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I Saw Satan Fall

Chris Buttery
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  • February 7, 2015
    11:30 AM
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For millennia people from different countries cultures and backgrounds have found direction and encouragement in the inspired pages of the Bible in his day. Jesus directed listeners to search the prophecies of Scripture to find him. The only way of salvation two thousand years later as we stand on the brink of eternity. We know less need the purpose and hope God's Word provides Sacramento central church brings you receiving the word timely Bible messages presented by pastors Chris buttery and Mike Thompson amazing revelations away cueing. God's Holy Word the Bible. We've been reading the last few weeks and this is the close of our series the great harvest here the Smalling we've been reading about seventy individuals in Luke Chapter ten and Tim there with me this one last time Chapter ten and the instruction that Jesus gave to the seventy followers of Jesus and Jesus had gathered them together. And he told them to go out and proclaim the good news. He told them that the harvest was what great and he told them that the laborers were a fuse so they were to do was pray that the lot of harvest would send out laborers or we are told to Ernest they put that the lot of harvest will cost out throw out laborous into his vineyard and so they would upright as they would to work that God would send more workers apparently. Their mission to visit in the midst of the people was successful Jesus has sent them out they came back and the Bible says they came back happy and they were encouraged because God had used them and God had blessed the notice in Luke Chapter ten and verse seventeen will have it on the screen on the screen as well then the seventy returned with was joy. The seventy return with joy saying Lord even the demons are subject to us in your. Now the word joy is not a word that we often use every day. The word joy used here carries with it a sense of calm delight or a type of holy happiness as exposed to an exuberant jumping up and down as is often suggested Jesus use this word in three stories or three parables in Luke Chapter fifteen stressing the need for the rescued to go out and to rescue those still in need of rescuing he painted the picture of heaven rejoicing the atmosphere in heaven. He says I saw I say to you that Likewise there shall be joy in heaven over one the sinner who repents rather than Then over rather ninety nine just persons who need no repentance there is what type of activity going on in heaven when someone repent. There is joy joy in heaven. Now poll writing to the Thessalonians believers in first this alone is chapter two verses nineteen and twenty one he asked this rhetorical question. He said For what is our hope or joy or crown of rejoicing. And he continues. Is it not or is it not even you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and His coming for you to glory and joy. Paul was in effect saying that the conversion of sinners and their readiness for the coming of Christ brought him joy this type of joy this type of calm. This cut cut type of cheerfulness you see and this idea gets even more interesting when we find out what took Jesus to the cross on his heel writing to the Jewish Christians pole. Writes in Hebrews Chapter twelve and verse two he says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who. For the joy that was set before him in June with the cross despising the shame. What was it that encouraged Jesus to go all the way to Calvary's cross it was the joy that was set before him but what was that joy that was set before him it was you. And it was me he saved at last in his kingdom you see that was the joy you and me saved at last the joy that was set before Him Jesus looking down down through the ages recognized that his sacrifice on Calvary was going to produce I harvest men and women boys and girls ready and ripe for the picking ready for heaven. And so that's what drove him to the cross it was that Joy you and me saved into the Kingdom of Heaven at Christ experience joy come delight by putting himself out there to work in the harvest and we. And here we discover what makes God smile when someone living a reckless life turns they Hotz heaven would God smiles when I. Come into my hot God smiles when a youth realizes that he or she doesn't have all the answers and recognizes the need of Christ God smiles when someone chooses to place God above their own way God smiles when Jesus saw all those who would unreservedly serve him because of his tremendous sacrifice. He smiled. It says for the joy that was set before him Hindoo with the cross and he despised the shame and you know that we know that Christ wouldn't have or didn't accomplish what he did had not the Spirit of God rested upon him it was. The Holy Spirit. That led Jesus into ministry to his baptism. It was the Spirit of God That annoying to Jesus to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick and to set the captives free. It was all by the Holy Spirit. And this was the experience as well of the early believe as if you have your Bibles a just him with me to accept a thirteen notice before Jesus went back to heaven he told the disciples to tarry in Jerusalem for the promise of His Father of the Father and that promise would come upon them and they would be in Judo indued with power from on high now Luke he made his point a little bit clearer when he wrote in The Book of Acts Chapter one Verse eight he said and you shall receive go back to Jerusalem and you shall receive paua when the Holy Spirit is to send it or is come upon you and you shall be my witnesses. So the disciples along with others then present were to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and this would grant them a bill of the ability