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There is a God in Israel

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • January 9, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Oh a very happy Sabbath each one of you. And it's very good to be here watch the hills we've certainly been enjoying our time here it's nice to have her well and my girls here this morning they were ready for bed last night but they're having a good time here as well and I know Joe Well enjoys being back at her on the monitor where she was here for several years before we get into our message for this morning I'd like to have a word of prayer Father in heaven we thank you so much that we can be here to worship you and I just pray that you would speak now that the words that I speak would not be my own but that. You would speak through me and then we would have a deeper appreciation for the testimony of Jesus Christ in the room and church and that by the end of this message of theory any of that or doubting I prayed that all would be convince that shrew leave there is a God in Israel. I pray this in Jesus' name and. The title for our message this morning. Is there is a God in Israel and I certainly believe all of my are. With the evidence that we can find from inspiration that God has clearly identified himself as the leader of the movement that we are a part of that we as seventy AD in US are part of a movement and that God is the leader of and what a privilege we have to be Seventh-Day Adventists this time of Earth's history and as we look at our scripture reading Revelation Chapter twelve or seventeen the closing reverse of the chapter in the Book of Revelation that identifies this great controversy that is going on between Christ and Satan we read and the. Dragon with a rope was wroth are enraged with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Now if you have any doubt as to what kind of Wrath the dragon has towards this woman. Just remember that at the beginning of the chapter. When this one woman had a child and she was pained to be delivered. The dragon was right there trying to destroy that child which was Christ. And if you think about it in a simple term. Can you imagine the the degree of wickedness or evil. If a woman. A Godly room was about to give birth to a baby and there was someone so sinister or so evil that they were trying to kill that baby as soon as it was born. That's the degree to to how evil the devil is and that is the degree to how much wrath he has towards God's in time church make no mistake. The dragon is wrong with the gods in time church and he has the Gonda make war with the remnant of her seed the remnant of the seed of that woman the woman who gave birth to Christ. Who gave birth to the Christian church who gave birth to a church that had to flee into the wilderness where she was persecuted for one thousand two hundred sixty years and then at the end of time before Jesus comes back. God has raised up a movement that would finish off the work that God raised up through Christ when he was here on the surface and so the dragon isn't raged with this woman. And there are two key identifying characteristics that I'm going to mention this morning and it is these two key identifying characteristics that show us why the dragon is Ross with a woman. Why he isn't raged with the church and it is because this woman as Scripture says keeps the commandments of God and has that testimony of Jesus Christ's friends we are living in a great controversy. And we are part of Gods remnant church which keep the commandments of God Now the testimony of Jesus Christ. There is no other church on the face of the earth that professes to keep all ten commandments and in that combination have the testimony of Jesus. We keep the seventh day Sabbath and we also have the testimony of Jesus and I have found it fascinating in my brief thirty eight years for some of you that may be a long time for some of the you that may seem like not so long but in my thirty eight years I've been around long enough and enough places in various parts of the world that wherever I go and I'm sure many of you can identify with us that wherever I go. The choose things within the remnant church within the administration that received the most resistance are the concepts of obedience and the Spirit of Prophecy. Everywhere I go. You could be in Nebraska Maine California anywhere in the world in the Caribbean Europe Australia where ever it may be and you are going to meet resistance to the concept of obedience by grace through faith. People will still be resistant to that idea and you meet resistance to the use. Yes and the belief of the testimony of Jesus Christ which is the Spirit of Prophecy. Just remember that we are in a great controversy war between Christ and Satan and God has raised up a church a woman who keeps the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus Christ and Satan is going after whoever will uplift of the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Obedience is under attack in the church. You may hear common sayings of like well nobody's perfect and we really can't obey anyway can wait. Those are common things that are often said Let me read you a couple of verses from scripture first John chapter chewed versus three and four. Which says and here by we do you know that we know him if we keep His commandments. He that say I thought I know him and keep It's not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in friends you better be or you better watch out. If you are part of any movement. Or of any church anywhere you may be that says we cannot keep the commandments of God Scripture says Oh I know God I'm a Christian I'm following him but you're not keeping the commandments the scripture says that you're a liar