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A Better Life Is Here

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • March 5, 2005
    11:00 AM
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in February much as I move forward what we have a prayer for the sick and reviewed right here right here with asking the victims personal preparations wanted to send again someone find that person on say you are sorry gone requires that whether you are sick all your healthy as a horse to if someone has wronged you we've all been wrong find the person of the person here's what you did here's how it is her name but I give you I give you fully and freely no grudges I pray God bless you three must confess our sins one of our committee but the way by the grace of God and seek his power to convey little more of course some of us are fasting until after the service this afternoon I remember beginning on Sunday night it will be warming up to five hundred Monday through Wednesday one to eight I would have the great joy of meeting once one of golf 's people I believe the location is the University Church of my rightful download to one room you want all three University church is not well administered twelve so I have to move quickly without seeming to be history as foreheads our father in heaven as we prepare for the message pastor in the name of Jesus to be with me because of my heavy responsibility more from my heart I believe my glory in the dust where it belongs I humble myself before you because of the fine work be done by on a good human being privilege of grant me the words father is earnestly as one wrong word generally the message I pray also for those who've come when I asked her to soften their hearts and applying again the blood of Christ the Holy Spirit of the words preached maybe the words received a young individual reply in the lives of your people as their lives are changed I pray in Jesus name amen a subject for today about the day is coming Genesis chapter twelve reading from verse one of my favorite passages is a key Bible passage Genesis twelve reading from verse one of the Lord has set of April get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from my father 's house onto a land that I will show the Hollywood make of your great nation I would bless me and make thy name great about Philby of messing I would bless them that bless thee and curse him that curses the end in the shop all families of the earth be blessed endless promise is a promise of seeing how else could ever have a great mission without seeing the however stuck in a man's message with normal woman both tests that person Abraham was tested early Genesis Chapter 11 verse twenty reread never unset array I was barren she had no child we know from Genesis eleven verse thirty that Abraham 's wife no have children now he knows that under this in the context of the narrowness of his life but the words ring in his ear I will make of the great mission no wonder the just so how will please exempt the middleman of the collapsed under the weight of that seeming contradiction of impossibility my wife cannot have children and I'm supposed to believe that I will make of the origination I cannot afford school fees for my children are supposedly bring all the time into the store I cannot find a job there's one over today with a high pay regarding his work on Saturday and am supposed to believe remember the Sabbath day to keep at home we must trust the word of God absolutely is integrated on a couple very strange things that religion one builds as the Lord even if I were to go to hell before the flames consume me my last words with visible standing on the walls of the Holy See trust God believe his word trust God believers were mostly my last words because I have seen Gauls were these of the word absolutely is to week but it's all I have it is something trust twitter have had in his breast this promise of a seed only overseas weblog called the boldest rangeland he understood he would receive but I have with over seven Revelation twelve Revelation Genesis twelve reading for seven of the Lord appeared of the Evernham said uncle by seeing when I give this land other building an altar unto the Lord who driven to him also nice seeing you this land without the suggestion of the first is it was to be given for the sea and not Dearborn but that's not true the chapter thirteen of Genesis was written for fourteen as we continue about a day is coming as three minutes twelve the sanity to the time the bridge the second sermon for the morning the questions being the first Genesis thirteen fourteen more set of emerald after that Lot was separated from the lift up now but I is I from the patient and I want northward and southward and eastward unless works for all the land which thou see just of the well-liked image of the Nicene is the truth I see that's what the Protestant seventies that arise walk the land and length of it and the rest of it I will give it unto the children promise laws that God would begin to have a large nation but a nation needs to live somewhere and the promise of children allowed that would belong to Abraham and that would belong to his scene with a jump of fifteen of Genesis reading horsefly as we continue a better day is coming Genesis fifteen reading for seven the Bible says and he said to him I am the Lord that brought out of world localities to give me this land to the one two eight heritage in Rome was supposed to inhabit the land of Canaan Hebrews Chapter 11 in Rose Chapter 11 of any significance at this election could original have of both understanding it through my thick and went off your feet disease of operatives have there's an empty seats here or my wife about half of the questions I'm supposed to advise these books at the end of the service I will make chewables and will have a great controversy vacuum didn't want next to the Bible always have this book why will