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Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • March 12, 2016
    11:30 AM
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God is doing great things. We don't always see it directly. It's coming soon i think we are seeing things that he's doing. But it's amazing. In the in the middle. The direct things to see what he's doing in between those things. And that's always very powerful. And it's a great privilege for me to pray for you each day. Really is and i hope you're praying for me as well and. That you're praying for each other out of your praying today. Spending time with the lord. Opening the scripture to the things that got us over the past several months and just incredible. Friends. And i think about that hearse and jeremiah where he says call upon me. And i will show you great and mighty. Things. As we open the word of god the spirit. And he will lead us in an understanding of the scriptures. I think about when jesus breathed. Upon the disciples and it says one that the holy spirit came upon the scriptures were open to them and there is a blessing. There is a rich joy and. Understanding the scripture yes or no. When god begins to move while your hardly begins to show you things in scripture. We just want to jump and. Leap for joy i mean you've had that experience before you're just so excited. And as well when you are on your knees and when you are eating before the award. To ask him to do something in your life or something and someone else's life. And you see that thing happen. How have you jumped for joy. You know friends. There's one thing i could sell you was your pastor. It is that you need to spend whatever amount of time you're spending. I don't need to know the time but whatever amount your time you're spending. In the word of god. And in prayer. And you need increase. Beginning today. It is spend more time with god. More time in the scripture. Jesus. Friends. I don't know that i've ever had the sense that jesus is coming soon. Stronger than i've had in the past year. We see hand signs on every hand. We see things that are taking place that we've never seen before. And everything but we have preached for the last hundred fifty years as a movement of god in the last days. We are now seeing happen before very eyes i mean you have seen that. I know i keep saying that but. No don't be alarmed that not the mention. But i know that i say it. Over and over again. And just so you'll know i'll continue saying it. That jesus is coming soon. And we need to be ready. Our lives. Need to be aligned with his will. Our lives need to be surrendered to him. And it's more important than anything else the true doing if you're doing something that's getting in the way of being in the presence of god on a daily basis. You need to remove it benefits your children that prevent you from doing that because you're so busy with them. You need to kneel down with them and the power of the so got together. A man who needs we need that experience with god. Jesus is coming soon and that ought to make us. Tremble. That ought to make us shroom. That ought to make us realize the seriousness of the times in which we're living. And as we approach a mock revelation flans. As i said before this may be our last opportunity to openly preach. God's. What are you doing today. For god's king. What are you doing today. To reach out to those around you to reach out to people that don't know christ. And draw them near to him. Friends. We may be introverts and that's ok. We may be god's going to empower you to do what he's calling it a man in your hand this morning. Is a career. List and. I thought of everything that i could think of. That would be a could be a. Ongoing regular. Career list. For our church. I had some people help me with that i said now. First listen and then i return and it's divided up into four categories there. I'm not going to read through all of these with you but i'm going to invite you to take this list. Don't lose it. Don't lay it somewhere. Forget about it but keep it in your bibles. And every day. As you kneel before them some people say will pass right the obama pray. And i pray for five minutes and i just don't know what the pray for this update you pray for at least a good thirty minutes. You just go down through the list and you're not going to get up for a while. You understand. Now maybe you don't have time to pray for the whole list every day break it up. Pray for a section each day. Amen. And we want god's continued more lasting friends. We're not going to get it a poor not on our knees. We're not going to get it if we're united. We're not me not you. If we're not uniting together. And calling upon him. Your marriage in trouble. You know your needs can bring your kids to your kids just continued to whatever. Put on your knees. Buster job on your knees rescue discouraged. Get on your knees. Somebody in the church. Messes with you they say something to you that you feel is one price like go to somebody else and complain don't stay home get on your knee. He's got money problems get on your knees. I'm believing more and more every day. God's been waking me up early early early in the morning. And i'm seeing. Answers to a prayer. And one of my prayers is that. My congregation. And lansing would become more spiritual godly people. I'm not saying you weren't spiritual. Before. Not saying you weren't god would before bed you become more. Because we all have a certain place. But we all have more to grow. And we would agree that this morning. So this is an