and the truth is not in you. I do not want to be a liar Emma. And that tells me that those who say that they keep God's command are that they don't keep His commandments but they say that they know him. They are being used by the devil as part of his in time attack against the remnant church Now this may not be popular but friends we are living in a time where we have to get past the point of being afraid of teaching unpopular things from the pulpit because we are living in a time where Jesus is coming soon and we need to give a clear the. Just say it the Lord that will prepare hearts and minds for what is seen coming up on this world now is not the time for dumbing down the message making people feel comfortable in a lukewarm way to see and stay friends a shaking us coming. God is looking for messengers to rise up who will shake people out of their constable lukewarm condition and realize that now is the time to stand on the Lord's side and obedience is under attack in the churches Jesus also says in John fourteen verse fifteen. If you love me keep my commandments. Now if Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments. Why then would we as humans say we can't keep them because Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments as we are told in inspiration all of his beddings are enabling to praise God that God has given us grace that we can obey him. I'm tired of a gospel that says I'm going to continue to live in a life of disobedience and discouragement and frustration and unhappiness. But at least God covers me while I'm living in such a life of discouragement disobedience for us ration and anger is that the kind of gospel you want to be a living under or do you want a Gospel were God says that we can be more than conquerors through him who loved us and that by His grace we can keep his commandments. And one of the identifying characteristics of God's last a people who will be ready for Jesus to come is that they will keep the commandments of God. When we look at the Book of Revelation interesting Leon Revelation eleven nineteen. We see in Revelation eleven one thousand words is that simple of God was opened in heaven and there was seen in a simple The ark of his Testament. Now those of us who study scripture understand that in the part of the temple of God where the ark of the Testament is seen. We understand and you can see this and he resigned four and also in the Old Testament that within the arc of the Testament can was contained the two tables of the covenant or the law of God And so the most holy places being open were the law of God is being revealed again and God is raising up a movement who remembers his law who remembers his Sabbath and it's this remnant church that brings back a focus to the law of God that the devil is going after and in fact this the law of God is the law that God writes in their own hearts in the New Covenant in he reached Chapter eight verse ten Hebrews ten verse sixteen you also see this in the book of Jeremiah. So this remnant church that the devil is attacking is the Church of the New Covenant and I might also add in Romans Chapter seven verse twelve that God's laws described as being holy just and good which is a transcript of Christ character. So the remnant is the zine to be a transcript of the character of Jesus no wonder the devil is so enraged. Now it just so happens that Jesus worse. Saroo the testimony of Jesus Christ to develop the transcript of his character thus the Ten Commandments and the testimony of Jesus are under attack. Second term if you three twelve tells the all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution Oh let me show you and I haven't taken the time to the is I didn't mention this last night when you look at Revelation Chapter twelve or seventeen we see that the that. The remnant keeps the commandments of God and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ now there are some in higher academic circles that are now saying that the testimony of Jesus in Revelation twelve seventeen is the testimony of how Jesus works in my life. That's an idea that has started to gain traction in certain circles but I'm here to tell you today that I do not believe that for a minute the testimony of Jesus far deeper than that revelation nine hundred ten which is a familiar passage which develops this idea little bit further. Revelation nine hundred ten we read and I fell at his feet to worship and he said and to me see though do it not I am my fellow servant and of the. Brother in that have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy here John the Revelator is about to fall down and worship at the feet of an angel and the angel says don't worship me I am of your fellow servants who have the testimony of Jesus and if you want to know what the testimony of Jesus is it is the Spirit of Prophecy. Now let me make it even clearer in Revelation. If the Bible makes a clear Revelation twenty two verses eight nine we see a very similar scene. Revelation twenty two verses eight nine we read and I John saw these things and heard them and when I had heard and seen. I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which showed me these things is very similar to Revelation and continuing on a verse nine then say if he handed me see though do it not for I am Life fellow servant and of a vibra other and who the prophets and of them which keep the sayings of this book worship God So in Revelation nine hundred ten he says I am of by fellow brother and who have the testimony of Jesus but in Revelation twenty two nine He says I am of I fellow brother and the prophets. So that's has the money of Jesus is much more than just about the testimony of what Jesus is doing in your life. It is the Spirit of Prophecy. It is the prophetic gift and I am here