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Madison and True Education

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • February 14, 2009
    9:00 AM
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him good morning everyone happy sounds good to see here for and assist re- class and was covered a lot of ground in this history of absences and so far and this is the topic for today I believe is a very important one we are going to be discussing the history of shrew education especially in the context of Madison College now how many of you are familiar with the history of Madison College would be interested by show of hands a few of you and so I'm looking forward to going through that one we have a warfare and we will get started father in heaven we thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you for the study of history that helps us to remember how you've led in the past and gives us an idea of how to move forward in the future we pray to you would be with us as we study the history of true education Madison and may inspire us to follow those principles in our own lives or prison Jesus minimum and before we get into the details of Madison per se I want to point out what the principles of true education are and I think we ate we probably all know this in its physical mental and spiritual now some of you may know but in the first Angels message itself we see the concept of true education you know that while in reveille fourteen were very familiar with the passage that says fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him it made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters now if you look at it carefully when we study the concept of fearing God giving glory to him and worshiping him we can see the concept of true education first of all we know the versus is the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom what is that both mental and then with giving glory to God Web server UG or drink or whatsoever unique although the glory of God that's physical and of course worship found that spiritual so the concept of physical mental and spiritual coming together as a complete unit is seen in the first Angels message which God gave his remnant people took clearly true education is something that God cares deeply about in the group of people that he raised up to give the three Angels messages that make sense if you have a group of people to give the three Angels messages you need to have a group of people that fit together the packet of true education which teaches physical mental and spiritual education combined as a complete unit and not separated from each other as for going to see today God has done his best to work through people in the past to make that a reality note one other thing that I want to point out when we see the principles of true education lived out in the lives of the students you follow these principles these are the characteristic there we will see in our young people a day this is some an education the book is not a compilation of the book that Walmart wrote about true education education page fifty seven the history of Joseph and Daniel is an illustration of what he will do for those who yield themselves to him and with a whole heart seek to accomplish his purpose when here's the famous quote the greatest one of the world is the woman then many who will not be bought or sold nephew in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call soon by its right name menus consciousness is true as duty as Neil to the poll and then he will stand for the right though the heavens fall of torture education produces many will stand for the right of the heavens fall not necessarily to go for the best job that sacrifices in principle but such a character is not the result of accident it is not due to special favors or endowments of Providence a noble character is the result of self-discipline of the subjection of the lower to the higher nature the surrender of self for the service of love to God and man subordinates see today were in a C in this history of really cute he met to set out to live their lives according to the principles of true education and to be as true 's duty is the nihilist of the poll to call somebody to write name to be used of God in a mighty way and in such a mighty way that were still talking about the day over a hundred years later and may be said of us that we would be as faithful as the P for you to talk about then now in the back ground of this context of true education one of our first Adventist educators was named Goodloe Harper Bell he was in Battle Creek and he was the first Adam is one of the first at least of it of the address educators to have the concepts of making the Bible the centerpiece of education and he taught other courses associated with the Bible including geography and arithmetic in physiology and all those kind of things and half the day was spent with the study of those subjects and how it related to the Bible and the other half of the day was spent in physical labor so there you have physical mental and spiritual as a complete package in one full day every day sounds pretty reasonable now unfortunately there were other at educators in Battle Creek at the same time to her convinced that an education in the Classics was more important and that studying books all day learning foreign languages and basically becoming experts in Latin and languages that aren't used was more important than getting out and learning how to plan a garden and build a house or things like that and Goodloe Harper Belsen was one of the first people to fight that battle and I bring that up just to show that there is a tension developing from the very beginning of that miseducation as to whether or not to have a complete package of physical mental and spiritual or to just focus primarily on the mental and hello but a spiritual and very little physical and that extension continued now around it what's very interesting is in the year eighteen eighty eight which we studied about already in this class the year that is famous for the General conference session were righteousness by faith was first presented in clarity to the church and Helen White said that the Lord was beginning to pour out the latter rain through that message will in that very year of eighteen eighty eight she invited a young man named Percy Magana to live in her house and it was at the same time that person again became very good friends with EA Sutherland now Percy Magana just moved from a higher lens to the United States and Sutherland was from the United States may quickly struck up a friendship of friendship that would last the remainder of their lives and it was that I believe in God or gain friendship