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Proper Use of the Spirit of Prophecy

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • January 9, 2016
    5:00 PM
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Good afternoon each one of you. It's good to see all of you back this afternoon. I'm going to make an announcement before I have prayer and that is I have some sticky notes in my hand here I want to put them on the table down front those of you who would like to write questions. We're going to have a question and answer after the meeting or at the end of the meeting this evening. So I don't claim to know everything about L M Y or anything else for that matter. But if you have some questions based on what you've heard. Maybe I have an interest in things you have questions about I'll be happy to take some questions later on this evening this on and I'll leave these down here and after the meeting this afternoon you can come and grab a stick you know. Write a question. And we'll take some questions. This evening so I'm going to set this right here. And I'm going to open our meeting now with Percival's power Hood's. Father in heaven we thank you so much for this Sabbath that we've had together and I thank you that we can come together now and learn more and I pray that you will guide this afternoon meeting that we will learn more that will be helpful for us in our walk with us pray this in Jesus' name amen. So last evening I shared my personal testimony and I told the story of brother Stephen Smith to found out true and seven years later that if he had simply follow the testimony he had received how different his life might have been. And this morning we talked about how the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and how it is under attack by the devil but that we can know that there truly is a God in Israel who has spoken to us through sister why and sometimes the way he spoke through her especially with a solemn act a vision as we talked about this morning is just the dramatic evidence of how. God has used her to bless this church this afternoon we're going to spend some time talking about how we properly use the spirit of prophecy and so what I'm going to do as I'm going to share a few thoughts about the level of inspiration that Ellen why is that and how we can properly use your individually and also when the church because you know I spent some time with my testimony when I talked about how important her writings are but when it comes down to every day of wife. How do we find value from her writings and some for some of you this may seem pretty basic but it's pretty foundational And if you're not properly using her writings or if you don't understand a proper use you're missing out on a great blessing and so some fabulous how do we use the Spirit of Prophecy Wike you know it's obvious that many Seventh Day Adventists don't properly use the Spirit of Prophecy and some may use her writings to be people over the head that may be true but. In this day and age I believe that the vast majority of misuse comes from the fact that people just simply are using her writings at all and if you want to make the worst mistake with all on why that would be to simply ignore her or to not use her writings at all so I'll say that at the very outset and I read the statement this morning and I'll read it again now this is selected messages Volume one page forty eight the very last the suction of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no vision the people perish Proverbs twenty nine eighteen Satan will work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God around the people in the true testimony. I'm not going to spend a lot of further time on that point now we're going to talk about various objections to her later on in the evening meeting but we don't want to be falling into the trap of making her writings of none effect we want to make sure that we're using her writings properly so what authority does a long white have for us a Seventh Day Adventists and I'm going to read a statement from review and Herald January twenty ninth three The Lord has sent his people much Instruction line upon line precept upon precept here a little in there a little little heat is given to the Bible and the Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light so Ellen White refers to the Bible as the greater light and this is pretty basic but again it's important for us to go over this and L. might refer to herself as the lesser of why I want to ask you a question does a lesser A Y mean that she was Lessons Five. No it doesn't it means that she had a different level of like compared to the Bible where we're going to talk about why she would refer herself to the lesser light leading to the greater light and when you go through the test of the prophets one of the things that we find with the test of the prophets is that a true prophet of God is going to lead us back to God and is going to lead us to Scripture and if you're using L M Y It's writings properly. It's going to lead you back to the Bible so if you're using L M Y and it makes you not want to read the Bible then maybe there's something wrong with how you're reading her but most of the time if you're reading her in the right way it's going to make you want to study the Bible more deeply into have a deeper walk with God through Scripture. So let's rely does not mean that she was less inspired I'm in a radio statement now from testimonies Volume four page