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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • April 30, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Good evening. Good evening. All right that sounds a lot better. What's a sure. I don't know about you but just to see what the lord has done is something that. For me makes me. Makes me sit at my visitors home. Here in california. On. I bring you greetings from north carolina. And say to myself that jesus has done it again. Somehow the lord has used us. In spite of ourselves can you say amen. What a blessing. To hear all the experiences and even the ones we have not heard yet. God has to save some testimonies from heaven. Amen. We have been blessed. I must tell you that. I firmly believe that when we look at the past week of what god has done. These past six days five days. I believe that god is pleased what do you say. But i also believe that god is not satisfied. You know i never thought it was possible for someone to be pleased. And yet not satisfied until i met my mom. Come home and say you know mom. English is not my subject but you know i got a b. plus and my mom said i'm pleased. But i'm not satisfied. And i understand that emotion. And i believe that god currently holds that emotion when he looks down upon los angeles. On this week and says. I am pleased by what i have seen i am pleased to have found. Four thousand four hundred vessels that i could you to communicate my love. To a city. Right. With all kinds of issues. And to communities. To receive things that would never receive. Unless you made yourself willing. But yet god is not satisfied. The bible tells us that jesus wants this gospel to go to all the world what do you say. God doesn't want pathways. L.a. god wants pathways. Earth. Can you say amen. That is exactly what god is looking for and i believe that we have seen first hand. The power. And the transforming nature of human love. But i believe that our strengths forming as human love. Is it is a response from to his. Transforming. Love. Tonight. I want to speak to you about god's. Transforming love. Under the title. Extraordinary. Let us pray together. Mighty god. Everlasting father. We are so grateful for the gift of life. We are grateful to have the privilege to gather in this place and to sit at the feet of jesus lord we have not come to hear the words of a man. Just as we did not serve this week. In order to show them human love but the showed them. Define love. Lord we pray that you would speak to us. One more time. And we ask that you would take this man who is but dust in your sight that you would speak through him. And you would speak to him. We thank you for these cues. And we offer this prayer from our hearts. In jesus's name. Let all of god's people sing. Extraordinaire. I want you to take your bibles and go to the book of matthew chapter five of. Matthew. And the fifth chapter. We're going to begin in verse twenty. With our message. Extraordinary. When you're there you can say amen. If you're not there just say have mercy. The bible says. In matthew chapter five in verse twenty. Jesus says these words. For i say to you that unless your righteousness. Exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees. You will by no means. Enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus is teaching me on the mount. And as he's teaching me. This sermon on the mount. Jesus looks at the crowd this multitude of people. And he says. Unless your righteousness. Exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees. You will by no means that means. There is no other way for you and i to enter the kingdom of heaven. Except by means of a righteousness. That exceeds that of the farriss. Jesus says. Unless. That means there is no exception. This is the only way. God is a god. That is a simple god can you say amen. God doesn't like to be complicated. God doesn't like things to be in disarray. We read the words that. Order is heaven's first law. God is a god of order and god is a god of simplicity. And he says there is no other way. Unless your righteousness. Exceeds their righteousness. But the question is what does that righteousness. Look like. And so jesus goes back to several different teachings. In the next several verses to. Show them. What is the righteousness of the fairy seize on the scribes. And what is the righteousness. That is necessary in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. Notice with me beginning in verse twenty one. The bible says. You have heard that it was said to those of. Old. You shall not murder. And whoever murders will be in danger of judgment. John down to verse twenty seven. The bible says you have heard that it was said to those of old. You shall not commit adultery. John down to verse thirty three. Again you have heard that it was said to those of. Old. You shall not fare so swear. Swear falsely. But shall perform your oath to the lord first thirty eight. You have heard that it was said. An hour for a knight and a tooth for a tooth. And in verse forty three. One last time jesus says. You have her dog. That it was said. You shall love your neighbor. And hate your enemy. Jesus recognizes that when he speaking to his audience. He already knows what they have heard. Jesus is from milieu or. With what they have been teaching but the question is how does jesus know what they have heard. How was jesus aware of what they have been told that was told to their ancestors. So many years ago while the bible reminds us. In luke chapter four in verse