to another point. Go with me to psalm twenty four worse as one into you have all heard that people say that the sabbath is jewish right. Seven was given for the jews. Ok now let's let's examine that sound twenty four verses one and two. The earth is the lord's. And all its fullness. The world. And all she will dwell there am. Now here comes a reason why is god. The owner of the earth and everything that's in the earth. That's what it means. In all its fullness. Means everything to us in it. What. Here comes a reason for that means because he has what. Founded upon the seas and established it upon the waters. That's because god is the what. The creator. Of course now do one does the light. Belong to god created the light the first they write to whom does the light belong to go up to him does the firmament a firmament below. Even the firmament in los angeles. All. Doesn't look like it. But people respect their blogs lord. To whom does vegetation belong to whom dog a sign moon and stars below. To whom do the fish belong to whom do the birds belong to her own do all the animals below. To home to man and woman below. Dog as a savage blow to the jews who made the sabbath god. So if god made the sabbath. Whose is it. He is because you can't say that everything you made the first six days. Is here is whereas a seven think is. Of the jews. The jews would have had to have made it. In order for it to be the sabbath. Of the jews of the bible tells us that the sabbath. Is a sign between him and his people. Let's read. Exodus thirty one sixteen and seventeen. Exodus thirty one sixteen and some of the most of this is review. But i'm i'm coming to a point. There you'll see in a few moments. Exodus thirty one sixteen and seventeen. It says they're there for the children of israel shall keep the sabbath. Let's stop there for a moment. Who's commanded to keep a sabbath. The children of israel should keep the sabbath. And people say. See the sabbath was given for israel. Because it says. Therefore the children of israel should keep the sabbath to observe the sabbath throughout their generations. As a perpetual coppock now let me ask. To whom did god give the ten commandments. While he gave that he gave the tablets to moses but he spoke. The ten commandments to whom. To the jews. Right. Did god speak the time came i am still jews. Did moses give the two tablets of stone to the jews. So the ten commandments are for the jews. The command that. You shall have no other gods before me that's for the jews like a mammoth don't make an image and don't bow before it that's for the jews. The commandment to not disrespect god's name is for the jews. The commandment honor your father your mother just for the jews. Also not kill just for the jews. But also not commit adultery is for the jews. They also ought not steal is for the jews. They also would not bear false witnesses for the jews. And also not covered as for the jews. So i don't know. But the sabbath is for the jews. All of the ten commandments were given to the jews. Because they were god's people at that time. But nowhere does it say that they were exclusively for the jews. So that's the way people read it they said because god says he gave it to the children israel course he's going to say the children of israel he's not going to say to the people loma linda. Those were not his people back at that time. If you were speaking to they would say. It's a perpetual sign between me and the loma linda lights. Are you with me. Not us easy. Well let's finish reading verse seventeen. Not just once as about the sabbath. It is a sign. Between me and the children of israel for ever. And now comes the reason. See the reason. Goals far beyond. Literal israel. It goes back to creation again. It predates israel. The reason for keeping the sabbath. And the fourth commandment of course. Applies to everyone it says. It is a sign between me and the children of israel for ever for that means because in six days the lord made the heavens and the earth. And on the seventh day you're rested and was refreshed. What is the rationale for israel keeping the sabbath. But god is what. A creator does that take us back to genesis chapter two. It most certainly does not also easy kill twenty. Versus twelve and twenty. Is equal twenty verses twelve and twenty. Once again. It's speaks of the sabbath. As a sign between god and his people. Is equal twenty. And verse twelve. And then will go to verse twenty. Moreover i also gave them my sabots. To be a what a sign between them and me that they might know that. I am the lord will sanctifies them. And then verse twenty says. How low my sabbaths. That means keep them but keep them holding. And they will be a sign. Between me and you that you may know that. I am the lord your god. The sabbath as a sign that. Who is our god the creator is our god. It's a sign between the creator and his creatures. So as long as god is create create a creator. And as long as we are creatures. The sabbath. Is what the sign between god and its people. Now let's go revelation chapter fourteen. Revelation fourteen contains the three intell messages. It's the last message of god to the world. How do we know that. Three of the three engines message is the last message of god to the world. As immediately after the third massive jesus is seen sitting on a cloud he has a sickle in his and it's coming to harvest the earth. So we know that they come immediately before the second come. Because immediately after the third message. Jesus is coming to the earth with a sickle to harvest the earth. That's it's come. And a lot of us what the first. Angel's message. Has to say. Then i saw another angel fly in the midst of haven't having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell in to the earth and to all of the jews. Yeah them too. To whom does the first ageless message go to every nation. Tribe. Tongue. And people is this a universal message for people from all ethnic groups all nationalities. Yes. Saying with a loud voice. Fear god and give glory to get him for the honor of his judgment is come. And then what do we find and what. Worship him. Who. Why do we worship him. Worship him who made. Heaven and earth. The sea. And the springs of what. So the first angels message calls us to worship. The creator. And what is the sign of the creator. The sabbath. Incidentally bijan notice that you have a very strong paraphrase here of the fourth commandment and. The genesis story. Very strong paraphrase. You can't separate the sabbath from this. Now does god have a mark that identifies as people at the end of time. Let's go to revelation chapter seven vs one to three. Revelation seven hundred thirty. We've noticed that we worship god because god is the creator. And the sign of god is the creator the memorial of god as the creator is the southwest. Now. Let's not us that god's people at the end will have a mark. It