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The Testimony of Jesus

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • January 8, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Well happy with everyone that is so good to be here at Ouachita hills for the Sabbath weekend and we had a good drive over from Lawrenceburg Tennessee this afternoon or well this morning and the suffering in and my wife and two girls are here but it's bedtime for them so they're not here tonight. So you will see them in the morning but this is Joe wells on Mater for academy so she's excited to come back and I've been here a few times and it's good to be back so thank you for the invitation to be here and before we get into our presentation I would just like to offer a word of prayer Father in heaven I just thank you so much for bringing us into the holy Sabbath hours and I just pray that you would be with us this weekend as we reflect again on the gift of that testimony of Jesus the Spirit of Prophecy show your remnant shirts I pray that these presentations would be a blessing to all of us and that they would strengthen our face in the message that you have given to us for this time ever sister. I pray in Jesus' name amen and through those of you if you don't know me again my name is Norman McNulty and I'm married to Joe Well Dom's the and. Again she was she graduated from here in two thousand here I never went through here I went through Highland Academy in Tennessee and then Southern and then mama London I currently practice as a neurologist over in Tennessee. But I certainly have a deep love for the message of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and what we're going to be doing this week and we're going to be doing a four part series on The Spirit of Prophecy I'll give you a bit of a preview of for where we're headed this week and right now so tonight I'm going to give my personal. The money on how the Spirit of Prophecy affected my life from a very early age and then I'll have a few other stories that will connect to them tomorrow we are going to look at the Biblical framework for the role of the testimony of Jesus in the remnant church and the role that the testimony of Jesus has with respect to the great controversy that is going on as the universe is watching so you'll certainly want to be here for church tomorrow in the afternoon we're going to have two presentations the first one is going to be dealing with how we can use the writings of Ellen White What's the role of her writings in the church how inspired was all and why it what kind of a lie is she to us as a people and then the last presentation is going to be dealing with common objections that certain critics have used against Ellen why and certainly we don't have time to go through every single issue but we can at least deal with some of the principles and hopefully that will give you at least the foundation or framework to go back and study further So that's where we're headed this weekend. So I'm going to go ahead and get into our message now for this evening. And I want to share with you my personal testimony with respect to Ellen White and. I started reading the writings of L. and Y.. When I was nine years old and without a Dow and I say this unashamedly I do not apologize for this without a Dow in addition to the Bible the writings of L. N. Y. which I believe to be the testimony of Jesus and I'll get into that tomorrow further her writings Jesus speaking through her writings to me are the reason why I am here. And nine I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the influence of her writings on my wife and I know that. Going through school all the way from grade one through the end of. Fellowship training after residency and add in a sense that. I am a product of the add in a system. You couldn't be more of a product of the add in a system the ME I'm not trying to brag but I'm just saying I went to elementary school and in the school I went to academy. I went to college I went to medical school residency and fellowship training all in admin as the institutions and I can certainly tell you that in my time and all those years I haven't even counted all the years that would be I guess that would be. Twenty four years twenty five years. Many times there were Adventists who were advantageous but they didn't believe in the writings of L. and Y.. And the place that they ended up in life was never a place that really led them to happiness I can tell you that. And even at the Early in the earliest years of my life when I started reading Ellen White. When I was nine years old I had classmates who made negative remarks about her based on what their parents had told them and I have to say that I am so grateful for the parents that God wants me with and you may not have you know all of us have a different testimony so I'm not here to put my parents up above anybody else's parents but it will all of us have parents who have strengths and weaknesses but certainly one of the strengths that my parents both of the my father my mother had was a strong belief in the writings of L. and Y. as the test. Money of Jesus being the Spirit of Prophecy and they encourage me at a very early age to to read her for myself and the way it actually started I was in third grade at school and might teach or decided to have a I don't know where you want to call it I don't necessarily call it a competition but a project where we would all read books and whoever read the most books would get a prize which was going to the A.B.C. to buy a book of your choosing Well when you're nine years old that's pretty good. Well a lot of there's a lot of different books in the library the books that I chose to read was patriarchs and prophets and I got through the book by the end of that project and admittedly I didn't gain every spiritual insight that I could have gained but at the at that time of my life I immediately begin to see as I