sixteen. That jesus is custom. Was to go into the synagogue on the sabbath day what do you say. But not only was that his custom the bible. Also reminds us take your bibles. Go to luke chapter two. The second chapter of luke beginning in verse forty six. I want you to notice. What the bible tells us about how jesus would know what the jews have heard the multitudes. Have heard. Beginning in verse forty six keep your finger in matthew five. Because we're going right back. He says in verse forty six. Now so it was that after three days. They found him in the temple. Sitting in the midst of the who. The teachers. Both listening to them and doing was asking questions. It goes on to say and all who are heard him. Were astonished at his understanding. And his answers. You see the bible tells us that when jesus was twelve years old he was hearing things. In church that. Brought some questions to his mind. There jesus was in his young impressionable. Holy light. There was that young. Pure mind. Listening to this fairer season the scribes. And as they were talking. Jesus was like wait wait wait. I have a question. Because what you're saying is not making sense to me. And so jesus was asking questions. And he was giving answers and. Everyone that heard him. Was a main stay at his understanding. Cheesus from since he was twelve years old had heard these things that he's talking about in matthew chapter five. He had heard them tell them that yes. You should love your neighbor. But you should hate your enemies. And jesus says. That's not what i understand. As the righteousness. That god is calling us to in order to enter the kingdom of gone. You see in order for jesus to listen to these words. Jesus understood something. You see. In order for them to say. You have heard that it was said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. This particular teaching. As with all the other teachings. These teachings catered to the natural disposition of humanity. This cater to the natural desires. Of a man. You see of this teaching. Is really what the law is about. Then man is over. Thirty righteous. Because we know truly love those who love us. And we naturally hate those who hate us he says listen. If that's the case then right doing. Then the law. Then the righteousness. That they are recommending. Is that which is a reflection of your own nature. You are already righteous because you hate the romans. You are already righteous. Because you hate those who do not know god. And are fighting against his people. He says the law. Therefore is simply a portrayal not. Of the character of god. But of the character of men and of his nature. It was to institutionalize hatriot inside. Of the nation of israel. And jesus. Recognized that no. This is what you have heard. And if this is really the truth. Jesus says then these teachings. They put no difference between the children of men. And the children of god will they put no difference between those who believe in god. And those who are atheists. They put no difference between the jew or the gentile. Between the christian. Or the atheists. Those who know god and those who do not know god. There is no difference. It suggests that we can actually hate someone who is our enemy. It suggests that the knowledge. The experience. And the exposure to the love of god. Leaves no different behavior. Nor different mind. Nor different spirit. It is the very fact that we are just the same as a stiff necked scorner. Or a recalcitrant sinner. His love. We know it. But it is not transforming. We may know as love. But it is not transforming. And so jesus says. This is what you have hurt. But this is what i see and the. Leibel says in verse forty four. But i say unto you love your enemy. But us those who curse. Do good. To those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use you. And persecute you. I want you to notice that jesus. Looks at us and he says listen. You've been taught to give people what they give to you. You've been taught to deny people. What they have denied you. You don't love me. Then i won't love you. I always understood this very critical understanding. About human nature. And that is this. Only hurt people hurt people. As soon as you. You find someone who is being offensive. Who is rude in their language. Who is overly aggressive or. Unkind. Immediately in my mind it says you know what. Why use this person being so disrespectful. Why is this person so kind and can't. Why is this person so impatient. It is often times. Because they themselves are hurt. And it is natural to the human heart. That when i am hurt. I want to hurt others. Misery loves company. Can you say amen. And so. Jesus is saying listen to me. Don't let someone else's hatred. Rob you of the joy of the love of god. Don't let someone else's neglect. A what is your do. Bring you back from a place where you cannot experience the blessing of doing good to someone. No matter what they have done to you. He was calling them. To a new standard. Of righteousness. But you see this righteousness. To love your enemies. To give what we have never received. To do that which. We have never ever experienced. And what has never been done for us. This is not our natural to. Issue. It does not come. Of it's own self. This is not something that is innate in the human experience. And in order to do something that is not natural to us. It requires a power. Outside of ourselves to come into our experience. In order for people to know that it is a child of god jesus says. You'll know that something supernatural. Has