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Right Foot, Left Foot, Lessons From the Journey

Carlos Moretta


Carlos Moretta

Dentist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in the Loma Linda area.



  • May 21, 2016
    10:00 AM
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I hope you're praying for me this morning because my mind is everywhere. And I really really want to share hopefully something that will inspire at least one person just one person this morning along their journey. How many graduates are there here among us this year or right now that are graduating this year graduating this year at least five six. It is a beautiful time of year isn't it. When you start seeing those golden arches on Center campus they're going up and they're going up for you. I call on the golden arches. It's a beautiful season and the next you sabots will be high Sabbaths for you so. Really ponder about the goodness of God and how he's brought you to where you are right now. It is a beautiful beautiful season so those of you to take up so that I don't offend anyone my mouth gets really dry when I speak for those of you who know me and have heard me speak you know that I'm big on practical Christianity so that's what you're getting again today it's your annual pep talk is that OK. It's your annual pep talk. It was October or November. One thousand nine hundred seven. Little thing called Junior presentation a great lake sadness to Cademy where I graduated from. And I remember we were me and my classmates were all huddled close on the stage and we were getting ready to seeing our class the song that we had chosen as our class song little song by popular Christian singer called Steve Green and the song was signed. Faith anyone familiar with that song and somehow we had chosen that as our class song. And the chorus went like this. Oh me all who come behind us find us faithful. Made a fire of our devotion light their way may the footprints that we lead leave. Lead them to believe in the lives we live inspire them to obey. It's nice right. And of course the stanzas were along that theme as well. It's a song that spend spends more time looking backwards than it does looking forwards and that's OK but worrying about our faith legacy. Be enough to keep those of us in my class members approximately ninety of us. Over the last twenty seven years. Mercy did I just say that would it be enough to worry about our past. To keep us on the path up and to this day. The title of my message. Is titled or is less slick right foot lessons from the journey because as we soon found out after junior year came why senior year then college and grad school. Then marriage. Then kids. Hopefully in that order that life. Would you buy your head with me as we pray. Father in heaven. I just ask one thing of you this morning that Jesus Christ be lifted through this message and that one person at least one. Person would be inspired to continue in this journey these things I pray in Jesus' name amen. I want you to open your Bibles. To the Book of Exodus. Chapter twelve. You'll forgive me that I'm using my phone but I have a font problem and I have an i problematic have a font problem. Something happened in the last year where up until this is age. I've never needed glasses before. And then everything went downhill in the last six months I went from no glasses to about three different pair. So every find in the Bible. Unless they're really big. Maybe I've been in denial for a long time I don't know. OK. Exodus Chapter twelve. We're going to start verse three. Verse three it's a Speak unto all the congregation of Israel saying in the tenth day of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb according to the house of their fathers a lamb for in house and if the household be too little for the lamb let him and his neighbor next the next until his house take it according to the number of the souls. Every man according to his eating shall make your count for the lamb. Your lamb shall be without blemish a male of the first year he shall take it out from the sheep or from the goats and he shot Keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month and the whole assembly of the time geisha of Israel shot kill it in the evening and they shall take of the blood in strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door posts. Of the houses where in Day Show eat it. So we know the context of this Scripture right. The last of the ten plagues the Passover. We know that through the sacrifice of this little lamb. That the children of Israel were separating themselves from the Gyptian. We're drawing a line of distinction. So that they would begin this journey out of Egypt. God was separating them sanctifying them if you will. So through this lamb. Through this Lamb of God sanctified in delivered his people and they begin their journey into the Promised Land. And do you see yourself in the story line because I'm going to keep asking you that. Somewhere along the line somewhere along in your life. You came to know the lamb right. You accepted him into his life. You were saying to fit into your life you were sanctified you were set apart and you begin this journey with Jesus to wear to the promised land right. That's pretty straight forward we continue. Turning your Bibles to exit a star teen. Three through nine. Exodus thirteen we're going to be doing a lot of scripture