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The High Price of Oil

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • January 31, 2009
    10:00 AM
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I was so refiling in your beautiful Southern California morning photography will the country and now without power and their houses are covered in ice and snow and although this isn't heaven of material to be here right now is the very man to switch a little bit today if you turn with me to familiar parable in Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five All-Star reading of the first one Matthew twenty five in verse one the Scripture says they shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom five of them why and five were foolish they that were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps a message the Sabbath is entitled the high price of oil the high price of oil ministry father God we thank you Lord for bringing us together in this place what I ask that you make me just a rusty old sorry O'Neill Lord and hammered a nail into the wall and father got asked to hang a portrait of Jesus Christ upon the new look today Eric Walsh is not seen nor heard but instead father God let us hear word from the throne of grace this is our prayer in Jesus 's name and then every Sunday on the topic of the antichrist what uneven do a full seminar as I began to do research because you need to see pictures of some of the people will then either self and self call themselves the antichrist will be blessing the antichrist the most recent buzz about the antichrist that Morocco was the Antichrist and so doesn't let me let me switch up the day in one afternoon when I will will go deep into it because it's an interesting thought I'm now must rely every president or every politician wouldn't be the criterion in some ways but let's look at the book of Matthew twenty five and again at the very common commonly used parable will look at it again today because I believe God has a special message in this parable is based on the tradition of marriage in the ancient holy land and in the surrounding regions with a bridegroom was the center of certain parts of the ceremonies and virgins or young ladies were used to to like the way and to join the procession as they went into the chamber this questionnaire and Matthew is just after Jesus has just finished dealing with end times prophecy the disciples of Jesus and walked out of the other Temple and and and the disciples that you know look at the splendor of these buildings and Jesus says about the beta is coming when not one of the Stovall Stan O'Neal when Jesus says that they say Teleflora when was the and the twenty fourth chapter of Matthew is Jesus 's response to what is coming on the world Jesus then begins the twenty fifth chapter or so chapters deals with speaking thing except twenty five now but in chapter twenty five in the really try and describe for his disciples and for us the way that the second coming would unfold and even more importantly how is that we asked his followers must be prepared about coming in as it is the interesting story because I would've been very easily understood in the time it was given seven chapter twenty five in verse one of the kingdom of heaven shall be likened on the ten virgins who took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom and five of them were wise and five were foolish interestingly the other can of the new cat really tell the difference from the outset I think that's important that you got to understand when we look at people when we really cannot read their hearts not by their fruits the Scripture says we shall know those that are part of it but the people do make obvious but in reality when you look at it when we look at other individuals we have to be careful not to cast them as wise or foolish because on the surface it's difficult to tell the second thing is the fact that they're all versions it is not a metaphor for saying that they're all believers in other words this is not a parable about people in the world of against people in the church this is a parable about people was supposed to know truth this is a parable about us as it were so they took their verse three says they that were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps the difference isn't visible on the surface it probably wasn't easy to look into the bathroom of the web reserve oil but what the difference was that one group was prepared in case the bridegroom took longer to arrive one group indoor arena amount of oil and an interesting and up to the groups are separated by the worst time at work at the bridegroom I come immediately after the ten virgins got to the door and let them live you will have a noble one live telephone the fact is that that that that their status is made evident with time the longer of the bridegroom waited the more obvious it would be who was wise and was foolish pride in him and itself the deciding or I should think but separating fact if you sometimes wonder why it is that the Lord of the ladies is coming ahead of sometimes wonder why we don't just get what we want when we want God allows us to wait in the script of them anytime something happened than forty days passes before God finally even when that will enter the art that was the last time the way didn't start right away and our net lifetime it was a trying time for Noah and his family God wants us to be patient until he allows us to wake up analyze things don't always happen automatically because in the process of awakening develop our character than he often separate the truth from the full people young lady just yesterday good Christian young lady great singer but she's probably a couple years under the immunity still single and cc is wondering why God has been set with the right and ironically of them of course preparing a sermon on waiting it's an interesting conversation and I fell out maybe such a waiting because maybe you're not in the right place the right at all maybe God wanted to white make up something about gilded goblet to develop before you meet with the right got a problem student said that the idea was that Mister Wright makes everything right the idea