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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • February 7, 2009
    4:00 PM
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heavenly father is once again him not much time in between your last visit with us to be a word for grateful father because we believe values fit with speaking to us and because you are here father we come in the state of reference recognizing our great Christ in every toy Jesus is all I and we pray right now you would show us one more time for picture of our Savior that we've never seen me know without first that we had when we first saw his loveliness can we withdrawn is willing to accept us into embraces and to make us fishers of men knew that commitment to follow speak to your manservant father and open our eyes is wielding a word that we may behold wondrous things is my prayer in Christ's name amen remember him and him and Matthew six eleven will not be sending him to this afternoon as the foundation for what is it him to foundation had his ego as we all look at this situation in Matthew chapter seven I just want to build something to say this morning the sermon was one of him to justice one time and we just talked about what is let's be real right let's be real for the sermon is the foundation the foundation 's funeral at Oxford foundation the law don't we would like to talk about the foundation and the foundations of our faith and the pillars of our him use different terms were typically referring to the same consequent talk about the foundation held a talk to you this afternoon about something that actually have been thinking about writing a book because I was talking to a lot of initial secular campuses and obviously had a meeting with unbelievers of all kinds colors shades and different backgrounds and perspectives you find that when people get to that kind of you know polemic attitude towards God and about the existence of the audit about the word of God I find that they always bring up this cry for this supernatural evidence they always let the statewide God is there how come you don't appear to me that if this whole movement called me on the eighty 's from Association of something like this is a start of this project called the blasphemy project target of this maneuver to this but it started single the blasphemy challenge and what they do is view on YouTube to have these people all over America all over America report themselves repeating the phrase that talked about in the unpardonable sin is anything long term it is a low keys as I blaspheme you are blasting the Holy Spirit oblast with the father I don't believe that you exist now what I guess I committed the unpardonable sin my name is such and such an unwilling to dig the blasphemy challenge hundreds of video 's you started this project I think these Association for youth savings association or something of the scarf is one of the things that they were saying because there is darker Canada Ray comfort is that this ministry called the way of the master that I could not believe Kirkham and only one season Christmas is all sitting there is a my mother for Mother's Day date on Virginia Beach him a friend of mine sent me that you have to turn on the TV visited the on on the existence of God on what the bleeding uses is about our national news is I tried it on and shut off camera Ray comfort representing the way of the master anyhow this ministry with a goal around with the camera and telling people I hate so you think you would be comfortable like burning in hell versus like what any been my constant even like attack them like the on camera because go up to people do you believe in Jesus Hill I don't believe if you do you know that if you don't believe in due to burn in hell the offer that before would be one of our things like this is their attitude I like this is the way of the members of the Arkansas people bitching about heaven is unadvertised and so they get on TV the atheist society and you have the way of the master and the debating the existence of bottom ABC Nightline not believing him so the atheist Association is tearing these brothers apart and I thought Lord of all the people you get how you did the Blue Jays as a camera and they were faithful for him was so angry I was up till two in the morning right comments to ABC and hours writing comments to their ministry Kirk Cameron and Ray comfort thinking how can you bring up this point have ever heard is the philosophical argument you should mean on vis-à-vis pascals ten season you should read about on all these different things to talk about Holcombe you overlook these things on TV embarrassing Christianity has a lot of links are not respond to the eighty 's society will culminate with a look of it God exists where you see of you you say that okay title job never been defined as audio kinases usable argument philosophically untenable they will say that I devoted time I can actually go there I see that it really exists him so I know I never had a particular drink a lot never been to a particular place I've never met her boyfriend on your wife or whoever I can trust him he existed in pictures you have evidence that I can meet them but God can you gently to his universe after he produced the universe to idle shake his hand and I will send him an e-mail to get in touch with him to say or do you exist to you let me know you know Larry very irreverent this will cause they cannot respond to this house for a little soul soul angry at me like a fire in my bones in our member going back to my Bible I guess it will what in the