search today most of it's going to be in Exodus Exodus thirteen three starting in verse three and Moses said unto the people. Remember this day. Remember this day Advent hope. In which he came out came out of Egypt out of the house of bondage out of Egypt out of the house of bondage put that on the shelf somewhere because we're going to. Come back to it for by strength of the hand the Lord brought you out of this place there shall be no leavened bread eaten this day to me out in the month of the month. Abib and it shall be written it shall be when the Lord shall bring the into the land of the Canaanites the high tides and the Amorites the highlights the Jebusite which he saw into those die fathers to give the inland flowing of milk and honey that duck shall keep this service in this month seven days eat unleavened bread and in the seventh day shall be a ceased unto the Lord unleavened bread shall be in seven days and there shall be no leavened bread be seen with the neither shall there be Levin seen in all the corridors and thou shalt show that I son in that day saying this is done because of that which the Lord did onto me when I came forth out of Egypt and it shall be for a sign until he upon thy hand and for memorial between nine Eyes that the Lord's law may be in the mouth four with a strong hand had the Lord brought the out of Egypt. God here emphasizes the importance of remembering. Remembering where you were and what God brought you out of anyone had that experience is anyone able to tell where they were and where they are now and there's a clear line of distinction. Amen. He also highlighted in these verses the connection between salvation. Again from your current lost where oppressed state. Redemption by the blood of the Lamb who gets what you deserve. While you get. What the lamb deserves. Sanctification. When God sets apart you as a special individual with a special purpose. And then what problem does God have with Levon What does Levin represent. We don't have any enough time to go and do a study right now on it but eleven. Represents sin. What God had to do with Cindy you see yourself in in the story line here. What God has to do to cleanse you to perfect it to purge that sin out of your life which he continues to do this day. There is something tangible God has to do in God's teaching Israelites listen. Don't let the stuff be seen among you keep it away from your quarters. It's no small issue and then finally in the verses that we just read. God talks about. The Law The Law of God disc contractual obedience and he can't separate the deliverance of the children of Israel out of Egypt without talking about the law of God. God said you were under this control here. Now you're under this control as my people do you see yourself in the story line. I love the slide because because it's everything together right there there's Moses there's the waters on either side and then there's the law in the middle you cannot separate the law in fact if you go to the beginning of the Ten Commandments Exodus twenty. What is verse one say then spake the Lord all these things saying I am the Lord thy God that took that took you out of the house out of Egypt out of the house of bondage. That's as close as I'm going to get to a randy skeet imitation. Took you out of. Egypt out of the house of bondage God reminding them where you were and then all of a sudden what comes next the law of God The Ten Commandments. It's important to remember Advent hope very important. The object lesson in what we've read so far is the way God saved Israel out of Egypt is the way God saves us out of this world. We have nothing to see here for the future. Except we shall forget the way the Lord has led us in His teaching in our past. I say Remember God says remember. We don't remember like this. Sometimes I wonder how people can actually remember it leaks in a new ins and garlic with relish and in the style jar. I don't get that but that's what they did right. That's what they did they remembered that way God's not telling you to remember some of those details from your past that you shouldn't give too much credence to but to remember how God actually delivered you from that. Remember that in Isaiah and Isaiah Let's see here. Chapter forty three let's look that up Isaiah Chapter forty three. Has a chapter forty three verses eighteen in one thousand and it says Remember ye not the former things this is the same God that saying through Moses remember now he say don't remember remember you not the former things neither consider the things of old. The hold and listen to the reference of the wilderness verse nineteen Behold I will do a new thing. Now it shall spring forth. Shall you not know it I will even make away in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Remember the things the important things the big things that God did in your life. Now remember all the details of where you were before you madam. Don't spend time focusing on died. Are learning lessons from the journey. The journey of the Israelites and hopefully journey your own journey. Turn in your Bibles to Exodus fourteen Exodus fourteen versus thirteen to sixteen and it reads like this and Moses said unto the people fear ye not stand still and see the salvation of the Lord which he will show you show you this day for the Egyptians whom you have seen today. You shall see them again no more