read through the book that there was a deep spiritual value to the to the content that was in the book. And once I finished patriarch some profits at the age of nine. I decided that I was not done with her writings. So I continued to read and by two years later took me two years I read through all five volumes of the conflict of the ages series. So the by the time I was eleven years old I had read through the great controversy. So when I would hear people say Ellen why is was for her time her writings don't. Really they're not as relevant for us today as they were when she wrote them back then I would always chuckle to myself saying these people even who haven't even read the writings for her for themselves to know whether or not what they're saying is really true because I know from my own testimony from my experience that God was speed. Making chew me to my heart and to my conscience through the books that I was reading and as I progress through the elementary school years into my academy years. One of my academy teachers one day it was very an experience I'll never forget it was my sophomore year of academy and the name of the teacher and the name of the school will remain unnamed for now. Although for those of you who know me I guess know what I would know where this happened but my sophomore Bible teacher. Passed out a handout with a bunch of quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy and. I started looking at a lot of the quotes on that page now he had and there were a lot of one liners this one line from here and there they were full sentences at least they weren't a half sentence with a lip sees I've seen people do that to try to make her look bad but anyway they were full sentences. And the very first sentence at the top of the page was and I don't I couldn't tell you where it was from because this was what your water there's been I guess nine hundred ninety three something like that and so that's twenty two years ago I don't remember twenty twenty three years ago I don't remember exactly where the quote was from but I do remember what the quote. And the quote said God requires perfection of his children. Now I was at a point in my life where I had heard various debates about the concept of perfection and I'm not going to get off on the whole theological issue right now but I had read enough of Ellen White at that point in my life to say you know what God is speaking through her when she writes and when I read that statement I was at a point in my life where I had heard a lot of people questioning the. Possibility of whether or not God could perfect his people and when I read that one liner and I was you know fifteen years old maybe fifteen or sixteen I was like wow that answers the question that's a mediately what I thought in my mind the teacher asked the question like this does God really require perfection of his children and everybody else in the room was like of course and all my classmates were shaking their head no. And I just was sitting there quietly and. I was disappointed and surprised that the teacher was deciding to try to undermine the credibility of L M Y one trysting which shortly after we read that statement. A number of statements were being made there were classmates who were saying out her writings were for her time not for our time and they were going on with the usual type of statements and so the teacher asked the question how many of you believe everything that one white as ever says Raise your hands and I raise my hand and I was the only one and the room got silent. And it was interesting I look back on that experience. Not that I'm anything special but when I raise my hand that totally took the wind out of the cells of the teacher because he was basically there to say negative things about him why that we can't really trust what she's saying. And that's kind of discouraging considering that it was an ad in the school. I don't think you taught Bible there after that year. Thankfully. And sadly my understanding is that he may not be practicing as an ad in this anymore but I did have. Mates come up to me afterwards not even that day in the years that came as we went through school and said you know we really respect you for being willing to stand up for what you believe. Sadly I think all of my classmates who didn't raise their hands and none of them had read her writings other than class assignments where you read a chapter or a paragraph. So that you can write an essay for your bible class but it was just assignment and base that wasn't something that had become real or personal for themselves so that was my academy years and then I entered into my college years and I all remember in a you know some of you are an academy so you might be able to relate to what I shared with the maybe you're at a place in your life where some of the friends that you have that you interact with are question ng the validity of L. and why and maybe that's where you are in your mind right now I would encourage you if you have questions read her for yourself and don't go on the words of others then I entered into the college years and I know there is many of you here in College tonight as well and up until this point in my life I had really not been exposed to those who questioned in a really serious way I mean what my sophomore Bible teacher tried to do you was really what I would call minor league material but. When I got to college and this was on my own this was I have some very good Bible teachers at Southern. I had a really good course on last events of your class in the Book of Revelation. So some very good experiences in my religion classes a bit. You may answer those of you who are older I think those of you who are in college or academy wouldn't know what I'm talking about but there was a meeting years ago in one thousand nine hundred eight called net ninety eight doesn't seem that long ago to me but for those of you college or younger man I