invitation from your pastor. Especially as we approach on lap of the way sion. Take this list is not going to expire at the end of this month of the end of this year. This is a list that you need to be praying for until jesus comes again. I mean you would be willing to commit to praying to this thing. However you decide to do it but pray friends. Pray. Be on your knees. God will draw close to you. He will draw nearer to you. You will sense his presence. Don't get up until you know. He is bust you have to be late for work and whatever oh. So i know you people say we. But says if you to say that because your the pastor and you paid the parade. Well. Let me tell you. But this was in my job. Because i have been in this church. For a chunk of time when i was at my job and it was still the priority. And these to be your priority. This morning. I want to share with you just a few verses. I planned for a shorter. Message just morning because. As of a baptism so who without a blessing. Thomas a movie you were so excited. Welcome into our family. Oh there's many others. You know there's. Folks that we are working with. I'm anticipating a harvest of mama. Revelation. But it's not the pain upon my preaching. It's not the penan upon the advertising. Is dependent upon your prayers. And my prayer is i who myself. And the people that you reach out to invite us to and god's blessing. Is going to be poured out a man. So this morning i want to share with you. A few stories and some verses. About how god has been blessing. And so we're going to pray together and. We're going to just die than here for the next few minutes less. But our heads together and asked for the blessing father we ask this morning that you would awaken our hearts. We cannot afford to be asleep today. We cannot be. Afford to be cradled in iraq. And the devil's bell. A sleepy slumber. Because lord time is running out. And we are the only people on this earth. That truly understand the depth of the message that jesus is coming soon. And who we are not awake ward. Who will be away. If we are not proclaiming who proclaim you will raise up. People whom we don't even know how to preach your message if your people will go down today lord away piss out of laodicea slumber and draw us weekly nearer to you more. Be in our hearts lord and. In these last days be our mouths. Speak to the world. The salvation. And the love and the. Grace enjoy that you want to bring to them. Your son return. We ask it in jesus' name amen. And our scripture reading this morning. Chapter six. And verse nine i want to read this verse again to you. And this is a verse that i used to share with my afro students. Every time they would go out every tuesday or thursday and sunday. Sam was there he remembers him raise your hand there were my old students and. He was visiting with us today. After six first night i would always tell them this verse because they sometimes get discouraged about their or soul winning efforts you know they would knock on doors and people would refuse them and they'd be. You know upset about it and sad about it and. We would often quote this verse every day. Before outreach. And it's a verse that you can tuck away in your own hearts. And when people scorn you for doing good jesus told us be poor and that men with darkness more than my last day that he not. He told us if they hated me. They're going to pay too. If they persecuted me they're going to persecute you so we can expect it but the lord jesus gives grace and strength and encouragement. And power to overcome. Not just. What is on the outside. That is seeking to drownd us and destroy us. But that which is also where. On the inside how many you have bank with today the power of christ living in you is enough to overcome this world. Not just the outside. But the inside as well are to thank you for that today. Are you excited today about jesus. Excited that jesus is coming soon. Are you excited that right now jesus is in the heavenly sanctuary. And he's interceding. For you and i today are you thankful for that prince are you lifting your prayer requests to him. Are you denied him with jesus and prayer. Are you letting the holy spirit. Carry require. Yes. To be mixed with the righteousness. And the prayers of jesus. Before the throne of god are you think with the day. To be a seventh avenue. Christian. Yes or no. You've got to convince me of a yes or no. elations shepherd six and verse nine. The bible says let us not grow why let's read it's a gather friends all start again ready one two three. And let us not grow weary. While doing good for in due season. We shall reap. If we do not lose heart. I won't tell you a story about two of our church members. I thought i saw them there not sitting where they usually sit so i don't know if they're here or not. But jim in georgia kennedy are you here. Though they are there in the back there is sitting backwards. I don't embarrass them for a minute they don't have any idea that i'm doing this. I do this to my church member sometimes. They love me for. But let me tell you jim in georgia. Are faithful christians. They wouldn't tell you that but i'll tell you that here is how i know why. Because when jim had surgery. Went to visit them. He was encouraged he's trusting in the lord. In his trial. And when i went to visit them at their house. They told me the story about a young lady i won't own mention her name because she's going to come to church at some point. And she was their physical therapist and. She while she was treating jim and working with him. She asked the question. You guys are