two thirty. God is either Cheech in his church reproving their wrongs and strengthening their faith or he is not this work referring to her ministry this work is of God or it is not God does nothing in partnership with Satan my work bears the stamp of God or the stamp of the enemy. There is no halfway work in the matter the testimonies are of the Spirit of God or of the devil and that's very strong as this one is all in for page two thirty so in her own words she's saying she is the lesser light but she is also saying that you. You have a choice to make when it comes to my writings her writings are either of God or they are either of the devil because God isn't going to be halfway in between to say well all kind of have a half way Prophet who sometimes is for me and sometimes As for the devil no she was either fully on God's side or she was fully on the devil side it's not in him between proposition here does that make sense either Ellen why is fully on God's side or she is fully on the double side and I mean when you read books like steps to Christ and desire of ages. You're going to have a really hard time convincing me or anybody else who's read those that she was working for say when she wrote such books so I think we know which side she is on and you know where I stand based on what I've shared so far so in her own words Ellen wanted to saying look you've got to make a decision. I am the lesser light leading into the greater light and with this in light that I have I'm either working for God or I'm working for the devil. God is not going to play the middle road here. And then in Testimony Volume five page six sixty one she says in ancient times God spoke to men by the mouth of prophets and apostles in these days he speaks to them by the testimonies of his spirit. There was never a time when God instructed his people more earnestly than he instructs them now concerning his will in the course that he would have them pursue No that's very interesting she's saying there's never been a time when God has instructed his people more earnestly than now. And if you think about it she may be the lesser ally. I think of all the writings that God has given to us when we were familiar with Ellen was saying that if we had followed the Bible as a people we would not have needed her writings now considering how much she's written. What does that say for us as a people want to come as the following the Bible. As like we're so dull in our understanding of scripture that the Lord had to give or message upon message upon message because we couldn't get it and so he had to put it out in plain English. So yes if we have followed the Bible we wouldn't have needed or writings about the fact that we have so many of our Writings tells us how far off we have been when it comes the following a straightforward reading of the Bible and I mean you know you look at our church today in the various methods of interpretation of scripture. I mean you can have a verse of scripture saying something is black and this is why and people will still say no that means it's a great. I mean because of the unbelief of people we can just take the Bible as a reads people will say now that's not really a plain reading he really can't take it that way and so God has spoken to us to make things extra clear and so then the way we try to get around that is the say well I'm not really sure that I believe in her. So that's where many add in Mr Abbott how so so she has laid the foundation she says that God has spoken through her and that she is the lesser light and that her work is either a god or it's of the double and she she also gives a few other thoughts about how has spoken through her and this is from councils to writers and editors page one twelve. She says in the testimony center rather blank I have given you the why God has given to me in no case. Have I given my own judgment or opinion. I own up. I have enough to write of what has been shown me without falling back on my own opinions not as what she says I have a nuff to ride of what has been shown me without following without falling back on my own opinion so it's not like Ellen White would sit down and write a testimony or write Council of instruction and based on her own opinion send out a testimony or write a book. Now she had so much why from Heaven that she didn't need to fall back on her own opinion she had it all the way that she needed from heaven when she sent to us the money as an instruction to the church. Now when the early ad in his truth was first developing it is true that we developed all of our doctrines based on the Bible and what I'm going to say now is sometimes a bit of a controverted point. But it is true that the pioneers were basing their beliefs based on what the Bible says that there were differences of opinion on some of these key areas of doctrine where they would reach an impasse and those well in whites. And selected messages Volume one pages two zero six and. When they came to the point their study where they said we can do nothing more the spirit of the Lord would come upon me I would be taken off in a vision and a clear explanation of the passages we had been studying would be given me with instruction as to how we were to labor and teach effectively those flight was given the Help us to under the stand the scriptures in regard to Christ his mission and his priesthood a wine of shrews extending from that time to the time when we shall enter the City of God it was made plain to me and