remember them but Joy Nelson who is the main. Pastor Andrews he was the speaker for not ninety eight. Well some. This allusion former Adventists check the Web site there was the website net ninety eight. Org and this dissolution form around this created a website net dash ninety eight dot org And the Southern accent newspaper wrote an article about it and so I went and foolishly I suppose checked out the website without really having an idea of what I was getting myself and. I think of the verse of. That comes to mind Roman sixteen verse seventeen which is I beseech you brother and Mark for them which cause divisions and offenses. Contrary to the doctrine which you have learned and avoid them. You know there is something to be said from a biblical standpoint four of voiding the who stir up dissention and seek to create Dao. That's a biblical concept. You don't have to go hear someone who's teaching heresy. That's not your duty in fact Illinois says and Page. One twenty four of early writings that the Lord is not pleased when we go to hear error when we have no obligation to do so. So if you go to hear error you're placing yourselves on the Devil's ground unless you have a specific reason to be there and in later years I have had to go hear speakers for quality control purposes I haven't happened that often but. Sometimes you have to do it but it's only if you have a good reason to be there but if you're just going to hear like maybe this brother does have some while go hear what they're saying about doctrine such and such Now be careful and I say that because when I went to this website I saw all these things about charges about. When Why and how she had copied this and had inside it and made weird claims about amalgamation and we're going to talk about that. Those issues are going to be issues that we talk about but I had never really taken the time to look into it myself and thankfully. It didn't shake me to no longer believe in her writings but it did expose me to the reality that there were those out there who basically tried to say that she's a liar. I think the thing I remember the most from the person on that website was that they said of Ellen Y. that she was a deluded false prophet whose God was Satan and that's pretty extreme. But and that tells you the spirit behind the person who was running the website of the just kind of gives you a bit of a snapshot through elementary school Academy and college of some of the challenges that I faced but by the time I left college and went out to Long Island. I was certainly grounded in my belief in the writings of L. and Y. and I kind of had a revival experience during my first year of medical school and at that point I set out to read through the conflict series again I think I read through great controversy in two weeks and then I started reading through all the testimonies again which I think I had finished in academy. And that was. Where basically where I was and ever since that time I made it a goal to try to read through all of the published writings of L. and Y. and when I was in shredded as a missionary I think I finished my goal of finishing the twenty one volume manuscript released series and there is as far as I you know I may be wrong with as far as I know I think I have finished all of her published writings Now that doesn't make me you know better than anybody else because at the end of the day. God speaks to Jesus speaks through those writings and the question then is what do we do with the key. That God has given to us through those. Writings because you can read. I mean you can you can just read through something to say for a goal to say well I read it but the question is what did it do to your heart. What did it do for your life are you closer to God Do you have a closer walk with Jesus as a result of reading her writings as a result of reading the Bible and I will tell you that if you are open to the moving of the Holy Spirit if you read steps to Christ desire of ages and all of her other books and you allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you. I can hear and see that you were going to have a closer walk with God When you read those books I can guarantee it and when you have that experience you will know that when people come along and say various things about the writings of L. and Y. you will know for yourself that what they're saying isn't true. So just to summarize my own personal story as I get into a few other points now I just want to praise the Lord for the role of my parents in my life for encouraging me to read those books at a very early age and once I started reading them. My dad his young nine years old and those books especially it for a nine year were pretty expensive. My dad bought me the whole conflict series about me the whole testimony series. He was willing to invest money I still remember him saying Well I'd rather spend money for this than for any other number of things that most kids your age would want their parents the buy for them so for those of you parents that are out there who are wondering when you might encourage your children to start reading the books I would encourage you as soon as they are ready for some you know I wouldn't say I like some of the more advanced books with things like steps to Christ desire of ages conflict series as soon as they're ready to read those books make the effort. The investment to to get the books for them to have them read. Because for me I know what it did for me and I'll never regret. Investing personally in the time and reading her book so and ever since then I have been a defender of Ellen why because of what of how God has spoken through her to me. I've always made sure that wherever I am in whatever situation that I am should defend the proper use of Ellen why in God's Church there is a proper use certainly people can misuse or but you know what people misuse the Bible as well I hear people say well I've been be in over