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Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • February 7, 2009
    10:00 AM
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charge the love you that I is all you said you love to use us in and why do you love Jesus and he be seen some of me that's the reason then we are alive to see together by the is seeing being on I love the time the being of the is the mighty God everlasting father somewhere in your reading call me Trinity you foresaw this moment would you decided that I is your humble servant an adopted son might gain the privilege of being able to speak to your people in this blessed Sabbath morning Lord we are grateful because we have life and not just life as a breath in our physical bodies but more abundantly in Christ Lord we are privileged and we asked father that he would visit us in this place help is not to be a regular set we pray Lord as your spirit comes down the Sweet Sweet Spirit of Jesus that every heart would be touched by your word in every mind would be started and that we would leave this place not the same when we woke up when we came this morning fail not to granny 's heart a blessing Lloyd and insights into a more beautiful picture of him was altogether lovely this is our prayer and we are such a heartless to be our experience but we ask in Jesus name amen I'm changing my message hope that it's okay for those of you in the bulletin so forgive me except my apology now the title I messages morning will be just this one time I was praying and talking to God since I came last night and was not sure exactly what message would you know people e-mail you they ask you a what are the titles of your messages you know etc. etc. C got to send something just so they can put something in the bulletin but at the end of the day before you step up the steps I just need to know Lord that what I'm about to say is what you want me to say right now I don't care what the title says in the bulletin and so my heart is unrest is that unrest I I just ask our Lord just knew what to say I'll see it's Lisa Sebastian this is the message and is I bring you greetings from Cambridge Massachusetts as the introduced on currently directing a ministry called stride is very very young on and it's just it simply on an intention to train people who are in the midst of a secular environment high school students college students and even young professionals on stride is an acronym you'll find a VRC like acronyms and campus ministries on but strife says for student training and resource Institute for discipleship and evangelism is so the focus is not just a trained them to do even to listen but also to help them to be better disciples of Christ and also to learn how to make disciples because when you compare the gospel accounts he doesn't just single and preaching will set make disciples of all soul making disciples takes a personal investment and soul under the calling of God and on his blessing except that the call to be there in Massachusetts to do that work changing my life beyond this stage in my life and I recognize that discipleship is really something that's very much missing from how we run our churches and our ministries we give people a lot of information and we give them a lot of tools but a lot of times we need you to invest in them just who you are they need to know that Christianity runs deep in your heart not just when you upfront when you're in how to become a Christian even when you're shopping and recognizing that we need to lose a little bit of anonymity in our lives to be private and we let people in a certain distance but it's important that we let people in because it were truly Christian through and through we have nothing to hide but the reality is many of us do have something to hide and that's what we like to keep people at a distance but you can disciple someone at a distance as I believe this is why many of us do not take up the work of discipleship because we know that something in our lives God has his hand upon it we have not surrendered in that stuff just my soap box but anyway enough about me is not what we hear second Chronicles thirty two when you take his statement do we say that in the search okay just checking have to always remind churches that a man is not a black word people to the Blackshirts you step up a statement the morning amen but in that is a word that is spoken by Saints nobody needs to be saved by grace no sing the song of Moses and the lab second Chronicles the thirty second chapter I want to start reading still your pages turning but our titles just this one time and this morning I want it I want to share a message with you that Jordan watched is the if I were giving my personal testimony this message will be part to of my testimony in second Chronicles on the thirty second chapter in taking this message just as once on read about one of the godly kings of Israel she has a client it is said that Chronicles is written from a priestly standpoint of the history of the nation and vaccines is written from a prophetic standpoint of the history of the nation at that time and when you take Chronicles and the Reformation and revival that took place under King Hezekiah we find that despite his intentions it even makes of his success there was still opposition there were still problems that perplex a man who knew what it was to depend upon the and one of these situations of opposition was that the king 's inaccurate or sinecure of the king of Assyria decided to besiege Jerusalem this is what