to tell you to remind you today that in Gaza last the church. We are not simply people who. Holds the commandments of God We are a people that God has blessed with a prophetic gift God has given a prophetic gift to his last day church and it would only make sense that he would do so when you look throughout Scripture when there are major prophecies in scripture when you look at the flood you may know that Methuselah his name means that when you die. It show a common service Sure enough in the year that Methuselah died. The flood came so there is a prophecy pointing to the coming of a flood but then God raised up a prophet to be a messenger to prepare the world for the coming of the flood and that profit was no. There are other examples in Scripture as well God told Abraham that his descendants would be in Egypt for four hundred years at the end of those four hundred years. God raised up a prophet named Moon says. When you look at the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah. There is a seventy weeks prophecy of four hundred ninety years and God raised up the prophet Daniel to identify that the Messiah would surely come after the restoring and building of Jerusalem four hundred ninety years or the decree to restore militarism four hundred ninety years at the end of that period of time God raised up another prophet. John the Baptist who was who came to prepare the way of the Lord but the longest prophecy in scripture and by the way there are some who say that there is another prophecy that's longer don't believe them twenty three hundred is the longest prophecy in Scripture. At the beginning of the twenty three hundred a prophecy God raised a prophet Daniel who identified this twenty three hundred year prophecy and it would only make sense because at the end of the. The three hundred days. God is going to be raising up a movement to prepare the people for the coming of Jesus the second time he had a prophet raised up at the end of the four hundred ninety years to prepare God's people for the coming of the Messiah the first time. Wouldn't you believe that God would raise up a prophet again before the second coming of the Messiah and he surely did. And we have a messenger that God raised up. I talked about it last night but we believe that in the seventh heaven this church we believe that God gave the prophetic gift through the writings in the visions of Ellen White as the testimony of Jesus to His last the church to help prepare a people for the coming of the lord her writings are a sign that the testimony of Jesus is in God's last the church and it is no surprise that not only is obedience under attack in the remnant church but so are the writings of the testimony of Jesus Christ which is the Spirit of Prophecy. We are told by L M Y yourself in selective messages volume on page forty eight the very last the suction of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God Now in the history of adding to them there's been some dark history certainly we've heard of stories of pastors who've had book burning parties out in the parking lot of the church where they've burned all the raw eggs and there's been pretty sad stories of that nature but realize Satan isn't going to work in such age or wrecked way in most cases when he makes attack against God's remnant church against the testimony of Jesus he is going to be much more subtle than that. He is going to work as a serpent a subtle. Just as he did with even the Garden of Eden where he says that Eve. Yeah a half gods did God release A Does God really mean. And when you talk about making the writings of the testimony of Jesus of none effect. All you have to do is see the attitude that is often seen towards the writings of L. and Y.. Well her writings were her for her day but not for ours. She didn't really understand what she was talking about bicycles or theater or whatever it may be and I've heard it all for us. The last deception will be to make her writings of none effect and one of the ways you can make your writings of non effect as well as the simply not even read them to have them on your shelf but but to let them go by and read and so the dragon is wroth with the woman friends we are in a crisis in Adventism today when you look at the church around us and I hate to say this but this is the reality we really do you have choose versions of add into them under one administrative structure and it all comes down to how we relate to inspiration. Do we take the Bible as it reads and do we accept the writings of the testimony of Jesus in plain English for what they say or do we follow a model of higher criticism where we're open to doubt about what the Bible and the writings of Ellen White really say. I want to read to you a few statements that. Ellen White said about. Even the role of obedience and of the commandments of God as it relates to the remnant church this is in heavenly places page one forty six a very powerful and potent statement as it relates to obedience some of you probably know this statement while everyone who by faith obeys God's commands. Will reach the condition of sinlessness in which Adam lived before his transgression. That's a pretty straightforward powerful statement is it not. The dragon was wroth with the woman went to make war with the remnant oversea which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ the testimony of Jesus as everyone who by faith obeys the commandments will reach the condition of sinlessness in which Adam lived before his transgression. Yet the dragon says Did God really say you can obey. Can you really keep the commandments nobody's perfect we're all just going to keep sending till Jesus comes. That's the voice of a dragon friend. By the grace of God I want to claim God's promises that he can keep me from the