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The Single Secret to Succeeding in the Christian Walk

Eric Turner



  • January 24, 2009
    10:00 AM
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this morning feminism the single secret to succeeding in the Christian walk while contemplating if I wanted that kind I realize that's quite a statement for me to make some kid standing in front he say that I have the secret right to succeed in this experience while you think about this remind me of a story and the story involves argument by the name of Mohammed Ali does anybody here know who Bob Alea 's yesterday probably all of us his name is synonymous of many things one of them not being humility said he was on an airplane Donald is to start it up but it seems fitting is on an airplane and they got to the cruising altitude and they ran into some turbulence with the island called moderate turbulence and we know that moderate turbulence is not minor mild service is quite scary so moderate turbulence is kind of codeword for if you believe in God he may one separate them at this time but anyway so that they raise this turbulence NEI fantasy K9 right arm but he complied except Mister Ali so the stewardess went over and said Sarah could you please book your seat belt and he looked at her and said Superman don't need no seatbelt and bless her heart CNN Mister Beeson said Superman don't need no airplane either Slovakia seatbelt and so I think the story to this is somewhat of a Superman task for some kids they are funny and sad I have a secret to this this Christian walk in on a theologian on no billable salary on this the medical student but I do know that this morning 's messages in fact immediately and only got has a message for each one of you here this morning my prayer is benefited the studying of God 's word and not the reading the Scriptures that the all loving God we serve will speak to centers against me the gospel does that I did to not like him XML and begin with a story okay XMI to tell you half of the story of NOA type the other half in the end that way the sermon doesn't go to a nobody will be tempted as we got back to the unwanted in the story but anyways involve demanding Floyd Patterson is a minor Floyd Patterson this okay a few of us he was nicknamed the gym in a boxing and he had two records the first record was he was the youngest man ever to win the heavyweight championship of biopsy nineteen sixty six he was twenty one years old young as many still is a record to win the heavyweight service of the boxing that was his first record at the upper incredible story but nevertheless David said he was quite a successful boxer in any rings on this made more sense we come back to the story that soaring to talk about today's highly successful this in a similar prayer before we get our Bible study father in heaven we think you so much for bringing us here today we thank you for the Scriptures that you given to us in the the company we can find them is ready you can condescend this room today and to to teach us in your word remind us that you are very personal savior that we can have a personal relationship with them so much value things in your name amen nothing about it want to be successful in the Christian walk at itself are so good one thing I love about the Christian walk this is the emphasis on wall you never hear it referred to as the Christian junk but increasingly always the Christian law and this makes good sense now if our nasty questions when you think that they could jump five feet with executive five feet near universality over the limit not as I think we can all jump five feet right with exhibit a jump ten feet by which a few of us in here with a running start if I jumped ten feet now do you think that you could jump on my novel could you walk a mile that could you walk ten miles you could probably do want hundreds maybe thousands of miles giving of time and given the proper circumstances notably the Christian expense is not something that's accomplished all in one fell swoop for one instant but rather something over time you can cover vast distances walking and when I set out to preach I was determined to create something new the congregation would remember many times I've heard sermons I go home and tell amount of McGovern Hayley saying I was really blessed by today's message as it was about I can really remember right I knows that I noticed last night and really recall what was so that will be no timestamps are three steps are for two things remember that would just be one thing to remember the medical so far as to say we can remember internalize this one thing and put it into your Christian experience it will radically transform your life and have usable to say that you will be safe enough I'm a beginner by Mister Rubin about the book of Luke chapter five Luke chapter five loop five starting in verse thirty six hope you have your Bibles today this will be a Bible study maladies in the Chapter five segment thirty six we find three parables that Jesus tells three fairly short parables and all of them have to do with the inappropriate mingling of the old with the new the inappropriate mingling of the old with a nuke in a holding on the last one of these preparedness in my Bible reads setting verse thirty six and he is speaking of Jesus was also telling them a parable no one chose appeasement of cloth from a new garment and puts on all government otherwise you will tear the new and the piece from the new will not match the old notice that Jesus says that no one does that verse thirty seven and no one puts new wine into old wine skins otherwise the new wine will burst the skins it will be spelled out in the skin to be relevant notice again he said that no one does that but Lessig put in fresh wineskins in verse thirty nine one over