come into that person's experience. That would cause them to love someone that does not love them. You see powerful ways. It is one thing for us to love those who are just. In need. It is one thing for us to do all this medical care. And to provide all these services. For those who are weak who are needy. Who are disenfranchised. It's another thing to do these services for those whom we know. Actively working against who we are. It is another thing. To perform surgery. On that own goal. That is always made fun of you. It's another thing. To sit down and say oh i'm going to help. My step mom. Who is always slighted me for her own children. That is the love that jesus says. Is proof that you are a child of god it is easy to love those who love you. But the righteousness. That exceeds the righteousness of the fairer sex is a righteousness that says. Unwilling to love those who actively choose not to love. You see the bible goes on to say in verse forty five. She's a says. Why am i telling you to love your enemies. Why am i telling you to bless those who curse you. Why you might. Telling you to to do good to those who hate you. To pray for those who spitefully. Use you. And persecution. He says in verse forty. Solve. That shoe may be the sons of your father in heaven. That you may be the children of god. He says for he makes his son. It's good to know that the son. Belongs to god that. Big ball of hydrogen. Exploding on itself. He says. This particular mass. He says this is god's son and god makes his son. Royce. On the evil. And on the good. And he makes his rainfall. On the just. And on the unjust you see. That doesn't mean anything to us. But in their day. They were an agrarian society. You live off of the fields of the earth. You lived off the crops. You live. And depended upon the sun and the rain. And to sit in know that there is that men who's actively working against the principles of god. There is that man that's cheating on his wife. There are stuck men. That is out there. Not new not taking care of his children. There is that man does this honest in his business. But yet god. Still sends the rain on his fields. God still shines upon his fields of corn and wheat. You see i remember growing up in high school. There used to be these popular t.v. shows. All about figuring out. You know through some woman who became pregnant out of wedlock. And she claimed that this guy was the father of her child. So they would go on these t.v. shows. And they would come and say oh she says this and he's like not at a march on alt that's not all even or. She just want to give my money all this kind of stuff. So they get on the show and of course they drag it out for an hour or something only takes two minutes. Then i want to perform a d.n.a. test. And i say ok. We got the d.n.a. test results. And then they come out in a way. Right after this commercial break. Then you come back from the commercial break. And there they are on the t.v. when they say. Sebastian. Not that i've ever been on one of these shows like just say. Sebastian. You are not the father. Everyone starts screaming right running across the whole t.v. set. This is not your son but. The funny thing was is that everyone always trusted. The d.n.a. testing. You could try to say events. You could try to say the timeline. You could try to say the relationship she can say look there's no one else. There's no one else that could be the father i haven't been with anyone else. No one wants to trust us but when the d.n.a. test comes back. Everyone says. This is sure hard evidence. You are the dad or you are not the death. And so. Matthew chapter five is telling us that in order for us to have the kind of love that we are willing to love our enemies. God says. This is the d.n.a. test. This is the proof that you have been born again. And you have inherited. The d.n.a. of jesus himself. You know i remember when my kids were born. Every time. I have a new child. Everyone says. The same thing about my kids. They say men look at those cheeks. They're like those are to you or definitely sebastian's child. Big. Nice fat cheeks. My grandmother you know. She just fits my cheeks. I mean till i was only for know what this is not even blue in the face red in the face. Of course i love that it was my grandmother. But now when i look at my kids. And people say yeah those are definitely your kids. By their cheeks. It. It immediately draws my mind to the fact that if we are able to love someone who does not love also that we are able to do good to someone that hates us to bless someone who curses us to pray for those that spitefully do since that's what. Angels look down and says yes he's got god's cheeks. That's definitely god's child. He's got the cheeks right there you can see. Based on how they treat those who don't love them. So for all said pathways. If we've learned anything of the transforming power of human love. His transforming love. Is transforming why. Why couldn't it just be his love. Why his. Transforming love. Because those who are receiving his love. Are in need of transformation. So the bible says that while we were yet enemies. Christ died for us that god commences love to us that while we were yet sinners. The word is not yet damning still sinners. There was no shadow of turning in our lives. We were still going down the wrong path. Doing the wrong thing. For the wrong reasons. And we didn't even care. And while we were yet sinners christ died for us. That's how god commands. This love. To us. So the question is what do you do. When