says in revelation seven hundred three after these things i saw four angel standing of the four corners of the earth. Holding the four winds of the earth. That the wind should not blow on the earth. On the sea or and in the tree. Then i saw another angel ascending from the east. Having what. The seal of the living god. And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the seas say. Do not harm the earth. The sea. Or the trees. Till we have what sealed up. The servants. Of our god. On their foreheads. Such as god have a seal. Incidentally if you read romans four eleven. It uses seal and sign interchangeably. Circumcision was a seal or a sign. The apostle paul says. So seal and sign are interchangeable so what is the seal or sign it. That indicates the relationship between god and people. We've already noticed that it's what the south. Now let's transition to the third age as mess. And before we do. I want to mention several things. Several functions. Of god who is the representative of christ on earth. The holy spirit correct. I'll give you the references. John chapter fourteen for sixteen days as we've been reading says and when he leaves. He's going to send the holy spirit. As he is representative. To take his place. That's john chapter fourteen fifteen and sixteen. All three chapters. Who is the only person that we can call father. Doesn't mean we can't call our physical father father. Talking about spiritual puck. Matthew twenty three verse ninety is this don't call any man your father. Well there's only one who is your father. And that's god in heaven. To whom only can we bob. To god. You remember when. Cornelius came to peter's iles and cornelius knelt before him. And peter who supposedly was the first pope. Said to cornelius. Kissed my told that's not exactly what he said what they do say. They get up from their own baal to me. I'm a man. Just like you are. Who is the only one who can forgive sins. By the way that reference on cornelius is x. ten twenty five and twenty six. Only god can forgive sins mark two or seven. Who is the only one who is infallible gaut james one seventeen says that there is no shadow of turning in hebrews thirteen needs as the same yesterday today and forever. God says i am the lord i change not. So the lord is the only one who is infallible. Who is the only one who has a right to set up kings and the pows keane's. Daniel two twenty one says god. Who is the only one who has the right to judge us. Well no one can judge him. God. John five twenty two and twenty seven. So which day did god established as a sign between him and his people. The sabbath now you say why your mentioning all these things. Let's go to the third angel's message. It says. Remember this. The third angel's message is the contrast to the first. First message. As worship the creator. The third messi says don't worship the beast. So the first thing his message is the do. The thirty joules message is the don't notice what it says then a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice. If anyone what. Worships. Let me ask you if the beastie man's worship must be claim to be god. Did you get to that point. If the b.s. claims. The right to be worshipped he must claim to be god. So it says then a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast. So the beast would take the place of home. Of god and his image and receive his what. Oh the beast also has a mark. And receives his mark on his forehead or on his head. And he himself should also drink of the one of the wrath of god which is poured out full strength. Into the cup of his indignation. He's only tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of lowly angels and in the presence of the lamb. And the smoke of their torment a sense forever and ever. And now you have the same repetition of what we thought at the beginning. And they have no rest day or night. Who worship the beast. And his image. And whoever receives what the. Mark of his name. So the third angles mass each. Tells us not to worship the beast. Who claims to occupy god's place on earth. And has a son of his authority. Which is the mark of the beast. And we notice that it's a matter of life and death. Because if you worship the beast and receive his mark. You're going to be lost if you don't this is strong language. It says here that the wrath of god. Will fall upon those who worship the beast and. His image and receive his mark. And it describes it in vivid terms. You know these days it's very common to say you know god is love. And we kind of. Shuffle all of that want and all of the divine strong warnings under the rug. We don't like to talk about the about the niacin sufiah. We don't like to deal with others ah. We don't like to deal with with a can or with made up in a by you. Because we say no that kind of gives us the idea that god isn't love. But god's warnings. Are loving warnings. Why does god give such a strong warning don't worship the beast or is it we don't receive a mark. Because if you do. You're going to drink a lot of my wrath and. Talk be tormented with fire bristol why would god give such a strong warning it's god that's giving the warning. Because he doesn't want you to worship the beast or his image or receive a mark. Would you prefer to god for god to be nice and not tell you anything about. And you end up worshipping the beast in his image and receive the mark. How important is it to identify who the beast is if you don't know what abused is you're going to end up worshipping you. And if you don't know what the mark is you're going to end up receiving the mark. So god says you better know who the beast is and you better know what the market's so the question is who is the beast. And what is mark. The beast is the same thing as the little horn. Now for some. For most of you this will be revealed. Prophecy has a chain. With links. Interconnecting links. If you look at daniel seven. You have a lie in what kingdom is that. Babylon you have a bear. You know persian have a leopard. You have a dragon beast. And then it's probably ten horns what is that the divided roman empire and then among the ten rises what a little hard. How long as a rule. Time times the dividing of time. What does it do it speaks blasphemies a goal. Against the most high and persecute the saints of the most high right now that little horn is the same as the beast. You say how do you know that for three reasons. Number one because both of them are in the same spot in the prophetic because in revelation thirteen you also have the same beast mention of verse two. So in. Daniel you have lion. Bear. Leopard dragon. Ten horns. Little horn. In revelation chapter thirteen you have lion bear. Leopard dragon. Ten horns beast. So the beast on the little horn. Are in the same location in the prophetic chain. That's the first reason. Second reason. The little horn and the beast perform the same