we pick up our story and as he decides to do this in a cab he's still kind out there running some military campaigns that you have to study in second Kings nineteen in Isaiah thirty eight on the pool all the pieces together like doing archaeological digs and sometimes when you pull all the pieces together and you find that Sinatra decides runs on one military campaign that he's on the said Hezekiah a little e-mail chooses a decent is a climbing open on coming to Jerusalem next English each showing some people here but send them an e-mail just let them know hey I heard that you're trying to encourage her people because you know that I'm trying to attack and you're trying to tell them that their God will deliver them and so in this letter a which is in second Kings nineteen as Hezekiah reads the e-mail that he gets says that Charybdis interested in taking over Jerusalem he clicks open as he reads his e-mail he realizes that Sinatra said look we came to the Hittites their document delivered we came to this group they claim that their God will deliver them didn't deliver the we came to this rule they claim that there bought the deliver them didn't deliver them what makes you think your blog will deliver you from me don't try to give false hope to your people telling them that event be delivered as as a result of this Hezekiah Rees this e-mail and I can imagine at that time you know the Bible says that Hezekiah appointed off that e-mail to the e-mail went into the house of the Lord and he knelt down before God the Bible says and he spread it out before the Lord not a love you've been in some situations in your life where you needed to just spread it out before the Lord and he is going before going to say Lord do you see this this is the situation I'm at my wits end and it reminds me of one of the one of the compelling reasons as to why I decided to become a Christian and the first result was an raise the Christian my parents left the administered shortly after I was born so as far as I understand the administration was one your book from Oakwood that's all I knew so finally when I'm at the very place while deciding whether to become a Christian and I met a young thing was giving the Bible studies and I'm ever had a girlfriend at the time and my girlfriend of time we all I was reading the Bible December two thousand one for the first time and as I was reading the Bible I was like man you know you come across all these different things then I would write down versus us but also needs a one movies you come across a course of the ten Commandments okay this is interesting so you really think the mathematics and bow myself on the commandment that says also not commit adultery or no bumping adults resulted for married people so you know how to do some research right make some phone calls you know really know how to use a concordance yet saws like I've found out that adultery fornication pretty much the same thing as soul of man so I have to like pizza girlfriend so I fly back to Atlanta from Chicago was visiting my mother as well as raised and I get back and I tell my girlfriend the whole spiel yeah you notice the old-line this is wrong you know when it's alike can be doing this anymore she's not only no problem the problem with doesn't happen in all that week I kept falling into the same sin and I remember that the girls who was on getting the Bible studies she did get a sermon that a pastor preached on righteousness by faith one of the most beautiful truths I've ever heard in my life are still you that no coming from the secular mind and as I listened to the sermon the past is like look you know you don't have to wait gawky give you victory right now what the way I'm thinking of all the bad habits I had in my life and soul this particular week as I'm listening to design and microphone called Mrs. Hamlin I want to come over on Sunday I went that's fine you know my family fear I'm the oldest of seven children so no problem saw the sudden you know Thursday rolls around Friday rolls around my daddy 's Mia notices hate going on continuing education got a call for two weeks okay whatever the stepmother my siblings are still there it must the other leave Saturday morning on taking the kids wanted was a grandma house to yourself no this is that the devil was setting me off and you are you committed to tell your girlfriend bullheaded come over budget on your victory so she comes over on Sunday and before she comes I listen to that's a mental righteousness by faith five times I knew the whole sermon by heart I'm not exaggerating fine time to listen to the sermon so she finally comes over and where you know I'm just walking on eggshells every movement she doesn't does watching her you know making sure she sits on the bed on the floor sniffing the floor on the bed this is switching switching switching so finally some good love my sisters birthday I should probably get going right about now okay that's a good idea and I jump up and not never seen a young man so happy to see his girlfriend leaves but right when I was putting on my shoes my girlfriend started becoming sexually aggressive towards me that she was a small person so I was like you know no big deal that things can happen but she took my reluctance as weakness and she said well he's not serious about saying no because is not really resisting is starting to the place where over the course of time she kept pressing issue in pressing the issue and pressing the issue and I finalized I found myself at a place it's it's that precipice of temptation