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Dyslexia to the White House

Shawn Boonstra


They told Dr. Terry Johnsson he'd amount to nothing. But instead, he rose all the way to the Presidential Honor Guard, serving three U.S. presidents! Listen to this story about the power of prayer, miracles and a man who defied all odds.


Shawn Boonstra

Speaker/Director for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry.



  • March 30, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Welcome to disclosure a brand new radio offering from the good folks at the voice of prophecy. This is a radio show that's actually been on the air now since nineteen twenty nine. That's a pretty long time. My name is Sean booster I'm your host. Obviously I haven't been on the air since nine hundred twenty nine and if that's not obvious because this is radio you can't see me let me assure you I don't go back to one hundred twenty nine I didn't even exist for another forty years but the voice of prophecy might actually be the longest running faith based broadcast in America today. Maybe even the world and disclosure is our newest offering it is just days old the paint's not even dry on this show but I'm really excited about some of the things we're going to be able to offer you in particular I'm really excited about our program today because we're going to be meeting somebody pretty special Some years ago I met a remarkable man whose story has inspired countless thousands of people all over the country and around the world a man who was well essentially written off by some educators when he was just a little kid but he eventually went on to move in some of the highest circles of power in America. Dr Terry Johnson hails from the beautiful state of Oregon and I am really excited that I think we have got him on the phone right now. Terry are you there. I am here so on it is this fantastic to be here and I'm just so we both about this program. You know I kind of I'm thrilled to you know until the board calls and says I'm fired I'm going to be thrilled about this as long as this show keeps going Hey Terry you're in Oregon right is the rain festival still on over there it is on full force in fact a funny thing here in Oregon. Since I've been gone for around twenty something years I forgot that a true orgone and does not carry an umbrella. Brad so you can tell who's from here and who's not. And so I'm trying to break into that cold. Yeah because it really is it's kind of a drizzle there in Oregon isn't it but it's a steady drizzle that goes on all year instead of Southern California where you get eighteen inches in half an hour but even I knew where you could get but yeah. In Oregon we used to say you know you don't tan in Oregon. I'm from the Pacific Northwest you don't tan there everybody just rusts that's what they said yeah. Hey Terry I want to cut right to the chase you've lived one of the most amazing lives I've ever heard of I've been deeply inspired by what God has done in your life you've got a professional career that's very successful you've had a successful academic career you've touched the lives of thousands of people and so I'm assuming that if week away back in history we're going to discover that you were the golden boy in elementary school the kid. Everybody knew was going to make something out of himself. Well actually I probably was more God force a gun but it's important that had been been anything. Trust me I look back and I'm just I'm amazed at what God was able to do. Throughout the years. But tell me about it because I think I want to start at the beginning of your story and have you lead our listeners in to some of the amazing things that God has worked in your life so let's go back to your childhood and and start us down the path to the amazing things that God did for you you started quite early I'm going to go back a little farther my parents are around seven generations Louisianans and my dad had served in war too OK. And since he spoke a little bit of friends. He was stationed in plants and and and when the war had ended. They were coming back to me this ship was going to make its way over to the Port of New Orleans but they went the long route in make a long story short they had to stop in a place called Portland Oregon for some boat repairs. Wow. And my dad coming from the flat by you country. Driving the boat. Coming up the clumpy river had seen stuff that he could not even explain basically it was eighty degrees out on the deck but he seemed snowcapped mountains all around them and he just couldn't even understand it but the one thing that he looked at one of his buddies and said you know what if I ever get a family. One day I want to come back here and show them this place. Oh so really you're living your dad's dream by being in Oregon. It is just absolutely amazing how that whole thing this came about and that's respect we right. OK So Oregon was originally home you're back in sort of home country then I'm back in home country after I've been gone for almost twenty. Well over twenty something years. I'm back where it all started that. OK And tell me how that started. Well it is it's amazing because Mom had in this ties into the story that Mom had that they were living in Baton Rouge at that time and they had gotten married in their living bedroom. They had four of five kids at the time. Wow and am mom was catching the city bus and a lady. Was on the bus but she was dressed a little bit differently little bit warmer clothes than mom you know in the weaving and of there she was that you know that's winter clothes and the ladies Oh yes I'm just here visiting my mom and I'm going back to Portland Oregon bow and then my mom thought hey that's what my husband always talked about that and so she says Well people but ever like to come and visit or even live there. They have no opportunity for kids to go to school and she went on and on especially for people of color by which was very difficult in the South at that time sure. Yeah in the forty's and so mom just said you know what I'm going to tell my husband took down the lady's information and you know that four weeks later my mom got on a bus not knowing the song. Left my my brothers and sisters with my father and she went to Portland to go to to go explore this place. Wow So she had a little courage in her soul but little courage of her thought and she loved that she had gotten a job within two weeks had been here got an i house rented a house out and even had bought a car by the third week and then she sent word back for dad to bring the kids that the place was all set to go and he was what you were to school to go and look and we meet your new now if anybody listening has not been to the Pacific Northwest. I do understand this once you've seen it you know you have to live there. It's a look in Scots if you hate it here in the summer time you're like This is paradise. Yet on the two days it doesn't rain right. That's that's how we ended up in Portland are my family at least. And so they had five kids like I said already. And this was the