I gave to others the instruction that the Lord had given to me. So sometimes the brother and I would reach a point where they couldn't come to an understanding or an agreement on what a certain passage of Scripture was teaching and it was at that point that she would be taken off and a vision to get him to an understanding that this is what the truth is on that particular passage of Scripture and that helped to develop a line of truth extending from that time till the time that Jesus comes about. So certainly Ellen why it has had a very significant role in the foundation of the seven they have in this church and in the beliefs and the doctrines that we have as a people. Now you may hear some people say Ellen why is fine for devotional reading but I'm sola scriptura In other words I believe in the Bible in the Bible only and if Ellen why contradicts the Bible that's too bad I'm going to have to go with what the Bible says Well first of all. You're going to have a hard time convincing me that Ellen winds can contradicting the Bible. That's the first point but secondly when someone tells me that they are sola scriptura my response is you know what. So am I I'm also Sola Scriptura and you know what my Bible teaches me if you're going to be Sola Scriptura and the Bible and the Bible only my Bible teaches me that there will be a church just before Jesus comes about who the devil amess attacks upon who keep the commandments of God are you keeping the mountains on or something and they have the gift of prophecy and so my Bible teaches me that there is going to be a church at the end of time that has the gift of prophecy that has the testimony of Jesus. So yes I am Sola Scriptura and when I follow the test of the Prophet I find the Ellen White meets those tests and she points people back to the Bible. So if you're saying you're opposed to Ellen why you're actually saying you're opposed to the Bible. So just keep that in mind if someone is trying to set the Bible up to put down Ellen why it my response is No my Bible which is everybody in Revelation twelve seventeen makes it very clear that God's will and then you connect that to Revelation nine hundred ten and Revelation twenty eight nine makes it very clear that there will be a prophet with the testimony of Jesus in Gaza last the church and if you reject that you are rejecting Scripture and you are not truly sola scriptura so don't let someone make you think that you're not following the Bible. If you believe in the testimony of Jesus because the Bible actually teaches that there would be the prophetic gift in his last day church and there is abundant evidence to show as we were already talked about some already. Now I'm going to share a few other illustrations about. The role of Ellen why in God's last the church. This is actually written by your rawest Smith and this was written in the review and Herald January thirteenth eight hundred sixty three which is the year the seventh a honest church formally organized as a denomination. And he gives an illustration that is very helpful he says Suppose we are about to start a voyage in the So this is going on a ship across the ocean of the still hopeful as tradition. Some people still go on. Ship rides but usually their cruise ships now but some people go transatlantic or transpacific and he says the owner of the vessel gives us a book of jurisdictions telling us that it contains instructions sufficient for our journey and that if we will heed them we shall reach in safety or poor of destination setting so we open our book to learn its contents. We find that its author lays down general principles to govern us in our voyage and instructs us as far as practicable touching the various contingencies that may arise till the end be he all sorts tells us that the latter part of our journey will be especially perilous that the features of the coast are ever changing by reasons of quicksands and simplest but for this part of the journey says he provided you a pilot who will meet you and give you such directions as the surrounding circumstances and dangers may require and to him You must give heed with these directions we reach the perilous time specified and the pilot according to promise appears but some of the career as he offers his services rise up against them. We have the or the original book of jurisdictions say they and that is enough for us we stand upon that in that alone we want nothing of you. Who now he had the original boat. Of Jurek sions those who reject the pilot or those who receive him as the book instructs them. What do we say is the stinky this that the gifts of the Spirit are given for our pilot through these perilous times and wherever and in Him server we find genuine manifestations of these we are bound to respect them nor can we do otherwise without In so far rejecting the Word of God which directs us to receive them who now stands on the Bible and the Bible alone it is the one who will receive the pilot according to his directions. We do not then discard but obey the Bible by endorsing the visions while we should just so far rejection disobeyed it as we should refuse to receive the provisions it has made for a come for edification of perfection. So listen. The Bible has told us and I like that illustration that the Bible has told us just before we come to the end of our journey on this earth God would send a pilot or a prophet who would give us direction and that we should listen to that testimony when that times. Comes. But