was that if if if the right guy shows up in our life all of the things will fall into place anyone is good married know that that's not true to life inherently that's allowed but let it soak in fact do people get married to prompting people don't make a whole person to do for the fifteen judges are emotionally laden mouthful when they get together and come together to make all in fact obvious sign manual women to come together to all come together and make the union of God allows us to wait sometimes on something like that just so that we become a whole first day of February in waiting if you learn to be patient here is the patients the Scripture says of the things one of the true test for all wanted to characteristics of balls while on God 's side is that they are willing to wait for him one of my favorite Bible stories the story of of of of the five Hebrew of the three Hebrew boys Daniels out in the story but to get to with Nebuchadnezzar and on the throne of in the fire and I can imagine that that many would've figured out a way tried to talk their way out of it but they said we are not careful to answer you why because they said all God can deliver us but missed that John God will deliver us at any time I think what I am the fact that Don will do something to open the fact that he could do it I have Christian Hall of Fame often these in the fact that I was so on among those check everything I want to which it is due and pay it all off wonderful thing when it happens obviously but I'll think must be in effect out what God has the ability to do it if he choses a lot of people want leaving the church their faith is broken because they have been smart and expanded about the back of my miniature of God it is enough to have faith in the fact that he can do it but enough whether you chose is the move I want not it's enough that he can remember whereas I was in the room of my mother dying with a condition called multiple myeloma flown back to Florida and never saw my mother so thin nor over here socially the difficulty of walking into that room knowing that that that unless I'm a true miracle of biblical proportions after that she would never come out of that new ally a distraught I wasn't gone in that moment their woman let's start himself faithfully for so many years to cut up with myself and my two brothers if it didn't qualify her for miracle and I remember feeling such spirits even if it I can only seem to be deteriorating by the moment arm and going into the bathroom because I didn't want her to see me cry following on my knees alone in the bathroom and wailing on forgot how to remember feeling God move in my heart to move on me the one that I received was she is perfect hellacious finished cruelty what because you are in this evil world that works for you to do it I'm not right yet not lag time in few days between when I arrived in that room and went to finally pass those three or four days work for trying time but what I can tell you that my faith in the in the in the heat of the moment of the patients because I had to wait on God and it was inspiring to see my mothering choices in the pain that I began to understand the reserve really is not my that even if I made all the money in the world even if I became the richest man I was able to be elected to grade office or ran some great institution and if I don't really have Jesus in my life if if if you are not on are joined together in such a way that nothing on earth can separate me from him and and and nothing anyone can also make them why my allegiance away from him and I don't have the kind of enduring faith in Jesus that my mother I was going to be in trouble for myself not allowable sometimes the weight allows us to sit there and nothing happened so that we become introspective lot with would-be women virgin the story in verse five verse five five worth of while the bridegroom carried they all slumbered and slept and slumbered and slept everybody fell asleep all ten of them not in your thinking been awake waiting for the bridegroom would be a wise think that I thoroughly studied Israelite epistles before electricity so the sunset most days most people in those times didn't take much longer than that to go to sleep the satellite would hang up the barn when all through the night and so they will try to go to bed early love us don't do that because we have electricity but almost I went all the way to midnight was probably not something that we used to thought was probably normal at this time of the evening for them to sleep but they all slept in sleeping wasn't the deciding factor but it were six or seven at midnight there was a cry made behold the bridegroom cometh going out to meet him when midnight comes on when the day when I get to talk to the crime the bridegroom is coming interesting thing happens verse seven as of then all those virgins arose how many roles all numerals are all doing the same thing and they all trimmed their lamps but look at verse eight and the foolish said unto the wise give us of your ordeal for our lamps on out at the moment you get up what seemed like it would be the Christian thing to do this -year-old thing I feel it only makes sense to help them out and no time like the dust about maybe we all just get it inside the doorway when we get inside that it won't matter that I like the work and the way we can share all you need to show you that the problem with sleeping is not what happens while you're asleep usually it's what Jeff the face when you wake up in the fact that they slept when they should've been going to get audio is really one of the key lessons in this parable to see all the time it was sleep and add plenty of time to oil and get back the children but all sleeping in the last days is if you fall asleep before you have yours are all you'll but you will come when you wake up and you have enough polio sleeping if that wasn't the problem if you were prepared to problem came when you won't drop and you could have already gone and gotten it will be a lot of people skipped church once a faith that can be spiritual and script 's revenue grew to drop the sick assembling of ourselves together the reason down into the come together and strengthen one of the