christians aren't you. And they said yes we are. And she says what church do you go to. And so we go to the seventh day adventist church. And she said you know i'm just so thankful because there's such a good about you guys. I've been arrested no more by your church. Now jim sitting there in pain. And he's glowing and say and then he's shining through his trial. Now they're probably turn. In red bag they are but the worry it's ok. And so. And so they told me that story. And i said. Give me our phone number i want to call her so i called her up and i thanked her. As their pastor for taking good care of my members and. Then i got to talking with her and asked her about where they go to church and they go to a church that another church there but they've not been real happy with it. And they her husband is very interested in prophecy. How about that wife find out how that is also a friend of hers and they've been in bible study groups together and she's been asking her questions about our church. I would say and then. Then lo and behold i mentioned pope may one day i've seen a lot of my church members it's a poll and they've seen me there. I go there a lot. And it's a quick wholesome lunch. And i'm standing there. Getting my water. And i look over. And there is that young lady. I've never met her before i'm only talking on the phone i said are you. So it's so i said a name and she said yes. And i looked at her. Before i talked to her and she looked at me and it was like we were looking at each other and we knew each other but we didn't want to say a thing but you know i just prayed for boldness. And the lord granted it and i said you know i don't want to seem weird. What are you so and so. And she says yes are you pastor wess and i said yes. I said oh it's great to meet you so we were on facebook facebook friends so we talked a little bit she says this she says you know. It's really strange that i keep bumping into your people. She says i think that god's trying to tell me something. And that i need to come to your church. So i ended up mailing her a packet of some a couple little by woman study material. And we've been in correspondence. And i believe i'm praying. Invite you to join me. But they will come to the meeting. Husband is hungry for property she said he loves. You know what friends. Prophesy still the number one thing that draws people to our church. Because people are wanting to know what in the world is happening in this world and we are the ones. Out of all the people groups on the earth. We are the ones. The only ones that have the answer. We have the answer. I'm not criticizing other churches don't get me wrong. But we have an understanding of prophecy that's intelligent logical and reasonable. I baptize a lot of atheist. Not because of my special. Hell but because of the power of god's message in the last days amen. Put pieces together. And i want to take you to another verse second corinthians chapter four. Second corinthians chapter four and. So beautiful verses here sudden grimness chapter four if you haven't figured out why this is an inspirational sermon this morning. So after four. And there are seven four and verse seven. It says but we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power may be of god and not of us. We are hard pressed on every side. Yet not crushed. We are perplexed. But not in despair. Persecuted. But not for sake in struggle but not destroyed. I may be this week at some point or another have fell hard pressed hard pressed how about the last month you felt hard pressed how have you have felt. Perplexed at some point last month. I mean you have felt persecuted have been persecuted in the last month. I am of you have felt struck down at some point. But the promise. Is there isn't it. We might be hard pressed but we are not what. Crushed why are we not cross because the hand of god is over your life the. The hand of god is preserving you today. The hand of god is up holding you. As the enemy seeks to take your life. He's holding you up today. He's holding. You might have it's plex you might have been in and perplexity about something maybe. Maybe something happened in your life. But as you go to your knees and prayer. The god of heaven comes to us to bring comfort does he not. Yes or no friends. You might have felt persecuted maybe somebody attacked to maybe somebody said something negative to you. This week. About your faith. But you were not what grants. Your office aching you might be the mage. In the minority wherever you were. You might be the minority in the world. But we are the majority in the universe yes or no. There's more that serve god in the universe than do not how you can say a man today. Now dropping down to a verse. Well who will reverse ten always caring about the body of the dying of the word jesus. But the life of jesus. Also may be manifested in our body. Dear friends. We are always carrying with us. The death of the word jesus. And when we do this when the death of jesus and the resurrection of jesus is alive in our hearts. It can do nothing else. But bring death. To the man out of the flesh. Inside of our hearts. Yes or no. And so the death of jesus. Brings life to us. I mean you could say men. But then he says. Verse eleven. For we who live. Are always delivered to death for jesus say. Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. So then death is working in us. But life anew. What he's not talking about there. He's not talking about being burned at the stake. Or being beheaded he's not talking about that kind of death. He's talking about the fact that the death of jesus. Brings life to us and when it brings life to us. It also brings death to us what kind of death is a bring. But death to sell. And when we die to sell. It brings life to do to others. To the world. Yes or no make sense. Jesus of the lives. He lived. And he died to bring life to us. jesus' death brings life to us and our death brings life to others. Death. To sell. Friends. If there are people in your life that are not bring brought to life. It could very well be because we have not died to sell. We need to make the decision today. To put self to do this or no. You don't have the power to do that but jesus does. You give your will to him. To be dead to yourself you say lord jesus who live. More in need because the more jesus lives in your the west so. Can live in you how we can say a man. I mean one bad experience today. Then he looks down he says in verse sixteen. Therefore do not lose heart. Even though our our man is perishing yet. The inward man is being renewed day by day. Through our light affliction which is but for a moment. Is working for us a far more exceeding any journal weight of glory. But we do not move at the things which are seeing. But the things which are seen through the things which are seen are what friends. Temporary. Of the beings which are not seen are eternal what's he telling us to do is telling us to look. Heavenward. With the eye of faith. Look at your current situation look bigger. And above you and. Realize that there's something bigger. To hang on to. And then just the troubles that you're going through in your life. Member of the few weeks ago the guy was here. And he gave his testimony. Maybe a month ago last month. And he had that row. So that when he stole my illustration we're going to use that one at some point probably would have been the day. We had that rope and that rope was super long it was just coiled up there and got a little piece of tape. On the end of that rope he said. Just this portion of the rope. Symbolizes your life. Sixty seventy eighty ninety maybe you'll be a hundred years old. But the rightness of the rope symbolized was eternal. Friends too often we were too wrapped up in ourselves. Too often we are looking at our own problems we're looking at our own difficulties. We're looking at our own troubles in this life. But we are not looking at them through the eyes of faith. If you look at them through the eyes of faith you will see that god has a grander plan. In the midst of your troubles. If you look at it through the eye of faith you will recognize that it could be through your troubles. Through your circumstances. Through your trials. God is looking to grow you. To be more light through the eye of faith we see that my life here. Is not all that there is but that i am a part of something bigger. Something greater. Something grander then. Myself and yourself. In this country especially we are too wrapped up in ourselves. We think that everything has to go just the way. We desire to in order for us to be happy and spiritual people. Let me tell you when jesus christ lives with a new it doesn't matter what your. Outwards. Consensus are. You can have peace you can have contentment. And you can have joy. Because the day is coming. When you and i are going to be put in a prison. We're going to be forsaken we're going to be persecuted. It's coming. I'm not trying to scare people. People will sit around and say. Boy you're just trying to appear like. It's not fear mongering. When it's going to happen. I'm speaking the truth to you is what i'm doing don't get me any fear mongering. It's the truth. Somebody said it's already happening around the world today it's already happening. And we are pretty was in this country where it not to be happening yet but it may tell you friends. Probably so that the persecution. That will take place in the streets of america. Will be worse and will be anywhere else in the world. Victory. Through trouble. Let me tell you we have problems with our church through the movie remember that. And the view it's still fresh in your memory. I try to block it out but it's still there. We thought man we're going to spend twenty thousand dollars on a room. We raise the money praise god that god not wes. I mean really god blessed god blessed. There was a young man standing outside. That group working on the roof and i began to talk to him and he began to tell me how he was previously. And the largest gang in lansing. Tattoos all over him is used to be a gangbanger on smoke. He said he smoked dope every day since he was about eight years old but a few years ago. The lord jesus. Changed his life. The lord jesus he received christ and his life was changed. And now he could not stop telling others about jesus he said his spam the get sick and tired of hearing him. But we met at a restaurant and he had. Three kids with him. That they had been a church that day. Who had just accepted jesus that same day. The guy's a sole winner he's reaching out to others. And he doesn't even understand the full message. And so i said hey let's go eny at a restaurant let's visit together. So he brought his family and he called me just before. We were going to go to chipotle a ironically. And he caused me to hoist as hey can we go over to applebee's and i thought to myself. Well you know. I don't know if there's anything i can eat there. I did find something. But anyway. We went there and. I was thinking to myself. You know. This is selfish. This is where self wise up i was thinking to myself why i want to pay for the meal. Thinking it's going to be