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Prophecy Then and Now

Shawn Boonstra


Looking at current world events might have you wondering where this world is headed. What's going to happen next? Join Shawn, Jean and a special guest as they unfold the predictions of Daniel chapter 2.


Shawn Boonstra

Speaker/Director for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry.



  • May 4, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Welcome to a brand new episode of The Voice of prophecies brand new radio program. Disclosure. The voice of prophecy is a program that's been on the air now Kid tenuously since nineteen twenty nine and originally it was recorded in an chicken coop of all places this show first went on the air on Canucks radio in Los Angeles is that tabernacle of the air and the rest is all history. My name is Sean booster I'll be your host for the next. Oh wow ever many minutes we'll be together and today I'm broadcasting from our brand new little studio in beautiful downtown Loveland Colorado after eighty five years in California the voice of prophecy has just picked up and moved to that lovely state of Colorado which also happens to be the place where H.M.S. Richards the founder of the voice of prophecy actually spent his childhood in fact when I walk to work in the morning I passed the very spot where H.M.S. Richards was baptized as a boy and I know that he started his preaching ministry right here in the surrounding hills the foothills the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains now today in studio I'm joined by the very lovely very talented Jean Boudreau woman who also happens to be my wife of many many many decades and it's all to many many and to many many He's all right there are really more than two decades and actually that's something else that I'm enjoying about this new broadcast you and I get to work together we get to sit in a room together so not only do we have to share the house together. You have to put up with me at work and in the studio as well it is that burden I'm willing to bear and that's kind but there is one there is one rule. Whenever we're on the air you have to say I'm right. OK yes I did see I'm right about that today also in studio with me today is Pastor Chris Hall of the speaker for a very special ministry one that's close to my heart. It's it is. Written Canada and I guess. CHRIS The reason I love your ministry is because once upon a time way back in the olden days. I actually worked at it is written Canada so I'm fond of it and I'm fond of you and I'm glad you're here with us in studio. You know I'm glad to be here and Sean we enjoy finding things in the office pictures of you and Jean when you were leading that ministry when you were twelve and thirteen years old than sending those pictures out to you we we have quite a bit of fun with that there's really there are still pictures of me in the drawers up there. There are those pictures in the drawers and I'm waiting we're about to do a construction project I'm going to break down some walls and so I'm anxious to see what it cost and find my own pay parking tickets and there I just kind of shove them in the wall. That's what it will there was a special time for us though living up there and working for it is right in Canada though yeah it does feel like a lifetime ago almost Yeah. Are you enjoying those Canadian winters though Chris you know I was I was telling some of the folks here at V.O.P. when I arrived that you all actually have winter here. You know everybody thinks when you move to Canada that the entirety of Canada is the Arctic. That's right. In reality where we live just out where our ministry is located right outside of Toronto we get very little snow actually you know an average winter and so it was nice to come down here to Loveland and see some real snow and some REAL went to as we're sitting in here there happened to be a freak snowstorm outside and in Colorado you can get a winter storm twelve months of the year it turns out you can get two feet of snow in July and have eighty degrees in January. Glad you're here Chris I'm excited because I know that when you're in studio we all have open Bibles out on the desk here and the listeners are going to hear a lot of pages crinkling because we love going through the Bible I know that's the basis for it is written in Canada. What's the sign off phrase that you use in that program. It is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God How the name of the program was born so we've got open Bibles and I think what I want. To talk to you about a little bit today Chris and I know it's a burden on your heart are some of the things that are going on I think a lot of people are watching the news and watching current culture watching rolled events and wondering is it business as usual Where's the planet heading what's the future look like and so you're going to be our prognosticator today and we're going to talk about the future maybe where the world is headed. Tell me what you're seeing as people are watching world events unfold right now you know it's a fascinating thing Sean as you see what's happening both in the U.S. and Canada and around the world but just the political environment that exists. It seems that with any political discussion you can only find about fifty percent of the people that agree with one and fifty. You know it is a world that is divided recently in Canada we had elections that saw massive change in the government and and a massive turnover of people who were just unhappy with what's happening and I've often found that one thing that is a clear signal that human government ultimately doesn't work well is that it doesn't matter who you put in power eventually they're going to be thrown back out and they'll elect somebody else. Absolutely and it's and the fascinating thing about all of this is is here in the US In Canada we find that the political environment while very aggressive and very you know nobody can agree with anything and all of these different things you go around the world and it's not as civil shall we say as bad television ads and different things like that you have people killing each other you have tremendous amounts of wars that many of us actually don't even hear about in the headlines little little scuffles as we might call them in various locations and there are many people around the world that just wonder what can happen next what Yeah I think that's true you look at some of the things that are unfolding are watching millions of people flee Syria moving into Europe and there are people telling stories about that in one direction or the other we saw an attack in Paris in fairly recent history where. Horrific. You know a shooting that cost a lot of lives trickled over here into the U.S. in San Bernadino we watched that