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The Big Difference Between Biblical and Eastern Meditation

Kok Tho Yip
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The end results between the 2 types of meditation are directly opposite


Kok Tho Yip

Kok Tho Yip was a Zen meditator until he was 37 years old when he became a Seventh-Day Adventist.


  • April 1, 2016
    11:30 AM
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My name is cocteau. I was a zen meditator. Up to when i was thirty seven years old and then i became a seventh day adventist. Now i see. Meditation being. Becoming so popular all over the world. Now that international global. Yoga day. And it's in christianity. And i am always aas this question. How can meditation be bad if the practice. Is quiet. It's silent. It's emptying the mine. How can. Nothingness be bad. Right and everybody says. It gets us to know god better. So how can this be bad. I want to start by explaining that there are two types of meditation and. That there is to. East in meditation which has. Old soul. Being taken in by christianity. And it's called christian meditation but they use the same methods. But there is the true meditation. The biblical meditation. And you talk about that. It's what. King david that. In psalms nineteen. We talk about the outcome of that meditation. Now what's. Eastern meditation. And what are the methods. Why does it always start with silence. Let's see how would be achieved. The silence. When i was in zen. The thought is this that we should cross. Sit cross-legged. Relax. And then brief. Easily. And we follow our breath. Breathing always one breathing in is two three four. And in cycles of ten. And we do it for the whole idea is not to allow any thoughts to come into the brain. Where any thoughts come into the brain. Focus back. On your breath there was another method. The japanese call it or riddle. And the riddle was. What is the sound of one hand clapping. And we would think of this riddle. Constantly. And the sound is nothing. So is another way of emptying the mind. Now why is. Emptying the mind so essential as a first step of all the meditation and now christian meditation. What is this emptying. The emptying. Maybe by a brief breath by a riddle. It may be by a month. And even by a christian month christian would. But it doesn't matter how you empty your mind. Is just. Matzos what happens in the brain. When your mind is completely empty. When you go into this kind of meditation. What happens first. Is right now as you're listening to me. We. You are in fast way. Beta very rapid. Brain wave. And this rapid brain wave. Helps you to assess you valuate what i'm telling you. For example. You will be wondering if i'm telling you the truth. Or i'm telling you something that occur. You're bringing in. Data that you remember from previously. And comparing them. So young. Wrap it. And a little beta. But when you meditate. You go into. Altho week. Which is a slow who just before you sleep right. And as i talk to you. You me hear three words of forwards. And you will miss the rest of. You know out of ten you mean here. Three or four words. And then as you meditate deeper you go into. Tista. Which is asleep. And there you are trying. Quill. You are imagining things. And you are floating. Your mind is floating. You're not alone. Now. The other thing that happens is when you're meditating you come immediately you commie amidala. Which also makes you tranquil. So you begin to be really feeling good. Almost sedated. Right now. Other things happen. Your brain secrets. Now dopamine. Is addictive and it causes meditators to meditate all the time in bali where you go in central bali. People come to look at a scene. And by by evening the a tie and they go back to the city where there's a night live and and enjoyment. And shopping. But the meditators come to central bali and they stay for four five days. And they meditate for six hours a day. Talking to nobody. Because things are happening in their brain. And the addicted to it. Now. Don't them and also causes visualisation. If psychiatry shows us. In block. You know they put in a block and they open it and some people see a butterfly. But when you have been in dopamine in your brain. You can see a jet plane or. You can see. Two women talking. You know. And so. It causes visualisation so. Meditators can see god. Angels. You can see electric lights that stop me. Now. The most dramatic thing that happens in the brain is this. And this. Scientists call andrew newberg he was. He was looking at a brain and meditated as to meditate. So when he says when you're meditating on empty your mind. Montra or. Breath or whatever. What happens is just screening. Of all incoming data into your frontal. When you succeed in screening of all. All data. And your m.p.. You're starving a frontal when you're denying information. Your parietal lobe goes down. Now what is your parietal lobe the parietal lobe is what. Tells you where you are in tree dimensional space. Before that for example. I'm sitting here. I'm twenty feet from my friends. I'm five feet from the edge of the garden. I've got my hand on this table. And the parietal even tells me where the kind of body shape i have. You know that my arm is on the table. Now when the parietal goes down. I lose all that. I don't know where i am in three dimensional space. I don't feel my body shape. So in that moment. I become part of the whole universe. And the whole universe is part of me. Or in other words. I am the whole universe. Now when this phenomena happens. It's dramatic. It's mind altering. And when you combine that with dopamine with alpha and t. the way. It's so euphoric. It's so new and when you're meditating. With the buddhist. They will say. You have been weakened. If you're meditating with a hindu. If you say you've reached nevada. Now with christian mantra and christian meditation. Do using the same methods. They will say. Brother. If you are in the presence of god. Or you have met god. Or you had a god and count. Now all these unusual phenomena. You have. Depending on who you're meditating with the mc sense of it and tell you these things. And they are the same neural phenomena. So it doesn't matter whether you'd use a christian mantra. Or hindu montra. The same thing happens in your brain. Now we want to now talk about biblical meditation. The kind of meditation. That king david. Did in psalms nineteen. And sums nineteen he started off by saying. By observing the universe. The stars in the sky. The sun. And he said that that was the handiwork of god that was evidence of god. He did not like the. Eastern. Duty to say. He is spot of the universe and the universe is part of him. He is an observer. He meditated on the law god. On the statutes of god on the judgment of god and. In his visualize ation. He saw the sun. And he said the sun was like a bridegroom. Coming for him like a strong man. Now if the bridegroom comes to marry. The bride. And he saw himself i'm sure. Like a bride to be a bride. Linked to the bridegroom in love. Now. And as he meditated. He said he want he asked god to show him his secret faults. Now why is that. Because he was preparing for the marriage. With the bride groom. He wanted to be pure all. To know even his secret for she trusted god so much that he wants god to show him who he is in secret. Then he asked god to show him his presumptious sins. Now asking. He can presume to do so much good. So powerful. But he did not trust himself. He asked god to show him. Even his presumptions sins. So that is trust that is relationship. That is love there is wanting to be pure. Now. If you compare the two kinds of meditation the outcomes of them. The eastern meditation keeps you tranquil. Keep the euphoria. It's all feelings. You do not come to confront anything. Because your mind is altered. But in biblical meditation. In love in relationship when your mind is active in beta. You confront your weaknesses. Not only your weaknesses. Your sins. And because you confront your weaknesses and since in the love of god. As you. Behold his glory. His glory causes you to see who you are. And you grow from. Glory to glory. So praise god for. Biblical meditation. You should. To biblical meditation. Now as we grow from glory to glory. We are growing. As christians. Now we. That's what we want to be. So it's very important for us not to get involved with. Easton. Meditation. But to keep to biblical meditations that praise god. And we got best of all this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Leader visit. W w w. Audio or.


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