attacks of saying yelling Why has a good balancing statement and Bible Oka December one thousand nine hundred. The closer you come to Jesus. The more faulty you will appear in your own eyes for your vision will be clearer in your imperfections will be seen and a shit distinct contrast with his perfect character be not discouraged. This is an evidence that Satan's the illusions are losing their power that the vivifying influence of the Spirit of God is a rousing you and that your indifference and ignorance are passing away so guess what friends. If you are noticing that while look at the ugliness of my character compared to Jesus. That means you're getting closer to where God wants you to be don't be discouraged by the. Don't go around and say well I finally arrived home pretty good now you should be a like me oh boy if you say that you've fallen flat on your face but the reality is that God will perfect a people he will make them into the image of His Son and the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy identify this for us because you know as we live in this time as we live in twenty sixteen as we see what's happening in the world around us. This is shape. Being up to be perhaps one of the most interesting presidential elections of my lifetime never seen anything quite like it when we look at what just happened this last fall when we look at what happened with the United States Supreme Court ruling about marriage friends we're not living in ordinary times this is not business as usual there's some more interesting news and you even hear if I see people on Facebook after the Supreme Court ruling that or the Pope came to America people were saying that there are some avenues that are going to say these are signs of Jesus coming again and they've been saying this for years now and I made me wonder. Yeah. You sound like the people that mock you know when he preached about the coming of the you know Noah preached for a hundred twenty years that Jesus would come and I bet there were some people about eighty ninety or one hundred years into his message that said No why don't you start preaching about something else. Don't you have something better to talk about than the coming of a flood and there are people that are saying that to us today a seventh Adam is why do you always talk about the soon coming of Jesus. Why do you have to talk about the coming of Jesus in the clouds of heaven. Why are so you so worried about last day of events. Well friends that's because the message God has given to us as a church as a people to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus and look if you really love Jesus shouldn't you be happy about the news of his coming. That sounds like a good thing to me if we could be in heaven and not on Earth. Ellen why has given us a very clear instruction about what is coming upon this world. This is a familiar staving great controversy page five eighty eight through the tears the immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness Satan will bring the people under his the suctions Well the former lays the foundation of spiritual as in the latter creates a bond of sympathy with the room the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the goals to grasp the hand of spirituals and. They will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold in this country will follow in the steps of room and trampling on the rights of conscience. That's a great controversy five eighty eight and it was amazing to me that even the ad in this candidate running for president said on his Twitter page I was the why you did to hear the pope's message of faith and love in our nation's capital today friends now is the time for us to be hanging on closely to Jesus and to our understanding of the message that he has sent to us in these last days I want to read you a few interesting statements and then I'm going to tell you a story about Elam why in her prophetic message that I believe will ground you and encourage you in your in our belief and in her as a prophet. I read the statement early I'm going to read it again. So lots of messages Volume one page forty eight. The very last assumption of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no vision the people perish is quoting Proverbs twenty nine eighteen Satan will work in genius Lee in different ways and through different agencies to unsettle the confidence of gods remnant people in the true testimony not Asli notice he's going to work not just one way he's going to work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God's rumah people in the church as my friends don't let that happen to you. And this is one paragraph for later but it was written in Letter forty eight hundred ninety and select a message as Volume one page forty eight. There will be a hatred kindled against the testimonies which is say Tiana the workings of Satan will be to unsettle the faith of the churches in them for this reason Satan cannot have so clear a truck to bring in as the sessions and bind up souls and as the lesions. If the warnings and reproofs and counsels of the Spirit. Gotter he'd say and hates the testimonies and unfortunately that hatred that he has kindled is sometimes found inside. Among Seventh Day Adventists friends if you look at the history of the prophets It's not often a pretty picture to realize that Isaiah was sawn asunder as he was alive. As Jeremiah was thrown up hit. John the Baptist was beheaded and sadly I hate to say I have seen many some of those who wish they could do the same thing to Ellen why don't be one of them. Ellen why is connected to Jesus her writings are the testimony of Jesus when you go after her you are not going after her you are going after Jesus who gave her the messages selective messages Volume three page