always have this book in the last restoration items go begging for a then some people just don't learn about the railway it was eleven reading from first eight inch by faith Abraham when he was called to go out into a land which you would have to receive on inhabitants will be annually he would receive and on he went out not knowing whither he went he saw there in the land of promise as in a strange country dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob the heirs with him of this same promise me what God promised Abraham what he promise Isaac when I was a pass of the season he promised Jacob the three premiere date for access like what is called the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for himself a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is one so gone let me put two forces together for some item ten the sorcerer 's in the land of promise was one soldier in the dwell for how long temporary temporary use sojourner when Abraham looked for a brief to bury Sarah Dennis is unsuitable to Genesis with reverse for the zoo I am a stranger on the sojourn with you I really don't belong he saw observed in the lab that was promised in the last heart is hard as well just little bit of it is critically ill I was in ICU as using the wages of the Navy but that's wasted to which glass she got that he saw done in the land of promise as ETA slaves on three running it what Tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob the gators within opposite promise not to question why he is dwelling in Tabernacles with divorce to while he is dwelling in Tabernacle 's for handle for a city which has want from British whose builder and maker is God not personal I is drilling in the tabernacle verse ten is looking for what the tabernacle have foundations of the tabernacle attempt the Navajo nation or they have pegs loaded with the pegs Obama and move on stick submitted to pull the bottle for him I have dwelt in Tabernacles but while dwelling in the tabernacle where was his heart that has walked foundations was fun this represents permanent stability is always a fine that was a good performance permits I am not moving anymore but ask a question that we have the twelve elements of the Army dwelling in heaven locals know this is a little out there are we living in such a way that someone looking at his mosaic this matter intends to be here on the home time all institutions Tabernacles I would stress is Tabernacles as fast service of temporary massive I miss him that's about all that we do the plan is manipulated for the future for our children while retirement doing bad bad ten result that's the Bible has some men's powerful psychological principle that allows us to take distressed wind driven Tabernacles that is what your mind on the city as long as your mind is the city the experiences of the tabernacle are bearable in the desired city which hath foundations that fund business courses Christ whose builder and maker is God except the Lord build the house finish of twenty then ever how invading that building thoroughfares also of course eleven Sarah herself receives trying to conceive seed and was delivered of a child when she was fascinated because she judged him faithful who had promised that falsifying the even is one of one her husband is that so many of the stars of the sky a number of the sandwiches by the seashore innumerable meaning the offspring might for selecting these all died not having received the promises about the labrum as monsters physical I would give you this land you the Bible says Abraham Isaac Jacob chevre Rebecca Rachel of these all died in not having received the promises but having seen the afar off and one person I get offended out and placed in the attic concepts that they will want strangers and pilgrims on the earth now they had a confession of faith like to waste things they did of how they live the surrounding nations new there were different people that confessed the most effective confession is not what you say but how I live McDougall Benson reflect on your life I reflect on my plans we made that this brings us joy satisfaction happiness those that give a profession that we embrace the promise of the new city that's coming what is I woke profession as given off by our lifestyles examine how ambitions in the light of this verse while professionals our ambitions our ambitions Paul 's really go to send the bartender services Unlimited and certain things always been honest about his coffers of heaven on earth for accounting on certain class to confess they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth of ours were diluted to fourth they say such things one such things but it would've that site is about a very necessary that love horribly by their line 's declarant was an excellent and that they do want to counter question of the freelance of the city of Loma Linda received a declaration from us that we headed elsewhere moments that's not really do my neighbors in my neighborhood have a clear message from my lifestyle that I headed to another country was on the set of many people disabled by closing or tenth effort but by the influence of our lives not all people say the same way sausage is my one-to-one influence for the ANSI things he was eleven fourteen and declare in the low confusion that basic version of the absolutely if they had been mindful of that country from whence the chemical they might have had opportunity to have one with her do we understand what Paul was telling us of his first absolutely if there had been mindful when in the suburban counties twelve of course I was wanted to do was difficult but they knew about her localities we believe in study knowledge of illness within its results all people oral history requires that we don't want to yet the Bible say is actually there had been my foot and leg had been banking on the life they left and I have been pining for lunch by the last Google