after this morning it says and no one after having drunk old mine immediately desires a new pretty still convinced that the old is better notice that Jesus are copied to know what justice no one does no one does this severely short comments if you thought that nobody does this submission expect to be there in a steady part of these the new garment and old wanted the newbies are strengthening a terrible inner-city but new wine in old wineskins is going to ferment and expand in his enemy Romans in verse thirty nine Re: one more time it says and no one after having drunk on wine immediately desires new priest is convinced that the old is better know what is the most is the operative word of this of this paragraph what is what is the word that I guess the rest diverse hinges upon what that straightway or immediately and you don't want us going the reason that's the point is if you take that word out it actually says the exact opposite thing right and no one after Jesus is not saying you have to be old you can't come to desire the new he's just saying that it doesn't happen immediately so if it doesn't happen immediately what's implied is that it would take time so could someone who's accustomed to the old come to desire the new it just doesn't happen immediately to take some time to does this with your applications and a note from how people understand these these parents one has to do with Jesus as messianic identity okay when Jesus came on the scene he was so new and so different than what the Pharisees saw the Messiah would be if you had to be a transition in the mindset of Judaism too because this new wine didn't fit into the old wineskins that's not really what I want to talk about this morning the second application has little been more effective to us that are in this it has little to close at home and that has to do with the transition from the old life to the from your old choices do new choices if a male person you were to the new person you can become number thirty nine and its affect is old wine let me when the Bible says old wine and yet if fermented wine rack alcohol according in this August this makes it sexy nice I went out a school called Wayne State University Zama Norway State University has joined the joint Michigan and while living there I had the opportunity living seminar the finest rundown housing that Detroit has to offer that the city might have been dating on and talk about and the last place I lived was in a beautiful spot it was in an alley right next to liquor store rights of prime property but anyways around that area is defined there many homeless people right around liquor store many many junk people trying to get money for bills so imaginatively if we are to go and find wellness homeless people and wake them up either drunkenness they say else usually strives the news for you you need to stop thinking this old stuff is fermented stuff this isn't the good stuff and we were to get them you know something Cymbalta striking strike Ellison likely that that man would scroll down the wine bottle and say all hallelujah and it makes the distance Doctor will probably not the question is could this man do that but what would probably take particular time so if it takes time to change in the old to the new that means it involves a process it evolved to what everyone process I think we can deduce very logically very biblically from Scripture that the transition from the old city new involves a process they can still be done in the same incident I now want to continue to Bible study would look at three passages from Paul each of these can help to solidify this point Ellisville that Paul had the same understanding of the gospel that was something that the time involved process the first organ to go to his Romans chapter one thirty verse sixteen and all of these verses are very familiar to us Romans chapter one Sony verse sixteen these are these are not some obscure passages these are very well known passages the very central to deposit understanding of the gospel Romans chapter one beginning in verse sixteen my Bible reads prime not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God for salvation to anyone who believes to the Jew first and also for the great friend of the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written the just shall live by faith notice what Paul is saying now I wanted to point out that the phrase is that the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith is ever have any idea what that but the point of that phrase means from faith to faith what is what is symbolizing but that sure sure a simple girl from one level faith to facilitate non- null Greek scholar but from what I hear is that the same thing as saying from faith to faith to faith to faith to faith many something that is actually transfer something that happens over time in a process okay nothing about this memorable to the Jesus then no one having to old-line was an excellent immediately desires a new Nepal speaking of faith but I think this is faith to faith does this make more sense is if you going to go to the next one second Corinthians chapter three another text from Paul second Corinthians chapter three going to reimburse eighteen second rent is three eighteen and my bottle reads but we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mere glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as in the Lord the Spirit is soon upon talking up his transformation into the glory of God but think about this listener doesn't be transformed the glory of Christ overnight this is something that takes a limited time and I does anybody have a new international version NIV version and here you are willing to what is the same set of glory to glory in NIV nobody to me to be biblical Saturday and although the King James Wright regulation and I