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The Heart Mouth Connection

B. Parks


The immense task of reaching the remaining population of earth is no bigger than the early church had.  The key that unlocks North Africa is the same as that which unlocks your neighbors.  This powerful message grows in momentum and significance -- listen til the end.  From personal evangelism to global Tentmaking, listen, absorb and be ignited.


B. Parks

B. Parks and family have been church planters with Adventist Frontier Missions in the Middle East for over 10 years.  He is an ordained SDA pastor, motivational speaker and author.  


  • July 10, 2015
    11:30 AM


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Living in the light. That's what it's all about the light of Jesus Christ being from the cross of Calvary two thousand years later and it's still shining upon us are you shining your faces look shining radiant this morning. Happy Sabbath the Middle East Union actually has three hundred and sixty million people and just about two thousand members that covers all of North Africa Iran Iraq Lebannon Turkey and up into two because Afghanistan three hundred sixty million people two thousand and seventy haven't us. And so we need more missionaries. So this sermon today is somewhat of a recruitment call because there is still a great need and though we will long that Jesus coming is soon in some respects it still is a long ways off because there are people who need to hear the gospel and one thing that I have learned after working in Turkey is that there are save people that Jesus has sent His Holy Spirit and it is right pinning them their hearts are ripe and they have have the fruits of the spirit of gentleness and kindness and joy but you know they don't have surety of their salvation and they live in a in a very strange fear. I remember one time while I was walking with a friend of mine in the morning and I told him in Turkish I said friend I said Jesus has God has told me that I will be in heaven and he stopped and he just looked at me says you know you will be in heaven. I said yes it's a guarantee that's the guarantee that I have he just couldn't believe it two years later him and I were walking again and had totally differ. Placing moved two hours away in a village and walking along he saw one of his friends gardening and he stopped and he introduced me and he said to this woman she was standing there in her spinach patch. He said This man knows that he's going to heaven. Really struck me that he had held on to those words for two years. Why because that's what the Gospel gives us is is something stable something to hang on to something to grasp still different coming back to Nebraska. It's a little bit of a time warp for me I grew up here and now gone and come back and see things the same and yet different changes. I was in Home Depot. And we were shopping for of and we're setting up house here and and I was I said to my wife the man selling the ovens was right there I said to my wife these. Of ins are a little different than they are in Turkey and the man says You mean the turkeys in the oven and I said no the ovens in Turkey. Well my new role here in Lincoln I am taking on a role with avarice front to your missions to send out. Tent makers. How many of you know what a tent maker is let me see your hands. You have a lot of a lot of you do you know Paul he was a tentmaker the Apostle Paul he repaired tents he made tents and sold them. And as he was doing this work people would come and request from him certain size tents and he would begin to talk to them and as he was stitching and doing his work he was sharing the gospel and by by trade. He was a tent maker but by lifestyle by his heart he was a event an evangelist. And so we're finding that in many places of the world difficult places China Northern India all through the Middle East. The only way that the Gospel can really penetrate there is to send in professional people whose hearts are on fire with the advent message they have Jesus living in them and they go as a doctor or an engineer or a teacher a professional with a trade something that benefits the society and so their visas are no problem they get a job as a university professor or or with some large international corporation and then they begin to share their faith and by this method the church is sprouting up in places that it sat dormant for years my wife and I just last month went to Qatar where there are about four hundred Indonesian Filipino workers. What a closed world that is a very different society and and by God's grace we have four hundred Adventists living there they have to be very careful and circumspect about what they say air about their faith and how they share it but they are sought after because of their their skills and that is how the administration has gotten started in Qatar. Well we'll talk a little bit more about putting Jesus filled people in proximity to empty people in a little bit later in this talk of right now let's turn in our Bibles to Luke Chapter six and verse forty five. Luke Chapter six in verse forty five Jesus. Here is giving several different stories and parables. And let's begin in verse forty three says no good tree bears bad fruit nor does a bad tree bear good fruit each tree is recognised by its own. Fruit people do not pick figs from thorn bushes or grapes from briers. Put that in Nebraska language you don't get corn from the week. She's the good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart for. Out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks today's sermon is the mouth heart connection. It says out of the overflow of the heart. So does the mouth speak in other words if your heart is filled with good things your mouth will speak good things. If your heart is filled with bad things your mouth will speak bad things so we know that there is a real heart and a real mouth and this is speaking about a spiritual heart and probably spiritual as well as a real mouth the heart is sort of a symbol of our thoughts and our emotions and so if the heart is sick if it's if it's an angry heart the mouth will speak angry words. If the heart is bitter hard it will speak bitter words sweet water or salty water bitter or beautiful poison or productive putrid or pleasant worldly or out of this world. Whatever's in your heart your mouth is going to give out that