and leave the church because of ridding the world the time for the life they left and the church is waiting for the sun to set the goal back to the apartment I used to enjoy you receive the worst suffering because with some withdrawal symptoms we miss the world and we tend to find both things of this Abraham is almost beautiful put it out of his mind process there but not all of it as I have a better country that is a lot a heavily wherefore God is not ashamed to be called a golf ball is not ashamed to say I haven't bought one of the people that live in Tabernacles I am the God of Batman by his lunchtime visit to have to go I am the God of the institution that conducts his business when I say throughout temporary I'm not ashamed to say I'm a lot of people have temporary lives of those of us live as the wood here is is is is is yes for he hath prepared for them assisting I sent this over thirteen if you have Sarah Isaac Rebecca Rachel Jacob they died on numbers twenty three nineteen tells us very clearly in all the verse God is not a man that he should lie to God like Abraham no never have received the promise isn't it around us in the process it is rescinded we have associate breach of the audience not Japanese I did he received in his lifetime no they're not live in all of you have a problem that I didn't get it in other than when his wife died in my sunglasses about his life because he possesses I react seven seven was fortified with him is that he gathered and not one of a square foot if you have received getting on the promise will not do Genesis thirteen the first fourteen astronomers of the twelve genesis of the surgeon attempted original left Abraham on April 's New Jersey Genesis seventy five the chapter thirteen twelve fifteen sixteen is integral of Abraham because an impressive meeting was forty and other large set of April after that Lot was separated from the lift up now thine eyes from the past when I walked northward and southward and eastward and westward goals are the four directions of what of what the world was not really around the although the Bible better than out of the limited now at the moment realized the tremendous scope of quality words to him buses new regulations create on the script of forcing the ball would justify the heathen through faith brings beforehand the gospel of a broomstick and other visualizations of the best golf was explaining to him the gospel on your list of both Jesus and Jones a fifty eight Nevada it rejoices you might be an excellent was glad to involve symptoms of the fourteenth lift up now Verizon look from the place with a lock will consult with you soon westward for all the land was no serious to me when I give it and to thy seed gone was promising Abram how much the whole world literally I certainly do really that Abraham would inherit the whole world is liberal myself for as we continue about a day is coming Romans before read verse thirteen Romans of the four reinforcers in the Bible says on the promise that he should be the heir of Canada are you sure you see world and the promise that needs immediate care of the world was not to ever received by the law but by the righteousness of faith when bots won't ever have to admit that he would give them this last inhabitant garden that ultimately yes on the physical level utilized Ben Thompson I love you under the judge is under Solomon on the day when the Rehoboth until instantly very long as there is the amount identify and eighty six the Babylonians the self physically big gain but inhabited it but now the county now the reason why it was good with the van so God was thinking for a field goal and was giving him or have physical land was originally reason with you then cultivate cultivate company in the units rolled in and there's what I mean a promising new physical land of the twelve tribes that come in from the wilderness bill provided physically but a spiritual lesson was that they should live in that lab as of that land was a small heaven sent so surrounding nations can see what a heavy life that is like family Jesus return you would put them out in the truncated which is this world made new question number four medicine in good physical things to children was a spiritual lesson and give them a hundred dollars to buy videogame what is the spiritual lesson but I thought and it'll give them anything but give them some food please recanted out harsh given some clothes is a serious business there must be some spiritual significance attached on children don't grow mode Windows and so God promised a run the world the whole world what was Abraham integrated cannot lie now what you want about how this house Taliban book to keep his word you will raise up a man from the personal eleven that I was not assigned determined to keep his word that he is viewing highly for he has to give you what he promised he will raise you from the dead Toshiba 's work and wait on the Lord himself shall dissent from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and Abraham shall rise first imprisonment is one of the dead in Christ we must apply the script is a person I ever hand shall rise first then we which are alive and remain gong has to come back and keep his promise to Abraham because it enables eleven thirty tells us these all die not having received and processed my words shall not return unto me void other universes what possible he said the minister review and he said his work and original voice he does not lie in retrospect Iran represents who the faithful nostrums is going to do that since it represents the faithfulness like initial treatment of hundredfold if you Christ's then Re: Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the promise which means that the author of Abraham 's seed hasn't yet received the full promise rehab is going to keep his word yes yes what's holding them up as if the metalwork trying to Edward Fry Oscar Peterson subject informed