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The Health Message and Kellogg

Tim Arakawa


Tim Arakawa

Endocrinologist in Tamuning, Guam



  • February 7, 2009
    9:00 AM
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before you begin so the word of prayer your father in heaven you created us as whole people and you want us to be healthy even here on earth but more importantly you want us to be spiritually healthy so we can join you in live forever in a place where sin and suffering and disease do not control we asked for a better picture of what that means and help us understand a little bit more about our church history this morning and use them we pray and well today today were going to be talking about the health message this is a very broad topic we probably should have made this into two sections but let me tell you quickly were going to do first to cover the development of the health message all right some of the V revisions that Ellen White received that help to see shape the unique Adventist understanding of health are also going to talk about what happened with Kellogg in the late eighteen hundreds and so ordered a dive right in okay but before we began I want to begin with the text the other Mike and it's good he found in the third in third John the second verse you may be familiar with the fact that they get adequately describes the Adventists view of health to them agree that you have and that you look at the Mike love it I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health just as your soul prospers the first of all we see here John speaking under inspiration of the Holy Ghost he is praying and hoping that each person will be will prosper and be in health right but what is health linked intimately with the soul our spiritual well-being at the can do the connection there that is unique to the Adventists and terms of the understanding of that connection and so were going to be talking about that at first but before we talk about how this happened within the church I want to tell you or talk you about what medicine would like in the old days now many of you are near Loma Linda perhaps your medical professional or you known medical professionals you definitely an environment where there's several major hospitals nearby etc. you may take for granted the medical knowledge that we have today but back in the eighteen hundreds it was a different story in fact I would daresay that back in those days you're better off not going to the doctor the doctor actually made you worse the doctor can kill you and so how many of you can think of some of the way that they tried to cure people in the eighteen hundreds if they bled them bloodletting was supposed to help cure and everyone knows the story of George Washington as he was dying they are the letter three times trying to do given the best medical care that was available at that time of course you can survive you actually decked in the yes for pneumonia he defied Degen just let them die in peace yes okay so surgically they were very crude and a drill in fact I think chloroform was was found during this time so before that he never even have chloroform one more Mercury okay so let me go through some of the list and that's exactly right bloodletting is very popular and also what they called calomel which was Mercury a poison they would actually use a lot of metals arsenic antimony the different kinds of metals were supposed to purge the system of whatever it was that was affecting them and then and then they would also use a lot of narcotics opium was a big drug that David to use all the time as well that was alcohol and tobacco all were used therapeutically supposedly the be operating frayed that time was bleed them purge them and drug and so this will be the times that they had an movement began and in fact here's an example taken from the family medicine chest the spent the Tory published in eighteen thirty five a doctor wrote speaking of smoking cigars a therapeutically he said that the patient should frequently draw in the breath freely so that the internal surface of the air vessels may be exposed to the action of the paper so freed deeply as as you smoke a cigar that will help you get better back in the course there was no American Medical Association there was really no governing body that that that watched over health care there was no evidence -based medicine and no studies were done to see what was right and so at that another thing to mention is that medical school was very sure that time nowadays after your bachelors degree you get four years of medical education and then you do another residency for three to five years and then depending on whether you specialize you can go on longer than that back in those days you could spend a few months in medical school courses were sort of it as about four months or so and then you hours of book learning and then if you wanted to you you could do an apprenticeship but the medical knowledge was very short there are only seven classes you need to take or months or maybe four months you know or a month depending on you take two years or so but it was very very limited during this time there began to be a movement and helped reform this is not in the administration per se it started happening just because of the sorry state of medicine in those days and so crept up on names I wanted to mention in eighteen fifty eight there is a doctor by the name of Doctor James Jackson and he and his adopted daughter Opal who is also a doctor Doctor Harriet Austin they started a big hole the water cure establishment in Dansville New York and they espouse natural remedies especially of course water cure which was another name for hydrotherapy in those days a very cutting-edge new treatment another person with Doctor Sylvester Graham and he is a proponent of dietary reform and especially vegetarianism and he used a lot of unrefined whole wheat flour in fact you may you may recognize the name was the one that that developed Graham bread which we know nowadays is what graham crackers probably not exactly same thing as you do but what you develop that the he was the one that started all of that now and Adventist church shortly after in a in eighteen forties eighteen eighteen sixties or so Adventist were really studying