eighty four one thing is certain those Seventh Day Adventist you take their stand on their Satan's banner will first give up their faith in the warnings and reproofs contained in the testimonies of God's Spirit I have to say it of when I look at a number of my friends and people that I've known throughout the years who have left the Seventh Day Adventist church almost every single one of them first gave up their belief that God has spoken through and wide as a prophet and before long they started doubting other things and that's what this next statement says in testimonies Volume four page two eleven. It is Satan's plan to weaken the faith of God's people in the testimonies next follow skepticism in regard to the vital points of our faith the pillars of our pivot position then doubt as to the Holy Scriptures and then the downward march to perdition. When the testimonies which were once believed Redoubt hadn't given up Satan knows the deceiver ones will not stop at this and he redoubles his efforts to he launches them into open rebellion which becomes incurable and ends in destruction. If. Any of you to day are sent to. Just realize where that path is going to lead you and I encourage you to stay on the path. Keep your eyes on Jesus and listen to his testimony. Last statement I'm going to read selected messages Volume three page eighty three men may get after scheme and the enemy will seek to seduce souls from the truth but all who believe that the Lord has spoken through sister white and has given her a message will be safe from the many delusions that will come in these last days all who believe that the Lord has spoken through sister Y. and has given her a message will be safe from the many delusions that will come in these last days and now I'm going to read to you or I'm going to tell you what I consider to be one of the more powerful stories that identifies the prophetic gift of L. and why this is the story of the Salamanca vision how many of you have heard the story Solomonic is a number of you have those of you who are academy and college students I'm telling it especially for you as you're becoming more aware of the the powerful influence of the writings of L. and why in the church those of you who are a bit older. You've heard the story but it never hurts to hear a good story again this is one of my favorite stories and this is told by Arthur why Illinois grandson. And I'm just summarizing some of the key points of the story all read at certain points. It was in the year of eight hundred ninety. It was in the fall of eight hundred ninety and in the Atlantic region this was before they had union conferences. Ellen White was asked by the leaders of the church to come for a number of months to speak in first South Lancaster Massachusetts and then sell America New York and then down into Virginia and the people worry. Eager to hear her and so she spoke unsolved Lancaster in late October and then after that she traveled over to sell America. And while she traveled to sell America in New York on the train she caught a cold and she made a comment to her secretary that are her age at that point in her life she realized that it would no longer be wise for her to travel in cold weather at her age anymore that it was too hard on her so she got very sick but here she is the prophet of the Lord and she has been scheduled to speak three different times over a week and Sabbath afternoon and she was going to speak again on Sunday and again on Monday and every time before she spoke she didn't feel like she would be able to get up but the Lord always strengthened her she was the chairman to speak to the people and she got up and spoke as promised and the people were always greatly blessed by what she had to say and by the last time she spoke she was feeling especially spirit sick but she was able to get up and speak for about forty five minutes and she said in her journal afterwards I do not know what I upon what I spoke I do not know one word I added I was too sick or too ill but the people told her that. They said Sister why the Lord has given you a message for us as they say the Lord was using her but you have to imagine you know even though she is a prophet of the Lord she's a human being and to be so sick and to be trying to speak and she has several more meetings and travel ahead of her she had she did not feel well and her grandson remarked that she was feeling discouraged she return to the house that she was staying at and she began to pour out her soul to God pleading for strength for mercy and for health. As she poured out her soul. She entered into a vision. God gave her a vision. This was. Around November three of eight hundred ninety the room was filled with a light she went off and a vision and the Lord showed her some things that were happening and Battle Creek. Now I might add that when she came out of the she was completely healed of the sickness that she was suffering from and it is commented upon that she went down through Pennsylvania and into Virginia that she was feeling well enough that she was able to go to the the litter a cabin caverns and she was feeling much better so the Lord healed her of this illness that she had been suffering with but she had also received this significant vision and it's very interesting that right after she received the vision. She told the brother in that war with her. I want to tell you about the vision that was given to me last night it had to deal with important matters and the vision I seemed to be in Battle Creek and I was taken to the review in Harold and the angel most injured bade me follow me but then when she tried to tell the story she couldn't remember the scene departed from her this happened to different times it was as if she was now because as her and couldn't recall the