happen. What are your thoughts on what's happening because it even a lot of people are saying Man the whole world is coming on glue the yarn is being unwounded and nobody's in control Where's this heading it we're on the I look at the movie posters at so many post-apocalyptic type movies coming out it's like everybody's thinking there's a catastrophe on the horizon. Yeah you know and it's you know there's a movie that just came out recently called the Martian I think is what it's called and it's about the development of the society on Mars because people are looking for an escape. Here's the amazing thing Sean I can think of somebody I'd like to send to Mars that would be a good only one. Yes just one story Christgau I don't know though that's OK You know and fact I just as a side note you know you all made this introduction and could be doing these shows with you kind of made me feel like that guy who you go with somebody on a date but you're going on somebody else's date there are two of them and one of you you're kind of the third wheel so but I don't feel like a third wheel but I have to know your wife is in the other room out all alone. So the Martian people escaping this world so people are looking for a way out there people are looking for hope people are looking for an answer what's going to happen next and here's the amazing thing. The Bible seems to indicate that there is a very clear plan now as soon as we say the Bible and I know there are a number of people listening to this show who believe the Bible but there would be somebody who's scratched across that dial or tuned in or is on the internet listening saying well why should I even believe the Bible. Yeah exactly. Now it's very interesting God actually said something in Isaiah Chapter forty six percent time to start the bible pages going Isaiah forty six verses nine and ten. OK here in Isaiah God says these things he says Remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other I am gone and there is none like me it is the bold. Statement in the entirety of the Bible because God says in the context of a society where there were multiple empires multiple people groups worshipping all kinds of things God declares I'm the one and the only one but then he says. Why we should believe that it declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done which we might term as prophecy right and God is able to declare what's going to happen before it happens that when it's fulfilled we can look at it and say God can be trusted and the Bible his word can be trusted I'm reminded of a statement Jesus made I'm hoping it's in John's gospel sometimes a little like the apostle Paul saying somewhere it is written I notice you writes that in his letters but Jesus once said I tell you these things now so that when it comes to pass you'll know that I am he. Yes and so many people look at prophecy as a crystal ball that really got his watch. I'm going to tell you what's coming and when it happens you'll know that I am God. Absolutely and. And so for the for the listener who has just kind of. Come up on this show saying you know I'm not even sure I want to listen to this I would encourage you because we're about to unfold and I'll just tell you from my own personal journey we're about to unfold a prophecy that has so foundational and so profound that the first time I heard it I said there's got to be something with the Bible the Bible can't just simply be a collection of ancient literature that we should look upon as a good literary source but rather a source of deep end to bowl authority. So you're really describing something that you couldn't explain if it. If a collection of human beings trying to develop a religion wrote this book it doesn't explain what you ran across Absolutely in fact when we look at most of society in the evaluation of different things when we look around. Most people evaluate based on probability What's the probability that this could be true this could be. When we look at some of the things we look at today. The probability of this being simply accidental is so minute that to not believe that it was it. It is what it says it is would actually be very foolish not to believe it. So really we're testing God's claim I am GOD THERE IS NO OTHER am God there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning God basically challenging us watch. Why don't you look at the evidence and see if I'm not there absolutely. And here's the fascinating thing Sean. It is the only religious book that actually invites the Enquirer to tast and see that it is true relevant simply declaring it pay attention hating it. Yeah yeah yeah instead of just dictating or declaring it God is saying OK I'm God but I want you to come and test me and see that this is true and so here we I'm going to I'm going to suggest we would go to the Book of Daniel. OK And I'm going to turn over there were a couple of minutes from a break but let's get started Book of Daniel and as we go to the Book of Daniel probably just to get a little bit of history and a little understanding and context as we go there to chapter two it would be I think good to understand who is Daniel what's happening in Daniel's time. That'll lead us right into this prophet aren't Let's set the table then we'll have a quick break and come back but go ahead let's get started so Book of Daniel Middle East in what would be modern day Iraq and Iran. You have never can as or who at that time is not a king he is the general of an emerging army the Babylonian Empire. OK headed to Jerusalem six o five B.C. he has just had a major conquest at the Battle of CARCAMO where there has totally decimated the Egyptians. Now he comes into Jerusalem the prize and there in Jerusalem he takes all of the the artifacts all of the. The different things in the sanctuary and then he takes the cream of the crop of the people of of Jerusalem and amongst those is this young man Daniel. Now there's something fascinating about this is that the people in Jerusalem were not caught entirely by surprise because God had already sent prophetic word to Israel saying there's a lion coming from the north because of your sins. I'm going to let this happen for your own good night beacon as are is coming I don't recall I think you're my even says it will be never can as with a cup Yes And and so you know what we're looking at is a story that was testing the belief or the reliability of God back in those days and it still spills into our day. Now we are up against our first break. And I'm excited about what the listeners are about to hear because when we come back from the break. Chris will be leading us in a study of Daniel who it really is a breathtaking Bible Prophecy one that changed my mind about a lot of things but I want to give our listeners an opportunity to study a little deeper for themselves