gimmicks of the testimony of Seattle needed but they don't understand that every time you come in the house of God of Indiana Word of God present in the head of the music that God is appreciative of that Henrietta the Scriptures are being raised up every time there's a little while being stored up every morning that you get up early in the morning and I will begin to reap all I had a little bit more ill every day we often pray him on the name of God an abstract which are God in prayer is also being stored up through the very golden bucket theory of learning and what was there he says is that everybody can learn out of the schools and gives that you know I did know they could learn about it but if I could neither but everybody can learn and so leaky bucket theory says that every time you go to class if you think that you should do is listen take notes and listen and take notes you will store your brain will store memory of what you just received now if you go home that night and reread the notes and read the textbook read the text for the next class signal to undetectable the level of inflammation stays constant in the brain don't let any of it right out the limits of five columns the older people who say one of the medical school if they got in studies of the weather meant that they didn't cram for the begun I did and they didn't so they understand that if you have studied every day all day coming up a test you don't have to cram the ride Ogden released that he am I to do in fact they've studied up to three weeks and nothing is a topic of every David Goldman information every day this went to three hours going over information adding to the information of what it would take that very very religious but right back out the leaky bucket there is something that I experienced many times in college I'm not as a single class understand the concepts writes a note you can dialogue with the teacher but if you have a look at the information again the affiliates of the semester when the test is the inflammation and swelling of the will leaks out well everything able to bring forever while the problem is if your brain is like this stage the information on the wall to give the information in front of it I felt about it but that is not if the music is about their somewhere the problem is in our hour after that you need to take that that's when you'll be able to dig out from all the other information I find it possible to give pocket my results when you want to study dust on everything the global talk about the stress of describing a drug addicted to spiritually it works the same on eleven with on the church and spent an hour to in church once a week on Sabbath before we destroy that it a lot eleven thirty and and and and and one enjoy the children to get a message in against the music and adult and if so we want to come back all week without Bible study and prayer only is leaking at the judge doesn't do anything to get them into the place where those foolish virgins were they just add enough oil to get to where they knew the bridegroom is coming but they did not have a memorial for the bridegroom 's coming is not regularly in God 's work if you're not likely in his will if not directly in prayer if you don't I do for other than in trying to be in ministry the oil slowly and the problem is like the oldest virgin you think you're all right and go to sleep the day will come when that when that when the trumpet sounded and the bridegroom is coming and everyone will get up to trim their lamps and they won't understand why God doesn't exist first nine thirty the wise answered saying not so lest there be not enough for us and you would go we rather to them that sell and buy for yourselves some a harsh thing for one person to say to the other but if it well was really a commodity that you could transfer like that if it might make sense with oil represents first the Holy Spirit is the matter is I cannot take my experience of the Holy Spirit and transfer it to you contrary to what you see in Pentecostal churches of the church is where a relative while we went to New Orleans in and out we would do ministry in the Ephesus church in New Orleans some administrative and on one I wanted my through them is that their youth choir was the missing of a non- Adventist church so we decided to go with them let me tell you something it was a frightful experience I was ran out of church at least three times before back in full or running circles around the building then it was speaking in all kinds of languages I have never heard and I don't think really exist and as she got so bad that I saw one girl probably six-month pregnant run straight into a polling which will follow a consistent drop in Pottersville back home in Woodland and when a constant expected schedule and receive the Holy Spirit by their tots all of a sudden you'll begin to speak and found the thought running laps around the church by Manitou unit with all the showmanship that comes at the kind of exercises from people like Ben and waving his hand like this at all eight roles both my trends the Holy Spirit like other transmission spirits but is not within a holy wow ran out of charge three times the final time of the Manama Bloomberg and Mayor at my practice and versatility Paul wanted to speak you please handle and you can't translate God 's spirit like that of virus instead you've got to have an experience with God for yourself the evidence of the Holy Spirit in our outward antics isn't it a fact that you can you will then grow the fruit of the Spirit in your life the fruit is what's important well represent something else character by my cow is the Holy Spirit and character connected one of my favorite Bible verses America the Pathfinder and it says the love of Christ constrains us to the working of God in your life it actually is the only hope you have for living a godly life this week on Larry King live they had that the former evangelical pastor of the church up in Colorado our members may now than I did even if it and he was and and and and and and Anderson Cooper show ends bits and pieces of it said he said the psychiatrist of the Cold War but he's trying to suppress the fact that these homosexual that can't be