and it was from that time some very significant things started to happen first of all Ellen why personally gave instructions as Sutherland and McGann about the message of righteousness by faith of Sutherland or that Jones and Wagner had been teaching since Sutherland them again imagine this these are young men probably in their I forget what year they were born that they are probably under twenty at this time I could be wrong but they were young men and Ellen why is personally instructing them about the message of righteousness by faith and how many of you would have appreciated that opportunity now what's interesting is weakest element if I have that opportunity I would've stayed straight to the course the remembered John Harvey Kellogg was with a long one what happened in talk about that with Adrienne next week actually few weeks but my cameras with Alan Whiteside on him again become good friends and she educates them on the principles of righteousness by faith and she also takes the opportunity to educate them on the principles of true education and Sutherland McGann bought it bought this as a complete package of medicine the message of righteousness by faith the power of an indwelling Christ forgives us our deliver righteous life by faith and from that principle we live out the principles of righteousness buying for creating true education into her life not just in the classroom but in everything that we do in our lives and so Sutherland them again became really the plan years if you will of true education now what happened shortly after this you Sutherland was called to become the head of Walla Walla College so Percy McGann stayed at Battle Creek and started teaching in the Bible department and in some other courses about creeds and EA Sutherland goes out to the Northwest to help start this new college wall wall now it's another interesting point to be made here is that when Sutherland McGann were in Battle Creek they were influenced very strongly by Doctor Kellogg and yeah we know that Doctor Kellogg had about him but we also know that as we studied the health message that Doctor Kellogg to the why good things and one of the things that he did was that he convinced Sutherland McGann that a vegetarian diet was the only way to get so EA Sutherland goes out to Walla Walla and he shows up to the calf we are to follow the councils of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy according to everything it says no exceptions the first off our cafeterias and become vegetarian so Walla Walla becomes the first vegetarian cafeteria because EA Sutherland says where to follow the counsel of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy a backup for just a minute and say when Sutherland McGann will gaining instruction from Helen why they made a pact with each other where they said for the rest of our lives we are to live our lives by every word of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy no matter what it costs us and so here you see Sutherland implementing that principle when he shows up in Walla Walla living by every word of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and that's part of true education is a powerful example and I might daresay that we wouldn't be talking about Sutherland McGann if they hadn't follow this principle so Sutherland goes out to Walla Walla implements the principles of true education and if you read the story and some of the story of his time while wall isn't this that God 's beautiful farm which primarily talks about Madison theater if you don't have a good future together and you should definitely read it Sutherland would get up at four thirty in the morning and by five thirty in the morning he was working with the students on cutting word because they needed would further fireplaces to keep the place warmth and so it wasn't that Sutherland in the gathering will see this at Madison it wasn't that they said this is how we should do true education okay students go out and do it and then they sat back by and just read a nice doctor hung out with her family and did nothing they were actively involved with the students in the physical ever in the mental and spiritual exercises as well all Walla Walla became such a success and by the way when when Sutherland showed up much of Walla Walla 's property had been sold off against Ellen White's counsel she said to keep a large amount of property out in the country so that you can have find of agriculture while the leaders in Walla Walla before Sutherland got there sold off a lot of the property to get out of debt and once he got thirty said we need to get that property back in he ended up buying back most of the property that they had sold off so that they could follow the principle and one of the other principles that Sutherland followed was we don't get when the debt so this fear of crossing the Bible are very clear oh no man anything don't go in the deaths the servant 's bar is the lender is uncertain the borrower is servant to the lender and so Sutherland said we are going she would only build things and by things as we have the money to do so will not borrow large sums of money and get on the debt that's been a killer schools said Sutherland for all those principles in action and things were such a success that by the eighteen ninety seven General conference session the leaders of the General conference said hey we got to get this guy to come back about great intake or takeover arsenal were ninety thousand dollars and that what happened here and ninety thousand dollars in debt in eighteen ninety seven with a wad of money and it had been severely mismanaged and Ellen Whitehead encourage Battle Creek to put your school under the country and instead they followed Kellogg's advice and stayed in the city sold off most of their property in this film on a thousand dollars in debt so things went from bad to worse and so Sutherland shows up and I might add that he brought back with him a young lady by the Betty DeGraw shoot partly through college in Battle Creek again out of Walla Walla to join scan and when she laughs Walla Walla she became an advocate for sure education and she was a key worker that will talk about Sarah Sutherland and his wife and Bessie DeGraw come back from Walla Walla to Battle Creek from the very outset they wanted to me about free college the country and Helen White said wait just a little as she was most riot the charges of the brethren aren't ready to move yet given a little time and in time you can do so so subtle him again invited their time but one of the first and most famous things that they did at the Battle Creek College was they saw that the way the students were getting their physical activity was through the