to become effective witnesses for Christ in his cause not just once on the given day but in the to be their constant companion Jesus was to be their constant companion through the Holy Spirit and this source of strength always now notice in Acts Chapter thirteen and verse fifty two Luke records the experience of the disciples when they went out as Christ's witnesses notice the teen and verse fifty two and says and the disciples were filled with what they were through with joy and with the Holy Spirit that's right now Poland bonobos they went out to preach the Gospel and the Bible suggests that great paua attended their work in so much of the Scriptures record that many believe this is verses forty and forty nine that many believed and that the would of God was being spread throughout the region. Now if you read the story. Paul and Barnabas didn't have a cushy ride it wasn't easy for them they had some real challenges that they had to overcome and they learned dependence upon the Lord through those challenges and through those struggles you see. But the Bible says that they were filled it was under these conditions that the Bible says that they were filled with joy and they were filled with the Holy Spirit in other words they were experiencing true joy out there in the Lord's harvest. Notice how joy and the Holy Spirit will link together that will fill with what joy and the Holy Spirit you see it's of no small significance that when writing about the fruit of the Spirit. The Apostle pull includes joy as a part of the entire Christian experience in Galatians chapter five in verse twenty he says but the fruit of the Spirit is love. What's the second one Joy Joy. That's right. What is Joy cheerfulness calm delight deep satisfaction and poll is writing that true joy is experienced when we are filled with a lot of the harvest spirit when we are put out into the harvest you see in other words the spirit of God's desire. The Spirit of God's Desire is the same desire as the Lord of the harvests when a believer is filled with the Spirit he or she is going to want to do the same things that the Lord of the harvest wants to do you see as the spirit placed Jesus into the harvest. So to you he will place us if we are willing out there into the harvest as we pray Lord send out labors and I give you permission to begin with me your experience. My experience is one of joy as well and what makes God smile will make you. And I smile as well I do wonder though whether the lack of soul winning in God's church today may be a result of the fact that some of not truly experienced the joy of salvation and fully understand what happens in the believers life when the Spirit of God enters that person I wonder could it be that some of us don't bring people to Jesus because we are unsure of our own salvation. Could it be that some of us don't bring people to the truth of God's would because we ourselves a lacking true conviction could it be that some of us don't bring people to church because we waver in our commitment to Jesus and His Church. Could it be. Now go with me to check Luke Chapter ten again. Let's take a look here. Luke Chapter ten and I want to want to read those seventeen and eighteen. Luke Chapter ten versus seventeen and eighteen for the joy that was set before him. They were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit the fruit of the Spirit is love joy joy true joy is connected when we labor in God's harvest whether that be in our homes. Whether it be in the workplace wherever it be we experience true joy look at this Luke Chapter ten and verse seventeen and eighteen notice. Now the seventy returned with joy saying Lord even the demons are subject to us in your name. Now notice and he said to them that is Jesus said to them I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Now I am not sure if you can you might connect the dots here I'm not sure that this. It seems on the surface that these words the disciples coming back Joy joyful and happy that even the demons were subject to them in the name of Jesus and then Jesus seems to deviating go off into another topic and he says I saw. Unfold like lightning from Heaven doesn't seem to fit into the context or doesn't. I want to quote for you from that monumental work the desire of age as one of my favorite books written by an inspired author Ellen wind she spoke of this very verse and I want you to notice a couple of things is very interesting very interesting. She says here this is desired ages and. So if I get to the court for that it's on page number four hundred and ninety desire of ages page four hundred ninety. She says the scenes of the past and the present when Jesus said I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven she said the scenes of the past and the future were presented to the mind of Jesus he beheld Lucifer. As he was first cost out from the heavenly places. So this is referring to when Lucifer was when he rebelled in heaven when he took a third of the angels with him. We don't know exactly when that was we know it was before the creation of the world but it was it happened long ago. You see. But we can be sure that it happened and it came to place and it came to a place where Lucifer the once covering cherub had to be allowed was allowed to do his thing but God said enough was enough and he had before he completely ruined God's home. He asked Lucifer to leave as a matter of fact he did not ask him there was a war the Bible says and Lucifer and his angels the dragon and his angels were told in Revelation twelve were cast out. So when Jesus. Jesus said I saw Satan like Satan like lightning fall from heaven he thought about when Lucifer was cost out of heaven that first time way back when she continues. He looked forward also to the scenes of his own agony. When before all the worlds the character of the deceiver should be unveiled he heard the cry. It is finished and