how crazy is it then to rise up and say we don't want to hear the directions. Yeah when the original owner said if you listen to the pilot that I send you you will get through the crisis and what makes us think that we are smart enough to get through the crisis so Ellen why it has given us a play by play scenario of what to expect for the coming crisis. You know when you study Revelation Chapter thirteen it's in symbolic language there's a beast that comes up out of the sea. He has seven who are seven heads and ten horns and he has a mouth speaking of great things and he has a deadly wound and the wound is healed all the world wonders after the beast and then we see a second beast that comes up out of the earth and he has two horns like a lamb and he speaks like a drowning dragon and it's all in symbolic language and when you read the great controversy the language is no longer symbolic it's very clear what we're talking about when we come to end time events. Why would you want to throw that out and say oh I'm just going to go with the Bible in the Bible only and and you think that you knew your own human wisdom that you're somehow going to come to a better conclusion than God speaking through a spirit through his prophet. Now what about this idea of the lesser light. Back in the administratively you nine hundred eighty two a gentleman by the name of Roy Graham wrote an article how the gift of prophecy relates to God's word and this is also very helpful he says. The man is called in Scripture the lesser light we know that it shines with borrowed light from the sun but this does not make the moon any less authoritative It has its sphere and it's appointed task in God's creation so when Ellen White uses this CERM to describe her work she is not just being modest or humble she is not saying that she is a second class prophet. She is not saying that her messages are of a less important or less urgent nature than those of the biblical prophets rather she is emphasizing the function of her role and her messages. Now listen carefully to what Graham says here. The work of any one prophet cannot be compared to the cumin the humility of why that shines across the centuries from the many prophets whose works are found in the Holy Scriptures as I mix and see it so you have one prophet in the late hundreds in the early one thousand nine hundred that the light that God sends through that one prophet compared to the lie of the entire Bible that was written over centuries is going to clearly be a much greater lie than lie that God sins through one prophet just before he comes back doesn't mean that she's less authoritative It doesn't mean that she's less inspired it just means that she is one prophet compared to the many prophets of Scripture does that make sense and goes on to say but the source of her ministry is the same as theirs and while her work was primarily for the Seventh Day Adventist Church this in no wise diminishes the importance of her role to that people. She is one of the canonical prophets are many but both she and they were commissioned by the Holy Spirit to accomplish specific tasks for God's people as it is important to discern the distinctive function of both so we have the greater light the Bible and of course within the Bible we have the Gospels of Jesus and of the time he was here on this earth so you have sixty six books of scripture with many different authors over many different centuries and that is the greater lie that Ellen White points us back to as the moon reflects the light of the sun but Ellen why is also a lie that God spoke through the Holy Spirit works through and so when you say well I'm going to place the Bible above the writings of L. and why yes the Bible is the greater lie. Ellen why it has the same degree of inspiration and yes her ministry was the seventh day adventists primarily. God the same source of inspiration the same source of authority that inspired holy men of God as they spoke and as they were moved by the Holy Ghost in scripture that same spirit inspired Ellen why and she was not speaking her own opinions. She was reflecting the lie that God had given her so I thought that was a very helpful comparison that she's a lesser ally because she's one prophet compared to the many prophets of Scripture who wrote the Bible over many centuries so that is the greater light. She is the lesser light that leads us back to that greater light so. I've shared a few thoughts. Thus far on how L M Y refers to herself she's the lesser light but you have to make a decision when she speaks she's either speaking for God or she's speaking for Satan it can't be for both and clearly she is on the Lord's side and that God has spoken to his people more earnestly now than ever and just remember the last the suction of say it will be to make her writings of no effect. So clearly her writings have authority for us as a people they're not simply inspiring. They're not simply devotional in nature and yes we gain great devotional value and inspirational value from reading them but they have inspired value for us when we read her writings. Now I want to make a few personal impractical illustrations for for us and then also make a few comments about how we use her writings within the church. First of all and all talking about you know books that you can read first of all the. The writings of L. and Y. are never to replace the reading of scripture and the study of scripture. So if you're reading L N Y and you're not reading