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Christ's Method Alone

Chris Buttery
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  • January 24, 2015
    11:30 AM
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For millennia people from different countries cultures and backgrounds have found direction and encouragement in the inspired pages of the Bible in his day. Jesus directed listeners to search the prophecies of Scripture to find him. The only way of salvation two thousand years later as we stand on the brink of eternity. We know less need the purpose and hope God's Word provides Sacramento central church brings you receiving the word timely Bible messages presented by pastors Chris buttery and Mike Thompson amazing revelations await viewing God's Holy Word the Bible the title to the message the Smalling is Christ's method alone. Christ method alone. One of my favorite story. This has to do with. One so earnest Shackleton may have you have heard of so in a Shackleton. Few of your kept powerful powerful story. He was already a celebrated the polar explorer in a Shackleton coordinate of the British imperial trans and tactic expedition with the goal of accomplishing the first crossing of the Antarctic continent a feat he considered to be the last great pole a journey of the Horowitz of exploration. In the symbol nineteen fourteen Shackleton set sail with twenty seven of his men twenty seven man crew many of whom he said it is said responded to the following recruitment notice. Just tell me whether you would respond to this announcement men wanted for hazardous journey small wages bitter cold long months of complete darkness constant danger safe return doubtful on a recognition in case of success. You'd be signing up right away wouldn't you. This the last of Shackleton's adventurous would prove to be the most challenging and would test the stamina and the backbone of every man who responded to this unlikely recruitment notice all men did did make it back safely but none would have a say they were confident that it would ever become a reality. It's a powerful story should take time to read it some time now these days RISP few would respond to such a call. However the bible reveals a group of men and women brave individuals willing to walk through brave the challenging conditions the world has ever seen the Bible talks about a time of trouble such as never was and like Shackleton's min they too will consider whether they will make it to the end but they are up to the test and the reason for that is because they know in who they believe they know in whom they believe now Jesus speaks of these individuals in Matthew chapter twenty four. We have we've looked at these characteristics before the last few weeks. Jesus mentions them in Matthew twenty four he says these are the individuals and put them on the screen for these individuals that will in Jewett till the end that's verse thirteen of Matthew chapter twenty four. They'll also be according to verse fourteen witnesses to the power of the gospel and then in verse forty five they will be faithful and wise servants who know how to give bread in juice season to those that one hungry. Now these individuals that live in the last days and a braving the storms and the tumult of the latter days they realize that there's not going to be a more favorable time than the present to win people to Jesus. Side they sympathize with Jesus when he told his disciples at one time that the harvest is already white the fields are already white for harvest and then in Luke Chapter ten and verse two he tells us that the harvest is what the harvest is great what did he mean what does he mean I wasn't referring to the end of the World Harvest where the angels come and gather and separate the good in the bad no no no this is the the harvest of the of the of the last or at least those who were lost and accepted Jesus as Savior. He's saying the harvest is great that they are today many men and women boys and girls waiting to be gathered in to the kingdom of heaven into God's Law Day church that they harvest is great and Jesus wanted his disciples really basically to see the world around them through New through new eyes he one of them to have a new perspective on the way they viewed the world from it's you think it's telling you look around you. There are people really waiting to be gathered in according to Jesus' words the harvest is was great the harvest is great but when we study Luke Chapter ten and verse two the last time we were together we identified a problem. Jesus said The harvest is great but there is a problem what is the problem the labor is a few we could say the laboring laborers a few because all those who have given their lives over to Jesus cold laborous were cold to share Jesus with all of us. So why are they a futile laboring labor laborous to help in the great harvest to gather in the harvest why so few we look to several potential reasons some laboring labors distracted some. Are a little indifferent to the cause and others just simply. Discouraged and so the question we ask here this morning is where do we go from here. The harvest is great. The labor is a few. Where do we go from here what's the solution and will more respond to the Cole. What can we do about this huge huge problem. Have you ever prayed a daring prayer an audacious prayer not not the run of the mill blessing at the table mill table Thank you Lord for the food today. Bless it too good we pray we thank you for your loving care with others. Now we're not a prey like that although commendable and beautiful and nice now a daring pray. Lord May I have a good day and please just bless me. Not that type of prayer a daring prayer and or dayshift prayer a feel less prayer and intrepid prayer. You remember a couple of instances in the Bible where men did to pry. A day or AIM or dayshift intrepid prayer we