the head with Ellen was so I don't want to hear it's like well if you were beaten over the head with a bottle are you going to throw the Bible out as well what are you going to have done. So just because some of you may have felt like you've been beaten over the head but that doesn't mean that you throw everything out that means that you just have your own experience with it I want to read to you a very fascinating story this story occurs or begins in eight hundred fifty one October of eight hundred fifty one and the story basically goes to one eight hundred eighty four. This is the story of an early Advent pioneer named Stevens. Those of you who have studied out in a sister you may be familiar with the story for some of you I suspect of those of you maybe an academy or even colleges maybe a story that you've never heard before but there is much the every one of us can learn from this story in May and I'm getting this from the book. The Spirit of Prophecy emphasis stories Volume two pages one sixty eight to one seventy and it was also used for the children story for Spirit of Prophecy Sabbath October eighteenth two thousand and three and laid out. Of eight hundred fifty one seventy five Advent believers some even from out of state crowded into the Washington New Hampshire church now those of you know at an assist Reno. But the Washington New Hampshire church is the very first seventh administration some of you may have even been there. It's a popular place to visit if you're on and adding this heritage to and it's a beautiful place. It had only been seven years since the Great eighteen forty four disappointment and those who had not lost faith in Jesus coming now set about to firmly establish the church some who had been deeply upset by the disappointment criticized the leaders especially James and Ellen White So the criticism of Ellen why it goes back a long way among them among those who were criticizing Ellen why it was Brother Stevens and he spoke as history requirements with a poisonous Tang and did not hesitate to cut down the leaders with savage criticisms. Now I my ADD For those of you adults in this room for those of you who are children who have children C.M.E. be careful what you say about God's church around your children. You may think that you can say things and because you know what's going on you'll be all right but you don't think about the effect of the words that you say on your children. So be careful. And Brother Smith was famous for a poisonous tongue. He was famous for having savage criticisms. During the siege hundred fifty one meeting Ellen why he was there with her husband received a vision showing the spiritual state of the Washington church members. She told her. During the next meeting and all those present received as a message from heaven and resolve to listen to its counsel. That is all except shoe individuals. Welcome to the masses. One of these who did not walk on the message was Stephen Smith he opposed the testimony so bitterly that the church group finally dismissed him from their fellowship now it's pretty bad. If your spirit is so bad the the church dismisses EE from their fellowship in fact Ellen White. This is a manuscript releases Volume three page she forty four brother Stephen Smith was filled with the wrong spirit so it was so bad that she actually made note of it and want to or testimonies. But he was Stephen Smith So he gets thrown out of the church breeze like that I don't want that he really wanted to be along to the church. That's where his friends were that's where his fellowship was so the next year he was received back into fellowship after he had an apparent change of heart and made a deep confession. Unfortunately it didn't last long. He joined any opposing movement that came along and agreed with every new attempt to set a date for Christ's coming all his strength was used to help the enemies of the infant Avernus church now if you understand the history of the early add in a stretch after the great disappointment of the Seventh Day Adventists movement which eventually organize an eight hundred sixty three they came to the understanding that Jesus entered into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary on October twenty two eight hundred forty four and they no longer see dates for the soon coming of Jesus. Yet the there was another movement and a lot of this was within the advent Christian church who retained Sunday keeping among other things and reject of the sanctuary message they continued to set dates simply thinking that they had gotten the date wrong for the end of the. Twenty three hundred days. STEPHEN SMITH seem to be trying to play both sides here. And he was opposing White's testimony very bitterly and. It's a sad story to say the all of his strength was used to help the enemies of the infant. You know if you think about it it's a sad story when you think that there are a number of people I think a lot of you can look back on your own experience you may even know people who their existence seems to be based on the fact that they are simply there to attack ads and now if your purpose in life is simply to try to tear something down. I mean seriously. What's your purpose in life how much happiness is that really going to be bringing Are you really happy when you're tearing something down all the time I mean really why would you want to live your life always tearing something down. I don't like these rules I don't like that teacher I don't like that food this that and the other and you're always complaining murmuring this is bad that is bad I can't stand this I can't wait to leave whatever the case may be you know you've been around people maybe you're that person. And you want to live your whole life trying to tear something down when a right in your midst and in Stephen Smith's case he was in the midst of God's prophet and she is the messenger of the Lord giving the testimony of Jesus and here she