you know I'm talking about right there you know that if you just let the stable for the basically the is when you yield you will find a link to the suggestions of the devil you accept precipice and I was at that precipice hanging over the cliff of sin and I said Lord I don't want to do this in our member telling her this syllabus is wrong we can be doing this at all I remember the words coming to me as if it were the devil himself come on just this one just this once that's when the problems just this one people can get you to do some with efforts I cannot tell you how many academies and churches and young ladies that I visited loss of virginity because of that one phrase where young men said just this one time in a situation where she said that I started praying and in the Holy Spirit brought to my mind discernment and in the sermon the pastor said localized and I would like to talk to after the temptation why not talk to him in the midst auditorium I might like Lord I will know what I'm doing I'm not even crystalline of you been to church some like Lord you need to help me because if you don't help me I'm going to fall into sin I'm going to fall into sin if you don't give me strength beyond myself and so writing that at the moment I was just about to let go because I felt no change I felt no power I felt no divine assistance so to speak and write at the moment when I was about to give up brethren I'm not kidding I felt a physical change in my body I lost every sexual desire at that point in time for the Lord I can still have two but I lost every sexual desire in my physical body at that moment was the gallantly several times and finally she stopped and broke down started crying praying together the relationship ended as I walked into her car she drove away and I came back home I walked inside my house sat in my room alone in the basement in Atlanta Georgia method descriptions of this for real be a Christian what am I saying there's Sennacherib 's going around friends and the devil said Sebastian what makes you think what makes you think about the delivery you you know how many young men found in the same situation you know how many pastors fell in the same situation you are and what makes you think you have a lot of been a deliberate knock on all about you but I've had a Sennacherib situation was sometimes you just got split it off before going it doesn't seem likely to get victory this thing has conquered so many people the Senate has destroyed so much spirituality in a person 's life perhaps you going to use in a good situation right now we just went through it yesterday when you got a go through it tomorrow don't think you go and the Bible says that God in verse twenty two C has a car he saved him second Chronicles thirty two twenty two thus the Lord saith Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem from the Hennessy net rent the king of Assyria and from the hand of all others and guided them on every side so follow this is not that Sennacherib was the last person to attack Jerusalem so the Bible says not only did God deliver him from this situation but is set from the hand of every single other is just what it's like Joseph she doesn't just come one time the devil likes to come back multiple times so it wasn't just Assyrians that were attacking is set from the hand of every single other lenses done something for the block to deliver you not just that one time but every single other fine if you rely upon it so it says after that after you deliberately need to get some guidance as a lot of times we put ourselves in temptation that's the reason why were there we put ourselves that so God said look I need to guide my people on every side the ones as I got them on every single side it says in verse twenty three and many brought gifts unto the Lord to Jerusalem and presence to Hezekiah king of Judah so that he was magnified in the sight of all nations from thenceforth now follow this it makes perfect sense you're sitting there as a nation and every time you turn on CNN some other nation has been defeated by Israel all yeah were going up to its schedule deliver your pick up the newspaper the next day Israel delivered another newspaper the next day as will deliver all of a sudden I was thinking wait a minute so if God is protecting them from every single other nation maybe it is not wise for us to be enemies with them may want to make some friends with these people so they decide to bring gives us what you did not say almost gracious and excellent Hezekiah which is meant to bring you some gives as a token of our friendship will pay you ten percent of the taxes that we collect in Syria in exchange for protection so they brought gifts to Hezekiah and the Bible says in verse twenty three that has a client was magnified in the site of all nations how many nations now that the web magnified here dealing with the fact that Hezekiah was small but God magnified and anything blew them all he expanded him right so you imagine that has a higher back in this day was like the Obama of Artie know you go to the airport every magazine has Obama it is a matter the subject home and garden is Obama unlike Uri Rolling Stone Obama son overcome Obama the open every magazines got an article featuring Obama but that now Michelle Obama 's was not to so by default whoever she is Obama scheduled so you have the city Journal CNN I'm sitting in the airport for a company modernity airports six times in the last ten days now every single time I met my date and you know they always have CNN on Obama is