the Bible something isn't going completely right in your devotional life and so you always want to make sure that you have a clear grasp of Scripture and you want to make sure that you are spending time in Scripture and if you're having a hard time you know finding reading the Bible interesting and you know what's especially maybe if you're an academy and and you're in college. Sometimes it can be a bit of a developmental process to learn how to make the Bible interesting but once you figure it out there's nothing better. And so if you're having a hard time and you're slogging through first Chronicles. And it's a great book Don't get me wrong. Start with the songs and remember that the Psalms of David go to the Psalms of David a man after God's own heart and pray those Psalms back to God so that what David is saying will become your experience and how you relate to God and then the Bible starts to become real and it starts to become alive and so. You know when you read Ellen what you can see how she had that own experience with Scripture and if you're reading her writing he would want to have that experience as well but you know don't start with the hard stuff in the Old Testament start with the areas of scripture where you can really have a deep living connection with God. And then I certainly find personally very rewarding the study of prophecy in Daniel and Revelation and I also deeply enjoy the books of rooms and he reasoned the spiritual value that those books have when it comes to Ellen why you know if you're at a starting point in your reading experience with her I would occur dish steps to Christ as a starting place and you're never going to read a better book outside of the Bible on the plan of salvation that you go through the book and you should go through it every so often for those of us who are adults we should we need to go through the book every so often because it's so clear the plan of salvation and then go through the conflict of the ages series Read it read it through and you may not realize this those of you who are younger but if you read through the conflict of the ages series and and you gain the value from that series you're going to know more about the Bible the most people you may not realize that if you read through the conflict of the ages series. You're going to know more about the Bible then even an ad in us of Bible scholars who simply. Read through the Bible for doubting purposes you know tell you a story on my in my car I have satellite radio and I have C.N.N. and I listen to that I get the that car one day a week when I have my thirty minute drive the rest of the way Joel gets a bit anyway on the one day that I have the car with a satellite radio on listening to C.N.N. and they have the series on their one time about the Bible which it's interesting to hear what secular people or non adding this people say about the Bible and they have this so-called Bible scholar from Notre Dame and she was talking about the differences in the four Gospels and she was calling into question whether or not Jesus and John the Baptist were really cousins and she was saying that Luke probably just put that in his writings to make. John feel better about himself and there was like Are you kidding me like so on what basis that you come up with such an idea. When you read the conflict of the ages series you'll see how all of those things connected gather and how Mary and Elizabeth were related and just picked up little points here and there and you're going to know more about the Bible and how it's connected than some of these people who are out there who think they're so smart and know so much and yet the ideas that they're coming up with are just out to lunch so. We really have a privilege to have such good books that teaches so much about the Bible. Once you get through the conflicts of the ages series then go to the testimonies for the church and basically any issue any major issue that you are going to face individually or within the church you're going to find in that nine volumes. It's the testimony of Jesus of the administrators. And if there are some adults here in this room who have never read through the testimonies. Boy you need to get them out. I mean if you're a seventh Avenue and you haven't read the testimonies and you're past the age of twenty five years in that wood skis. You can read it I mean you can you can read your news and your whatever you have time to listen you make time for what's important to uni you know all knowing every single one of you makes time for what is most important to you and if you can't make time to read the testimonies you need to re-evaluate your. Level to your walk with God steps to Christ conflict of the ages series page written promise Providence. Things the Zire of ages acts of the Apostles great converts the powerful reading. Once you get through that then you go through the practical and sometimes on Constable testimonies the many of which will hit us personally. And. But don't stop there. Make sure you read other things like Christ object lessons which has practically a deep illustrations of the parables of Christ. I'm sure that you can get through washer the holes I haven't asked but I'm guessing this is a safe bet that you read the book education by the time you're done here. That's why you're here. It's one of the best books she ever wrote True education. So many people don't understand what shrew education is and I went through all the way through Lama wonder