substance. Now the heart and the mouth are only fourteen inches apart and yet you know they're intricately connected and physically they're connected doctors are finding out that if a person has gone disease. They're more likely to have heart disease. Very interesting wine because the mouth is the entrance to the whole whole body and so if your mouth is diseased it brings disease down into your body. And scientists are telling us this and your mom always said brush your teeth now you know it was to prevent a heart attack the mouth is the pathway of the body according to the act Cademy of general dentistry spiritually they are related because you see the mouth is somewhat of a. A touchstone of reality. In other words we create things that create ideas with our mouth things don't become until we speak them for example right now you're all thinking about different things but if I say elephant. Immediately your mind all focus on health. I created that fod in your mind. We have the power to create a reality with our mouths and so if our heart is sick and we are our mouth lets out that sickness of criticism or dark words or or just even even talk of only important things we create somebody else's reality. I created in your mind an elephant though it wasn't there before and as you go about your day and you just stop over it divan she's in you're down on ost street at the the mall used to be Gateway Mall and was something else and now it's Kate Wiggin at that mall and you talk to somebody there. You're creating through your words a reality for them that's the power of the mouth. That's why. Jesus called the Word of God and by Him and through Him all things came into existence. We are created in the image of God and have the power to create the Bible Jesus says four out of. The overflow of his heart his mouth speaks and I don't what you think about when you think about overflow sometimes we can get a negative image of overflow we think about a dam bursting or a flood or we think of some kind of. A Missouri River overflowing. Maybe a toilet all roof flowing. It's a very negative image. As a crisis but you know most of the times in the Bible when the Bible speaks about overflow it's speaking something positive turn to a few text go to song chapter sixty five sixty five and verses. Eleven and twelve. It says you crown the year with your bounty and your carts overflow with abundance the grasslands of the desert overflow the hills are closed with gladness the meadows are covered with flocks in the valleys are mantled with grain they shout for joy and sing the overflow is about what abundance abundance and so there is so much grain they don't even fit in the barns the just flowing over. I'll never forget when I was a pastor in Colorado a family invited me over for dinner on a Friday night and they had the table set with their best the best china and. Silverware and glasses sat empty on the table in the manse their white tablecloth man says Would you like some grapes use I said yes and he began to pour in the glass filled up and filled up and I could see when I got to about a half an inch from the brim and I said OK thank you and he just kept feeling now it's a quarter inch and it just filled and it flowed over on that white tablecloth. And he said this is Sabbath the day of abundance and that was their custom at their house is to fill up all of the glasses in till they overflowed just as a reminder that God's grace is abundant man it was an imagery I never forget. So we washed the tablecloth. You know Psalm twenty three speaks about abundance. You know you know some twenty three you anointed my head with oil my cup overflows overflows and so from the overflow of the what heart the mouth speaks turns to Luke Chapter six back there where we started Luke Chapter six and verse thirty eight Jesus speaks about an overflow. He says given it will be given to you a good measure pressed down. She can gather and running over will be poor into your lap for the measure you use it will be made easier to you in other words if we give out an abundance it comes back to us and Jesus described this in such detail. You know when you can't quite fit everything into a jug or a jar and you shake it like this and it settles down. He says a good measure shaken down pressed together and overflowing will be given to you that's the image. Jesus once is overflowing with His Holy Spirit once is overflowing with joy once is overflowing with the confidence of of the word that he has said that we will be in heaven in paradise with him. Imagine the joy that thief on the cross a word spoken suddenly create something in the thieves mind that wasn't there before you will. Be with me in paradise. If Jesus had not spoken those words the thief could only imagine but it wouldn't have been there by the power of the mouth we have we're able to create something now each day you interact with people. Here's the the main focus of the sermon you interact with people what reality are you creating for them through your words you can't just create words that give gospel hope out of an empty heart. So if you're finding that your words aren't producing the powerful effect of hope on the people around you where you got to start in the heart get that heart cleaned out the Bible says I will give you a new heart a clean heart and from that reservoir then you're able to speak power to others. Here we're presented with some serious questions personal reflection questions. What is my overflow when people are around me. Do they get wet with the living water of Christ. That's a that's a question that only you can answer what is my overflow. Is it sweet water is it salty water is it bitter or a beautiful is it poison or productive is it putrid or pleasant What do they get from me. The second question that we got to ask is What is the impact of my overflow. We all want to good impact don't we end God's going to empower you to have the impact that he desires if you. Open your heart and say God. Paul said Every day I die daily God I give you my heart live in it that my mouth can speak good things for your glory. God is all about overflow. He gives in abundance and we are to be the reflection of God In other words the same way that he is abundant towards us we are to be abundant towards other people. In Luke Chapter six and verse forty five where we started. It says this is the treasure of the heart for the an I.V. says