always on TV always I'm not exaggerating every time I sit in the terminal something about Obama 's economic plan is this is that in the sensors the Bible says Hezekiah was that Obama is the all of every magazine is all over the TV everywhere is like Hezekiah Hezekiah Hezekiah Hezekiah Hezekiah now what does this take if you have one of those little string things in your Bible allows you to put that theory second Chronicles thirty two eleven ago to second Kings chapter twenty Safeco was strengthening maybe you have your bulletin slithered right this second Chronicles thirty two ago to second Kings chapter twenty one in their statement you have a lot of time either okay second Kings chapter twenty the Bible says this in those days now just to let you know this was in the days when Hezekiah was magnified in the sight of all nations these received gifts these become wealthy become the big man he's got more than fifteen seconds of fame friends his name is lingering in the papers nonstop so has a kind of the Bible says become sick now you can imagine it we found out that Obama had cancer would that not be all over the news worship they would call every position known to humanity to see if we could heal this man so we have has a condo in the day that he's magnified and you can just imagine the Bible says in verse one as the prophet Isaiah the son of Amos yes that's the one we read in the Bible the prophet Isaiah is commissioned by God to go to Hezekiah and tell him the Bible says set thine house in order for thou shalt die in not late then he turned his face to the wall and prayed unto the Lord saying I beseech the old remember now how I have walked before thee in truth and with a perfect heart and have done that which is good in thy sight and Hezekiah wept sore so you have a situation where I see I can only imagine when I think of the profits in the Bible I'd I don't think of you know what you see unlike you know by my Bible friends and also the stuff I should think of more like the Elizabethan age eating these men would like a huge garden and supply chain mail and a close ally dragging on the ground the kind of scruffy looking to get imaginative walking up the palace you can probably hear him before he gets to change into all the prophet Isaiah 's coming you must have a message of encouragement right because I'm being so faithful to God no Isaiah is a faithful messenger he goes on to Hezekiah thinking more finally we have a good king finally we haven't seen the most dependent on body becomes but he's got to get the message so he says has right of center house in order you going to diamond on the recover from this many Muslim ghetto warning we don't get a warning God doesn't give us time to say he gets a house in order to be dying into it and say that to many of us who passed away but has a kind of justice and he trusted God knowing the power of prayer knowing the power Craig tries to God and the Bible says in verse for anything the past of four Isaiah was gone out into the middle of the court that the word of the Lord came to him same time again and tell Hezekiah the captain of my people thus says the Lord the God of David thy father I have heard thy prayer I have seen thy tears behold I will he'll be on the third day now so go up into the house of the Lord and I will add on to my days fifteen years and I will deliver thee and the city out of the hand of the king of Assyria and I will defend the city from my own sake and for my servant David's sake so here we have Isaiah his chain mail everything changing blocking out the palace you have to get a quart of middle cord out of court he doesn't need basically before you get to the middle court the Bible says the Holy Spirit comes back go back to the live now your life I just would've told him it was no compromise of the message it wasn't such a house in order you may die such a house in order you will die you will not live in science is walking on to the Holy Spirit says Isaiah go back tell him that I'm that have fifteen years to his life I've heard your prayer I've seen your tears as a message just in those words so he goes back in the Bible says in verse eight Hezekiah asked Isaiah a question he says Hezekiah seven five zero West the sign of the Lord will heal me and I so wanted to the house of the Lord the third day and I think you said this I'm sure about half of the Lord that the Lord will do that thing that he has spoken shall decidable forward ten degrees of ore back ten degrees now I took astronomy in college in the eye to make the sundial for my for my astronomy class so when I read this story off all I can know how this works you make this thing is called the no man you put it in there according to the latitude that your academic carpeting and you sit down in the sun got to face North and as you which alone Millman the shadow comes in and based upon the amount of degrees you know what time it is so just let you know ten degrees is about half an hour to forty five minutes so he says shut the dial on the sun go down forty five degrees anything goes this direction order to go back ten degrees now I leave you which use the dial to go forward ten degrees C put the sun for ten degrees USAA naturally go that direction right so many of your life Hezekiah specifies that notice of the Bible says in verse ten and Hezekiah answered it is unlikely for the shuttle to go down ten degrees name but let the shadow return back ten degrees Isaiah prayers and God moves the sun back ten degrees not all goal was happening on that day but I can just imagine