forever. The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace and claim that promise many times verse fifteen in the Lord said unto Moses. Wherefore Christ down to mean speaking to the children of Israel that they go forward for sixteen but lift up. Di ride and stretch it stretched my hand out over the sea and divide it in the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea and then verse twenty. One skip down. And it says in Moses stretched out his hand over the sea in the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night and made the sea dry land in the waters were divided in the children of Israel verse twenty two went into the midst of the sea upon dry ground and the waters were a wall and to them on the right in and on their left. God still works in the physical world to help you opening doors closing doors parting seas some of you probably felt it was a parting of the sea the Red Sea for you to be here at Loma Linda. And I did some of the have seen miracles in your lives personal academic work. God still works. He still answers prayers. He still moves mountains. But it wasn't all perfect was it. God still has to deal with human beings you and me we're still in the same chapter go back to Exodus verse fourteen verse ten ten through twelfth. Ten three twelve God has to deal with human beings. And when Pharaoh drew nigh the children of Israel lifted up their eyes and behold the Egyptians marched after them and they were sore afraid and the children of Israel cried unto the Lord and they said unto Moses because there were no graves in Egypt has not taken us away to die in the wilderness wherefore has now dealt with us to carry us forth out of Egypt is not the word that we did tell the in Egypt saying let us alone that we may serve the Egyptians for it had been better for our. Us to serve the Egyptians than that we should die in the wilderness. It wasn't perfect turns to X. In Exodus sixteen. Exodus sixteen two through two and three verses two and three. And the whole congregation of of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness and the children of Israel said unto them. Would that God would to God We had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt when we sat by the flesh parts and when we did eat bread to the full for you have brought us forth unto this wilderness and into this wilderness to kill us the whole assembly with hunger. That was two and three I want you to go to Exodus seventeen. And this is this is a little bit longer Exodus seventeen receives one through seven. But this is a salient it finishes with a very salient point. Reading verses one through seven Chapter seventeen and all the congregation of the children of Israel juried journey from the wilderness of sin after their journeys according to the commandment of the Lord and pitched in rested him. And there was no water for the people to drink. Wherefore the people did chide with Moses and said give us water that we may drink and Moses said into them why chide the with me wherefore do you tempt the Lord and the people thirsted there for water and the people murmured against Moses and said. Wherefore is this that their eyes brought us up out of Egypt to kill us in our children and our cattle with thirst and Moses cried on to the Lord saying What shall I do unto this people they be almost ready to say. Don't me and the Lord said unto Moses go on before the people and take with the of the Elders of Israel and I ride where with our smoothest the river take in the hand and go. Behold I will stand before the there upon the rock in horror. And thou shalt smite the rock and there shot him water out of it in the people that the people may drink and Moses did so in the side of the Elders of Israel. Listen to this and he called the name of the place my size and mirror because of the chiding of the children is of Israel and because they tempted the Lord saying is the Lord among us or not. The height of doubting the height of murmuring the height of chiding. Kind of terminates with doubt. It finishes with this question is the Lord. Among Us. So they were afraid. As the Egyptians do with the murmured from fear the Egyptians were behind them. God steps and shows up and then the Egyptians follow the Israelites into the Red Sea in the Red Sea close upon them. I hope you like my illustrations I was really I was really struggling on line when you don't have so of course you can see the Egyptians that's the water. OK. They complain of hunger God shows up. And he brings a man or. They complain of thirst. God shows up. And of course I was like these illustrations they show a little trickle could you imagine a million Israelites lining up for a little bit of water. It was probably. More like this right. God shows up. Don't overlook this point. God didn't deal with the Egyptians in the Red Sea. He didn't provide manna he didn't provide water in the wilderness because the people complained or murmured. Do you think God had all these provisions planned beforehand. Sometimes you must simply exercise some faith. And wait on the Lord Amen. You understand what I'm saying. God has chosen you has brought you out of where you were has put you on this path. Do you not think that that God is going to provide for you as you walk wait on the Lord. I have a short quote. And then a longer quote. Bear with me. This is from. Signs of The Times October twenty one eight hundred eighty paragraph