me also some as recently Camino where doing it we are doing our drama where only responsible for the delay in the return of Jesus Christ to keep a promise to the man who heads the list of those of whom God says I've been out of Iraq ice Angie activists know from Scripture despite what some differently Ben Advent is within prophecy says that Christ will come before you conform for all historic at this event he got caught because he is the box office he outlined the history of the something have to have a certain kind of the rest of the week because I have to become off a thirty one Fred Rogers let out something else happened in Florida for something else happens that is the last event attached to a prophetic timeline October twenty two into forty four note if you're not because of this all on and strangely bewildering get into and out of this Bible study group of emotional you from Scripture that the history of the world easy it out to those who study Scripture three I think I trust this but not after eighteen forty four Jesus could've come but anytime appears as an incentive for four hundred and sixty one lipids under something happens let's see how we get the message the Buddhist I would get a message to the bids of the Muslims I got a message to those apostates that was how I got a message those who practice it wasn't I want to get the message to the source of that person is not a problem at Pentecost acts are accepted to there were some low-level alternations I have only analyzed that live in the Boston Mesopotamia law kinds of there were a Samuel Hardy Abbott said back then that was the goal provided like this with our new Google book problem has been from Genesis to Revelation you cannot get us to commit step one hundred percent to his agenda for the universe we from history packs have been bones source of them I also use people so we spent a lot of time developing strategies for winning people to Christ I was unable to seminar out the rest of postmodern mind as if the polls want in life as a different nature from that from the premodern mind I would have the power must dedicate everything and one which is accessible to find out that is one dog does not need is more strategies I want nominees in will come unless transmitted to have one of their panic what is the other side was happy to have one think that limited the present of the body have bought came down with the strategy of the Holy Spirit is the focus on strategy it is a spotlight of me in my commitment we don't baptize because the strategy is not working in the sinfulness we have is very creative it finds ways to remove the spotlight of strategies will default to the Himalayas that is too far can't reach them with an Amazonian jungle it still bends beneath the gulags renew and rethink except for us on the fact that God 's problem is that I see we are Jesus when he was on this earth was a prophet twelve twenty four ago Mosaic appreciative of fortified Sicilian women's device in addition all right all right Elizabeth what is he now a priest was along to come as King now I've told you many times about is a God of what order for season one thing always comes before love to all of the life of Christ was your goal as a prophet in human flesh and speak for the Baldwin Center kinds of divers manners spake in the fall is my profits have been these last days spoken to us by his son was a prophet of the file the class expression of God 's will Jesus Christ we have such a high priest which cannot be touched we have lots of hikers miscount what is now high priests is coming back as well think of things not of Lawrence he could not begin his priestly ministry onto what he had finished as I said is a lot of although nothing on the other on Elizabeth revival we have one but he could not finish he cannot stop his priestly ministry on till you finish what business the prophetic ministry of this heat began his January parade on ten watts he ends his priestly function was the purpose of a priest for atonement make reconciliation for the sins of the people Hebrews two seventeen that is what Christ is stop use that word very respectfully he is stuck in a most holy place offering atonement offering forgiveness forgiveness forgiveness much forgiveness presupposes what Watson modify golf imbecile general but God forgives us and puts us on the path which is what victory was talking to one of the departments here yesterday think alumni Svensson I think of forgiveness we can argue that site will you feel this is where the government on the move I hope your athletic this is my housemate Doctor Curtis on whether to send them nice man businesslike again this is like this you're walking you send assistant assistant necessary necessary on sorry modems are bottom sorry for me to see the modems are all sorry sorry on Jesus and I doesn't remind that because that is progress on the and and lumping three dollars on some loans are just ten years due to the fact his progress on a play that goes to many of us we like the fledgling with Lana Saints which left hand we halfheartedly saying everything suddenly Sam and Jesus as you I can cover my forgiveness but I also victory as dumb as I was a lot about the Seo we want feminists and see those as well financially and I want some of these guidelines and then I was wrong this was soon to say Jesus is other people suffering in the floor is the fault of activists owns anything and it is out of this fall the Jesus of income not the Muslims stop beating up on them is our fault there's a Civil War one credit Republic of Congo northern Uganda where one two million people displace this powerful because golf coldest it could message no one else has it isn't necessary for people to receive Christ we don't put in our present else else I just don't have anything going to its little world is a stock is Jesus is the list looks down when he sees people dying by the thousands from starvation the evidence