you're going to want to pay attention to what you hear in this break. This is an offer from the voice a prophecy you really don't want to miss it's one of our Bible school opportunities that doesn't cost you anything other than to respond to us and let us know you'd like to take part so we're going to take a few minutes off. I want you to listen to this and we'll be right back with Kris Hollington in a study up Daniel two which will enable you and I together to test whether or not the claims that God makes in this book are tire of Lee We'll be right back after this. Hello I'm Are you searching for answers to life's toughest questions like Where is God for can I find real happiness. Or is there any hope for our chaotic world. Are you searching for answers to these and other of life's most challenging questions while the Discover Bible guides will help you find the answers that your lucky for. Visit us at Bible studies dot com or give us a call at eight a date for five six seven nine three three for your free discover Bible. Study online on our secure website or have the free guides mailed right to your home. There is never a cost or obligation the Discover Bible guides are our free gift to you find answers and guides like does my life really matter to God. And a second chance at life you'll find answers to the things that matter the most to you in each of the twenty six discovered by the guides visit Bible studies dot com and begin your journey today to discover answers to life's deepest questions and we are back from the break up sitting down with my wife Jean. And Chris Hall of the speaker director for it is written Canada and just before the break Chris we were about to dive into one of the most spectacular prophecies in the Bible depicted as or has invaded the city of Jerusalem taken some really premier young people captive. It took a lot of people kept it but Daniel is among those captives and you're about to give me a Bible study on Daniel Chapter two absolutely So let's jump in at Daniel two and as we jump into Daniel two it is very important understand it Babylonian religion dreams were important church dreams weren't simply the product of eating some Hala Peano's or pizza late at night but dreams were very important because it predicted for them the future and it predicted things about the kingdom and so Daniel Chapter two verse one speaks volumes and it says now in the second year of Nebuchadnezzar a Nebuchadnezzar had dreams and his spirit was so. Troubled that is sleep. Left I've had a few dreams like this yes. So for the listener envision that dream that you wake up and it's brought you to that cold sweat or whatever it is this is what happens with Nabokov has or never can has or has this dream but now he's got a big problem. He can't remember the dream and for the listener you can go to Daniel two and read the whole thing we're not going to take time to read the whole thing never can as Or invite the mystics of the realm to come in and tell him what this means astrologers sorcerers soothsayers the whole nine yards come in and tell me what the dream is what it means so it's the psychic dot com of his day. Absolutely and and they can't come up with an interpretation. They actually try to barter with the king and they what's very interesting and we don't talk about this a lot is part of that group is that Cal DNS and the Cal DNS were almost for lack of a better word they were kind of a secret society in Babylon that kind of they were the ones that were pulling the strings in the background and the cow the eggs are part of this group that comes to talk to Nebuchadnezzar now you know this is fascinating because we've got Hebrew captives and never can know there's a house in Cali and getting called in but the Hebrews themselves were the outgrowth of somebody who left to help the Abraham Yes there. There are roots way back when and there's a division of peoples. Absolutely and so the Kal DNS along with the astrologer say OK just tell us the dream and we'll give you the interpretation Well I mean that's like me telling you a dream and saying well I'll let me tell you what it means make something up for the right moment absolutely. And so that's exactly what happens here. The hands are time there have a Without the dream they can't work their magic like a normal no now there's nothing they can do and so Nebuchadnezzar is so infuriated by this that he says in verse spied my decision is firm if you do not make known the dream to me and its interpretation. You shall be and never can as it was a very positive King. Not in pieces and your houses shall be made and ash heap. It's very specific isn't it here it's the scent Absolutely and sometimes complain my job's not challenging enough but this is this would be more challenging. Absolutely I mean it's a life and death situation I mean so Nebuchadnezzar then sends out the army. And they began killing the V. as a general category of people the wise men of the kingdom. Well Daniel and his three Hebrew friends who had gone through the University of Babylon were found to be ten times smarter than anyone else in the realm. They're part of this general group of the wise men right. So they come to Daniel's house and they're ready to kill him and and we pick the story up where when they arrive at Daniel's house Daniel simply says what's the hurry what's going on here let me go to the King let me talk to the king and so they give him that permission to go to the king and he asks the king for permission to get time believing that the Hebrew God the God of the Bible right will give the dream and the interpretation. Sometimes we lose sight in this powerful powerful prophecy of the practical application of the spiritual journey of the individual Christian obviously Daniel was a Jew right. That is what a bold thing. Daniel is a foreigner going before his king that has conquered his region asking for permission and by the way his asking for that permission saves not just himself. But it saves the rest of the wisemen people who didn't believe the same way as Daniel what I find interesting about that is that at one point the wise men the Cal DNS are actually asking for a little bit of time to somewhere back in here. You know now because as a complains. You're just trying to buy the time it's in verse eight I know for certain you again time they're stalling for time Absolutely and he smells a rat as you guys are crooked Daniel who's a foreigner comes in and asks for time. I mean he gets it right verse extend So Daniel went in and asked the king to give him time that he might tell the king the interpretation. And here's the fascinating thing. Daniel doesn't go start rattling bones he doesn't start drawing in the sand right. The Bible says He goes and he prays and here's the amazing thing and it is a point that should not be lost in