world as I started writing my thoughts and things that I found on campus coming from this are you watching this debate someone raised the very same question on campus visit Sebastian why cannot go to guard universal why can I go see him working on will find him and he said it views a few leading to God that I will believe in him is what we say this I said okay and automatic billboards that's about it I wanted to say this I know this is not come from my own mind so I looked at the person and I said in order for you to make that statement in all honesty you have to have a lifestyle that follows what you know to be true see what that tells me is this you know that smoking is wrong you know that it causes cancer yes you want answered no but you still smoke you tell me that if you live the story got a promiscuous lifestyle you want for all to catching HIV and AIDS but you still live a promiscuous lifestyle but you don't want eight yes okay you're a nurse or doctor and I see what you're eating and him you just saw the patient you'll put down those burgers is over for you yet the North and the Doctor what out your expertise if anyone knows what is going to your heart if the doctor and the less said about the situation and lifestyle tells me that if you are into following you pick and choose about what's comfortable for you as you is that if you sell me God existed if you take me to where he is a view for some sort of miracle and weeping in your life in your past tells me that you will not fall over you will decide hey what's this is comfortable for me to follow Jesus are not exactly what I'm saying so this whole concept of application as an idea to say this we live in a society that prides itself on information not application is pending so the information and we should challenge them on the basis of application shall open your life that's true that you actually follow you know it's true that you believe to be true the thing friends is that information is designed to increase needed to be off-line can you think of a situation in your life what information must be applied right away to me what situation will be breathing okay that's what you imagine you're at your job right your boss says will send this e-mail you decide on one of a lot of information right now really whatever happened to him and you will get if I is what I know that my life is about the baby for water approaches of honey my water broke him okay that's interesting about over him no information compels me to behave a certain way it's hard to get out get in the car didn't stop start driving even of the things that's when you're driving and speeding like a maniac to the hospital to accomplish over says a somewhat pregnant actually officer she is still at that point in time the officer rather than giving you what to get you information you can give was created to do this so Matthew chapter seven at the conclusion of Jesus 's sermon on the mound last few words he says this point in verse twenty one and he says not everyone say that saith unto me Lord of lords I went into the kingdom of heaven but he that was what you will of my father right so I mostly want what familiar with this we talk about with him all the time in conversation many was said to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name and thy name have cast out devils in thy name done many wonderful works and then I will profess unto them I never knew you depart from me ye that work while and it would see what the three letter word for iniquity is a okay and followed its duly process to follow Jesus yes or no and they call him what I will say no him him to actually know that they're supposed to be certain workstation you guys are the works of fiction and writing as a Lord by not sending your name date and say that right is a lawyer not committing adultery in your name in all I might not cast out Devils in your name by not done many wonderful works in your name and so follow this one from what not to deal with sin in their life following leads let them to go to work it did not leave them to stop doing that once those are the people in the impotence of the word of God we did the editors of Christ is a Jesus David start amending to go preach the gospel and he ought to start amending to be without spot or blemish interesting so you get a leave on two different sides to have Christians who are focusing on stopping sending the time to start us off any New Yorkers is modified to do good works the Bible says you need both it is not enough to stop doing bad things you guys are doing the right things but you can have one without the other so he says these people department we need at work but it would not alter how many good works you do your profession and LOI puts it like this and thought them on a blessing page one forty seven she says when we accept any doctrine that she will send in the heart purifies the soul of defilement and their settlement the holiness that we can be sure that that is the truth of God when we accept any doctrine that kills seven in the heart I see we come into the charts we accept doctrines that don't kill anything following form is that it is the God I believe I be as those are Jesus is the truth is outside of Christ and him suited a stronger amen but it's okay is common assume your time to the slithered from your my loudmouth to be sold he comes in a place where you said these people will be departing from me for so verse twenty four Jesus says therefore I just told you a story so here's the conclusion is a conclusion therefore whosoever does while here it is these sayings of mine