actions. You see revelation thirteen tells us that the beast speaks blasphemies a good. Against the most high and persecutes the saints of the most time. Which is what the little horn did. And third. They were all for the same time period. In the end daniel it's time times them dividing up time which you know is three and a half years. You know daniel you can tell that the word time means years. Because god told me because as of seven times will pass over you. What he was going to be out of it was going to eat grass to go become a vegetarian to help him. Actually have reagan. You know after seven years of being. Bigan is a. You know he got to clear my. I'm not making a point of the have this is just a joke. So at times. Means years. Three half years but in prophecy. A day is equal to what. You saw how many days is three and a half years while you have to know how many days a month less. You know how many days a month last. Thirty. Can you prove that from the bible. To weights. Number one if you read the writings of moses. You'll discover that. In some of the texts that moses wrote he says that the period of mourning a dead person was thirty days. In other texts. It says that they were to be worn for a month. And secondly if you compare genesis seven eleven to genesis eight three and four you'll find that it says that one hundred fifty days. Is equal to five months. So a five months are hundred fifty days. How many days. Does the month. Thirty. Can prove that biblically. So in daniel it says time times the dividing of time three and a half years. Times three hundred sixty days each year. One thousand two hundred sixty. Revelation thirteen the time period is expressed as forty two much well forty two months times thirty days each month. Is one hundred sixty. And if you still don't get it and twelve says that the woman had to flee to the wilderness for one thousand two hundred sixty days. So god gives us three ways to know because of the same god created. So the point that i want to make is that the little horn and the beast represent the same car. It represents the roman catholic papacy. Now. Somebody might say. The papacy. Doesn't claim to be god. Or demand worship. And therefore the thirty dollars message doesn't apply to it. So the third message warns us about worshiping hook the beast which if it is that if it good beast as a papacy. It would mean worship in what purpose. But if you say you know. The papacy demands worship or going to another doesn't. So they say it doesn't apply to us. However i'm going to share with you some. Clear and multiple indications that the papacy claims to occupy the place of god in your service the titles of god. It serves the rights of god and your service the power of god and functions that belong only to god and i can deny all at once that it does not demand worship but if it claims all of the powers and prerogatives of god. It is claiming the need to be worshipped. While that wants to admit it or not so let's go through the evidence. Because we're looking at the first angel's best of affirmatives of space and we've always said. As avonex of the final crisis is going to be over two days of worship right. Sabbath as a sign of the creator. And sunday as the sign of beast. Is civility not something else that's interesting. It daniel chapter seven it also says that the little horn thought that he could change god's law. And you look at revelation thirteen you see where is the peril of. Every part of daniel seven. When it speaks a little more and has a parallel revelation thirteen. It says it rules the same time period it persecutes of saints that speaks blasphemies that's and daniel seven in revelation thirteen. But there's one thing in daniel seven that you look at. Ablation thirteen you say where is it which is thought it could change god's love do you know what it is. It's the mark of the beast. Which is mention of revelation thirteen that's the parallel. That's the change in god's law. Let's go to second thoughts along in step two verses three and four. Second as long as two three and four. You know people say well you don't talk about the papacy you know. We are living in the time. Of the fulfillment of these prophecies folks. We can't be politically correct anymore. There's too many. There's too many loving. Sincere. True children of god in this system. And god wants to rescue them. And we should have a passion. To rescue them. By proclaiming this message. Do you want them to receive the mark of the beast. That would be a very loving to sell them on not can offend my neighbor because if i were you not to tell them that the sabbath is a day of rest you will and talk about the papacy. They're going to get mad at me. And so they end up being lost and who's to blame. We hope. So i guess that's what only us two three and four it's because about the man who said the man of sin is the same as the beast and a little more all of the protestant reformers believe that. And it can be proven i have a tool. Our presentation and seconds as one has to go to all through all the characters. You know. The papacy. Is compared and second those second those loans two to judas iscariot. Did i was judas iscariot concerned about the poor. They did appear that he once. Was a conniving politician. You can go right down the line there's all kinds of characteristics. And by the way you called the son of perdition. Which is the very name that. Given to the man of sin. And second as long as to listen to one incense. Let no one b.c. of you my any means. For that day that is the day in the coming of jesus. Will not come. Unless the fall in the waiting. In greek it's the apostasy. Apostasy one. It says in greek comes first and the man of sin is revealed. The son of perdition who opposes an exultant self. Above all that is called god or that is what. The whole soul is he going to claim worship as a man of sin going to claim worship. Yes. So that he sits as god. In the temple of god. Showing himself that he is caught. There's a man of sin claim to be god and who is the man of sin and. Papacy not a specific will. The papacy has a system. And some people say. By the way the protestants have this. Totally messed up. They can never identify what these powers are there are they all looking over at isis. They're looking over to the middle east. You know the look in their look into to the war between the palestinians and the jews you know they think they're looking for the rebuilding of the jewish temple after the rapture. And there's going to be this nasty individual who's going to. One. One person who's going to rebuild the jewish temple. He's going to sit there literally in the temple he's going to build a great big statue of himself. And he's going to command everybody to worship that image. And is going to put a tattoo on their foreheads. That's the way protestants are interpreting these prophecies. And meanwhile prophecy