out the present truth doctrines that we talked about a couple tablets ago and so they were really too busy studying all these new truths to worry about health and of course Scott had his timing that God doesn't throw everything on it that once I doubt be overwhelming but he led them as as they were ready and so once all of these different major doctrines into the sanctuary and spirit prophecy in the Sabbath had been discovered then the church is ready to hear about health reform now most Adventists hi near that time were not very healthy James White is a good example of that but more than that of most of them ate meat many ate pork I mean they had no idea what HealthNet about time except for one does the Bates he was probably one of the first health reformers in the church and ask it started for you join the Avenue search time limits me I can't give you his whole story but he gave up alcohol and tobacco even before he became an Adventist during his millwright years he gave up then tea and coffee and eventually he gave up meat and rich foods and he he began to drink only water as a beverage and he continued after the rest of his life and he was one of the healthiest pioneers actually and probably mostly because of the lifestyle changes that you made early earlier in his life and he was the one that got the Sabbath truth that's right now in the autumn of eighteen forty eight Ellen White had a vision and this vision species found that she was told that tobacco tea and coffee were harmful the Sonata of what is longer major division that was in eighteen sixty three we'll get to that in a moment but this set was beginning to unfold some light about how they could live healthier lives in the winter baking fifty four Elway had another vision this body was about cleanliness and it was about a simple wholesome diet still many of these things were not fully being able to do with the church tobacco rollout was still tolerated Olivia speak more about it etc. but he was in June of eighteen sixty three L Whitehead her major to major vision on health and this was at a major major impact on the unchurched work for it forever even until now now this happened about two weeks after a general the General conference session where the church reorganized all right they had they had adjusted their organizational structure and James White had been very instrumental and in some of these things and he was overworked of course you know it help with bad and he was a feeble and stressed out and around this time he and his wife Ellen White were visiting to Hilliard family and not I say go Michigan and Elm I was invited to lead the prayer session for their family worship during the first session she was praying and she moved over and she began she laid her hand on on James Whitey began to pray for him especially at around that time she was taken off the division into the fray of course for his health here is an eyewitness account from Mrs. Martha Amazon about what happened she says that the white without the lead in prayer at family worship she did so in the most wonderful manner Elder White was kneeling a short distance from her while praying she moved over to him and laying her hand on his shoulder continue praying for him until she was taken off in vision she was an vision about forty five minutes during this vision she was shown primarily the relationship between health and holiness the contribution that the physical the physical well-being can have on spiritual well-being at them pretty broad way of summarizing it you can ask you read the principles of the vision that she was taught I found it good for gifts volume four pages one twenty to one fifty one that's actually does the section of Scripture gift receipt laid out the framework that she received another vision basically if I can describe it to you I be offered a new start all right new start Courtney start the acronym came about a long time after it was developed long time after Ellen White passed away but it it ain't nicely encapsulates the various aspects of of health is electrically mentioned in and stands for it Tristan he stands for exercise W water at S sunlight T temperance a pair are matched and the last few years trust trust in God and so these all things are all covered when she wrote out this is vision she also wrote a little bit about the role of drugs and how best in those days the current drug they use they were not helpful where they and so she she wrote that we should avoid those as they were in helpful here is a selection from spiritual gifts that are read to you to give you an idea of what she was saying she wrote the body which God calls his temple to be preserved as healthy condition as possible many act as though they had a right to treat their own bodies as they please they do not realize that God has claims upon their required to glorify him in their bodies and spirits which are his while they give themselves up to the gratification of unhealthy appetites and thus bring disease upon themselves they cannot render to God acceptable service it is a sacred duty which God has enjoined upon reasonably reasonable beings formed in his image to keep that image as perfect as they as possible those who bring disease upon themselves by self-medication cannot answer I have not healthy minds and bodies they cannot wade evidences of truth and comprehend the requirements of God and I would I would say today that that last sentence is probably the crux of what she was when she was shown when we are not healthy let our appetites are not natural human appetites are running rampant then we are our minds are clouded with not able to see clearly spiritual things because the Holy Spirit is not dwelling with us because after all we are following our carnal appetites and and passions rather than letting the Holy Spirit help us to view out the life of victory and holiness and so that is kind of the message that that Ellen White received along with this he also received instruction personally for herself and for James White and so in a way the vision that's a elementary seat once you've pray for her husband the written division she received with an answer to her prayer they gave specific instruction for her and James White about overwork about being burden bearers and taking on too much