dream that had come but she went on with her travel but then she was able to remember some of the basic details and she wrote down in her journal the details of the vision of what she could remember and she continued on and the meetings that she traveled to you were finished and shortly after that it was time for the eight hundred ninety one general conference session in Battle Creek during that week or during the time of the General Conference she was speaking every morning at five thirty you know sometimes people complain. I remember the first G Y C They had the morning devotionals the first two years at six in the morning. Then they made it to seven and then they've switched it so that at seven thirty A.M. Breakfast was before that but boy back in the good. Old days the General Conference brother and had morning devotionals at five thirty in the morning and they were all there and I was. So we're a little bit soft comparative the to the good old days. I know I am I'm not a five thirty morning devotional person but if element was speaking I'd be atrocity. So she spoke all week. And then she was asked to give the Sabbath morning and in this message she was speaking before four thousand of the believers of the workers and brother and Battle Creek at the Tabernacle and she spoke for a good hour and in the midst of she felt impressed to relay the vision that she had received in solemn Anka just a few months earlier maybe four months earlier and she you know four thousand people were there so everybody noticed what she was saying and so she says Wallace solemn act that matters of importance were revealed to me in a vision of the night I seem to be here in Battle Creek and the angel messenger bade me follow me. She hesitated the scene was gone she could not call it to mind she continued to speak of how we must hold the distinctive features of our faith prominently in the front then she says she comes back to you I must tell you of the vision which was given to me at Salamanca for in that vision important matters were revealed to me and the vision I seemed to be in Battle Creek I was taken to the review in her office and the angel messenger bade me follow me again she faltered it was gone from or she went on with her sermon on the third time that afternoon she attempted to tell the vision and again she was not allowed to tell of but she said of this. I shall have more to say later she rounded out her sermon in about an hour time an hour's time she closed and Isley in the meeting was was finished all had notice that she was an able to call the vision of mine and I thought that was strange though Mike couldn't recall exactly this vision and three different times she couldn't remember just as when she. I did tell the brother in the day after the vision and she couldn't remember now she had written a few details in them after the message the General Conference president said Sister why will you speak again for us tomorrow morning at five thirty. She said No I've borne my testimony I've spoken all week I'm going to get some rest she planned on sleeping in after giving what she believed was the testimony that she needed to give. That night after the close of the conference. A small group of men and one of the offices in the review in her old building. At that meeting were representatives of the Pacific press who published the American Sentinel and there were present also the Risen representatives of the religious liberty Association. They met to discuss and subtle a very vexing question the editorial policy of the American Sentinel someone locked the door proposing that those doors would not be unlocked until the question was settled ten o'clock clock past eleven o'clock twelve o'clock struck and the men were still there one o'clock and they had reached no decision two o'clock and the doors were still locked and the men were hard at it a little before three o'clock on Sunday morning the meeting ended in a deadlock with the assertion on the part of the religious liberty men that unless the Pacific press would exceed to their demands and drop the term Seventh Day Adventists and the Sabbath from the columns of that paper they would no longer use it as the organ of the religious liberty association that meant killing the paper they unlocked the door in the men went to their rooms. Then they went to bed and went to sleep here you have a group of men who are trying to lower the standard in the distinctiveness of that and we don't want to when we put out religious liberty magazines. Let's not identify ourselves a seventh day Adams was not connected to the Sabbath will have more influence with the world if they don't know that we're seventh they add in us and that we believe in the Sabbath. And so they have this deadlock meeting that went till three in the morning but. Never slumbers or sleeps sent his angel messenger to Ellen White's room at three o'clock this morning. She was a rouse from her sleep and instructed that she must go into the workers' meeting at half past five and there she must present what was shown to her at cell America. So she dressed quickly. This was unplanned she had planned to sleep in she didn't know why exactly God wanted her to present this vision from Sol America but God said this is the time now for you to permit to present the Salamanca brother and the someone out a vision to the river and so she comes into the tabernacle the General Conference president was speaking sister why he said we are happy to see you do you have a message for us. Indeed I do she said and stepped to the front then she began right where she left off the day before she told them that at three o'clock that morning she had been a rounds from her sleep and instructed to go to the workers meeting at half past five and their present would have