expensive at applebee's. So i don't really want to go there. But you know why he wanted to go there e seven bring them out whole family not the o'boy really expensive. Let me tell you it was. But the spirit of god said go there. Go. So i said sure let's go. Went there. And we were sitting there talking about the war. We're going to do bible studies ago. And out of the blue our waiter. Is coming over and serving us. And he begins to talk to me and. It seems to be an interesting occurrence that the lord will impress me. On certain days to wear an amazing factures. And that they him press me and so i wear my amazing factures there i was sitting there with the amazing pax logo and he comes up and he says. Always says amazing facts. He says. He says i'm a seventh day adventists. I said you are he's about. Maybe just a little under thirty years old he says yes he says. I just get out of jail. About a year ago. Out of prison. He said i was in prison for about two years. And he says and i watch the bachelor. While i was in prison. And he said and i really rasul. With the with the with that masses in the truth. He said for about nine months. He says but now i realize that it's true. And he says and i'm assuming that it will have never been baptized he says no i've not been baptized yet. He says but what i consider myself to be a son babbin as i said will praise or brother. And so we exchanged numbers and we've been in contact. But listen friends. God is working. The problem of the root what to. Now i don't know that there could have been anyone in the church. That was grumbling under their breath more about that roof. Than your pastor. I was not happy about it. I was not happy. And the amount of money i don't like spending money on buildings i like spending money on people and souls. And then. God is done through the challenge. He's brought while. He's brought people. I'm you can say a man. Now. One more verse. Actually two more verses. They were going to get done by twelve thirty how many is a minute. Relationship. Now you may not understand this because i'm not going to go through the whole study. But i'm just going to say if you're visiting with us today come and talk to me and we'll study this from the bible it'll make sense to you. But in revelation chapter twelve. We gives the history of god's church. From the first century. All the way down to where we're at today with me yes or no. And it describes the characteristics of god's last day church revelation twelve seventeen. The dragon was always with the woman and he went to make war with her. Keep the commandments of god and have the testimony of jesus. That describes the sum they have mr it's in the last days. Because they keep the commandments of god. And they have the testimony of jesus. Then a rebel a. Chapter fourteen. It describes the message. Of god's church. In the last days the everlasting gospel the three angels' messages. That will go into all the earth. Before jesus comes home if you know what i'm talking about. But in revelation chapter of san. It describes the prophet at the rising. Of god's in time. Church. Are you with me yes or no. Most of you know this if you don't come and see me. But the bible talks about a little book and what book is that everybody has the book of daniel. And one time i was in a group of people and i asked them how they view understand and know what revelation tends talking about nobody raise their hand. I'm so thankful today to hear people say the book a day when they understand them. And so the book of daniel which talks about the great disappointment. But i want to jot drop down to verse eight verses one through seven are significant but not for the time i am actually going to preach a message. And are a mock revelation series on this whole chapter so stay tuned. I'll give the short version a day or say. Then the voice. Which i heard from heaven spoke to me again and said. Go take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea. And on the earth. So i went to the angel and said to him give me the book. And he said to me take and eat it. And it will make your stomach bitter. But it will be sweet as honey. In your mouth. And i took the little book out of the angel's hand and ate it. And it was sweet as honey in my mouth. When i had eaten it. My stomach became bitter just ascribing. The time period of. Late seventeen hundreds and early one thousand nine hundred two and people were studying their bibles and believing that jesus was coming back in the year. Eighteen forty four. And as they studied that they learned that from that prophecy in day out chapter eight. Twenty three hundred a pop a c. and. They were so excited it was sweet as was honey. But then it became bitter. When the disappointment took place. And some people say well how then. Can this be god's church. The disciples not go through a same bitter disappointment. Yes or no. God has a habit of making the appointments out of a great disappointment. Maybe a fan found that to be true in your own life. Let me say that again i think you're sleeping the days sleeping. God has a great a habit of making the divine appointments. Out of the great while disappointments. The roof is a great example the cross is another example. Eight hundred forty four is a third example and there are many. Throughout history. It was god's prophet it leading to have a great disappointment. To thankful for that today. Because he wanted his people to understand. And he wanted to sift out the weep. So the next time you go through disappointing your life when you're ready to quit. I'm not going back