etc. other principles developed later on we don't have time to cover all of them there are many books that had been written at all white has written that shed a lot of light and that you probably familiar with them and you can read that if you want to learn more what are some of the bookshelf what is written on health can you think of some of the Council on health ministry of healing a very important one medical ministry temperance Council invites and foods and Loma Linda messages are some of course there are excerpts and other compilations and other books as well but those are ones that you will want to consider if you want to study this further mentor couple other things though that are important and will become border discussion later she talked about the medical ministry as something called the right arm and he heard of that before but a W understand what that means here's one in point six of the ten twenty three to twenty nine I think it is a clear idea of what it is he says every medical practitioner make your faith in Christ have in his possession a cure of the highest value what is that a remedy for the sin sick soul the physician who is converted to think if I threw the truth is registered in heaven as a laborer together with God a follower of Jesus Christ think of the case of the truth God gives the physicians and nurses wisdom and skill in treating the sick and this work is opening the fast closed-door to many hearts men women are led to understand the truth which is needed to save the soul as well as the body this is an element that gives character to the work for this time the medical mystery work is out of me what right arm to the third Angels message which must be proclaimed to a fallen world Jill said that the medical missionary work was the gospel in practice are right putting in a practice the gospel of salvation she also wrote this in the review and Herald June twenty eighteen ninety nine the Lord desires his church to be a perfect body not all arms not all body without arms but body and arms together and every member working at the part of the one great whole of the right arm is connected with the bodies of the health reform and medical missionary work is connected with the third Angels message is to work efficiently at the right arm for the defense of the body of truth that is a connection that the medical missionary work was to have with the gospel work the ministerial work she also noted that these should be is that we connected and let me read one quote from measure releases volume five pages one thirty fourth and one thirty five she says medical missionary work is because closely connected ministry of the word bound up with at the rate of methods the last message of mercy and warning to be given to the guilty world the work of health reform is to be bound up with the gospel these cannot be separated for God has united them when the parts of the worker carryforward on correct lines the third Angels message will be given in accordance with God 's purpose you want at the rate of message to be given in accordance with God 's purpose that now we're going to need to learn what the message was now if I ask you in a minute or next section and that is talk about a very famous figure in the health work his name was John Harvey Kellogg and if I ask you who invented cornflakes could you tell me it was it John Harvey Kellogg 's brother was the one that that commercialize it and entered into business but he was the one that that first invented that he was a tremendous man adventure and I ask you who in a invented granola could you tell me it was Kellogg and as is mentioned just now advised you invented peanut butter we do know that John Harvey Kellogg was the one invented peanut butter the think about that every time you spread some on your toast and so you're the man who is who is described as being bright and energetic you had tremendous energy he was very creative invented many many devices and different different food products in all these different things costly moving and working he was a tremendous use of writer it is writes for for longer the time and of course he was a physician he was trained at one of the top medical schools at the time in America Bellevue Hospital medical Center but he was also could be headstrong and he was at times a jealous and ambitious and he could be very critical of people who did not agree with his ideas and so we had this package together he worked very hard he was workaholic and that could outwork treatment anyone out there now talk many people as well while early in his life we can talk about everything but early in his life he we talked about him going to Bellevue medical college he graduated in eighteen seventy five he was actually partially supported by the whites they had grown very fond of him of a new the family and they sponsored him and others to go to medical school they wanted to promote evidence doctors and so John Harvey Kellogg went to school partly backed by the whites after he graduated from medical school and completed his training he became editor of the health reformer it was a magazine that was started to promote these the hygienic reform principles and he was actually asked to become the medical director of the Western health Reform Institute in all that time it was the Adventists visited that they had interestingly enough he actually did not want the post he was quite young at the time he was only twenty three years old and he actually said no several times and had to be persuaded to take it a and when he finally did he accepted for one year I was at of course when he accepted you can realize that that one year with stretching to sixty seven continuous year years of leadership that many things many unforgettable things that happened during that time is also missing to note that when Kellogg join the health Reform Institute at that time there were twenty patients and the outgoing medical director tip six of those patients within they want to stay with their doctor in a cognitive care and there were two two patients that look at this twenty three -year-old young man and it is left status pack their bags and left they did not have confidence in such a a young physician but that did not dissuade John Harvey Kellogg and he started a working very