and does them I will liken him unto a wise man which built his house upon a rock and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat a upon that house and it fell not for it was founded upon a rock everyone in the sayings of mine and do it themselves shall be likened unto a foolish man which built his house upon the sand skews me in the rain descended the floods came and the ways new and beat upon that house and if so and great was the fall and now keep your finger here Luke chapter six verse forty six two chapter four six chapter six verse forty six exit on him in the wake him at all right in hanging in there snap out including knockout on chapter six verse forty six the Bible says that Jesus asks a question title I called her at I do not do things that I say that just summed up in three verses we read American one and what is used a invalid why do you call me Lord I don't do the things that I say you know it's interesting to friend and she was engaged she would have used these on the little intellectual balls him with her fiancé to him about the way that he was treating other young ladies at the time to be spending time with their talking on the following halt of the sudden I even imagined the enormous of the ladies understand mumbling this is why you talk to her although a lot thinking the picture in your mind what discussion was taking place I thought he would constantly respond settlers are talking about you know were the ones who I believe you know Bob Obama to most of these girls are not married now and he made some other girl funds are yet she did not give married him say so the girl was telling me the situation my friend was done he said look you know I would tell them I will give you in games if you cannot be behaving this way has want you your fiancé and yet you keep moving here you know schmoozing with these other girls so the whole thing is that we understand that relationship determines how I respond to people 's information yes so if Honorable you get my information differently than a publisher finds so my question is what you are and you're not going to do the things that I think will come and sing a song all will come to talk about upfronts for it his name is José Lord when we pray no intentions of submitting to you and Jesus said why why won't have any problems will be a relationship in which you submit to my will and yet your behaviors as you don't submit them I will send between us right now is I have to ask you a question that will live you call me Lord don't do the things that I said I don't understand what I'm not clear in what I said him us all are currently Jesus talks about to his disciples he goes into the same parable in verse forty seven and he says her comment to me then here is my things and doing them I will show you to whom he is like he is like a man which built a house and did what I did indeed yes and laid the foundation verse forty nine foot he got here and do it not is like a man that without a lawyer with Ottawa is a video literally without a foundation so far it's typically we all saw eleven anything if the foundations be destroyed what what shall the righteous do you are that sex before maybe maybe not as if the foundations be destroyed what shall the righteous do we talk about the pillars of our faith we talked about the fact that we have all these different things that are the very cornerstone to say so we don't lose our identity and our integrity as Seventh-day Adventist Christians that I have a friend that with all my heart this is the remnant church furniture this is the remnant church how does go on record saying that people have a question or problem they can come talk to me some people think would be exclusive I think that is why we got to be so elitist that's not what I said is that the Bible says so need to get in the spirit of prophecy situation where she was assessed a person without foundation is not a person who does not understand intellectual ideas for personal foundation is a part send him who does not obey the sayings of Jesus are you with me you can walk around and believe and understand whatever you want but what are you following and what I'm saying so the matter will not be able to stand is not a man or the woman who does not know how to explain anything forty fourth president without a foundation is a person who's not doing is when users are a Polish person not because you lack knowledge because you lack application say to say if you see this it is a huge thing because Jesus says if you hear the sayings of mine will people here Christ people who listen to his word you are true the same people come to visit out get out there preaching error program of contacting you all to make sure that's actually what the Bible says Jesus is believed that search is not found because your foundation is based upon your ideas is based upon the practical and a lot of us are living our lives based upon culture and are not just talking about I'm from New York Africa or wherever him and his culture vessel we do in Loma Linda and also we here at Ephesus whatever church is just what we do here at having whole thing with building our lifestyle around the culture my question is give me one text you may want to ask you out people being cut for traditional things follow I'm going to become sellers and users are you building your lifestyle all my work or are you building on the opinions of men essays haters not the sayings of Jesus you don't build on it I just know I follow really is done by obeying animal are you following that's why you call me Lord and don't do the things that I