see I love how he says it it says ever increasing glory ever increasing growing glory meaning something that is always in a process from one level Christian development to the next one more for second grade these four sixteen the same pages turn one page second Corinthians four verse sixteen therefore lost my place therefore we do not lose heart both others don't lose heart don't give up don't donut out don't lose heart but though our outward man is decaying yet our inward man is being renewed how Dave I didn't know was that the root word of renewed nail right on your starting up a new person that you can become that you could be trying to transform into but how does that happen day by day so think it is a safe the faith going to glory day by day part time into this gospel righteousness my grace is something that is communicated to process it I can't stress that enough it says don't lose heart sometimes we look around us a lot it is great that Christianity was there but him but too bad it is not working for me right now is what Paul is telling us not to be enough not to throw it at the phone itself if sometimes we like microwave Christianity right we think that we come to come to Christ we would give our hearts then we should be neatly transformed this is something that takes a little bit of time from day to day up to this point are purposely left out the word sanctification okay sometimes we use a big theological turn in the kind of the mess things up to muddy the waters below the mark the signification simply means growing to be more like right and nobody jumped from being a center to being like God all in one instance now Helen White understood this the same incident should not surprise us when what Ellen White says agrees what the Bible says someone to read three short quotes along these lines the first one if your writing is known as the faith I live by page one sixty there is no such thing as instantaneous sanctification through segregation is a daily work continuing as long as life selects so is there such a thing as sanctification that there is now assisting as instantaneous sanctification right the next one selected messages book three page one ninety three let us be growing Christians we are not the standstill we had to be in advance of the family were yesterday every day learning to be more trustful more fully relying upon Jesus blessed we are to grow up you do not what you do not have one bound reach perfection sanctification is the work of life maybe the same point that he do not have one John and finally the last one taken the same but base do want to thank vacation is the progressive work of the length of a lifetime I wonder if anybody else is getting to call conversion is anything like mine I had one of the things that Christians call conversion right I was in even know how this race my mom drove me to church throughout my whole life yet there was some point in my own life where I have become converted rival make the decision whether I was going to be a Christian right namely for this before the same for God has no grandchildren only children write it on a Christian because her parents were made on it wasn't while growing up it was never good enough for me to believe just what monopolies write out what to do with the University and I was a biology major asking for side total naturalism and unlike you know what this doesn't make much sense so began to study a lot of apologetics begin to see that there are great reasons to believe what we believe that an enduring sinus kind of a long story it always the Om Malik nothing right I started through the Bible but I was still living the worldly life one foot in a church one foot in the world and the vitamin cannot stand that right your miserable either way you can avoid you can enjoy church because inactive in your heart to God and you can enjoy sin because you feel so guilty now they are doing so it was valid to this this school can't give rise since two right maybe some of us are in my deal is asking at all there is see what is Christianity had offer now is even interesting enough for me Rossi to go all the way with palatable and only one right as you get down this morning I'll be during that time during the conversion experience it was something that God took away from me immediately do something to take away for me immediately more than being simple things like the music that I listen to write on tall skinny white goodbye I'd love to write music I love everything about how to know what her life it was appealing to me I went to Detroit on that love read music but when it but when I decided to be baptized it is almost almost overnight that I neatly just don't help me to get good at stuff he knew that that was in on that Sony want to listen to but this stuff is obviously bad and it was just a bit but the lifestyle that the going out that the partying a lot most things got took away for me immediately to the new that they would be too big of a stomach by two to progress in this Christian experience that I wish I could type today that every cinema life has been like that I wish I could type today that when I became a Christian I got rid of all that stuff in town I arrived right but other things of dog me that haunts me but it's only because it's a process and sometimes the other looking at my struggles will definitely sometimes I think that note this is a working why my selling so much as this is if the struggle was a bad thing I want you to imagine that mean you go fishing does anybody in your face the fishermen fishing women I love to fish my favorite thing to do in the whole world I also love to hang out MacGuffin Haley and she also likes the face I got a good thing on right now they got to give you the desires of the arts in the anyways I would imagine we go fishing the oddball Southern California