some people were working in the fields until IRA five fifty nine a.m. about the clock out and all of a sudden the cock reverse five o'clock what's going on you know someone was much larger than the God do that at the end of the Sabbath but to go bowling will what's happening abide with me and all of a sudden the sun comes back over the horizon so the Bible says that God moves the sun for Hezekiah and I want you to imagine this is a lease hath all much half of the world saw that miracle are you with me now perhaps it is dark on one side and when they see but it leaves what Jerusalem is that half of the world saw that miracle now know if you would like you know BellSouth Oregon to the physical hand and push the sun back I don't know but all I know what I'm watching this on any moves in this car verse twelve in Farrell DOC by law to try to pronounce it the son of melodic king of Babylon sent letters and a president as a client for he had heard that Hezekiah had been sick so what is he thinking of Babylon he sends ambassadors to him he says I heard that you were sick and Hezekiah hearkened unto them and show them all the house of his precious things the silver the goal despises the prices on and all the house of his armor and all that was found in his treasures there was nothing in this house when all his dominion that Hezekiah showed them not then came Isaiah the prophet Hezekiah and sodium what set these men at the length came to young to be Hezekiah said they are come from a far country even from Babylon what question did not answer yes to questions over the two questions that I be asking what set these men and word a from which question you cannot answer what they say no when you're talking to someone you asked him a direct question and they just straight up don't answer your question what is that the guy dating right I remember when I was younger before I knew Jesus I used to buy my little Michael Jordan Air Jordan 's and had his baby blue Georges hundred and sixty Donna Hughes more forgiving about my little brother on mine I have four brothers but might the media brother after me he was always wanted to wear my shoes some like no you cannot wear my shoes you know etc. etc. the method lobbies hundred and sixty dollars use an eighth grade there's no way a molecular hundred and sixty dollars use so one day somehow Mercy said no and I just decided to let my brother wear my shoes I don't know what got into my mind and I speak very fast that is what my shoes I would wash them clean them every day when I got home so I said fine you can wear my shoes I call mom say Royce wear my shoes oleander in the closet am I nothing happened to them right although in the closet is not what I asked you if anything happened to my shoes all day on the Klonopin about exactly where you usually put them up at my shoes in the closet on the shelf up with a little sheet over them they don't discuss the sum of others like there back in the closet so we go back to the closet and lo and behold I pull out my shoes and as a girl signature on my Jordans peak marker and I wasn't interested I will tell you the rest of the story but the plan on trying to make is that when you when a person knows that something is wrong to avoid the question you with me so follow this remember you have to little on strengthening their list go back to second Chronicles thirty two Yukon have to do this the pool while the pieces of the story together to get the impact of what's happening in the story the second Chronicles thirty two are you there okay so follow this now after this verse thirty one INF five second Chronicles thirty two thirty one the Bible says howbeit in the business of the ambassadors of the present of Babylon who said hugging him to inquire of the one the one that was done in the land what wonder does sound right is what the Babylonians worship the sun they worshiped the sun back to Babel back to Nimrod they worship the sun so you can imagine that these people worshipers are bowing down to the son and also they look up anything all allow the dispute filing while Menke laughing like the sun God move in it all of a sudden they get a memo to get a little messy to say hey guess what the lot of the Israelites is the one who moved your God so you can imagine that therefore logical conclusion the logical conclusion is this that God must be more powerful than my God is so here we have a situation that the Bible says God works all these miracles in Hezekiah 's life to the point where he moved the sun for and therefore what the Babylonians to his very feet and they said tell us about the wonder and the Bible says he told them about everything but the moving of this so you have a situation regarded by Hezekiah plan a was for you to die that was plan a but I saved you that I magnified you that I move this song for you and has a try I just need you to witness for me just this one time it's because he failed to witness that Daniel ends Babylon would've been converted with those so now Daniel ends up as a young person in a later generation accomplishing his father should have done you see friends the message is simple God has saved us these magnified us as a church and he will decide for you if any not the physical side but the divine son of God he won't decide for you and now God says here is your time here's the opportunity to come to your feet I need you to win this one he just this one time just this one time all the things that God has done in your life and in my life have led us to this point were glasses just this one time don't