early early fifty's by this time. And what it basically happened is that literally. When Mom was almost forty years old she felt she had a cold and went to the doctor and a doctor that's basically said. I hate to tell you this but you don't have a cold but you are actually pregnant. Wow. Mama's what might My youngest is almost fifteen. What are you talking about. Oh no that's not. Yeah that's one of the Surprise surprise announcements that. There I came along and fifteen year difference between myself and the next youngest same Mom same down and I was the first and like I said six generations born outside of the state of Louisiana. OK And I was born right here in Portland and I'm one of the things start with me is that I was always with that energetic kid I love the life. My brothers and sisters are more. Like aren't the uncles to me and spoiled me to death in the snow little baby baby and all that stuff and what kind of Kiem started to come together little bit is that when it came time to learning to read. I was struggling just a little bit and they could know things don't one those days know that which is called a classified you as a slow learner are. And so that's what they kind of they said well he says to slow learner in this distance keep him going and to make a long story short by the time I had gotten to the second grade. All I can remember is this is that the teacher had divided the class into three sections because this port teacher due to budget cuts. She went from teaching a class of nineteen second graders to a class of almost fifty something kids fifty kids. I hear people today company claiming if it gets to thirty kids about fifty. I can't even imagine that says you're in a class imagine that now no I can't fifty second graders. Yeah. Oh my God And I basically told her Well you know we laid off many teachers and if you don't like it we can we will hire someone to take your place. Wow And so. That's what she does be the best that she could do it next was basically divide his class into three sections the first section for kids who could learn very fast and there was a middle section that she would work with those kids the kids look at longer art and then there's a third section where kids who she really had to if she even got time to get back there. Wow. And I started off in the front row. I was in a genic I love to talk. I love people and I was just perfect and I'm one of the things that stood out I'll never forget this is that she was writing something on the chalkboard and she turned around and said I need someone to come up here and to write their A.B.C. and I remember this thinking in my mind son. Don't let her pick me please don't let her pick know I had that thought a lot. School that's actually. You know I'm bumping up against fifty years of age here soon and I still have that thought when I'm sitting in the class and you know what happens when you think they're getting a you're asking for a pick up and I would once she picked and she had me come up in an attempt at least to write my A.B.C.'s on the chalkboard. And the first sign that something was different is that I wrote my OK but when I wrote my B. I wrote it backwards and all the kids started laughing and the kids thought I was doing this some purpose to be funny and then I wrote my seat. Backwards and they really started to laugh and that teacher a light bulb went off in her head and she started thinking this is making sense. He never has his reading assignments done every time there's every time there's reading circles we have to go around and really always have to go to the bathroom and back perhaps not. And she just put it all together that this little kid had been fake it. Wow. And so I went from the front row to the back room. Oh wow me to the corner in the classroom because everything she tried in the do and did this didn't work as she just could not get me to read and she discovered that and neither can I write I could I could me to read nor write and so she defied know what to do and so on her first ration seein that getting hold of the school counselor who arranged for me to meet with the school psychologist. OK and I had around three weeks of meetings with a psychologist at the end of the three weeks. He basically said you're smart kid because shouted one of the things that never made sense is that as a small kid. Instead of watching cartoons. I would love to watch the news. While I was just just I love the news traveling the world seen the pictures in fact it was such an amazing thing is that my pastor my church could call me up front in front of the whole scene. Jewry audience and just basically say Terry tell us why there's a sugar crisis and I would remember kid I was and I would tell how Bakley. Cary Why Will. Why would this president not be elected again you think I could explain Watergate as a little second grader. I want to leave a bill. But when it came to reading and writing and so that's why when the psychologist met you want the smartest kids to say your A.B.C.'s and you get out of your unit teachers as apparently have a conflict. You probably gives you just don't get along I'll get you another class or. Wow. And I could not get past my A.B.C.'s again and so he basically wrote a letter to my mom who still has a letter today that basically says that. Terry. L. Johnson that's me. Yeah is mentally incompetent he will never be able to learn past the third grade our suggestion is to take about an school system and to place him in a school for kids with severe disability. Hopefully by the age of eighteen he will learn a skill arts and be able to kick back and try to pretend that. Well Terry. We're right up against a break and I know you didn't stay at the back of the classroom and I know that that assessment didn't tie you down for life. I'm looking forward to hearing this story unfold and I know that our listeners are but we're right up against a break. So we're going to take a short break and just moments we'll be back with Dr Terry Johnson one of the most remarkable stories you'll ever hear are you searching for answers to life's toughest questions like Where is God when we suffer. Can I find real happiness or is there any hope for our chaotic world to discover a bottle guide to help you find the answers you are looking for This Is Us at Bible studies dot com or give us a call at. Eight eight eight four five six seven nine three three four you're free discover Bible guides study online on our secure website or have the free guides mailed right to your home. There is never a cost or obligation to discover Bible guides our free gift to you find answers and guides like does my life really matter to God and a second chance at life you'll find answers to the things that matter most to you in each of the twenty six discover Bible guides visit Bible studies dot com and begin your journey today to discover answers to life's deepest questions and we are back from break listening to disclosure radio program from the folks at the voice of prophecy My name is Shawn and I've been talking to Dr Terry Johnson who's on