is fulfilled that role in the united states. And they can't see it because they're looking in the wrong place. Or you would make. Your uncle. Why him. And the reason. They say look at it says that it's going to sit in the temple of god. That's going to be a jewish temple. Not. Every time that the apostle paul uses. The expression. Temple of god. He's speaking of the church. Do you not know that you are the temple. Of the holy spirit. By the way. When it says you. It's plural. And you know we can apply it to our to our body temple. That's no problem. But it's really speaking about the church. As a body. Do you not know that you. It's plural. Are the temple. Of the holy spirit. Holy spirit is the second i see jesus is invisible he comes through the holy spirit now. And the old testament the chick i know was visible. Was a visible light. So every time that paul uses the expression of the temple of god. He is referring to the church. In fact. It's a spiritual temple. Because if you should step or two verses nineteen to twenty one says that that. Temple is built upon the foundation of the apostles and the prophets jesus christ is the chief cornerstone and we have the stones that are built up. So what kind of temple is it is a literal temple. Know and it says. It's made a habitation for the spirit. So never does paul use temple of god to refer to the jewish temple. In fact. He knew very well that when jesus left the temple for the last time you said your house. Is left up to you desolate. But was no longer. When jesus went into the temple. For the last time. He cast out the money changers he says. My house. Don't do that in my house. It says he went into the camp will of god and said don't do that in my house. When he left the temple he says. Your house is left up to you desolate. There's not. You know. The jewish temple can. We rebuild. But it's not a fulfillment of prophecy. And i believe the devil probably will do its utmost to fulfill that prophetic scenario. So where is this temporary christ going to set in the church. Claiming to be what claiming to be god. You know the pope's. Of rome have claimed. Interesting cottle's. Vicarious philippe. Is an official title of the papacy. What does that mean it means biker. Of the son of god. The word vika means one who takes the place of. So you get translated. The one who takes the place. Of the son of god. The pope's overall maher also called the canniest goodness the bikers of christ and the words they take the place of christ. Who is it the takes the place of christ the holy spirit jesus made it very very clear. So the popes are your servers. Of the position of the holy spirit. Do you know what the word anti-christ means. We usually think that anti-christ means against christ. But in greek when you put that proposition and. T p. Next one now. It means. In place of. Let me give you three examples. In classical greek you have the word. Unclear bussy loose. Bussy deuces king. The box of us means one who takes the place of the king. You have another. Another word. I care at and t.. Plus the were passed means father. The past means. He who reigns in place of his father. And we are the work. anti-type the. Doesn't mean that that the m.p.i. type contradicts the type. Or is inimical to the type. And by type means that which takes the place of the kite. Sacrifice of jesus takes the place. Of the sacrifice of the lamb. So what i'm saying is that the anti-christ passages apply not to a system that is. Open your calls to christ. But to a system that claims to occupy the place of christ. Does the papacy claim to have a representative. That occupies the place of christ. Absolutely not us what pope lord legal before dean had to say. This isn't in cyclical letter dated june twenty eight hundred ninety four. He said. Speaking about the pope's of rome. We hold upon this earth. The place. Of god almighty. He also stated. But the supreme. Teacher in the church. Is the roman pontiff. Union of minds therefore requires. Together with the perfect accord in the one face. Complete submission and obedience of the will. To the church and to the roman pontiff. Asked to god himself. That's blasphemy by the way. In the encyclopedia by the way this is an encyclopedia that i've been looking for for many many years it's an all catholic encyclopedia called it to by. Lucius for hours. And somebody sent me the volumes. So it's a treasure. So i wrote this from from one of those volumes. This is. This is what this encyclopedia says the pope is of so great authority in power. That he can modify explain or interpret. Even divine laws. The pope can modify divine law. Since his power is not of man but of god and he. As vice regent of god upon earth. With the most ample power of binding and loosing his sheep. Whatever the lord god himself. And the redeemer is said to do. He is. viger does. Testimony from recovered church itself. By the way this was. This is not some offshoot offshoot encyclopedia. The catholic encyclopedia which is the granddaddy of all the roman catholic volumes. Six page forty eight. Has an article titled ferarri s. who was the editor of this. Encyclopedia. And it says. It is a veritable encyclopedia. Of religious knowledge and. A precious mine. Of information. What is the leader of the roman catholic church called. Holy father. What did jesus say about calling someone holy father who is the only one who can be called holy father god. So if the pope's want to be called holy father. Are they claiming to be got even if they don't want to admit it. Of course. Do the pope's. Allow people to baal before them even kissing their feet. During the twelve or sixty years. And these days the. Kiss the ring. Does the papacy claim to forgive since. All you have to do it do is go to roman catholic guck cathedrals. You have confessionals all over the place i was preaching in milan. But a month and a half ago. When i went to the cathedral in milan. Ellen white had the opportunity of visiting because they did really well and she was for a while she was overwhelmed. She describes in detail you know everything that isn't there it is in this cathedral. It's a maze of took six hundred years to build. White marble in minutes. Back and after ellen white describes it in all she's really impressed. C. ends by saying. But all it was was but one vast pile of extravagance. And were preparing the documentary not by the way to go on the cathedral milan with elevates comments because she has some very interesting prophetic things to say about that cathedral. Let me say something about saying alphonsus liguori. He lived in the seventeenth century. Twenty two volumes of his work. Have been published. He was canonized as a saint by pope gregory the fourteenth in eight hundred thirty nine. And he was declared a doctor of the church by paul pius the ninth. By the way the roman catholic church has only thirty two doctors in all