been shown to her at cell America New York none of us what she says in this vision she said I seemed to be in Battle Creek. I was taken to the review and Herald office and the angel messenger bade me follow me I was taken to a room where a group of men were earnestly discussing the matter now this time she doesn't forget what she saw now she remembers very clearly this vision. There was a zeal manifest but not according to knowledge. She told of how they were discussing the editorial policy of the American Sentinel and she said I saw one of the men take a copy of the sentinel hold up high over his head and say unless these articles on the Sabbath and the second come out of the Second Advent come out of this paper we can no longer uses the organ of the religious liberty Association. Ellen White spoke for an hour were describing the meeting which had been shown to her in vision months before a notice before she couldn't even remember the details of. Seen what powers from her mind but once the Lord gave it back to her she spoke for an hour describing the details of that meeting and then she gave counsel based upon that revelation. Then she sat down on the president of the General Conference didn't know what to make of it because he had never heard of any such meeting he hadn't been in the meeting. However those in the room didn't have to wait long to find out the significance of what a just happened. Some A man stood in the back of the room and he began to speak. I was in that meeting. Whilst night last night Sister White remarked last night. I thought that meeting took place months ago when it was shown to me in vision. Ellen White did not know when she presented. She would a half hours later after after the men went to bed. They went till three in the morning they go to bed they're back there by five thirty that's a short night. Ellen Y. is awakened by God as soon as that meeting ended and says You're going to go speak to the brother and and she doesn't know that this meeting that had just ended was what she had been shown months before and that's now what God wants her to tell to the brother and and she was just as surprised as everyone she thought that the vision she had seen had taken place months before and that is why God would not let her call to mind what she had seen and still the message needed to be heard and then he goes on to say I was in the meeting last night and I am the man who made the remarks about the articles in the paper holding up higher in my head I am sorry to say that I was on the wrong side but I take this opportunity to place myself on the right side. He set down another man stood to speak it was the president of the religious liberty Association. Now notice the words he says I was in the meeting last night after the close of the conference some of us met in my room in the review office where we locked ourselves in and there check up and discuss the. Russians in the matter that has been presented to us this morning we remained in that room until three o'clock this morning no notice this if I should begin to dig to give a description of what took place in the personal attitude of those in the room I could not give it as exactly and as correctly as it has been given by sister wife and she was given the four months before that meeting took place. So it's obvious why God allowed her to not remember the details until the time was appropriate and in it she was able to give this vision and to relate this vision at just the time so that the brother in would not lower the standard and take the distinctives away from our name and of our message so that the work would go forward the way that God would have it you know we're so much like people in one thousand nine hundred one by the eighty ninety one General Conference of Illinois had given that that vision before the meeting took place people would have said well that doesn't apply to today we're living in a different day now that up that council applied years ago but it doesn't fit now. But God in His own time and in his own way made it clear that it was his work he was guiding he was guarding he had his hand upon the wit wheel and you know Ellen White tells us in this is one of my favorite statements and the basis for the title of her message a day to day volume nine of the testimonies page nine hundred eighty. God has often permitted matters to come to a crisis. That his interference might become marred. Then he has made it manifest that there is a God in Israel friends I believe with every fiber of my being that there is a God in Israel still today. That there is a God in Israel and that the Lord has. Spoken through sister why and through her writings to make it as clear as possible to every single one of us that he is the God of Israel that we are the Israel of God to day that God has raised up this movement to be the remnant church of Bible prophecy who keep through faith the commandments of God and believe that the writings of L. on why are the testimony of Jesus Christ as the Spirit of Prophecy and friends now is not the time in earth's history to be doubting the testimony of Jesus now is not the time to be doubting that God can give us the gift of obedience that it's a doubt that we can be obedient by faith. Now is the time to be surrendering our lives completely. To the God of Israel who has spoken to us through his last day prophet to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord. Friends you don't know where you may be a mind. I don't know what your struggles may be. Some of you may be going through seasons of discouragement you don't know what you're going to be doing next in life what I mean. What am I going to do you when I graduate from here. What is my work going to be where is God going to open the door for me some of you may be doubting