is every step that she's taking he's there to oppose or to try to tear down not just her but the admin us the movement. Now how much joy and happiness is that going to bring if you really live your life that way you're not going to be a happy person I can tell you that. Right now. And if you think about it you think about you know there's groups out there there's like groups called the former admin us fellows ship. They almost know that they need to form a support group because they know they've watched something significant. I mean I don't hear a former Baptist Fellowship or former Catholic fellowship or former Methodist fellowship those groups are now their friends but there is former out in this fellowship and then those people become bitter enemies of adding to them they try to come up with all of these attacks. I mean how many former Baptists are creating attack websites against the Southern Baptist Convention I don't know of those. That's tells you of what we have a Seventh Day Adventists I mean why would people be taking time to attack us if we didn't have something of value. So just think about that all of Stephen Smith strength was used to help the enemies of the infant administrators. But you know what God Stevens. And he used Ellen White to encourage Stephen Smith to churn from his waywardness with prayer and painstaking patience Ellen why I wrote a vision that God sent to her regarding Stephen Smith and she wrote it out at her home about a Creek Michigan and she mailed the letter to Brother Simmons the following week Smith went to the post office to pick up his mail he received a long thick loader with nisus wife's name and address in the upper left hand corner hot blood rushed to his face nothing about if you are opposing someone at every turn and you get a letter from them in the mail and not only is it just someone that you're opposing But this is someone who claims to have the prophetic gift you can only imagine what you think is with inside the. Contents of that envelope right. Be careful who you are fighting and certainly Brother Smith should have kept that in mind hot blood rushed to his face and. You know he's telling in his own words what he how he reacted he says so she has written me a testimony and he said as he saw that testimony I am not going to read it reminds you of. The king of Israel who took the council the Jeremiah row and threw it into the fire thankfully Brother Smith the not through this letter into the fire or even threw it away. When he got home he threw it away he didn't thrown into the fire he didn't rip it up into a thousand pieces. Instead he noticed a heavy trunk a storage trunk and one corner of his house and he opened the trunk and he put that letter at the bottom of the trunk and it wasn't too long after that he totally forgot about the testimony that one wife had written to him and had taken the time to mail with him and years went by people who knew him said that he had the most withering blighting blistering tongue of any man in the neighborhood the whites weren't the only ones to receive Stephen Smith's criticisms his wife and children were often the objects of his sharp cutting remarks now remember this testimony was written sometime shortly after eighteen fifty one and they believe it was written around eight hundred fifty seven. Here he has just this awful attitude. And think about this. How do you want people to remember. You may be a student here or staff member here you whatever your your position may be what are people going to remember you by that matter that woman they have this weakness fear or or is it going to be boy they have the worst that attitude of anybody I went to school with in the four years I was here. What do you want to be remembered by do you want to be remembered as having Stephen Smith Satta tude bad attitude bad. Cutting everyone down everywhere you go or will you be remembered for someone who has a speech a sweet spirit and for those of you who are married and who have children you know you can kind of put on a front when you come to church. I suppose it's a little bit harder in the fishbowl of us all supporting us the fusion where you're around people all the time but even then your family really knows the real you and what are they going to say about your husband or your wife what do they say about your spirit. Anyway the the following years what should have been the best and happiest of his life were full of anger and unhappiness twenty seven years pass it was eight hundred eighty four he had received this testimony choice. Twenty seven years earlier so that be eight hundred fifty seven his heritage turned white winds of bitterness seemed as face his back had then with the years one day Stephen Smith picked up from his own parlor table a copy of the review and herald his wife had remained an adolescent she had taught the children to be faithful praise God for faithful mothers and wives. It was she who would continue just this to subscribe to the review as he opened the paper Stephen's eyes fell on an article by Ellen White quickly he read it thoughtfully he laid it down that. It's the truth. He admitted doing so well that's the truth. The next week three of you brought another Ellen White article again he read it and again he had do it and that is God's truth from then on he watched for Mrs White's articles weekly and read them. His wife and children began to notice a change coming over him his words were softer his comments was sarcastic. He began to wish that he could see James and Ellen Wyatt again but James had been dead for four years and Ellen now lived in Michigan the next summary eight hundred eighty five Eugene Farnsworth return to his hometown of Washington New Hampshire to hold revival meetings in Eugene farms or was one of the early Advent pioneers and a great preacher news of the coming revival reach Stephen Smith by then living in unity twelve miles north. He remembered Eugene and