I love the weather is not a lick of good fishing around here I'm talking fly fishing for trout in a good river I heard the database toxins out up and not there's a river we discover Santa Anna telescope of the mountains if you think that the river I mean I went up there I can use this I was so unlike so depressed but anyways anatomy of patient were audible ran my daddy is a great national Lake St. Clair route there Earth Mama Fishback Michigan so we know where it landed at times some of the Madonna 's we look out at the horizon and we see somebody's arms selling up and down we hear them gasping for air right so many strong okay that's optioning option be a mentor out there fishing and all all the sudden we hero like what the world is a letdown the sizable and a dead body this loaded up against about ruin our whole afternoon but this is not in the fish were biting again suburban Atlanta that matter to deal with right now willing to them here would rather see option a children's made SNS to address yesterday nobody now the question is why do you want to see a because is still the chance the struggle itself is a sign of life isn't that right you unrepentant sinners don't struggle with it they send in the enough funny thing happened my real struggle is soon began when I became a Christian during undergrad when I didn't really have much care I would go out and I would live the lust filled life I didn't come home and say man got ascend again can you help me I came home and said when can I do it again no don't tell medicine visit responsible for a time but the reason that you struggle with sin and you need to praise God he struggles because something is working inside of you trying to overcome that old sinful nature this makes sense and some sense got been taken us immediately others take time it's called the Christian walk no man having drunk old wine immediately desires the new she still convinced that the oldest better on no indiscretion walk it is quite likely it is some point uniform as some understand that at some point differently probably been a file on this anybody never physically fallen in here we all half right I went skiing a couple weekends ago similar to those in my life that is against the RSD some little hills in Michigan that I want to Mammoth Mountain without risking was like any other funny thing is the hardest fall I took wasn't even an amount is when you walk in and those ski boots yet walk around like Frankenstein and your heels and I stepped on a patch of ice and totally just did a hard worthwhile other anyways the point is the reason that you fall is because he originally standing up Proverbs Jephthah twenty four verse sixteen Proverbs chapter twenty four verse sixteen Proverbs chapter twenty four verse sixteen you go see this verse in the Bible reads for a righteous man falls seven times and rises again but the wicked shall stumble and time of calamity greater Walmart time for a righteous man falls seven times and rises again but the wicked stumble in time of calamity associate at the righteous fall seven times W Seventh-day Adventists we knows we know the number seven right is the symbol of perfection immediately tells you that the righteous man is pretty good at falling right now notice what made is awesome there's another man right was yet a man here the wicked defaults to something about this now the righteous and the wicked fall who falls more than why do the righteous fall more the reason that the right sophomores is he willing to get back up they can medicinally think of Peter and Judas one of whom they did deny Jesus and not the Garda Gethsemane experience right right not typical time in his life I guess so they were to plot the rest of Judah says in Peter 's life from that point forward who would fall more Peter by far because Judy cell wants and never got back up but Peter had a rest of his life to fall into stumble to learn and to grow into go more into the likeness of God because he was willing to get back up the difference with the righteous and wicked is not that the righteous never fall is that they keep getting up now believe a single secret succeeding in this Christian walk is three words that can radically transform your life and safety for eternity is to keep getting off silently now see getting off and then so and you and your and your Majesty may be struggling in your and your practice doctors and Dennis maybe you don't have the ministry that you thought that you want when you are maybe standing in my shoes first-year medicine keep getting up in your school work made relationship with God has not as strong as it was before we began school she did not in your friendships and all the struggles keep getting up though there is one time that God will not forgive us necessarily we don't ask first John chapter one verse nine first John chapter one verse nine the notice in the Bible nevertheless from person-to-person right is recognized you may think you have been God doesn't be stunning hereby one remove this verse is there every time you go to first John chapter one verse nine if we confess our sins he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from how much unrighteousness all unrighteousness is that right Jesus is telling us to get back up dust yourself off stay in the fight was the strongest link in it I think I can type my own expense if you spend time in God 's word every day to spend time in prayer they got to do something supernatural in your life you can read creating you a clean heart getting a bit has to be that way has to be forgot to do together to get the victory over sin no one of my favorite verses not by the some fifty one percent says create in me a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me your love the Bible there's in the Hebrew there's a few different boards or you can use or create