the phone in Portland Oregon and just before the break Terry we had discovered that as a child you had been moved from the front to the classroom where all the brightest and best kids were and you were bright and active inning gaged but they started to discover you were struggling with reading and they moved to the back of the class and you got an unfortunate assessment from the school psychologist saying that you weren't going to amount to much and hopefully they could teach you to do something practical by the time you were eighteen and that's why I want to pick up the story. Yes And and it's amazing because I just love that my mom kept all these letters and all this stuff so I can just always look you know look at it and remind you know we might be reminded how good God was because you know how the lessons he's in my life maybe there are some and I'm listening right now but that your child is in a situation that you're facing a situation it seems impossible. And I just want you to hang in there because you know God does definitely have a way and that's what happened to me next. OK it was definitely a god's way that brought it all together. OK so my. Indicating how to roll tell me what happens next because I know God did it but he used a number of people in your life. Yes. Once I was classified as an learnable the only way I can just make it practical to a person is that I was pretty much banned from school systems to public school systems because they had did their assessment and and specially I would dealing with cost and students and all that and that was if they had alternative place where you could go to so wouldn't like your saying you couldn't be educated and support mom just in her heart just didn't feel that what they were trying to do and to face me at that this was not a place. It was so funny because years later the place was closed down the movie wind blew over the cuckoo's Yeah yeah it was the equal it was the exact same people who ran that facility who ran the juvenile facility Oh really. Yes and that place as you know that was closed down yet of organ on the movie and then on this was a juvenile attached to that and so I just thank God so much demand didn't listen to them right so what mom did instead of giving up I like to tell people she started to look up and mom got out her piece of paper and she got the phone book. And she went through and she made a list of all the school that she could find in this phone book. Wow. And it was over one hundred something school and mom still has that piece of paper she saved all the stuff really. Yes I'm just just amazing all in our family Bible. Wow. And she wrote all the schools down and she wrote the phone numbers next to him and so then during that summer mom would call the different schools up to try to get through that list and with the goal by the end of the summer having one of those schools and say yes and she would call them up and she would talk to them and tell the story and a lot of times they would say. Oh yeah if you're willing to move to our school district. We have no problem and then they've asked are always the same question. Just tell us not this why can't he go back to his old school and then Mom would explain what that psychologist had said and what to superintend they said they would see the superintendent Do you understand that's my boss's boss has taken phone up on her. So he's there highly disincentive ice to help. Yes mama draw a line to let in that school and do the next one and she just kept doing that all summer long and somewhat stood out the most to me is about that some of that Mama prayed over me and I will never forget that as long as I live she would lay her hands on me and pray and she would always quote Jeremiah twenty nine eleven for I know the plans I have for you and she would say that in and just really just this price and what it had also made matters a little bit worse is just a year or so before this. That my dad had come down with lung cancer. Oh no unfortunate have passed away. When I was when I was seven and so was just my mom and myself because my brothers and sisters they were all older many of them had their own family by that time and so you have mom trying to do this know all on her own as a little wood old mother I was this one little small kid and mom just went through that list on every single school told her no. Well Jim you've been the one you know I find amazing about this is that really as your mom begins praying. It's almost like the world is getting worse instead of better out of the gate but she doesn't give up on me she loses her husband you lose your dad and it's just getting worse as the moments go on and a lot of people just give up. That's the whole thing right there and that's I tell people that maybe story's not mine it's really my mom. That's the beauty queen stripper E Right right. Well OK So Mom's prank and she's working her list down this list of schools they're all saying no you. Lost your dad and it's getting darker by the minute instead of brighter. How does it play out what what eventually happens mom. Speaking of a neighbor and a neighbor had told her about a little school called clumpy a question a little non-denominational school here in Portland and the neighbor said I don't know if they're even still there my kids went there years ago. And so mom got out the phone book once again she looked up to school in and was there made an appointment with the principal and so Mom goes over to the schools he saw meets with the principal tells the whole story and the principal hears everything he says Well ma'am you know what we're little small school in him I could never ask the teacher to take that much time of one student because all of our teachers are teaching almost two or three grades by themselves and so he said at least let me pray with you and Mom was so happy that he least took time one to hear and second to pray with her and from a little They got on their knees. They prayed and the most amazing thing like I like to call it the miracle of miracles is that the principal did something that years later when I had a chance to talk with them he said I have never done this in my thirty seven years have been a principle and that is that when I was in a private conversation. Very I would always close the door are python come for having a secretary come in sure but I would never just leave a door open and for whatever reason I left that door open your I was meeting with your mom and as a result shot of him leaving that door open a teacher walked in and that was going to ask the principal a question. And so since the door was open see him think of that big deal so she stayed there doing the hope where no thing and my mom walked by or and smiled and that teacher went up to the principal and simply asked the principal this one question. What grade with that little fella been and now the principal said who told the lady would shift dear if I don't know of a second grade again and she said let me have them. That's my class this. Do you think about this you know the odds when he