think of Moses who stood in the gap after Israel broke out the golden calf and worshiped it and he prayed Oh in this is recorded in Exodus thirty two he said oh these people have sinned a great sin and have made for themselves a god of gold. Yet now if you will forgive their sin but if not I pray a lot may be out of your book which you have written was that a daring prayer. It was a bold prayer that was an audacious prayer Alija some years later the logic came on the scene and he stretched himself out three times over the lifeless body of the son of the widow of their office and he prayed in this record in First Kings Chapter seventeen he said Oh Lord my God I pray let this child's life come back to him man. Talk about an old prayer a feel this prayer. Now Jesus challenges us to pray a daring predator with me to Luke Chapter ten we can look at these words Jesus encourages us here today in these. Last days to pray a bold print all day shifts prayer challenging prayer. Luke Chapter ten and verse two. Let's read it together. Jesus said to them the harvest is truly great. But the labors few Now watch. Therefore pray the lord of harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. That's a prayer. Now it may not appear to be pretty daring on the surface but a careful study of the words revealed in this text that Jesus shares with us finds that this request is simply incredible. The Greek verb here for the would pray is dull my dull my it means to be see each It needs to means to plead earnestly. It means to beg it means to employ all. So the word is actually much stronger than just to simply pride or ask for a request the verbal the word used here pray in Luke Chapter ten is also in the imperative. So also in the imperative therefore pray the lord of Hava So what does that mean what's an imperative. It's simply a come on isn't it an imperative is a command and imperative expects active response in other words it's not all optional. You got to do this but I expect an active response. And similarly Jesus is the shimming that we will respond. Pray a lot of hard as he's not it's not a polite suggestion it's an imperative it's a come on he's expecting an active response but there's more we can learn from the words of Jesus when we look at Luke Chapter ten and verse two in Jesus' appeal for us to pray. Jesus is asking us to pray earnestly to plead to beg the lot of harvest. By using an heiress. Imperative. He is saying to us Stott prying earnestly. You're not prying as you ought to be prying Instead you need to stop pleading with the Lord of the harvest to do something that's what Jesus is saying here it's an heiress imperative. You're not prying. So I want you to stop crying. You need to stop crying to the lot of harvest for this particular thing now perhaps at this point you might be thinking wait a minute I don't understand why do I need to be begging the Lord of the harvests Why do I need to be begging him to send out laborous Why do I need to stop pleading with him as I've never pleaded with all prayed with him before. Isn't this his harvest doesn't he already want me to do this so why big Let me suggest that it has more to do with changing our hearts then God's God knows what's needed he knows what he wants but our praying this prayer has more to do with change more to do with changing our hot standoffs in praying this way we're actually giving God permission to do something absolutely fantastic and wonderful in our lives. So what's so different about this prayer. What's so different about it as we dig deeper we find the answers in the words of Jesus. We are the stop pleading in Asli with the Lord of the harvest to do what what is a say there in Luke Chapter ten and verse to pray the lord of harvest to do well send out laborers into his harvests send out laborous but send out laborers doesn't fully capture the intent. The original Bible ride a myth the verb in Greek for send out is the word apple a stone from which we get the noun Apple still us and we get the English word. Apostle That's right exactly when the gospel records that Jesus sent out his disciples. He used that verb to send out. But here in Luke Chapter ten and verse two it's a different verb. It is not apa Stella. Apostol is far too polite a translation the verb used here is bhalo ik load biologist simply means to cost or to throw the gospel writer John. He uses bhalo when the disciples Kostin it out of the boat to catch fish like Balo. They caught for that cost then it Baal I mean simply to throw water cost but that still doesn't capture the full complete meaning of what Jesus is asking us to do the Greek in Luke Chapter ten verse two is not Barlow but pick by the prefix X. stands for out. So what is a me to walk cost out or to throw out to cast out or to throw out and on numerous occasions in the Gospel the Gospels employ. Low for casting out demons as radical the Verbeck bhalo also occurs when Jesus drove out the money changers he drove out ect bhalo the money changers out of the temple. So as we can see the verb that is used here is not a weak verb. It's a very strong word Jesus isn't asking us to pray some flimsy prayer. It's a very strong pray what he's asking for you and I to do for you and me to do is to plead and beg a lot of the harvest to cost out to throw out laborers to hurl out laborous to cost out laborers into his harvest. But now you have to consider that you cannot pray this prayer on your less you're willing to be the salute. To that prayer somebody put the prayer in these words and we'll put it on the screen in just every day even Acura Lord of the harvest I earnestly plead you to cost out laborers into your harvest and you give I give you permission to begin with me. We cannot pray this prayer. Unless we're willing to give allow God to cost us out into the harvest to be the answer to the prayer that we prying Jesus himself was willing to