this whole understanding of prophecy and the reality of God. Daniel prayed and got heard him. Daniel prays and there is an answer and when Daniel prays he prayed to Gawd believing and knowing that God was real because he had this experience of Isaiah forty six he had the experience of Jeremiah knowing Jeremiah told him when the Babylonians come. Don't fight against them. Fascinatingly by the way we. Israel actually makes a a an agreement with Egypt whom God had delivered them from so many thousand years before amazing. It is an amazing thing that happens. And now the Hebrews are given another chance. Daniel prays and an amazing thing happens. And what's always stood out to me about that too is he he did it not order. You know he went to the king with that confidence saying give me time I know I will get an answer he doesn't tell them how at that point and then he prays Yes he had that confidence already just wonderful. So he comes back and ask for the time he gets that he prays and what happens so verse nineteen in a very simple verse says then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision so Daniel bless the God of heaven. Daniel prays and God answers and the Bible says that God gave Daniel the dream and its interpretation. And then he thanks God for doing it how often do we pray and ask God to do something in our lives that forget to say and then he totally. Forget to say thank you so Daniel now goes before the king and he has the dream and the interpretation here is something though that I don't want to miss in Daniel's prayer to God In verse twenty one and this speaks directly to your original question to me. Speaking of God Daniel says and he changes the times and the seasons right. He removes kings and raises up kings he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. So this is a declaration that somebody driving that earth. What happens on this planet isn't nearly as random as some people with suspect that is the important point and the important point is that it almost says you know there there is that that song that we sing when we're a little child he's got the whole world in his hand right. In reality there is truth beyond measure to that little song because what this says is gawd has the kingdoms of this earth and he raises up kings and he brings them down and there is an end point and Daniel is about to reveal to us where this and is driving to. OK. So when we get into this Daniel comes before the king. Yeah. And he says to the king first in this is in verse twenty four. Do you not destroy the wise men of Babylon take me before the King and I will tell the king the interpretation this is to the Kings general So Daniel not only save his own people not only himself but he saves those who don't even agree with him and actually later actually try to persecute Daniel. But then Daniel comes to the king and the king says Are you able to make known to me the dream and in verse twenty seven right Daniel says this The Secret which the king has demanded the wise men the astrologers the magicians the soothsayers cannot declare to the king but there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets and he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will be in the latter days your dream. In the visions of your head upon your bed were these so he doesn't even take personal credit he immediately gets the credit and praise to God that's always struck me about this part of the story that first Chris has for me what is the defining statement of that chapter. There's one phrase there and you read it there is a God in heaven that's a bold declaration. It is a bold declaration and as Jeanne was pointing out. Daniel takes no credit for this and we have to and again. Sometimes we skip over these things and we don't look at the reality that Daniel is facing Daniel is a foreigner. He is a captive. He is in this foreign land and what do we do what do we most often do when we're placed in political situations we want to gain the most That's right and so Daniel could have taken all the credit. Daniel could have said King I have the interpretation but here's what I need you to guarantee me I need you to guarantee my safety guarantee me a position. Daniel does do any of that's true he just makes this declaration and says there is a God in heaven and now I'm going to tell you what he said to me and I'd be on pins and needles on that because in that does he really know what I dripped a little creeped out if you could tell me what I dread. Chris I know something is up that I can't explain now guys I've always wondered could not be can as or actually not remember that during our ways he testing them. You know this is a very interesting thing Jean. There are actually things in the original language that lend itself to the idea that Nebuchadnezzar actually. He he he kind of remembered but couldn't remember it all the way. And so it's like one of those things where you need a reminder you know and I don't know if this happens with with you and Sean but when Debbie and I are talking and then you lose your train of thought and then you say what was I saying. And then we won't ever happen that doesn't happen at all in our house I remember everything. Sheryl but I tell you what does happen sometimes you wake up like in a night terror. You just had some kind of a nightmare and you can't put all the pieces. Together you know it was disturbing but you don't really remember it. Yes. Or you have these dreams that stick with you all day long I mean I had one where my teeth were falling I don't know if you ever had that one eye teeth are falling out of my head not taking an all day long and it was just a dream but I'm checking my teeth it sticks when you don't remember all the details except that your teeth came out yes yes yes absolutely. So he's about to do something he's declared there is a God in heaven and he's about to reveal that dream. So we have just moments to go which isn't fair but we're going to create a little bit of a cliffhanger here we can get started. Yes get scared so verse thirty one after he he talks about God revealing see in verse thirty one he gives him the interpretation he says this. OK you walking or watching and behold a great image statue a statue a great image who Splendor was excellent and it form was awesome and I can only imagine epic announcer sitting on the edge of his seat saying I remember this images head of was a fine gold it's chest and arms of silver its belly and thighs of bronze its legs up on its feet partly of iron and partly of clay you watched while the stone was cut without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them into pieces then the iron the clay the bronze the silver and the gold were crushed together and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors. When carried them away so that no trace