that person in your life. In your home. And your job in your church. Is going down and it seems like this person. There is not even a shadow of turning. No sense of regret. No apology. How do we treat them. Can we bring. What we have done. In los angeles. Back to our home was not talking about the organization of the hope to vent. All talking about the love that it was about communicating. About the character of god that we have shown people. God's character is not just the love that ministers to meet. It is the love that ministers. Even when you will spit in my face. Even when i will minister to you. And you will talk behind my back. I will minister to you. Even though. You do not seek my peace. And you do not seek my. Spirit. And yet i will still love. Despite even this hatred. Jesus says in verse forty six. For if you love those who love you. What reward. Do you have you see. Brothers and sisters. Jesus. Expects us to be extraordinary. Nobody gets rewarded for what is our fish can you say amen. No one gets rewarded for what's coming. We don't get rewarded for that. You don't sit down and say ok i'm going to give you know. You're going to get the nobel prize for doing everything that everybody else is doing. You're going to get the pill that surprised for writing the way that. Everybody else writes. You're not going to get a reward for doing more of the saying. You're getting don't worry wart. Because you're doing more than what other people are doing. Because you're doing something that is beyond what is average. But not only that. Jesus. Based on matthew chapter five and verse forty six. He says do not even the tax collectors do. The saying. In other words. He expects us as his children. That there will be a difference in how we treat those who do not love us. He expects there to be a difference he says look tax collectors. The worst of society. The lowest of the low. The people you wouldn't even trust to come into your house. He says the tax collectors. They love those who love them. You can be a sinner in do that you can be a gentile. You can be a worldly person. Can do that. But guess what. In order to be godly. In order to be a child. Of the most high god. You and i have to be able to love those who. Not levels. This is what will take us to the very next level. You see what i'm trying for at the next part way event. It's not that people who only come in volunteer. But that they will choose the person that gets on their last nerve at their job to cult. Amen. What are praying for. Is that the next part ways. People will not just come back. But they will go and call their step mom who slighted them. All their child and say look. I want you to come to this event. I want to bless you myself. And to look a person in the eye and say you know what. Even though you've done all these different things. I still want to place you can minister to you. You see the blessing of. All the testimonies we've heard this week. Those are the testimonies of us ministering to people who were just in need they were not enemies. They don't hate also. They're not spitefully using us and persecuting us. They don't curse us. You heard it all week. Every single visitor that stood on a stage. Blessed us. But the question is what we do with those who do not place. Sometimes i tell people. It's a problem that we treat sometimes visitors better than we treat our own family. The bible says. In the book of galatians that as we haue therefore opportunity. We should do good and to omit. Can you say amen. But the text doesn't stop there. Paul goes on to say you are you should do good on to all men. But especially those of the household of gone. Do good to everybody. But what about those. At your local church. What about those who. Keeps out being the church's funds. Supping the church's. Energy. We say no this person. Got to set some boundaries. What about that person. That we go back to our local church and you say you know what. How is it possible that. I will supply and pay my own money. Hundreds of dollars. Get a ticket. Fly out to los angeles. Pay for my own accommodations. In order to kill myself for four days. But i will not even try to come pick you up to bring you to church. Fifteen minutes. How was it possible that i will pay hundreds of dollars. Sleep packed up in a hotel. Killing myself. Seeing more patients and i see in my own practice. But i won't even go see my brother when he calls me after hours. This is what this is. Vent. Is about. It is about letting us know. In seeing what the whole audience. That's the transforming power of the godly love. But now let's take that love. And bring it back to the degree to the degree that when people understand and ever hear the name seven day adventists. They will know worse. By a lot of. There was a time. You can walk around in. You know right now you. You can drive to a place and you start hearing a whole bunch of people ordering vegetarian food. You're like yes you're definitely atlas. You go to subway they're like yeah we're out of vegetables. You know. I mean you go. It's true. Sorry. We didn't realize we had all this many vegetarians come. And people can know us by our diet. Then i can look at our dress and say man those people are dressed so nice. Modest respectable. Sophisticated and it. I can pick out an advocacy easily. Walking the streets of delhi. As i was driving up to come on light yet those. There are definitely others. You can see it but i don't want them to know us by our diet i don't want them to know us by our dress. I don't want them to