be cast out he's inviting us to pray this prayer he himself was willing to be cast out to admit a mocked up to one of those twelve. Matthew records might Matthew because we're going to mock chapter one verse twelve. Matthew records that immediately after Jesus' baptism the Spirit led him into the wilderness later. Jesus emerged from that wilderness to begin his active ministry in the fulfillment of the prophecy in Isaiah the Gospel Radha mock However on the other hand records that Jesus was thrown out notice mock chapter one. And we're looking at the twelve. Mark one of those twelve notice what it says e mediately he the Spirit wot drove him into the wilderness drove him into the wilderness and he was there in the wilderness forty days tempted by Satan and was with the wild beasts and the angels ministered to him. All right so the verb in mocked up to one of us twelve is Bailo to cost out Jesus was willing to be thrown out into the harvest Jesus not only willing to pray but he was also willing to be the. To his own prayer those fourteen is says now after John was put in the prison Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God Now perhaps at this point. And you might be thinking. Man what will happen if I give God permission to cost me out into the harvest. What was going to happen to me let me just simply said submit that that's going to be God's responsibility and not yours. That's God's responsibility and not yours when the Lord of the harvest throws you out. He's not discarding you. He's not putting you in the trash. He's not going to do that rather he's placing you way he wants you to be putting you right where you need to be now for some it may be a distant land and God does that this is his responsibility. We just need to be willing to go. It may be a foreign land maybe a new place or it may be right where you just simply live and that would be OK as well because we are missionaries right where we are your assignment and my assignment is simply willing to be ready to pray the Lord of the harvest earnestly play Lord of the harvest I earnestly played. I beg you to cast out labors into your harvest and I give you permission to begin with me I give you permission to begin with me question is are you willing to respond to that call and when he throws you out you don't need to be scared. You don't need to fear. Jesus knows what he's doing far more than you know what to do with your own life. Which would you rather trust your journey into the hands of someone who knows what to expect because he or she knows the way he's got directions or would you rather trust your safe arrival into the hands of another who has absolutely no idea how to get there. And it's OK to cast yourself at the mercy of Jesus who knows what's better for you than you know yourself for yourself. He knows your life he knows where you want to be he knows where you ought to go he knows that. Direction you need to take and you can trust Jesus with that you can trust Jesus with that what picture comes to your mind when you think about working in the harvest. Maybe you think of a corner. Street Preachers standing on his little soapbox and he's preaching to the crowd as I walk by is that what comes to mind. Maybe you're thinking of going door to door knocking on some doors. Maybe a mission some missionary work out of town for some sitting here today no doubt these pictures might be foreboding and could probably scare the most willing candidate out of the harvest business. I want to propose the most successful way to reach people. For Jesus the most meaningful way and everyone can do it when Christ was cast out the disciple when Jesus rather when Jesus cast out the disciples with the gospel message in his day faith in God faith in His word was seriously lacking in the world his Would being set aside by tradition and human philosophy selfish ambition and love of pretense and greed of gain preoccupied the minds of men as reverence for God departed so also compassion toward man selfishness was the ruling principle and the enemy of souls worked his will in the misery and the degradation of the people in that way. What is the condition in the world today is a similar to the day that Jesus sent out his disciples is in faith in the Bible being destroyed by high the high a critical method of biblical interpretation by taking a haphazard approach to the Scriptures and by other methods of interpretation hasn't greed and ambition and love of pleasure a strong hold on people now today as it did back in the days of Jesus. Surely surely in the professed Christian world. How many are actually governed by Christian principles in business social economic even religious circles. How many make the teachings of Christ their rule for daily living. How many we're living as one author put it in a in the midst of an epidemic of crime corruption prevails every day brings bad news every day brings hot sickening record of violence and crime of indifference to human suffering of the brutal destruction of human life every day testifies to the increase of insanity. Murda and of suicide and while the world is filled with these these evils the Gospel is too often presented in so lacks a manner as to make little impression upon the consciences and the lives of other individuals. Everywhere there are hots that are crying out the something they don't have they long for a power. That will give them Victorio of a sin a power that will deliver them from the bondage of evil a power up that will give them health that will give them life and that will give them pace but how how how are we to go about doing that if we are going to be the answer to I'm praying Lord I beg you I plead cost out labors into your vineyard into your harvest and then I give you permission to begin with me how do we do that what can I do to bring hope and health and healing to all those I want to put the answer on the