normally closes the door the odds that it's left over by accident a really small I've often wondered Terry in the far reaches of eternity when we're finally all safely home and all the books of heaven are opened you know. We see that scenario in the Bible a number of times. What are we going to find out which angels were on duty in that school making sure nobody closed the door and prompting that teacher to get up out of her chair at that moment walk past the principal's office. So I'm just telling you it's just that. That's how we know God is in control. Even though it doesn't seem like it sometimes but I'm telling you exactly so she asks what grade you would be in. And he did and he said out no the second grade I don't think that you know I think you would have to do that over again next. And I'm going to get heated you can't take your full your class you're already doing two classes you can't. And she said I just get a good feeling about that little fellow let me have them and then she made a deal with the principal and I love it she never let me forget that she made a deal with the principal and said I'll let you have. Let me have it for six months if he can't learn to read in six months then you can take him and we can get him out of your but at least we can say we tried and son never forget that very first day of class. She's doing some stuff up front and all right you can hear the noise and it was me I had my desk and I was pulled to the quarter where you're used to being where I used to be in my mind I couldn't sit with regular kids I always sit in the back by myself. And she walked over to me and said Son What do you think you're doing and I said well I'm sitting in the back I always sit in the back and I will never forget this will not in my class. She picked up my desk the front row sat it down said you sit right here. Wow And she sat there and sat me down I thought well I love this lady sees that nice is made in the world gave the rest of the kids their. And Simon and then afterwards he came back to me with nothing but her Bible and a chair and she sat next to me says are going to work on your reading right now. Wow with a Bible with a Bible. OK And with like a King James Bible to make it even more complicated. That's not exactly that's not exactly known to be a second grade reading level I think that's up somewhere around ten or twelve or college. Yeah she set that Bible down into dark We're going to work on your reading L. never get to right now what does the letter look like I'm not asking you to read it. I'm going to ask you to tell me what does a letter look like and I looked at her and it's I can't read. She says What did you just say I said I can't read. She says Do you believe in God I said yes well I better never hear the word can't don't quit if I hear in the words of my class again you're going to get oh if you do supply. What does a letter look like yeah. And once again I said I can't she says wait right here I know I have the cure. And I'm thinking Sean she's coming back with some classes or maybe a magnifying glass i'm so you know I think this is to quote this teacher in the world. Well she came back OK but it wasn't with the glasses. It wasn't with a magnifying glass was with a twelve inch. Oh oh I'm old enough to know what that means you're going to say some of the older ones out there we remember what that meant. Yeah I know what that maids. I mean I've heard what that means not that I ever know I actually know what that means. She checked that ruler right next to the Bible and says You say one more negative a word without trying. If I hear the word don't can't quit in those words again you're going to get that what does that letter look like and one thing I'm thinking Surely she's not going to hit me and so I said I can't read and he took that ruler shot and whack it right on my hand and all I can tell you is from then on I thought she was a mean it's a lady in the. And I hated that maybe from that moment on if you know that but yeah for sure. No I can think of some teachers that whacked me and they're still not my favorite books every recess scene without the kids could place a thirty minute I had to stay in the classroom with the Bible and with a ruler for fifteen minutes and we would go over reading every day after school where the buses could line up and the kids get to play on the playground. Well I was in the classroom with her into the buses ready to pull out whatever Bible and a ruler day after day after day and all I can tell you John is in six months to everyone's amazement. Harry Johnson was reading a maze I mean his wife amazing Now let's look at that story carefully because we're about to go off the air on some stations Terry but but if I look at this carefully. Even though your family's going through some of the darkest moments. God is still presiding over he's overruling decisions that people make you overrules a psychologist that writes you off as a little guy and says Not not going to make it let's hope we can find something maybe he can sweep up Sada stor something when he's eighteen and do something like that to your mother in a principal's office and he's praying and the angels have the door propped open and I godly woman you know the methods were different in those days and I know that younger viewers or listeners rather aren't thinking about getting hit by a ruler but I remember those days and and that did happen. Terry what we're going to do now is we're going to go off the air in some markets but listeners can continue to listen in some places it will continue right after a break and we'll continue with the story of Dr Terry Johnson who learned to read because a godly woman wouldn't give up on him and he learned to read by reading the Scriptures. If your station doesn't carry this after the break you can go to foist the prophecy dot com and look for the interview with Dr Terry Johnson and the show notes that go with that and you'll be able to pick up the rest of this. Unfortunately in some markets we're going to sign off until next week this is shot booster with disclosure the dual radio program for the voice of prophecy. You will hear from us again when we're together. Hello I'm Do you feel as if your life has lost its meaning just moving from one task to another without any answers to the really important questions in life. Like is it possible to have a fresh start and to find real happiness. Well the Discover Bible guides will help you find the answers that you are looking for to theirs send to all of life's big questions visit us at Bible studies dot com or give us a call at eight eight eight four five six seven nine three three for your free discover Bible guides you can choose to study in the format that's most convenient for you you may either do the lessons completely online or have them mailed right to your home both options are completely free of charge visit Bible studies dot com and begin your journey today to discover answers to life's deepest questions. OK we are even back half of disclosure the second half of the show which is carried