of them was found the stone the truck struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. Here's what I'm going to do to our listening audience it's not right Daniel has spoken the dream we don't know if he's right. Quite yet at this point in the story but this is a passage that would change your life if you really pay attention to it but unfortunately what's about to happen in many markets were about to go off the air that means you won't hear the end of this story even though it could change your life unless you go to V.O.P. dot com and look for the broadcast with Pastor Chris Hall into That's V.O.P. dot com In some markets we may continue right after the break but if we're in one of those markets that's about to sign off I wish you well. Because you do not want to miss the rest of the story. Daniel Chapter Two questions than answers are you searching for answers to some of life's biggest questions that can help you find the answers you're looking for visit us today to discover answers deepest questions back from the break with the prophecies disclosure program sitting down with the speaker director for it is written Canada Pastor Chris Holland and we are now in the second half of this program and the most exciting half in the first half we met. Daniel Young captive in Babylon who has been asked to come in front of the King and tell the king what he'd ramped and what it means without being told any details and he has just declared the dream to the king he told him here's what you dreamt a great statue made of gold silver bronze iron and clay and on a stone that smashed the statue and it broke into pieces and that's where we left off just before the break and so I can't wait to find out is Daniel right and be what in the world does it mean and does it matter to me. Pastor. Well in addition to all of that Sean we started with the. With the understanding that this prophecy is going to help us to understand whether God is real whether because actually trusted. Beyond that and I know you have a lot of students of your Bible school and you have a lot of students of your focus on prophecy school. Here's the phenomenal thing. Daniel two provides the foundation for the entirety of the Book of Daniel absolutely with Daniel to us understand Daniel seven Daniel eight nine. Daniel eleven and twelve correct. Beyond that if you want to study the Book of Revelation. You need to understand Daniel two this is the groundwork for revelation many people open a Bible want to understand Revelation and miss that boy that Daniel's the foundation for that and you can't understand it unless you get into Daniel. Yes you and I both do prophecy series around the world and when we talk about Revelation I know you Revelation speaks peace. My series is discoveries in Revelation but in order to get to the revelation part. Yeah how does it end Daniel you have to understand as I write will help us build that foundation. So in verse thirty six Daniel makes this declaration. This is the dream. Now we will tell you the interpretation of it before the King and here it is in verse thirty seven he begins to unfold the interpretation you okaying speaking to an as are our King of Kings for the God of Heaven has given you a kingdom power strength then glory goes on and on with this. And then he says in just before verse thirty nine. You are this head of gold. So the statue had a golden head and he just told the king that you as the head of gold is the kingdom of Babylon right now here is here is the amazing thing about that he builds now because as are up you are king of kings and all of these things and the fascinating thing about this is again understanding the world context Babylon just previous to this was a non player in the world ensure the Assyrians were the dominant empire the IT Gyptian is were strengthening in the south and then you had this little group of Babylonians that were picking off cities. Here and there but we're nothing to be you know they were going to be a really amounted to and then all of a sudden Babylon comes on the scene they wipe out the Assyrians who were considered at the time to be one of the most vicious empires that ever exhibited cruel. They were vicious as a matter of fact underneath the Knesset father if I remember correctly the city of Babylon was just picked over all the time and Nebuchadnezzar actually had to rebuild significant chunks of the city because of the Assyrian attacks they were the underdogs. And what a fitting symbol that being a head of gold is when you go to ancient Babylon the temple of Martin was comprised of fowls ins of pounds of gold there in the temple and so you have gold all over the city it is a it is just an impressive description of Nebuchadnezzar being the fulfillment of the first part of the statue and will notice as we look at the statue and just to help people remember the statue has a head a gold chest and arms of silver mid-section bronze or brass legs of iron feet of iron and clay right. What is very interesting is as we go through this what we will see is diminishing value but by uncrossing strength right. Iron is harder than gold but less valuable. Yes OK And then Daniel does something that is so implausible that after he says to the king you are this head of gold. He says but after you shall rise another kingdom inferior to you could have been easy to say now but that thankfully he added that inferior to yes I think that probably can't even the drink to make that statement but in history as we look at history the Babylonians did not last forever. You know the Babylonians fall and the Babylonians are conquered by what we would call. The Mito Persian empire that comes later in the Book of Daniel Daniel Chapter eight specifically names them as the Mido Persian Empire Now here's the fascinating thing in Daniel eight. Daniel identifies him this empire as the Mito Hershon see that calls him up by name. Here's a fascinating thing if you look at most history textbooks today you will find the phrase Beatle Persian you'll simply find the phrase Persian rug right. Why was that when the Empire originally got together the means were actually stronger than the Persians. You're right but then the Persians emerge. So much so that modern history books today just simply call to say Persian the Persian Empire. OK that Mido Persians conquer Babylon in a most unusual way and we could spend a lot of time on this but we don't have tons of time. Isaiah forty five predicts by name that general Cyrus who would come into into Babylon and predicts him more than a century before he's born by name more than a century before he was born by name and actually predicts the manner in which he will get into Babylon you have to remember that Milan was considered an impregnable city most modern estimates place that Babylon had enough supplies with in the