now. Saying that the redemption of the last race was for ever made certain that heaven was made it turn only secure against the accusations the deceptions the pretensions the Satan would instigate what she referring to she's referring to when Jesus would walk die on Calvary's cross that's what Jesus looked forward to as well he looked back to when Lucifer was cast out of heaven and then he looked forward to his own suffering his own. Agony referring to Revelation Chapter twelve and verse tin when he would be cussed out and happened when Jesus died on Calvary's cross Remember Satan claimed to be the rule of this earth after leaving Adam and Eve into sin but after the angels and the unfold and world saw to what length he would go to get what he wanted then the angels when the angel saw that their beloved commander in chief hanging bloody and upon that cruel cross Satan was exposed for who he was and any affection they still had for their previous leader that rebel anger was cast out. So when Jesus said he saw Satan full like lightning from heaven he saw him cost out of heaven and then he saw him being cast out of the completely out of the affections of the on full and Angel. But she continues beyond the cross of Calvary with his agony and shame. Jesus look forward to the final day when the prince of the power of the air will be will meet his face the struction in the earth so long mobbed by rebellion. Jesus beheld the work of evil for ever ended and the peace of God filling heaven and earth so Jesus was always looking for. Also looking forward to what time to after the one thousand years right after the one thousand years when the New Jerusalem would descend and Satan would marshal his forces although we could resurrect will be resurrected any marshals his forces to one more time try. To take the throne of God because that's what the devil has wanted all along but before the fire comes down from God out of heaven you see before it comes down something interesting happens something happens that causes everybody both saved and the lost those inside the city and those outside the city to bow then the US in humble recognition that Jesus Christ is Lord now for the saved it has become a part of that the pattern of their lives to bow down before Christ. So for them this is a heartfelt response when they bow down is something that they've always done and it's something that will do forever. Before the last they bow down because they recognize that they're completely deserving of what they are about to receive Satan again falls from his self promoted position but this time it's the last time and the fire comes down and the devil is cast into the lake of fire and that is it no more devil. No more sin no more evil done and finished. So in summary when Jesus said that he saw Satan as a lightning full From heaven he was referring to Satan's even. From Heaven long ago he was referring also to the eviction from any fictions or attachment the angels in heaven may still have toward I felt toward Lucifer and also to his final demise and destruction. But what have any of the he's got to do with the seventy and the joyful experience after being after going out into the LORD OF THE UNION and concludes page for ninety of desire of ages henceforth Christ's followers were to look upon Satan as a conquered far upon the cross Jesus was to gain the victory for the. And that victory that victory he desired them to accept as their man that you get that Christ victory is to be our victory you see the seventy they returned with joy and that joy was in Jew pot to the fact that the Devils the imps were being made subject to them in the name of Jesus as Christ had power over the Devils. So today. It was in this context that Christ saw Satan fall which I think informs us about a lot of things he tells us that each time I choose Jesus' plan for me each time I choose to his unselfish ways more than my own selfish ways. Satan is being knocked off his self important perch and that's a pretty incredible thought it seems to me that when I follow God's will. Above my own will. Satan is reminded constantly of his and now I don't know anybody who wants to end up doing the will of the devil whose desires is to be captive. But people do full pray into his clever trap which is invariably baited always with something good and something that looks like could come and we could enjoy it with just a little compromise just a little compromise the maybe the promise of sensual pleasure. Or just a chance to feel loved Lua could be the chance to get ahead and get out of a jam or just a little lie or a little compromise of your integrity. Maybe the devil is tempting you with what looks like the advantages of leaving your marriage. The satisfaction of getting even all the relief you'll get from abandoning a commitment the devil's basic strategy is really pretty simple get you obsessed with the. You might get so that you are blind to the trap that you're walking into he'll convince you it's just once it's just a little it won't hurt but those are all big fat lie. Perhaps he's got some of us rationalizing work on the Sabbath. Perhaps he's got someone focused on making their unbelieving spouse happy to a fault where they're not serving the Lord as they should be maybe he's got some of us obsessed with not wanting to be lonely and we end up in a relationship that's not good for us at all you know you will not only ultimately get you want to get what the devil is suggesting you might get the satisfaction the love the excitement the relief. It's just Satan's bait to take you captive and ruin everything he can in your life. He'll promise you anything if he can just get you to walk into his trap. But Jesus said I saw Satan full like lightning from heaven. You see every time you say no to the devil. Every time you step aside and away from his trap. Guess what happens to the devil he falls. That's what happens each time