on a number of stations and also webcast voice of prophecy dot com and I know many of you were listening to the first half hour we were talking with Dr Terry Johnson who's on the phone in Oregon and we were looking at his story where as a young man he was told that he was unable to learn to the so a school psychologist assessed him as not capable of education and had written him off he had a godly mother who took him around to every school she could think of she went through more than one hundred schools until she found a Christian academy where as the. The principal was praying with her for her little boy a teacher walked by the open door and heard that there was a boy in need and took him into her class and taught him in an old school fashion to read by taking out a King James Bible and any time he didn't comply or cooperate. He got what many of us got as little children the ruler and six months later just before the break six months later Terry Johnson was reading. Terry I'm dying to know and I know everyone else is dying to know what happens next because that's a quite a while ago and God had more in store for you yet. Yeah and it was just how God it just literally just did a miracle for me and I'm there is a quote a passage. I just loosely quote induces the many times we fear the future because we forget how good God has been in the past right. Yeah. And I'll be honest with you by the time I got in the high school I was not that little boy who. Seen the miracles of God I know this different things in and I was pretty much just doing on my own but come I got to high school and school was still hard for me I struggled. I was No I had I had to work extra hard to read and learn and do my work but I was No I was getting through right. But I had taken the God factor out of and so when I was in high school it was just you know hang out with my buddies playing sports and stuff like that and was this thing I was no into I played hockey and just that's just you know you play hockey you know I'm a Canadian and so now you've got my attention is riveted especially on the story I didn't know Terry Johnson was a hockey player all Ben I'm two were close it were close enough to the Canadian border. OK So but you're doing the usual guy stuff in high school and kind of forgetting or maybe you know not cognizant entirely of what God had done for your mother and in your life at that point. Yeah I was just. You know. All about me and no I want to make enough to get my first car and work hard to get that in just all about me and that's the only way I can point it out and then I just was hanging out with the wrong wrong people in high school and just of the list goes on and on but the thing that made a difference for me in high school was a teacher can on his name was Floyd Matua and what was interesting about floored me to an older teacher towards your Towards the end of the teaching career and there was another teacher by the name of Mrs Winters Velma winters and the two of them I really believe that God brought into my life. Lord More to Love with the Bible teacher. OK And he always believed me and that was with only I can say that I would be out partying that night and then we would have what we call church scimitars where we would go and visit different churches and do different things and Floyd was always insisting that I be part of that program. So he saw something where he saw something there and saw something there heard God prompting him day to pay attention to you it was just amazing and I have as I look back at it now there are times when how he would do it is that I would you know has me been one of the popular kids in class and although I don't want to go and do this bible stuff but my grades were so low in Bible class that Floyd would smart enough to say now you know if you want extra points in order to be able to pass this test are you going to come you do have be part of this program. Ed but he saw the potential in me and he just kept believing in me and then there was another teacher my English teacher and what was unique is that Elma Winters had already retired three times they called her back out of retirement at age seventy to come and teach. Now and I ended up in her English class and they're all much just work me. Work me and I'd she would never let me give up and once again I thought I was one of the meanest ladies in the world sets a theme here but he would never let me make excuses up and and it was just amazing how God This started literally working on my life and son what really turned everything around is that I I had gone there was a week up where my home church and there was a speaker who was now be at chapel of the Senate Barry Black he was gone. No kidding with the very people at maybe the time and he was we could be called our little church here in Portland. Wow. And my mom wanted me to come here here and and I you know and I would always promise not Mom I'm going to come I'm going to come and I he was going to be there for you know for a week and Monday through Friday and I just we started on a Sunday night and Sunday night through Friday and I would always say I'm going to come I'm going to come. Cannot you know I don't have the special relationship my mom didn't want to disappoint her and so I would sit near Mom I'm really going to come I remember Tuesday. I saw B. That night I didn't show up and so when they had breakfast tell you promise I said no mom i promise i'm coming and I would know but some reason her heart she just really felt that I needed to hear the message that he was sharing and he was you know really speaking to young people and I just I just kept making excuses up and finally got down to Thursday even my mom to Terry's only hear one more night and I haven't asked you to do many things for me and all I'm asked me to do is a come in to hear him speak right. And so I said OK Mama come Friday night I promise I'll come and Friday morning. I'm with my friends in the cafeteria and then they start talking about this party at one of our class. Mates was going to focus in your party. Wow at their house because their parents were going to be gone and son I'm not making any of this out it was the exact same night. No very black and I had just promised my mother that I would be there and I remember telling my friends and they said Terry. Man you gotta come you cannot miss this thing. And so one of my friends he said you know what I have an idea. Why don't we do this you go to the program. You sit next to your mother and then you say that you want to go to the balcony because all the kids our shirts we're talking about can and we will come and get you out of the balcony and you can slip out and that where your mother would see you guarantee you think you did about this is wrong on so many levels so many but that tells you kind of friends I hung up we had some of the same friends at thank Ed So that was a game plan and I will never forget I had the same girlfriend we dated we started dating in eighth grade and we dated all the way through our senior year plan on getting married