of trying to make the best account of his life Jesus looks down and sees little children that he was starvation dying of also some diseases that surround me he's a medic Massachusetts like any other woman the world of Myst is not helping anyone Jesus looks down he sees one of these agreed with these diseases were they okay now this my people was a problem with it like the world so we suffer like Jesus looks down under Akshay 's holders broken homes whether coming from people Jesus is stuck at crazy blue will cruise lines and then move because of our sins now for us to put Jesus out of business which is what should be our aim is that going unemployed may contain take away his work as priest is a visit as a term of the medical school writers work on risk reduction in force you will risk we don't need any more priests we always hear from heaven that hemorrhages filthy filthy still and that is unjustly unjust to them that is righteous and unrighteous don't let him that is wholly devoid seven holes I come quickly on my reward is with him along to our souls because when we desire victory and no more savings ascend Jesus with iMovie put off his priestly robes but on his kingly regalia without promise not to come back for us finally to fulfill his word as he made to Abraham about four house years ago and you and I can help to hasten the return of Jesus Christ there to be wholesale in the sanctuary about there must be no sin in these centuries down in that is why it is so dangerous when people see you cannot be without sin this is no single medicine from time to time Jesus is talk for the purpose of the gospel is to save costs from some Olson normally something I don't want to do but God will not allow his son to be stuck and most will replace interminably going to rise up on what he does we will not like it when I pray a preparation for sermons whatever is I do I said Lord I humble myself because if you don't I may walk with the rest of my life so I humble myself quick so I didn't like to read adults because if you don't I was soft it is better amount to do God 's work that I have him create some circumstances that make life so miserable for us is oh I says if we don't do his work now that there's opportunity of rational persecution versus becomes part of the world at least but just had to have some work we shall have to do it in terrible times what's your choice price desires to come on usher in the better day but he's coming for a church without spot or blemish or any such thing it knows he's coming for a church that you like him but when Christ cease that we have made up I will live by his grace all I say is going up I think you need because we would've made of our mice to the point where there is no turning back that's what God wants the three Hebrew boys Atlanta Charlotte Azariah visited from the furnace has Nebuchadnezzar he did nothing several times halted it could not be any hot on the surface of the sun but their decision their purpose of how was even after the date of the holiday terminations examples enormously greater than affects our lives is why the church at Smyrna which was soon loaded milk in a message can't send letters Revelation two ten the valve on the wall that not just loss of job be thou faithful unto death I would do their crown of life Christ wants to come back but he's not coming for people living in sin is not very it is not common for people disobedient his word is not coming for people who look like the world adversary of living is coming for people to kill you and holy ability was a load I want to be one of your special because you write about this you have no idea what the White House of my heart but original and so genuine of another field to make itself of thirty seven as you search your heart and I search my computer hands on oh before the message if you believe based on the conviction of the message that you'll buy the life you live in I like the life I have lived if we just say hi our lives we have kept Christ 's top appointments government we have to do is return because of the way we live and you and I will say that no hearts Lord I am sorry my eyes and pinhole opening gives me the spirit of Christ that I is sort of my life that my life isn't your company is normal to buy ten seconds anyone who was a father that he saluted of my life continues to hasten the return of Christ I want to send analysis and also much with your feet but with hearts last night available to majority today first of all I want to us that maybe someone here who drifted from God who has been living in sin that you know it you're living outside of the will of God that has been alleged no one don't you and because the Holy Spirit of God has touched our service message and previous messages are heard you will say that God openly of Jesus is to confess me before men a confession before my father he was a father I know I have drifted I know it I want details on those that believe what you will sit today with spiritual coverage like the prodigal son coming from a far country I'm coming back because I believe you will receive me with open arms I want to come back to it it is abuse on it I told you I want to come back to my safe yacht with my left if you will say that you leave your seat aggressive from the movie is about a pianist I need thee every hour the system run by the upcoming back right up to the symbolizes fluids are the Christ Motorola level feeling the presence of God what is I am coming back I know I have rested from God and coming back because I believe it was he has received a prodigal son coming back I need to provide quiet universal monolithic baldness therefore my heart on Blessed are going to believe this but this is vital I'm sure you understand some people only accept Christ if they are invited to do so on so I must extend an invitation for return to Christ I hope you understand do not worry about food were fast someone else comes as the