playing of competitive sports of this can be a raw nerve for Hobson Avenue 's thought today that Helen Y et al. Artie written a letter shooting the prior president about Craig W W Prescott about how bad it was at a football game and been played between the students of Great Britain and the students of the United States and created a huge app for on-campus and and all of that and so I want to this is bad that shouldn't happen the professor yeah you're probably right we won't do that anymore but they still have a task force on the campus served Sutherland McGann check out while and one of them led the team of horses and the other led the Plowman plot up the tennis court and start a garden probably wasn't so popular with the students the head they did it and found by nineteen oh one at the Nokia one General conference session the General conference session voted two oh wow Battle Creek College to move to the country and now seven the vote took place on the McGann how the railroad company wind up and they had sixteen boxcars many levels a lot the Berrien Springs shoots current location and they rename the school Emmanuel missionary colleges now and his University now once they got there they really started implement the principles of true education and they emphasize the physical mental and spiritual half of the day was classes half of the day was work and one of the other things they implemented was they started offering classes in a different way so instead of offering six classes all it wants it would take you three quarters or whatever two semesters to get through an entire chorus you would take one or chew courses per quarter and you would be done with that course by the end of that quarter said he could only afford them to school for one quarter you would have an entire class done by the end of that court so it was more defective even when the class better and I was another thing that they tried however you have to remember that this tension that we talked about earlier that started with Goodloe Harper bill with continuing because some of the teachers from Battle Creek College came out to manual missionary college and they missed teaching their Latin was fun they could show up and teach their lot in the make again upon the rest of the day and and things were pretty nice but now they had to go out and help build the new buildings for the campus or work in the garden and they were working twice as much for the same amount of CAD and it wasn't as fun and so this attention developed between Sutherland McGann and some of its features on the campus about how the Clement the educational press principles on the campus and things became somewhat heated and Ellen why was supportive of what Sutherland and McGann were queuing was falsely quoted as saying that she had turned against several of them again so things started to turn vicious in the rumor mill started heating up and made Jan's wife grew sick and very ill under the strain of the criticism that her husband and Sutherland were under affect she became so sick that she die and Helen Whiteside that her blood was in the hands of those who had wrongly criticized so the woman again and she would falsely said that Ellen White had turned on and they the whole thing reached ahead in nineteen affordable link the lake union conference constituency meeting that's when Mrs. McGann actually died and it was then that same things reached a boiling point and Sutherland McGann offered their resignations and they sat on record that they could no longer work with the general conference brethren now before we say while the general conference brother must've been evil and Sutherland Magana was about a percent correct when you look at a few key facts here Ellen why should set up at that meeting and descended Sutherland McGannon said they should've received more support however she also reviewed settle him again for the rashness of the resignation and for saying that they can work with the brother and one thing that you have to realize is that AG Danielson with the president of the General conference had come down on the right side of the Kellogg in what may surprise he is initially thought of him again sided with Kellogg because Kellogg and in this tremendous influence he taught them about the health message and the vegetarian diet and all of that and so when you understand this fixture AG Daniels humanly speaking was more likely to have a negative attitude towards Sutherland McGann because Sutherland Magana were siding with Kellogg and so I'm again had a negative viewpoint towards Aji Daniels because AG Daniel still ate a meat -based diet or you eat me and so there were issues here that were resolved and so AG Daniels was absolutely right that Kellogg was wrong and so I'm again were right about the principles of true education so Alan why supportive so I'm again for their hard work and she said they should have been given more support for what they did at Emmanuel missionary college for following the principles of true education that they should also try to work with a brother and better now with the context of their resignations this is where they made to Madison College in nineteen oh four and they had seen that there was a need for a work in the South and Ellen why insures them to come down and check things out and settle them again thought that they would work in Eastern Tennessee or the western Carolinas now I grew up in about forty five minutes north of Nashville Tennessee on a small town called Portland so not too far from our Madison was in I can tell you that in the early nineteen hundreds Eastern Genesee or Western Carolina there was not much there am not for settlement again wanted to go is to be way out in the country and they really get way out there and just do the Lords work and get away from all the troubles they been facing so they show up in Nashville where Ellen White was their son absolutely for the MorningStar and got the famous ride on the Cumberland River the river that I crossed many times and the boat mysteriously breaks down in a place called Neely 's band near a small town called malice in Tennessee so they all have to get off the boat and they come out and they view this horrible looking property with all these rocks and set on the great McDaniel obit about farming and they saw the soil boy this will be the worst place ever planning crops of ever seeing and Helen White says hey this is the place that you are going to have your new school and they're like oh yeah I'll thanks and Alan Watts of one sorry boys this is the place the Lord assure me that you are to start your school and now Sutherland and Magana have a problem because remember they have committed their life the following every word