city that the people of the city would never have to leave for twenty to twenty five years and be able to survive and flourish and the beauty of it was the Euphrates river ran right through the center of the city. So you have endless supply of water that is never run out of war but then Cyrus comes along with the Persians the Middle Persian Empire Cyrus comes along. Cyrus has a favorite horse that is killed in battle and it really makes him bad. And so he makes it and he purposes in his heart that he is going to take this city and so he begins to build canals all along the Euphrates River and as he builds these canals. It lowers the level of the Euphrates River. So he diverts the water away from the city and now his soldiers. Begin walking up the river bed that night whoever in Babylon was in charge of lowering the gate into the waters of the Euphrates River did not lower the gate. Well if you read Daniel five they're all drunk that night they're having a party because the fascinating thing yet Daniel five tells us the whole story they're having a party while while and belt the showers are who is the CO Regent his dad is out fighting that Mido Persians and they all have a party right and the middle Persians walk in without a problem conquer Babylon and so this inferior kingdom of Silver takes over the world empire seen now. So they they rise to dominance the Persian Empire is a big deal for the next. You know roughly two hundred years but I know for a fact just because you know I checked the morning news we aren't living under Persian domination today. No And in fact Daniel then says that another third kingdom of bronze which shall rule over all the earth fascinating thing and again. All we have to do. And here's the amazing thing. We're looking at this by the way Daniel Chapter eight names by name the Mito Persian names by name then the next Kingdom which is Dick Greek the kingdom of Greece led by Alexander the Great. And again we read our history books and we see that middle Persians are during their entire reign going off into Macedonia picking off little cities raping their women pillaging these places and there in Macedonia is a man by the name of Philip of Massa Don who has a little boy named Alex and Alex is watching this happening during Is entire life while Little Alex grows up to be Alexander the great while and Alexander the Great goes into Persia and absolutely decimate the Persian M.L. again I just want to underline that Daniel is calling all of the shots because of. Measures dream centuries in advance and centuries advance Well I mean we're talking and we could spend time we're not going to do it today but if we go to Daniel Chapter seven. Daniel Chapter eight. Daniel Chapter nine we get more and more detail. Here's the amazing thing. Alexander conquers the Persian empire with armies most of the time that were between a quarter sometimes a tenth of the size of the armies of the Persian Empire effectors one story told where Dario and Alexander have this showdown their armies are across the river for one another. Derrius knows that he outnumbers Alexander's army about four or five to one and Alexander begins riding his horse along the shore of this river getting all of his men into this stir in this flurry and then they charge across the river as they do that Darien is so. For lack of a better word wigged out about this that he turns and he runs and the entire yachting turns and runs with him. I have heard that one. Well yeah. And so we have the Greek empire out of this little simple village really in this little country of MacIt on rises this ruler Alexander and Alexander basically marches all the way from what is today in Eastern Europe all the way over to India and conquers the known world in record time for years yes. On foot on foot. It's astonishing I know if you keep reading through the Book of Daniel actually makes reference to the speed with which this this if I or moves but I find fascinating too is that it's the kingdom of bronze and as I read ancient historical records. I've come across phrases like this the brazen armies of the Greeks because they were actually known for implementing Brasseur Braun's in their warring elements. Yes absolutely and and here's the amazing thing though the Bible says the. Another Kingdom a kingdom of the legs of iron that come out after this so ass are brought in Babylon the Medes and the Persians the Greeks Daniel's gotten right and we have an iron Kingdom now. Alexander at thirty three years of age dies. Not in battle not in a great warrior squaring off he dies because he can't control his own indulgences. And there is a very famous line that his generals come to him right before he's going to die. Who's going to rule the kingdom. When you're gone and then he simply says Let he who is strongest survival of the fittest you guys fight it out that Vic kingdom of Greece basically divides into four and in the far west of that kingdom aap rises this small group that eventually evolves and turns into the Roman Empire. Now that's the one we all know yet as it still kind of cast its shadow over much of the world all of these kingdoms have left an imprint on modern civilization. Yes Roman particular is the iron Kingdom. We've got just a minute or so before the break let's set the stage to come back and discuss this but this is in verse forty. This is in verse. Yet in verse forty the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron in as much as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything and like iron that crushes the kingdom will break in pieces and crush all others and folks all we have to do is look at history and you look at what the Romans did the Romans were pioneers basically on everything they built roads and that's what they did they crushed every kingdom that they came into contact with and essentially assimilated them into their culture that they broke them down so we've had Babylon we've had meta Persia. We've had the Greeks under Alexander the Great the Macedonians and now the iron kingdom of Rome that absolutely trampled the whole nation and moved quickly. We're going to take a little break to talk about. But discover Bible school but when we come back I want you to finish this prophecy because so far it's covered a lot of territory very astonishingly Daniels' just covered centuries and centuries of history in advance. It's been twenty five hundred years he's been absolutely right so far and there are still a few surprises left in Daniel Chapter two. So we'll take a quick break I want you get a pen and paper and write down this amazing offer for the voice of prophecy. At that we will be right back with Pastor Chris Holland of it is written Canada of the rest of. Daniel chapter. Hello I'm Gene bones drama. Are you searching for answers to life's toughest questions answers to help you make sense of the chaos in today's world and answers to help you make sense of the things that are happening right now in your own life. Well maybe you're wondering Can God really forgive me. Hilton she can be terrible burdens to carry and can leave us wondering if God really care love us and except us are you wondering if there really is a chance for true happiness in this life is their secret to living a happy contented life in a world of uncertainty. 