neglect a brother at the gas pump don't walk by the system in the grocery store don't just walk by these people outside the cafeteria was your crossing the street just this one time I will decide for you so that people would ask some years ago as I conclude this is I was convicted by the spirit of God I need to confront my past somethings were legal somethings were illegal so I told the Lord said Lord this is what economy to do that have to do it so I called some people not that wrong called the detective said hey I need to calm tell you about some crimes are committed some years ago when I was in a Christian so he said okay mood on full to him he said I go back to Michigan keeping which are doing will let you know if anything happens February twenty sixth I was visiting Israel it's his birthday February twenty six the followers remember his birthday so as I was leaving where Israel was using various means of the time and effort is driving home I got pulled over for speeding this is February two thousand five baffled over and make a long story short there was a warrant out for my rest unbeknownst to me so the car basically says Acer uneasiness about the vehicle you have the right to remain silent right on the missionary soul it was in the back of the car parts of Berrien County Siebel to Ben Harper so he's in the back of the cop car am arrested and thankfully my special mother and I had a talk before the situation capacity out of the jail on the was can happen but I know that God impressed my heart to deal with these things in my past she said look Sebastian God places you we need you to be if you let you go to jail than is easy to pretend you thus would you do something in the back of a car card cards like looking in a mirror and unlike solar Eucharist and him and he's like I used to be subordinated besides what it serves people get some funny stuff with the money so I decided to leave the church saw Michael Caiaphas begins with harness and looking from the church for Jesus we welcome user for people so I don't worry about the people go there to get your blessing from Christ gives Jesus as their and sometimes somebody needs you to be there to encourage their own hearts so I did the Barry County jail and because my crime was committed outside the state of Michigan are considered a fugitive some high risk to get out how to get strip searched all this whole thing if I do get me there okay you can have forged you can have knives and I'm sitting there in the garden standing right in front of my door I felt like Peter and acceptance will so my sitting down right in a jail cell in the godforsaken I have a Bible and he is I know you can have a Bible why not this is your considered a maximum security so the last thing we need is the Bible and he says no one on this fantasy little ridiculous but the truth of the matter is that in the past they used to give them Bibles but people try to paperclip themselves to death city would have to face up to the charges so now they don't give Bibles to people also use the okay so finally release me until population not some security I walk in everyone is waiting and this is how it is in jail soon as someone comes in everyone posted the daughter one as he was the person who just got released what you do etc. etc. so thick access policy was the worst criminal so I commented that what you do don't even look like a criminal praise the Lord so so I walk in another language glass I will talk about them I does not mean a more delight when Amy asked by Julie Martha Christian now that BC 's other guy all day okay okay so they could joke with me a little bit you can ask them about the story afterwards a potluck as so as I has him sitting at his Al Qaeda cushion with this guy thinks Nietzsche is in jail because he got caught with half a million dollars worth of cocaine marijuana and so he wants to find God 's will for his life can you help him so they bring them onto the middle circle short guy with glasses you would never know this guy 's movie that kind of drugs both of the books sci-fi counseling him as a hail of the Bible says this the Bible says this the Bible says this while the block therefore you'll find possible for your life and I walk away I go to my room I sit on a high bed unlike Lord can be found in jail and we don't have bars and Maxim security behalf I endorse that law upon shutting because were dangerous you know something crazy happens the lock is no ethical so I'm sitting there and immediately within two minutes I get a knock at the door is one of the other inmates so they make up talking for such from all know Lord I just got here and I think you have seen too many movies so all of a sudden there my mind is thinking like this is that you nice to be in the Marines so I got a do it I got a dual if I need to defend myself so I'll follow the guide to his room he sits down on his bed he says looking at her to counsel young brother out there in our thinking man me and my girlfriend were getting married when I get out of jail in three months and we're talking about how we wanted to have a Christ's centered marriage so I was wondering if you could teach me from the Bible how to have a Christ centered marriage some like sure but it will give me a Bible says that all glasses guy in this other room semi okay so I go to Denny's I like the Godfather so he's got a guy like a long beard and like anyways I walked into my Heian beats only that I can get a Bible from you is also the lives of his mattress he's got all of these Bibles the Viking fans fuel gauges