of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and now they are wishes are running right into conflict with the spirit of prophecy and surf you read the story set on them again sat down on those ugly rocks on the property and wet but they surrendered their decision to the Lord Mister Lord if this is what you want yesterday Morgan idea so they started the school they paid thirteen thousand dollars or so for the property the person raise the price and normalize the blood and a lot what the devil beat us out of this property for a thousand dollars were to pay the extra price and they did and I got the property and they started with a small nucleus Sutherland and again as in Haskell if you're familiar with him he held the original deed to the property he was supportive also there is a woman by the name of Nellie true arts she was in her sixties her husband adjust oscillated and longtime missionaries in Africa and Helen White told her she said Mrs. Drew Arctic if you give the rest your life to the support of this work you will accomplish more in the last years of your life than you did in the first sixty and she was one of its key people who helped to try to provide financial oversight and guidance and she was one of the senior leaders of that group made they started off with very humble beginnings fourteen students the faculty were making thirteen dollars a month imagine that they were living in a barn they used on fruit boxes further further clothing drawers I mean this was this was rough and talking if there ever was such a thing it was definitely front your mission style were back in action during their first winter there their diet consisted nicely of milk and cornbread almost every day and since Sutherland would tell the students and the faculty this is the Lord providing math for us to get us through the wilderness experience and nobody complained they all cheerfully accepted their condition and as time went on Madison became a shining example of what true education to become they revitalized up for property in shoot hundreds of acres of orchards and gardens and I feared that was some of the best fruit food in the area and it became a shining example of what you can be when you follow physical mental and spiritual education their courses were for half a day there work was for half a day now there is another key element that we have to talk about here with Madison Madison was the first self-supporting institution and it became the first self-supporting institution in the context of the dissension with Sun on Monday and again and Danielson some of the other GC brethren Helen White new with that attention the brethren would work on Madison as a renegade operation and yet she was telling them to move forward now you would think okay let's get Alan Watts on the many forms of the brethren or to accept it right or wrong she knew that because plenty of her counsel been disregarded in the eighteen eighty eight situation and Kellogg was starting to undermine her word so she knew that something more decided needed to be done to give legitimacy to Madison and this is what is very interesting to me Ellen why should hold Sutherland again if you start your work here I will serve as a member of the board and she did not what is the significance of Ellen White serving as a member of the board for Madison it was the only board she ever served on she was up for God 's profit to the Roman church and she only served on one board and was the first self-supporting restitution that ever started to what Helen White was saying his God is ordaining the beginning of self-supporting words and he is showing how to do it through a blueprint called Madison College so the brother and of course provided opposition to him from the others would fight settlement again they voted in GC executive committee she prevent people from donating money to Madison without their authorization and all sorts of things at home why would someone want 's rebuke sent that wasn't you were not being led by the spirit of God when you voted that that was wrong you should be supporting those men and helping them to raise money for their school because her doing God 's work and vote into our air to authorize first to say that money going to mass needs to come for you is not of the board 's order to a long wife thought for the self-supporting work until she died in nineteen fifty nine she served on the board until one year before he died and so Ellen White was one of the key leaders of Madison and she continue to provide writings in support and all of that not another key event happened in the history of Madison 's a few years hence you Madison 's developmental and white shows up everyone's excited Ellen White's in town they have a technically sitting on a hill on the campus she says for everyone to hear this would be the perfect place to build a sanitarium and they all looked at her like she was crazy when he's talking about were barely making a house this can happen she said where's your face so they went to the Chapel they prayed over it and after they prayed they got out the horse and the plow and they plowed out the area for a foundation and within a few weeks of that action someone showed up and said hey I hear that you have some people here the offer hydrotherapy to help people get better can you help me and Nelly journalists we are really ready for that the man's assistance of a check and then and they nursed him back to health he went back to Nashville said these people make you get well and before they knew that they had more people than they could handle that was the beginning of the medical missionary work there at Madison so bored with and the workfare and Madison continue to grow and it grew and grew now one thing that happened that significance men can left Madison in nineteen fifty to come to Loma Linda to become the Dean of the College of medical evangelists and of course that really devastated Sutherland hoarsely went on without the tough blow to Madison that they check the close alliance and when CME or College of medical medical evangelists nearly close Madison had a key donor by the name of why the Scott who wanted to give a large donation to Madison and subtle onset headache instead of giving a test get at the CME because they need the money and if they raise at medical missionary doctors dulcimer doctors backed our center and work and so it will benefit Madison in the long run and that's what had up happening associate Amy and Madison have no alliance now as time went on Madison strengthened in its golden years and what's interesting is the golden years in Madison are known as nineteen thirty to nineteen fifty and what's strange about that now is the time of the Great Depression