three as they continued their journey south toward the south following the guidance of the cloudy pillar their route their route lay their route lay through a hot sandy valley destitute of shade and vegetation the way seem long and difficult. They were sometimes thirsty and often weary their sojourn in the wilderness should have taught them that they could that help could come only from God But when again brought into circumstances of difficulty and trial. They failed to endure the test of their faith and patience by continually dwelling on the dark features. When will we learn this lesson. Dwelling on dark features all the time we give it too much credence too much validity in our lives. What has gone wrong in the past. By continually. Dwelling on the dark features of their child as they separated themselves farther and farther from God until a defiant rebellious spirit made themselves almost sight say tannic. Made them almost see ten it is what she said. The second quote is from second testimonies one of six point two because of Israel's disobedience and departure from God They were allowed to be brought into close places and to suffer adversity their enemies were permitted to make war with them to humble them and to lead them to seek God in their trouble and distress the Lord directed their course where there was no water to prove where there was no water to prove them to see if after receiving so many evidence evidences of his power they had learned to turn to Him in their flexion and had repented of their past rebellious murmurings against him. They had charge Moses and Aaron with some fish motives and bring them from Egypt to kill them and their children that they might that they had Reese. I'm sorry that they might be enriched with their possessions in doing so in doing so the Israelites ascribed to man that which they had received unmistakable evidence was got was from God alone whose power is unlimited these wonderful manifestations of the power of God He would have them ascribed to him alone and magnify his name upon the earth the Lord brought them over the same ground of trial repeatedly repeatedly to prove whether they had yet learned his dealings and repented of their sinful disobedience and murmurings and rescued him when the people thirst of water they were again proud and showed that they still possessed an evil heart of unbelief murmuring of her belly and which revealed the fact that it would not yet be able to state that it would not yet be safe to establish them in the land of Canaan. If they would not glorify God in their trials in adversity and in the child's through the wilderness. So they can't to Canaan in prospect while God was continually giving them unmistakable evidence of his power and glory and his care for them they would not magnify his name or glorify him when established in the land of Canaan surrounded with blessings and prosperity. Do you see yourself in the timeline in the in the story line. Do you see your experience in the story line. See this is where the rubber meets the road hope. You had an encounter with the savior you were set free set on a new journey a journey into the heavenly Canaan. And then life happens along the journey. Like if I can just get accepted into nursing school. If I can just get that job is he would just like me if I could get into that residency past boards graduate from dental school get him to notice me fill in the blank. If you could just then life would be perfect and I will have arrived. And every now and then God throws us a bond right. He grants you the desire of your heart and you get into medical school. Amen. The guy you like likes you back. Amen. You get that job you mention to that residency only to find out. Medical school is a jagged little pill to swallow that job you wanted means for you to work the graveyard shift which you didn't want to do. The guy you like that likes you back. Well he has issues. Like we all have issues. That residency is billing it is robbing you of your time with God and everything else. Enter the trials of life. And you forget the many times that God showed up for you. Deliver you answer your prayers open the Red Sea for you enter trials enter doubt and then the question. Is God Even among us. Is God Even here for me. We spend the majority of our lives walking. Then at that point. In the proverbial forty years in the wilderness in the wilderness of doubt. Just like Israel we asked is the Lord among us. Or not going to read these two quotes to you ever since they left Egypt. Satan had been at work to throw hindrances in their way that they might not inherit Canaan. And by their own and believe they had repeatedly opened the door for him. When God bids his children to go forward. Satan temp's them to displease the Lord by has a Taishan and delay he seeks to kindle strife murmuring in and believe and thus deprive them of the blessings God desires to bestow. God's servants must be what Minute Men. I like that. I like I've always liked that word. You get there your soldiers are ready to go. Any delay on their part gives time for Satan to work to defeat them because sometimes we make these temporal things. Our destination. Sometimes you make the wilderness the end point a new career a job a home a boyfriend family this is not our home. God is good to us along the way Amen. But this is not our home. Keep moving. It's good to have goals on this earth