say because you got another load is so that we give you this illustration from abroad listening to all listening to a lecture by Robbie Zacharias was talking about you know the Wechsler Center for arts at Ohio State you that is interesting that we would get it online like super proud of this building is a God like you know people to the website the Wechsler Center for arts and all excited click here for guided toward the Windsor Center for arts is a robbing the thing that he wanted to know because it was like just debuting at the time and I had a actual tour guide to give you into the building in the whole building was to be a symbol of postmodernism and deconstructionism which it is being lords to simply say to decide on you everything that was before deconstructing it so happened that building was a traditional building that he would break seal windows doors Susan but the building they literally is like a different building you looking at the power windows bricks everything is late according into the order you turn to the right side you might be a little confused because I looking at your you know when you have a desire to have those wall things is like a frame built on talking about the metal frame and hang out the building to the wall and put nothing in the building surviving all buildings under construction Jessie like the frame and metal beams and stuff to have a long metal frame hanging out the building no laws no nothing you go into the rooms that have wall that are connected to knocking doors that are in the middle of the room that lead nowhere down well that leaves enough so that you get with well right here and I is in a great window built into the wall I like what will notice the ceiling or other walls and his guys is waxing eloquent on this thing and as Robbie is sitting with his wife listening to the tour guide and then an amended life as it is wonderful promises that interesting that they didn't did you know why you aware Windows that are connected to nothing doors in the middle of the road you don't be as unfinished issues open to the air and Rob is so interesting did they do that to the foundation to study God 's baptismal classes that you are in charge of filming everyone in the Jordan believes would you just learned in your baptismal class is him I find myself coming out of hip-hop music and going to the ABC it's easy for a hip-hop Christian section is taught by myself arguing with the inventors in the government of your Pentecostal I can understand maybe different of your Baptists are to understand all of your other brother but I understand you will have the same affirmations of July twenty fifth your I could understand what I have to come into the church and argue about the standards so you sit down you got people getting angry because his people what's up with your jewelry to make up sister of the nail polish afraid to bring it up I think I did and it certainly was in the lesson amazing facts you walk into the jars is nothing wrong with this but really really want text building on the foundation right I was full from the first lesson is anything left and you can trust him the lesson said the word of God is not a word nostra opinion not your feelings not your model is whatever example is not to pastor and elders in Sabah schoolteachers the word of God is you have people see their lifestyle on something else besides the word in Jesus is building on sand the test is coming to you temptation is coming your way is coming in what you send out and I realize that you know you do ministry biggest hiring against hiring him a lot of secular campus you go into the streets going to be most dorms and they got on you about the validity of the Bible how do you know that Jesus even existed to me that the resurrection actually happen do you really die I read this book called the swing talk about this guy was the chair of the religion department at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill whose atheist he wrote this book about how that text and first John chapter five is not in the original manuscript of opportunity arguing them to come into your own spiritual whole is not the deal of the same problems against firing friends you don't expect it here one ability only no Jesus is God somebody say a man half he wanted and all that when you say Jesus is in the heavenly sanctuary people say and you want to know these are decided that's not kid ourselves report on the jewelry not because his biblical interest in yourself like that not because available be real just not on the foundation don't tell me that you want text is all because of this gets frustrating when I say they are struggling but don't try to justify sick and will try to lower the standards came into this church because of the standards that have been to choose from it a lot of Christians before we can submit interested all hypocrites all the is when I started becoming sentiment is Arthur's sister what about respectable jury to learn well you know that's different what about the Sabbath holy the spiritual side creation is just him and all giving us a poetic expression of how he created the world this is all him I said well no no no no no him you'll been try to get me to give my life to Jesus every year in college and not I give my life to Christ I don't surrender to his water one argue with church so I'm saying this afternoon friends will follow the family automobile to the church I love the church I really do because I lost my family for this search my mom is not only a father spoken to my father in three four years my siblings don't call me is not