of its history goes to these of a cop. S. lumpia logins in over two. In close to two thousand years of history of the roman catholic church. And up. Liguori wrote a book called the dignity and duties of the priest or silva. Basically what it is is this compendium of all of the wisdom of quotation marks. Concerning the power of the priesthood. From ancient times. All the way. To the day in which he lived. And i want you to notice. A statement that he wrote. In this book. I have a copy of the book. I have been able to find it. You might be able to find a copy on amazon or something but. It's very difficult to find. This is how he states. The power of the papacy to forgive sins. When he ascended into heaven jesus christ left his priests. After him. To hold on earth. His place. Of mediator between god and man. Particularly on the altar. The priest holds the place of the savior himself. When by saving a goat they have sold well. Which means i forgive you. He absolves. From st louis he forgives. And as you know pope francis the first has proclaimed this the year of mercy be given in november of last year. Through the rest of this year almost the rest of this year. And basically the idea is. He says that even women who have had abortions. If they're truly sorry. They can go to their priest and they can receive forgiveness. For that from the priest. You know this is the very thing that's that led to the protestant reformation. And you know that roman catholics and protestants are planning to celebrate. The five hundredth anniversary of martin luther's. Ninety five thesis. The catholics are going to celebrate it with a protestant well we need to celebrate it with a different way of course. Does the papacy claim to be infallible when the pope speaks ex cathedra. That means from the throne. According to first vatican council eight hundred seventy. He speaks infallibly. Let me read you what was written after. Vatican council what we teach and define that it is a dogma divinely revealed that the roman pontiff. When he speaks ex cathedra. That is when in discharge of the office of pastor and doctor of all christians. By virtue of his supreme apple stock authority. He defines a doctrine regarding faith or morals to be held by the universal church. By the divine assistance. Promised to him and bless it peter. He is possessed of that. Infallibility. With which the divine redeemer will that is church. Should be in doubt. For defining doctrine regarding faith the more morals. And that therefore such definitions of the roman pontiff. Care reform a will of themselves. And not from the consent of the church. But if anyone. Which may go out avert. Presume to contradict this our definition. Let him be anathema. Roman catholic theologian writes this the infallibility of the pope is the. Infallibility of jesus christ himself. Whenever the pope thinks it is god himself. Who is thinking in him. You know if you want a copy of this just give me your email address and i'll send you a copy of everything and present. Though you have the documentation. To check me out to see if it's true. Do you know that the papacy and its long history is claimed to have the right. To set up kings and remove kings. Fact not us what the council of trent said. This not it just that you know theologians. This is a church council crypt. The longest. Church council the history of the roman catholic church. All temporal power is here this. That's what it says the pope. The domini in. Jurisdiction and government. Of the whole earth. It's his by divine right. All rulers of the earth. Are in subjects. And must submit to him. And if they don't. They get removed like him before. And then reinstated after you're out in the cold weather in the snow for three days barefoot. How about the papacy do they have do they claim the right to judge. And to be judged by no one. Listen to what pope gregory the seven had to say. This is in. Article in a team of dick dr spock. Which is something that he wrote concerning the power of the b.b.c.. In article eighteen he wrote the pope's. Sentence. Is not to be reviewed by anyone. While he a loop alone can review the decisions of all of us. Article nineteen states. The pope. Can be judged by no one. But they can judge everyone. To more points. Would just save them the beast. Demands worship does it do it does it claim to do everything that god does absolutely. Let me just mention that this is the most blasphemous of all. Well. Along with the teams of the south. You know in the pay of the papacy. Believes that when the priest. Pronounces the word of consecration. The host becomes a real body of jesus. By a miracle of transformation the host becomes a real body of christ. And the cup which is only drunk by the priest. Becomes the real blood of christ. But they save the wine still taste like wine but it's really gets blurred. And the host. You know it tastes like a way for but it's really his body. Is real body. Now listen to what saint alphonsus liguori wrote about the power of a priest. When he pronounces the word of god. The words that transform supposedly transform the host. That's the priest made in a certain manner be called the creator of his creator. Since by same the words of consecration he creates. As it were. Jesus and the sacrament. By giving him a sacramentally existence. And produces him as a victim to be offered to the eternal father. Now listen to this. As in creating the world. It was sufficient for god to have said let it be made and it was created. He spoke. And they were made. So it is sufficient for the priest to say. Whole cast corpus mailmen that is my body. And behold the bread is no longer bread. But the body of jesus christ. The power of the priest says st bernard enough sienna. Is the power of the divine person. For the transubstantiation of the bread. Requires as much power as the creation of the world. That's blasphemy. The system demands worship. Whether they want to admit it or not. But the biggest. Evidence that the papacy. Is the beast that claims worship is this the fact that they say the. Thing by the authority of christ changed the day of worship from sabbath the sunday. They change god's law. Who would be the only one who changes lot. If anyone could change it it would be only got because god's not going to change its law. Because it's eternal. But he would be conceivably the only one who could do it. Not us what. John paul the second had to say. In the outpost olic letter d.s. domini. To the clergy the episcopal of the faithful and keeping sunday holy. Because of may thirty one thousand nine hundred ninety eight paragraph fourteen. Speaking about sunday you says. In the first place therefore sunday is the day of rest. Because it is the day blessed by god and made holy by him. Set apart from other days to be among all of them. The lord's day. Now you tell me where in the bible it says that god set apart and