wanted to hear him speak so the old man journey journeyed south on Sabbath morning to hear older Farnsworth preach the sermon topic that morning was the seventh day adventists movement and friends let me tell you something. We are still part of that movement today. And the signs are all around us that Jesus is coming soon and we are part of a movement that God has raised up to prepare people for the coming of Jesus just as older Farnsworth finished speaking old Stephen Smith struggled to use feet and signaled a desire to speak. Eugene hesitated and who could blame him. I mean the guy with a withering tongue just nothing good to say always trying to tear down the church. Eugene wasn't sure he wanted to allow this bitter critical man to spoil the church service. Stephen spoke of Don't Be Afraid I'm a brother and he said I haven't come to criticize I've quit the business. I've been with many opposition groups over the years and I see now that they have come to nothing no honest man can help saying that God is with the advent. Movement and against us to have a pose that I want to be in fellowship with this people in heart and in the church. And you know you think about everyone you know any of any. All of us here can think of any number of people who use the fellowship with us as Seventh Day Adventists and you look at where they are now and none of the mavens that they may have gone after or whatever in the world they may have gone to none of that brings peace joy and happiness. Like what we have when we have the truth as it is in Jesus' friends. Don't ever walk away from what you have today. Don't ever walk away from what you have don't be like Stephen Smith when Stephen Smith returned home he began to think over his past life on Thursday of that week he remembered the letter at the bottom of the trunk for the first time in twenty eight years he wanted to know what was in that water and here he is now he's a converted man he believes in the truth he's accepting the truth he's fellowshipping again with the Adventists he's acknowledging that Ellen White is writing is the truth and now he remembers she sent me a letter twenty eight years ago. It took a while to find the key. But when I am locked the trunk. He reached clear to the bottom and felt around there it was the yellowed envelope still sealed just as he had left it opening it he slipped out the folded sheets and sat down to read in the letter he found an exact and accurate picture and exact an accurate picture of what his life had been for the past twenty eight years. For he had not changed his ways nor had he returned to God with terrible regret. He realized how different his life might have been had he read it and accepted that testimony earlier. Here he was reading a play by play of his life and if he had opened that letter and had accepted it twenty eight years earlier how different his life might have been the following Sabbath Stephen Smith again return to Washington New Hampshire for church as soon as the sermon it ended he rose to his feet to tell other friends worth in the congregation about the sealed letter every word of that testimony is true he declared. I know now that all the testimonies from Elam white are true and if I had followed the testimony she sent to me my whole life would have been different it would have saved me a world of trouble instead I dismissed your writings as old women's versions. I'm too old now to undo what I've done Chief able to get to your large meetings but I want you to tell our people everywhere that another rebel has surrendered. STEPHEN SMITH The not live many years after that. But until he died he believed in the message friends. I've been around long enough to know that there's probably at least one or two Robles here in this room and I and some of you know that goddess speaking through his messenger to his last the church. God has brought you here to this school. You may be a student in the academy or in the college you may even be a faculty member and there's something in your ally that you're still a rebel about and the Lord has spoken through sister Y. to the very issue that you're being a rebel about. And you're struggling with it and you're rationalizing with it and you're making up all of these excuses well nobody else does it like that why do I have to do it like that how come I have to dress like this or eat like this or whatever it may be and God in His love has spoken through his prophet because he knows that when we follow his counsel. We will always be happy and we don't have to be like Stephen Smith. You know thankfully he came back after twenty eight years and he started reading for testimonies and then he finally read the testimony that got it sent him some of you. Most of you here tonight have your whole life ahead of you you are so blessed to be at a school like this that upholds the Bible and the spirit of prophecy in the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. You are so bless and I say that as someone to never had the privilege of attending a school like this I went through a system where I made many good contacts and many good friends but it wasn't like it is here and you are very blessed. But just because you have all of these bosses around you Stephen Smith was an early Advent believer he had seen the power of God work through that movement and he was in the midst of God's prophet for the last days he saw her in the flesh and you know some of us would say well if Ellen White were alive and if she could just sit down and tell me this is what you need to do then I would believe or listen friends. There were people who were in. Or missed too far at every step like Stephen Smith and who wouldn't believe the Jews who were in the presence of Jesus they wouldn't believe what makes you think he would be any different if you don't accept what the Bible in the spirit of prophecy say in plain English you would see the person you would see Jesus in person