know us. Even by just our doctrines. To know us by our love. That when i think of a seventh day adventist in their mind. They're like those people. The way they treat people. Is extraordinary. That we go back to our churches. And we tell people you know what i'm going to find the person that i'd least get along with. And i'm going to treat them extraordinary. I'm going to find out person. In my own family in my own household. And i'm going to treat them. Extraordinary you say subash when you get this word. Extraordinary. First forty seven. So i begin to bring this to a close. The bible says and if you agree to a predator. Only. What do you. More than not do not even the tax collectors. Do so that word more. It means. Extorting. What do you do. That's extraordinary. I remember one of the owners of an n.b.a. team. He had talked about how he was running. He was an ultra distance runner. Used to run these marathons that are like a hundred miles long. And he said he remembers why he was running. This hundred mile marathon race. That he met this guy and everybody has all their water bottles and i got. You know medical check outs and meal stops along the way and i got all these. Quipping. And he said this guy came in here not them but a water bottle. And a little beach chair. He would run and he would just sit down drink this water. And he said. He said he remembers when he got to mile seventy. That he met the guy. And he noticed that the guy was running and he said. The guy had broken. Every single bone in his foot. Both of his feet. They were all broken. And he still had thirty miles to go and finish the race. He said when he got to the end of the race he says i got to meet this guy. Because this is extraordinary. So we came to him and he said listen. You know i notice that you kept running. Thirty more miles. We're broken. Every bone in your feet were broken. And you kept running. He says ali so we find out this guy was a navy seal and. The guy looked at him and he said listen. Most people quit. Because they think they're done. They think they can't do anymore. He says so they just stop but he says in reality what we always had a navy seal. Was we had a forty percent rule. So after we explained it he says. Would you be willing to come live with my family for thirty days. Help me get in shape. The guy said sure. So we came to his house. The first day of the workout. He got up to the pull up bar he says ok. I want you to do tend pull ups. So he said he did. Seven eight. Pullups. And he says ok take a rest. Now i want you to do ten more. He said the second time only did six. He says ok i want you to do ten more so then he got up and you only did four and he says but in some i was burning my arms were burning. And he said ok. Are you tired. He says yeah i think i'm done he says no. We're going to stay here until you do one hundred more pull ups. He said man i looked at this guy like he's out of his mind there's no i can go on to pull up and says listen. Even if you have to do them one at a time. We are going to stay here till you do one hundred pull ups. And he says. Remember i told you about the forty percent rule. He says most of the time. When people are sitting there and saying i'll try to do ten pull ups ten times. And i'm barely doing to pull ups. He says the forty percent rule says. When you think you're done you're really only forty percent done. And he says i sat there. And i did. All hundred. Pull ups before i left. I was shocked that i could do it. And so i remember in looking at this story. It immediately took me back. Immediately took me back and says what. If we invited. Jesus. That navy seal. Of love to come live with us. And we said jesus i want you to give my love to this place. While i can love my enemies i can do good to those who hate me. I can bless those who curse me. I want you to bring me to the place i want you to exercise my love. And we invite jesus to come in for thirty days. And just when you're like lord i don't know if i can love anymore. Jesus is going to look at us and say. You're probably only forty percent done. In the words of one of my favorite speakers dr martin luther king jr he said listen. He says if you can't fly then you run. If you can't run. Then you walk. If you can't walk. Then you crawled. But by all means do not stop moving. Whatever it takes. I know that we're going back to churches that are not going to have the kind of love that we were able to show at this event. I know that. But we have few. And because we have and be. Those who have experienced. The transforming power. Of god's love. Through you. It is impossible for god to love through us and we ourselves are not change. But we have to start first with reflecting on the fact that how did jesus love me. Jesus love me like a navy seal works out there when he was collapsing into something. Jesus said. I can't walk. But i can crawl. When he fell down beneath the weight of the cross of jesus said. Yeah i can't carry the weight. But if i get some and so i can call my way over to mungo galt. Because jesus believed he was just forty percent don't. I can do more. And when they spit in his face. And when they nailed them on the cross. Jesus said. I can do more. And when they decided to take the spear to my son. When they decided to curse him. As the people being crucified next to him. Jesus said. I can still do more. When the sun refused to shine when the earth shook. Underneath the weight of the death of its creator. Jesus said. I can do more. So please. Believe brothers and sisters. That he