it's good to finally reach them. It's good to graduate a man those of your graduating. But this is not our home. And I don't want to make this the crux of my message this morning because we're talking about a journey but. I know that some of you. Many of you have been praying for me. Especially a few months ago and I just want to thank you in particular I think of the St Martin family. Thank you. My testimony is just that it's my testimony. And some of you may not be able to relate to it some of you may have passed every exam on the first try because you're gifted dedicated and disciplined you top of the class here. Five top fifth percentile whatever but that wasn't my experience. Many of you know. I knew that I had been long seeking to close the academic chapter of my career by passing my oral certifying board an oral and actual facial surgery. I remember praying so hard to get into that residency. Back in two thousand and four I remember getting rejected. I remember regrouping and applying. Again. And then I got it. And I remember fearing for my life and realizing that I was now swimming with sharks the top one and two percent of a dental school. And I wasn't a top one or two percent. Of anything. But because I thought if I could just get in I will have arrived. I remember fearing for my life again realizing the enormity of the commitment for the next four years. What's worse is that I was. Bring my new bride Daphne along for the ride. Because she somehow said yes. Some of you may have been there to see me an Advent hope in burden Hall in my scrubs week in week out. During the residency years I put on fifty pounds. Because scrub ties are so forgiving and I was living on Breakfast Burrito is an perpetually sleep deprived. I remember coming to church in scrubs because they were just stuck to my skin. I wasn't on call I wasn't rounding I was just perpetually depressed and scribes were like PJ's they were comforting. I was like Eat your from Winnie the Pooh. If I could just survive or finish residency then then I will have arrived. I had made this residency wilderness my destination Well I survived a man. Got a job and began my pursuit to take and pass my boards. An oral maxillofacial surgery should know you don't need to be board certified to practice. You have a license as a general dentist that general dentist covers you as a specialist as well but if you want to practice the full spectrum of everything that I trained for trauma reconstruction facial a static surgery T.M.J. path. Cancer cleft lip and palate so on and so forth you do those things in a hospital setting and for that you have to be board certified. Plus you get the respect of your peers whatever that means. You need to be board certified so I passed the written qualifier a year after residency and then for the next three years because it's only offered one. See you're like a better at the plate. I struck out three times just pursuing this last little credential was a wilderness experience on its own the further the further I was getting from residency the harder it was to talk my way through to some of these surgeries and owning them because that's what you have to do in the exam. I consider just walking away more than once it's letting it go after all I didn't need this credential. I thought to myself maybe unlike the children of Israel. I wasn't supposed to completely go through the Red Sea maybe I was supposed to stay right here at the water's edge my feet in a couple inches of water swollen waterlogged but never able to step on the dry land. The head least I made it through the water I didn't drown. Maybe my experience was supposed to be like that of Moses. Maybe because of my countless since my own faith will see you actually think like this when you keep failing. This was to be like Moses. Because of my countless since my own faithfulness and lack of motivation after failure. I was not supposed to cross over to the promised land but there was always this voice in the back of my head that said. Carlos keep moving. Because God doesn't do things half way. And so for three years. This was the letter that I got. And you only have to pay attention to the first four words five words. I regret to inform you by the third year when I got that letter I just left it on the day I didn't open it for three weeks after that like I just wasn't ready. So I left it and sure enough I opened it up and said the same thing. After I exhausted my three attempts. In January of two thousand and fifteen I had to retake the written qualifier. Again. Mind you I'm going about twenty five thousand dollars just pursuing this. So I took the written qualifier January two thousand and fifteen a month later I actually prayed to God I was like Lord. I know that I have been a good steward in this because in this pursuit. I spent your money and invested not enough time I should have been done with this a long time ago but if you don't want me to get the script and she'll have me fill right now and I'll move along with my life but Pastor sale or change who I am through this crucible experience. May I pursue Christ the same way I pursue this stupid credential even more. That was my prayer so a month after the exam I got a letter that said I passed. And I almost wished I hadn't. And since November two thousand and fifteen last year last fall some of you may have noticed a dark cloud over me again. I was so embarrassed