the the words of inspiration as you read the writings of L. and why you wonder can we really still follow such counsel today. Some of you may have other various struggles and you're wondering if Ellen White really can be trusted but I'm here to tell you again today believe in as prophet social You prophet or believe in as prophet social you be established in if you by faith choose to accept that testimony of Jesus and to know that God who spoke through a woman with a third grade education who could. How do most of us with her literary word who spoke to her through even Asian for months before an event took place so that when she described that event. She was able to give a more accurate description than those who were in the meeting themselves. You know that we have a God in Israel. You know that God has spoken through sister Y. and that if we by faith accept her messages we will be safe from the many delusions that will come in these last days from that we are living in troubling times when I look around us. I see so many people who have thrown out the council who thrown out the instruction and somehow people think that they can just disregard all of us why that got us into this church and somehow we'll just skate through into the heavenly gates for friends I'm telling you that God in His great love to US has sent her as a messenger to us so that we would not be deceived and I want now for us to churn to our closing him. And during this closing him. I'm going to make an appeal before the third verse so I don't buy the pianist to come up and start playing this music we're going to all stand and sing This him. And I pick the song for a very special reason the song is oh shut up or Divonne. The one who loves this and we get to the third verse before the third worst I'm going to make an A on appeal. When you look at the third verse that says oh Shepherd divine I know that our mind. I hear these say follow them me message today a lumens my way the Spirit of Prophecy. Are you allowing that message today to illumine your way or are you allowing clouds of doubt of darkness and skepticism to cloud the clear way before you for. Runs the Lord has spoken through sister lives there is a God in Israel and if you will believe in him. If you keep your eyes on Jesus and read the instruction that he has given us. You will follow him all the way on that pathway to the kingdom of heaven. So I would invite you all now to stand of this time as we sing our closing in on him wonder. Number one ninety nine. Before we before we sing this third verse I want to make an appeal. You hear the shepherd calling you today and again some of you you don't necessarily know what is my future where am I going to get. Some of you have been battling are struggling with doubts over the role of the Spirit of Prophecy and God's remnant church and you want to make a special commitment today to say you know what from this day forward I am going to allow the testimony of Jesus Christ the Spirit of Prophecy to help a lumen my way from this day for this is an appeal for everyone. Some of you may already be following to the best of your knowledge what you know the spirit of prophecy to be saying what the Bible to be saying. And if you're coming for this doesn't mean that you never believed in Elam why this is an appeal to say I need the shepherd to divine to alumina my way going forward and I'm going to strengthen my belief in commitment and what Ellen whites writings can do for my life right now because I'm at a crossroads in life I may be out of a crisis in life whatever it may be and I want God the God of Israel to speak to me through those writings so that I will follow him all the way to the kingdom of heaven is the word say the message today illumines my way the spirit of prophecy if that is your desire and if you're one of those persons I would invite you to come forward during this final verse and we will have. A closing prayer at the end of the song were were. Were the best the song were urged to work on and praise God for those of you who have come for it and for each one of us we want the Spirit of Prophecy the divine message to him and our way we want to be part of that one full my mom. I want to invite you now as far as possible to kneel for prayer as we close our message to the Father in heaven I want to say a special prayer for those who came forward I thank you for their commitment and for their desire to have the Spirit of Prophecy illumined their way you are the shepherd divine. We're so thankful for your love to each one of us that you. You were willing to die for us and you were coming back for us and in your love for us to illumine our way you have your testimony to the spirit of prophecy and for those who can afford maybe they don't know the way forward for their future and they want more guidance from the Spirit of Prophecy. Whatever it may be I just pray that you would hear their cry their prayer and we know that you will they've come forward in faith and we know that you are going to lead them and guide them in a special way and I pray for all of us here today that we would strengthen our commitment to the writings of the testimony of Jesus that they would alumina our way and that we would have a clear confidence that we would know with every fiber of our being that there is a God in Israel and that he has spoken through sister Y. and that if we by faith will read the Bible and that we will read her writings and follow your instruction that we will be safe from the many delusions that will that are coming upon the church even so be it with us going for we thank you for this time we have this week and continue to pour out your spirit upon us and give us special blessings I pray in Jesus' name. 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