interested in going I lost my family for this church this is my family so I'm telling you on this church five network on one side of what outlining the place to go to parliament it is the truth from the baby through him and are not one time thought to be anywhere in the seven administered everywhere I go brother do you have a place to go eat nonstop afternoon taking care of every week at work months and even years I had no job got provided to church members and fellow destruction one place we don't stop playing games don't tell me just admit a stable front of us with audible is not based on the word just need to go to Jesus like I need to go to Jesus as they lowered on struggling this him the understanding on this meaning to be seeking God because when I read about our spiritual fathers and the pioneers October eleventh eighteen forty four he thought Jesus was coming in eleven days I guarantee that wasn't any nail polish in that group him a lot because people don't want to think the risk of being wrong which has to offer not always understand what I'm saying is the whole issue is an issue of the heart why did you not willing to surrender you see in the Bible you get them to ask there to protect you read it in the spirit of prophecy is the problem I had to give it all to baptize me just say why but I'm still growing Sergeant envoy under the water is being real when you convert to Buddhism he will give you a lot of things that you like to give up he didn't fully understand what the reason was at least as I see this clearly in the Bible so I'm going to surrender Lord trusting you give me better understand as I walk that's all right raising the church we been in this message for a long time all of a sudden we can justify standard thing and intestacy the house is individual and him to do right now you can gauge a super old people to be the metadata built his own house him wondering him when the walk-through below him is blowing right now they're blowing him and afflicted temptation start coming him to the end of encouragement through this before make my appeal the Bible says no other foundation can be laid undoubtedly been with him to Jesus Christ we talk about building a foundation Jesus told Peter upon this rock I will build my church will be talking about teaching and is with you you still easily really great at this point I really put my heart digital that it was out of keepers that nailed Jesus to the cross and seven keyboards and to crucify him and paying members nailed Jesus to the cross people will believe in the existence of God not atheists know Jesus to the cross the pilot the Roman pagan and final fault with this man to let me just tell you be Christ don't think the use of the Little Rock Iraqis Jesus these the Bible him find like these him are we not I will be very sure to be very sure you're a girl thing groups the solid rock that this rock is Jesus yes she's the one in this rock is Jesus the only one be very sure you angle rolls and groups the solid block Jesus is why the figures in the parable and what a house or not was based upon what is the foundation so that means the house is a strong as the foundation for you it facilities of the foundation that you are strong as Christ is a following and you see what our local righteousness by faith it's everywhere kids everywhere Jesus is the foundation friends so when will you all often below window raise the temptation come over your soul if you been building on Jesus your asphalt is arguing no reason why you should fall into temptation comes no reason why we should go under the pressure to submit to a false teaching and always in life you cannot deal with the coldness of the church Jesus said but those who input to the solvency and in a world in which low because of iniquity scope when temperature of a cold church him him him the foundation him so this tells us things we ought to start thinking what have you like you him and his new for many of you lot of sermons he spent a lot of time and emotions that a lot of prophecy and see if you people don't know how bad they are into the try to be good for him to show him does this appeal am about to make him serious challenges this is what life do you have the uniform of someone with no watch a formal follow him and him some of no relationships that were in our not according to the word of God and I'm not just talking about on believers furthermore even within the church is people masquerading as the movement is when you get in a relationship hitting seventy I seem to go increasingly soon as we get married she leaves the church I know him some IP lives by the grace of him to make this this this is all visiting of Daniel developed this toolbar service attendees wanted to ten days was the worst of it that it February seventeenth for the next ten days will looking to live all of the life that you have all of the fall as you know you judge according to the light that you have so we read a lot of the Bible read a lot of this could've dropped him and for those who are writing this load on my reading is promising than him televised as you are to have delighted you could have had to exercise your time properly fold is even simply ignorant comes not to read single books are there is serious business so that's my field this afternoon so the question is how many of you attend a challenge and I guarantee at the end of their days and this is the whole premise of my book to an unbeliever apology to follow everything you believe to be true and what you find is the real star thinking place in your heart all of a sudden every time you wanted to