to ask for your prayers. Again. To have to explain why I was studying again. People would tell me but I thought you were done the second broken record I would just smile inside. And in January interesting thing happening this year January this year a couple weeks before my thorniest oral certifying board attempt something odd happened that opened my eyes to the reality that this experience this pursuit of this credential was just another another thread that was woven into my Pilgrim experience. It wasn't my destination. Regardless of the outcome but this was just a part of the travel of the journey. I was eating at Waba Grill there on the corner of. Barton in Mountain View. And minding my own business when I notice in my peripheral vision a figure getting up from the table and walking away walking towards me when I lifted up my head and focused it was a young girl about mid teens. Who had never seen or met before and have never seen since. She came right up to me and said Excuse me I don't know if you know I don't know you she said or what you're going through but I felt impressed to tell you that you're going to be OK. And things are going to work out. She turned right back around went back to her table put on her headphones and resumed whatever she was doing kid you not. I never saw her again and how weird I thought there was there was this girl and she came up in you know there I was drowning in my two inches of water and you guys know exactly how you drown in two inches of water you got to be on your stomach face down and then someone with perspective comes up and says hey stand up so I gotta do and that's what that girl did for me and I felt it was a message from God just stand up. And every now and then just when you need it when you think you can't go on with the journey. God gives you a boost. And all you need to see is the first five words I am please to inform you the first six I can come. This past March. After I got back from Thailand I received this letter which is markedly different than the last three every so often along the path to God. Grants you a shot of energy to keep you moving forward. But even this is not my destination a man. I was nineteen years old when I went into the field of dentistry as a dental hygiene student. And I'm twenty five now so my point is it's been a lot on journey. It's been a long long road. And again that's what we're talking about is the journey when my story my journey may not be yours. There are I'm sure elements you can relate to. Perseverance being one of those elements showing up getting back on your feet after you fall never going backwards never quitting only going forward. Let's look at another angle you guys still with me. Revelation three says that we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked. We're not going there right now. But we're pilgrims in that condition. We shuffle along this narrow way. Sometimes we're joyous sometimes we're lonely sometimes are lonely and surrounded by people. Sometimes we hurt sometimes we hurt each other sometimes we hurt each other unknowingly. We're so focused on our pilgrimage with everything that comes with a pilgrimage that we overlook our Coppola Grahams. How many times have you obsessed with your journey. It's your journey is my journey and you disregard your CO pilgrims that are walking next to you. It's a narrow path it's a tight path it's uncomfortable but sometimes I bump the person next to me walking next to me they lose their balance fall off the way and are holding on to the pathways edge. With I think years and did I ever notice they are no longer walking next to me. Instead they're ready to fall into the abyss because of me. Are you tracking with what I'm saying here and talking about church. Show of hands how many of you know someone who has fallen off off the narrow path because of some inner personal issue a church. That's about seventy five percent of you. In issue that may have involved you or me. How many Israelites were lost in the wilderness because of some inner personal issue. How about someone who fell away because of the lure of the world and the empty promises that it offers was just too much to resist. So the hands. Fell off the way. And how many Israel AIDS fell away. And died in the wilderness because of the lure of the surrounding nations. How many Israel eights fell away. How about that fellow pilgrim who just got tired of waiting for Jesus. Waiting for Jesus to show up. How many Israelites became weary of waiting on God. How many of us pilgrims complain and criticize our church leaders did that happen in Israel. And how many who actually started. The journey out of Egypt actually made it into the Promised Land. Do you see yourself in the story line. This is. Heat itself is the road narrow. It's not easy it's not Broadway. You see something about the degree of difficulty on this road makes it somehow very worthwhile if L.L. you was handing out degrees for a nominal fee in nursing dentistry medicine pharmacy. Probably wouldn't have the same appeal. If that girl you like didn't require you to stretch your neck on the chopping block. And risk rejection when you demonstrated interest probably wouldn't be as sweet as when she said yes. To things in this world the real things in this world that are worth struggling for sweating for bleeding for usually come with a comprehensive price tag. So what makes you think eternal