everything. And so on she was part of the whole scheme we're all going to go to this great big party and so I'm there and they were going to come and get me I sit next to my mom I remember Eva reached over and held her hand for a little bit. Oh mom. This is so great I'm so glad you had me come and assume the song servers over with us. You know what I'm going to go sit in the balcony my friends amongst all going up there and so I go up to the balcony. And I'm waiting for my friends to come there late as always so i end up hearing the entire message higher pay. And at the very end. Dr Black to talk and I remind them of this all the time now. He had said that I want to there are some here today that I believe that God's going to do something special in your life for so I don't know who you are but I'm going I want you to come forward so he's making this appeal. He's in it in and people are coming forward and then he says you know what I still feel there's someone else out there. And Xan I am not making this up very black said next he said I don't know who you are maybe you didn't plan on being here tonight maybe you can plan a bit of a party tonight. All you're kidding me when he said that I mean it was like oh my goodness he is talking. Oh. And so I started thinking right then you know what man you know how much clearer do you need it calling me man. So I stood up to go forward and I as I stood up to that very second my two friends walked in along with my girlfriend. It would you didn't make any sense at all three of them didn't have to come in they come in and start man come on come on let's go to the party and they saw all the people walking forward down below and they saw me standing come in the front and I never forget my friend look at me says you want to go up there aren't where you said Man I don't know man he just said some stuff that really you know I don't know. And I'll never get my girlfriend that Terry if you go up there it's over with us. Oh my goodness I am not going to have a holy religious guy. There is no way in the world. There's a holy war being fought over you at them moment it's cause and I had to make a decision and was probably going that hardest decisions I made in my life and I walk by my friends and my girlfriend of five years at that time and one forward. Wow. And I and it was just you know I was prayed over talked to Dr Black afterwards marshal Kelly a singer a retired singer now but he was there during the special music event spoke with him afterwards as this absolutely amazing experience for me and that next coming Monday at school my friends kept their word no one sat with me. They literally got me my friend's girlfriend broke up with me the whole complete works. But do you know that I met. Other friends of the couple people who went to that meeting we became friends I never thought one hundred thousand years could have a four years of high start wouldn't friends with them and we became friends and I'm still friends with those guys to the Kerry day. This is important. This is a bit. Porton for somebody to hear a lot of people go through that they're wrestling Do I follow God with my life and they're afraid of what they're going to lose and sometimes you do lose a lot on the way in but on the other side of it. God always has more waiting for you that you dream possible better friendships better relationships a better life but the devil will work you over for a few minutes. You know there be a dark moment where he's working you over saying look at all you're going to lose he's trying to blind you to how much you're about to gain and shot you just hit it right in the head and I just think about life would have been so completely different if I would not have had really made that decision to follow to follow God and I remember this is my school son it was the first year of taking the S.A.T.'s that previous to that they had second call and lease in the states second AC Tina determine your your call it's great you're standing installers ships and all of this. And here was my senior year I had now been messing up in school and all of a staff and not taken seriously and I remember that they were going to the class rating and so we had to take the series of tests and then they put your name on the board. And they would tell you only you knew what number you were and then your number would tell your class rating then you can kind of guesstimate what schools you can apply to all that. And I remember going to the board and I had my little number my hand and all I can tell you is that there were fifty seven students in our class fifty seven of them and I remember all my friends are looking up at their numbers and my head is going lower and lower and lower and finally when my friends left not act like my number is up there with bam you know I had but I think that that number that only I had. And I looked on the board and out of that fifty seven students I was rated number fifty six. Oh boy I had little messed up. Everybody. And I don't know which I was number fifty seven is that we had a special ed student would come from an art class and for whatever reason I made him take this test and so now I want to find that guy want to you Dave and hug him because I wouldn't get if it wasn't for him I was always that way with me on the soccer team I got pick second last but that was only because there was actually one person worse than me Terry were right up against a break this is the perfect moment for a cliffhanger we've got one segment to go and I know that what's about to happen next is absolutely mind blowing. But we're going to take a we're going to take a little break I want you to make sure that you've got your pen and paper handy because you don't want to miss this offer from the voice of prophecy it life in ways that it has been changing. Terry Johnson's life so we're going to take a quick break I'm visiting with Dr Terry Johnson the best part of the story is just around the corner so you're going to want to stay if you pulled up to the house in your car just leave the engine running Don't miss this last part. It will be back it just are you searching for answers to life's toughest questions like Where is God when we suffer. Can I find real happiness or is there any hope for our chaotic world to discover help you find the answers you're looking for said Bible studies dot com or give us a call at eight eight eight four five six seven nine three three four you're free discover guides study online on our secure website or have the free guides mailed right to your home. There is never a cost or obligation to discover our free gift to you find answers and guides. Does my life really matter to God and a second chance at life you'll find answers to the things that matter most to you in each of the twenty six discover Bible guides visit Bible studies dot com and begin your journey today to discover answers to life's deepest questions if we are back from our break Terry Johnson is on the phone with me from Oregon the can just before the break Terry get discovered in high school that you were