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Give us a call at eight hundred eight four five six seven nine three three or visit us online to begin your journey to discover answers to life's deepest questions and log on today at Bible studies dot com We're back from break and we're with Pastor Chris Hall and we are most of the way through Daniel chapter two where you could measure in a dream with Daniel interpret NG has predicted the rise and fall of world empires for babble on the Medes and the Persians Greece Rome and with astonishing accuracy centuries in advance information that nobody could possibly know unless somebody who knows the beginning from the end is telling them and we left off at the legs of iron in the statue pastor Holland and that was Rome which trample all over the world exactly the way the prophecy predicted and that is not the end of the story. It's not the end of the story and what is very critical now as we bring to this is we have clean breaks with every one of the Kingdoms Babylon is gold clean break. Mido purchased silver clean break. Oakland's kingdom of Greece clean break Rome legs of iron and here's the fascinating thing. Daniel continues the your petition to Daniel two forty one and he says where as you saw the feet and toes pertly of potter's clay and Hartley of the kingdom shall be divided. Yet the strength of the entered shall be in it just as you saw the iron mixed with the ceramic clay. Here's the fascinating. How could have Daniel hundreds and hundreds of years in advance and by the way even to the skeptic right because you and I believe that the Book of Daniel was written in the fifth century B.C. sometime around six hundred in the mid right five hundred right that Daniel is actually the author and Daniel is the author the skeptics just being the skeptics say that Daniel wasn't written until two hundred B.C. right that's how we manage to know all this so to the skeptic I simply will say this. OK I'll give you that I don't believe it but I'll give that to you. Right Daniel now has predicted that the Roman Empire would not be conquered but rather fall apart. And that would not happen until six hundred years after two hundred. So even if Daniel were written two hundred which I don't believe it was right Daniel still predicting you're still going to have to explain the rest of that yes and so the the kingdom is divided the kingdom the kingdom does and so when we look at ancient Rome that's what we find ancient Rome and in the break you and I were talking a little bit about it ancient Rome begins to split up into kingdoms and those kingdoms began vying for power and the Roman Empire simply crumbles. You know the what it was first right it splits into two the Eastern Roman Empire goes on for a little while but now it focuses on what happening in the Western Roman Empire and by four seventy six. It's done I mean that's the date most historians place on the collapse of the Roman Empire. And here's the amazing thing. Daniel goes on in verse forty three he says as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay they will make a with the seed of men but they will not adhere to to one another just as iron does not mix with clay. So the Roman Empire does not does not is not conquered but the Roman Empire simply divides aka throughout the course of history we find many many trying to reconfigure the Roman Empire. Charlemagne Polian Hitler all have a goal of simply because. As the new Roman Empire right in the time we get to Charlemagne you know some seven hundred years after Christ or roughly they're actually trying to establish a revival of the Roman Empire they call him the Holy Roman Emperor and the idea is hey we're going to glue this back together and you have all kinds of that you have the Duchess of this country marrying the Duke of that country and you go look at the family tree of all of the European nations and you see all this intermingling in an attempt to bring the the old Roman empire together their Queen Victoria was a prime example of that if you look at her family tree just that the human gymnastics that went into China to manipulate the outcome of history. It's really fascinating as she noted lengths they went to she was known as the grandmother of Europe as was related to every yes every single had a stent. Yeah and even Napoleon went to Polian is defeated and I'm not going to get the end you and you may when Napoleon is defeated in his final battle. He says some kind of words and I'm not going to get it exactly correct but he basically says he says I have fought against God Napoleon realize he wasn't going to reunite the Roman Empire because God was against him right by the way this is even in the modern times in the modern times there's been an attempt to reunify the old Roman Empire and I'm not talking about conspiracy kind of stuff but the euro a currency right is an attempt to reunite that old Roman Empire so to speak but even the euro even that is gone bad right Greece ends up in bankruptcy. Some nations won't join the other nations join that the E.U. doesn't want to anymore because they're not fiscally responsible but even let's say you know Chris that that really did have a good common currency that's still not political union. You know there's not political union and you still have all the nations of Europe and so Daniel lays out and says the Roman Empire will be conquered the Roman Empire will simply divide. And that's what happens and history has maintained that division there says they will drop it here to one another is the prediction twenty five hundred years ago. Yes and for twenty five hundred years or let's say since the collapse of the Roman Empire more than fifteen hundred years ago. There's been fifteen hundred years of attempts to reunite these pieces and it has never ever succeeded because this line says it's not going to happen. And here's the thing even just with that we could walk away from this prophecy saying. Praise the Lord I have confidence in the Bible but Daniel doesn't end there and the dream didn't end there right there is one more piece there is one more piece and it's a critical. Let's go in verse forty four. It says and in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left to other people. It shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand forever. It is much as you saw the stone was cut out of the