NIV sound like no way somehow I limited the new game James Raven King James is he some study lessons so I walk out like this is unbelievable go back into the rooms bargaining the Bible study by the initial Bible study every inmate in there is crammed into that room listening to the word of God preacher so you have to make an appeal how many of you everyone raises their hands I pray for them and then the Godfather guys I like the leader he stands up and says look your profit got sent you to us that uses the word of God you have to give us Bible studies deputy sure so I would prophecy in the morning and I thought practical Christianity often three weeks I was enduring Tony Joe waiting for them to extradite me and soul anyway the so many other things that happen my nickname became the good brother and of course I was the only vegan in jail so so two days before I leave two days before I leave on training this is what I appreciated about jail was the amount of time I could see God in prayer undisturbed exile strangely six seven hours a day as Australia in the evening after the big lock this down as I was praying the Lord says Sebastian you leaving tomorrow you leaving tomorrow so woke up in the morning to my morning Bible study and I decided why not do not accept the twenty you know that I've taught you the whole counsel of God guys don't make this jailhouse religion don't leave just because you're trying to get out of January to July Friday get back I'll start doing the same things don't do that play hard up-to-the-minute how do you know you're leaving hardly leaving the same thing happens in the afternoon and then the next day I wake up God is good let's eat breakfast first right after breakfast C Braxton leaving Pakistan everyone in the prison freezes complete and the man looks across the room he says I told you he was a prophet I told him and not believe that God did that because he wanted to confront for them naturally he was speaking from the things that were teaching them were divinely appointed fungal the Bible is clear that signs tend to follow those who are sent by so he takes me out community there I go before the magistrate is to cut the long story sure is coming for the magistrate he said hey look all you need to do sinus visa paper you go home three go back to Michigan finish your work what and how to find out all I have to do was come down to sign a piece of paper in the first place knock it till you why that connection never happened but the point I'm trying to make use God said Sebastian I just need you to win this for me just this one but you can go to jail again on the Spurs I'm in jail with me Lord why you doing this to me I'm into your work I tried to serve you and God is saying I place you what I need you to surf a servant doesn't get to choose where a Wendy serve the master does so it is my view friends there's a lot of potential in this room is a lot of potential in this room so what I'm asking you to do for my heart I want you to do something that you've never done before Basso this appeal is about this is a regular appeal yes yes just as one time all right ominous stop neglecting opportunities to witness known I want you to make a commitment to do something you've never done before it is a Jesus asked to sleep on a dirt floor and Haiti would you do it for two weeks people say yes I'll do it for Jesus WikiLeaks just this one time and the unfortunate thing is the devil gets us into fullest things without thinking but God can give us to do anything with that so my appeal is that it's very simple today by the grace of God in my commitment to Christ to do something I've never done before in ministry when God says remember brother or sister son or daughter I moved the sun for you those people are in your life those friends who are calling those study buddies that you have those friends you have from back home or your cousins on converting I need you to witness for me just this one time so how many of you this morning it is similar by standing on making a decision this morning to do something I've never done before never done before I want to decipher your feet making a commitment to God I'm up on a mission trip go call quartering I don't care what it is on to do something I've never done before just this one time I want to get radical with your friends don't flake out all you do you don't help our restoration non- ensemble all the way because God went all the way for you once you go all the way Jesus deserves Jesus deserves mystery heavenly father is so much more all my heart to see my brothers and sisters this morning father truly you brought us through many toils and snares the Lord I believe that those who are standing on making a serious commitment and I pray that they would not be in Ananias force of fire amongst this group weblog will say why have you liked to the Holy Ghost you then why do Sebastian this appeal Lord you are making through me I'm just dust sauntering spirit of God that you will confirm the decision in every heart help them to go all the way Lord not to hold back anything that there would be nothing to uncomfortable because Jesus was uncomfortable for us though there be nothing too difficult because Jesus did difficult things for off nothing that would cost too much pain because Jesus suffered a lot of pain for us I pray Lord you would make out and hold something more than it has ever been penetrated it would start just this one is my friend Christ's name amen God bless you that you very much


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