or on one person and say their SO him them. Strange if you're not willing to accept as written the words of Jesus in Scripture. What he says through his testimony in the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy and I as I close this meeting this evening I again just make this appeal to you Don't be like Stephen Smith and take those testimonies and put them at the bottom of your trunk. You know as the saying goes for many Seventh Day Adventists the read books are really the unread books. There have been generations now of Seventh Day Adventists just like Stephen Smith who have buried the testimonies at the bottom of the trunk and they choose not to read the counsel in the instruction that if we would simply take the time to read it we would find the instruction that we need just for this time and friends when we look at what's happening in the world around us when we see what happened. Prophetically just this last fall when the pope came to America and we see how Protestant America and Catholic Europe and the Vatican are coming together just as the Bible has said in some bollock language and as Ellen White says in plain English in the book great controversy. Why would you be inclined to disregard her testimony at this time of verses three now is the time more than ever to give regard to the testimony of Jesus through the writings of L M Y N. And so again there may be one or two or a few more. In this room tonight who haven't been willing to surrender all to Jesus and it as we close this meeting this evening I would just challenge you come to the rest of those meetings this weekend with an open mind and an open heart she to hear God speaking to you so that when this weekend is over you will resolve in your heart you know what I have been resistant to the testimony of Jesus. I have been resistant to the writings of L. I want. I haven't wanted to read or I've just been reading her books because my Bible teachers have been forcing me to do so for my class assignments but I wish I didn't have to read her that after this weekend I am hoping and I am praying that if that has been your attitude that you're going to say you know what I am going to read her in my free time to get the blessing that God has for me and when I read her. I am going to I'm going to resolve in my heart to follow the cancel that God places before me in those writings and let me tell you something if you make that commitment and will all make an appeal as we get to the end of this week and if you make that commitment. God will bless you richly in ways that you could never dream. You will end up in places that you never could have imagined if you were simply willing to follow the Calends school of Jesus through his testimony through the writings of a long one in the last thing I'll say is this school here was Bill on the same model where vision of Madison college and one of the things that made Madison college so powerful and the why God is was in the school so much so that one of my Again the founders of Madison resolved at the outset of founding Madison that they would follow everything in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. They wouldn't rationalize it away and say well that doesn't work for our time. Culturally sensitive whatever the case may be. And because of their commitment and their faithfulness. We are here today with an institution like this with leaders here who are following with that same vision and those of you who are young who adopt that vision in your life rather than following the Stephen Smith approach. If you adopt the vision of a Southern one and again. God will use you not for your glory but for his to do great things for him so I challenge you that you would be not a Stephen Smith who comes back at the end of a life and unfortunately many never come back but rather than having a deathbed conversion be like a Southerner and I gan and make a difference for your entire life and why don't we kneel as far as possible for closing prayer. Father in heaven. We thank you that you one of us that you love us so much that you have given us the testimony of Jesus the Spirit of Prophecy. We thank you the Ellen why it was a willing to be your messenger and to share messages of truth that sometimes aren't even comfortable to share and I pray Lord we would hear your spirit speaking to us through the Scripture and through her writings and that we would resolve in our hearts that we will always be faithful to the instruction that you've given to us that we will resolve in our hearts to follow that can also that you have given us the follow that in our hearts we will be willing to commit our lives to following whatever you ask us to do sometimes it may not be easy sometimes it may be but whatever it may be. We resolve in our hearts to surrender our lives fully and completely to you so that it can be us that we have in our lives the spirit of Jesus and the power of God and our lives our church touching others to prepare people for the coming of Jesus Lord I pray for each student. For each faculty member for each family member and friend at the school and in the surrounding community that you will continue to pour out your blessing here and if there is anyone here this evening that is struggling with their relationship towards you through the writings of L. and through the testimony of Jesus that they will surrender to you that they will open up their heart on that issue and be willing to let you speak to them through your sweet spirit through those writings and I just pray that you will be with us through the rest of this week and be with me and give me the words to speak that will touch people's hearts so that you will do you work through each one of us in preparation for the coming of Jesus be with us now through the remaining Sabbath hours and we thank you for the blessing of this week and I pray this in Jesus' name in. 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