and yet Madison said its key during the Great Depression you would think that a self-supporting execution would bottom out in the Great Depression in fact it keeps so when people say will self-supporting work it's just cannot go under in your times of economic duress if that's all supporting institution or event is not self-supporting is following the principles of God God will bless it and he blessed Madison as best we can tell not one Madison College graduate when unemployed during the Great Depression the why is that because the students of Madison were trained not only did not run a garden they could build a house they could do any number of practical skills that was required to get by am I so if this job shuts down of a weld okay that's dried up ahead I can do this for you instead and so you just keep right on living as your Trinity many different things is you get for your education not only am learning to acknowledge the how to live a practical life and how to support yourself and earn a living so that when times get tough matter what happens if your job as a doctor dries up chaotic indeed your plan for your I can build a house for you or I can do whatever forty extra education they could do anything you ask him to because they were trained to do so Sutherland McGann were simply following the blueprint that God gave Ellen White in the spirit of prophecy now we know that Madison eventually closed there is different viewpoints as to why it close it is true that they own were having trouble me financially maintaining their nursing school according to the standards of the state of Tennessee they started an accredited nursing program and ultimately it was that the standards of the state of Tennessee that they were no longer able to maintain financially and that's what led the school to close now while Madison itself closed it's important to see the effect that Madison has had on the church he was at Madison at the first ASI meeting never happened so what happened was Madison would send out its workers to start other schools and so they started schools all over the South in other places and they got the idea hey why don't we come back together and talk about what were doing other various schools talk about what's what works and how we can collaborate on our ideas to get it shoot strengths are self-supporting words and so that started at Madison and eventually became known as the agonist self-supporting as choosing whether all these groups coming together and without malice and eventually ASI has evolved to be called Avner Slaven services and industries the ASR started from the influence of Madison and Madison and we know the ASI window ASI is an ASI has a very positive effect on the church even today and all started with Madison and the vision of Sutherland McGann also many different school started in the South other so supporting institutions you think of places like Wildwood you can find as a number of academies in the South Ashley the Academy that I grew up out my own Academy has started for Madison all those places were started by students who trained at Madison they said were to go outward and start another school just like that and this spirit of Madison has lived on in the schools today even places like watching the Hills Academy in Arkansas that are following the blueprint now when you look at the spirit of Madison and what Sutherland and again went through to start that what you see with Sutherland him again is the spirit of the early pioneers you see the spirit of James no one just abates Hiram Edson Khoo gave everything to advance God 's words Sutherland began to the same thing and the people at Madison they did the same thing and I take personal license to say that God used them to save the church at a critical time if they hadn't done what they did fix current in the church at that time was to undermine the authority of inspiration and Helen White in that car has continued to this very day if you look at many Seventh-day Adventists the way education and organization of many things around undermines the authority of inspiration that God still works for the organizational not send only the organization by any God still works through organization but in many ways her authorities undermined it's what got this piece is okay Ellen White on the speak through you your serve as a member of the board of our charter so supporting execution and these people are to preserve the integrity of the message that I've raised the finish the work and the spirit of Madison was on today there are still people who will give everything to preserve the integrity of absences to preserve the writings of Ellen White to preserve the authority of the Bible and to do everything that they can should be part of God 's finishing work so the question is what about us are we like set up on him again are we can accept the message of righteousness by faith Inc. from those principles bringing true education to your life so that it could be said of us that we are men and women who will stand to write no matter what that were true his duty as the needles of the poll that we will call symbolize right name not worried about the consequences were to follow God no matter what are we like that that's the principles of true education and why is that important because we see the principles of true education and the three Angels messages that's part of our identity and mission and there's also another system of education is called the Babylonian education and in the third Angels message we see that there is another group of people should worship another way and they received the mark of the be and what that suggests is if we allow Babylonian educational principles to affect our allies were preparing ourselves receive the market would be so God had to raise up a group of people means of aluminum again to preserve true education to preserve his message so that got one hundred people at the end of time you'll receive the seal of God may we be faithful to the spirit of Madison he had God-given need to see another Madison come and fail need to see a group of people come up and finish the work last Christmas I went home I went through the ground the Madison and there's on one building left from the original place that Madison was on what it did will live till the second coming of Jesus and I pray that many of us if not all of us here will be like Sutherland in the gams to help finish God 's word so may we be faithful to that column with my career and I encourage you to say more about the history mathematics and God 's beautiful farms written by either addition Harry Chrisman you can get it from teach services powerful story and


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