made holy. And made the lord's day. Something. Nowhere. You know what's even more serious. Is that. Pope john paul the second and francis the first don't even believe that creation. The creation. Story was a little. Let me read you something that was said by john by john paul the second. He was speaking to the papal academy of sciences. Was speaking to scientists. And this is what he said. Today. Almost half a century after the publication of the encyclical speaking about in cyclical that was given by pope pius the twelfth called. No money generous. In one hundred fifty c. the roman catholic church. In one thousand fifty believed in the creation story. Until the church started going liberal liberal theologians took over the church. Basically a list that the jesuits have change from the most conservative roman catholics to the most liberal. If you want to read a fascinating book. The jesuits by malakai martin who was himself a just right before he died. Fascinating book on how the. How the papacy. Of addicted jets which will serve the papacy. Even till death. Now up. Have told lead. Given an about face in the end you know everything that the church believe now. Is a question you know of course this pope. Is a jesuit. Very liberal jesuit. So when people ask him you know about a gay marriage he says who am i to judge. John paul the second one i have an answer. But you know. Let me just read this statement today almost half a century after the publication of the in cyclical. No knowledge has led to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than a hypothesis. It is indeed remarkable that this theory. Has been progressively accepted by researchers. Following a series of discoveries in various fields of knowledge that can. Vergence neither sought. Nor fabricated. Of the results of work. That was conducted. Independently. Is in itself a significant. Argument in favor of the theory of yours because all of these disciplines have come to the conclusion biology and chemistry and so on have come to the conclusion that man came into existence by evolution he says. You know. The fact that they all work independently and all reach the same conclusion. Shows that. That this is more than a theory says it's a significant argument in favor of the theory. Not us what fred says the first have to say. The big bang. Which today we hold to be the origin of the world. Does not contradict the intervention of the divine creator but rather requires it. Not. It's documented. He says evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation. Because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve. When we read about creation in genesis. Listen to this not. When we read about creation in genesis we run the risk of imagining the aging. Imagining god. Was a magician with the magick. Magic wand. Able to do everything. Of course the priest can create jesus of the sacrament. But god could never created the world and six day. You could then you're saying. Once again. When we read about jet creation in genesis we run the risk of the magination god was a magician with a magic wand. Able to do everything. But that is not slow. He created human beings. And let them develop according to the internal laws. That he gave to each one. So that they would reach their fulfillment. In other words. We are only the end product of a long long and bloody. And ruthless. Process of evolution. Let me ask you this. What does the denial of the creation story do with the two creation institution. Does marriage between a man and a woman require that the story of creation be literal. Why do you suppose today people are saying that gay marriage is just. It's just as acceptable. As marriage between a man and a woman. Because people no longer believe the story of creation is literal. And the united states has gone down a very dangerous road. And they're repudiate first of all the first institution that we know. The second institution is not too far behind. Because if they redefine marriage what makes you think they're not going to would be free to find a day of rest. So the sabbath the parents on the idea that you had six literal days of creation. And a literal seventh rest day. If you believe the creation took millions of years. It operates the sabbath. And it up roots the idea of marriage between a man and a woman. And by the way. The two creation is the two sions are the institutions that. Illustrate the relationship between god and his people. Marriage illustrates the relationship between god and his people all throughout the bible. And the sabbath as we've noticed as a sign between god and people who do you suppose once the destroy the two creation institutions sort of people forget god. You better believe it's the devil. And there's avodah still lotions that have gone along. I should have said that at loma linda. Yes. Now what are. The papal aspirations. Well as you know francis the first came to united states. In september of last year. He went to the white house. And spoke with president obama for about forty five minutes. He spoke with a joint session of congress. First time in the history of the united states. He gave a speech to the united nations to launch the two thousand and thirty agenda. Look that up on line. It's scary. Basically it's the idea that the pope. The papacy if through the united nations will control every aspect of our lives. The economy the family. Religion. Everything. And finally the poker game a speech. Right in front of constitution hall in philadelphia where three documents. Three founding documents of the united states. Work establish the declaration of independence the constitution and the bill of rights. He stood there right in front of constitution hall we were there. We took a group of one hundred people gave out a free d.v.d.. On the sabbath. To our separation the sabbath all through scripture and two hours of revelation thirty. We gave out one hundred twenty thousand one hundred of us three days. And you can get a copy if you if you call segments on still this of your free copy. Don't tell myself. It was amazing to me to see the pope standing there right in front of where these three documents read a fight. An individual who believes in the union of church and state. Standing there. Where documents. Were ratified. Speaking of the separation of church and state. Now the pope has gone on the record speaking. I'm free speech. Because yes number one poverty. He said this to the leaders of the world the political and this is of the world love this particular item of the agenda. They can jump on board. Number two the need to save the family. And number three the problem of climate change. Now. Are these good causes short. But the big question which is what is the agenda behind the costs. It's called the foot in the door central the pope has linked all three of these cause us with something. I don't have the. Quotations