through medical school and yes I gained some good education but shrew education is a different then good education and make sure you know the difference physical mental and spiritual it's a complete. It's a complete package. And you know right now the summit they had and the church is promoting a program called revived by his word and it's going through the Bible for the second time now corporately as a church but now this time after the latest general conference session. It's added the Spirit of Prophecy and it started with steps to Christ now it's just finishing up crisis object lessons and I'm guessing that we'll have the conflicts series after this I'm sure but the that's a good way to get into the reading program as well now those are some practical helpful illustrations so if you haven't really read her writings before maybe you're an academy or even taller to start with steps to Christ make sure you have that personal relationship with Jesus and if you're really connected to the world you're reading three steps to Christ. You're going to develop a deep meaningful walk with him and then you will build on that you go through basically the whole Bible as you read the conflicts series then you make things practical as you go through the testimonies as she deals with specific issues and then cover as some of the other books price object lessons education councils on stewardship. Councils on education there's a lot of other books that are out there messages to young people a lot of wonderful books and now I would say that I would recommend that you read through all of the books that she wrote. As a book and then you can go to the compilations after that because messages to young people is excellent but it's a compilation of councils on diet and food as excellent it's a compilation. That's a bit different when you're reading one liners paragraph after paragraph after paragraph which are all good versus reading a book straight through that she wrote from start to finish. So start with the books that she wrote from start to finish and then go to the compilations after that I'm fine with compilations but I would just say read the books that she wrote from start to finish first and then go from there because then that gives you a clear foundation of of her writing style. Now what about how do we use the spirit of prophecy within the church and there's sort of this age old conflict wherever I've been as to. The level of appropriateness firm for quoting her even from the pulpit and how do we use her in a church board meeting setting and so on and so forth Well first of all I would say in any setting where all of you are Seventh Day Adventists you should never have to apologize for using your writings. I mean if you're having to apologize for using the writings of L. and Y. among seven thousand is there something wrong with that picture so especially when you're in a board meeting and and then they're like oh we don't want I want you know the. You should be able to use for cancel an instruction which is the testimony of Jesus within the church setting where you are dealing with each other as fellow brother brothers and sisters dealing with an issue and we have counsel from the Lord on that issue. Now what I would say first. Hopefully you can have clear biblical instruction. I mean the Bible's pretty clear on most things I mean some people try to make it sound like and unfortunately I've seen this in recent times they try to make divorce a marriage seem like it's a muddy issue and whatever the Bible has a very clear issues a very clear Council on that Ellen why makes that even clearer but if you can have a clear the say a through the Lord from the Bible Graybill often gives us further helpful counsel. So what I'm saying there is if you're among seventy Atmos maybe it's on a church board setting or an institutional board setting or maybe you're in a meetings setting where everybody is adding to this you know. There shouldn't be any issue with that now sometimes people raise concern and this is where I'm coming from you don't necessarily have to agree with me but this is where I'm coming from sometimes people raise concerns by saying well we're bringing our non Agnes friends the church and we're concerned that you're quoting from Ellen Y. and this is what I would say to that Ellen why I wrote the conflict of the ages series. And crisis object lessons and steps the crisis for the purpose of reaching on Adams's and as canvassers those of you who do canvassing from the school what are you doing you're going out and you're selling these books that people write because you're trying to get the message into their hands and if L M Y found that these books were appropriate and in fact she says that she had a greater desire for the great controversy of the Five Books of the conflict series that's the one that has the most controversial stuff that identifies the anti-Christ and and it's the mark of the beast in the Sunday law and all of that kind of stuff and that was the book that she was more eager to get into the hands of the people that are out there in the world more than any of the other books that she has written. Although she certainly wasn't opposed to your other books getting out there and I would just make a plug for the canvassers I'm sure you've heard this but if there's any one book you want to sell to the people make sure it's the great controversy Don't be afraid of the but when you're giving a message and sure I would simply