glory doesn't come the same way. Is any less of a cost or sacrifice. Well that cost has been paid for right. We know that Jesus paid it. Now you've got to stay on the road. Again it's not an easy path or a wide path it's narrow it's uncomfortable. There are so many Or should I say there are no guardrails. Who may step on each other's toes and guess what. Just like Noah's Ark their animals along the path. The pathway may stink. Some of those animals are soft and cuddly like my wife's. Others allowed in annoying inoffensive like yours truly the air gets stuffy there may be all the things the animals produce. Don't you think. And yet. Was there safety anywhere else but in that boat. Did the ark sail through to salvation. The narrow way is exactly the same. Forgive your fellow pilgrim if he or she has stepped on your toes put in elbow in your ribs chewed you up spit you out wounded you. This happens happens right here. Let's help one another along if you are dishing it out follow Biblical principle pray about it go and ask for forgiveness from your CO Pilgrim. As we advance together let's celebrate acceptances graduations weddings hirings and then let's comfort each other through the rejections the failures the offenses in the delays but let's keep moving left foot right foot left foot. Right flick because the alternative is bleak. There's no better place to be than this pathway to have been but it's not all grim. And then. You guys are going to think I've preached the most depressing message here. Ha. It's beautiful that we can sing write Exodus fifteen one through eleven again talks about the song of Moses talks about the joy that they experience. Well listen to these these three quotes and we can read them along and they're going to read Exodus fifteen went through eleven for the sake of time but we can read these these three quotes talking about music the Lord desires us to make mention of his goodness and tell of his power he is honored by the expression of praise and thanksgiving he says whoso author of praise glorify To me the people of Israel as he journey through the wilderness praise God in sacred song the commandments in the promises of the Lord were set to music and all along the journey. These were sung by the Pilgrim Travelers and in Canaan as they met at their sacred feast God's wonderful works were to be recounted and grateful Thanksgiving offered to his name God desired that his whole life that the whole life of his people should be a life of praise as the people. Journeyed through the wilderness this is book education. Chapter thirty nine point one many precious lessons were fixed in their minds by means of light. Song at their deliverance from Pharaoh's army the whole host of Israel had joined in the song chimes far over a desert and see the rang the joyous refrains in the mountains. Re echoed the accents of praise seeing Need to the Lord for he had triumphed already asleep Exodus fifteen twenty one off and on the journey was this song repeated cheering the hearts and killing the faith of the Pilgrim Travelers the commandments as given from signs as given from Sinai with promises of God's favor and records of his wonderful works for their deliverance were by Divine Direction expressed in song and they were and were chanted to the sound of instrumental music the people kept step as their voices united in praise and the beautiful in its last one and thus their thoughts were uplifted from the trials and difficulties along the way has music ever done that for you. Thank god for music right. The Restless turbulent spirit was soothed and calmed the principles of truth were implanted in the memory and I think that is probably the most important thing that music dies and implants principles of truth in our memory. That's why we do scripture songs. And faith was strengthened concert of action taught ordering unity and the people were brought into closer touch with God and who one another a man. There's power there. Oh I just said Rivers I'm sorry. Exodus twelve twenty six and twenty seven. I'm cut short on time is where God is telling telling the people of Moses telling the people of Israel do this again talking about the Passover and celebrate this every year and tell it to your children my. My point is how important is it for you to witness and share God's deliverance in your life with the people you see. With the people you meet this is where I was this is what God brought me out of and this is the path that he set me on how often do we do that. Mark five nineteen again talking about the demoniac of the land of the gathering the city the gathering here on the beach Jesus deliver some from a demon or many. And that man says I want to go with you Jesus. I want to go with you and Jesus. He suffered him not but Satan him go home to that friends and tell him how great things the Lord has done for the in have had compassion. Do you tell others of what God has done in your life. When you get when you pass a board saying grads lazy is graduate Yeah let's go celebrate or do you say. God is good I mean let me tell you what I just got through. God is good this when we are going to look up. Exodus thirteen coming to an end here Exodus thirteen. Verses seventeen through twenty two. And it came to pass when Pharaoh had let the people go that God let them lead them not to the way of the land of the Philistines although that was near for God said let's