to church. So what so and so said this to me. So and so did this so and so this problem that problem. Just remember. God often brings great divide. Appointments out of great disappointment. But was the appointment. The appointment was the first eleven and he said to me. You must prophesied how again. Many peoples. Nations and god brings divine appointments from great disappointments. He causes us to shine through trial. He causes us to be victorious. Through trouble. I mean you can say a member this morning. Induces these and we shall while. Three. And let me tell you the story. About quickly. I've been doing. Been promote. Setting up contract with radio stations. Town to advertise the unlock revelation series. And we have a budget from the conference that they gave us and. They asked me to work on that. And so. There was a man who i was working through with one station. And we were getting it all set up and. I had a couple phone calls with them and on about the third poem call he said you know. He said the strangest thing happened. He says my wife is. My wife's sister. Is part of your church. And he says. Here. Her sister sent her. One of your of the patients. To these meetings that i'm setting up radio clips for. Radio spots. And he says my wife said why don't you come with me. To these meetings. But i think about that and so every time around. He's working on this radio station what's he thinking about thinking about these meetings. That god is invited to i said bro i think that god works in mysterious ways and i think he has something for you at these meetings. I think you ought to calm he said well i think i just might i might i might consider you know i did want to. They want to let me think that he was really going to come but. Up to come on to consider it a said you consider and i'll be praying about it. This is a movement it moves. It doesn't sit still. We might be worshipping on four walls but god is calling us. Today to move. How many want to be moving today. One more verse. Acts chapter four. This is the punch right here. Acts chapter four. Chapter four and love this for us is so beautiful. Acts chapter. So they begin to pray. You know it's interesting friends because they call the apostles then to the to the temple the priests. And they say you're spreading this jesus business all over jerusalem. And they threaten them and they beat them and they let them go. Now what would happen to you today if you went into my or. Not today tomorrow. But as a seven. Number that you go into myer tomorrow. And you have an opportunity to tell somebody about jesus. And they jump up and they start to flail. And they start to yell at you and they and they call other people around before you know there's ten or fifteen people around you. And they said you're spreading this foolishness we don't believe in god and they start the beach and they beat you up right there and they lead the way and they're going do. We can do when they all leave your layin there you've been beat up for the sake of jesus what are going to do. You know what they did. They went back to the church. They told the story. And they prayed for more bold thus they prayed for more. Whole mess that we're experience. If jesus is real to you as he was to them that would be your experience. The bible says in verse twenty nine now lord look on their threats. And grant to your servants. That with all white friends. Boldness. And they may speak. Your word by stretching out your hand to heal. And that signs and wonders may be done. So the name of the lord jesus that your holy servant jesus and when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together. It was while it was shaken. And were they were all filled with the holy spirit. And they spoke the word of god with what grounds. With boldness. I went to the bridge of events. A couple of weeks ago. And there was a couple there. Who are not christian and they heard my testimony and. Afterwards they came up to me and talked to me. And we exchanged numbers. And he began to call me. Asking me to come. I give them bible study. Think about that for just a minute. Bullmoose of people who who are not even yet in the faith. Asking. The one who is in faith. To come. I give bible studies. To them. Let me tell you friends. If we're not going to be bold. To witness. And to share with others. Then god will embolden them. To come to us. Now don't use that as an excuse to not witness who we need to pray for boldness and it's on your prayer list. And it's a day when have boldness come even today believe that god has working. Right here in lansing. Who believes a day that god is doing miracles. Tonight we're having the best birth of a dental clinic. We're going to share come and share the stories of you volunteered coming here them. If you didn't volunteer. What god is doing. You want jesus to be real in your life. Tell somebody else about a revelation is coming to an after weeks and may god with all bold most of all boldness. Who go forth. To represent his name. One of you will say were jesus i give of myself. Jesus. Whatever you ask me to do. That's what i want to do. That's all that i can ask of you as your pastor. Just go to the lord inside them or what do you want me to do. Open the door for what you want me to do. And then do it for you have that experience today. This. Media was brought to you by audio. A website dedicated to spreading. God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio. Or if you would like to listen to more service. Believe it is a w w w or.


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