is transforming love. Is that when you will not fall into foolishness. Into sin. Into wickedness and would like more. I don't think you can love anymore. Jesus says you don't know what kind of lover i am. I don't just love those who love me. I love. Even more and this. I don't just do good to those who love me. I'm willing to do good for those who hate that kind of love is what creates that kind of love. Is what gave birth to a pathway. A lot of. That is transformed. So if we want to transform the four walls of our homes. The pews of our churches. The cubicles. Of our job. We got to show the same. Transforming love. And jesus is telling us tonight. I know you think you're tired this week. I know you think you've given it all. But you're just forty percent of. You can do more. Because god did not call us up to be average he called us to be extorted. One of my the songs from my wedding. My wife and i were planning our wedding service. My wife came to me. She said. Sebastian. I want this song to be sung. When i'm walking down the aisle. Was in the traditional thing. So i said sure let me hear the song. These were the words. Brothers. Let us come together. Walking in the spirit. There's much. To be done. We will come reaching out from our comforts. And they will know us by our love. Sisters. We will meet. For kindness. We can pierce the darkness. As he shines through us. We will come reachin where the song. Appealing. And they will know us. By on the hope that time is now. Come church. A ross. Love with his hands. See with his eyes by you get around chopped. Let it never leave you. And they will knows. By love. Jesus was known by his will god is known by his love and jesus is calling us. To rise. To love with his hands. Seen with his grace. That the person you hate the person who hurts you. The person who curses. The person spitefully uses you. And persecutes you. It's because they need love. Up. Only go it's ice can see. And if we open our hearts this night. We can take the spirit of this event and bring it back to every cove. To every heart every church to every job. To every family. Of which we represent. And even beyond. If we make it up in our minds. That people are going to know me by my love. Because i'm going to love. Extraordinary. Every heart. Every head is bowed. Up. Every ice cold. Every head is bowed. Every eyes closed. Father in heaven. Perhaps there is some solo. That says lord tonight. I know that she will policed. But you are not satisfied. Lord we don't want to just love those who love us. Up. We don't want to just do good to those who love us. But lord there is someone in my mind tonight there's people in my mind that i can think of that are hard to low. And tonight. You have told me lord that. I'm only forty percent done. And so you want to answer the call tonight to say lord. I need you to do for me. What i cannot do for myself up. I need you to teach me to love me. To guard him. Up to love. Extraordinaire. If that's your desire. I want invite you to just slip out of your seat. And come to this. Altar and say lord tonight. I'm coming to commit to be extraordinary. That when people know once they were no us by our love. Then i'm going to go home and i'm going to find that person that spitefully use assume i'm going to seek out my animals. And i'm inviting jesus. That navy seal. Of love to abide with me. For these next thirty days and say lord. When i'm tired of loving. Say sebastian. You're only forty percent done. You can do more. Come make me. Squeeze for world. We want to go home. We want to tell people listen. We want our church to be broken. When i'm hurt. I want to go to that church. When i think of your family. In the neighborhood they say man. I'm having a hard time. The braxton household. Because someone's going to look at my child. When you think you can give you power to become. She's. Day by day. Because if there's anything that we are lacking in our churches. It's that is. Strict. To start with ourselves. He's transforming. Let us pray that we join hands with the people next to us because we're all in this boat together. Father in heaven. As we bind. Hand in hand. Lord flesh and blood. Is not our enemy. If we can hold a person's hand. Then they are not our problem. Jesus you're not just calling us to love when it's easy. You're calling us to a love that took you to get something. You're calling us to a lot of. That is will move us from the highest throes of the universe. To be born in a lowly mange. You are calling us to our love. Where we are willing to fall down in our prayer guarding us burdened by the weight of the hatred against us and the loneliness that we face. And yet we are still believing. We can do more to jesus. So long when we go home. When we walk into our churches. And we find that the way his heart. We pray that you would share us. When we look up to him that endured such contradiction of sinners against him so that we would lay aside every weight. And believe that guess what. Even if i got to love you. One minute at a time. The only love. I know. In extraordinary prayer that she would fail not to love. Not to keep not to say for us. Who curse for want to leave this world life. We want to love. And we wanted to be. Thank you for loving us. With an extraordinary. Is my prayer. Is our prayer in the choose. This media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading god's word through sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about. To listen to more sermon or.


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