peradventure the people repent. When they see war and they return to Egypt but God led the people about through the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea and the children of Israel went out harnessed out of the land of Egypt and Moses took the boat. Of Joseph with him for he had straightly sworn to the children of Israel saying God will surely visit you and you shall carry of my bones away hence with you and he took their journey from socket and encamped in Ethan in the edge of the wilderness and the Lord went. I love these last few verses in the Lord went bust for them by day and what. A pillar of cloud to lead them by the way. And by night in a pillar of fire to give them light to go by day and night he took. Not away the pillar of the cloud by day nor the pillar of the fire of fire by night from the people he took it not away. It seems really easy to read to have you questioned in your life God leading Have you question whether or not that cloud by day in the pillar of fire by night was there. God said He took it not away that's the same God that's leading you. Last page stick with me here. Some of you. Well walk this road life will happen. My challenge to you by God's grace is no matter what may come trust in God's leading. Keep putting one foot in front of the other left foot right foot less right foot never give up never fail never fall away when you don't get in when you got in but you got held back when your child rebels against you the church and logic. When you fail boards. When you fail boards again. When your marriage is failing or has failed already when you bury a loved one in the grave when you miscarry. When you graduate student loan reality smacks you across the face. When you get a bad diagnosis. Or diagnoses. When you get fired from a job or you don't don't get a call back on the job units you for when you ask her out and she rejects you. And when you get nothing but a cold shoulder at church. Here to have a home. It happens to stop that. When the message of the messenger offends you conviction annoys you. Keep walking. When Jesus doesn't come. When you think he should. When he doesn't come according to your calculations. Keep walking you see this this world is not our home I don't mean to minimize any one of those examples. I know that there's a process involved in each one of them pursue that process go through that process. Don't fall off the narrow path while you're at it. That's all I'm saying. Matthew. Seven thirteen and fourteen says Enter by the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many who go in by it because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and there are few who find it let nothing Advent hope nothing take away what God has planned for you. Have the crown with your name on it of the privilege of having. This is not our home. Cling to Jesus and keep moving revelation to ten God's message to the church of Smyrna for in fear none of these things which thou shalt suffer behold the double shock has some of you in the prison anyone here been in prison. Don't raise your hand please. That you may be tried. You shall have tribulation ten days be the faithful and to death. And I will give the crown of life a man. My last verse which I do want you to look up is found in Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy chapter two verse seven say aloud a man when you get there. Because I'm bringing it home. Amen you guys want me to land this plane. Deuteronomy two seven says for the Lord thy God hath bless thee again talking about the children of Israel this journey that probably in Chance now in the land of Canaan. For the Lord thy God has blessed me in all that I works all the works of the I hand he knows they God he know. The walking through this great wilderness. He not alone these four years. Get it. Four years a little in OK sir. These forty years. The Lord thy God has been with the and thou hast lacked how much I think He flecked nothing. Stan the path. Not this path. And not like this I wouldn't tell that guy left foot right foot. But like this. So our eyes fixed on Jesus. Pilgrims the only way to stay on the narrow road. And finally finally make it to the promised land. If you want to be there. Amen. Let's stand there and pray with me. Dear Lord through the foolishness of preaching I just want to pray Lord that someone may have been encouraged by a message from your throne of grace. I pray Lord for every soul here. That heard this message. That they would be encouraged to continue on through this journey. But to have hope. That you are guiding. To have hope through the memories of the many times that you have delivered. To have the hope that you are still that God that delivers And that brings his children into the Promised Land Lord keep us faithful keep us faithful even one to death. Help us Father give us the courage to encourage each other along the way help us not to be so focused on our own pilgrimage to lead but to know that we're moving through this wilderness as a group as a family but I pray that you would come soon that that day would be so very very soon. That would be the ultimate graduation. We look forward to that day we are such Keep us and tell then spray these things I pray and Jesus that this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more Sermon on the Visit W W W. Audio verse or.


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