hard to promote the Institute and build it up he changed the name has shortly after that to Battle Creek sanitarium and eventually it was nicknamed the span as his reputation grew he constructed a state-of-the-art building eighteen seventy eight and basically Valkyrie sanitarian began to be known for the true healing that that they had their many other hospitals they are practicing this kind of half medicine half full you know drug type of ocean by the thing you know and so this this Institute that other Western reforming health Reform Institute was begin to be known for true healing practices he became what you could consider the Mayo Clinic of its day and I what we might think of today as the Mayo Clinic or scripts or some kind of leading I had medical Center many many famous people eventually came to come to this place Battle Creek sanitarium for treatment and you might be familiar with some of the names if I read you some of them I be part of a millionaire harbor for JCPenney Mary Todd Lincoln Sojourner Truth and several presidents actually aware Harding and Taft by Henry Ford came there as well as John D Rockefeller Montgomery Ward and another anus adventure Thomas Edison also came to Battle Creek so that gives you an idea of the bill level that out because here I am with no people were coming from all over the United States as well as abroad and so it was really a cutting edge institution at that time truly the head and not the tail John John Harvey Kellogg was asked one time walk how he was able to stay so far ahead of everyone else in the medical field and I have to do to be this utility is very important to know where he got his inspiration from and I've actually is I think is from Doctor Paulson in hindsight and Doctor Paulson it says here he said another with Kellogg said when anything is brought out in the medical world he knew from his knowledge of the spirit of pharmacy whether a belong in our system or not if it did he instantly adopted it and advertise it for the rest of the doctors were slowly feeling their way and when they finally adopted yet five years the start of the on the other hand when the medical profession were swept off their by some new fad not that the light we had received he simply did not touch it and when the doctors finally discovered their mistake they wondered how it came to Doctor Kellogg did not get caught so here from Israel atmosphere prophecy and the principle that eloquently been shown he was able to stay ahead of the medical profession now while developing sanitarium was was forcing all was not well in Battle Creek and thus begins a long and drawnout slog were going to discover some highlights and some of the reasons why Battle Creek sanitarian and especially Kellogg why things do not go so well later on medical missionary work with was either my arm of the of the thirtieth message right we read that right but by this time medical missionary work was was had grown so large it was almost dominating the be the church you don't mean it with the one of the most famous part of the church that it was almost becoming the body and Kellogg's medical work was beginning to take a life of its own the one of these aspects that we can trace back and look at is that there began to be a eight splits or a division between doctors and ministers is very important because I believe that this divide has not fully been resolved and that if doctors and ministers were to begin to work together like they used to during the Battle Creek that came years are or even before that that things could be a lot different here's some examples I began to be thrust rated by the example that the ministers I gave to the delay people and particularly the ministers were slow to to adopt vegetarianism as they they refused the bad you know me at cat the cat meeting cafeteria 's and when they would even come to the sanitarian they would whenever else is eating vegetarian food they would order meet of all things administers and so this frustrated Kellogg to know and and he began to feel that as a physician a highly trained physician that he was superior to many of those ministers many of the ministers he felt work were inferior they were not as well educated and how could they as the church try to control him who knew so much more and doctors were so well-trained why couldn't they be in charge of the work that they were doing a beating and he began to think this way he also began he'll start his own medical school and began to recruit some of the best and the brightest young people to come to medical school to the point where the ministers felt that they are all the best and brightest were now going into medicine and that they they were that there were enough that were going into the ministry I do go back and retailer don't like them this cc both aspects really she really encourages our some of our brightest to go into the ministry we need ministers who are true thinkers and doers and and but at the same time she also understood the need for for good seven dentists physicians understood the unique evidence perspective on help unfortunately though there was this competition now but it started between Kellogg recall his recruiting administers recruiting for four serial candidates another part of this to do with Kellogg's view on the gospel is give the gospel was very much a humanitarian viewpoint and he he with all about being playing good Samaritan role in the world back that he took a little far when the senator was charter the first and Senators charter expired in eighteen ninety seven he engineer the new charter and required that members sign a statement making the work of the editor on denominational on sectarian humanitarian and fill a philanthropic in nature but here began a slow change is slow slide into what he called on denominationalism all right in fact little bit later he Ashley said that was that again could not be used for the purpose of preventing anything that is peculiarly adapted to the doctrine and that membership in his governing Association with open at open to a Catholic after them they haven't for this is another thing that began to happen I was excitedly more on the topic running a time but let's just say that when he started his medical college he also said that it without effect school and that