here but i wrote a long. Newsletter article sequence on seal newsline. Letter article. Where i have those quotations where the pope. Connects these three causes with sunday. Let me just paraphrase what he said he says you know. The reason why people are so poor is because. Because the capitalists have them work and work and work and work they don't get many rest. So the business owners need to give the poor. One day to rest. A week. A bit you can't guess what's needed is something that he speaks about the family all the family you know the kids are going to school the parents are working the elevation. You know there's no time for for the family to get together neat together and go to church together. He says. The family needs a date. But you can't guess which day sunday. And then he says their environment. Is overworked. The environment means one day don't last. I bet you can't guess which day that is sunday. But a creation god established. The sabbath. As the day. When the environment is to rest. He established the sabbath as the day for the family to get together he created adam and eve. On the sixth day and then the sabbath was a day of fellowship. And by the way. Jesus chose the sabbath as the day to especially help the poor but the pope says no sunday. Let me just read you what the aspirations of the papacy really are the reason why they. The papes pope speaks about these three causes because they resonate with the politicians of the work he knows he can't go down the road of abortion or gay marriage. He knows that that's a lost cause. And he needs to key needs to have the. Great political readers of the world come on board. Because that's what the papacy has always done. The. Fulfill their purpose through using the civil powers of the world. That's what they did during that one hundred sixty years. Listen to what pope benedict the sixteenth had to say. This is an of the it is in cyclical. God invented charity in truth. This is scary he says. There is urgent need of a true. World political authority. As my predecessor blessitt john twenty three indicated some years ago. Such an authority. Listen carefully. A. He says a world political authority such an authority would need to be regulated by law to observe. Consistently the principles of subsidy era date and solidarity. You say once that subsidiarity. That simply means that your interests. Are subsidiary to everybody else's interest. And solidarity means that we're all in this together. So the pope says you know you need to have a common destination of goods. It's a socialism. Why do so. Bernie sanders went to rome to visit with the pope. Because the pope was the source of why do you suppose the pope has been to cuba twice. And he helped obama. I you know. Began. Diplomatic relations with cuba. Because essentially. Why do you suppose he's from argentina. Four years. A socialist country. They have a new president now. Or you were the mc. Continuous writing such an authority would need to be regulated by law to observe consistently the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity. To seek to establish the common good. But something that is always used by the pope's way back. And to make a commitment. Of to secure an authentic into real human development inspired by the values of charity and truth. Now listen carefully furthermore such an authority would need to be universally recognized. And to be vested with the effective. Power to ensure security for all. Regard for justice and respect for rights. This is where the whole reform scholar had to say about the aspirations of the put his papacy. This is in the book. Ecclesiastical make a low medium. By john robbins. You states what the roman catholic church state. Accomplished on a small scale during the middle ages. Is what it desires to achieve to achieve. On a global scale. In the coming millennium. Now we need to bring this to a close. If god sign our seal is the sabbath. Then the sign or the seal of the beast must be an opposite there. So it makes sense. By the way it's the you know sabbath and sunday are at two. Opposite ends of the spectrum. You know we usually think of them as being together sap of something. But really. Sunday's number one in sabots number seven. Diametrically opposed. Let me ask you what comes first the genuine and then the counterfeit of the conifer them and agenda. Imagine a counterfeiter saying hey let's make a counterfeit four dollar bill. Imagine how much money the conor friedersdorf earned by making a ford out of color pic or dollar bill. Why isn't there a counterfeit four dollar bill. Because it's not a genuine four dollar bill. The chance of the counterfeiters. Is to make the color print as close as possible to the gen what is god's genuine day of worship which is picked the devil to establish another day. A rival namely iran. Absolutely. So you're saying pastor boy you're saying that the final controversy is over daves. No it's all over authority. The final conflict is a conflict more than just over dangers. You see the day you keep is really the sign of yes already though it's the authority that you accept. Keeping the day is a sign of the authority that we that we believe in. If we keep the sabbath we are announcing to the world that we accept the authority of the one who created the sabbath for works. If we keep sunday. We are announcing to the world that we accept the authority of the one who created something of the new worship. So in other words the day is only the way in which god tests us to see which authority would follow. If you follow the sabbath whose authority are you accept the concept already because he made it. If you accept sunday as a day of worship. Who's up for. Are you accepting the power that changed the day from sabbath to sunday. Incidentally in the days of jesus what were the greatest controversies of jesus over the sabbath. And listen carefully to this. The rabbis who are the ministers of that day and age. Created a counterfeit sabbath based on human tradition. The sabbath a book of the rabbis was not the sabbath of the book. It was a sabbath that had all kinds of human traditions and regulations. It was a counterfeit sabbath. By keeping it the people were recognizing the authority of all of the rabbis. And they were practically to see what kind of worship false worship and all of my explains that at the end of time. Ministers will exalt a counterfeit severus also created by human tradition. And the people by keeping becoming afraid that they will confess that they accept the authority of the one who created that day for worship. You see the only difference between the days of christ. Is that in the days of christ the kept the sabbath of the wrong way. At the end people will keep the wrong day. But the principle is the same. You say does a catholic church and myth that this is a matter of authority let me just read your closing three statements