you make a wise choice and don't follow your feelings he falls. Every time you get a handle on your emotions and act more like Jesus the devil. When you admit to a mistake and you seek to fix it. He falls. Each time you stand for truth you do the right thing the smart thing. The best thing he is the devil is humiliated and this he is losing his influence in your life he says Each time the Devil falls God smiles God delights in your victories. God is happy when you stand under pressure God delights in your self sacrificing love and service God smiles. But why do we settle for less when the best. Is there. Just before C.S. Lewis once wrote something interesting he said our Lord finds out desire is not too strong but too weak we HOF hearted creature is fooling about with drink and six and ambition. When infinite joy is offered to us like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in the slum. Because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea we too easily policed you too easily policed and drawn into the devil's traps but remember the Smalling Jesus victory is to be your loss. There is hope there is hope in Jesus Christ when the seventy experience victory in the harvest filled the sick with healed the Bible says the captives was set free from out of their prison houses of sin. They loved instead of hated gave instead of received sacrificed instead of hoarded they came back rejoicing they came back rejoicing in this rejoicing Jesus saw the demise of the devil now I know we don't often think about this particular way but when we make ourselves available and this is so crucial when we make ourselves available to be used by God whatever way he sees fit it in allowing him to do whatever he wants to do in our lives according to how he's equipped us. According to the gifts he's given to us for the eternal betterment of humanity when we are engaged in ministry and doing what doesn't come naturally for most of us. Guess what happens. Satan knows that is and is ne. And you want to let the devil know that his end is near we ought to get working what do you say we ought to be involved in God's service to some extent what do you say if you want to remind the devil that is in his knee and that he's going to fall and fall permanently. We've got to be. Involved in the service in the harvest of the Lord true joy is not found in self-gratification. But in self sacrificing love that is expressed in deeds of kindness in Acts of Mercy and a passion to win somebody to the Savior Satan's end is inside when God's people remove every Beriah from doing the doing of God's will so why why would we has a tight. What about you do you want true joy in your life when one gains Christ's perspective on the world that the harvest is great and when we recognize that there is a problem that the labor few do. And once we begin to pray that Priya lot I plead send out laborers into your harvest and and you have permission to begin with me then and only then will we be able to experience true joy in our lives now Jesus concluded his teaching in Luke Chapter ten by reminding us that we will find out greatest joy of all and that is in a personal relationship with him. Notice Luke Chapter ten and verse twenty. Jesus said nevertheless do not rejoice in this. This is hyperbole do not rejoice in this yes go ahead rejoice in this but don't find all to his satisfaction in this that the spirit's a subject to you. But rather rejoice because your names are written way. Your names are written in Heaven is a wrong to rejoice when we see the Lord of the harvest working through us in wonderful ways. Now that's not at all no we can experience true joy when we see the Lord of the harvest accomplishing wonderful things through us but our greatest joy comes from knowing Jesus who is eternal life when you serve the Lord of the harvest. You also. Joy to the hot of Jesus himself. Immediately after seeing the joy of the seventy and hearing of their exploits of putting a dent in the devil's kingdom. Notice what Luke records in verse twenty one in that Alah Jesus rejoiced in spirit. That's right. Jesus rejoiced which I understand literally means jumping for joy. Jesus hot was jumping for joy when he saw his children happy he saw his children joyful satisfied because they were in the Lord's harvest Yes facing challenges. Yes facing difficulties but experiencing true joy from seeing individuals turn their light lives over to Jesus Christ and be saved in his kingdom. At last Jesus it says that in that in that Allaah Jesus rejoiced when you respond to the appeal of Jesus giving God permission to harvest through you. He experiences joy as well what a great thought you want to bring happiness and joy to the heart of God then experience what it's like to serve him and minister for him some of you while many of you some of you. You know there's some things you need to do you know God is calling you did certain things and he's asking you to work in his home office what a great joy a grateful what to recognize the high bring joy to the heart of Jesus I bring a smile to the face of God when I saw of him with joy filled with the Holy Spirit you want to respond to that coal now lot of the harvests send out laborers into your harvest and I give you permission to begin with me. We're so glad you decided to tune into today's receiving the word program to discover more of. The Bible. We'd like to invite you to enroll in our free online bible studies by visiting S.A.S.E. Central dot au argy and click on the media resources DAV to listen to other life changing Bible messages from Sacramento central church go to youtube dot com forward slash the central connection or visit us Saturday mornings at ten fifty AM for a live worship experience at sixty forty five chameleon Avenue across the street from Sacramento State University. We look forward to seeing you there.


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