the good that is stored up in it you think about your heart as a treasure chest and where I lived in Turkey people actually found treasure in Nebraska you can dig a long time my dad is in landscape business and he's been digging up yards in Lincoln for almost forty years. He's never found any gold yet. But I know that's why I started the business because he wanted to dig up some gold. But that you're in the wrong you're wrong territory. You've got to go where the Romans lived in the Byzantines and the Greeks. I mean this in the living empire in Turkey we're right in the heart of where there is gold buried and there is gold all different places in fact they still have a tradition of burying gold my best friend who's name is fifty. He says my dad every year would bury his extra gold out under his eggplant field and he says if you bring back a metal detector from America. He said we will find that gold but you know they they were building a shopping mall in my city and a big backhoe was digging up the foundations for that. And they for broke open a cache of gold ancient gold digger two thousand year old coins somebody at some war some time hidden hidden there people find all kinds of stuff ground begins to collapse and they find an old church and buried in the basement church are golden coins treasure. Well Jesus says that out of the treasure that is in us how do we get treasure in us. Well it starts in your daily devotions it's a thing that you always are told sermon after sermon we take time in the Word of God we take time with God's word and he builds that treasure and the momentum inside of us the doozy asm for the work of the gospel that Jesus love was so great that before the creation of the world. He gave His life for my sins. We begin to understand what this justification is all about we recognize the effective power of Jesus' blood and the enthusiasm for your own salvation begins to well up and grow. I thought about bringing a glass of water here and trying to make that thing overflow not tipping it just making it overflow by levitating that water up and out of the glass but I decided I was unable to do that and so. The only way to make something overflow is you've got to put more into it right you can't just raise up the small amount of water that's in there and then make it overflow and create this void in the bottom. You know the only way is to put more into it. If we're going to overflow with Christ. If the the Gospel message is to lose out of us we got to put more gospel in us. Turner Romans Chapter ten. Paul is a gospel enthusiastic and he packs the Gospel in sentences in very tight packages in the book of Romans. We see in Romans Chapter ten and verse nine. If you confess with your mouth. Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. You will be saved. Praise God for it is with your heart that you believe in are justified and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved in other words the heart begins the process. It's thinking and thinking and thinking on this wonderful picture but in in order for it to become a reality. It must come out of your mouth Intel it comes out of your mouth. It's not a reality it's just a concept. And so as you share your faith with others. The thoughts of the heart become something substantial that God can take hold of and turn a miracle in your life and in the life of some other person for it is with your heart that you believe in are justified and it's with your mouth that you confess and are saved as the Scriptures say anyone who trust in him will never be put to shame for there is no difference between Jew and gentile the same as Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him. For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved first fourteen How then can they call on the one they've not believed in and how can they believe in the one whom they have not heard and how can they hear without someone preaching to them and how can they preach unless they are sent as it is written. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news we have three hundred sixty million people in the Middle East who need to hear good news who feet will bring them good news and I owe a big thanks to this congregation for praying for my wife and I over the last ten years. Who in this congregation said a prayer for us over the last ten years let me see your hands. Thank you very much those of you who have not prayed for us you can begin now. Maybe you thought you would never meet me again I he's going to Turkey. If I don't pray for him he will never know it now here I am. The Lord's brought me back safely so now you can redeem the time please do pray for us now but you know there are still a great. Need in Turkey in Algeria and Libya for people who will be gospel tellers. Ordinary people. People who go there as salesman people they will go there is as doctors people go as in English teachers the ripple effect of my mother and father going off to China. Twenty years ago is still still felt people are writing them letters who have now embraced Jesus Christ one year for the Lord in their middle life. Would you go as a tent maker for the Lorne now I'm going to ask for two volunteers I'm not going to send these volunteers office tent makers. I just need some volunteers for a little game show that I'm going to do right now I need two volunteers this is a game show called mental telepathy who will come forward now right now come up here to volunteers. Michael Hackett's would you come forward please. Maybe just to keep this game fair I should put Shelly Shelly would you come up and and be next to your husband. Come on up. Now these two have been trying to figure out how one another think for years is that true but something but you know they're pretty good at it I can I can tell you sometimes accurately predict her thoughts. Sometimes. Yeah good. OK Michael I am going to have you just remain standing here and Shelley I'm going to have you turn just sideways and look at your husband. Now your goal is to not tell him what you see but rather think very very strongly about the image that's going to come up on the screen here. OK Now nobody from the audience please do not shout out what's on the screen. OK this is Shelley's responsibility. She her mind is so sharp and he is so in tune with his wife's emotions there is just an electrical current coming right here and OK we can now if