fifty six fifty seven kids on your AC T. squares and that's not a that's not a great thing. And so I look back and that sound when it just really hit me is that the Lord had no did this miracle. I was able to return to able to really get put these teachers in my life who are trying to do their best to pull for me and I had just made a mess out of my whole life and I just remember thinking that you know God. All that stuff that they had prayed about very black medicine how this even possible and I'll never get I was in downtown Portland and I come across the little Bible pamphlet talked about how to make God real in your life it was just on the ground a low blow pamphlet and I read a little pamphlet and I remember just then you know what I discovered have to be real with God and that was what I really called my conversion experience of just really one hundred percent been broken and knew that it need to be second bigger than me outside of me to make a difference in my life all those players everything just can't together and at one point. And so I just made that decision and soon the Lord I'm just turning this thing over to you. And I will never forget after praying that prayer Schon Leston seven months later and I'm not this is not an exact eighty seven months later I was working for the president of the United and I and that's why. I tell people that nothing is impossible for God and let me explain this basically what happened is that I joined the United States Air Force on thinking Air Force airplanes travel the world. Yeah and I and that when stationed in Washington D.C.. And how the whole thing with the Air Force honor guard I became eventually part of the ever present to honor guard at the White House all came about is that I rigidly when into the air force to be an assistant to a chaplain. And we should have had that religious experience sure and I remember for do it I was over at multiple five in that big shopping center right next door to my high school and I and I had just the know what I'm going to do with my life in this and that. And as I was coming back from the mall there was an Air Force for Cruiser set up in a little booth there in the mall and I was tell people don't stop and talk especially if you're a senior I stopped and started talking to this guy and I'll never get he says What do you want to do with your life and I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew I didn't want to go in the military. Yeah exactly. I thought I was this man and knew that I know they wouldn't let me do and I thought hate my religious experience. I'm trying to be closer to God for the first time I'll tell them I want to be a chaplain and there's no way in the world they would let me be a chaplain. And when I said that to the guy he says that the perfect job I could work this whole thing out you can be an assistant to a chaplain. Oh my goodness you can be resistant be careful what you say out loud son he started talking and he said we will have a year before you have to come in and the next thing I know I end up signing my name on the dotted line and thinking I have a year before I would have to go in they would pay me for that year I mean the list went on and on the Make a long story short I received a phone call one week after graduation it was from that recruiter and he says Johnson I got some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that the United States Air Force still wants. That's news is well you remember we told you you had a year before you had to go in with a computer moved you up to little bit early. Oh wow. And I think we may look at early six seven months he has no well tried next week next week. Wow I said Third there is no way I'm starting school again I just got out of school i mean i would mean i would mean they have a summer break. He's well you sign up if I have to also in the military police to come get you. There's motivation. The next thing I know I'm headed to San Antonio Texas in the month of June to be out marching fifty miles a day and that hot but you know. I've been there and Jude it is miserable down there all imagine with a fifty pound backpack add that to your local Yeah. And so even then I was just thinking oh God this is not making sense here I am trying to be you know the best person I can and it's not making sense and after I finished basic training that's a whole nother topic but after I finished basic training never get they have a lined up to go on the buses to our different training schools and so I'm excited. I'm going to be headed to Colorado your place. Yeah. And they were and that's where we are we trained out of a base out there it was on a pedestal an Air Force strip at the time but we were training out of there and that's where the chaplains assistance train at and the chaplain the system so the one who set up the chapels vacuum to make sure the place a straight not for the service isn't and kind of things like that and so but I was excited. God was going to you know using him that way and so I got on my bus to go to the airport and instead of going to the airport my bus makes a left there at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and it goes deeper into the base. Instead of going to the airport and it stops him from a building that says United States Air Force police academy and I'm thinking well this is strange then I started thinking so maybe they have chaplains in the police department and I'm going to be one of their assistants. Yeah and I thought man this is going to even greater than I thought so if you get off the bus and they started handing out. In sixteen rifles they have a light up in a line and they get to me and I said no no no I don't need a rifle I just need my Bible I'm going to be one of the chaplains here. Why did I say that everyone started it why am I in fact of Sargon read over to me to send What did you just say I said I'm going to be assistant chaplain here. He started laughing I should've known I was in trouble right there. Oh no so he comes back with five other sergeants it's a tell him too much you're going to do your Sin Sin one more time assistant. They all started laughing. He said Son your implicit cavity has oh no no no there has to be a mistake. So he said what you're so scared number I give it to me looked at it's a sign you are here in place Academy and then he says you know what you just stay here who've tried to get this thing sorted out. He says we needed to get a laugh today. So he comes back a little bit later and says we talk to the commander he says You stay here this week finishes we kept in the we're going to switch you the computer made a mistake there's a guy by the name Herbert Johnson is on his way he to chaplaincy school. And they said this has been the funniest thing ever and so they laughed and all I can tell you that week that I was there so I was like a fish out of water. Yeah I can imagine. And this gives you a hint of how out of the water I was there in Police Academy is that before that week was over would I got a nickname and the nickname was gone more pollo no oh no