screen for you this to me is the answer is found in a beautiful book entitle ministry of healing page one forty three I want you to notice what the office is Christ's method was that would alone will give true success in reaching the people so here it is Jesus' method of reaching people will give true success to our efforts. In reaching people crisis method alone will give true success not some false success not just a success of numbers and and data but true success in reaching the people so what did Jesus do what did Jesus do that was so effective that you and I can implement that anyone of us can do this is something that we all can do what did he do the savior mingled with men as one who desired the good to first of all Jesus didn't isolate himself from other people. Jesus was like salt and he told you when I said to you and I like the salt of the earth and we to be mingled in into it into the community. He mingled with men not just hung out with him because he just wanted to be cool in hang out with them just because he wanted to do research and study their behavior patterns. Jesus hung out with them for one purpose only and that was to watch for the good he desired their good. He showed his sympathy for them so when they cried Jesus cried when they smiled. Jesus smiled. He sympathized with them and what did he do what to go on to do he was ministered to their needs. He didn't just simply say our brother sister I pray for you God bless you be healed. He ministered to the needs the Gospels are riddled with stories of Jesus healing people you know Jesus His ministry can be summed up as a teaching preaching healing ministry. That's it teaching preaching healing ministry three go together teaching preaching healing ministry he ministered to the needs and what did he do by doing all of that he did what he won the confidence he won the confidence and then when he had won their confidence it was at that point he said Come follow me come follow me. Wow So did you notice mingling mingling desiring one. Good showing sympathy ministering to the needs and winning their confidence and then he asked them to follow may not one without the other he didn't say Follow Follow me and then he did all these other things. Neither did he do all of these things and then kept his mouth shut. He did these things one the confidence then he said Follow me follow me you know if someone said once I've never forgotten it. We used to share this a lot with our literature evangelists in Ontario when when I worked in the publishing ministry. We sort of mind the literature evangelists people do not care about what you know until they know that you care and that's certainly a good motto for us as Christians and Seventh Day Adventists Christians to live by. Head swimming with knowledge coming from the Word of God and people certainly need to know the truth because Jesus said The truth will set them free people need to know the truth. But here are the steps here are the steps mingling desiring ones good showing sympathy ministering and then showing them showing people you care showing people you care and then they will care about what you know or then they will care about what you know you notice and you probably have noticed as you read the scriptures that Jesus' most effective ministry was a one on one ministry. Yes he preached to the crowds. Yes he taught numerous people but his most successful ministry result was a result of his one on one ministry and we do public evangelism and we ought to continue. We do media ministry and yes we want to continue the success of ministry in the church is on what is in one on one encounters each one reaching one each one reaching. One and you're wondering hang on a second. That's kind of a slow method isn't it. That's kind of your Jesus is supposed to be coming soon how can we tell more people of his other methods and ways and we shouldn't ignore those yes but Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people and what was the method one on one you can make a difference to that one or to that on or to that one because Jesus is living in you in your hot and Jesus said freely you have received and now freely give freely give pray that daring prayer pray that or day shifts prayer. What does it say pray that that intrepid pray there feel less pray Lord of the harvest I honestly plead with you to cost out labors and your harvest and you have permission to begin with me I don't know what is going to look like Lord I don't know what it's going to. Turn out like but you can know today that Jesus knows what it will turn out like you can know you can know that he will use you even if you study you stammer even if you make some mistakes along the way he's the greatest teacher and he's very patient here work with us each to reach one for Jesus died FIA make yourself available to God trust him as you allow the Lord of the harvest to throw you into his harvest and let me just tell you what an experience it will be as we close. I need to remind you one more thing and we put this up on the screen during the series as to most humans to go in the series. It says Laura says I cannot work my soul to save for that the Lord has done but I will work like any slave for the love of gods the a son. We're so glad you decided to tune into today's receiving the word program. To discover more about the Bible. We'd like to invite you to enroll in our free online bible studies by visiting S.A.S.E. Central dot au argy and click on the media resources DAV to listen to other life changing Bible messages from Sacramento central church go to youtube dot com forward slash the central connection or visit us Saturday mornings at ten fifty A.M. for a live worship experience at sixty forty five chameleon Avenue across the street from Sacramento State University. We look forward to seeing you there.


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