government to a lesser underwater culture as your coach is not to move I want to change culture like knowledgeably about someone else as a springbok touches her heart I know I have truth Lawrence Novell signed the will of God dangerous Ms. Lynn Michaels mercies were kept alive because the devil tries to kill us all the time in unprepared states that when Christ comes we go to hell he was the carelessly unprepared state 's Angels live outside the will of God someone is interested and you know it there is no embarrassment to come to Christ none that's why he's not ashamed of us took our nature God bless you my brother my good system of blessed your friend should move to the person might have bring him bring her say someone but that's my good brother God bless blessed someone else I know in my heart I just I just buy the prodigal son I note no wonder as I said in the church 's philosophic but I was gone loving father in heaven with knowledge of presence in this solemn moment while thinking of food of rest of anything else but what we adhere for about is the business of selling fish father shall also weekly with you the Bible says because doesn't give additional work is not speedily executed therefore the heart of medicine him to do evil father diffuse across the moment we hurt you none of us would survive a particular mercy for granted and so we run and rerun and we played with the bagel something about a subconscious state I know I have drifted on I come back like the prodigal son the prodigal daughter because go shut she does not remind us of our past life he receives us as if we never left something we as humans we learned the new father receivables will combat standing behind and around midday both receiver and put into their hearts now the assailants of that reception you will receive them the son receives the Holy Spirit receives all the angels receive them both as a lighting author had been receiving on every being in heaven receives them that is how heaven receives someone comes back all comes for the first time God father put into the hearts of determination to be faithful to you all to death doesn't stand before the flames of temptation before the furnace of them the pressure from friends and the drama that will be faithful to you walking me that's the kind of people you want faithful to the golf father leaving this would give them outfoxed by Jesus he went on that hell if he felt he got up each time a little bit if value not because he was the time is estimated to the top of that he'll give us that kind of my thoughts will not give out slowly bleeding from every pore please father hit us answer us and bless my brothers and sisters gathered on this page I pray in the name of Jesus Christ and for his sick little goals people say and then lasted two although as I make this fun with new give me the words and soften the hearts that need to respond in Jesus name amen I slidably would do for those who need to be baptized or rebaptized because I be rebaptized as a as I want to bring you left the company to come back remember the religious addition to did not present somehow honestly neither discomforts and you have a new look coming to Chrysler different way it even baptized or rebaptized anyone listening to me or behind you are convicted you should make a decision to be baptized your submitted last if the previous restoration of the of the one before you need to do that now because that's what Jesus wants if you make that decision not what I wanted to do it rich at hand wherever you are about to our bathroom was on my goat is a lysosomal tobacco decile have compelled agenda Togoland someone else I'm deciding today to be baptized to make preparations to baptize unless it but best of message for my sweet system of blessing of the supervisor of the same two August two of us to assume as I thought of having someone with him last night anyone else I am deciding it again so now I am describing to be baptized but Jesus wants it it is an interest list who else ever had about a recluse reverently in the presence of God father Olson next chapter twenty verse twenty six wherefore I take you to record this be the item you're from the blood of all men why have not shunned to declare it to you all the Council of golf acts four twenty twenty six and twenty seven father I want to leave Loma Linda pure from the blood of all people I have preached I hope cold I have appealed I'm not satisfied that all who should've come have come but even Jesus was not a hundred percent successful I can expect to be Lord as I pray if your spirit will soften the heart let that person will even during the press father for those who raise their hands for baptism I pray I pray I pray give them the courage the colors just having by their decision to give them the insight understanding to know that regardless of their age they can be used by you will delete someone else to the kingdom gambling the start of the father regardless of the circumstances economic or otherwise they can be an instrument in your hand as an instrument of salvation to others more the devil is angry and will do whatever he can to this comment I pray to surround my brothers and sisters with angels and excel in strength definitions found by this decision today of father we want to place in your kingdom when you come we want to be saved and reprint all that you would give us the power growth assessment of your son but you wouldn't know a hearts of a desire to serve units stronger than death for the fight is against the attempts of the world I prayed any arises it emphatically well against the affection of worldliness give us on the heart of the love for Jesus that only grows every day of Chavez who disperse a distance of the consciousness we are your people and this is your day and bring us back later therefore for the evening service I pray in Jesus name and for his sake


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