put something there pulling to do bad habit to understand giving up this gossiping is something that when you go give up this relationship give up this thing something is there pulling you back from adversity and I'm talking to the friend of mine about the whole makeup and jewelry thing I said I will understand the struggle of the girls had with this I just don't understand that she would like to know me because you're not a woman you would've fully understand him but outside she was explaining to me you know different things insecurities and all this other stuff anybody matures and to be going after these girls were like you know Lord have mercy Proverbs chapter seven is adequate conduct yourself in a godly woman brothers is look right not interested but in falling over these girls weren't even keeping the standards so she wanted articulating an old guy really appreciative the discussion that I started putting into perspective targeting what is it for us as God you guys we meet we got ego issues you have a legal problem the time is like attention like to feel respected like to feel exalted we need to learn how to do so when oasis thinking the additional recognition is no position writer brother say that all the time to stop my job not to begin you got to be the deacon to do that the eldest of my job is coming to church every manager should be ready to preach in one seven one and she does real writer talk about Elvis Alcala dysthymic know every man with a priest in his old should be ready to preach Sabbath morning comes I can make it I got a message for him to imagine to be having a fantastic if this happened to me once armies that were always of interest to ask brother Sebastian freezes when he didn't know and are according Doctor Sebastian you better bring these notes with you today foot in my bat walked in its original idea and in my heart out thank you Lord additionally like ESR man he's the only pastor their own church feasts on opposite brother Sebastian to impress Lauren Ashley preach him reel him so this afternoon to make a commitment to at least give it a little all the on your physical body on your intellectual on your spiritual summer was no way to be spending more time and friend would mean all intellectual life to be getting up early and staying up late it was steadily on the fall watch archive folders is on TV will stay open agonizing similar I don't understand the hype crazy ministry field doing but also wants to special him and Mike Lord what's going on outcome this is never crosses my mind Sebastian you don't understand it all had a study study and study and study and study could all sit down when I got an exam in college but when I want to want to be on TV I'll stay up all night for your facing a greater final exam biology division of final exam of life in your house will be tested and were not willing to study so today how many people to nominate a commitment database ten days every piece of outline that you have every piece is a series automaker along the combat series I'm not encouraging you to say that you said is because you series because friends this is the difference right here sometimes I feel like he will get up to fast and pray anything at you count the cost some of you will need to go into your fridge because you study some of you need to change a summer plans because you stood today him will will take vacations no sir be able to everything going on a mission trip is likely to have fun living on everything that I know some of you need to get your wardrobe you know you make up in the trash jewelry rid of it videos DVDs books and get your study and your serious I'm giving it says is that God is it was serious this is how people come into the church friends that this is while you are you willing to make a decision about what's right for my wall took down all my naked women posters went straight to my preceding book of all PCs are garbage and trash in my closet can wear these clothes anymore all my friends can get this on my hip-hop lyrics can be rubbing anymore in the trash we have to do it to come into this church this is what experience this is what happens to make decisions and bear fruit of repentance comes into my way of thinking will continually think that's pretty heavenly father him him use him him and also for the step in your singularly hard I think you'll be honored for being able to preach awareness and father I think you because of the willingness and the sincerity of those that suit before I believe loyalty really want a deeper experience with Christ I believe that they really want to do so for that reason father timeframe not just on their behalf even on my own him this far living on the horns of the light we have some of us need to stop calling her boyfriend and girlfriend late at night some of the unit of our books we do start working on changing our diets need to start managing our time better be better stewards of our money father we need to make some serious changes in life you know watching his every heart needs to make to build upon the sayings of Jesus is so encouraging folderol it warms our hearts to know that we are as strong as our foundation is a wheel coming to you not trying to obey in our own power were coming to you to open in the power of Jesus and we know has never failed us Christ is never let a sold-out ever turned away from one cry for help for hearing and answering prayer for these next ten days change of thought and may we never be the same ever again is operating hoisting him and him and him and helpless


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