say. You know there's there are certain ways that you can present something but. I believe that in a Seventh Day Adventist Church in seventy AD in this pulpits we should not be ashamed of the use of her writings that she is the testimony of Jesus to Gaza last they room the church and just remember one of the last the sessions of Satan as the maker writings of none effect. And if we start to get to the point as some of the Agnes where we feel we can't even use her in our pulpits What does the devil do you know he's making her writings of none effect. Now certainly I'm not for a bad approach to the use of her writings in the church and I think we've all seen that happen at times you can be people over the head with the Bible from the pulpit and certainly you can do that with Ellen Y. and. It's probably a bit easier to do that with her writings just because of. The clear language that she uses but you know I wouldn't go to an obscure manuscript release. If you're in a room full of non Agnes and then years of that. I would start with steps across as our ages and things of that nature but all I'm saying is don't get scared away from the use of the writings of L. and why an ad in this poll puts And if if you're not a preacher but you're just someone who is a supportive member in the church be encouraging of your church to continue to uphold the spirit of prophecy in the church because my belief is that the churches that continue to uphold her writings in their churches and in their congregations and who are using the methods that she has encouraged us to use Christ method alone is the. I'm not going to quoted the right way you probably know better than maybe they'll bring true success in reaching people you gain their confidence then he said follow me if we're using that method and if we're using her writings we shouldn't have any difficulty in in reaching people or and turning them off from from being interested in her writings because if she is truly the testimony of Jesus when her writings are used properly. It should bring conviction to those who are even not members of our church. So. I think we're about out of time here so let me just summarize what I've shared so far on why makes a very clear how she understands her role she's the lesser light leading to the greater light but God clearly has spoken through her with a message and she does have authority for us as a people in a for on a personal level with testimonies to us and also doctrinally when she speaks on doctrine. What she says was coming from God and it's not simply her opinion she wasn't under the influence of her husband James wider meth or anybody else she was speaking on behalf of Christ and she is not the Bible because she's one prophet and there were many prophets over a span of centuries that constitute the greater light known as the canon of scripture but the same Spirit that inspired the Bible inspired her so she still has authority as the Bible has authority and make sure that you're reading her writings don't discard the Bible make sure you're spending time in the Bible but make sure you're reading her writings as well start with steps to Christ then go to the five part conflict of the ages series then go to the testimonies then go to all of the other books that she wrote from start to finish then go to the compilations and maybe finish up with the manuscript releases and they're all very good you're going to get a blessing from reading all of them and make sure that you're not a for free to use her properly in within the the realm of the administers Don't be ashamed of using her writings use her in a friendly positive way but there are times when. We need to stand up and to speak up on behalf of truth and I can tell you that those who are opposed to your writings are not afraid to stand up and to condemn her and to content condemn the pillars of our faith and God is looking for people here in this room tonight who are going to make a difference in the add in this church in the future going forward who in a Christ like way will stand up and say we believe that we are the remnant church and that we have the testimony of Jesus and that God has spoken through Sister Wives and. So that's a good stopping point for our meeting this evening we are going to be back at seven o'clock for the last meeting and again remember if you have questions you can come up there some yellow sticky notes up here you can write the questions on I believe Pastor Powell is going to help collect those questions and where you or you can just lay them up here that's fine and we will take those questions after my presentation in the next session so let's go ahead and honest far as possible it's Neal for prayer Father in heaven we thank you for the Sabbath that we've been able to spend together and as the Sabbath hours draw to a close we just want to thank you that you love us so much that you have given us a testimony to help us in our personal walk with you so I just pray that we would. Except these messages and that we would spend time in these messages that we would incorporate these messages and that people would be able to see the Our Lives of and Shane and the image of Jesus. We with each person here I thank you for this for this institution be with each student faculty member family and for a member of this institution and we thank you for all your blessings to us and I pray this in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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