from roman catholics themselves. A word about sunday. Visit roman catholic. Writer. A word about sunday. God said remember that that keep holy the sabbath day. The sabbath was saturday not sunday. Why then do we keep sunday holy instead of saturday. He says the church. Altered. The observance of the sabbath to the observance of sunday. And then he goes on to say protestants who say that they go by the bible and the bible only. And that they do not believe anything that is not in the bible. Must be rather puzzled by keeping of sunday. When god distinctly said keep holy the sabbath big the word sunday does not come anywhere in the bible so listen carefully not without knowing that they're obeying the authority of the catholic church. It's a matter of authority. Here's another one. John o'brien who taught many years of the university to notre dame. But since saturday not sunday is specified in the bible. Isn't it curious that none catholics will profess to take the religion directly from the bible and not from the church. Observe sunday instead of saturday. Yes of course it is inconsistent. But this change was made about fifteen centuries before protestantism was born. And by that time the custom was universally observed. They protestants have continued the custom. Even though it rests upon the authority of the catholic church. And not upon an explicit text of the bible. That observance remains a reminder of the mother church. From which the one catholic sex broke away. Like a boy running away from home but still carried in his pocket a picture of his mother or a lock on her here. One more. And by the way i'm about. I have about fifteen pages of quotations from popes cardinals. So it's in the manual and then you have a syllabus and daniel seven they're all in there. Here's another one. It was the holy catholic church. That changed the day of rest from saturday to sunday. The first day of the week. And it not only compelled all to keep sunday but. Urged all person. To labor on the seventh day under pain of anathema. Protestants profess a great reverence for the bible. And yet. By their solemn. Act of keeping sunday. They acknowledge the power of the catholic church. The bible says. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. But the catholic church says no keep the first day of the week. And lo as and carefully do this now. And lo. The entire civilized world. Bows down. In the reverent. Obedience to the command of the holy catholic church which. It gets in the picture. Folks we are very close. My two presentations tomorrow and are going to be on the time of trouble. That is coming. Really look at it from the perspective of scripture. You know and some people say. Wow. Pastor boards going to scare us. No. We're just going to take a look at the bible. What the bible has to say about the time of trouble. Because we need to prepare. You know folks. I hear people saying. I hope the lord please me to rest. Before that time. But what a privilege to live in that time. To participate in groups like aiding the lord and his holy cept. What a privilege. That's not saying i hope the lord lays me to rest. And it's the same. May the lord give me strength. To witness for him. In that time. Now let me finish by saying this. How is our sabbath observance. Let's bring it home. You know i'm big eben it's get those. There's a tendency to become very very lax you know sabbath observance. And some business the best of course a fanatic. You know times were when we never went hog eat in restaurants on site. You say well that's legal istic. Not if you love jesus. We justify doing certain kinds of work on us that maybe i'm turning on the television. We're really going south in our observance of the sabbath. And folks if we're not faithful. You know sabbath observance what makes us think they're going to be faithful. When it comes to giving up our life to be faithful to lord. And i have evidence and say. Pastor. I just don't have to not i don't make enough money to tell you and i say. You know but i'll give you a formula where you always have enough to type. Hi first. But those same people who say i don't have an overload of the tide. They say well when i have to give up my life for the lord. I'll do it. What makes you think that if we don't return to the lord the faithful ten percent we're going to give our lives. For him. There needs to be a reformation. That comes from a revival. In our relationship with jesus when it comes to sabbath observance. And so many other things. Where we have lowered the government. Another thing i might mention you know coffee has gone through a conversion experience. You know coffee used to be detrimental to our health but now it's not. Coffee just tape it's not coffee that's changed it was change. We've jay. And we try to justify it was as that. Not so bad. You know. It's a good anti-oxidant. It is. But there are other things that are not detrimental to your nervous system that i and i oxidants do. For example. You know people say. You know drink wine with your meals. So good and i accident. You lower your cholesterol. Well the grape juice will do that without the fermentation. So we need a revival of reformation. I don't make a list of what we can do and what we can't do on the sabbath that's a matter of your conscience following god's principles. I am by reading this passage isaiah fifty eight thirteen and fourteen we read it before. If you turn away your foot from the sabbath. From doing your pleasure. On my holy day this is god speaking. And call the sabbath and daylight. So when we turn away our foot from doing our pleasure of the sound of his what. Miserable. So to light. The holy day of the lord the noble and shell honor him not do in your own ways. Nor find your own pleasure. Nor speaking your role in words. Then you shall be like yourself in the lord. And i will cause you to ride on the high heels of the earth. And feed you with the heritage of jacob that's cain and by the way. We're watching to the heavenly kingdom. I will feed you with the heritage of jacob. Your father. The bonds. Of the lord spoke. When it's pretty father heaven we thank you for your holy send us. You could have given us just things but you give us time. Precious time. Thank you father will be willing to take the time. To be with us. Twenty four whole hours. I asked lord do you will help us to keep the sabbath school. Because you have made hearts will. I ask that you'll bring about revival and reformation. You know our lives. There we might not try to justify what. Has no justification. That we might follow your will not. Because we legal mystically do so but because we want to please. Thank you father for having been with us. We ask it in the presence name of jesus. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service. Please visit. W w w. Audio verse or.


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