right I'm not sure of a lot of different words with this where David is very particular about its use seldom other times seldom I think the only other time it's used is in Genesis because it means to create something out of nothing is Damon they were used this is at the aggressive expansion he wrote the song he knew that he he knew that his heart was desperately wicked and now I was Jeremiah said the deceitful of all the above all things who can know to get a guy to do something supernatural and re-created a clean heart it's it's all about the distances right if there's a sentence and added and a dog and you and you fall to it on Tuesday the falsehood on Thursday that as we had faltered again on Saturday those distances to get a little bit longer there is a little bit longer writing a commie commie little crazier but I think that you can fall today send for the last time is a linear believe that I believe you can thought that since the last time you notice that some of the reasons why believe in his Christian faith whatever their excellent philosophical reasons are great arguments that can be put forth from the Christian perspective to show that belief in God is reasonable right but we do not believe in God through pure reason God is the God is left it open sourced where we can make a decision one way or the other but I love the story John chapter nine the blind men came the state to send this matters parents and Jesus said on the here to talk about that easy to show greater work to this manner had really no other prior knowledge of Jesus he was sealed by and then you stand before either the Pharisees the Sanhedrin and they set off you know they're trying to get them to say that Jesus was a center is about ninety spaces like know whether this guy 's a center or not I don't know the one thing I do know is although I was once blind now I can see the mess I know the guy 's milk as you can do things for you that that man cannot do for himself so keep getting out dust yourself off stay in the fight one read one misquotes you think of the book steps to Christ knows that title steps to Christ and said the jump to Christ right there those who have no mistaken on page four there are no harder lot of Christ and who really desire to be the children of God yet they realized that the character is imperfect their life faulty and they are ready to doubt whether the hearts of ever been renewed by the Holy Spirit to such I would say do not draw back in despair there which often had to bow down and weep at the feet of Jesus because of our shortcomings and mistakes but we are not to be discouraged even if we are overcome by the enemy we are not cast-off not for Sagan of God rejected of God no crisis at the right hand of God who also make intercession for us said the beloved John these things are writes you that you not send it if any man Dustin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteousness until you become back of Floyd Patterson he had a couple records what was his first record the youngest ever to win the chance of the boxing forty one years old a very successful boxer and I have an idea what a second record was yeah yeah three represents a user youngest you to lose and then regain the title and in his third record was he's been down within anyone in the history of blacks but he passed away in two thousand and six for before he passed away a reporter interviewed by the blessing of Mister Patterson how's it feel to be knocked down more than anyone else in history boxing and he humbly replied that just means I got back up when anyone else so it is with the Christian experience just because your you believe in Christ it doesn't mean that you never been a even a stumble you never to fall results are willing to get back up and leave the promised flip into one verse six will disperse coming to closer foot into one verse six and Paul says here for Ryan confident of this very thing he who began a good working you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus leave the promises of the Bible believe that God will get you through and he will finish the work that he has begun and you on not ever think that you think about given up on this Christian experience in thing about walking out on the church Norm Eisen the above John chapter six explaining the on Jesus essay the bread of life and whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have eternal life and many people were confused by this and they're like what is this guy saying common people were leaving nursing this is a hard saying who can bear so that after some multitudes leave Jesus Stern says his attention to the twelfth is what about you guys you audio to and I praise God for Peter said as he sat on to warehouse Reagan ago for these you who hold words of eternal life so if you think about giving up walking out of the church the truth of God think about it working in ago ninety five monitors are there a lot of things that I still struggle with the and their things I got still need to do my life and there is visible Amanda and I still see that I can become my and although I may not be that demanded I want to be in Santa Fe today and say I praise the Lord Jonathan and I used to be anybody resume Lanier and Sprint father in heaven we think you so much for the encouragement we give you that you give us in Scripture we thank you for working with us through our struggles with thinking that you can get us through these the fray for each individual in here that whatever it is this the Senate they seem to not feel the shake in their life that keeps popping note that you will keep working with them and encourage them to keep getting up and to stay in a fight that you assistance again in perfect working to be done in us we love you so much but all that


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