and so I want to give those old enough out there letting you know that I know Gomer Pyle is that's not a flattering nickname. Everyone called me Gomer. And they use me for every illustration every thing it was just a face I had and it was of this absolutely crazy. We've got we've got about five minutes five and a half minutes to we're out of time today I'm dying to know how does Gomer Pyle end up at the White House. This is. How it all comes together. Is that in the five weeks they simply said Mitch is with the end of the week they said the commander has made a decision since Herbert's already did a week of his training you've done a week of yours. You're going to stay right here and please we can hear you can go home like you never came here. Oh no and I remember thinking it was the lowest time like why would God do this to me and I talk to my mom I'm a mom to Will Terri stay there you know. God has done a miracle in basic training you were able to leave some of your friends to Christ in and you know. Maybe God's going to second that you don't know you some expecting. And so on I had a friend I had started a literally Bible study class their employees the county because I had some plans I had started a Bible study class in basic training and out of basic training I had two friends who were in that class there were training to be police officers so they were there and I said just wanted to start the class again. And so this time we started using the chapel and we had this class and was amazing we have around fifteen guys would show up and we would just talk about the Bible every Wednesday night and and the easiest thing that you'll do in basic training is second that you call qualifying and that's where the. You simply have to shoot a gun straight. They don't care if you hit the target know that. Well the Make a long story short I end up missing the target I end up being put back two weeks. It was just a nightmare and and all I can tell you is this is that I remember this thinking you know what we can God why are you allowing this to happen to be this is this not making sense. Well as a result of the back two weeks. I happened to be there when the word went out but the president's honor guard at the White House was recruiting that President Reagan had just had his second inauguration and the rule is that they have to have one hundred twenty five guys at all times. Part of the Air Force our guard because we do all of the inside stuff at the White House all right the better the president gets off of the airplane anything that's full time we're one of the to the Marines to the outside and we do the inside and so they weren't short after the inauguration so since police academy they already start a little bit of your background check. It's a much a lot faster to go there first so I flew in from the Bible study class. He went to try out for it and and I remember thinking. Is there was Jeff and I was like Jeff if you got selected for the White House. Well maybe what they would do is that you could use your influence to get me out of police academy get me back to chaplaincy school out of here. And so they thought only two hundred people would show up for these auditions instead sun eight hundred fifty people showed up by good at least that's a big cut off at eight hundred fifty. And as I walked through the door and I was Jeff Jeff signed his name in the form and I walked by and the sergeant look we had a son come back here you can sign your name. I said well no no no I'm just with my friend Jeff he did you get out of work to come here. I said yeah but I'm going sign your name like everybody else. So I sign my name on the list. I go sit down with Jeff and Jeff's laugh and go Merman if you ever saw you march you'll be go for it and so we're there I'm praying just get selected. But I have to go through everything and they in the make an announcement in a day there are four hundred people there cutting off instantly they know and they thank him for coming. Jeff was caught and I was still there and they made another decision the very next day to cut it out another four hundred to get it down to fifty. Wow. And I was one of the fifty still left and the word got out all throughout police academy to go more power as in the top. This is Larry and we can't wait to these guys see a march as some they were right because marching was this not my thing I wish I could blame it on my dyslexia are whatever but as with that buy thing and one of the things for sure I knew I. Even want to go in the honor guard because all the marching and bright stuff you would have to do that's just not my story and so I'm there with the fifty people and they have a school in this room and there's the lineup of generals and Secret Service agents and they give you twenty marching movements to do and as I go in and the very first thing is you stop you look at the general who's sitting right in front of you and you say I'm reporting and ordering you salute and I salute and next thing I know the generals laughing and I'm thinking what I mean did anything and then it dawned on me Xan I had the wrong. Salute I protest him down and put the other one up and I like can tell you is that they all were laughing so hard that when I left the room they didn't even notice me leave now we had a young lady by the name of sherry Haq who was assigned to stand by the door and as I walked by her I just simply said you think I have a chance. Cherie started laughing since we've been doing these all over the country next the worst one I've ever seen and she dropped to her knees. And started hiccuping she was a laugh. Now. Tara and we've got like in trouble. We've got ninety seconds here's what I want to know are you in the sun to make a long story short I was selected for the president's honor guard. That's on but I was one of the twelve that they took back to the White House and to this day they all say we were laughing so hard I don't know what we put on your evaluation but to make a long story short I have been the longest serving honor guard in honor guard history served three presidents Ronald Reagan George Bush and Bill Clinton and to this day no one has even come close to serving as long as I was able to serve at the White House and so that's why I tell people who matter how bad your life may seem God has a plan for how my mom prayed for that little boy that God would have a plan for me that God has the same thing. Terri your story proves Pete and I I was hoping everyone who's listening is paying attention when life gets dark. It's not the man. Even Jesus faced challenges of his life there were dark dark moments but God if you stay the course with him. Always has something much bigger in mind. Terry where at the end of our show thank you so much for making time for us and just been a delight to have you on the air. Thank you all right Hey folks that's the end of disclosure for this week. V.O.P. dot com You could pick up the show notes Dr Terry Johnson thanks for joining us this week and we'll see you soon.


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