you will just put that image up on the screen. Put on that. Oh OK yeah don't put it on that screen. Maybe we should blindfold Michael OK thank you thank you. OK. You see this you see that OK now I want you to think very hard about that thing and I'll just send that idea in a packet over to Michael. You got it. OK what is what is it she's thinking is a platypus try that again Shelley. OK You got it I got it just my husband has absolutely no idea what that was where she was so you know right. Well. Mike you can turn around and what she was thinking about was a pickle jar. Thank you very much for being our contestant on. OK I'll give you one more chance I'll get one more chance OK. This probably was too too hard I'll give you something a little easier. You know she didn't really have any body going to lot of people say that we don't need our words we just need our lifestyle and we need body language and that will communicate love to the other person. So we're going to put up as another image right now and she's going to be able to use her because eating those pickles. That's a good one. OK OK. Shelley you can look right now at this slide and you just read what that says there and and then you can just use all that you need to convey that thought over to to Michael here. You got to. Well you can do whatever you need to just to get that thought in his mind. You got it. Yes OK wise king David. He's very good Shelly thank you thank you. OK We were talking about Joseph and his integrity to stand up under pressure in a pagan society. Thank you very much Michael you've been a great contest and here's Joe you know it's kind of a hand you know this is one simple principle and the principle I'm going to put up here is this no words nothing heard. That's what Paul says without the preaching of the gospel people aren't going to hear anything and means you can go around Lincoln all day long thinking about. Deep things about Revelation and and Daniel and Jesus is great insights. People are thinking about pickles. We when when you don't say anything. They're not going to get your message that's it faith comes by what. Hearing they got to hear it it's got to come out of your mouth. I want to tell you a story about somebody who told something you know the Seventh Day Adventist Church. How many here are seventy Atmos let me see your hands. OK Quite a number here are we have any guests today are there any guests welcome. I'm so thankful that you're here in this church it's a fantastic message that you've stepped into and I pray you continue to dig it out for all that it's worth the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I should say in the brassica began an eight hundred sixty five you know when snow brassica was formed as a State one thousand nine hundred sixty seven two years before. No Brasco was formed as a state a man named Solomon Meyer. Came to a place about two hours north of here called Decatur Nebraska. He started a store and there it was a general store I mean this was a time when people were still in covered wagons and and it was a it was an early era started this general store and sold all kinds of things and began to speak of his faith. He started a small group with his neighbor and there they would meet on Sabbath he would close his store on Saturdays. And that got the curiosity of all the other pioneers around them around him as to what this was all about I'm going to read something here from Everett Dix a century of Adventism in Nebraska. And he says at that time there were a few sky. Attard believers here and there who had received the review and Herald and talked to their lonely neighbors about their faith but in one thousand nine hundred sixty five Solomon point here other brother Solomon Myers moved to Decatur Nebraska started a store and closed it on the busiest of the week. And then he began to hold meetings in the schoolhouse to who to answer the questions to as to their bill to him of his belief without the assistance of any minister he gathered twenty four converts from the vicinity. Praise God for Brother Myers now do you think that happened because he as they were buying their their own hard tack in their flour and bags of salt that he just thought about the Sabbath some thought about it very strongly and those thoughts. And twenty four people I feel some vibes. Now the solid in his eyes and they heard something from his mouth they heard a message. And the Bible tells about three angels and those three angels came with a distinct message and each one of them is introduced with these words and with a loud voice. He said he said he said What are you speaking from your heart to your mouth let it overflowed congregation. And the gospel began here in Nebraska the first conference can meeting held in Nebraska convened on a beautiful island in the Platte River not far from Fremont in October eight hundred seventy seven. So now there's about twelve years of convene here by Brother Myers and his neighbor and it says about three hundred fifty Sabbath keepers from the area. Gathered for that can't mean in twelve years. Hallelujah. Man that's exciting. You see at the time Nebraska wasn't on Reach territory. It was a frontiers. That's why I was interesting to me I've been working on a frontiers. I didn't get three hundred fifty people to come down to a camp meeting in Turkey. But but Brother Myers man he was a grand success. We've been working in Nebraska a long time brothers and sisters and I don't believe that it's the Seventh Day Adventist message. First of all I don't believe that it's owned by something Avernus it's owned by the Bible and second of all I don't believe that we've met our climax here link it's got four churches five churches. I don't know maybe six churches how many churches do we have how many do we need. How many does own Aha city twice the size have how many do we need. How many people would God wish those are the questions we must ask and the only way that a movement of substantive size in Nebraska is going to happen again by the mouth and the overflow the overflow of the heart. May God bless your mouth to God's glory and may he bless you as you pack your heart and as he shakes your heart and as he passes down your heart and it begins to overflow to the blessing of men in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit W.W.W. audio purse or.


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