healthy the psychiatrist said no that's not healthy it said nothing should be suppressed or something like that so if that's the case the cocaine addict are not suppresses the urge of either Robert drunk not a womanizer and that easily whatever you want to do what's actually very commandment of the Church of Satan was well with the whole of the law that's what that is that's really what you're trying to preach if you don't know Jesus if you don't have living a life because the press is difficult because of the price of that input was supposed to constrain us so without Christ is at your outbound legend flight really character and Holy Spirit are connected because the Holy Spirit engages with us to our minds but what about those have his mind he knew that was also in Christ Jesus because the Holy Spirit in Iraq such a mind that literally interact through the very neurochemistry of operating the release of chemicals like tablet that inhibiting to control ourselves literally always it wasn't you might ask why the devil wants us drunk and high the young people has become a follower was run about smoking marijuana and drinking of forty ounces of alcohol in a time because they want to talk to get drunk your brain doesn't work if your brain is often enjoyed he created the Holy Spirit got to go with Joe mine probably the Holy Spirit got interrupted so my probably one of vessel was emptied out the tool you cannot make a decision for Jesus Christ as their women were thinking that let us reason together we assume the lifestyle of the WY this note is what in your mind that God interacts with you and that's why the devil wants us to see you and that's what value there I'm shocked when working in those that are now saying other than the wine the floors will blast for dinner because the devil of even convinced the world that a glass of wine every now and again is good for your heart you lose you that it's not good signs of a woman buying up your brain wrap up your mind another distinct chemical would begin to build relationships is one with a double gold the devil can get you to fall in love with the missing we would think of Mister Wright or Mrs. right Christmas right to you Miriam is not the right person being in love pet scans of the brain said about that feeling of being in love is very equivalent to the same dopamine surge of endorphins urges you get wood trunks that will make the community founded your ability to make right decisions when you fall in love you understand in the water arrives in love follow him around the new fall in love front of a good thing because you can quickly begin to make the relationship in toxic each verse ten after the after the wise are not so blown by her own world or stencils and while they went to buy the bridegroom came and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage and the door was shut on the civic Jesus is not trying to shut the door on anyone as a matter of fact the door was wide open for all ten of the virgins to walk into the wedding they missed the door being open because they had to go get what they already should've had not heresy allows the door to stay open till midnight as I see that we have an opportunity to get oil now that we can go into the door but at some point that will shut the door at some point as I don't believe that left behind their analyst up a talk where we go to believe that the biggest secret wrapped in a people disappear with that appear before the American Airlines a Christian employee that sent the request to the airline putting them up with two Christian pilots in the plane at the same time the fitted in both the analysis of lab for Faraday and boldly wrapped it away in the play whatever when the fly adding on and if I did after the rapture unit seven years and seven years later Jesus comes back around and even get on the bus the first time get on it the second time molecule is the posthumous when the door is sought now is the time to find our border didn't know him as our personal safety further the door was soon afterwards able to be delivered using Lord Lord open to us first well served but he answered and said verily I say unto you I know not I consider one of problems as if there's no light you have no land of a loyal you can like to lamp you can't like to lamp in a dark world nobody can see you leave the Lord looked out to see what they were then enough oil he would never tell who it was he was looking at verse thirteen Jesus says watch therefore for you no leave of the babe on the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh balloons this is now with the time to get oil it can't be transferred at my mother 's character I couldn't take from her the character of the other those of normal force that of been faithful seven Adventist Christians make we can't absorb their file system for possible to absorb their character character is the only thing will take them up into glory strips of our bodies will be made albeit will be no need another one also so something about is from Avon that is our Christlike character if you're going through something now eight and is struggling with belief understand that but the one thing you need to focus on is developing a character that God can recognize when the Lord company looks is a Lord L'Oreal my he doesn't say I don't know you pray for one another free that we would all be ready and pray that even though we think will cost a lot we serve a God it's over merciful to be given with time daily Bible study and prayer fellowship and in service to fill our vessels with enough meddling but when it comes we are ready to go in with him and then let us pray father God we thank you for your merciful God to leave that door open Florida well does cost the cost of making a decision to follow you the cost of denying this world father God you may go oil readily available for a father got the number and the sound of my voice when Jesus comes again would be without the oil of the Holy Spirit level oil of unknowable Christlike character the father God one day we ask that even this group would have a reunion on the sea of glass this is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen


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