mount without hands and it broken pieces the iron the bronze the clay the silver the gold the great Gawd has made known to the king what will come to pass after this dream is certain and the interpretation is or something that comes that demolishes everything we've seen so far and here's the here's here's the amazing thing about that it is the very next thing after the division of the Roman Empire. OK I know that that gives me pause for thought because we are actually living still in that moment of the divided Roman Empire those right those barbarian tribes grow into the nations of Western Europe they are still here the days of these kings includes this moment right now. Yes And you know it's interesting the statue. This is now the feet of the statue and what this is telling us and for those that don't like toes I apologize for the analogy but what this is telling us is that we are actually living in the very toenails of history. Coming to an end where God is going to set up a kingdom. What's God's kingdom that's coming What's God's kingdom going to look like what we have this thing it's a stone without hands that's very important because it is a reference to there is no human manufacturing to what is about to happen. It is a God thing completely a God thing completely God's kingdom. It's not going to be done through some kind of political finagle ing it's going to be Gawd intervening into human history to stop for lack of a better word we begin the program by talking about all that nonsense happening right. He's going to bring it in bring it to an end and he's going to bring it to an end with the hurling of this stone cut without hands. Now the question then is very clear what is what's the stone because this is the only part of Daniel two that has not yet happened. I mean everything else is now complete. Yes we have seen the entire chapter actually happen or the last twenty five hundred years and we've got the stone yet. And so what is the stone. Well it is very clear when we turn to the New Testament. When we turn to the New Testament. We have a passage after passage that refers to Jesus as the stone right he is the Rock of Ages and let's just go to now this is not going to mention Jesus as a stone but it's the foundation piece of the Book of Revelation Revelation chapter one in verse three tells us what this event is with the hurling of of the stone. It's not Verse three it is oh I just lost my place here I'm glad I'm not the only one Yes isn't it isn't that I'm looking for the passage it's talks about when Jesus comes and all eyes will see him seven verse seven thank you behold he is coming with clouds and every eye will see Him even they who pierced Him And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him. Those are the medals of the statue all the try. Of the earth. All of these kingdoms see him coming and they know it's the end it is the end it brings to it and then here is the hope that each of us has those that are listening today it is the hope that we have in that all this political division what political system is best. Where can I move. Where do I take refuge. God says very simply you can take refuge with me because my kingdom is coming and my kingdom will last for ever. Let's let this sink in for a moment the tribes of the earth more it's over and it says in Daniel two that God establishes a kingdom with that stone the verse that's coming to my mind is in Matthew chapter twenty five in verse thirty one if you really want to place a time when this happens. It says A Matthew twenty five thirty one when the Son of Man comes in His glory that's Jesus coming in His glory and all the holy angels with Him then He will sit on the throne of His glory. Jesus is in throne at the second coming this is really what we're looking at is the history from Daniel's day to the second coming of Christ and absolutely. And the second coming of Christ is an event that ushers in a time of perfect harmonious peace. One of my favorite authors closes a book off by and uses this line and there will be one pulse of harmony throughout the universe. It is a beautiful thing because you think about the world in which we live and the word harmony. There's nothing harmonious about where of the times in which we live now we have ISIS. We have political wrangling and political disruption. We have wars and we have invasions and some of the people listening today are are probably wondering how they're going to eat their breakfast or their supper they don't know where their next thing is going to come from. And here. Jesus comes in and says you could take refuge in the reality that I'm coming again and when I come again I'm putting all of this to an end and my kingdom will last forever and and it's only now that we will have that stability that permanence that peace that we desire now because we know it's attainable. But but not until that time this. This is this is good news in a way because in from looking at this parade of kingdoms every one of them came with problems every one of them left the victims in their wake every one of them is a human experiment in government and Goddess essentially saying let you have what you want a let these kingdoms rise and fall and by the time Jesus comes I'm convinced most of the world is like fed up with human government I think that's where we are right now yes. When's the stock market going to collapse next who's going to invade next was going to fly the next airplane into a tower. What's the next disease that's going to show up on the horizon. There's so much uncertainty that it seems like we're getting to this finish line or God says Now you've tried everything in your rebellion against me you've tried absolutely everything and now I'm bringing in my king. Yeah. Let me take over. Now you know as we are flying here Sean we flew through Newark New Jersey annex and actually were able to look at the Freedom Tower built in the place of the Twin Towers and I don't want to be critical of those who built the Freedom Tower but here's the reality show on we can do all we want to try to escape the reality of the world that we live in but here is the prime point of everything we've studied only Jesus can bring this to an end. Absolutely and it's coming and we're in the toenails of the image Pastor Chris Hall and thank you so much for joining us on disclosure and the voice of prophecy. What is the like to have you in studio today and I know that God is blessing your ministry up there in Canada in the frozen north but I know that many people are listening to it is written Canada it's probably one of the most successful Christian broadcasts in the world. But I'm. Just glad you took a few moments with us in studio and lead us through this exciting study in Daniel Chapter two. That's it for this week.


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