it would be it was to be FDA or Methodist or Baptist or anything that it was just there to be Christian medical school and train Christian missionaries and Ellen White wrote an rebuke that idea and I found if you want to read it in Waimea the testimonies page one fifty five two one fifty six another thing to happen with talent that he began to reject their prophecy we also be going to this but even the white solid enclosed the Kellogg and it actually helped sponsor him through medical school when held I wrote certain testimony they had but didn't agree with his viewpoint he began to cast doubt on on those as as not inspired and finally there was the whole panty is an issue and pantheism is the belief especially that Kellen believe it was just that can find God in everything in nature and not just in animate objects with inanimate objects the air we breathe with the food that we eat in the water we drink it's all he called is all had a divine presence and so as we partook of those things into our body et al. God came into us and really that's how we received righteousness that was kind of what he was trying to say and of course that is that is not correct in all white roads against that theory even HG Jones and eat it why do we talk about last week they were drawn in by this theory and they began to two of treats this as well well in February eighteen nineteen oh two the sanitary in the hospital they burned down and so Callaghan really began to make plans to rebuild but in order to finance that he wrote a book called the living Temple and up for the proceeds from the sale of that book where to go to rebuild sanitarium in the path the old death of other sanitary and so he made arrangements for five hundred thousand copies of this book to be printed and sold through the church is a similar to Elm I did with my father lessons and the at the general compass committee took an in-depth look at at this book and they saw the see the pantheism in the book and they declined to to print it which I believe was the right decision and but anyway Kellogg the Negri and he ordered five thousand copies to be printed anyway unfortunately or maybe fortunately the review and Herald actually burned out later that year all before they can France his book the living Temple by this time tensions between Kellogg in the church I deteriorated it was very tense Ellen White tried many times to reconcile the two and to no avail there be a temporary truce but then things would would fall apart again and finally in nineteen oh seven the Battle Creek SDA church formally dropped Doctor Kellogg for membership but at times yet not been coming to church regularly and then they went talk with him from for seven hours to speak where he was at and he didn't even come today to the proceedings when his membership was dropped forty months after that Kellogg exercised a clause in the charter of the concrete cemetery and that allowed him this is a little-known closet get put in earlier eighteen ninety seven that allowed him to drop people who who opposed him and so this included Aji Daniels and obesity flights will eat white and many other other Adventist ministers he was able to purge without adhering from most of the seven down influences that were there though pretty much about the credit became non- Adventist institution from that time on the short history of what happened I thought we could we could spend a whole another hour talking about this I just conclude by saying this I believe and I would help white also believe that one of the greatest contributions of the SDA church to the world with a medical missionary work and she included with present truth and basically this is teaching people about healthy living and really more than that teaching them how healthy body can help them to have a better spirituality at the right arm of the third Angels message because it appears God 's people and the world for Christ incoming airport reply making hundreds we cover how the ballot because the carrion and what the Kellogg did really brought Adventist data 's health message the forefront of the world and really kind of was was cutting edge for that time however because one man tried to control the work because the personality conflicts and and and theological controversy as well or similar to last week right we talked about eighteen eighty eight is the recurring theme here are some of things that divide us to prevent us from coming together doing God 's work also the spirit of prophecy was slandered these are all things that were very similar to what happened in nineteen eighty eight ultimately the medical missionary work did not fulfill its potential and manyfold rolloff you know AG John lost his salvation EJ Waggoner Kellogg many of these people left the faith because of these of the things that happen but without limit and on a very positive note and that is that we live in a new generation knowing we live in a different earths history and we have a new opportunity to pick up where Kellogg and others left off and you really return the Adventist health message to the forefront of what it should be and what it will be we have to find a way for ministers and doctors to work together we have to wind away to cueing further medical institutions to restore the original purposely got intended to them and an weekend do this by doing what Ashley Kellogg used to call betting the gospel of health and so especially those of you who are in health professions or thinking about the health professions and all of us really can be health reformers can't wait let's take the heart we know that the medical missionary work as part of that of methods but embrace it and let's inaugurate a new day and a new era in God 's work and finish what began in eighteen sixty three and that that famous famous vision will you commit that with me this morning let's pray together their father in heaven thank you so much for caring and loving us enough to give us a message that would help with you have abundant life you are on this earth but more importantly to be able to enjoy the life forever in heaven with you may we understand this message study it and share with all those that we come in contact with is our fervent prayer in Jesus name amen


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